manchickenWhattaya know, it looks like the repartioning worked.00:11
manchickenColor me surprised.00:11
manchickenArgh... I guess it's not working.00:24
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manchickenSometimes it seems like getting a usable dev environment takes more time than the code changes themselves.01:33
manchickenJontheEchidna: Howdy01:42
JontheEchidnamanchicken: hi01:42
manchickenJontheEchidna: I'm finally back on libqapt and kubuntu-debug-installer. I'm wondering if you have a changelog for the most recent commits.01:49
JontheEchidnamanchicken: I've not done much since I added the dup-check to SourcesList. Been a bit busy since my employment ended, I'm afraid...02:09
manchickenI saw you did an update to the actions.02:09
JontheEchidnaoh, that's probably automated changes to the translation files by the translation team02:09
manchickenJontheEchidna: I'm sorry to hear you're out of work... that kinda sucks.02:10
JontheEchidnaWell, school starts back up a week from tomorrow. I'll try to get another prerelese out this week.02:10
JontheEchidnaSucks, but not the end of the world. I have a few leads at uni that I'm trying to follow02:11
manchickenJontheEchidna: I've been hanging backed off of Kubuntu stuff for a while since I've been trying to switch jobs.02:11
manchickenJontheEchidna: Do you have any changes to the removal stuff that you haven't released yet?02:11
JontheEchidnaNot to my knowledge\02:12
JontheEchidnathere was a bug where sources entries not in the main /etc/apt/sources.list file would not be removed before re-reading all the sources fiels?02:12
JontheEchidnasince the SourcesList object wasn't notified of the new files?02:12
JontheEchidnaOk. I'll see about taking care of that too before 2.1 is released02:14
manchickenI'm trying to set up my VirtualBox instance for play, but it's taking a while.02:14
JontheEchidnaI had an early day today, so I'm going to hop off on to bed now.02:17
manchickenRighto, later.02:23
Tm_Ttime to burn ppc image of saucy and see if it boots after install, hmmm05:32
TheOneRingI think I will add ffmpeg transcoding support to the next amarok windows install, can sombody advise me how to best handle the mp3lame issue? just ship it? make it somehow optional and make the user select it in the installer?07:31
TheOneRingmaybe a kubuntu packager can help me :)07:31
valorieTheOneRing: early Mon. morning for most of 'em -- you might write to the kubuntu-devel list07:34
valoriethat would be really cool, IMO07:35
TheOneRingkk thx07:35
jussiTheOneRing: we have an installer that pops up when an MP3 is tried to be played first time. No idea how you could do that in windows though07:35
valorieI still have a win install on this laptop so someday I can build and check amarok on it07:35
TheOneRingjussi: the thing is Im not sure about hosting deploying etc 07:35
TheOneRingonly that lame is fishy :P07:36
jussiTheOneRing: ahh, yeah, not sure about that (you can see something about the feature here: http://community.kde.org/Amarok/Archives/MP3:Kubuntu_6.10 )07:36
TheOneRingkk thx07:37
jussiTheOneRing: I think the stuff is in our multiverse repo, but for other things, we have a direct download - have a look at the flashplugin package for exampler07:37
TheOneRingmaybe I should just use a 3party build binary and make it somehow optional dont know07:39
jussiTheOneRing: yeah, maybe07:39
jussibut ask in #kde-devel also, methinks07:40
apachelogger---------------->>> l10n review <<<----------------08:30
valoriefeeling better, apachelogger?08:31
valoriebeing sick in the summer SUCKS08:31
apacheloggerand yes08:31
shadeslayerI did not realize apachelogger was sick :(08:34
apacheloggeru did not miss me? :(08:35
shadeslayerI did, except I thought you were busy with uni08:36
valorie{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} and huzzahs for returning!08:38
valorieyes, you were missed08:38
vassieHello Riddell08:58
vassieMorning all08:58
vassie@Riddell I've updated my Cantata package and uploaded it to my PPA https://launchpad.net/~vassie/+archive/ppa09:00
Riddelloh hi vassie 09:00
Riddellsorry I should have looked into that, I'll do so now09:00
apacheloggeroh, where's mister cake?09:01
vassie@Riddell no worries, thank you09:01
Tm_Tapachelogger: nicely all in german?09:08
apachelogger[10:30:37] <apachelogger> ---------------->>> l10n review <<<----------------09:09
apacheloggerhttp://wstaw.org/m/2013/08/19/plasma-desktopuD2376.png is it me or is that a non-oxygen color on the progress bar?09:09
valorieI've never seen that color in KDE before09:10
