nhainesixti: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6001217/00:02
nhainesI didn't manage to get it working with GROUP="foobar" so I used OWNER instead.  Change that to your username.00:02
nhainesAfter that it works like a charm.00:02
nhainesMy pleasure.  :)  Note the idProduct=4e30.  That's changed.00:03
ixtiin fact I just mentioned that I had only normal mode rules at all00:04
ixtiThanks again... gonna try now :D00:04
ixtihm.. no success :((00:09
ixtiI assume I had to copy only Nexus records00:09
ixtiprobably something wrong with my usb o_O00:13
flomigrHey guys so if i were to to update the phablet repos to cm10.2 how would i go about it??00:15
flomigrGrab the latest cm repos and then merge the conical changes on top?00:16
ixtiplaying with some BIOS settings didn't helped :((00:20
ixtii have another laptop... with old USB ports... will try on it00:21
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ixtihm. no success as well o_O00:30
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ixtiaccording to udev monitor it's not even generating add event while in recovery mode o_O02:52
weenahowdy!  I am having a problem. I tried to flash ubuntu on my nexus 7 3g for the first time and it wont get past the bootloader. so I wiped /data and tried again according to the instructions and still the same. I wiped (formatted) every partition except for the "black box" partitions such as radio and bootloader03:04
weenaand then tried again. I am very experienced in working on mobile devices03:05
weenaany ideas?03:06
wilee-nileeweena, How are you installing ubuntu would do all the formating.03:09
wilee-nileeand what ubuntu?03:09
weenathe instructions said : "If the deploy fails(ex boots to black screen), try wiping the /data partition on your device and redeploy"03:11
weenai am on ubuntu 13.0403:12
weenadevice is tilapia03:12
weenaphablet-flash cdimage-touch -d grouper -b03:13
weenathats the command i used03:13
weenaper the instructions since it wouldnt boot I went back into recovery and formatted /data03:13
weenathen I ran it again and it flashed everything without error03:13
weenajust like the first time03:14
weenai even tried flashing everything with the manual instructions03:14
weenait was pretty straight forward (the manual instructions). rooting a kindle fire HD is way more involved03:15
weenait was pretty straight forward (the manual instructions). rooting a kindle fire HD is way more involved03:15
weenasorry for the dupe (first time using this IRC client)03:15
wilee-nileeI had no problem following the wiki install with touch or the saucy build, on a nexus 7 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Instructions_for_flashing_a_phone_or_tablet_device_with_Ubuntu03:16
wilee-nileeYou might just be going a route which is problematic, not sure really03:16
weenawell it had android 4.3 on it before03:17
weenai had to flash the 4.2.2 factory image so the flash would even work03:17
weenai am not going about a route that is problematic i followed the instructions very carefully03:31
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weenai decided to delete /Downloads/phablet-flash/ and start over03:49
weenai doubt this will help but in the off chance one of those files were corrupted during download03:49
weenaubuntu core nexus 7 installer reported : Downloaded images failed checksum validation03:59
neekocan someone help me troubleshoot an installation error I keep receiving on my galaxy nexus?04:23
neekoerror: device not found04:23
neekoERROR:phablet-flash:Command 'adb shell mount /data' returned non-zero exit status 25504:23
neekofull log here: http://pastie.org/824915104:25
weenayou are not getting an adb connection in recovery04:31
neekoweena: yeah, I see that, but for the life of me cant see why.  just after "booting...04:33
neekoOKAY [  0.426s]04:33
neekofinished. total time: 1.602s04:33
neekoit reboots and then I get:04:34
neekoINFO:phablet-flash:Clearing /data and /cache04:34
neekoerror: device not found04:34
neekoERROR:phablet-flash:Command 'adb shell mount /data' returned non-zero exit status 25504:34
neekoseems like there is something broken in the script, like it is not waitinn long enough or is rebooting too early04:34
neekoI tried deleting the downloaded files to make sure they were not corrupt, that did not help04:35
neekoweena: any suggestions?04:35
weenaat this point all you need to do is push the first zip (adb push)04:38
weenathen reboot recovery04:38
weenathen adb push the second zip04:38
weenaand then reboot recovery04:38
weenawhen thats done, reboot04:38
weenayou can do the rest manually04:38
weenaadb push /path/to/your/downloaded/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+grouper.zip /sdcard/autodeploy.zip04:39
neekowell, just restored stock again.  I willtry the phablet flash once more (3rd time) and then d oit manually when/if it fails again04:39
weenaadb reboot recovery04:39
weenaadb push /path/to/your/downloaded/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip /sdcard/autodeploy.zip04:39
weenaadb reboot recovery04:40
weenaadb reboot04:40
neekoany idea why it would fail so consitantly?04:40
weenayoure probally right its not waiting long enough04:40
weenaso run the script and do everything after that point manually04:40
neekoI never gets back to recovery when it reboots.04:41
neekojust sits @ "google"04:41
weenai had a similar problem and it was because the nightly is borked04:42
neekoas a matter of fact, I dont think the recovery ever gets properly flashed04:42
weenaif your phone is on 4.3 you need to apply 4.2.2 facgtory imagefirst04:42
neekowhen I hold volume up & down, then press power, then select reboot recovery, it just sits "google"04:43
neekowell, it was on 4.2.2 the first time I flashed tonight, but from then on I have been restoring with the 4.3 images04:43
neekoI will restore with the 4.2.2 and try again04:43
weenago into fastboot04:44
weenafastboot flash recovery ~/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch-preview/20130712/saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+grouper.img04:45
weenanot exactly like that i am using my files as an example04:46
weenathat should fix your recovery04:47
weenai just went back to stock too04:51
neekoweena: there must be something srong with the recovery image, eben after manually flashing it still wont boot to recovery04:53
neekoalright, flashing 4.2.2 now04:56
hayerWhen will there be support for other devices? Like the samsung galaxy series? or the Nokia Lumia series?06:27
RAOFhayer: For the lumia series: likely never, as they're windows phone hardware and as such are bootloader locked, we don't have kernels for them, etc.06:29
RAOFhayer: Many of the Galaxies are supported now; check out https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices06:29
hayerRAOF: so working but not avaialable from cdimage.ubuntu is considered "safe/okey to use"?06:31
RAOFhayer: Depends on the device; I don't think we're going to *officially* support anything but the Nexus hardware.06:31
RAOFAlthough if you're comfortable flashing CyanogenMod you should be reasonably comfortable flashing UbuntuTouch.06:32
dholbachgood morning07:06
Saviqis it normal that Manta turns on on double-tap?07:24
MacSlowveebers, mzanetti: no hangout this morning... or mumble?07:31
veebersMacSlow: is this WRT there being no link in the cal07:31
veebersMacSlow, mzanetti I just added a hangout to the calendar now :-)07:31
MacSlowveebers, no... just used the link from another calender-entry07:31
veebersMacSlow: ah ok07:31
veebersMacSlow: I may have mixed things up :-07:32
Saviqis it normal that nexus10 wakes up after a double-tap?07:45
tsdgeosdamn, my nexus4 is dead07:48
* tsdgeos reads mzanetti's email07:48
* tsdgeos digs the original charger07:49
greybackSaviq: it didn't do that 3 months ago anyway, AFAIC recall07:50
Saviqgreyback, maybe they enabled it ;)07:50
greybackyeah, amazing feature that07:50
tsdgeosoh lol, the original adapter is american07:51
* tsdgeos digs an adapter for the original adapter07:51
tsdgeosno red light, let's wait some mins07:52
greybackSaviq: for your consideration: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/unity-mir/workaround-authorisation/+merge/18058407:54
Saviqgreyback, yup07:55
greybackmany thanks!07:55
diwicogra_, good morning! Are you up for trying out the pulseaudio image on the galaxy nexus?07:57
ogra_diwic, sure, note that i have a 2M line so a full download takes a while, where is it ?07:58
diwicogra_, posted in PM. How long is that, 30 minutes or so?07:59
ogra_yeah, around that08:00
diwicogra_, ok, ping me when it's installed and ready for testing08:01
diwicthanks :-)08:01
ogra_hmm, that was a short download08:06
ogra_diwic, "Please wait while Jenkins is getting ready to work..."08:06
ogra_seems jenkins just died08:06
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diwicogra_, uhm, same here :-(08:14
ogra_yay monday ...08:14
om26erogra_, hey08:18
om26erogra_, can you merge this branch :) https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/ubuntu-seeds/add_qtorganizer5-eds_to_touch/+merge/18054508:18
ogra_om26er, \o/  .... does that mean one less PPA package ?08:19
om26erogra_, yep, I guess08:20
om26erogra_, both of the packages are now in the ubuntu archives08:20
didrocksom26er: you're late! it's in distro for… hours at least :p08:20
* didrocks started the week with 4 newing08:20
om26erdidrocks, right, we want them on the image now08:20
didrocksom26er: well, nothing new here08:20
* didrocks things ogra_ should join the archive admin team to get some help on the reviews ;)08:21
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dednickanyone know when the pending touch image will switch to current?08:43
ogra_dednick, once asac approves someone pulls the trigger08:43
dednickogra_: ok, thanks.08:43
ogra_dednick, it is based on having no regressions at http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/touch/08:44
asacdednick: we apply rule: better or equal dashboard than previous build published to /current08:48
ogra_asac, seems systemsettle constatnly failed since 16.108:49
asacogra_: interestng observation... i think i have to tweak the script to show us exactly whats going on while we measure ... e.g. move from vmstat to top08:49
asacogra_: but often we have stuff like ping etc. not working too in the same run08:50
ogra_and probably loosen the values a bit08:50
asacwe can do that for sure to get started08:50
ogra_the 17 image looks good ... 18 too08:50
asacogra_: did you see a fail where no other default test fails?08:50
ogra_only systemsettle that was added as failure on 081808:51
ogra_0816.1 = 18 failures ... 0818 = 19 ...08:52
asaci think 18 is good08:53
asacstill let me fix the script08:53
ogra_well, the load is constantly over 208:53
ogra_in the log08:53
ogra_arent you checking for the idle value ?08:54
ogra_seems matching an idle of 90 would have let it succeed in that case08:55
ogra_ah, and there comes 081908:55
chandrahi i am new to this Ubuntu porting . Can some one help me to configure my ubuntu PC to compilet the code to build UBUNTU for tablet/phone08:57
veebersmzanetti: ping09:05
mzanettiveebers: pong09:05
veebersmzanetti: hey, how are things?09:05
mzanettiveebers: good09:05
veebersmzanetti: I was going to double check with you, I plan to mark a VM as down and take a look at these notification ap test issues. Is that going to step on any toes?09:06
mzanettipete-woods: hey, you are working on the data sources for the infographics, right?09:06
mzanettiveebers: right now?09:06
veebersmzanetti: I had planned so, is there a better time? (perhaps during my morning?)09:06
pete-woodsmzanetti: not at the moment, I'm waiting on being told to publicise the API for general usage09:06
mzanettiveebers: jenkins is down right now. feel free to jump on any VM09:06
veebersmzanetti: ah nice (well, not really)09:07
mzanettipete-woods: just realized on the weekend that it actually work already with the camera-app09:07
mzanettipete-woods: it says "1 photos taken today". Lacks the plural handling09:07
pete-woodsmzanetti: the problem is that the number is a floating point one09:08
mzanettipete-woods: I think that still would mean singular for == 1 and plural for everything else09:08
mzanettilike 0.5 photos would be plural too, no?09:09
pete-woodsmzanetti: I guess that I wanted a solution for all languages09:09
* diwic wonders how one can take 0.5 photos in the first place09:09
mzanettipete-woods: hmm right... I don't know all languages... at least it would work for the 3 I know09:09
pete-woodsmzanetti: the problem is really ones like polish09:10
