pleia2jono: can you send the vUDS message to community-announce@lists.ubuntu.com too?03:41
pleia2(UDS scheduling was a specific mention when creating the list :))03:41
pleia2looks like the announcement for UDS never made it there either, so at least getting this one there would be good03:46
jonopleia2, sure03:49
pleia2jono: thanks :) and added your address to accepts for that list03:56
jonothanks pleia203:57
Tm_Tgood morning05:05
josehey, Tm_T05:12
bkerensaSilly makerbot wouldnt let me print a Ubuntu Coin06:03
dholbachgood morning07:01
jcastrocjohnston: ping13:11
jcastromhall119: around?13:12
mhall119jcastro: yup13:13
jcastrois there a cache in front of summit.u.c?13:13
jcastroI am getting 1308 but some people are getting the May one13:14
jcastromhall119: also I have a new person who needs to shcedule, do you remember what team they should apply to?13:15
mhall119jcastro: anybody managing the schedule should be a track lead13:16
mhall119no idea about the cache, are you sure they don't have the url to the old summit?13:16
jcastromhall119: yeah he's a track lead, I just don't know what team he should apply to13:18
mhall119he doesn't need to be on a team, track leads can schedule13:18
mhall119is he listed as a track lead on http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-1308/tracks ?13:19
mhall119ah, nobody is, there's your problem13:19
mhall119let me fix that13:19
jcastromhall119: we have some changes in track leads13:24
mhall119ok, who's server/cloud track leads this time?13:24
jcastroscott moder, dan westervelt, and antonio rosales13:25
jcastrothat's Scott Moser btw, typo13:25
mhall119I assumed13:25
mhall119what's dan's launchpad nick?13:26
jcastromhall119: danwest13:28
mhall119so no Daviey ?13:29
cjohnstonjcastro: mhall119 got you sorted out?13:55
jcastroI think so?13:55
jcastromhall119: you can keep Daviey on if you want but we might as well get the transition done13:56
nigelbcjohnston: were you looking for me earlier?13:57
cjohnstonwhat's up nigelb!13:57
nigelbbusy times. otherwise nothing much. what about you? How's working for Canonical? (or is it Linaro?)13:59
cjohnstonI understand busy times. Workin for Canonical.. Things are awesome14:00
nigelbcjohnston: I'm doing the equivalent of purging render.py on our codebase....14:01
nigelbI've spent more time this week reading code than writing.14:01
cjohnstonit sounds like you should be ready to take the task of render.py next week then14:01
mhall119cjohnston: slots are all fixed now too, we can start importing anytime14:03
cjohnstonmhall119: importing should already be happening14:05
jonodpm, all set?15:01
dpmjono, yep, coming!15:01
dholbachjcastro, is discourse working for you right now?15:06
jcastrono it's down15:07
jcastromarco gets pings when it goes down15:07
jcastrobut he's in japan15:08
jcastroman this is embarrassing15:17
jcastrodholbach: ask me what I am listening to right now15:18
dholbachjcastro, what are you listening to right now?15:18
jcastroACE OF BASE15:19
jcastroI tell you no lies15:19
dholbachI thought that was impossible without serious substance abuse15:21
elfydholbach: anything's possible15:21
dholbachok, I stand corrected then ;-)15:23
elfyyou just need to see my media library to see it is 'possible'15:23
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
jcastrodholbach: with Spotify anything is possible15:28
dholbachI find lots of great stuff on mixcloud15:28
SergioMenesesgood morning!15:29
elfyhi SergioMeneses15:30
SergioMeneseshi elfy how's everything?15:31
elfypretty good thanks - you?15:32
SergioMeneseselfy, reading emails, writing wikis... today I have the day off :)15:35
elfyso why aren't you outside doing outside stuff like reading at a bar watching the world go by :p15:37
SergioMeneseselfy, jajaja15:43
SergioMeneseselfy, because I have a lot of things to do here... maybe later15:43
dholbachhave a great rest of your day - see you!16:37
aquariushey, dudes.18:36
aquariusjono, mhall119, dpm, I'm happy to fill in more detail on my thoughts if you want me to, of course18:37
aquariusnot that dpm is here. Ah well :)18:37
jonothanks aquarius :-)18:37
jonodpm is crying18:37
aquariusgah, he used to quite like me, I think, and now I've ruined it ;)18:37
mhall119aquarius: I can give you login credentials and you can fix it yourself ;)18:38
mhall119then I'll re-assign all the bugs to you18:38
aquariusmhall119, the problem isn't really the IA -- I mean, that sorta kinda needs some fixing, but you knew that already. It's the uncertainty, which I tried to stress as being the main issue as I see it18:38
mhall119and all the work items from this next vUDS18:38
mhall119well, the IA changes and a general cleanup and link fixing will help a lot of the uncertainty18:39
aquariusI think dev.u.c is actually not too bad at the stuff that it does; there's just a bunch of stuff that it doesn't do yet and I think it needs to :)18:39
mhall119but part of the problem is, at our first Beta, we're all still a litle uncertain as well18:40
aquariusoh, of course -- I'm definitely, absolutely, not pointing fingers and saying "why aren't you doing better"!18:40
aquariusI've been there; I know what it's like :)18:40
aquarius(was just trying to find the SDK widget documentation pages in order to show an example, but I can't find them by looking in the menus, which is the IA thing :))18:42
aquarius(can't find a link to http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/overview-ubuntu-sdk.html without googling)18:43
aquariusInformation architecture -- essentially, the sitemap and crosslinks18:45
aquariushow to find your way around a site18:45
aquariusmhall119, the uncertainty complaint, at least as it relates to the SDK, basically boils down to all the occurrences of "This documentation is under development and is subject to change" which do not suggest *how* it might change. If it's going to change a little bit, that's not a problem; I do not mind if, say, OrientationHelper.automaticOrientation is currently a boolean and might change to be an enum.18:48
aquarius(That will break my apps, but it's not a hard problem.) I do mind if OrientationHelper might completely go away and get replaced by something totally different; if that's the case, I'm not going to use it until it's stabilised.18:48
aquariusI do not mind avoiding using a component! That's not a problem at all. But because all I get told is "this is subject to change" with no indication of whether the change will be minor or complete obsolescence, I basically have to assume that it might be a major change and therefore I am afraid to use any component which says that.18:49
aquariusI'm OK with that too -- if that's what I should be doing, no worries. Saying "any component which is mentioned as under development *should not be used* unless you are prepared to work closely with the SDK team" would be fine!18:49
aquariusanyway, I'm not trying to have a go :-)18:52
mhall119aquarius: understood, I'll talk to the SDK guys to see if we can get that clarified19:01
jcastrojono: don't you ... dun dun dun dun dun ... forget about me20:03
jonojcastro, eating lunch, can we chat soon?20:04
jcastrofo sho20:05
jcastroI hope you are enjoying that video while you eat20:05
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