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skyitachiany ideas about using c++ qt to write ubuntu-touch apps03:34
mihirGood Morning all :)05:02
oSoMoNgusch: morning, can you please review https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/gallery-app/fix-ftbfs/+merge/180786 ?06:49
guschoSoMoN: I was just looking at the bug report06:50
guschoSoMoN: so it seems the new version of libmediainfo changed the MEDIAINFO_CFLAGS_OTHER06:50
guschoSoMoN: as ist was -DUNICODE only before06:51
oSoMoNgusch: mmm, ok, that explains why the issue hadn’t surfaced before06:51
guschoSoMoN: so this is a workaround (for now), but a proper fix would be there then06:51
oSoMoNgusch: no I don’t think so, it’s just that CMAKE formats *_CFLAGS_OTHER as a semi-colon separated list, and we need a space separated one06:52
oSoMoNgusch: I don’t know if there’s a more elegant way of achieving this with cmake though, but the fix I wrote works06:53
oSoMoNgusch: once you’re done with the FTBFS, I’d need a review of https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/webbrowser-app/ua-override/+merge/18059206:53
guschoSoMoN: so every project using libmediainfo cand cmake, needs to use that hack ...06:54
guschoSoMoN: ok looking06:54
oSoMoNgusch: as I understand it, it’s not just libmediainfo, it’s every single lib out there that uses pkg-config and has several defines in their cflags (cmake is the one adding the semi-colons)06:55
guschoSoMoN: outsch06:56
dholbachgood morning07:01
dpmmorning dholbach07:01
dpmgood morning all07:01
dholbachhola dpm07:01
dpmmorgen ;)07:01
guschoSoMoN: onyly minro comment on your user agent07:22
guschoSoMoN: any idea why jenkins didn't pick up your gallery fix?07:22
guschoSoMoN: and as this gallery issue is caused by the new libmediainfo that fixes the dependency, you could remove the libzen-dev dependency in debian/control in this MR07:23
mihirdpm: boiko good morning :)07:40
dpmmorning mihir, nice work with the merge proposal, looking at it now :)07:41
mihirdpm: Thanks for the input07:58
mihirdpm: defiently we need design team inputs ,  but from last meeting I guess you weren't there but had dicussion with boiko07:58
dpmmihir, my suggestion would be to keep the current behaviour and concentrate on the existing bugs08:01
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oSoMoNgusch_: no idea why jenkins didn’t pick it up, if it looks good to you can you approve, to see if it triggers autolanding?08:33
mihirdpm: Okay thanks :)08:44
mihirdpm: I'll put this bug a side and lets discuss this with boiko & design team08:44
oSoMoNgusch_: I just pushed an update to my MR08:48
oSoMoNgusch_: looks like the CI/autolanding jenkins for core apps is down :/08:49
gusch_oSoMoN: but your MR looks good (I'll aprove)08:54
oSoMoNgusch_: thanks!08:55
dholbachJamesTait, thanks for the update!08:56
nerochiarooSoMoN: hi, i addressed your remaining concerns in https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-extras/share-component/+merge/17968809:16
oSoMoNnerochiaro: looking09:16
nerochiarooSoMoN: also i need some advice. i'm not sure that just adding the pot files will be enough to make the component i18n enabled09:17
nerochiarooSoMoN: can you have a look and let me know if anything is missing to have proper i18n ?09:17
oSoMoNnerochiaro: I’ll do09:18
WebbyITHi boiko, can you help me, please? :) I'm working with InverseMouseArea, following you suggest, and it works perfectly  \o/ but...09:23
WebbyIT... I can't click on anything else, also if I used propagateComposedEvents09:24
WebbyITThis is my code: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6002206/09:24
WebbyITIMO is because propagateComposedEvents works only with the same element, so MouseArea is not affected, because it affects only InverseMouseArea09:27
nerochiarooSoMoN: just FYI, pushed some more copyright updates and the comma fix09:28
oSoMoNnerochiaro: thanks09:29
WebbyITboiko, I can  bypass the trouble using "enabled: numberName.focus;" but the first click outside the label is ignored09:30
oSoMoNWebbyIT: boiko won’t be online for the next 3hrs or so09:31
WebbyITthanks oSoMoN :)09:33