pete-woodsI was thinking I could special case all the whole numbers09:10
pete-woodsand in that case run in through the plural form engine of gettext09:10
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diwicogra_, hey, looks like jenkins is up again now09:36
ogra_ah, thanks for the heads up09:36
mhr3Saviq, one quickie pls - https://code.launchpad.net/~mhr3/unity8/remove-hardcoded-downloadable-apps/+merge/18081909:57
Saviqmhr3, happroved09:58
mhr3nah, colin10:02
davmor2Morning all10:03
asacogra_: do you know what ubuntu-download is?10:34
popeyasac: background service to do downloads isnt it?10:34
asacpopey: hmm. what does it download though?10:34
popeywhatever the app developer wants to download10:34
asacdo you know? is that about system-updates? click packages?10:34
ogra_asac, the download tool for the system images10:35
popeyi thought app developers could use it?10:35
asacogra_: when do we run this?10:35
didrockspopey: right, it's just the 2 consumers as of today are click packages and system updates :)10:35
ogra_i think the system image upgrader uses it ... if you run such an image and upgrade10:35
asacpopey: i know we have plans for a general download-service, not sure if ubuntu-download is that though10:35
asacogra_: just saw it creating noise in the toplog10:36
asac  3806 phablet   20   0 30684 3848 3376 S   5.6  0.2   0:03.15 ubuntu-downloa10:36
asacunfortunately the toplog was too dumb... next revision will show us better truth10:36
asacneed plars and friends to come on10:37
asacplars: doanac`: proposed a merge request that will give us much better top info10:38
asacplars: doanac`: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/ubuntu-test-cases/use-top-and-always-dumb-toplog/+merge/18082810:38
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asacogra_: i dont have ubuntu-download running at all here10:38
asacguess it gets triggered by cron?10:38
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w-flodoes the stock ticker app work for anyone? Trying to figure out if something is wrong with confinement on my device or if the stockticker manifest is actually missing the networking policy group and access to /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf10:46
w-flooh and I'm still on 0814.1 or something like that..10:46
asacogra_: hah ... even this stupid top loggin revealed the ueventd thing10:47
asacogra_: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3625/phone-app-autopilot/10:47
asacsee how everything fails ... go into the before or after systemsettle10:47
asacyou will find ueventd in toplog10:47
ogra_yeah, the system needs a reboot if it is in that state10:48
asac2120 root      20   0  3744 1196 1008 S   5.6  0.1   0:00.97 ofonod 2401 phablet   20   0 30684 3932 3448 S   5.6  0.2   0:02.56 ubuntu-download10:48
asacofonod and ubuntu-download doing business10:49
asaci assume that means we had network and an autoupdate is kicking10:49
asacpsivaa_: do you feel comfortable reviewing/merging an improvement to the systemsettle? or do we need to wait for plars?10:51
psivaa_asac: let me have a look. was not really involved in the previous reviews of this though..10:53
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asacpsivaa: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/ubuntu-test-cases/use-top-and-always-dumb-toplog/+merge/18082810:53
ogra_2013-08-19 13:04:12 (0,00 B/s) - Connection closed at byte 422776655. Retrying.11:04
ogra_dear jenkins, whats wrong with you ?11:04
diwicogra_, is that the pulseaudio image?11:04
ogra_on the last byte ...11:05
diwicogra_, I'll send it with a pigeon!11:05
ogra_and using -c (continue) with wget doesnt seem to pick up on it again :(11:05
diwicogra_, want me to upload it to p.c.c ?11:05
ogra_yeah, please11:05
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diwicogra_, my uplink speed is not the best; ETA 45 minutes or so11:10
psivaaasac: had a look, though i find no issues with that, i am not sure how this will impact the test runs. not so clear about it i am afraid. today's system settle tests are failing and from what i see. top seem to be the reason for the idle time to be less than 99.2511:11
asacpsivaa: this patch is addressing exactly that11:11
asacright now the toprun is very bad11:11
ogra_diwow, any idea why that image is so big ? thats >50M more than the current image has11:11
asacand doesnt include very good details11:11
ogra_diwic, ^^^11:11
diwicogra_, no, I haven't notices - there are a few more packages, but 50M is a lot anyway11:12
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ogra_ah, well, its only 30 ... seems the main image grew as welll over the weekend11:13
ogra_i was looking at 081611:13
ogra_0819 is 20M bigger11:13
ogra_but still. 30M compressed is a lot11:13
davmor2ogra_: that's a hell of a lot for a phone11:15
ogra_sadly the pulse image has no manifest11:15
ogra_so hard to tell whats extra there11:15
w-flothe main image has 30megs of new icons in /usr/share/app-install/icons :D11:23
ogra_well our threshold is 512M compressed afaik11:25
ogra_we're still far from that ...11:25
popeyogra_: do we no longer enable swap?11:26
popeyjust noticed my phone with todays image has no swap11:26
ogra_the normal flipped image ?11:26
ogra_or the system image ?11:26
popeyyeah, cdimage-touch11:26
ogra_the latter doesnt have swap11:26
ogra_the former should11:26
popeyhmm, my dmesg is spammed with [ 3799.373660] binder: 2096 RLIMIT_NICE not set11:27
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# free|grep Swap && cat /var/log/installer/media-info11:27
ogra_Swap:       102396          0     10239611:27
ogra_Ubuntu Saucy Salamander (development branch) - armhf (20130815)11:27
ogra_we had swap on the 15th11:27
popeyroot@ubuntu-phablet:/# free | grep Swap && cat /var/log/installer/media-info11:27
popeySwap:            0          0          011:27
popeyUbuntu Saucy Salamander (development branch) - armhf (20130819)11:27
ogra_the RTLIMIT message should be supressed by a syslog.d snippet11:28
ogra_by this one11:28
ogra_check if you have it11:28
=== hikiko|lunch is now known as hikiko
popey:msg, contains, "RLIMIT_NICE not set" ~11:29
ogra_yeah, so it should be supressed11:29
ogra_werid that it isnt11:29
ogra_(well, at least after rsyslogd started)11:30
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# grep LIMIT /var/log/syslog11:31
popeybah, phone just rebooted after I finished autopilot testing11:31
popeysee if it still does it after reboot11:32
popeystill no swap after reboot11:32
ogra_oh, btw11:32
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# grep SWAP /etc/fstab11:32
ogra_ /SWAP.swapnoneswapsw0011:32
popeyalan@deep-thought:~$ grep SWAP /etc/fstab11:33
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# ls /SWAP.swap11:33
ogra_ah,, weird11:33
popeyls: cannot access /SWAP.swap: No such file or directory11:33
ogra_are you sure you are not on a system image ?11:33
popeyhow can I tell?11:33
ogra_this looks really strange11:33
popeyoh, maybe I am..11:33
ogra_mount should show a lot of loop and bind mounts11:33
popeylooks like you're right, I suck11:34
popeysorry for wasting your time.11:34
ogra_yeah, system image11:34
ogra_creaz mount output :)11:35
psivaaasac: i would wait for plars to do the approval. have not done it myself in the past for smoke tests. he should be online in an hour or so.. sorry11:36
jdstrandw-flo: re networking policy group> please file a bug against apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu11:38
w-flojdstrand, will do (after testing with latest image)11:39
asacpsivaa: maybe work with him on the process... usually it is only partly about code review, but mostly about how he tests to ensure it can land11:46
* ogra_ glares at http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/touch/11:46
asacpsivaa: being able to do that testing could give you confidence that we can merge (or not )11:46
asacogra_: yeah... bad nois11:47
ogra_well, and maguro grew 33 new tests11:47
asac  777 phablet    9 -11  117m 5332 3652 S   5.2  0.5   0:01.41 pulseaudio11:47
ogra_grouper even 3411:47
asacogra_: each test has now a systemsettle-start and systemsettle-after11:48
psivaaasac: i agree, i will have a chat with him about it11:48
asacshowing you exactly whether the system was calm before11:48
asacand after11:48
ogra_ah, so we run 33 tests :)11:48
asac(after: see if we trigger crazy battery draining stuff)11:48
asacogra_: if the math is ok, then yes :)11:48
asactoo bad, really need that new script :)11:49
asacthe toplog is just meaningless if just run with one iteration11:49
asacthe new approach will be awesome :)11:49
ogra_sure sure :)11:51
* ogra_ would prefer we would simply not have to test for an overloaded system11:52
asacwell, that reveals issues11:52
asacthe system must never be overloaded11:53
ogra_yeah, we shouldnt have issues :)11:53
asacwell, partly its ok ... but its noisy11:53
asaclike ubuntu-download shouldn't get kicked off during our test runs :)11:53
ogra_well, what was the test ?11:53
asacso that will give us info how to better run11:53
asacogra_: nothing ... just boot, wait11:53
asacthen it kicked off... we dont want it to run, unless in an explicit case11:54
ogra_if it is a system service and the test is that the rss reader pulls news, it is pretty valid :)11:54
asacif we dont test the rss reader, we shouldn't get influenced by it11:54
asacso we could stop it while we run the other tests :)11:55
asacall will be good.. maguro looked fine11:55
asacmako is understood to be noisy11:55
asacand it is understood to be a real issue :)11:55
asacogra_: what is that doing?11:56
ogra_upstart-file-bridge hooks into inotify11:57
ogra_for the upstart file changed features11:57
w-flojdstrand, filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu/+bug/121389811:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 1213898 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "[Stock Ticker] confinement too strict" [Undecided,New]11:57
asacyeah. so we really have noise there... upstart-bridge, then ubuntu-download, then evolution-calendar is run while http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/image/3625/mediaplayer-app-autopilot/11:57
ogra_i guess thats all dbus activated stuff the session init runs11:59
asacbut that should settle within 3-4 minutes :)11:59
asacshouldnt it?11:59
asacthe idea was that we wait exactly for such stuff to finish nicely12:00
asacbefore starting autopilot or benchmarks etc.12:00
ogra_asac, see /usr/share/upstart/sessions/12:00
jdstrandsergiusens: can you update the stock ticker app to add the networking policy group for bug #1213898? we should retarget that bug, but I'm not sure to what12:00
ubot5bug 1213898 in apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "[Stock Ticker] confinement too strict" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121389812:00
asacogra_: evolution i dont see12:00
ogra_addressbook app starting i guess12:01
ogra_it uses evo in the backend12:01
asacright. figured same a sec ago12:01
ogra_and likely needs to populate its db on startup12:01
sergiusensjdstrand: sure, will do. (had an item to look on it today). Also, wrt to bug tracking I delegated that to dholbach, not sure if we should just use the launchpad tracker12:01
ogra_sergiusens, do you know if there is a manifest for the pulse image ? seems it is 30MB bigger than the standard one12:02
jdstranddholbach: when it is determined, can you let me know? ^ (just for the future)12:02
jdstrandsergiusens: thanks :)12:02
sergiusensogra_: one sec12:02
ogra_the jenkins page doesnt seem to have one12:02
sergiusensogra_: it seems it's just not publish, I can get that for the next builds, but the last one is here:*view*/12:03
sergiusensI'm not sure you have access12:03
sergiusensI'll get it on a paste12:04
sergiusensogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6002616/12:04
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ChocantoKaleo: ping12:08
ogra_sergiusens, thanks12:08
asacphablet-flash lost ability to install specific date?12:14
asacsergiusens: ?12:14
asacwanted to install exactly 20130817.112:14
sergiusensasac: not date since it's useless, just specific images12:14
asacsergiusens: how?12:14
asacsudo phablet-flash cdimage-touch -p http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130817.1/12:15
asacdoesnt work either12:15
sergiusensasac: ie, phablet-flash --ubuntu-path http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130812/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.tar.gz --device-path http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130812/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+mako.zip12:15
