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ScottKSo I'm trying to triage a bug.  Bug #1187162 should be against  yafaray-exporter, not python3-defaults, but when I try to change it, I get an error: "There is no package named ' yafaray-exporter' published in Ubuntu.", but that's not correct: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/yafaray-exporter04:31
ubot5bug 1187162 in python3-defaults (Ubuntu) "package python3 3.3.1-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 4" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118716204:31
ScottKDon't bother with triaging bugs comes to mind, but that's probably not the best one.04:31
wgrantScottK: You seem to be pasting a leading space each time.04:44
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ScottKwgrant: That was it.  Thanks.04:47
ScottKIs it still ask a question to get spam removed from a bug?04:53
StevenKScottK: Or ask here04:53
ubot5Launchpad bug 606090 in python3-defaults (Ubuntu) "arguments tooltip closing freezes cursor/keyboard" [Undecided,New]04:54
ScottKComment 2 is pretty clearly spam.04:54
ScottKStevenK: ^^^ please remove?04:54
StevenKScottK: All done.04:54
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jkyleI'm trying to upload some packages to my ppa16:31
jkyleone keeps getting rejected with: 'File foo.debian.tar.gz mentioned in the changes has a MD5 mismatch.' and 'File foo.orig.tar.gz already exists in Charybdis IRC Daemon, but uploaded version has different contents.'16:33
jkylebut I just generated these project files with dh_make and debuild -S -sa. There used to be files for 'foo' in the ppa, but they were deleted days ago.16:34
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Ampelbeinjkyle: You can't reupload files with the same name but different contents, even if you delete the packagages from the ppa.17:22
jkyleAmpelbein: ah, I was just learning the whole process. I guess I screwed it up permanently. Can I delete the ppa and recreate and be able to upload again?17:26
jkylenot the ppa files, the whole ppa17:26
Ampelbeinjkyle: I don't think that will work.17:27
jkyledamn. that's awefully final17:28
jkyleI'll try, but if that's true not sure what I can do...the .orig that was uploaded is no good17:28
Ampelbeinjkyle: You can always bump the version of your package. The orig.tar.gz should basically never change.17:29
jkyleand I can't even download it because it's no longer listed as a download option17:29
jkyleAmpelbein: right, it shouldn't change. But I ran ./configure before I ran dh_make so it's an invalid source17:29
jkyle...the process wasn't completely clear to me.17:30
Ampelbeinjkyle: bump the orig version would be a simple solution. So instead of 1.0 name it 1.0+proper or something.17:30
jkyleah, yeah that'd work. and wouldn't conflict/override the next legit version bump17:40
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jkyleAmpelbein: I created a directory named foo-1.1.1+proper and generated a new source tarball with dh_make dh_make --createorig -s -e dev@jameskyle.org19:53
jkylewhich created a charybdis_3.4.2+proper.orig.tar.gz file19:53
jkylethen I ran debuild -S -sa19:54
jkyleand it errored saying it couldn't find the source file in ..19:54
jkyleI think that's an improper filename schema or some such19:55
Ampelbeinjkyle: What is the exact error? Can you put it on paste.ubuntu.com?19:55
jkylewait, got an idea while copying it :P19:57
jkyleok, got past that I believe19:58
jkyleI had to update my changelog to reference the +proper19:58
jkylegiving it a go20:22
jkyleseems to have built ok. we'll see if it's accepted :)20:22
jkyleAmpelbein: I uploaded the package and received this rejection: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6004241/20:41
Ampelbeinjkyle: Wild guess: You do: "debuild -S -sa", then "debuild", then dput the changes to ppa?20:42
Ampelbeinjkyle: You should run a "debuild -S -sa" directly before using dput, else when you run another build or sbuild or pbuilder you might end up with files that have different md5 sums.20:43
Ampelbeinjkyle: Bump the debian revision (-1ubuntu2), debuild -S -sa, dput and it should work.20:44
jkyleI don't do debuild20:56
jkylejust debuild -S -sa, the dput20:56
jkylelemme try bumping/retrying20:57
jkyleI noticed the debuild -S -sa created some files in my repo20:57
jkyleAmpelbein: do I need to delete/clean out all the generated files in ../?20:59
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jkyleAmpelbein: k, bumped the version and reran debuild -S -sa then dput twice. same md5 rejection error21:37
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jkylethis process seems to be very prone to error21:44
jkyleok, so I reran debuild -S -sa, then I cat'd the *.dsc. then I manually ran openssl sha256,sha1,md5 on the files listed and compared to the .dsc21:47
jkylethey all match21:47
jkylenow, I'm noticing that during upload dput seems to hang when uploading the debian.tar.gz file with 1k left for a long time before completing. Maybe it's corrupting the file on upload, changing the checksum.21:49
jkyleyeah, the md5 checksum is definitely changing during the upload. so launchpad or dput or something is corrupting the file21:51
jkylebehaviro is similar to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/25168522:07
ubot5Launchpad bug 251685 in Launchpad itself "PPA upload hangs with 1K to go" [High,Fix released]22:07
jkyleis there some other way to upload files? this method seems borked for me.22:09
jkyledput method22:09
wgrantjkyle: sftp is the preferred method nowadays.22:09
jkylek, put those entries in ~/.dput.cf22:14
jkylebut when I do a dput, it still says: Uploading to ppa (via ftp to ppa.launchpad.net):22:14
wgrantjkyle: You need to either replicate the entire [ppa] stanza from /etc/dput.cf in your ~/.dput.cf and include those two changes, or make the change in /etc/dput.cf itself.22:15
jkylehow does dput know which section to use22:17
jkyleok, I see what you're saying. there's a [ppa] section and I need to put my confs under that22:17
wgrantdput <section> <path/to/changes>22:18
jkylek, got it. made a [ppa-sftp] section, then I dput ppa-sftp:jkyle/atheme charybdis_3.4.2+proper-1ubuntu3_source.changes22:22
jkyleand finally, it's accepted. man I wasted so much time thinking I was doing something wrong...turns out ftp is bugged on launchpad >.>22:22
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