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snktI m working core ubuntu... I have to installed icewm window manager.... but it fails to have proper taskbar...04:59
snktcan anyone help which are the packages required...04:59
infinitysnkt: Did you install icewm or icewm-lite?  The former is meant to have a taskbar.05:02
snktI m using a core ubuntu image...05:03
infinity(You may also want icewm-themes and menu)05:03
snktwithout gdm05:03
snktin core ubuntu... first I have installed "xorg" then I need a window manager...05:04
infinityI'm afraid I've never used icewm, so you could Google the answers as well as I can.05:04
snktI am trying ubuntu for Low Memory System...05:04
snktwithout heavy packages such as gnome, kde etc...05:05
snktok infinity ..05:05
infinityAre you *positive* you installed icewm, and not icewm-lite?05:05
snktYa I have installed icewm05:07
snktcan someone help me.... in which script I should make changes in order to invoke "startx" directly...06:14
snktwithout any login06:14
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chrs_hey. anyone have mali opengl es working on chromebook arm?11:33
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janimorbasak, I successfully created armhf chroots a while ago, maybel earlier this year13:34
janimorbasak, via mk-sbuild iirc13:34
janimoso debootstrap must have worked too13:34
rbasakjanimo: what about the lxc-create template though?13:56
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janimorbasak, I had never tried it via lxc just saw stgrabgers year old blogpost saying how it's done13:57
rbasakjanimo: ah OK. Sounds like it is a regression then.13:58
janimorbasak, at least the big report I filed first has the workaround, stgraber said the template has the hardcoded iproute name13:59
janimowhich need chaning13:59
janimohe may have missed the deps of the dhcp one13:59
janimorbasak, as for why it does not start correctly even after debootstrap succeeds I have no idea, hence filing the bug :)14:00
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mijkanyone here running Ubuntu on their Chromebook?16:48
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