tarvidlooking for the sanest route to hosting shell accounts for a modest number of users00:58
tarvidHi JasonO00:59
JasonOHi tarvid00:59
tarvidLooking for wisdom from folks with LXC experience01:00
JasonOI am having problems enabling SSL on  my virtual host. Can someone please help me?01:02
JasonOWhen i reload apache2 I get:  [warn] _default_ VirtualHost overlap on port 443, the first has precedence01:03
JasonOIs there a way to allow both on 443 without conflict?01:04
JasonOtarvid: amjjawad01:08
kimsiahi there01:33
kimsiai typed `apt-get update`01:33
kimsianow i see a long list of01:33
kimsiaEDAC i7core: Lost 127 memory errors01:33
kimsiathe list has not stopped running for the past 5 mins. What is happening?01:34
kimsiai am using 12.04 LTS server edition01:34
tarvidError detection and correction01:34
tarvidNo point is waiting01:35
tarvidRun the memory test on bootup01:35
kimsiatarvid: how do I run the memory test on bootup?01:36
tarvidI think it is a grub option but you can use any install disk a d run memtest01:36
kimsiatarvid: I am sorry I am quite new at this01:37
kimsiaI don't have any ubuntu installtion disks with me now01:37
kimsiai am on site at another place01:37
kimsiahow do I try this grub option?01:37
tarvidborrow another machine and make one01:37
tarvidBut it sounds like hardware issues01:38
kimsiaoh shucks01:38
tarvidHow many sticks in the machine01:38
tarvidyes shucks01:38
tarvidthey could be loose01:39
tarvidor dirty01:39
tarvidYou may be able to run on part of them01:40
tarvidlike 2 out of 4 or one out of 201:40
tarvidfancy board? I7?01:41
kimsia@tarvid I just restarted the server01:42
kimsiathe errors are no more01:42
kimsiado i just assume that everything is okay?01:42
tarviderrors that go away gratuitously often come back01:42
kimsiai also just ran `apt-get update`. It finished without seeing the errors01:42
kimsiai see.01:43
tarvidmay have been the oded cosmic ray that zapped a bit01:43
kimsiaso what should I do now?01:43
tarvidseveral choices01:43
tarvidignore it as just a fluke in the universe\01:43
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tarvidinstall memtest86+ and let it run when you go home for the night01:45
kimsiatarvid: someone suggested the following to me01:45
tarvida bit paranoid01:47
tarvidmost people don't have EDAC and live01:47
shaunodoesn't read too paranoid to me.  it sounds like a decent crash-course on ECC.  if you have lots of correctable errors, good news, you got ECC.  if you start seeing uncorrectable errors, pull the ram01:48
tarvidan object lesson yes, a crash course??? We don't know how much ram is in the machine01:49
kimsiawhat is ECC?01:49
kimsiaI am trying to find out sorry hang on01:50
kimsiathese are the specs:01:51
kimsia1 x Intel® Xeon® L5630 12M Cache, 2.13 GHz Processor, 2GB x 4 RAM 2 x 146GB SAS 15K HDD01:51
shaunoECC is error-correctionin ram.  very common in server-class systems, reasonably common in workstation-class systems, rare in desktops and near unheard of in laptops01:53
kimsiaI am running `apt-get dist-upgrade -y` now will take a while to stop01:53
kimsiaso if I have ECC, that is a good news right?01:53
tarvidGood news is zero errors01:54
kimsiatarvid: understood. now rebooting after finish `apt-get dist-upgrade -y`01:55
kimsiaover here, it is 955am01:55
kimsiathere are people who need to use the server. SO I will run the memtest at end of biz day01:56
kimsiaOh look slike i need to run memtest from a CD or usb flash drive01:57
tarvidGood plan. Memory is pretty cheap these days01:57
kimsiais this correct?01:57
patdk-lapyou don't need to01:57
patdk-lapyou can run it from anywhere01:57
patdk-lapjust those are normally common01:58
kimsiaerm is it simply something i can apt-get install?01:58
patdk-lapI run it all the time via pxe01:58
patdk-lapapt-get I dunno01:58
patdk-lapbut you can add it as a grub option01:58
patdk-lapno one should run a computer without ecc ram these days01:59
tarvidooooooooooooooooooooooo, the vast majority of people run fine without ecc01:59
patdk-laptarvid, the vast majority reboot their computer daily, cause of random issues :)02:00
kimsiaerm sorry guys02:00
kimsiai have an immediate problem02:01
kimsiai tried to open my kern.log02:01
tarvidand ...............?02:01
kimsiatarvid: sorry co-worker interrupted me02:02
kimsiathe kern.log was huge so i couldn't leave02:02
tarvidcould be panic time02:02
kimsiai mean ctrl X when i attempted to exit from nano02:02
patdk-lapforget kern.log, and use dmesg instead02:03
kimsianow i can02:03