oSoMoNWebbyIT: out of curiosity, how exactly are you trying to use the IMA?09:35
WebbyIToSoMoN, https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/1203090/+merge/17943109:36
WebbyIToSoMoN, I have to unfocus a label09:38
WebbyIToSoMoN, have you a better idea/implementation?09:40
oSoMoNWebbyIT: looking at it09:41
WebbyIToSoMoN, thanks you very much :)09:44
WebbyIThi christina, in your opinion, is acceptable if in calculator app the first click to unfocus a label if ignored. (eg, you write in a label, you click on number 9, label is unfocus but number 9 is not accepted). It's about bug 120309009:47
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1203090 in Ubuntu Calculator App "[Calculator app] Tapping on numbers should exit label edit" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120309009:47
christinahi WebbyIT let me take a look09:49
WebbyIT*is ignored09:50
WebbyITthanks christina :)09:50
christinaWebbyIT, i think the number needs to be accepted...otherwise we will have users continuously retyping their calculation, and likely to make more mistakes09:51
WebbyITchristina, I had imagined... ok thanks, I'll work on it09:52
christinaWebbyIT, thanks :) let me know if u got other questions09:52
WebbyITchristina, yeah, sure, thanks for your availability :)09:53
oSoMoNWebbyIT: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6002284/ should do the trick09:55
oSoMoNnerochiaro: one comment regarding translations10:08
WebbyIToSoMoN, it works \o/10:13
WebbyIToSoMoN, thanks :) What's the trick? mouse.accepted?10:14
nerochiarooSoMoN: checking in a minute, thanks10:14
oSoMoNWebbyIT: apparently the combination of mouse.accepted and propapagateCompositeEvents10:15
WebbyIToSoMoN, every day I learn something new... thanks you very very much!10:16
oSoMoNWebbyIT: you’re welcome :)10:16
nerochiarooSoMoN: do you have any idea who i can ask for advice to if my phone is failing to boot ? (display google logo for a bit then powers off. battery seems to be fully charged)10:26
oSoMoNnerochiaro: sergiusens would be the man, or rsalveti maybe. Can you boot in recovery mode?10:26
nerochiarooSoMoN: yes10:27
nerochiarooSoMoN: guess i can reflash from there10:27
oSoMoNnerochiaro: yeah, try that before pinging them10:28
nerochiarooSoMoN:trying that, thanks10:28
WebbyITdpm or popey, can you please test https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/1203090/+merge/179431 on you r device?10:44
WebbyITIt's about bug 120309010:44
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1203090 in Ubuntu Calculator App "[Calculator app] Tapping on numbers should exit label edit" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120309010:44
popeyWebbyIT: sure can!10:44
popeyWebbyIT: will have to wait a short while, my phone is currently running some automated tests, but will test that when done.10:45
WebbyITpopey, ok, thanks :)10:45
WebbyITsorry, blackout10:57
nerochiarooSoMoN: to have a .mo file generated at least a .po file (i.e. translation in a language) has to be added to the po directory, right ?10:58
oSoMoNnerochiaro: correct, I suggest you add italian (or klingon if you prefer)11:00
nerochiarooSoMoN: just copy the .pot , renamed as it.po and add the translations in there ?11:01
oSoMoNnerochiaro: no, there’s a command to generate a po file from a pot, let me check11:01
oSoMoNnerochiaro: try msginit, or maybe msgmerge11:02
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nerochiarooSoMoN: msginit worked fine to create the .po, but when i cmake . and make it still doesn't seem to generate any .mo files anywhere in the build directory11:38
oSoMoNnerochiaro: then you’re missing something in the infrastructure, you should compare it to a working project and see what’s missing11:39
nerochiarooSoMoN: i did that comparison originally when i set it up. i'll have another look to see if i missed something, but i might need a second pair of eyeballs to have a look at it later if i can't find what's wrong11:40
oSoMoNnerochiaro: ok, please ping me again if you need a second look, atm I’m rather busy with other stuff11:41
nerochiarooSoMoN: i think i fixed it. everything is pushed to the MR11:55