Riddellvassie: why this change? http://paste.kde.org/pdd2730bc/09:11
valoriemaybe that's the middle blue in vibrant09:11
apacheloggerwell it's not the progressbar color anyway09:13
Riddellvassie: you added empty README.Debian and README.source files?09:13
apacheloggerubiquity actually as another visual identity problem WRT oxygen09:13
apacheloggertotally not sure why though09:13
apacheloggere.g. the language dropdown has a white background09:13
vassieRiddell: That CMake option was replaced https://code.google.com/p/cantata/source/browse/release/1.1.0/INSTALL09:13
vassieRiddell: I pulled down the source for 1.0.3 then updated it09:14
apacheloggeroh actually that may be oxygenish after all, the scollbar makes it look weird09:14
apacheloggerand color again is darker09:15
apacheloggersomething overrides the scheme09:15
apacheloggerRiddell: is it known that in saucy one cannot reboot from lightdm?09:18
apacheloggerhttp://wstaw.org/m/2013/08/19/plasma-desktopJN2376.png l10n fail09:20
apacheloggerRiddell: I am having a lot of problems with discover09:27
Riddellapachelogger: hmm I've not noticed the no reboot issue before but I do have it too09:28
Riddellapachelogger: what's up with Muon Discover?09:29
apacheloggersolid/logind/upstart madness I suppose09:29
Riddellbesides the l10n fail09:29
apacheloggerl10n fail is pretty substantial :P09:29
Riddellbut fixable I hope. JontheEchidna?09:29
apacheloggerlet me past them real quick09:30
apacheloggermain banner graphic is not localized and I hope you have a plan on how to make it localized because that seems not so trivial09:30
apacheloggerthat's non-l10n..... if you have no intartubes access the startup banner will move for white space09:31
Riddellapachelogger: my plan to make it localised is not to include text in it09:31
Riddellapachelogger: and to use local files for the banner09:32
apacheloggerthe icons here have different size, different spacing from the text, and they are different icon styles, one's oxygen the other is monochrome oxygen or something09:32
apacheloggerRiddell: sounds good09:32
apacheloggermost importantlty right now though http://wstaw.org/m/2013/08/19/discover-quick-switch-confuses-tabs.png09:32
apacheloggerif you keep switching through the tabs (particularly to the sources) at some point discover gets confused and stops switching alltogether09:33
apacheloggere.g. in the screenshot it is displaying sources but the installed tab is selected09:33
apacheloggerI can reproduce this all the time09:33
apacheloggeronly way to recover is to restart discover09:33
Riddellit's almost like you're looking for bugs09:34
apacheloggerno, I was going through the tabs to see if there were untranslated strings09:35
apacheloggeri.e. I don't even have to do it repeatedly09:35
Riddellmm yes I agree09:35
apacheloggergo to installed, go to sources, start sources setup, cancel kdesudo -> discover broken09:35
Riddellbut poke JontheEchidna on that one (politely)09:35
apacheloggerthat's the kind of thing that will get us a bad review ^^09:35
Riddellvassie: dpkg-source: error: Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but Maintainer: does not have Ubuntu address09:45
* Riddell fixes09:45
Riddellvassie: uploaded!09:47
vassieRiddell: thank you, I will use the backports source next time09:54
vassieRidell: is this avaliable for saucy too?09:56
Riddellvassie: is which?09:58
vassieRidell: my cantata package?09:59
Riddellvassie: yeah uploaded to saucy and to kubuntu-ppa/backports for raring10:01
vassieRidell: great, thanks10:01
turgayusing saucy10:17
turgayxscreensaver why not upgrade to the latest version ?10:17
shadeslayerRiddell: apachelogger thoughts on bug 119646610:17
ubottubug 1196466 in krdc (Ubuntu Saucy) "krdc xfreerdp version mismatch" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119646610:17
apacheloggercomputer says no10:20
Riddellshadeslayer: kde bug 321812 says 1.0.2 is required for KDE SC 4.11 so I think a backport into the PPA would be best10:20
ubottuKDE bug 321812 in RDP "RDP stops working because of 0.0.1 version mismatch" [Normal,Resolved: wontfix] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32181210:20
Riddellturgay: um dunno we only maintain kde here10:20
Riddellturgay: looks like it's not updated in debian and I doubt anyone cares too much in ubuntu10:21
Riddellturgay: but of course we'd be happy to help if you want to package it :)10:22
shadeslayerRiddell: but then we have to maintain it in the PPA?10:23
Riddellshadeslayer: there's other packages we maintain as backports in the PPA, it's not hard10:24
Riddellwhat's the alternative?10:24
