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marcoceppikurt_: If you're using GUI, you'll want to use cloud:precise-updates/grizzly05:18
kurt_macroceppi: thank you.  is there anything I need to do w/r to the other components or repositories and such?05:34
kurt_marcoceppi: That failed too. :( http://pastebin.com/Lht2LULb05:37
marcoceppikurt_: and you've tried cloud:precise-grizzly ?05:38
marcoceppikurt_: the openstack charms are mad complicated to deploy05:39
marcoceppiI have a deployer file I used during a demo that successfully sets up everything but swift05:39
marcoceppiif you want to use it for referrence05:39
marcoceppiWith the demo I was able to log in to horizon and push images to glance, but networking was broken. It was enough for my demo but might help you sort out configuration details, etc05:40
marcoceppikurt_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6001802/05:41
marcoceppiI'm traveling ATM, but I have a goal next week to get OpenStack deployed using MAAS + Juju and document the process (as long with document Juju + MAAS)05:41
marcoceppikurt_: are you deploying openstack on MAAS?05:44
* marcoceppi boards a plane05:46
kurt_marcoceppi: yes05:47
kurt_with juju-gui05:47
marcoceppikurt_: using juju-gui shouldn't cause a problem here. It's method of deployment is near identical to that of the CLI. Do you get different results using the CLI?05:50
kurt_I haven't tried via command line05:50
marcoceppikurt_: the issue I think is with the proper configuration of the charms, not nessisarily with juju-gui05:51
marcoceppikurt_: that deployer file I gave you is a YAML representation of a near working openstack deployment I did earlier05:51
marcoceppieach service has the configuration options I used under it, it might be a good starting point for you05:51
kurt_why didn't you have to enter the vip parameter for keystone?05:53
kurt_it was considered mandatory under the gui05:53
kurt_anyways I'm going off on tangents05:53
kurt_marcoceppi: thanks.  I'll try that05:56
kurt_marcoceppi: and btw - yes I tried cloud:precise-grizzly in the gui05:58
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weblifejrwren: I was wrong it was cpu-power=009:20
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gemeI've just deployed the tomcat6 charm on a private openstack instance and port 8080 hasn't been added to the security group rules. Is this a known problem ?14:34
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weblifehow could I expose the juju bootstrap server since it doesn't get assigned a service?15:28
kurt_weblife: are you referring to your bootstrap server or your root node 0 bootstrapped node?15:38
kurt_weblife: either way, just ensure at least one interface is on your public facing network and you are golden.15:39
weblifekurt_:  do you mean in the etc/networks/interfaces file?15:46
kurt_weblife: are you using MAAS?15:48
weblifeAWS ;x15:48
kurt_Ah, yeah, you'll need to ensure whatever interfaces you want exposed are publicly routable.  In MAAS, you need to use NAT to route from an external interface to an internal interface.  At least that's what worked for me.15:50
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jcastroweblife: the docs are wrong16:12
jcastrojuju doesn't support instance-type16:12
weblifejcastro: ?? Oh lol.16:13
weblifejcastro: thumper and marcoceppi helped me out on that.16:14
jcastroyou need to specify it with cpu-cores and memory16:14
weblifejcastro: I found specifying cpu-power=0 alone works also16:15
jcastronice trick, I didn't know that one16:15
jcastrocan you paste me your entire line? I can put it in the docs as an example16:15
weblifejcastro: juju bootstrap --constraints "cpu-power=0"16:16
jcastrook I added that as an example16:20
jcastroit'll be in the next doc rerun.16:20
jcastroevilnickveitch: ^^^16:20
weblifekurt_: do you understand AWS?  This would mean I need to creat an Elastic IP and associate it with my instance right16:22
evilnickveitchjcastro, ack, am actually working on that page now16:22
weblifejcastro: good deal16:23
kurt_weblife: I've not played with AWS extensively.  Sorry mate.16:33
