snadgeahh okay.. well, im on AMD proprietary drivers.. so i think i can probably forget about mir, until maybe 2 or 3 years.. when mir support is added ;)00:00
DaekdroomWell, Canonical will try to get AMD to support Mir on their drivers for 14.04...00:00
snadgeok wow.. thats quite an advanced timetable00:01
snadgeambitious project :)00:01
snadgeall my upgrading to saucy did.. was confirm that the latest beta catalyst drivers from amd00:04
snadgedo indeed fail, when totem attempts to play a video00:04
snadgegstreamer guys said.. take it to amd.. amd guys.. well.. they don't have much of a public listening presence00:05
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StephDCHello. I am using 13.04 and trying to upgrade to 13.10, but while running do-dist-upgrade, I got the following error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6001794/05:34
holsteinStephDC: i would just not upgrade .. its not supported yet officially AFAIK05:35
StephDCholstein: but I just want to try it.05:40
holsteinStephDC: there are dalies05:41
NanduXStephDC can you paste the contents of your sources.list?05:41
StephDC/etc/apt/sources.list.distUpgrade http://paste.ubuntu.com/6001805/05:42
NanduXmmm, I thought it could be a problem parsing that file, but I don't see anything bad with it... have you tried with update-manager -d?05:44
StephDCNanduX: Yes. That was my first try. The same error.05:44
StephDCNanduX: and the words left on terminal has notified that it is also calling do-release-upgrade05:45
StephDCAlso I had switched back to archive.ubuntu.com and apt-get update. No difference05:46
NanduXyou can try the hardcore way: change every repo in sources.list from "quantal" or "raring" to "saucy" and run apt-get dist-upgrade05:47
Moony22I am installing saucy with do-release-upgrade - s07:49
Moony22Will it work well07:49
Moony22Please I need help07:56
Moony22It says cannot open pixbuf loader07:57
k1l_install the pixbuf engine07:59
Moony22I will paste it08:03
Moony22Paste bin08:03
ikoniadid you a.) do what the error told you to do b.) try to install the missing pacakge ?08:05
Moony22Ikonia it is during install I can't do what it told me to do08:06
ikoniaif you really can't - then what do you expect us to do ?08:06
Moony22What does It mean08:06
Moony22I can't because it says permission denied I think because it's installing08:08
Moony22Is this true?08:08
ikoniawithout more info it's impossible to know08:08
Moony22What info would you like?08:08
ikoniawhat's saying permission denied, any other information,08:08
ikoniawhat version you are upgrading from08:09
Moony22When I run what it told me to it says bash:(path of loaders.cache): permission denied08:09
Moony22And from 13.04  64bit08:10
ikoniaMoony22: ok, so look at that file.....08:10
Moony22No such time08:10
Moony22File *08:10
ikoniaok - so now look at the directory to see if it can write to that file if it wanted to create a new one08:11
Moony22What do you mean look at that directory08:12
ikoniacome on - look at the directory permissions08:12
ikoniathis is very basic stuff08:12
ikoniawhy are you trying to use a development version if you can't grasp basic file system permissions08:12
Moony22Sorry I am not very good at this stuff08:12
Moony22I know what they are just not how to see them in the terminal08:13
ikoniaif you are not very good - why are you using a development version for experienced people to try/test08:13
Moony22I'm learning I have just now looked up how to do what you say and I know how for the future now08:17
ikoniausing the development release is not the way to learn about linux08:17
Moony22Ok just one last thing, Is processing triggers for gconf2 supposed to take an incredibly long time?08:23
ikoniaI'm out08:25
ikoniaif you can't manage basic file system permissions I don't believe you should be trying to use the development version08:25
Moony22 well I'll just ask somewhere else08:26
Fudgehey guys, does anyone here use control +S to enable the accessibility profile on the live image09:58
BluesKajHey all11:54
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high-rezkwin seems to be compiled against libwayland-egl.so.1 - but it's not being installed by default.18:37
high-rezHmm appears to be https://bugs.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/+bug/120637118:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1206371 in Kubuntu PPA "kwin is not starting: cannot find libwayland-egl.so.1" [High,Confirmed]18:42
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