asacsergiusens: base path doesnt work?12:16
sergiusensasac: what version? I tried that Friday12:16
asaclet met try again12:16
diwicogra_, finally! http://people.canonical.com/~diwic/temp3/saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf-0819.zip12:16
asaci think my phone was not booted12:16
asacsergiusens: sudo phablet-flash cdimage-touch -p http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130817.1/12:16
asacdoesnt download12:16
asacjust flashes 16 again12:16
sergiusensasac: also, the --ubuntu-path and --device-path should work with filesystem paths12:17
asacsergiusens: yeah, but thats super long form12:17
asacso just pointing at directory or revision doesnt work?12:17
asacok trying --ubuntu-path etc.12:18
sergiusensasac: no... it's I can do it, but it can break often and all the endpoints have different names for the files they produce12:18
asacthat seems to work12:18
asacsergiusens: we should ship a manifest in the directory i guess ... well, lets wait for the new system images12:18
asacand ensure we do it well there12:18
sergiusensasac: it used to be the case, but it kept breaking with all the cdimage-jenkins transitions12:18
asacfrom what i undersatnd they dont have directories there anymore :/12:18
asaca bit scared12:18
sergiusensasac: I asked for that already when I was first implementing this12:18
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
asacsergiusens: yeah. i would have assumed we have a single manifest that explictitely defines which parts are to be found where12:19
asacso we could version that format and just dont break anymore :)12:19
sergiusensasac: I was told it required big changes across cdimage12:19
asacsimple as that :)12:19
sergiusensasac: a simple json file would do12:19
asacproviding a manifest of what stuff we output?12:19
asacbut yeah, guess it points at a very big architecture around this tool :)12:20
asacif its hard to do12:20
sergiusensasac: well the ubuntu image based upgrades support this12:20
asacwe need to synch with barry12:20
asaci dont think we have a way to stage images12:20
asacand publish after review12:20
sergiusensasac: you can do phablet-flash ubuntu-system -r -1 or phablet-flash ubuntu-system -r 20130813 (provided that they are still hosted)12:21
asaclike /pending /current12:21
asacsergiusens: ubuntu-system?12:21
asaci was using cdimage-touch12:21
asacbut nevermind12:21
sergiusensasac: it's for image based upgrades12:21
asaci use --.*-path now :)12:21
sergiusensasac: very different cases12:21
asacthoguth we dont have /pending /current there12:21
asaclets leave it :)12:21
* asac needs to do something else and is happy for now12:21
sergiusensasac: http://system-image.ubuntu.com/channels.json12:22
sergiusensfor future reading12:22
asacsergiusens: when will we have the "channel" discussion?12:22
asacis there one scheduled?12:22
asac"which channels and how to name those"12:22
asaci assume we want a "pending" on top of "daily"12:23
sergiusensasac: there's a meeting on #ubuntu-meeting on tuesdays at 1pm utc12:24
sergiusenswe can bring it up there12:24
popeyis there a way to migrate from a flipped image install to a system image install and not lose my /home/phablet/* ?12:26
ogra_i dont think so12:26
ogra_except for backing it up via ssh or so12:26
popeyok, will do that12:28
popey /ril_0     gsm               disconnected12:29
popeythats bad isnt it?12:29
popeyoh, its just slow12:30
sergiusenspopey: restrting network-manager fixes that for me12:30
popeyah, ueventd eating the cpu12:30
popeythat wont help12:30
dholbachjdstrand, sergiusens, I'm not sure I understood the question correctly, but if it's about blocker/important bugs in terms of our app story, can you add a tag 'appstore'?12:41
sergiusensdholbach: no, it's the email you started 2 weeks ago... wrt to ubuntu-bug for click packages12:41
dholbachsergiusens, ahhh ok, sorry - we're going to have a vUDS session about it12:41
dholbachsergiusens, jdstrand: ^12:42
sergiusensdholbach: that blueprint only addresses crashes, what about 'descriptive' bugs?12:44
dholbachsergiusens, might be worth adding that to the blueprint agenda12:45
dholbachsergiusens, added a comment12:46
=== _salem is now known as salem_
sergiusensboiko: hey, where was the telephony qml plugin again?13:02
boikosergiusens: the new one?13:02
sergiusensboiko: yeah, I'm writing up a test plan for telephony13:02
boikosergiusens: so the qml plugin is on lp:history-service13:04
sergiusensboiko: so that produces two plugins?13:04
sergiusensqtdeclarative5-ubuntu-history-plugin and qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-telephony-plugin13:04
boikosergiusens: nope, the history plugin is from lp:history-service13:05
boikosergiusens: for the history-service I am writing some unit tests already13:05
sergiusensboiko: ok, so where is qtdeclarative5-ubuntu-telephony-plugin ?13:05
sergiusensboiko: good that you are writing tests btw :-)13:05
sergiusensI'm trying to scope out everything we need for a solid telephony stack13:06
loolsergiusens: hey!13:10
sergiusenslool: hey13:10
loolsergiusens: thinking about the move to new image format, we currently require reflashing and losing the data13:11
loolsergiusens: it was ok for testing, but requiring the whole userbase of touch images to lose their userdata is a bit much13:11
sergiusenslool: do you want me to work on not losing data?13:12
loolsergiusens: Stéphane suggested that we could just backup + restore the home dir13:12
sergiusenslool: well home dir + network settings (wifi + telephony)13:12
loolsergiusens: And I actually thought it would be pretty cool to have backup+restore functionality!13:12
sergiusenslool: that's what I currently do13:12
loolsergiusens: oh you have a way to do that already?13:12
* lool pulls phablet-tools13:13
sergiusenslool: I do it in the update zips13:13
ChickenCutlasslool, we have been backing up for months now.13:13
sergiusenslool: I can add something into the tools, popey does this already... it should be really simple13:13
=== psivaa-lunch is now known as psivaa
loolsergiusens: oh you mean on the device13:14
loolsergiusens: we actually thought of backup on the host13:14
stgrabersergiusens: for system-image, the paths under /data will only exist after the first boot, so I think you'd have to transfer the things you want from /data/ubuntu before starting the initial recovery run (which will format /data), then let the device do the initial flash + boot and restore at that point + reboot one more time13:14
sergiusenslool: yes, it's device based... host based is easy13:14
sergiusensstgraber: anything preventing the migration path to live in the update script called with ubuntu_commands?13:14
stgrabersergiusens: we'll soon have code to repartition the device (/me looks at slangasek) which will require wiping both the system and data partition at the same time, so we won't really have any space to save stuff13:14
sergiusensstgraber: ah, there we go13:15
sergiusensstgraber: lool ok, I'll add this task13:15
sergiusensthere was supposed to be a phablet-tools blueprint somewhere13:15
loolsergiusens: Note that the path will change13:15
sergiusensogra_: did you get a chance to create it?13:15
loolsergiusens: from /data/ubuntu/home/phablet to /data/user-data/phablet13:16
sergiusenslool: sure, we just need a clever way to figure it out13:16
ogra_sergiusens, a blueprint ?13:16
loolsergiusens: So you could just backup /data/ubuntu/home/phablet if it exists, or backup /data/user-data/phablet, and restore to the right location depending on image type13:16
sergiusensogra_: I thought rick told you to set one up? vUDS13:16
sergiusensogra_: I'll do it13:16
* ogra_ wasnt aware he was supposed to create one13:16
loolsergiusens: I don't see one13:17
sergiusenslool: yup, this ties us to a host tool (which we weren't enforcing before), but I'm ok with it13:17
sergiusenslool: I'm creating one13:17
* sergiusens reads jono's instructions13:17
ogra_diwic,  ok, booted .teh pulse image, i dont have indicators beyond messages and network..13:17
diwicogra_, all right, go into sound settings and try playing a sound. Does it work ?13:18
ogra_i dont have sound settings13:18
KaleoChocanto: pong13:19
diwicogra_, do you have a terminal ?13:19
ogra_diwic, there seem to be only 6 installed apps13:19
ogra_no terminal13:19
w-floogra_, tap the "installed" header to expand :)13:19
ogra_OH !13:20
ogra_how unintuitive !13:20
ogra_diwic, no sound13:20
diwicogra_, ok, do you have a terminal now?13:21
w-floyeah, it confused me for at least 5 minutes until I figured that out (searching for the stock ticker app worked after the 5th attempt, so I used that route)13:21
diwicogra_, sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-utils13:21
diwicogra_, then pastebin me the output of "pacmd list"13:21
loolstgraber: Hmm do we want a session at vUDS for OS updates?13:21
sergiusenslool: +113:22
loolstgraber: I can think of a bunch of things we could improve outside of the bugs (progress updates, size of the deltas etc.)13:22
stgraberlool: yeah, we can at least use it to give a status update13:22
ogra_diwic, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6002829/13:23
diwicogra_, uhm, apparently it chose the bluetooth port13:24
diwicogra_, try: pactl set-sink-port 0 "[Out] Speaker"13:24
ogra_without any device connected ?13:24
ogra_(or does the sound now come out of the speakers in my neighbors house ? :) )13:25
KaleoMirv: you around?13:25
ChocantoKaleo: Hey, how are you ? :)13:25
KaleoChocanto: good :)13:25
diwicogra_, probably it went into nothing13:25
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ pactl set-sink-port 0 "[Out] Speaker"13:26
ogra_Failure: No such entity13:26
ChocantoKaleo: It was about your Arguments API13:26
KaleoMirv: can we include a not-yet-upstream-landed patch into our Qt 5.1 build?13:26
KaleoMirv: it's a patch upstream is working on13:26
KaleoChocanto: you are using it?13:26
ChocantoKaleo: I'm trying to use it for docviewer, but can't get it working13:26
diwicogra_, hmm, the speaker port does not show up, that's weird13:27
ChocantoKaleo: I'm launching the app with qmlscene like a normal qml app13:27
KaleoChocanto: on your laptop?13:27
ChocantoKaleo: Yes13:28
diwicogra_, maybe it's "earphone", try: pactl set-sink-port 0 "[Out] Earphone"13:28
loolstgraber, sergiusens: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-1308-os-updates13:28
ChocantoKaleo: I try to pass a filepath but get nothing in defaultArguments13:28
sergiusenslool: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/phablet-tools/+spec/foundations-1308-phablet-tools13:28
diwicogra_, if that works, then try "paplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Left.wav"13:28
ogra_diwic, i hear it very faint13:29
KaleoChocanto: can you pastebin the code?13:30
ogra_heh, well, holding the phone to my ear helps13:30
diwicogra_, right, it's through the earpiece13:30
ogra_yeah, i kind of didnt get that :)13:30
diwicogra_, but there should be a speaker too, right?13:31
ogra_right, sounds from the system settings work too13:31
ogra_i would assume so... the video always played loud13:31
sergiusenslool: dholbach can we register something for 'building' binary dependant clicks? I'm experimenting with something to reach some goals, but would want a wider discussion on it13:31
ChocantoKaleo: I'm doing it :)13:31
loolstgraber: updating from ~10 days ago worked fine; displayed download size was 300 MB which went fast, but applying the update took a looong time13:32
loolstgraber: I guess that's another good reason for improving delta size13:32
lool(ie not just improving download time but also time to apply it13:32
stgraberlool: well, 300MB is a full image, so certainly slower than a delta13:32
loolsergiusens: accepted https://blueprints.launchpad.net/phablet-tools/+spec/foundations-1308-phablet-tools13:32
loolstgraber: right, the more often we can rely on deltas and the smaller they are, the faster the updates13:34
loolsergiusens: I listed a couple of things in the bp description; do you have other in progress/requested features13:34
diwicogra_, ok, I'm checking with Arun to see if he knows anything about that13:35
ChocantoKaleo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6002880/13:35
diwicogra_, I wonder if we dare to try a phone call13:35
ChocantoKaleo: L2713:35
ogra_diwic, ok, let me know if you need any other logs, data etc13:35
diwicogra_, btw, first try to do this: pactl set-card-profile 0 "Voice Call"13:36
ogra_popey, davmor2, could you guys test 20130818 ? asac wants me to set that one as current, but i want to keep my current install for diwic to test sound stuff13:36