jrwrenweblife: what do you mean by expose? and why would you do that?  I was able to ssh to my aws node 0 without anything special.16:37
weblifejrwren: I am playing around with using juju on a single node.  I know it defeats the purpose, but juju also allows you to avoid that you can ssh into e need to understand ec2 cli commands. One line and you have a instance that you can ssh into and setup from there.16:57
weblifethats where my cursur went, lolo16:58
jrwrenbootstrap gets me exactly what you just said.16:58
* jrwren goes and tries.16:58
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weblifejrwren: I am playing around with using juju on a single node.  I know it defeats the purpose, but juju also allows you to avoid the need to understand ec2 cli commands. One line and you have a instance that you can ssh into and setup from there.16:58
weblifeYeah but you cant connect though the public address it seems16:59
jrwreni found using the boto python api to be a good way of avoiding the ec2 cli tools :)16:59
jrwreni don't understand? of course you can connect through the public address.16:59
jrwrenthat is the only way that you can connnect unless you are on another ec2 node in teh same security group16:59
weblifeec2-54-218-135-114.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com  Running a node.js program17:00
sarnoldweblife: perhaps you need to deploy an ssh charm or an 'ubuntu' charm or something similar, so that you can then use 'juju expose <service>' and then use the public ip?17:00
jrwrenthat is why i asked "what do you mean by expose?"17:00
jrwrena node.js program doesn't get exposed. do you mean a node.js server using something like socketio?17:01
weblifea server, yes sorry17:01
jrwrenspecifically a port 80 web server?17:02
jrwrenthen, what sarnold said. :)17:02
weblifeim going to try that17:03
weblifeIt's kinda funny deploying Ubuntu charm but I see the purpose.17:15
jrwrenthat is the only way AFAICT17:25
weblifejrwren: darn you.  marking me decrypt you terminology. haha http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/AFAICT17:36
weblifethank you again17:36
jrwreni always assume LKML abreviations are allowed :)17:36
weblifeeither your saying inux kernel mailing list or lord keep me strong or your f-ing with me. haha17:40
weblifelinux kernel mailing list17:40
weblifeor all of the above17:41
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weblifeoh wow. AWS gave me close to $200 in credits sweet I can run t1.micro instance for 14.88 a month compared to the $44 something for a m1.small.  plus the 750 hours of free t1.micro.17:48
kurt_I'm trying to solve juju-gui installation problem for nova-compute with cloud:precise-grizzly.  I'm looking at the hooks and running in to 403 download error as shown here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6003723/17:57
kurt_Anyone know how to solve this?17:57
jcastrois there a proxy in the way?18:01
kurt_no sir18:01
kurt_there is NAT18:01
jcastrocan you wget the file from behind the nat?18:01
jcastrowget http://ubuntu-cloud.archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/grizzly/main/binary-i386/Packages18:02
kurt_jcastro: (I assume this is Jorge?) That works on the node itself without problems18:03
jcastroyeah it's me18:03
jcastrojamespage: or adam_g ^^^ any ideas?18:03
kurt_I am actually trying to follow Scott's tutorial on deploying openstack with juju-gui on your blog mate18:03
jcastrooh lol, yay good info18:04
jcastrooh you mean the video18:04
kurt_I've ran in to a few problems along the way, but working through them18:04
jcastrooh hold one18:04
jcastroI have something that might help18:04
kurt_FYI - this is on vmware, but that shouldn't matter18:04
jrwreni thought juju didn't support vmware18:05
jcastrokurt_: I can also see about just getting you the bundle18:05
kurt_jrwren: doing this on my own with great success18:05
jcastroso you can just deploy it all in one go18:05
kurt_that would be awesome!18:05
jrwrenkurt_: do you have juju code to support vmware "environments" ?18:06