oSoMoNnerochiaro: thanks, looking11:57
oSoMoNnerochiaro: either you didn’t really push, or lp didn’t pick it up yet11:59
cleptonik90: Chris here!12:01
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nerochiarooSoMoN: sorry, my mistake. it's there now12:11
hakermaniaclepto, I didn't know you used to go on IRC, too. Alex here :D12:20
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oSoMoNnerochiaro: one more comment on translationst12:56
nerochiarooSoMoN: pushed the fix you requested13:19
nerochiarooSoMoN: will give one last round of test when jenkins finishes13:19
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xqwztskalikiana: When you're around could you give me a hand with U1db queries?13:22
nerochiarooSoMoN: i also checked and it seems that the package for ubuntu-ui-extras is not in the image yet. who did you say i should contact to get it there ?13:23
oSoMoNnerochiaro: so it should be in saucy first, and then I guess it will automatically be pulled in the image through the deps13:29
oSoMoNnerochiaro: looks like the package is not in saucy, so I think you need to contact didrock’s team13:30
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok, thanks13:30
zsombinik90: ping13:37
nik90zsombi: hi :)13:37
zsombinik90: just fyi: the Alarms API landed in trunk, so you should be able to start working with it soon13:38
nik90zsombi: wow!13:38
nik90zsombi: I will get started once the design has been finalised which should be very soon13:39
zsombinik90: remember, that you may not see any alarm note popping up though13:39
nik90zsombi: you mean the notification13:40
nik90zsombi: I will be hiding the interface from the user until the platform api is actually ready13:40
nik90zsombi: this way the user doesnt get confused that it does not work13:40
zsombinik90: from the system. Alarms will get saved, but the notifications won't come yet13:40
zsombinik90: yep13:40
nik90zsombi: okay13:41
_5m0k3Is there a way to use open a dialog (PopupUtils.open) from an external javascript file?13:52
Chocantonik90: ping13:52
randomcpphow can I show two pages at the same time?13:53
mrqtrosrandomcpp, wat? :D13:55
randomcpptwo Pages side by side :)13:55
mrqtrosrandomcpp, you can display two items, two rectangle, or any count of QML components simultaneously, but Page designed as full-space component13:56
randomcppmh ok thank you13:56
iBelieverandomcpp, what are you trying to accomplish?13:57
randomcppso for larger screens, I must use a sidebar13:57
iBelieverandomcpp, what's your license? I've got a nice generic Sidebar component that you can use.13:58
randomcppI've already seen your sidebar in filemanager-app13:58
iBelieverandomcpp, I've improved that for my Showdown app.  If you'd like to use it, I gave instructions here: https://github.com/Clepto/cnotes-ubuntu-touch/issues/9#issuecomment-2286893713:59
randomcppthanks iBelieve :)13:59
iBelieverandomcpp, you're welcome.14:00
oSoMoNnerochiaro: one more comment on your MR14:00
_5m0k3I guess I'll just change the value of a variable from my javascript, and trigger action on that variable change to display the dialog.  Sure seems like a roundabout way to do it, though14:02
_5m0k3Scratch that.  I'll just write that one function in my .qml file, and call it from .js14:07
nerochiarooSoMoN: i change in the CMakeLists.txt --keyword=tr to --keyword=dtr and the file gets built, but the contents inside are wrong14:09
randomcppxqwzts, have you solved that u1db.query problem?14:10
oSoMoNnerochiaro: how wrong?14:10
nik90Chocanto: pong14:11
Chocantonik90: Hey ! How are you ? :)14:11
nik90Chocanto: hey. I am good :) and you?14:12
xqwztsrandomcpp: Nope. Will stop trying until someone can confirm whether it's supposed to be working or not.14:12
Chocantonik90: Very good thank you :) Just to tell you with the merge I did for file-qml-plugin, the plugin work fine14:12
Chocantonik90: But I think you have new mehods to add14:12
xqwzts_5m0k3: if you expose your popover to the js script can't you then call .open() on it?14:12
nik90Chocanto: yes. I am just being over worked these past few days that I barely have time to even work on the clock app.14:13