kimsiathey are asking me to turn the webapp back on for them02:03
kimsiabecause it's urgent for them.02:03
kimsiai am caught between debugging the issue further and restoring the webapp for thme02:03
kimsiapatdk-lap: what is dmesg?02:04
patdk-lapwhere the stuff comes from, that goes into kern.log02:04
kimsiai see02:05
patdk-lapbut it only has the last 1000 or so messages02:05
kimsiai just typed02:05
kimsiaits long02:05
kimsiai dunno what i am looking for in dmesg02:05
patdk-lapideally, on a normal system, there would be nothing02:05
shaunoif you're able, I'd err towards swapping the ram out and testing it in a machine that isn't so urgent.  spraying memory errors isn't healthy02:06
patdk-lapunless you have firewall logging02:06
patdk-lapbut you should only have events, for large stuff, like, insert new disk, remove disk02:06
kimsiai am unable to swap out the ram and test on another machine unfortunately02:06
tarvidMy guess you are headed for a full crash. If you have spare RAM do02:07
tarvidYou could try half the ram and hope the half left in the machine is good02:08
shaunomemory pretty much has three conditions.  green light is no errors.  this is what you want.  amber light is ECC catching errors.  this is a huge warning, especially if they're numerous/frequent.  red light is uncorrectable errors.  which usually manifests itself as "random" corruption & crashes.02:09
shaunoECC buys you that amber light.  it's up to you to take the warning02:09
kimsia_sorry guys02:10
kimsia_somehow i got disconnected02:10
kimsia_how can i retrieve the conversation of the last few minutes?02:11
kimsia_i am on webchat.freenode.net02:11
kimsia_hence i have no logs02:11
bradmkimsia_: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/08/19/%23ubuntu-server.txt, its a few minutes behind02:14
kimsia_thanks bradm02:15
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nilliI'm trying to "become" the user www-data, but "sudo -u www-data" doesn't do anything and "su -u www-data" requires that I know the password for the user. I have root access to the server, and I know I've managed this once before, but I can't remember how I did it...07:26
nillioops, I mean "su - www-data" requires password07:26
rbasaknilli: it could be because www-data doesn't have a shell (or it is set to /bin/false or something). Try sudo -u www-data but specifically with the command you want to run as www-data.07:33
nilliunfortunately I'm trying to run a command for a huge directory and sudo can't handle the amount of files in it.. I figured I would change to the right user so that I won't be limited by sudo.07:34
rbasakIn what way can sudo not handle the amount of files in it?07:35
nillisudo: unable to execute /usr/bin/find: Argument list too long07:36
sgranthat's find, not sudo07:36
nillino, the error is for sudo07:36
sgranI assume you're doing something like find * ?07:37
sgransudo is reporting the error that find returns07:37
nillisudo find /my/path/* -mtime +30 -exec rm {} \;07:37
rbasakDrop the *07:37
sgranyes.  Remove the *.  Marvel as it works07:37
nilliI found another way to solve my problem so I know that's not the issue :)07:38
rbasaksudo find /my/path/ -mtime +30 -exec rm {} \;07:38
nilliI logged in as root instead of my normal user and did chmod so I got permission to write to the files in that directory07:38
nillithen I went back to my own user and simply dropped "sudo" from the command07:39
nillivoila. no problems.07:39
nillithanks for your suggestions anyway07:39
smbhallyn_, zul, I saw in the scrollback that you had a few issues. Ping me when you are there and I try to help.07:49
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artiWhat to do when tcp port is in use(aka i can't bind to it) but nothing is using that port (atleas netstat doesn't show anything)?08:40
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jamespagesmb, hey - fyi I'm seeing problems with openvswitch on the 3.11 kernel in saucy10:47
jamespagesmb, I'm backporting the upstream fixes for 3.10 - which work find on 3.1010:48
jamespagesmb, the problem I'm seeing exists for the current version in archive as well10:48
jamespagesmb, bug 121387910:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1213879 in openvswitch "kernel fault ovs 1.10.1 + linux 3.11" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121387910:53
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jamespagesmb, autopkgtest would concur with this perspective - https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Saucy/view/AutoPkgTest/job/saucy-adt-openvswitch/35/10:56