jcastrohey adam_g, do we have a bundle like that handy?18:06
kurt_jrwren: rem…do I need that?  So far things have been going ok18:06
jcastroI think he's deploying the nodes for openstack on top of vmware18:07
jcastronot using vmware directly with juju18:07
kurt_nope - correct18:07
jrwrenkurt_: i don't know. i'm trying to figure out what you are doing, becuase I might like to do it too :)18:07
kurt_I'm using vmware for MAAS, then deploying on top of that18:07
kurt_so far it's working pretty well18:07
jrwrenI see, so MAAS to get openstack on vmware, then juju to that openstack.18:07
kurt_yes, but also using juju-gui18:08
jcastrokurt_: do those notes I pasted help?18:08
kurt_I hope to have a working openstack model in the end and write it up18:08
kurt_I can try that Jorge.  Hey - one more question for you…keystone required a VIP, which it shouldn't18:09
kurt_it should be able to deploy without that18:09
adam_gkurt_, that 404 is strange. the archive seems to be working fine from where i sit18:09
jcastroyeah works for me too18:10
kurt_yes, me too adam_g18:10
adam_gkurt_, VIP is only required if you plan on multi-unit clustering.  the VIP becomes the highly-available API endpoint18:10
kurt_as I said, it works even from the node, but not from the hook - and also when I do apt-get update18:10
adam_gkurt_, are you hitting a proxy somewhere?18:10
kurt_adam_g: yes I agree - but via the gui, it won't deploy without it18:10
adam_gkurt_, huh?18:11
adam_git should18:11
kurt_->should<_ :)18:11
jcastroI wonder if it works through the API18:11
jcastroerrr, through the CLI I mean18:11
jcastrothere's been a few cases where the GUI won't deploy something but the CLI will18:11
kurt_I did not try that yet - marcoceppi asked me to to do the same thing18:11
jcastroI am willing to be 5 internet dollars the CLI will work fine18:12
kurt_Will items deployed via CLI pop up in GUI?18:12
kurt_COOL - nice feature18:12
jcastroyeah it's nice to demo to people18:12
jcastrohave one guy driving in the background, etc.18:12
adam_gdoes the GUI take into account whether a config option is required/optional?18:12
kurt_lol, nice feature for demos yes18:13
jcastroit was a config issue last time the GUI failed but CLI worked, I bet it's the same thing this time18:13
jcastrorick_h: ^^^^18:13
* jcastro can't wait for the CLI to talk to the API natively so we can not have problems like this anymore.18:13
kurt_how far are we off for that? :)18:14
jcastronot within the next few weeks, heh18:14
jcastrobut maybe we can just CLI this one to get you on to the next step18:14
kurt_yes - are we talking keystone now or nova-compute18:15
jcastroand then when the GUI guys are around I can file a bug and they'll fix it. Last time it was a 24 hour turnaround18:15
kurt_can we make that keystone VIP field optional?18:15
jcastrothat's an adam_g question18:15
adam_gkurt_, in any case, the VIP config setting isn't used until you add an optional relation to an hacluster service. you can just put in any IP for the time being18:16
kurt_ah ok - maybe just some documentation then around that adam_g?18:16
kurt_<- the layman get's confused :)18:17
jcastromaybe in the README for the charm?18:17
kurt_that would be awesome18:17
adam_gkurt_, maybe. i'm not familiar with the GUI. not sure if its a bug or a feature of the GUI's config handling18:17
jcastroI can file the bug, which charm does it exhibit this in? keystone?18:18
kurt_yeah, as jcastro said, it will become a non issue when gui talks directly to api18:18
jcastroman dudes, we need to sort https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuCloudInfrastructure18:18
kurt_yes, keystone18:18
jcastrothe GUI talks to the API directly, it's the CLI that doesn't18:18
bacm_3, jcastro: who maintains jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com?  she's dead.18:18
kurt_oh :)18:18
m_3bac: actually, dunno... canonical IS I'd imagine18:19
bacm_3: thx18:19
m_3bac: looks like there's discussion of it ongoing atm18:19
bacm_3: great18:20
jcastrokurt_: how do you like the GUI so far?18:20
kurt_Love it18:20
kurt_its a nice piece of work and definitely the right directly18:20
