jaredjea: There is some activity on the humbug mailing list regarding your event tomorrow07:21
jaredjea: also, did you need any of the DVDs?07:21
jaredIs it this week?07:23
jeajared: Hi07:47
jeaThe shipment of DVDs turned up on Thursday, so just in time07:47
jeaI am not in the Humbug mailing list - didn't realise this would make it there!07:48
jaredAh ok, I was wondering if you wanted posters and table runners, etc.07:50
jaredI have a bunch of it here but forgot to organise to see if you wanted it07:50
jaredThey're trying to drum up humbug people to attend and join in from their end. Should I give them your email or did oyou want to read and email them yourself?07:50
jeaUm, you can pass on my email if you would like07:52
jeaIs their archive available online?07:52
jaredYou can join up at http://lists.humbug.org.au/mailman/listinfo/general07:53
jeaThanks for that07:54
jeaI know of Clinton, but am surprised to see my email end up there07:55
jeaAt least I know people read it now :)07:55
jaredAh ok, Clinton is a regular Humbug attendee and the liaison I had from LCA back when it was in Brisbane.07:55
jeaOk, that is good to know07:56
jeaI will reply to his twitter request too07:56
jaredAwesome, did you want me to find the posters/table runners?07:57
jeaUm, I don't mind either way. We only have an hour in the room, unless approval for another room comes through tomorrow07:59
jeaSo I won't be spending too much time on setup, just to ensure we get through everything else07:59
jaredAh ok, well I can either leave it on the back deck if you wanted to pick it up on your way through or try to drop it off tonight if you did want it. The table runners are the bright orange ones with "Ubuntu" written across them.08:00
jeaI think i remember seeing some photos of them08:00
jeaI will be driving in tomorrow, so I guess I could pick them up on the way past08:00
jaredIt just crept up on me incredibly quickly, sorry, I would have tried to publicise it a bit more had I remembered08:01
jeaIt is alright. I haven't pushed it too much outside UQ, just because of the size of the facilities we will be using08:02
jeaAnd I had forgotten about all the other posters and table runners08:02
jaredWell I have all the posters in a poster tube and all the normal Ubuntu stuff I use at events in a plastic tub. So it's pretty easy to leave them out on the back deck or something if you wanted them.08:03
jeaok, I might do that then08:05
jaredOk I just checked, the box has the 2 table runners, 2 boxes of team business cards and some other assorted stuff that may or may not be useful. The banner is in a big tube and the posters are in an AusPost mailing tube.08:09

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