didrockslool: hey, FYI, I worked on the API with barry, (raw draft is in http://pad.ubuntu.com/system-update, barry for ensuring he understood the requirement, reformulated on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ImageBasedUpgrades/Client). We still need a back and force I guess (see my last notes on the pad) but I think we are almost there.13:37
ikillcypherany developers here?13:37
looldidrocks: cool, I wanted to ping barry on this13:37
ogra_diwic, no change13:37
loolsergiusens: arch-dependent click: would you think this is more foundations?13:38
ogra_diwic, err, no output i mean ..13:38
didrockslool: I'm waiting for him for this feedback session :) Meanwhile, I just reworked the UI with mpt's design, but I won't push it until we have the new API13:38
davmor2ogra_: man I already installed 19 and got it how I want it, but yeah I can do that for you, /me glares at asac though :D13:38
loolsergiusens: I'm thinking there isn't a lot of work in click itself, it's more infra work; what do you think?13:38
diwicogra_, ok, back again: pactl set-card-profile 0 "HiFi"13:38
sergiusenslool: we do have testing items in progress for image based upgrades in the qa blueprint13:38
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
looldidrocks: BTW use the forth13:38
looldidrocks: or may the forth be with you13:38
looldidrocks: SCNR13:38
ikillcypherogra_, sergiusens nothing is working for my device which I ported13:39
ikillcypherany idea?13:39
davmor2ogra_: so to install 18 is that a date I need to add or just remove the --pending?13:39
diwicogra_, now try this: pacmd set-sink-port 0 "[Out] Handsfree"13:39
sergiusenslool: wrt to click, there are two pieces, one is SDK and the other foundations/infra13:39
didrockslool: trying hard, needing more training as a young padawan :p13:39
ogra_ikillcypher, so track down the issues and fix them, thats what a porter does :)13:39
sergiusensikillcypher: that means you haven't finished up on the _porting_ task13:39
ChocantoKaleo: Ok, sorry to bothered you I found the error. I treated the "at" method as an simple array and not a method13:39
ikillcyphero.O I dont get it isnt that the job of you guys in arfhf.zip?13:39
ChocantoKaleo: It's working like a charm now13:40
loolsergiusens: Yeah, I saw the OS updates for QA thing, but I think it's quite different; it's more around the things we've discussed with QA team on how they have to adapt their systems for the new r/o images, what to test with the new images and upgrade system to call it a good image etc. (I'm sure you remember better)13:40
diwicogra_, does that make sound come out of the main speaker?13:40
ogra_diwic, the second one doesnt work13:40
loolthe other OS updates session is more about final tweaks to switch everyone to it, upcoming bug fixes and long-term improvements13:40
sergiusenslool: well one thing we need to sort out is the application developer story13:41
diwicogra_, doesn't work as in error message or just no sound?13:41
ogra_error message13:41
ogra_well, i kind oof get into a pacmd console13:41
ogra_and there it shows an error13:41
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ pacmd set-sink-port 0 "[Out] Handsfree"13:41
ogra_Welcome to PulseAudio! Use "help" for usage information.13:41
ogra_>>> No sink found by this name or index.13:41
loolsergiusens: So I'll register a foundations/infra session then, with you and we'd invite Colin to advice but he probably wouldn't have a lot to develop, would he?13:41
loolsergiusens: Hmm right13:42
rickspencer3mhall119, hey, I hear that there is an authenticator app that I can install on my Ubuntu Touch?13:42
ikillcypherdont get it why isnt my radio/gsm other dont work at all13:42
KaleoChocanto: oh!13:42
KaleoChocanto: ok13:42
KaleoChocanto: no worries13:42
sergiusenslool: just forwarded you an email that came out of a discussion last week13:42
popeyogra_: sure13:42
ogra_ikillcypher, our job is to keep the armhf.zip working on the supported nexus devices and to integrate the patches you send us for your port13:42
sergiusenslool: they sdk it seems is really tied into apt-get13:43
ogra_popey, thx13:43
sergiusenslool: and building on the device13:43
popeyhow do we phablet-flash old releases these days?13:43
ChocantoKaleo: And thank you a lot for this API, thanks to it I can  finally remove the special launcher for the docviewer ! :D13:43
annerajbogra_, http://pastebin.com/est283HN i get a adb shell on break=bottom but not on break=pre_validate13:43
loolsergiusens: Yeah; it's a quite large topic13:43
diwicogra_, now try this: pacmd set-sink-port @DEFAULT_SINK@ "[Out] Handsfree"13:43
loolsergiusens: with cross-compilation13:43
KaleoChocanto: that's great!13:44
loolsergiusens: I'm not sure how reasonnable it is to tight the two together; I think we're already relying on click building infrastructure today, can't wait for cross-builds to be in the SDK to leverage them13:44
ogra_diwic, \o/13:44
ikillcyphersergiusens and orga_ what is the purpose of daily builds?13:44
nerochiarodidrocks: hi, is it possible to have the package lp:ubuntu-ui-extras land in saucy so that it gets included in the images13:44
ogra_diwic, works13:44
diwicogra_, okay so now you have sound out of the main speaker13:44
annerajbikillcypher, it includes changes from previous day like updated packets13:44
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
ikillcypherso why it is does not work on my device?13:45
diwicogra_, I'll rename "handsfree" to "speaker" in tomorrow's image13:45
ikillcypherexample failing badly13:45
Chocantonik90: ping13:45
ikillcypherthe ported version has some serious bugs :(13:45
annerajbikillcypher, because it's not made to work for your device it's made to work on supported devices.13:45
loolsergiusens: BTW one thing I wanted to discuss with you (another thing Stéphane brought up) is /opt/click.u.c: stgraber would think /var/lib/click-package or similar would be a better choice as to avoid making /opt pathnames writable13:45
ikillcypherlike radio/gsm dont work13:45
ikillcypherso any idea what do I have to do to get it working?13:45
loolsergiusens: I tend to agree, albeit we want a smooth transition (I guess apparmor might get confused there)13:45
annerajbikillcypher, first of all go to github and start tracking every bug that people have seen.13:45
annerajbikillcypher, for example if you have no gsm/radio open a bug=issue that says no radio13:46
annerajbikillcypher, let me get you a link13:46
mhall119rickspencer3: apt-get install canonicalauth from the collection PPA13:46
ogra_annerajb, what would "break=pre_validate" be ?13:46
ikillcypheralright :(13:46
annerajbogra_, another maybe_break pre_validate i added after bottom13:46
mhall119rickspencer3: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-touch-coreapps-drivers/+archive/collection/13:46
annerajbannerajb, it's on the paste bin13:46
rickspencer3mhall119, sweet, let me give it a try13:46
diwicogra_, I guess it's phone calls next then13:47
ogra_diwic, oh, then i need to find an adapter for my SIm13:47
annerajbikillcypher, this is a example of one13:48
annerajbikillcypher, https://github.com/annerajb/balance-peaje-pr-ios/issues/613:48
diwicogra_, pactl set-source-port @DEFAULT_SOURCE@ "[In] Mainmic"13:48
annerajbikillcypher, this helps you have a list of all the issues your device has.13:48
ikillcypherwhat is that13:48
annerajbikillcypher, after that you need to debug every issue people in here can probably help you.13:48
annerajbikillcypher, it's a way to organize issues or problems13:49
ikillcyphero.O well there isnt any radio/gsm seems like dead for my device13:49
ogra_annerajb, try dropping the underscore13:49
didrocksnerochiaro: sure, who is the team working on it? do we have integration tests?13:49
annerajbogra_, ok13:49
ogra_diwic, done13:49
annerajbikillcypher, all right then go to your github and use let's say the kernel repository13:50
diwicogra_, if you like to do some fake testing first,13:50
w-floannerajb, you said that ${udev_root} is possibly undefined in scripts/init-bottom.. I'd try to user "ln -s ${rootmnt}/dev /dev" to see if it fixes anything13:50
om26er what's wrong with the latest image ? saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+mako.zip   is only 8.2 mb13:50
nerochiarodidrocks: i am the only working on it at the moment. it has been created as a place where to put the share component that is going to replace the share app. at the moment the package is basically empty except for some example code, but there's a MR for the actual share component that's being reviewed13:50
diwicogra_, we could try 'pacmd set-log-level 4', then 'pactl set-card-profile 0 "Voice Call"' (same as earlier)13:51
didrocksnerochiaro: should that be released next to the sdk? (as multiple projects will use them)13:51
loolralsina: Hey, I see the click-scope is included in the daily images, but I can't find anything when searching for apps on my N713:51
loolralsina: would you happen to know what might cause this?13:51
diwicogra_, then grep /var/log/syslog "pulseaudio.*android"13:51
loolralsina: (I don't see a separate dashboard click tab either)13:52
ikillcypherand do what o.O13:52
nerochiarodidrocks: what do you mean with "next" ?13:52
didrocksnerochiaro: not as part of the same project, but as part of the same stack13:52
om26erogra_, Hey! (incase you don't know that already) the latest image is broken it seems, saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+mako.zip oddly very small in size13:53
nerochiarodidrocks: i'm not sure i understand what that means, sorry. the idea behind ubuntu-ui-extras is to have a place where to put some components that various apps will use, but that for the moment are better kept outside of ubuntu-ui-toolkit13:54
ogra_diwic, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6002925/13:54
=== tvoss|lunch is now known as tvoss_
ogra_om26er, hmm, must be the jenkins crash13:55
didrocksnerochiaro: ok, but I guess it can be part of the same stack13:55
ogra_om26er, i'll trigger a new build, jenkins is back again, so it should work this time13:55
didrocksI'll ask Mirv to deal with it tomorrow13:55
oSoMoNdidrocks: yeah, it should probably be part of the same stack13:55
didrocksthanks oSoMoN, nerochiaro13:55
didrocks(so probably tomorrow)13:55
ikillcypherwell how do I fix it/13:56
diwicogra_, ok, that looks bad. You don't have to test phone calls right now, because it won't work.13:56
nerochiarooSoMoN: didrocks: thanks didrocks. can any of you explain to me what you mean by stack ?13:56
ogra_diwic, ok13:56
didrocksnerochiaro: basically a stack is a set of components we all release together13:56
didrocksit's all or nothing13:56
didrocksthey are normally organized by similar components and teams working on them13:56
rickspencer3hmmm, my nexus 4 is not connecting to the wireless ap here :(13:57
diwicogra_, could you do one more 'pactl set-card-profile 0 "HiFi"' , 'pactl set-card-profile 0 "Voice Call"' and then the same grep? So I get the full story13:57
spanner3003Ok so the click scope is already on my nexus 7 ubuntu-touch install so how do i get it to show13:59
nerochiarodidrocks: ok, thanks for explaining13:59
ogra_diwic, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6002940/13:59
sergiusenslool: today's a national holiday in Argentina, not many people working14:00
didrocksnerochiaro: yw :) added to the list, Mirv/robru should help :)14:00
ogra_Setting mode to normal through set_parameters (Nexus 4 workaround)14:00
ogra_diwic, that seemsmisplaced on a galaxy nexus14:00
diwicogra_, yeah, but hopefully doesn't hurt either14:00
ogra_(just sticks out in the log)14:00
diwicogra_, ok, thanks for the testing so far. I'll rename some ports in the UCM file and push a new audio-mixer-touch package in a while.14:02
ogra_ok. let me know if you need more tests14:02
davmor2ogra_, asac: just so I get the right image 18 not 18.1?14:03
diwicogra_, will do14:03
popeyditto ☻14:03
ogra_davmor2, exactly ... 18.1 failed many tests14:03
ogra_0818 is waht we want to release14:03
popeydavmor2: phablet-flash cdimage-touch --ubuntu-path http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130818/14:03
popeythats what I am doing14:03
ogra_you know the magic switches !14:04
davmor2popey: oh nice14:04
loolsergiusens: oh thanks14:04
dholbachsergiusens, sergiusens, did you guys register another session about the binary clicks?14:04
annerajbw-flo, i think i ran that by hand and it failed. because of permissions.14:04
annerajbikillcypher, for knowing how to fix each issue. you will need to take a look at each issue and gather debug information of them. like for example if it's about the modem gather the ofono logs to see what it complaints about.14:05