kurt_direction IMHO18:20
kurt_If I can get openstack working with it, I will be so excited.18:21
kurt_Once I get openstack working, I'm going to look in to converting some of the apps I work with in to charms.18:22
jcastrothere's a contest dude18:23
kurt_I would love to go back to the company I work with and show them how easy it -could be- to deploy services.18:23
jcastroup to 10k in prizes!18:23
jcastrohttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/OpenStackHA will be interesting to you18:23
jcastrokurt_: you've picked the right time to try it. We use it but we've lacked feedback from other users as to what to fix/make better.18:24
kurt_I already had that bookmarked :D18:24
jcastrokurt_: what command did you use to set the VIP thing? I can put it in as an example18:24
kurt_I just added it manually18:24
kurt_in to the gui18:24
jcastrooh, so just in the field then18:25
kurt_I used an unused IP address on the MAAS network.18:25
kurt_I think adam_g said its only needed once you start deploying HA services18:25
kurt_so it can be anything18:25
jcastroyeah I'm just trying to figure out what to put in the charm README18:25
jcastro"VIP is only required if you plan on multi-unit clusterming. The VIP becomes a highly-available API endpoint. If you don't need it you can define an unused IP on your network."18:25
jcastrohow's that?18:25
adam_gjcastro, you should be able to deploy without setting it18:26
kurt_that's fine.  he actually said it could be *any* IP address18:26
kurt_I'm deploying with precise, so maybe you guys fixed it18:27
jcastroprecise is the target, so that should work, I'll go ahead and file a gui bug18:27
kurt_jcastro: there was also a "best practices" deployment guide too18:28
jcastroyeah so we want to do a documentation sprint soon18:28
jcastroconsolidating all these openstack docs would be a nice goal18:29
kurt_I'm willing to give you guys feedback as I go along or assist if you need testing of things (time permitting of course)18:29
jcastroI have shirts to send your team too!18:30
kurt_my platform is vmware fusion on mac os x.18:30
kurt_*laughs* - my team of one18:30
jcastrojust as important as a team of one million!18:30
jcastroFYI too ^^18:31
kurt_I'll check that out.  Juan probably lives somewhere near me.18:33
jcastrowe hit the coast regularly, we should hang out18:33
kurt_I'm in the bay area18:33
kurt_if you like beer, I find you the right places.18:34
kurt_i can rather18:34
* jcastro nods18:35
kurt_burn brighter at h o t m a i l18:35
kurt_just let me know!18:35
_mup_Bug #1214087: GUI fails to deploy keystone <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1214087>18:41
adam_gjcastro, should that also fail with the mock environment on jujucharms.com?18:41
jcastrokurt_: if you have any other notes or pain points, just lmk and we'll fix them as we see 'em18:41
kurt_Ok, is this channel best way?18:42
jcastrosure, or mail juju@lists.ubuntu.com18:42
jcastroor jorge@ubuntu.com18:42
jcastrowhatever works for you18:42
kurt_very good.  thanks Jorge :)18:42
jcastrokurt_: did you have any problems getting maas up and running?18:43
jcastrothat's the one I'm real curious about18:43
kurt_MAAS was fine.  I have to manually start the nodes is the only pain.  I am working with the libvirt devs to get libvirt working under mac osx so maybe I can have auto starting nodes too18:43
kurt_when the nodes don't manually start, it does mean some fiddling with restarting and redeploying the nodes18:44
kurt_Oh - and clock sync is a major pain - I have to go fiddle some clock sync bits18:44
kurt_what is key is that maas has a direct connection to the internet18:45
kurt_I used NAT on my primary clustered node to get around that18:45
* jcastro nods18:45
jcastroare you using the mac juju client or the ubuntu one in a vm?18:46
kurt_ah…I have two interfaces on my primary clustered node18:46
kurt_ubuntu one in VM, all VMs18:46
kurt_running with Fusion on mac osx18:46
kurt_I manually created a vmnet3 interface with the internal MAAS network18:47
kurt_so maas could handle dhcp/dns18:47