jamespagesmb, looks like the last good run was actually against 3.1011:00
jamespagesmb, I'll keep digging11:00
smbjamespage, I  had been building and manually loading the module which was the only action the dkms testing does. So there sure could be issues left that will not get caught by this.11:30
jamespagesmb, I see an extra error message 'openvswitch: cannot register gre protocol handler'11:31
jamespageand when I try to run the openflow test from debian/tests my machine die's horribly...11:31
smbHm... was that not something the in-kernel one would show?11:31
jamespagesmb, no - the in-kernel one appears to be OK - I just tested that11:31
smbJust the thing about gre protocol11:32
jamespagesmb, I'm looking at the delta in datapath.c between the 3.11 kernel and the datapath.c that we have in the dkms module11:32
smbThe stacktrace at least points into the dkms module11:32
smbThat might be quite large if the statement of upstream about not pushing for all features is true11:33
jamespagesmb, just noticed this - http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-saucy.git;a=history;f=net/openvswitch/vport-gre.c;h=493e9775dcdadb90ea383a26403d8bd11fc6face;hb=HEAD11:34
jamespagewhich might indicate that upstream have been pushing to get GRE tunnelling into the native kernel module11:34
jamespagewhich is good11:34
smbYes, might make the dkms module unneeded11:35
jamespagesmb, well it might11:35
jamespagesmb, indeed11:35
jamespagethis is hard - between 1.10 and 1.12 the tunnelling code got completely restructured11:36
rbasakDaviey: http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/merges.html was generated on 9 August. Could you see if something's failing, please, or am I hitting the wrong URL?11:38
jamespagesmb, lemme email upstream and see what the best way forwards is....11:38
smbjamespage, Ok, as it looks the call to get_ifindex in get_dpifindex has been replaced by just a lookup instead of a call. We would have to look at the disassembly to be sure it was that that crashed. And then it still would not help that much as you noted the whole code got changed a lot11:42
jamespagesmb, are you smb@ubuntu.com?11:46
smbI should be, too. Or the one at canonical.com11:46
jamespagesmb, \o/ even with trunk of openvswitch my kernel modules explode!12:00
smbsmb, At least consistent in that... :-P12:01
smbjamespage, ^ I am talking to myself again12:01
jamespagesmb, lol12:01
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Davieyrbasak: ok13:01
Davieyrbasak: updating by hand, will let you know what happens13:02
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zulyay keystone needs python-oauth213:30
jamespagezul, woot13:33
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zulhallyn_: ping14:04
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/keystone/oauth2/+merge/18087814:07
hallyn_zul: yeah14:09
zulhallyn_:  i think this might be the cause of your issues that you were having https://www.redhat.com/archives/libvir-list/2013-August/msg00344.html14:09
hallyn_zul: ok, i'll try - i'm not working on that right now14:10
zulhallyn_:  ill take the patch and upload a new version, apparently its affecting nova-compute14:10
hallyn_oh, ok14:10
hallyn_(suppose i shoulda tried 1.0.6 on friday014:11
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zuljamespage/roaksoax: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=99485514:35
uvirtbotzul: Error: Could not parse XML returned by bugzilla.redhat.com: HTTP Error 404: Not Found14:35
zuljamespage: shoot14:35
zuljamespage/roaksoax: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=99485514:35
uvirtbotzul: Error: Could not parse XML returned by bugzilla.redhat.com: HTTP Error 404: Not Found14:35
zuljamespage/roaksoax: https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/keystone/oauth2/+merge/18087814:36
jamespagezul, +114:36
jamespagedid you get anywhere with the httpretty dep upstream?14:36
zuljamespage:  no14:40
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zuljamespage:  its on todo list for today14:40
zuljamespage:  just fixing a libvirt regression14:40
smbzul, will that include the fixes I mailed you or will that wait till the merge? :)14:42
zulsmb:  it should already have the fixes there14:47
smbzul, sounds good. I am not sure but you and hallyn_ seemed to have struggled with libvirt and Xen from my ppa. Did that succeed at some point? I don't remember the outcome14:50