nik90Chocanto: I will try to do a merge proposal by today14:13
nik90Chocanto: that should have the file read function. Do we a write function?14:14
Chocantonik90: I can maybe help you14:14
Chocantonik90: no, we don't have a write function14:14
nik90Chocanto: I meant, do we *need* a write function?14:15
nerochiarooSoMoN: this kind of wrong: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6002988/14:15
nik90Chocanto: technically we are writing a file qml plugin, so perhaps we could include for others to use14:15
oSoMoNnerochiaro: doesn’t look right indeed14:15
Chocantonik90: Oh, hum... The docviewer is only, obviously, a viewer. So for me I don't really need it, only for pdf to make annotations but I will use my poppler plugin to do it14:16
Chocantonik90: Yes you are right14:16
Chocantonik90: So I will do it :)14:16
Chocantonik90: And we need to work on the package to be able to send to the PPA14:16
nik90Chocanto: So shall I write the write/read function and propose a merge today?14:18
nik90Chocanto: I am sure regarding getting this package in a ppa or even to saucy, we can get the help of mhall119 for this.14:18
Chocantonik90: You can only create the read function you need14:18
Chocantonik90: *could14:18
Chocantonik90: This is the most urgent14:19
Chocantonik90: If you don't have a lot of time14:19
randomcppxqwzts, ping me if you achieve something :)14:19
oSoMoNnerochiaro: you might want to read http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/html_node/xgettext-Invocation.html#index-g_t_002d_002dkeyword_0040r_007b_002c-_0040code_007bxgettext_007d-option_007d-18714:19
nik90Chocanto: okay. Also the way I see it, if this plugin works well (with proper code) we can get this as a dependency of the sdk.14:19
Chocantonik90: Yes, but before getting it in a PPA we have to work on the debian folder14:19
nik90Chocanto: agreed14:20
Chocantonik90: Do you think they will agree to make it a dependency ?14:20
nik90Chocanto: I think so. Because when I wanted to write a plugin to read the timezone file, zsombi suggested that if it is good enough, it can be added to sdk itself. So if this plugin does what it advertises which is file read/write access I dont see why they wouldnt accept14:21
Chocantonik90: Okay, that's good ! :)14:22
nerochiarooSoMoN: ok, --keyword=tr:2 worked fine14:22
oSoMoNnerochiaro: I guess it should be --keyword=dtr:2 then14:23
nerochiarooSoMoN: yep, and dtr:2,3 for the plurals14:24
nerochiarooSoMoN: pushed the fix14:24
oSoMoNnerochiaro: looks good now, let’s wait for CI to run, and should be good to merge14:28
nik90xqwzts: you might want to remove the .qmlproject.user file. It is created on every developer machine. You can do that by adding it to .gitignore14:35
xqwztsnik90: thanks, wasn't aware if that was needed or not14:36
WebbyITpopey, hi :) Thanks for review, but I've a question14:37
WebbyITIf you click a number, is the number add to the calc?14:37
WebbyITe.g., modify a label, click on 9, is 9 display in the calc?14:38
oSoMoNnerochiaro: just approved your MR, should I wait for you to port over the unit tests, or do you want to do it separately14:50
nerochiarooSoMoN: let me do the tests too, should not be too long14:51
oSoMoNnerochiaro: ok14:52
gusch_nerochiaro boiko is one up for a review? https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-atest-tap-select/+merge/18087714:52
nerochiarogusch_: i can have a look later but from a quick skim of the code i can't see anything obviously wrong15:03
WebbyITboiko, I think we have some problem with Jenkins... test_click_history has to not exist, and I don't understand other errors. Well, I understand them, but I don't  understand why they fails!15:03
gusch_nerochiaro: thx - and no hurry15:03
nerochiarooSoMoN: just pushed the unit tests, let's see if CI likes them15:19
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xqwztsHey all I've got a new update blog post for My Movies: http://www.xqwzts.com/2013/08/19/my-movies-rt-u1db.html15:29
mefriohey guys do you know a way to simply add a password to my application??15:34
mefrioI am new at this field and I don't know how to properly encrypt a string...15:34