jcastrowhen you're all done you should write this up so other people can set that up18:48
jcastrothat's pretty slick18:48
kurt_yes, I am very happy with the set up18:48
kurt_thanks - I plan to18:48
kurt_as long as I can get all the way through the openstack stuff :D18:48
kurt_Jorge - what part of the world are you in if I may ask?18:49
jcastroAnn Arbor, MI18:49
jcastrohey so, did the deploy keep going or is it stuck somewhere else?18:49
kurt_I haven't had a chance to check yet18:49
kurt_deploy got stuck on repositories…haven't fixed that yet18:49
jcastrothe 40318:50
kurt_apt-get update gets same errors18:50
kurt_maybe its a problem with the precise image in maas18:50
jcastroyeah we might need to post to the list for that one18:52
adam_gkurt_, are you hitting an apt proxy somewhere on the MAAS node?18:52
adam_gi suspect you might be, and its denying access to the cloud archive18:52
kurt_adam_g: no proxy, though it does go through NAT18:52
adam_gdoesn't MAAS configure an apt-proxy and provision new nodes to use it, by default?18:53
jcastroyeah but how does it work when he does it directly on the node but not from the hook?18:53
jcastroif it was a proxy that wouldn't work either right?18:53
adam_goh, didnt know it worked in some cases.18:53
adam_g'apt-get update' fails in the hook, but succeeds manually from the same node?18:54
kurt_does it help that I get the same results when I do apt-get update from the node?18:54
kurt_both fail18:54
jcastrooh, I am confused, I thought you said it worked on the node, my bad18:54
kurt_apt-get update exhibits same 403 errors18:54
kurt_apparently the wget failed too, but then resolved?18:56
adam_gkurt_,  sudo grep "Acquire::HTTP::Proxy" /etc/apt/* -R18:56
kurt_ahh - bad command line18:56
kurt_wget - http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6003924/18:57
kurt_adam_g: nope http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6003928/18:58
kurt_same results on maas clustered node FYI18:59
jcastrom_3: pavel would like to sync up on the rack charm19:00
jcastrom_3: he's back from holiday19:00
adam_gkurt_, what about: sudo grep ProxyAutoDetect /etc/apt/* -R19:07
jcastrokurt_: did the keystone VIP thing return an error or did it just not work?19:07
jcastroin the gui I mean19:08
kurt_adam_g: same results - nothing19:08
adam_gkurt_, hmm19:08
kurt_jcastro: I believe I saw the error in the debug-log19:09
kurt_let me look through archives19:09
jcastrokurt_: if you have it that would help19:09
kurt_2013-08-18 14:16:11,995 unit:keystone/3: unit.hook.api INFO: FATAL ERROR: ERROR: Config option has no paramter: vip19:12
kurt_jcastro: is that sufficient or would you like a more complete log dump in pastebin?19:15
jcastropastebin wouldn't hurt, just in case19:17
m_3jcastro: yeah, he pinged me earlier then disconnected19:20
m_3available whenever19:20
jcastrom_3: can you just coordinate with him via mail?19:22
m_3jcastro: yeah19:24
=== jcastro changed the topic of #juju to: Share your infrastructure, win a prize: https://juju.ubuntu.com/charm-championship/ || OSX users: We're in homebrew! || Review Calendar: http://goo.gl/uK9HD || Review Queue: http://manage.jujucharms.com/review-queue || http://jujucharms.com || Reviewer: ~charmers"
jcastrowe're in homebrew!19:25
weblifewhats the link for charms school now? Or they only on your youtube jcastro?19:27
m_3jcastro: is that `brew install go && go get ...` or just `brew install juju`?19:28
weblifem_3: you get my response email?19:29
adam_gkurt_, what juju version are you using?19:29
kurt_juju 0.719:30
m_3weblife: not sure... lemme look19:30
jcastroweblife: https://juju.ubuntu.com/resources/videos/19:30
jcastrohas a link to all the charm school videos19:30
jcastrom_3: should be brew install juju19:30
jcastrojrwren: do you use homebrew?19:31
jcastrowanna give it a shot?19:31
jrwrentotally sweet that he wrote that.19:31
jrwrenI tried and said "how the hell do you do this with go?"19:31
jrwrendoes not work19:31
jrwrenhe must not have tested it.19:31
jrwrenwait a sec... that is my failed attempt19:31
m_3weblife: yes, now I did :)19:33
