rick_hmorning huwshimi 01:33
hatchmorning huwshimi03:29
hatchguess it's afternoon now :)03:31
huwshimihatch: Well and truly :)03:59
hatchhuwshimi: :) did you see the new IE10 bugs?04:00
hatchthere are a few which fall into your ballpark I think04:00
huwshimihatch: I did. It's strange that I didn't notice some of them. I just need to finish getting my IE vm working again and I'll take a look04:01
hatchhuwshimi: well a number of branches landed so it's entirely possible they were introduced there04:01
huwshimihatch: That's true04:02
hatchin our retrospective we made up a rule that any branch that gets landed now needs to be qa'd in IE as well04:02
hatchso get that VM up ;)04:02
huwshimiThat's fine, I've been QAing in IE for a while now04:13
hatchoh awesome - well you are ahead of the curve04:13
hatchI'm still looking for one more review/qa on https://codereview.appspot.com/13072043/ plz and thanks13:42
frankbanguihelp: anyone available for a python review? https://codereview.appspot.com/13106043 (I need another one)13:47
jcsacketthatch: i'm looking at the card about closing the ghost inspector and opening the service inspector on deploy, and wondering if it's really as simple as it sounds. and you sem like the person to poke about that.13:52
hatchyeah lets have a chat14:00
hatchone sec just grabbing my coffee14:00
hatch^ jcsackett14:00
jcsacketthatch: ok, be in guichat in a second.14:01
hatchok there14:01
* hatch wonders if there are only the three of us in today :)14:41
bachatch: i've been here all day.  just haven't had anything to say.  so, hello.15:00
hatchwell hello bac want to do a review/qa? https://codereview.appspot.com/13072043/ just need to check the branch out and run `make && make lint` and if there is no errors it qa's ok15:02
bachatch: writing a MP atm.  will do it in a second.15:03
hatchthanks! would love to get this landed....the new jshint is so fast15:03
hatchit takes longer to query the files than to lint them15:03
bachatch: there is a conflict in databinding.js15:12
bachatch: when merging your branch into trunk15:12
hatchnot surprising considering the time between branching and today :)15:12
hatchI'll merge15:12
hatchone minute15:13
hatchbac: re-proposing - it was actually only a trivial conflict15:14
bachatch: yeah15:15
hatchI'll ping when it's done proposing15:15
hatchMakyo: you can probably just land your IE fix, it's pretty trivial15:16
hatchbac: done proposing15:18
Makyohatch, Alright.15:23
* Makyo will take that as an LGTM15:23
* hatch did lgtm :)15:23
MakyoWell, bonus.15:24
hatchMakyo: do you know if we have any way of pulling the real constraints into the gui for the ghost inspector?15:27
hatchI'm trying to figure out if this is broken or if we simply don't have the functionality15:28
Makyohatch, don't know what you mean by real constraints.15:28
hatchwell like say we are on EC2, how do we pull in what machines they can deploy to?15:28
hatchthose are the constraints no?15:28
bachatch: done15:33
bachi benji, could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/charmworld/bundle-page/+merge/180891 at your leisure?15:34
benjibac: sure15:34
hatchbac: you are correct in that you need to specify which jshint flag to turn off15:36
hatchit's no longer a 'ignore all' type of flag15:36
hatchI actually prefer this approach15:37
bachatch: no, i mean we went from /* jshint: foo=true */ to /* jshint -W99 */15:37
hatchthen it still checks for other errors15:37
bachatch: that's what i meant.15:37
hatchvalidthis:true is just a 'everything is ok' flag15:37
hatchwhereas W99 (which I'll add docs for)15:37
hatchonly disables that one error15:37
bachatch: oh.  so you can just tell it to stfu for now.15:37
bachatch: ok, i like the granularity but don't like the obscurity.15:38
hatchyeah I agree I'll be adding the comments as to what error it gets around15:38
hatchalthough js pro's should know by looking at the code ;)15:38
hatchmaybe that's a good interview question lol15:38
hatch"why do we need to tell jshint to ignore this"15:39
Makyojujugui call in 1015:50
Makyohatch, sorry, got distracted.  Constraints are fuzzy, not absolute.  If you say mem=2G, any machine with at least 2G matches.15:51
Makyohatch, and this isn't pulled in from EC2, we'd have to go through the machines we have.15:51
Makyohatch, Also, I was inexact.  Some constraints are fuzzy, some, like arch, are not.15:51