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oSoMoNnerochiaro: top-approved15:52
nerochiarooSoMoN: \o/ ! hopefully it will make it into saucy tomorrow15:52
oSoMoNnerochiaro: yeah, please make sure to actively follow up with didrocks to ensure it lands asap15:53
nerochiarooSoMoN: will do15:56
boikoWebbyIT: hey, let me take them a look16:01
boikoWebbyIT: I remember having removed that click_history test, maybe I confused, I'll check that now16:02
WebbyITboiko, yes, also I remember that someone has remove the click_history_test, but there is inJenkins...16:03
nik90xqwzts: ping16:08
randomcpphow can I display zoomed images? do I need to create a new page?16:08
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mrqtrosrandomcpp, I advice you to learn basics of QML first before using Ubuntu Toolkit16:11
boikoWebbyIT: btw, I have one MR from you that needs autopilot testing, https://code.launchpad.net/~rpadovani/ubuntu-calculator-app/1210082/+merge/17967216:14
randomcppmrqtros, yeah that's what I'm doing, I'm using plain qml16:14
mrqtrosrandomcpp, why do you always talk about pages?16:15
mrqtrosrandomcpp, Page is custom component from some QML toolkits for mobile platform, for ex. MeeGo or Ubuntu phone16:15
WebbyITboiko, yes, but I have to update the merge after the fix of bug  1179422 , and I think we will have to rewrite a lots of test, so I'm waiting.16:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1179422 in Ubuntu Calculator App "[Calculator app] Can't add to existing equation once equals is entered" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117942216:15
randomcppmrqtros, because I don't know what the ubuntu hig requires, maybe there's some predefined or advised way to do something with ubuntu components16:15
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randomcppif it was for me I'd use vanilla qml16:16
boikoWebbyIT: ah, the click_history was erroneously added again, I will re-remove it :)16:16
WebbyITboiko, I wrote to (other) Riccardo one week ago and he said that he tried to fix the bug for last Saturday, I write again today and if he'll not answer to me in 24h I'll take care of the bug16:17
WebbyITboiko, good news :)16:17
mrqtrosrandomcpp, think about Page as about window, fullscreen background for your content16:17
iBelieverandomcpp, try taking a look through http://design.ubuntu.com/apps to see what you should be using Pages for16:18
boikoWebbyIT: sounds like a plan, better not to be waiting forever. You can write another message to Ricardo saying you are going to be working on the bug once you decide you should take it over16:18
WebbyITboiko, yes, I looked at the code and I know how to change it, if Riccardo doesn't fix in a couple of day, I'll take it16:19
boikoWebbyIT: ok16:22
boikoWebbyIT: btw, I noticed something: the autoipilot tests expect you don't have any previous calculation saved16:27
boikoWebbyIT: it clears up the saved stuff before finishing up the test, but if for some reason it crashes or gets finished before that, the next test will probably fail16:28
WebbyITboiko, mhh, we have to investigate it... probabily is because when test try to take a result, if there are old results, find two label with same result...16:31
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xqwztsnik90: pong16:43
karniHey guys, can someone tell me why a button click event doesn't work? I made a simple Ubuntu Cordova project that should just console.log a message. lp:~karni/+junk/ubuntu-html-button-test17:25
xqwztskarni: can you pastebin the code?17:36
karnixqwzts: It's html and js, I'm talking to a person at #ubuntu-touch to help me. Thanks for asking, though, xqwzts ! :)17:37
mihirHi all :)17:53
mihirboiko: hi17:57
boikohey mihir :)17:59
boikomihir: have you seen the mail I sent you?17:59
mihirboiko: Nope checking18:02
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mihirboiko:  replied :) thanks for the email :)18:06
boikomihir: so, right now I am fixing/disabling some autopilot tests (they don't work because of existing bugs) so that the current MRs can pass18:08
mihirboiko: Okay no issues :)18:14
