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ShapeShifter499I came across the "ubuntu is spyware" argument today, how do you guys feel about this?23:34
bluefox83ShapeShifter499: since you can change anything in ubuntu, including the whole amazon search thing and the function that sends your search statistics, it's a BS statement made by someone who clearly has no interest in ubuntu to begin with23:35
bluefox83they clearly decided that since it comes out of the box with a feature they don't like, it must be bashed. instead of just realizing that you can get rid of it23:36
hrnzyou can get rid of any spyware23:44
hrnzdoesn't make spyware good23:44
bluefox83doesn't make ubuntu itself spyware either23:45
bluefox83otherwise windows and OSX would also be spyware23:46
ShapeShifter499I'm feeling like going to debian due to all this, sure I can remove it now by purging a few packages or toggling it off in settings but could MORE of this be coming?23:46
bluefox83eh, maybe...you might try mint though23:46
bluefox83or just use gnome or xfce instead of unity...i use gnome23:46
hrnzShapeShifter499: canonical could convert everything into proprietary projects23:47
ShapeShifter499the thing is I like how unity looks23:47
bluefox83i don't care for it...23:47
bluefox83yay for rediscovering how to use basic commands in irssi >.>23:57

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