G33kDadhello all. I am trying to set up a new install of Ubuntu Gnome Raring. Can someone point me to the setting to change the hot corners?  I was able to do it on the LiveCD (i think), but I can't seem to do it on the install02:04
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hyokzhey =)18:00
hyokzI got a question, why ubuntu gnome and not linux-mint ?18:01
checoimgWhat's the difference between Alpha 2 and Daily release  ?20:50
checoimgMaybe it's obvious to say Daily is a daily release and Alpha is the second alpha release. But whatever I want to ask20:50
nazgul_checoimg: dailies are incremental most-up-to-date and not-guaranteed-to-work-at-all releases.20:52
darkxstchecoimg, essentially the milestone releases such as alpha's and beta go through some QA to ensure they work.20:55
darkxstof course installing alpha 2 and then running update, will end up with the same state as daily20:56
bjsnideri thinkt hey make sure the alpha will boot and so forth20:57

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