turgayRiddell:  there are also Turkish character problem xscreensaver  http://t1308.hizliresim.com/1d/m/rntsx.png  :(10:25
Riddellturgay: upstream bug I guess10:25
turgayRiddell: i do not know the final version status  :)10:28
shadeslayerRiddell: well, that's the quickest fix10:29
Riddellshadeslayer: are you able to do that?10:30
Riddellturgay: of what?10:31
apacheloggeranyone with raring around?10:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: I have a VM10:40
shadeslayerand a crappy internet connection10:41
turgayRiddell:  i sent upstream bug report10:42
apacheloggershadeslayer: with .5?10:42
apachelogger4.10.5 10:42
shadeslayerI think so, lemme check10:43
shadeslayerapachelogger: 10.210:44
apacheloggernevermind then10:44
apacheloggerit's funny how khelpcenter has an entry with unix manpages even though I am running linux11:02
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markeyrdieter: please have a look at this, I'm puzzled by it:11:22
ubottuKDE bug 323635 in general "Amarok crashes at launch after latest update" [Crash,Unconfirmed]11:22
markey(OpenGL related)11:22
rdietermarkey: ok11:23
rdietermarkey: yeah, it's something going bad in mesa by the looks of it alright11:24
apacheloggerwtf is ktnef :O11:45
apacheloggeryeah, so, kdepim is starting to piss me off with their silly tools lying around the menu eyerywhere -.-11:47
apacheloggeramz downloader11:48
BluesKajHey all11:54
apacheloggerhey BluesKaj11:55
apacheloggeroh cool11:55
apacheloggertrello now has aging for cards11:55
BluesKajHi app11:55
BluesKajapachelogger, :)11:56
davmor2apachelogger: do they slowly yellow with age?11:58
apacheloggerthey get more transparent12:01
apacheloggerRiddell: so, review done12:02
apacheloggergood news: we are in a much better spot than last time12:02
apacheloggerbad news: almost all problems are still here from raring including our stuff not being localized (for whatever reason....)12:02
apacheloggernew board https://trello.com/b/U94Kc8Xr/13-10-l10n ... 13.04 board closed now12:03
jussiso, despite having a password field, this IM client Im testing fails to connect to password protected xmpp rooms...12:29
shadeslayerwasn't that fixed a loooooonnggg time ago12:30
shadeslayerby me12:30
jussishadeslayer: not that IM client ;) Im testing other also12:33
jussi(Kadu in this case)12:33
shadeslayerwhy would you test any other im client12:33
jussishadeslayer: because they exist? :D12:33
jussibecause I can? 12:33
ScottKapachelogger: Get angry at Microsoft for ktnef.  There's some Outlook specific format it parses.  It's been around since KDE3 times.12:40
ScottKshadeslayer: More importantly, why would jussi test Kadu when, last I checked, he's not Polish.12:41
jussiScottK: why wouldnt I?  12:41
* jussi is confused...12:42
ScottKDoesn't it support an IM protocol that's little used outside Poland?12:42
jussiScottK: XMPP?12:42
ScottKAh.  It's expanded it's horizons since last I noticed.12:42
jussiitr also has some gadu gadu, but I just want the xmpp12:42
jussistill, if the join password protected channel doesnt work, then I cant use it12:44
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smartboyhwWow, so quiet here today14:19
smartboyhwThe quietness before the storm:D14:19
* shadeslayer is being productive :P14:22
* BluesKaj relaxes for a few mins , then it's yardwork , again14:23
* smartboyhw is being productive with the Frameworks explaination post that is being done within KDE Promo team14:24
* Riddell gets producting with plasma-nm14:25
Riddellapachelogger: ooh la la, good work on the review14:26
Riddellapachelogger: you didn't mention kubuntu-docs (cos it doesn't exist yet)14:26
shadeslayerno one QA'd KScreen yet :(14:39
shadeslayerRiddell: apachelogger plz QA kscreen in raring bug 120841314:39
ubottubug 1208413 in kscreen (Ubuntu Raring) "Please update kscreen to 1.0.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120841314:39
Riddellshadeslayer: will do14:40
soeeanyone using amarok 2.8 ?14:56
Riddellplaying regina spektor loud here14:56
soeeif you hover one of the items in media sources do you also have popup info text that takes almost full screen width ?14:57
geniisoee: I have it installed on my Saucy, although I tend to actually use VLC more14:58
soeeits a bit annoying to have it so wide14:58
soeethere should be linebreak after ~ 150 chars lets say14:58
Riddellsoee: yes long tooltips14:59
geniiMeh. Closing Amarok caused ksmserver segfault15:08
geniiGuess I'll see if it's repeatable.15:13
geniiHm. Nope.15:16
geniisoee: Additionally, I was not getting the long tooltips when it ran the first time ( they were in multi line boxes), but now I am.15:17