hatchMakyo: I guess I'm confused how it works with input boxes because the user can really input whatever they want and I don't really know what happens afterwards15:52
hatchmaybe we chat after the call and you can get me up to speed?15:52
Makyohatch, sure.15:54
Makyojujugui call in 215:59
hatchthe websocket tests now save logs to the browser when running in make test-server :)17:16
hatchjcsackett: wow huge diff ;)17:26
jcsacketthatch: :-P17:32
hatchI'm QA'ing in IE17:32
jcsacketthatch: cool, thanks.17:32
jcsackettMakyo: could i trouble you for the second review on https://codereview.appspot.com/12852045/ ? 17:33
Makyojcsackett, sure, on it17:33
jcsackettthanks. :-)17:33
hatchblarg Win 8 is going black again17:33
jcsackettwin8 is terrible.17:37
jcsackettand i say this as a person who is not anti-windows per se. win8 is terrible.17:37
hatchgood news is that your branch appears to be fixed17:38
hatchbad news is I found another bug :/17:39
hatchjcsackett: next ticket? https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-gui/+bug/1214058 :)17:42
_mup_Bug #1214058: Cannot open Browse if sidebar is minimized  <charmbrowser> <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1214058>17:42
jcsacketthatch: sounds good to me.17:47
hatchthank you very much :)17:47
* hatch is trying to get these bugs squashed early to make for an easy release17:47
bacbenji: i'm getting those json decode messages too.  i'll try it in trunk.  my branch should not have affected that area.17:51
bacbenji: jsondecode errors on trunk too.17:57
benjibac: ok, "good" 17:58
benjiwe should really convert those to INFO or something similar17:58
benjithey look scary when they shouldn't17:58
bacyeah, "good" in near-team17:58
bacbenji: those failures are getting 503 fetching the charm18:06
bacbenji: actually it is fetching the jenkins results.  jenkins is dead.18:08
benjiinteresting; in that case a more descriptive error would seem to be in order18:08
bacbenji: we print an error message and proceed if the code == 404.  i'm going to change that to != 20018:12
bacbenji: IS says they had a jenkins upgrade that went awry.  they are poking at it.18:24
hatchjujugui lf two reviews and a qa for https://codereview.appspot.com/12956045/ plz18:29
jcastro hey rick_h 19:02
hatchjcastro: he is off today19:05
hatchanything i can help with?19:05
_mup_Bug #1214087: GUI fails to deploy keystone <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1214087>19:05
jcastroran into this today19:06
jcastroI _think_ this is the same issue we ran into during OSCON19:06
jcastrowhere some config options break deployment19:06
hatchok so it deploys fine on the sandbox19:07
hatchso will have to take a peek a little later deploying to ec219:07
hatchdo you know what the error was?19:07
jcastrobut not in his MAAS19:07
jcastrolet me ask19:07
hatchthanks - just want to get as much info as possible for when someone goes in to take a look19:08
bacbenji: would you do a quick review of my jenkins fixing one line branch?19:11
bacbenji: https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/charmworld/schmenkins/+merge/18093019:12
benjibac: sure19:12
benjibac: looks good19:14
jcastrohatch: added the log info to the bug report19:16
hatchjcastro: thanks for doing the legwork on that19:38
MakyoMy elegant idea causes a memory leak in tests \o/19:38
hatchjujugui still looking for some reviews on https://codereview.appspot.com/12956045/19:40
bachatch: looking19:40
hatchthanks bac19:40
benjihatch: I'll take one.19:42
hatchthanks to you too :)19:42
bachatch: done.19:51
bacfearless canadians: http://www.piratejoes.ca19:58
* hatch looks up trader joes19:59
hatchit's a grocery store?20:00
hatchMakyo: I'm also running into an IE10 bug where it ignores the Cascading part of CSS20:10
hatchbenji: would you be agaist hanging those constraints configs off of utils ?20:18
hatchthen they won't need to be mocked20:18
benjihatch: sounds good to me20:18
* benji thinks (almost) to himself: "mock" doesn't sound like the right word for that...20:19
hatch"fragile code structure" ?20:19
hatchI have two computers lboxing right now20:24
hatchI think we need to speed that process up somehow :D20:24
hatchjujugui looking for a quick review/qa in IE for this one (4line diff) https://codereview.appspot.com/13094044/20:25
=== marcoceppi__ is now known as marcoceppi
* bcsaller takes off for a bit but back tonight.23:21

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