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akgranerhi all - now that I am not with Linaro anymore I am cloakless on IRC can you all add back my Ubuntu one please (and thank you)14:33
AlanBellhi akgraner14:33
AlanBellstaff can we have an ubuntu/member/akgraner cloak for akgraner please14:33
akgranerHi AlanBell!  Thanks!14:34
AlanBellare you having fun with your new adventure yet?14:34
akgranerI'm working on getting the OCP cloak but that's going to take a little while.14:34
akgranerOh yes- my first day on the job - I got to give a talk all about OCP and open hardware :-)14:34
PriceyAlanBell: akgraner: Sorted.14:48
akgranerThanks y'all are the best!!!!14:48
akgranerPricey, AlanBell ^^^14:49
Priceyakgraner: I'm not content with being equally "best".14:50
akgranerI'll get back to work and stop pestering y'all - thanks again!14:50
akgranerPricey, don't worry - you're ahead of AlanBell :-)14:51
PriceyAwesome, as long as I know where I stand.14:51
akgranerlol :-) y'all make me smile - I have totally missed the Ubuntu channels - :-) have a great morning, afternoon or evening...14:52
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