w-floannerajb, I meant editing the script to replace the variable with a hard-coded path14:05
dholbachlool, sergiusens, did you guys register another session about the binary clicks?14:05
ikillcypherouch :(14:05
looldidrocks: I've read the pad and updated interfaces; generally ok with the new API, couple of things I'd like to mention though14:06
looldholbach: Not yet14:06
annerajbw-flo, let me try removing the underscore on the mabye_break14:06
looldholbach: I had started, but wanted to read Sergio's email first14:06
dholbachok, can you subscribe me if/when it should come up? :)14:06
looldholbach: feel free to register one; you probably have a clearer / more up-to-date picture in mind of what needs discussion  :-)14:07
didrockslool: please go ahead (but look at my last submission on the pad at the bottom though)14:07
didrockslool: or should we finish first with barry and request your feedback so that we have the full story14:07
didrockshey barry!14:07
barrydidrocks: hi!14:07
looldidrocks: First, wanted to mention that we will eventually have notifications to trigger the updates14:07
davmor2popey: meh I get a 200 from that command, me double checks the path14:07
didrockslool: apparently, we won't as per design14:08
dholbachlool, hum... not quite - it's a topic which has been brought up many times in different forms, but I just don't know what the current state of things or accepted consensus is14:08
looldidrocks: I mean app notifications14:08
didrockslool: but the current API supports that (I took that into consideration)14:08
didrocksyeah, in unity814:08
looldidrocks: I mean serverside notifies clients that an update is available14:08
looldidrocks: push notifications14:08
looldidrocks: but that's for later and the API is ok with that14:08
barrydidrocks: i'm still working my way through email. i have the pad up and am taking a look.  having some h/w problems today though ;)14:08
looldidrocks: it will supersede the cron part (or complement it)14:08
popeydavmor2: wfm14:08
davmor2popey: cdimages maybe14:08
didrockslool: yeah, that's why I wanted the cron just being "one call"14:09
didrocksso that we can easily remove it and it doesn't have any logic14:09
rickspencer3anyone know of any issues with connecting to secured wireless access points?14:09
didrocksbarry: ok, I'll let you read once, and then, let's do a hangout? (like in 30 minutes)14:09
rickspencer3I seem to recall some sort of issue about this a couple of weeks back\14:09
ogra_rickspencer3, apart from the WEP password prompt not happening if it is needed ?14:09
ogra_we are waiting for a new indicator-network ... that should fix it14:10
rickspencer3ogra_, hmmm, I'm not certain if I logged onto this network before14:10
rickspencer3ogra_, is there a workaround documented somewhere?14:10
looldidrocks, barry: I would have preferred strings instead of integers for the reset_level, but that's really a detail14:10
spanner3003What ppa do i use for the latest unity-scope-click build?14:10
ogra_rickspencer3, do you have a laptop around thats connected to that network and has phablet-tools installd ?14:10
rickspencer3ogra_, yes14:10
ogra_rickspencer3, phablet-network-setup should help then14:11
didrockslool: see my comment at the end of the pad, I think it will be 2 booleans in the end14:11
ogra_(with the device connected via USB indeed14:11
rickspencer3never actually heard of that app ;)14:11
didrockslool: that part:14:11
didrocksOr we can have flags:14:11
didrocks* retryonfailure: False/True14:11
didrocks* resumeonpause: False/True14:11
didrocksthat's the part I need to discuss with barry :)14:11
rickspencer3ogra_, oh, I was hoping my desktop could communicate with my phone via telepathic rays14:11
rickspencer3that would be true convergence14:11
looldidrocks, barry: Translations: we need a way to translate the progress / error messages; either passing the language to the update service, or translating in the apps, but I'd rather the strings be kept w/ the OS updates code14:11
looldidrocks: ack14:11
didrockslool: I tried to sum then as level last week, but thinking about it, there is no gradation/logical evolution14:12
didrocksso quite confusing14:12
ogra_rickspencer3, well, the edgeIII  is supposed to have modems and antennas for that i heard14:12
rickspencer3thanks ogra14:12
didrockslool: so, you mean, translations from within the service, right? it passed localized strings?14:12
barrydidrocks: sure, we can do 30m-ish14:12
rickspencer3that worked perfectly and easily :)14:12
barrylool: i thought about strings, but they are more easily typo'd.  i don't have a strong preference either way14:13
loolbarry: it's a valid point, I guess either way we need a source code human-readable definition of the levels rather than duplicating ints or strings14:15
loolbarry: but didrocks proposal probably makes tihs moot anyway14:15
barrylool: okay, let me catch up :)14:15
mhall119dholbach: the XDA guys are having trouble porting Touch to the Find 5, is there something we can do to help other than test images as they make them? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2405392&page=514:15
mhall119beuno: ping14:15
dholbachsergiusens, rsalveti, ogra_: ^ did you see mhall119's question?14:16
sergiusensmhall119: that ivolves me losing a find 5 :-P14:16
* sergiusens checks14:17
mhall119sergiusens: losing?14:17
sergiusensmhall119: wasn't there a contest about this ongoing?14:18
sergiusensit was a joke btw14:18
mhall119ah, yeah, that's what I'm still trying to give away14:18
ogra_mhall119, they could come here and do a debug session with us14:19
ogra_(like many other porters :) )14:19
mhall119ogra_: I'll pass along the invitation14:19
timpweird. I have a tablet and phone here, both with image 20130816.1. On both I enabled developer mode from qtcreator on my laptop, so both have sshd installed and running..14:19
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
timpbut on the phone when I ssh to the device I always get connection refused. On tablet it works fine14:20
sergiusensmhall119: ogra_ let's have dholbach announce a  porter clinic like last time and paste the link on the forum14:20
=== dednick is now known as dednick|lunch
ogra_sergiusens, ++14:21
davmor2ogra_, popey: Meh it appears that I have a bricked device now, it just gets to the google logo and stops, fastboot devices shows nothing14:21
popeyogra_: i get no 3g with 1814:22
ogra_davmor2, adb ?14:22
ogra_popey, restart NM14:22
popeyoh hang on14:22
popeyit didnt flash properly!14:22
popeyUbuntu Saucy Salamander (development branch) - armhf (20130819)14:22
beunomhall119, pong!14:22
davmor2ogra_: error: device not found14:22
popeyeven though I did that "magic" command14:22
dholbachmhall119, sergiusens, ogra_: any day that'd work well for you? thursday? friday?14:23
ogra_davmor2, hmm, k ... try getting back into recovery without pulling the battery14:23
timpbzoltan: ^any idea what may be causing the issue that I mentioned 4m ago?14:23
timpbzoltan: also, from qtc, even when I try to build&deploy on the tablet where sshd works, I get [16:23:08] ssh: connect to host port 2222: Connection refused14:23
ogra_dholbach, not friday ... that tends to eat my weekend :)14:23
dholbachmhall119, sergiusens, ogra_: thursday?14:24
ogra_since people come back on sat ... and if i accidentially answer on IRC i get dragged in :)14:24
davmor2ogra_: nope it's not turning off14:24
ogra_davmor2, not even when holding power ?14:24
ogra_(thats a HW thing, it should)14:24
bzoltantimp:  dunno, there could be more than one reason... removing the ssh keys and reenabling ssh could help14:24
davmor2ogra_: nope14:24
popeyalan@deep-thought:~$ phablet-flash cdimage-touch --ubuntu-path http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130818/14:24
popeyINFO:phablet-flash:Download directory set to /home/alan/Downloads/phablet-flash/ubuntu-touch/20130816.114:24
davmor2popey: what happens if you add an s to the end of cdimage so the path is correct?14:25
sergiusenspopey: the path-to gets downloaded to a tmp location14:25
timpbzoltan: removing them from my laptop? I cleared my ~/.ssh except for id_?sa*14:25
sergiusenspopey: the ones you don't override are downloaded to the tagged locations14:25
popeyi dont quite understand14:26
popeyhow do I specify the release?14:26
sergiusenspopey: you can't, you can override device and ubuntu zips14:26
sergiusenspopey: and it would be an adhoc install14:26
davmor2ogra_: how about if I try to flash it with flash all from the android image and start again from scratch?14:26
popeyoh, i have to manually install, okay14:27
sergiusenspopey: there is no metadata on the cdimage backend that I can rely on and it breaks often14:27
asacplars: doanac`: are we using phablet-flash -b ?14:27
asacin utah?14:27
sergiusenspopey: you can only do release selection on ubuntu image based updates14:27
doanac`asac: I don't think so.14:28
plarsasac: no, but we're using --wipe iirc14:28
ogra_davmor2, sounds ok, the daily tests were all fine on the 0818 image so it must boot somehow :)14:28
asacplars: doanac`: we also need to use -b i found out14:28
asacplars: doanac`: todays iamges wouldn't boot because the android part is busted14:28
doanac`asac: why so?14:28
plarsasac: last we talked to the phablet team, they seemed to think using --wipe was good14:28
asacthe fact that we boot in utah means we didnt update the android parts14:28
doanac`doesn't -b require you to manually boot into fastboot?14:29
asac--wipe deletes your home directory14:29
sergiusensdoanac`: no14:29
asac-b makes a real fresh install14:29
asaci dont know14:29
plarsasac: so we had a bootloader breakage?14:29
davmor2ogra_: yeah I think is was because I followed popey's example but there was no image to flash I could be wrong though14:29
asacask the phonedations team14:29
asacall i know is that we want a really fresh install14:29
sergiusensasac: they are really similar14:29
doanac`sergiusens: so i can just add "-b" and nothing will break?14:29
barrydidrocks, lool i made some comments in the pad.  give me 15m to try to solve these h/w problems again and then we can hangout14:29
sergiusensif they --wipe it's ok14:29
timphow do I wipe all data from phone (including old demo data) when I install a new image?14:29
asacsergiusens: well, fairly is not really helpful in automation14:29
didrocksbarry: looking14:29
oSoMoNballoons: hey, I submitted https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-ap-tests-new-event/+merge/180847 to fix the failing calendar app AP test on devices, do you think you could review it?14:30
asacsergiusens: it must be absolutely reproducible aka clear what we exactly run :)14:30
timpah. phablet-flash --wipe will do that?14:30
sergiusensasac: -b just does --wipe + install newest recovery image14:30
mhall119dholbach: doesn't matter to me, I don't know anything about porting14:30
sergiusenstimp: --wipe14:30
ogra_sergiusens, does --wipe format /system ?14:30
mhall119beuno: I have changes that need approval: https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/3/14:30
plarsdoanac`, asac: so if we had a broken recovery image, then using -b could have caught that perhaps, but it would also mean that all the devices are down until they can be manually fixed14:30
dholbachok, Thursday then :)14:30
sergiusensogra_: no, the update zip formats /system14:30
oSoMoNfginther: hey, is a known issue?14:30
asacsergiusens: ok.. i dont care. what i care about is that utah shows 200+ tests succeeding, while i hear that if you install the 19th image your phone will not boot14:30
fgintheroSoMoN, looking14:31
ogra_sergiusens, the issue is that jenkins was dead most of the day today... our $subarch+armel.zip's are alll just a few MB big ... theoretically it shouldnt boot14:31
beunomhall119, on it!14:31
sergiusensasac: like latest pending does not boot? I have it now...14:31
asacso: what we need is a command that gives us a phone that does exactly contain what a fresh install gives us14:31
beunomhall119, am also working on that blog post to go public today14:31
fgintheroSoMoN, no, but I can fix it14:31
ogra_sergiusens, my theory is that unzippind failed, and recovery just rebooted14:31
timpsergiusens: I tried -b in the past, it didn't delete the user data. I'm running -b --wipe now to see what that does.14:31
asacsergiusens: so two things: i was told 19 image doesnt boot :)14:32
ogra_sergiusens, so we are on the older android root and boot where we shouldnt14:32
mhall119beuno: awesome!14:32
asacsergiusens: second: i want to ensure that long term i am 100% sure about what runs on the DUT :)14:32