Riddell!testers | plasma-nm in ppa:jr16:00
ubottuplasma-nm in ppa:jr: Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, smartboyhw, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56 for information.16:00
Riddellactually testers and package reviewers16:00
Riddellshadeslayer: fancy looking over those packages (libmm-qt libnm-qt and plasma-nm) if I do kscreen on raring?16:00
BluesKajRiddell, sorry , I don't use nm 16:01
soeenetwork manager ?16:01
soeeits for saucy right ? im on raring now16:02
BluesKajI don't use nm on either16:04
Riddellyes saucy16:05
RiddellScottK: anything else needed for bug 1208413 SRU?16:12
ubottubug 1208413 in kscreen (Ubuntu Raring) "Please update kscreen to 1.0.1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120841316:12
ScottKSeems fine.16:15
ScottKRiddell: Waiting for the previous kscreen/libkscreen SRUs to get verified and accepted.  Once those are in updates, I can accept this one.16:16
ScottKErr.  Nevermind16:17
ScottKRiddell: Please test out libkscreen as well: Bug #1208409  - I think they should go in together and then tag them verification-done.16:18
ubottubug 1208409 in libkscreen (Ubuntu Raring) "Please update libkscreen to 1.0.1" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120840916:18
* ScottK <-- AFK for a bit.16:19
RiddellScottK: voila16:22
ScottKRiddell: Released.17:06
shadeslayerRiddell: can test tomorrow :)17:20
tsdgeosmy kwin in saucy does not start anymore17:31
tsdgeostsdgeos@xps:~$ kwin17:31
tsdgeoskwin: error while loading shared libraries: libwayland-egl.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory17:31
tsdgeosi needed to do this17:31
tsdgeostsdgeos@xps:~$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa-egl kwin17:31
tsdgeosto get it started17:31
tsdgeosany clue why that happened?17:31
tsdgeosRiddell: ↑↑↑↑17:31
yofelwe have a bug about that that I can't reproduce17:32
tsdgeoswell i'm person #2 now :D17:33
yofeltsdgeos: what does 'cat /etc/alternatives/x86_64-linux-gnu_egl_conf' say?17:33
tsdgeosmir playing tricks on me?17:33
tsdgeostsdgeos@xps:~$ cat /etc/alternatives/x86_64-linux-gnu_egl_conf17:33
yofelwth is libhybris o.O?17:34
tsdgeosis some android thing17:34
tsdgeosused for the ubuntu-phone development17:34
tsdgeosi installed some stuff this morning for that17:34
tsdgeosso may as well be it17:34
yofelah ok, that should say '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/mesa-egl' though17:34
tsdgeosso let's see what i uninstall to get it back to that :D17:35
tsdgeosany clue?17:35
tsdgeoshow to search what is overwriting that file?17:35
tsdgeosdpkg -S ?17:35
yofelwhat does 'sudo update-alternatives --display x86_64-linux-gnu_egl_conf' say?17:35
tsdgeosnot much17:36
yofelthought as much :S17:37
yofeldpkg -S should tell you what it belongs to17:37
tsdgeosah, maybe i can dpkg -S those17:37
yofelyou can use update-alternatives --config to switch manually17:38
tsdgeosyep, that works17:38
tsdgeosi can uninstall that pakcage17:38
yofelwhat is it?17:38
tsdgeosactually doesn't work on the desktop17:38
tsdgeosor doesn't do much for me atm17:38
tsdgeosat leasat17:38
tsdgeosok, that's better17:39
yofelthank you for the debugging help ;)17:46
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Riddellholy guacamole, over £900 of donations22:13
markeyhow is Kubuntu's relationship with NetRunner btw? I mean it seems odd that Blue Systems invests in two distros22:15
markeyis NetRunner also meant for desktop use?22:15
ScottKKubuntu doesn't have one.22:15
ScottKNo idea about Blue Systems internal stuff.22:15
Riddellnetrunner is derived from kubuntu22:20
Riddellbut it's mostly the personal project of starbuck and he likes to add bells and whistles22:20
Riddellwhereas we like to keep with KDE settings as much as sane22:21
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1206371] kwin is not starting: cannot find libwayland-egl.so.1 @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1206371 (by Chupligin Sergey)22:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1206371 in Kubuntu PPA "kwin is not starting: cannot find libwayland-egl.so.1" [High,Confirmed]22:22
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Riddellmarkey: blue systems guy22:31
Riddellkubotu: newpackage calligra 2.7.222:40
kubotuPackage calligra already exists!22:41
Riddellkubotu: newversion calligra 2.7.222:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1214171 in calligra (Ubuntu) "Please update calligra to 2.7.2" [Undecided,New]22:41
Riddellyay :)22:41

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