mihirletme know if I can help you with that..:)18:14
mihirWebbyIT: You tookover 1179422 ?18:15
mihirbug 117942218:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1179422 in Ubuntu Calculator App "[Calculator app] Can't add to existing equation once equals is entered" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117942218:15
WebbyITmihir, yes, Riccardo wrote me that he have no time... I have to go, see you tomorrow18:15
maarten_Hi! I'm wondering how I can install my own app that I published on the app store?18:29
maarten_I would like to test the setup an end user gets..18:29
maarten_There is a private launchpad ppa link but I'm not sure if I can even install from there18:30
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_5m0k3BlackJack App Update:  https://plus.google.com/110587021591787005452/posts/ZoAnTARTYoQ  Source in post18:57
mefrio_5m0k3, hey it looks very nice :)18:58
_5m0k3Thanks mefrio19:01
osarrouyhi everyone19:23
nik90xqwzts: sry, had to go out19:30
nik90xqwzts: http://www.xqwzts.com/static/images/20130819-my-movies-rt-u1db/new-300.png this pic shows the upcoming movies. For me this doesnt work19:30
nik90xqwzts: I just get a blank page19:30
nik90Nothing in the All Movies section show anything for me19:31
xqwztsdoes Search work?19:31
xqwzts[theyre all calls to rottentomatoes apis]19:31
nik90xqwzts: search works fine19:32
nik90I can click on a search result and it shows me hte movie details19:32
nik90it is just the upcoming, new movies etc that do not work19:33
nik90it is as if the entire list is hidden or something19:33
nik90xqwzts: let me try to download the code fresh and then give it a try19:33
xqwztswould you mind helping me debug this from your end?19:33
xqwztsnik90: that could solve it19:33
xqwztsnik90: please rm the old code first though19:34
nik901 min19:34
xqwztsI changed the project layout so it might conflict19:34
nik90xqwzts: yup now it works :)19:35
xqwztsnik90: horay!19:35
nik90xqwzts: 1 thing though. the text shown (details of movie) could use some formatting19:36
nik90it looks too tightly spaced and a bit random19:36
xqwztsnik90: what do you suggest? spacing between the items would be enough?19:37
xqwztsthe problem is there's a lot of text, and displaying it all ends up cluttery19:37
xqwztsespecially for movie's with a large cast and synopsis19:37
xqwzts[which is why i made those 2 fields collapsable]19:38
nik90xqwzts: true, but doesn't rotten tomatoes api provide a summary of the movie? something 7-8 lines?19:38
xqwztsit's a bit random it seems19:38
xqwztssome movies don't even have a synopsis19:39
nik90xqwzts: can you experiment with different levels of transparency and take screenshot19:39
xqwztsthe older you go the less info you find19:39
nik90the text is visible, but just experimenting if a darker tone might look better19:39
xqwztscould do19:39
nik90also when I expand the text, I can scroll up but it doesnt stay at that position19:40
nik90the same with the side scroll to reveal movie cover19:40
xqwztsthat's intentional19:40
nik90the up/down scroll or the side scroll?19:40
xqwztsits just scrolling to read19:40
xqwztssince its just a couple of lines19:40
xqwztsand it snaps back to place19:40
xqwztsfor both19:41
xqwztsfor the side - you can flick it out19:41
xqwztsor you can move it slowly19:41
xqwztsflicking it will get the overlay off19:41
nik90I was just looking at one upcoming movie called Winnie Mandela and the text is long.19:41
xqwztsmoving will keep it where your mouse is19:41
nik90in which case I need it to stay up to read the rest of text19:41
xqwztsi was thinking of someone reading on their phone19:42
xqwztsand just pushing up to read19:42
xqwztsdidn't consider making it like a scrollable text where it sticks to position19:42
xqwztswill try both and see which i prefer19:43
nik90I think you should. It seems a bit odd.19:43
nik90yeah experiment with it19:43
xqwztswill do cheers19:44
nik90also the options such as collection, seen etc can be put on a popover19:44
nik90the one where it shows a list when you press a button19:44
nik90and you can put it in a toolbar19:44
nik90incase you didnt see the last messages19:45
xqwztsyup definitely19:45