zulsmb:  im not sure check with hallyn ;)14:50
smbzul, Guess that means you either had no issues or did not try :-P14:51
zulsmb:  i dont have the hardware until the end of the month :(14:51
smbzul, Ah there was that.14:52
hallyn_smb: it did not14:53
hallyn_smb: but i' not working on it this morning14:53
hallyn_smb: zul thought https://www.redhat.com/archives/libvir-list/2013-August/msg00344.html might actualy be my problem14:54
hallyn_i haven't tested it.14:54
zulhallyn_:  ok i included it in ubuntu2 anyways14:54
smbhallyn_, In general you should forget about PV and libvirt. IMO that has never worked14:54
hallyn_zul: ok.  now that was to hopefully fix my inability to connect with virt-manager, right?14:54
hallyn_smb: huh?  wht about nova?14:55
smbhallyn_, Is that only doing PV ? Not HVM?14:55
zulhallyn_:  apparently it was causing nova-compute to crash if you were using libvirt14:55
hallyn_smb: mind you i also wasn't able to start domains my hand.  but then if that's working for you then it's probably user error14:55
smbhallyn_, Might be. Though a bit od and I would be interested in seeing more details on the failure. Whenever you work on it again14:56
smbhallyn_, At least on my machines libvirt and Xen HVM was working, but there also was an odd sudden fail on creating new guests that was related to virtinst. One of those which make you wonder how this ever worked. The Saucy version should be ok but depending on what the machine runs on which you run virt-manager this might still trigger. But the symptom is it trying to use hvmloader with an invalid path.14:59
hallyn_smb: perhaps you should put up a quick wiki page with precise instructions for how you create a guest15:07
smbhallyn_, From virt-manager that should not be so different from KVM, supply a virt cdrom/iso and install from there. This also automatically makes your guest HVM.15:10
hallyn_smb: right i meant without libvirt.  (virt-amanger - well that'll be fine when virt-manager manages to connect;  but doesn't help me right now :)15:10
smbhallyn_, Probably the not connect is because the unix socket is not on by default. You probably want https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/Xen then. :)15:12
hallyn_smb: ?  hm, no, i don't see anything there that's new to me.  but np, i'll get back to it at some point.  having cgroup troubles.15:13
smbhallyn_, Hm, ok. But yeah, lets wait until you got sorted the other issues15:15
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zuljamespage:  i think im joing to bite the bullet and package httpretty i can see stuff like keystone using it16:24
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hallyn_stgraber: oh fud.  i pushed the right commit to git...  but with the wrong description.17:23
stgraberhallyn_: --amend + push --force17:23
hallyn_so if you're wondering "what is that"...  i goofed.  i think it's too late to git push --force it now.17:23
stgraberhallyn_: I haven't updated my branch in a few hours, so it should be fine17:23
hallyn_you haven't pulled yet?17:23
hallyn_mind you i was most of hte way through building new ppa packages, but that should be ok17:27
hallyn_all right, updated.  back in awhile17:27
hallyn_stgraber: I intend to think about and solve the lxc.snapshots problem now.  if you can think of a more urgent bug in lxc that i should be addressing right now, shout17:28
hallyn_heh, tonight/tmoorrow i should focus on coverity :)17:28
stgraberhallyn_: making sure we're pretty low latency for patches getting to lxc-devel in the next few days would be great, but you do a very good job at that usually already. I'll need to take a look once I'm back home to see if manpages/doc/... need some updating and if there's any regression in the bindings that we should address prior to release.17:31
stgraberit's just the first alpha, so it doesn't need to be perfect, but that's what people are likely to be using when coming to Plumbers, so better try to solve as many issues as possible17:32
hallyn_speaking of that,17:37
hallyn_smoser: your patch is in git, but i'm afraid i didn't get it into the newest ppa build.  let me know if it's urgen (i assume it's not as the previous workaround was nonideal but functional)17:37
sidneihallyn_: around?17:40
sidneihallyn_: fun one: if i run mir, when i do lxc-start it kills my x session and im dropped to console. :)17:41
smoserhallyn_, yes. non-ideal but funciontal. thanks.17:43
hallyn_sidnei: is that in a stock saucy desktop install?17:43
sidneihallyn_: it's been upgraded from raring17:43