* m_3 needs to relax the bug email filters a bit19:33
weblifem_3:  just wanted to be sure I responded from my blackberry. Wasn't sure how launchpad would treat it without the encryption tool.19:34
jrwrenjcastro: works great.19:34
m_3weblife: would using express as an example app have enough there to go end-to-end?19:34
m_3i.e., to curl the server and verify that all's good?19:34
jcastrojrwren: _awesome_19:34
jrwrenvery fast to fetch and build and install go 1.1.2 and juju 1.1219:34
jcastroI left your manual instructions there too19:34
m_3weblife: or would it need an actual application on top?19:34
m_3interesting, amazon.com goes down but ec2 seems fine19:38
weblifem_3: it wouldn't demonstrate the mongo config but you would see a page with header "Express" and content "Welcome to express" .19:38
m_3ah, ok, well maybe us-east-1 is having some problems19:39
m_3weblife: perfect... great idea19:39
m_3mongo isn't necessary for a "default" install19:39
weblifem_3: possible issues are it launches on port 3000 and creates the server file app.js not server.js.  But should make the app vs server name convention not matter anyways.19:39
m_3but something coming up on the webpage is19:39
m_3weblife: as long as somebody can just `juju deploy node-app` without config... then `juju expose node-app` and hit the page19:40
weblifem_3: its pasicaly a apache "It Works!!!" page19:40
m_3weblife: we could default it to 80 instead of 300019:40
m_3weblife: but whatever makes sense for default behavior19:41
m_3the 3000 default is a necessary thing to do in the world of services sharing containers19:41
m_3not so much here19:41
m_3at this point we should just do what people would expect19:42
jrwrenjcastro: I was about to say kill them, but I guess not everyone uses homebrew.19:42
m_3weblife: oh, and app.js -vs- server.js is fine19:42
weblifeis the sharsum a good enough check for verification of the upstream?19:42
m_3weblife: that's somewhat of a mess... perhaps should be a config parameter itself19:42
weblifenot a bad idea19:43
m_3weblife: ok defaulting it to app.js... that was totally just _me_ picking config out of thin air19:43
m_3weblife: also we can change 'config/config.js' to just 'config.js' if that's more common... dunno19:43
weblifeno I think thats good.  Shold always seperate modules in their own folder19:44
m_3I'm fine erring on the side of an established framework like express19:44
jcastrojrwren: thought about killing them, but I think it's handy for people to build it themselves too19:46
weblifem_3: I'm going to get going on this today.  (After I go though those charm school videos) Kinda want to make sure I am clear on charm caveats19:47
m_3weblife: awesome19:47
* m_3 hopes you don't fall asleep during those _absolutely riveting_ videos :)19:47
weblifejcastro: thank you19:48
weblifem_3: probably will once or twice. But I have all day to myself.19:48
weblifesitting on 3 cups of joe right now though19:49
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weblifejcastro: is charismatic on screen; haha19:53
jcastroare you close to Ohio? I'm speaking about Juju there next month!19:54
kurt_adam_g: any more thoughts on the 403 error?20:56
adam_gkurt_, no idea, other than a proxy somewhere 403'ing the request.20:57
kurt_hrm…trying to think about how to trace this and figure this out20:58
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roaksoaxkurt_: howdy! so you are having issues again with the deployment?21:29
roaksoaxwhat issues are you seeing now?21:29
kurt_getting 403s roaksoax21:30
kurt_I'm trying to sort it myself21:30
roaksoaxkurt_: when exactly?21:30
roaksoaxkurt_: when do you get those 403s? apt-update?21:30
kurt_2013-08-19 10:50:33,321 unit:nova-compute/7: hook.output INFO: Failed to fetch http://ubuntu-cloud.archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/grizzly/main/binary-i386/Packages  403  Forbidden21:30
kurt_in both the nova-compute fetch and on apt-get update21:30
roaksoaxkurt_: try adding ubuntu-cloud.archive.canonical.com to /etc/squid-deb-proxy/mirror-dstdomain.acl.d/99-maas21:31
roaksoaxand then restart squid-deb-proxy21:31