xqwztsi thought of getting them icons and keeping them there19:45
xqwztsbut they crowd it out too much19:45
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xqwztsespecially if i allow custom lists at some point in the future19:46
xqwzts[planned for later]19:46
nik90I thought of giving the screen just for the movie details would be awesome19:46
xqwztsi like that, then theres more screen real estate to space out the details too19:46
xqwztsi unfortunately [fortunately!] will be on vacation starting next week until the end of the competition, so focusing on getting core critical functionality out before coming back to alot of these smaller issues.19:47
xqwztsbut having another pair of eyes on it helps point out what's important to make it more usable19:47
nik90xqwzts: in that case I will review your app asap to see what it needs19:48
xqwztsthat would be super helpful!19:48
xqwztsbut I don't want you having to go over this multiple times19:48
xqwztsso if it's a pain it can wait till im more done-ish19:49
nik90xqwzts: no worries, I really like app and want it with some nice features19:49
nik90and report bug reports19:49
xqwztsI think it's going to need more work than just the competition timeframe anyway, so will definitely keep adding features and polishing.19:50
nik90btw does favorites work?19:50
xqwztsU1db queries are either broken or we just can't figure out how to use them19:51
nik90xqwzts: true this doesnt need to stop here, but for the competition having something reliable and stable would be nice19:51
nik90ah too bad19:51
xqwztsso for now all the 'my movies' lists aren't working properly19:51
nik90did you talk to kalkiana if i am right?19:51
xqwztsit 'works' in the sense that it saves the movie to the db and marks it as a favorite19:51
xqwztswaiting for him to be on/free19:52
nik90I hope you catch him tomorrow19:52
maarten_Hi! I'm wondering how I can install my own app that I published on the app store?20:06
maarten_I would like to test the setup an end user gets..20:06
maarten_There is a private launchpad ppa link but I'm not sure if I can even install from there20:06
hakermaniamaarten_, If launchpad has successfully build a deb for you system, then you can install it from there.20:25
maarten_hackermania: I haven't build the deb myself. (It is a prop. app) I have sent debian src file to the ubuntu app team20:28
maarten_And they build debs for all architectures20:28
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mefriois it possible to set  a Page color which is different from the colors of the whole app?21:27
szymonhi! I'm developing app for UT and when I place TextField in my app and I run this app on device via Qt Creator ( ctrl + f12 ) when TextField get clicked no keyboard is shown. I even went through few core apps and it looks like there is no special code to invoke soft keyboard but it works on core apps where on my app it's not.  Any idea ?21:35
iBelievemefrio, yes. Let me pastebin some code for you22:00
iBelievemefrio, Here is how I do it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6004482/22:03
mefrioiBelieve, thank you :)22:03
iBelievemefrio, you're welcome!22:03
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nik90iBelieve: u r a machine! Added recurring and checklist suport..damn23:24
iBelievenik90, :)23:25
iBelievenik90, a lot of the code for checklists was already done, I just had to work out some of the kinks in it23:25
nik90iBelieve: i havve to restart to try latest build23:27
nik90will brb23:27
nik90iBelieve: i get error message23:31
nik90iBelieve: tasks-app.qml:26 module "QtSystemInfo" is not installed23:31
iBelievenik90, I forgot to remove the import for that. I was tinkering around with trying to check for an internet connection for upcoming Trello/GitHub/Launchpad/whatever support23:32
nik90iBelieve: i just read your README.md23:32
nik90i will install it23:32
iBelievenik90, I half-rewrote the backend, so no existing tasks will work.23:33
nik90iBelieve: oh ok23:36
chrisd_is there a cheat sheet for all the steps needed to build an app23:38
chrisd_sprry noob23:38

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