smoserhallyn_, why do you hate MIR so much ?17:43
hallyn_smoser: i love mir17:44
hallyn_sidnei: your container does have its own networking right?17:44
hallyn_sidnei: oh wait.17:44
hallyn_sidnei: ar eyou running from ubuntu-lxc daily ppa?17:44
sidneihallyn_: yup17:44
hallyn_i've got a little snafu there... you're not running with proper apparmor profile17:44
sidneii see. i've reverted to nvidia from nouveau and that works around it for now.17:45
hallyn_sidnei: do you know how to build from git?17:45
hallyn_oh well, says it's already built17:45
hallyn_sidnei: try upgrading lxc, and see if it fixes it17:45
hallyn_sidnei: if it doesn't, it's possible that access to 5:0 or 5:1 is doing it17:46
sidneihallyn_: in other news, lxc-clone -s -L4G should create a 4G lv? seems like it creates an lv with the same size as the original, but with a 4G COW-table, whatever that means.17:46
hallyn_sidnei: yeah lxc passes the size along, but it's possible that lvm can't actually do what we're asking17:48
* hallyn_ checks the manpage17:48
hallyn_yeah, from the lvcreate manpage:17:49
hallyn_       "lvcreate --virtualsize 1T --size 100M --snapshot --name sparse vg1"17:49
hallyn_       creates a sparse device named /dev/vg1/sparse of size 1TB with space for just under 100MB of actual data on it.17:49
hallyn_that's what we're doing.  might be worth a warnin gto the user at lxc-clone.17:49
hallyn_but that would be wishlist prio :)17:49
hallyn_no i'm misreading17:50
hallyn_i'll just test it (later)17:50
styolello. I've got several servers running Ubuntu 12.04 and am performing some benchmarking. I seem to be experiencing connection resets and am trying to troubleshoot it. If one server running a load balancer (HAProxy) is showing literally the exact same connection reset output from tcpdump as is shown on one of the servers being load balanced, that does indeed suggest that the load balanced server was the source of the connection reset, correct?18:05
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smoserhallyn_, thoughts really quick...18:32
smoserwould you consider an 'alias' in lxc ?18:32
smoserso i could 'lxc-clone -o precise-amd64 -n test1'18:33
smoseras an interface / alias for "clone the latest" precise-amd6418:33
smoserwhere something else would manage 'precise-amd64 -> precise-amd64-20130824'18:33
smoseror something.18:33
smoserto that effect18:34
hallyn_smoser: hm18:36
smoserhallyn_, basically i'd like to have something pulling in simplestreams data and keeping 'precise-amd64' as a "symlink" or alias of sorts to the latest thing pulled in18:37
hallyn_i dno't really want to add a new list of those.  but,18:37
hallyn_i'd be ok with allowing a container config which just says 'lxc.alias = xxx'18:38
smoserbut then i'd have to teach the user to read that config18:38
smoserright ?18:38
smoserie: lxc-clone -o $(find-lxc-with alias=precise-amd64) -n test118:39
smoseri was just hoping to avoid the 'find-lxc-with'18:39
hallyn_no, i was thinking lxc would do it for you18:40
smoseri then misunderstood "dont really want ot add a new list of those."18:40
hallyn_i just meant i don't want an external list18:40
smoserright. ok.18:41
hallyn_really, i suspect18:41
hallyn_if you just do echo "lxc.include = /var/lib/lxc/precise-whatever/config" > /var/lib/lxc/precise/config,18:41
hallyn_that might just work18:41
hallyn_well, lxc-clone might make too many assumptions for that to work18:42
hallyn_smoser: but weren't we thinking of having a separate small package keep track of the containers anyway?18:42
hallyn_seems like a '$(find-latest precise)' would be trivial to use18:43
hallyn_lxc-clone -s -o $(find-latest precise) -n precise-test18:43
smoseryes, we'd have the small program. that was the idea. and i'd have it maintain the alias.18:43
smoserbut i didn't want to teach the user about 'find-latest'18:43
smoseri wanted lxc to do that for me.18:43
smoserif you're against it, we can just plan on making the user (in this case juju)18:44
hallyn_smoser: lxc-start is happy with my suggestion above18:44
hallyn_lemme try clone18:44
hallyn_no lxc-clone doesn't detect the fstype right (this is with lvm).  but that may be fixable18:46
smoserewll, hallyn, i'm fine with letting you decide wether or not its fixable / desireable.18:47
smoseri'd 'clone' not understanding lxc.include to be bug, but that is neither here nor there.18:47
hallyn_smoser: well it understands include, i think.  it might understand it too well18:48