timpis there a wiki page that describes the best way to use ubuntu for your daily-use phone?14:32
=== Namidairo`bnc is now known as Namidairo
sergiusensogra_: hmm, so no md5 checksum check on the produced files on jenkins?14:32
asacso if something has even a few low likelyhood of diverting over time14:32
ogra_http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130819/ <---- check the armel.zip sizes14:32
asacthats not feasible :)14:32
ogra_sergiusens, well, cdimage just copies what it finde and md5sums it then14:33
oSoMoNfginther: excellent, thanks!14:33
annerajbhow can i run brunch without internet access?14:33
oSoMoNfginther: once that’s fixed, could you please trigger a new CI run for https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-ap-tests-new-event/+merge/180847 ?14:34
sergiusensogra_: exactly, we probably need to validate the files after the copy?14:34
mhall119nik90: ping14:34
dholbachsergiusens, did you heard if the the pollux ports were successfully tried with the new phablet-flash?14:34
ogra_sergiusens, well, once i finally land the support fro tteh packaged bits thats moot14:34
sergiusensdholbach: no, I don't recall, who was working on it?14:34
ogra_and i plan to do this this week14:34
sergiusensogra_: yup14:34
sergiusensogra_: so let's just do that14:34
dholbachsergiusens, András Mamenyák (~mamenyaka)14:34
nik90mhall119: pong14:34
ogra_sergiusens, the flaw here is that we dont format /system on every flash14:35
ogra_either utah or phablet-flash should do that ...14:35
asacogra_: when do you think will the next image be done?14:35
ogra_i would rather vite for utah actually14:35
dholbachsergiusens, he pushed his info changes to https://code.launchpad.net/phablet-image-info - that's why I wasn't quite sure14:35
mhall119nik90: I saw that zsombi marked the 0.1 API implementation as DONE on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/sdk-system-alarm-api14:35
asacogra_: e..g when is the image build ready?14:35
fgintheroSoMoN, yes14:35
mhall119nik90: has he given you anything you can use?14:35
ogra_asac, done already14:35
nik90mhall119: I talked zsombi, and yes the alarm api has been merged to trunk14:36
ogra_just popped out of cdimages rear end14:36
nik90mhall119: however this is only the API part. The platform implementation needs to be finished still14:36
asacogra_: .1?14:36
nik90mhall119: but still this is awesome!14:36
asacogra_: when is the next scheduled image comnig?14:36
asac2200 our time?14:36
ogra_asac, well, its starts at 2214:36
ogra_so 22:30/22:4014:37
nik90mhall119: so as of now, I can create the ui and connect it using the API. However if the user sets an alarm, nothing would happen since the platform is not yet ready for it.14:37
ogra_but 19.1 should be fine too14:37
nik90mhall119: but that should be resolved soon enough as well14:37
sergiusensogra_: asac we DO format system, check the updater-script http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6003075/14:37
sergiusensline 1014:37
mhall119nik90: cool, so you're unblock on that now right?14:37
sergiusensdoanac`: plars ^^14:37
ogra_sergiusens, then it is weird that it booted with a 8M android zip14:37
nik90mhall119: yes :)14:37
davmor2ogra_: meh nope nothing is communicating with my phone :(14:37
mhall119nik90: do you know who's implementing the platform work for that to work?14:38
w-floso the zip failed to extract and updater-script wasn't executed?14:38
nik90mhall119: renato is working on the platform work.14:38
sergiusensogra_: I'm looking at build 19, the zip only has a boot.img in it, that could be it...14:38
ogra_davmor2, even if you force it into recovery ?14:38
mhall119thanks nik9014:38
ogra_sergiusens, right, so why did it boot if /system gets formatted ?14:38
dholbachsergiusens, hm, his last mail on the ubuntu-phone@ mailing list indicated that he had some problems with flashing14:38
dholbachso maybe not14:38
ogra_sergiusens, at least the container should fail to come up14:39
sergiusensogra_: so there is not script in the zip14:39
ogra_indeed !14:39
davmor2ogra_: nope in recovery all I get is Downloading  Do not turn off target!!!,  so now I'm not turning it off14:39
nik90mhall119: this autopilot is starting to annoying the crap out of me :(. Keeping me from mergin stuff for 5 days now14:39
ogra_well, building from the package will fix that14:39
ogra_davmor2, wrong more then14:39
mhall119nik90: are tests failing?14:39
ogra_reboot and hold *both* volume keys, not only vol-dn14:39
nik90mhall119: with the new timer design stuff, the timer autopilot tests are failing14:40
mhall119balloons: ^^ can we get those updated?14:40
nik90mhall119: the weird part is that it only fails when there is atleast 1 saved timer preset. Otherwise these tests pass well14:40
=== freeflying is now known as freeflying_away
nik90mhall119: I have tried the entire weekend but cannot debug it14:40
mhall119nik90: is it because of the scrolling14:40
nik90mhall119: no because the tests like add a new timer preset dont have the scrolling. So the same add preset test fails when there is another saved preset14:41
nik90while it passes when there are no saved presets14:41
davmor2ogra_: ah yay now we are getting somewhere14:42
ogra_davmor2, well, it wont help much to debug it ... but at least you can isntall anew14:42
ogra_the debug ram console only works  if you can reboot into recovery after the failure without losing power14:43
ogra_so it will be hard to find anything about the "why"14:43
davmor2ogra_: Yay android installing phew14:43
diwicogra_, audio-mixer-touch 0.4 has now finished building, please update / install the new version, reboot, then pastebin "pacmd list"14:46
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|tea
davmor2ogra_: right now then the manual install steps here correct?  it's on about .zip's and I obvious have .img's I don't want to screw this up any more :)14:48
ogra_davmor2, the manual install is fine ... but you probably want to flash the recovery image manually first via fastboot14:49
timpsergiusens: thanks. running phablet-flash -b --wipe worked. all the contacts are gone now14:50
davmor2ogra_: right I'm back at an android base.14:51
sergiusenstimp: from that syntax seems you are on a really old version of phablet-flash, are you on saucy or do you have ppa:phablet-team/tools ?14:51
fgintheroSoMoN, the pyflakes issue is resolved, new results are available14:51
ogra_davmor2, so boot into bootloader ... pull the recovery .img for your platform and: sudo afstboot flash recovery /path/to/img14:51
ogra_davmor2, *fastboot14:52
davmor2ogra_: so I do this one http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130818/saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+maguro.img first then reboot and then do the other two correct?14:52
ogra_yeah, reboot into bootloader (fastbot) mode though14:53
davmor2ogra_: got it thanks14:53
=== dednick|lunch is now known as dednick
oSoMoNfginther: thanks, the new results are rather unexpected, but at least it doesn’t seem to be an infrastructure problem anymore14:55
oSoMoNfginther: any chance you can run this job again, I’d like to confirm the failures are not transient?14:55
fgintheroSoMoN, no problem14:55
fgintheroSoMoN, running14:55
cwaynemhall119, ping14:55
sergiusensjdstrand: hey, am I missing anything here? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6003148/14:56
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
didrocksbarry: ready now or still fighting hw?14:57
ogra_diwic, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6003150/14:57
barrydidrocks: still fighting h/w but i can meet14:58
ogra_i need to relocate now for the meeting ... we'll have to continue later14:58
annerajbogra_, documented some of the debug stuff in here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress#Initrd14:58
ogra_annerajb, exclude "init" from the break options, it wont work14:59
ogra_thats the one panic i didnt manage to work without an actual console14:59
mhall119cwayne: pong14:59
annerajbogra_, so the break=init wont work (i tried it and it didnt ) but wasnt sure if it was because of my issue. or as w-flo mentioned that system paths where already mount moved and where making adb not go up15:00
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
diwicogra_, thanks, could you do pactl set-card-profile 0 HiFi15:00
diwicogra_, and then another pacmd list ?15:00
ogra_annerajb, no, it is because this would need a special console hack15:00
ogra_diwic, yeah, after the meeting ... phone os one floor below me now :)15:01
annerajbogra_, like console=tty1?15:01
diwicogra_, ok :-)15:01
ogra_annerajb, no, very complex in the panic function15:01
annerajbogra_, ok15:01
annerajbso after break bottom there is nowhere to place another maybe_break to know if it worked?15:02
asacplars: https://code.launchpad.net/~asac/ubuntu-test-cases/use-top-and-always-dumb-toplog/+merge/180889 updated version for you15:02
annerajbogra_, cant build witho the underscore since i have no internet yet ill get to that in a hour or two15:02
dholbachsergiusens, ogra_: announced for Thursday15:05
ogra_dholbach, thanks15:05
ogra_dholbach, the ones we do after this one should be topic based ones15:06
dholbachsure, wfm15:06
ogra_dholbach, like, find a day where awe and cyphermox_ are a bit more free and have a telephony clinic etc15:06
dholbachnice idea15:07
ogra_or a sound clinic with diwic15:07
ogra_etc etc15:07
diwicogra_, if you like we can continue the sound tests tomorrow15:07
diwicogra_, I usually end my work day after the standup15:08
ogra_diwic, well, saty for at least collecting that last stuff above else i forget about it15:09
cyphermox_dholbach: moo?15:11
dholbachcyphermox_, hey hey :)15:11
cyphermox_telephony clinic?15:12
dholbachyeah, ogra_ brought up the idea15:13
ogra_cyphermox_, porting clinic ...15:13
cyphermox_sounds like a pretty good idea15:13
cyphermox_oh, for porting?15:13
ogra_cyphermox_, so we can help porters to get their stuff working15:13
cyphermox_that's far more going to be with awe15:13
ogra_we did a general porting clinic recently and it was a good success15:13
cyphermox_the NM stuff is totally generic15:13
ogra_so i think we should have topic ones too15:13
ogra_sound, telephony ... Mir etc etc15:13
ogra_bluetooth :)15:14
karniHi guys. I can't open .cordovaproject with Qt Creator. Should I file a bug against ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins or ubuntu-ui-toolkit?15:14
mhall119karni: file it against ubuntu-qtcreator-plugins15:14
karnimhall119: thanks!15:15
ogra_jodh, whats the status of the android bridge work ? will we see an upstart package with it soon ?15:17
jodhogra_: the next upload should include it. However, the next upload also needs the dep8 tests. These are finished, but are blocked on kernel bug 1208455.15:18
ubot5bug 1208455 in linux (Ubuntu Saucy) "general protection fault running apt-get inside double nested kvm VM" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120845515:18
ogra_jowell, we dont use kvm :)15:19
ogra_jodh, ^^^15:19
jodhogra_: you can of course build both pieces yourself to test it now.15:19
ogra_nah i want it in the image :)15:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 1213969 in Ubuntu QtCreator Plugins "Can't open Cordova Ubuntu project" [High,New]15:20
jodhogra_: we need the dep 8 tests.15:20
ogra_lets just drop kvm support ... clouds should use Xen or lxc :)15:20
jodhogra_: we can't use lxc as it's not full system virtualisation.15:20
ogra_pfft, details :)15:20
davmor2ogra_: it kept going round in circles so in the end I cheated I did a phablet-flash -b and the manual flash and this time it worked at last woohoo!15:23
tedgtvoss, long term are we still planning on sending SIGSTOP to apps, or are we going to just kill them?15:23
ogra_davmor2, great15:23
sergiusensdavmor2: next time, go to recovery and phablet-flash cdimage-touch -d [device] -b15:24
ogra_davmor2, so is all working as you would expect it (despite the flashing oddysey)15:24
davmor2ogra_: I'm just running tests on the device15:24
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
davmor2sergiusens: what was the magic incantation to make 3g work again please15:26
sergiusensdavmor2: restart network-manager ?15:27
ogra_get a headset connect it ... say "abracadabra" into the mic ?15:27
davmor2sergiusens: yeah initctl something15:27
ogra_just: restart network-manager15:27
sergiusensdavmor2: restart symlinks to initctl and does the same15:27
ogra_as root15:27
davmor2ah right cool thanks15:28
oSoMoNfginther: there’s something wrong with the VM that runs autopilot tests for the core apps, if you look at all the screencasts at there’s a desktop contextual menu that interferes with the app and that makes all the tests fail, have you ever seen that before?15:28
