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jjohansenbrendand: are you done with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/120538109:26
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1205381 in Kernel SRU Workflow security-signoff "linux: 3.2.0-52.78 -proposed tracker" [Medium,In progress]09:26
brendandjjohansen, yeah i just reset it to fix released. you can go ahead09:27
jjohansenbrendand: alright, thanks09:27
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rtgapw, kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/3.11.0-3.6 for -rc6 test binaries13:03
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smbrtg, There might be no him this week13:24
rtgogasawara, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~rtg/3.11.0-3.6 to try out on your misc HW. I'm gonna upload this since it has passed smoke testing on 3 relatively disparate platforms.14:14
ogasawarartg: ack14:15
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ogasawarartg: boot tested on 3 different intel boxes here, all running fine here on 3.11.0-314:32
rtgogasawara, cool14:33
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infinitybrendand: Around?16:42
brendandinfinity, yep. hi16:42
infinitybrendand: What's the ETA on cert testing for raring finishing up?16:42
brendandinfinity, tomorrow morning. i was hoping to get results today but our test lab was a bit undermanned this morning and a snag was hit16:43
brendandinfinity, if you really want to i can push it now, but spoke with bjf on friday and the consensus was that it's better to get it fully tested since it will be the kernel for 12.04.316:44
infinitybrendand: Ahh, hrm.  Has it passed on any reasonable cross-section of machines yet?  Yeah, it'll be the .3 kernel, but that also puts in a bit of a scheduling mess. ;)16:44
infinity(Unless we slip the .3 release, which we're considering, if Cert won't have the time/manpower to catch up)16:45
brendandinfinity, catch up with what?16:45
brendandinfinity, it's passed on a fair number of systems already16:45
infinitybrendand: Catch up with whatever magic you guys do for ISO cert for point releases.  I'm a bit hazy on that, personally. :)16:46
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* rtg -> lunch18:01
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lamontI really am hating the lockups I see with my NVIDIA Corporation GT218 [GeForce 8400 GS Rev. 3] (rev a2)18:38
infinitylamont: nvidia or nouveau, which kernel, etc?18:43
lamontinfinity: since about quantal18:44
lamontbeyond that, give me commands18:44
lamont3.8.0-27-generic is the kernel version that just locked up on me18:44
infinitylamont: lsmod might be helpful if you honestly don't know which video driver you're using. :)18:45
lamontis loaded and depending on things, anyway18:45
lamont| grep nvid has 0 lines18:45
infinitylamont: But if it's nouveau's fault, you probably want to whine at tjaalton, and possibly try the non-free driver to see if it suffers similar issues.18:45
infinity(If both drivers hate you, it could be hardware, overheating, etc)18:46
lamontheh. ok18:46
lamontISTR switching didn't help much.  OTOH, it's pretty well ventilated, etc.18:46
lamontbut ok18:46
infinityIt's pretty rare for both drivers to fail in the same or similar ways, unless your card is bust.18:46
infinityAnd heat's the usual cause of video lockups.18:47
infinityUnless you have an i915, then the usual cause is lolintel.18:47
lamontinfinity: the driver thing was more not really remembering if I'd ever cared enough to switch to non-free18:48
lamontbut I'll do that, and see what it does, then assume heatdeath if that's relevant.18:48
tjaaltonlamont: you might have luck triaging that one with mlankhorst18:48
lamontfwiw, it tends to happen when one is stupid enough to scroll with the thumbwheel or otherwise switch rapidly between screens/windows18:49
tjaaltonhe's working on the driver upstream18:49
lamontthere was a time when I didn't call that behavior 'stupid'18:49
infinitytjaalton: mlankhorst was going to be my other suggestion, but he's not in here and fails to tab complete. ;)18:49
tjaaltoninfinity: yeah, noticed the same :)18:49
tjaaltonlamont: file a bug (ubuntu-bug xorg) and then poke him on #ubuntu-x for instance18:50
infinitylamont: Ahh, hrm.  That's a curious behaviour pattern.  It's a hard video lockup when you do that?18:50
tjaaltonand if it's easy to reproduce, maybe try the saucy kernel, or fresh mainline18:50
lamontinfinity: SYSTEM lockup, frequently18:50
infinitylamont: I'd give 20-to-1 odds the non-free driver won't have that same problem, then.18:50
lamontbut yeah, video locks hard, then goes all whackamole18:51
lamontgetting into the box to get info has proven problematic18:51
infinitylamont: Well, it could still potentially be bad hardware if the actual precipitating event is just "flipping a ton of buffers" and you have bad RAM.18:51
lamontinfinity: two identical machines (ordered/shipped in the same order) both exhibit the problem.18:51
infinityBut it smells more like a driver bug, from your description.18:52
lamontneedless to say, my wife is not happy either18:52
infinityAhh, and that nails it even more.18:52
infinityDefinitely try the non-free driver, at least on her kit. :P18:52
infinityWife happiness is important.18:52
lamontheh.  shall do18:52
lamontit might actually have started in precise... can't recall for sure18:52
lamontI mean, it's _possible_ that there was a defective lot of graphics cards, but....18:53
infinityPossible, but unlikely.  Especially since that sort of behaviour would be "a bad batch of video RAM that happened to land on my two video cards", which is slimming the odds a bit.18:53
infinityOr you have two fans that have both stopped spinning, and you haven't noticed. :P18:54
argesbjf[afk]: hi i noticed that bug 1201869 was marked 'fix released', but that particular bug was reverted from the kernel. is this a mistake, or do i just need to create a new bug when I submit a new SRU20:46
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1201869 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "poor networking throughput across an OpenStack Neutron router on 3.5/3.8 kernels" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120186920:46
infinityarges: That was just the LP janitor marking it Fix Released because it was mentioned in the changelog, just set it back to In Progress.20:49
* infinity does that.20:49
infinityarges: Same thing will happen for raring when it's released, same remedy applies.20:49
argesinfinity: ok i'll set it when i see it. thanks20:50
* rtg -> EOD21:12
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