hallyn_smoser: right, the problem is that lxc-clone wants to udpate the old container name to the new18:49
hallyn_so it wants the disk name to match container name (or at least contain it)18:49
hallyn_i'll come up with something18:49
smoserabove that was bad syntax.18:50
smoseri'm good with you deciding if aliases of that sort are desirable or not.18:50
smoserbut i would consider  'clone' not understanding lxc.include to be bug, but that is neither here nor there.18:51
hallyn_smoser: actually, just a symlink works18:54
hallyn_sudo ln -s /var/lib/lxc/{c-saucy,c}; sudo lxc-clone -s -o c -n c218:54
hallyn_works - other than at least one little corruption in print output18:55
smoseri figured you were going ot suggest that. do you think that is maintainable?18:55
hallyn_in what sense?18:55
hallyn_that we wouldn't get rid of that unintended feature?18:55
smoserwell, its kind of har dto decide when its right to reoslve that link and when it is not.18:55
smoserand yes, the unexpected feature18:55
hallyn_that's the nice thing about that,18:55
hallyn_i'm not resolving that link, i just open $lxcpath/$lxcname/config, and takea ll values from the configfile18:56
smoserie, does clone resolve that its cloned 'c-saucy' or 'c'18:56
smoserbecause its mounts need to have the full path resolved18:56
hallyn_it's erronously using c18:56
hallyn_yes, i'll need to update that.18:56
hallyn_so, which do you prefer?  symlink, or lxc.alias?18:56
hallyn_from end user pov18:57
smoserit seems that with lxc.alias we can explicitly define the behavior without legacy concern.18:57
smoserwhere symlinks have some expected legacy behavior.18:58
hallyn_ok, will try lxc.alias and float a patch tonight18:58
hallyn_or tomorrow18:58
adam_groaksoax, does maas setup some apt proxy by default for nodes to use?18:59
roaksoaxadam_g: only on raring+19:04
roaksoaxadam_g: by default on all maas versions we use maas' squid-deb-proxy, but only for deployment (not for commissioning/enlistment). Raring+ allows you to modify what apt_proxy to use on the MAAS WebUI19:05
roaksoaxadam_g: and from raring+, it is also used for enlistment/commissioning19:06
adam_groaksoax, ok, so by default provisioned nodes come up behind an apt proxy?19:06
roaksoaxadam_g: yes. MAAS has squid-deb-proxy which is used by default19:06
sidneihallyn_: ok, i understand the confusion now. the size specified in lxc-clone -L is the size allocated for the snapshot but the snapshot cannot ever be bigger than the original volume19:18
sidneihallyn_: it could be interesting to use thinpools so that the snapshots are not pre-allocated19:22
sidneiif im understanding correctly what it does19:22
hallyn_that would be on the original?19:25
hallyn_patches or descriptive bugs welcome :)  i've not heard of them but sounds likea  good idea19:25
sidneiif the original is on a thinpool the snapshot is automatically allocated on a thinpool it seems19:27
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hallyn_is there any downside?19:30
sidneiif you overallocate and run out of disk space you get processes stuck into D state it seems19:32
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w00terAnyone have experience with the chipset used on the ASRock B75 Pro3-M motherboard (known compatability issues?)20:11
wedgwoodIs there a way to create a bind mount in an LXC container such it will always be owned by "ubuntu" (or some specific user)20:39
sidneiwedgwood: there's a shortcut to bind-mount ~user, not sure if that's what you want20:41
wedgwoodsidnei: I'm hoping to mount a directory from the host to the same place in the container.20:50
sidneiwedgwood: juju-core does it so it's certainly doable. you have to create a custom config. let me look it up for you.20:51
sidneiwedgwood: looks like the syntax is lxc.mount.entry=/path/to/host/dir path/to/container/dir, where path/to/container/dir needs to exist and is relative to the 'rootfs' dir20:55
sidneiwedgwood: juju-core uses 'lxc.mount.entry=/var/log/juju var/log/juju' iiuc20:56
wedgwoodsidnei: yep, I've got that part, but If the host directory is owned by uid=1000, it will also be owned by uid=1000 in the container20:57
sidneii see what you mean20:57
sidneihttp://s3hh.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/sharing-mounts-with-a-container/ maybe?20:58
wedgwoodI *think* that the ubuntu template makes an initial ubuntu user with UID=1000 so if the, jenkins, for instance and has UID=1001, ubuntu won't have access to it.20:58
wedgwoodI had a look at that post... lemme look again20:59