adam_g(on the MAAS node)21:31
roaksoaxkurt_: yes, on the MAAS node ^^21:31
kurt_I'm not running squid - is that a part of the MAAS infall?21:31
roaksoaxkurt_: yes, it is part of MAAS install21:31
kurt_interesting, ok :)21:32
kurt_nice, that fixed apt-get update :)21:34
roaksoaxcool :)21:35
kurt_watching the debug log with baited breath...21:35
kurt_that was driving me nuts! thanks roaksoax21:37
adam_gkurt_, i knew it was a proxy!21:37
roaksoaxkurt_: np :)21:37
kurt_we need that documented or fixed :)21:37
kurt_that config needs to be added to the cloud-init?21:38
roaksoaxkurt_: yeah please file a bug against maas saying "cloud archive is not allowed by default" for maas please :)21:38
roaksoaxkurt_: that file I made you modify comes from maas rather than cloud-init21:38
kurt_adam_g: yes - thank you for your help too.  I was looking at my firewall21:38
kurt_roaksoax: file you made me? :)21:39
roaksoaxkurt_: the file i made you modify comes from maas yes21:39
kurt_ahhhh, gotcha21:39
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kurt_so let me ask this - what other repositories should make their way to this file?21:40
kurt_or hosts rather I guess21:40
roaksoaxkurt_: non really. only cloud-archive if you are installing from it, and the ubuntu repositories are alread enabled by defauult21:40
roaksoaxso you should not need any other21:40
kurt_ok dokey21:41
kurt_you watch both lists :)21:41
kurt_ok, lunch time21:41
weblifedo we have a way to start and stop the bootstrapped node?  Use case: AWS charges for each instance and I wish to save money by keeping it down as long as I don't need it.  I have alarms setup if something happens to an important node and need to start up juju though my Ubuntu Edge (wish I could afford to sponser) so i can do a status check and get juju to redeploy(which is automatic from my understanding with all my relations and co21:48
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marcoceppiroaksoax: whoa, that's kind of a big deal21:57
marcoceppigood catch21:57
kurt_marcoceppi: yes - good find for him21:57
kurt_marcoceppi: btw - thanks for your help this weekend too21:58
roaksoaxmarcoceppi: thats supposed to befixed on s-d-p side tho21:58
roaksoaxi dunno why it wasnt but havent look at it yet21:58
marcoceppiroaksoax: I was going to say, that's going to be a good thing to have fixed and backported21:58
marcoceppiI think ppa.launchpad.net should be available by default as well21:59
roaksoaxit is21:59
marcoceppinot in the raring package it's not21:59
roaksoaxbut CA was better targetted for s-d-p side i guess the maintai er never sru'd it21:59
marcoceppiI think the ACL should basically by *.ubuntu.com *.canonical.com *.launchpad.net personaly21:59
marcoceppiat least for the ubuntu package22:00
roaksoaxmarcoceppi: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/squid-deb-proxy/
roaksoaxit seems that it didn't work22:01
marcoceppihuh, could it be that kurt_ doesn't have backports enabled in precise?22:02
marcoceppiOr is this an actual SRU?22:02
roaksoaxthat's an SRU, it is in -updates22:02
kurt_Ok, so I should file a bug against this then? Or its already in the pipeline?22:19
roaksoaxmarcoceppi: do you know if maas based constraints work with juju core?22:27
roaksoaxfwereade: ^^22:27
marcoceppiroaksoax: maas-name and maas-tag work22:27
fwereaderoaksoax, marcoceppi: not yet, I'm afraid22:27
marcoceppifwereade: whoops, I gave someone the wront information22:28
roaksoaxfwereade: ok, is there an ETA/22:28
roaksoaxfwereade: ok, is there an ETA?22:28
fwereaderoaksoax, marcoceppi: tags we hope to manage this cycle22:29
weblifeDoes anyone know of any charms that do upstream checks with Shasums that I could look at for an example?22:30
roaksoaxfwereade: k thanks!22:30
fwereaderoaksoax, marcoceppi: name we're not so keen on, but we have a possible mechanism for handling that if it's really needed22:30
roaksoaxfwereade: 0.7+bzr628+bzr631~precise1 --> that's pyjuju right?22:33
fwereaderoaksoax, yeah22:33
roaksoaxfwereade: ack! thanks :)22:34
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