popeySaving to: ‘/home/alan/Downloads/phablet-flash/imageupdates/20130827/ubuntu-20130819.1.full.tar.xz’15:29
=== sfeole` is now known as sfeole
popeythat path looks odd, 20130827...15:29
ogra_popey, thats stgraber'S time machine :15:29
davmor2popey: stgraber is the new doctor15:30
sergiusenspopey: I think they are testing big deltupdates15:30
fgintheroSoMoN, will take a look15:30
=== rtg is now known as rtg-afk
ogra_popey, the querstion is, is that image good ? if so, we dont need to do any work until the 27th15:30
stgraberdavmor2: it's the 28th published build of the month and it contains the second rootfs built on the 19th15:30
oSoMoNfginther: thanks15:31
ogra_stgraber, you should probably introduce a dot in the versioning15:31
davmor2stgraber: stick with you being the new doctor you'll get way more bonus points :D15:31
ogra_stgraber, 201308.27 would make it clearer that its isnt for the 27th of august15:32
stgraberogra_: we had that discussion with barry, lool, ... and QA last week and we won't. The field is defined as an integer, so adding a dot would break pretty much everything. We can't make it any longer either as we currently have 1bit to spare in the hash used within the resolver (barry knows the details there)15:32
ogra_ahm thats bad15:33
stgraberogra_: we simply shouldn't be showing this number to the user as it's just used as a reference for the upgrader and the server but is essentially meaningless outside of that15:33
tvosstedg, both possible policies15:33
ogra_i'm sure it will be a constant source of confusion15:33
barrystgraber, ogra_ fwiw, if you look currently, that number is the only thing in the description field15:33
ogra_yeah agreed, and with luck the user wont see anything but the UI anyway in the future15:33
sergiusensstgraber: right, the dual daily builds mess up the pseudo date format15:33
sergiusensstgraber: and debugging (sometimes)15:34
tedgtvoss, Hmm, okay, it just complicates the sending a URL to a running application situation.15:34
tvosstedg, yeah, takes some more thinking15:35
* ogra_ notes that we will likely have to deal with the cdimage images for ports for a while 15:35
sergiusensogra_: yes15:35
sergiusensogra_: the whole infra for uibu is going to take a while for people to setup15:35
ogra_sergiusens, well, we should have tools for home use15:35
tedgtvoss, We start getting into who should manage all that, and we kinda have two actors.  Trying to keep both simple.15:35
fgintheroSoMoN, it looks like the test is clicking on the wrong location (the mouse pointer is below the app when the x window appears) or the application hasn't fully rendered when the click is triggered15:35
tvosstedg, true, can I come back to you in 15?15:36
* ogra_ is actually pondering a rootstock-ng (based on live-build) for local image builds ... we should have something similar with an insecure key for ports15:36
tedgtvoss, Heh, sure.  You could have probably taken it without asking ;-)15:36
ogra_(for rolling system images from cdimage+local builds)15:36
annerajbdo you guys have a ubuntu touch publicly accesible gerrit?15:36
ogra_annerajb, no, there is a request idling for that in the IS department since a while15:37
ogra_annerajb, rsalveti might know the status ... i think he is back from vacation tomorrow15:37
ogra_until thats there, patches to the ML are an appropriate solution i think15:37
annerajbogra_, ML?15:38
ogra_mailing list :)15:38
oSoMoNfginther: yeah, but I’ve never seen that before, and the tests pass both locally on my desktop and on a galaxy nexus here, so I’m suspecting something’s wrong with the VM setup, somehow15:38
asacogra_: when is 19.1 coming?15:39
ogra_asac, coming ? its there since a while15:39
karniHey guys. If UbuntuUI (Ubuntu cordova) has button, why doesn't it have a text input field?15:40
karniI'm trying to move a simple UI to utilize UbuntuUI, but I find it a bit complex with no documentation. I'm looking at ubuntu-html5-theme/0.1/ambiance/core.js15:40
karnishould I use regular DOM with JS to clear a text input field?15:41
karniIf it lacks from ubuntu-thml5-theme, I assume text input field has not been styled in ambience theme yet?15:41
davmor2ogra_, asac: 18 on maguro seems fine but you need the restart network-manager to have 3g15:42
asacdavmor2: is that a regression?15:43
asacogra_: not on dashboard yet... kk15:43
davmor2asac: it's been happening to me for a while15:43
asacdavmor2: maguro and mako?15:44
asacor mako?15:44
davmor2asac: maguro, popey has the mako15:44
ChickenCutlassasac, known issue.  The fix will be landing shortly15:44
spanner3003How do i help test click packages on ubuntu-touch15:44
asacdavmor2: kk15:45
asacogra_: did popey give thumbs up too?15:45
asacthen push it15:45
davmor2spanner3003: I don't think there are any yet but try pinging dholbach mhall11915:45
dholbachspanner3003, are you an app developer who wants to test their software on ubuntu touch?15:46
ogra_asac, not yet15:47
dholbachspanner3003, or do you want to play around with available apps? in which case you could just try out the apps on the image, because the app store is not online yet15:47
popeyasac: yeah, thumbs up from me too15:48
* ogra_ publishes15:48
ogra_*done too15:49
popeynice one15:49
fgintheroSoMoN, I can take a closer look later today15:49
oSoMoNfginther: sure, there’s no urgency, thanks!15:50
spanner3003Well im on the latest image and sudo apt-get upgrade and the application scope is bare? With new ui and no system-settings app :(15:51
ogra_spanner3003, tap on the "installed apps" its an expander15:54
rickspencer3ralsina, is there a QML api defined for the download service?15:54
* ogra_ fell into the same trap 15:54
spanner3003No all i have in applications is more suggestions and app that don't do anytbing15:57
spanner3003Home scope has some app but no system settings15:59
ogra_the "Installed" header doesnt have a small triangle next to it ?15:59
spanner3003No installed15:59
mhall119sounds like a scope didn't load16:01
spanner3003I did sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:01
mhall119did you reboot after?16:01
ogra_mhall119, well, the applications scopr comes collapsed by default now16:01
mhall119ogra_: yeah, but if there's no "Installed Apps" category at all16:02
spanner3003Yes i did reboot16:02
ogra_nhaines, funny, i have it here16:02
ogra_mhall119, ^^16:03
spanner3003If i pull down from top there is  battery setting on the battery put down16:04
mhall119hmmm, Saviq what package contains the application scope?16:05
mhr3surprisingly :)16:06
mhall119ah, I was looking for unity-scope-*16:06
mhall119spanner3003: do you have unity-lens-applications installed?16:06
mhall119you must, if there's even an applications page on the dash16:06
mhall119I wonder if the installed apps scope process died16:06
mhr3it would restart if it did16:07
davmor2spanner3003: 1)What device is this on? 2)did you use phablet-flash cdimage-touch --pending? 3)what do you actually see once the phone has booted?16:07
spanner3003Nexus 716:08
ogra_plars, any idea whats up with 19.1 and utah ? the image is out since hours, it should be picked up at some point16:08
spanner3003No use the .zip's from cdimage16:09
plarsogra_: jenkins is still down16:10
plarsogra_: so, the jobs are running, but you won't see any results until our external jenkins instance is happy. IS is working on it, and retoaded should send an update shortly16:11
davmor2spanner3003: for the Nexus 7 you are probably safer using phablet-flash if you are on an ubuntu system just as a heads up.  Do you know the location you got the zip file from?16:12
retoadedplars, I still haven't gotten around to sending out the "it's broke" message. Doing that now.16:12
ogra_diwic, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6003386/ is the last pacmd list output ...16:12
ogra_plars, ah, i didnt get that it is still down16:12
ogra_the image builder jenkins is up again :)16:12
spanner3003I just did sudo apt-get install unity-lens-*      see if that helps16:14
=== gusch_ is now known as gusch
spanner3003Nope didn't help16:16
asacplars: ogra_: thx for update16:18
spanner3003This is nothing in music or video16:23
swordfishpopey, Hello! After my summer break I made some improvements to the minesweeper, which is now looking nicer.... Can you push the package to the ppa please (the packaging should work now)...16:23
=== racarr_ is now known as racarr
popeyhey swordfish16:30
popeyswordfish: I'll take a look, thanks!16:30
swordfishyou're welcome let me know if there is any problem...16:31
popeyswordfish: you need a valid email address in the debian files... run "debuild -uc -us" in the swordfish folder and it will spit out some errors/warnings at the end16:36
popeyswordfish: it currently says swordfish@unknown16:36
swordfishpopey, ops... ok wait a second...16:36
rickspencer3mhall119, has anyone confirmed that the canonical auth apps works?16:37
popeyrickspencer3: i used it16:37
popeypast tense16:37
rickspencer3popey, seems to be frozen for me16:37
* popey plays with it16:37
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
chrisd_whats the web address to see the latest build status? Do you guys flash every day?16:42
popeychrisd_: last link in the /topic16:42
rickspencer3popey, when I tell it to generate the one time password, nothing happens16:42
* rickspencer3 shakes fist16:42
popeyrickspencer3: just had to reinstall..16:42
chrisd_thanks popey16:43
swordfishpopey, done... Let's try again :)16:43
popeyrickspencer3: hmm, its broken here too16:43
popeyswordfish: great, will take a look thanks16:44
popeyrickspencer3: odd, used to work ☹16:44
popeyoh hang on16:45
rickspencer3hmmm, my wifi was off?16:45
* rickspencer3 tries rebooting16:46
popeylogin.ubuntu.com is painfully slow16:46
popeywhich isnt helping16:46
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
rickspencer3nah, no deal16:48
rickspencer3popey, I need to step away for a bit16:48
rickspencer3let me know if you get it working, though16:49
popeyrickspencer3: works here16:49
rickspencer3popey, oh?16:49
rickspencer3on a nexus 4?16:49
popeyyeah, just typed in the code from u1 and then pressed the button and got a one time password, punched that into u1, done16:49
popeyyou're typing in teh code from login.ubuntu.com right?16:49
popeythe long one with spaces16:49
popeythen press the button16:49
rickspencer3popey, hmm, maybe I used the wrong code16:50
rickspencer3popey, dang it, I picked the wrong option :?16:50
popeylets pretend this never happened. Nobody noticed. Shhhhh16:51
rickspencer3thanks popey16:53
mhall119rickspencer3: working now?16:53
rickspencer3the description of the password tipped me off16:53
mhall119trying in the AES key is a pain16:53
rickspencer3that I was in the wrong place16:53
=== rtg-afk is now known as rtg
rickspencer3\o/ that's it for my android phone16:55
rickspencer3out of my life forever ;)16:55
=== tgm4883_ is now known as tgm4883
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
AndrewHaighhi, does anyone know how to adjust the Ubuntu SDK Dialog width? Seems to be fixed and quite narrow for me. Thanks! http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/qml-ubuntu-components-popups0-dialog.html17:16
pmcgowantimp ^^17:20
annerajbogra_, i checked and even with break=prevalidate and it dosnt reach it17:25
annerajbi am confident is stuck on /scripts/init-bottom17:25
ogra_so it hangs in the scripts then17:25
ogra_so have a look whats in there17:25
annerajbquick question do i need a udev.conf file for my phone?17:26
annerajbbecause i cannot find a /run/udev.conf anywhere17:26
ogra_you shouldnt17:26
ogra_all udev needs should be in the initrd17:27
ogra_does your kernel have devtmpfs enabled ?17:27
ogra_(and the automatic mounting too)17:27
* ogra_ would change #!/bin/sh -e to #!/bin/sh -ex in scripts/init-bottom/udev and ttry to somehow get the log from /run saved somewheer you can read it later 17:29
karniHey guys, can someone tell me why a button click event doesn't work? I made a simple Ubuntu Cordova project that should just console.log a message. lp:~karni/+junk/ubuntu-html-button-test17:29
ogra_(or have the script echo into kmesg ...)17:29
annerajbogra_, i have devtmpfs enabled what is automatic mounting? a kernel option?17:30
pmcgowanalex_abreu, can you help karni?17:31
ogra_in menuconfig it should be right below devtmpfs ...17:31
ogra_i forgot how it is called17:31
karnipmcgowan: thank you17:31
annerajbi have devtmpfs=y  devpts_multiple_instances=y17:31
alex_abreupmcgowan, having a look17:31
annerajblet me run menuconfig17:31