sidneiyou might be able to specify the uid in the fstab entry20:59
wedgwoodmaybe so. I didn't see a parameter like that in the mount manual20:59
adam_groaksoax, where does maas end up setting proxy settings on a provisioned node?21:00
sidneiah, not all fs types support uid/gid21:01
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wedgwoodI was thinking there might be a UID namespace map in LXC21:02
sidneipossibly yeah21:02
wedgwoodthat's more what I was expecting, actually21:02
sidneiwedgwood: you could also make it group-writable and add ubuntu to the 1001 group, or whatever is the jenkins user's group?21:03
wedgwoodyeah, that's a possiblity21:04
koolhead1Daviey: ping21:04
wedgwoodI still thin that could be trouble. if the guest user created files with go-rwx, then the host wouldn't have access21:05
roaksoaxadam_g: where as in the code?21:07
roaksoaxadam_g: in the preseed we tell to set up the mproxy21:07
roaksoaxadam_g: for apt21:07
roaksoaxand apt configures it automatically21:07
roaksoaxin /etc/apt/conf....21:07
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adam_groaksoax, no, after the node is up and commissioned21:07
roaksoaxadam_g: during commissioning/enlistment it does not set the mproxy. (for precise/quantal), for raring+ it does21:08
adam_groaksoax, i thought it was using squid-deb-proxy prior to raring?21:08
wedgwoodhallyn_: still around? do you know whether it's possible to map a UID inside a container to one outside so that it can work with files in a bind mount?21:10
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roaksoaxadam_g: it will always use squid-deb-proxy by default21:17
roaksoaxadam_g: however in precise, quantal, it does not use it for enlistment/commissioning, only for deployment21:17
roaksoaxadam_g: in raring+ it uses it for enlistment/commissioning/deployment + it is easily customizable on the WebUI!21:17
hallyn_wedgwood: just dictate the uid in /etc/passwd in the container21:17
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hallyn_wedgwood: (I assume you're not using a user namespace)21:17
roaksoaxadam_g: if you want to use it for enlistment/commissioning in precise, then you'd need to hack /etc/maas/commissioning-user-data and /usr/share/maas/preseeds/enlist_userdata21:18
roaksoaxadam_g: if you want to use a different in raring/saucy, you can do so on the WebUI21:18
hallyn_wedgwood: you'll probably want to doublecheck the primary group for the user too21:18
roaksoax(and probably via cli too)21:18
wedgwoodhallyn_: OK, yeah. That's a simple solution. Thanks.21:19
adam_groaksoax, what file in /etc/apt/ gets updated to actually use the proxy.21:21
roaksoaxadam_g: can't remember it is done automatically by preseeding21:25
roaksoaxi'll deploy a node and let you know21:26
Davieykoolhead17: hey21:38
sidneihallyn_: if i compile from git, what's the easiest way to test my changes short of doing 'make install'? i guess i have to play with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and such?22:14
* sidnei < C-newbie22:14
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hallyn_sidnei: actually the easiest way is to get the package source from the ppa (using dget on the url for the .dsc) and apply the missing patches from git,23:11
hallyn_then debian/rules build && fakeroot debian/rules binary23:11
sidneitoo late!23:11
hallyn_sidnei: but the ppa should have just about everything in git23:11
hallyn_my wireless repeater was playing games with me23:12
sidneihallyn_: https://github.com/lxc/lxc/pull/33 (still wip)23:12
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josehey guys, is the keyboard not working a common bug on the install cd?23:19
zerickHas anybody here uses or knows about OCFS2 ?23:30
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xkernelhow to add Apache virtualhosts for the same domain but for sub dirs?23:50
xkernellike domain.com should open /var/www/domain23:50
xkerneland domain.com/subdir should open /var/www/subdir23:51
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sarnoldxkernel: the <directory> directive works within a virtualhost directive: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/core.html#directory23:52
sarnoldxkernel: ah, hrm, maybe <directory> isn't what you'd want. I'm nearly certain this page describes how to get where you want, but nothing you can just copy-and-paste: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/sections.html23:55
joseprob solved over here. thanks!23:56

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