alex_abreukarni, ^17:31
karnialex_abreu: thanks17:31
ogra_annerajb, iirc something with devtmpfs_mount17:32
karnialex_abreu: Was working on a simple ToDo app, and stripped it all, as I couldn't get the button to work. Note, I'm not fluent in web technologies, so it might be PEBKAC.17:32
ogra_though who knows, it might not be a separate option anymore ... i havent playedd with devtmpfs in a while17:32
annerajbok let me look into the -ex in /scripts/init-bottom/udev17:33
annerajband check the kernel options17:33
alex_abreukarni, do you get the ondeviceready event?17:33
alex_abreuat least17:33
alex_abreukarni, you could test it outside of the cordova environment, w/ just a window.onload cb17:34
ogra_annerajb, its not like that init-bootom script has many lines :) ... so worst case try commenting them one by one until it moves forward17:34
ogra_that should at least get you to the offending command17:34
annerajbogra_, i did yesterday and one of the mounts was failling because of permissions but i wasnt sure if it was because i wasnt root and init ran on root17:35
ogra_well, i would put my bets on the move mount ... for whatever reason17:36
karnialex_abreu: sorry, got a phone call. on it17:36
ogra_nothing of the others should be fatal or cause a han17:36
annerajbi tried running /scripts/init-bottom/udev but that caused many issues including page faults on busybox17:37
annerajbso ima try them one by one again17:37
mhall119beuno: is there something I need to do on my app submission?  Still said "further changes awaiting review"17:37
annerajbhmm ogra_ CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT is disabled17:39
annerajbi should enable that correct?17:39
annerajbCONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT: Automount devtmpfs at /dev17:39
ogra_annerajb, yeah, try if that improves anything17:39
karnialex_abreu: findings: I added this at the end of my app.js: window.onload = new function() { console.log('foo'); }17:39
ogra_it will definitely make your boot faster17:39
ogra_(or fail faster at least :P )17:39
karnialex_abreu: it did appear. however, onDeviceReady is silent17:39
karnialex_abreu: pretty high level problem then, not a button thing probably.17:40
alex_abreukarni, you don't need the new, just do window.onload = onDeviceReady; you could add a console log on the device ready or update the html accordingly17:40
karnialex_abreu: oh that way. lemme check.17:41
alex_abreukarni, btw sorry missed your msg in #unity-webapps ... ping me directly there :)17:41
karnialex_abreu: np! thanks :)17:41
karnialex_abreu: unity-webapps? you sure that's the channel name?17:43
karnialex_abreu: and yes, window.window.onload = new function() { console.log('foo');17:43
alex_abreukarni, argh ... ubuntu-webapps17:44
karnialex_abreu: yes, window.onload = onDeviceReady; did help!17:44
karnimhall119: alex_abreu: :)17:44
* karni gets a little lost in dev channels17:44
beunomhall119, matias is working on a bug you hit    :)17:46
=== slangase` is now known as slangasek
mhall119beuno: the one where I see the form to approve my own changes?17:47
mhall119beuno: is there an actual bug for that?  I promised dholbach I would tag them with 'appstore'17:47
beunomhall119, that I can't approve them17:47
beunofeel fre to file a bug for seeing your own, yes17:47
iancharesthey guys, i don't know if i am in the right place to ask this question, but the link to the tf700t rootfs is broken on the wiki ubuntu17:48
mhall119beuno: I'm not sure if it's a bug that I'm seeing it, since I'm a reviewer17:48
iancharestany ides where i could find a version?17:48
mhall119so maybe it's just the same bug that neither of us can approve it17:48
beunomhall119, ah, that's probably why17:49
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
w-floiancharest, contact the port maintainer18:04
w-floiancharest, if you're lucky, this one might work: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current/saucy-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip18:05
diwicogra_, thanks. Looks like we have jack detection too :-)18:07
iancharestthanks wflo, was about to try that one18:13
popeymhall119: cordova-ubuntu-2.8 is not installable on saucy, so http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tutorials/html5/creating-cordova-ubuntu-qr-code-scanner-html5-app/ which refers to http://developer.ubuntu.com/get-started/ fails18:22
mhall119:( alex_abreu ^^18:24
popeymhall119: alex_abreu it's in the ubuntu sdk ppa, but our instructions for saucy do not mandate the installation of packages from that ppa18:26
mhall119popey: I just installed it18:26
alex_abreupopey, yeah it is installabled from the sdk ppa18:27
alex_abreummh weird18:27
alex_abreuit should be listed as part of the sdk-ppa in the tutorial18:27
alex_abreupopey, in the requirements "Ubuntu SDK – Install the Ubuntu SDK › – the Ubuntu Cordova runtime package is “cordova-ubuntu-2.8″"18:28
alex_abreuunless I am missing something18:28
popeyyes, which comes from a ppa18:28
popeywhich is not enabled by default, and the instructions don't tell you to enable it18:28
mhall119popey: aren't we still having people use the PPA to install the SDK itself?18:29
popeynot according to that page18:29
popeysee "Alternatively, for those using a development release:18:29
popeysudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk18:29
popeyno PPA added18:29
beunolet me see if the bug is fixed in saucy18:29
mhall119ah, I see18:29
popeyI'm doing this from the perspective of someone who has arrived on the cordova page and is following the instructions18:30
mhall119alex_abreu: can we get the cordova package in the archives?18:30
beunoit isn't18:30
beunomhall119, there's still a bug in the saucy version that creates a broken .desktop file18:30
mhall119beuno: the saucy version of the SDK?18:30
beunobzoltan1, any idea when that'll get pushed through?18:30
beunoit's crazy late at this point18:30
popeyinstalling cordova-ubuntu-2.8 also pulled in some other packages.. so maybe they need to be moved too18:30
beunomhall119, yes18:30
mhall119beuno: I thought my 0.1.1 package had a fixed .desktop18:30
beunomhall119, it did18:31
beunoif you create an app from scratch18:32
beunothe SDK will create a .desktop file with absolute paths18:32
beunowhich breaks on the device18:32
alex_abreumhall119, popey  there was work towards adding it to the archive before I left for vacations (just came back today) 2 weeks ago, ... there were a few issues to be fixed, I'll check what has happened18:33
mhall119and building the .click package doesn't update the .desktop file?18:33
mhall119thanks alex_abreu18:33
=== alex_abreu is now known as alex-abreu
beunomhall119, good question, actually. I would expect it didn't?18:34
mhall119popey: I can update the page if necessary18:34
annerajbogra_, where is the udev_root enviroment variable set?18:35
mhall119beuno: so I'm confused, did my 0.1.1 click package have a correct .desktop file or not?18:35
derpy-netI'm considering porting Ubuntu Touch to my phone, but I've never done anything like this. My phone (SGH-T699) has an unofficial CM build that is in active development if that makes any difference. I've looked over this the porting guide documentation, but I'm wondering if there is anything else I should know18:35
annerajbogra_, in the break=bottom that variable is empty and that's the last line of the udev script18:36
beunomhall119, it did. I'm not sure what's broken now then. I'll have to do this end-to-end to audit18:36
annerajbderpy-net, there is another porting guide documentation for the new format18:36
mhall119beuno: and my 0.1.2 click package has a broken (and different) .desktop file?18:36
annerajbderpy-net, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/PortingFlippedInProgress18:36
beunomhall119, 0.1.2, IIRC, looked fine. 0.1.1 was the problem18:37
derpy-netOkay, I will look into that, thank you18:37
annerajbderpy-net, np have fun!18:38
derpy-netIs it necessary to use Ubuntu for the distro I have to build it on? If so, is running it in a vm a viable solution?18:38
annerajbderpy-net, not necesary i run it on virtual box and flash files using adb on windows18:39
annerajbderpy-net, thought it makes it easier since you have one single enviroment18:39
annerajbderpy-net, derp yeah you have to use ubuntu to build it yes a vm works18:39
popeymhall119: well, I'd like either the page to be "fixed" or the tools we're promoting to be actually installable - or inded, both ☻18:40
derpy-netThanks so much, hopefully I can get this working!18:40
popeythanks alex-abreu18:40
popeyalso, welcome back alex-abreu :D18:40
alex-abreupopey, :) np ... thx!18:41
mhall119popey: well if they were installable from the archive, the page wouldn't be "broken"18:41
=== mike is now known as Guest97502
annerajbogra_, that udev_root variable is empty i guessed it meant /root/dev and used that and ran all commands without any error up to the exec run-init18:56
=== arunprasadr is now known as arunprasadr_away
rickspencer3tvoss, fyi ... http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~rick-rickspencer3/+junk/app-lifecycle/view/head:/LocationTab.qml19:38
tvossrickspencer3, cool, thx19:39
awemzanetti, just updated the PIN/retries bug.  When you get a chance, can you check out my comment, and add short reply?19:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1206941 in ofono (Ubuntu) "[ofono][rild] "Retries" property does not not work" [High,Confirmed]19:39
mzanettiawe: sure19:39
rickspencer3tvoss, not much to it, but if you think of any good features to add, let me know19:39
tvossrickspencer3, yup, will take a look at it soon19:39
rickspencer3tvoss, no urgency, was just fyi19:40
tvossrickspencer3, yup19:40
=== Ursinha is now known as Ursinha-afk
pmcgowandavmor2, did you file a bug about U1 music app being removed?19:45
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
Randroidhow far away is final release for ubuntu touch for nexus 4?19:47
wilee-nileeRandroid, same as the final release in general I would think.19:49
wilee-nileerun on them now19:49
Randroidand when is that?19:50
wilee-nileeNot sure, if that info mis available you can find it as easy as I could.19:50
mzanettiawe: done19:51
=== Ursinha-afk is now known as Ursinha
RandroidNo need to be a asshole mr wilee19:52
awemzanetti, thanks19:52
wilee-nileeI'm not it is a matter of a little research, we are not here to hold your hand.19:53
ubot5The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines19:53
RandroidI did not find any date, so i ask the irc channel...19:54
wilee-nileeMark Shuttleworth announced, 31 October 2011, that by Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu will support smartphones, tablets, TVs and smart screens.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Touch19:58
Randroid2011 LOL19:58
beunoso, lets all calm down19:59
beunoRandroid, 13.10 is the expected date for a proper release19:59
beunofor ubuntu touch19:59
beunountil then, it's in development19:59
rickspencer3Saviq, I want to start sketching out some sample code for the URI handler service20:00
beunoit'll continue to be in heavy development after that, but it should be in good shape by then20:00
rickspencer3Saviq, are you working on that? do you have any docs I can look at?20:00
RandroidThanks beuno20:00
mhall119rickspencer3: code for the service itself, or code for interacting with it?20:02
Saviqrickspencer3, hey, yes we're working on that, but for QML all you need is http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtqml/qml-qt.html#openUrlExternally-method20:02
Saviqrickspencer3, that's backed by http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5.0/qtgui/qdesktopservices.html#openUrl if you want it Qt-side20:02
rickspencer3mhall119, qml code20:02
rickspencer3so, I think Saviq gave me exactly what I was looking for ;)20:02
Saviqrickspencer3, bug #1186556 btw20:03
ubot5bug 1186556 in qtubuntu "Browser does not respond to Qt.openUrlExternally(link)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118655620:03
rickspencer3Saviq, looks liek a lot of fancy stuff in that API, but I think Qt.openUrlExternally is the heart of it, no?20:03
Saviqrickspencer3, Qt itself is a hold-them-all bucket, really20:03
Saviqrickspencer3, and most of it is Qt-internal (no need for us to do anything)20:04
mhall119ah, yeah, that's what I was going to lookup for you20:04
rickspencer3Saviq, I can pass in a phone number, right?20:04
Saviqrickspencer3, we plan to support call://123456 for example20:04
rickspencer3thanks Saviq20:04
awemzanetti, update back at you...20:09
awenot sure the design is possible20:09
pmcgowanSaviq, got time for a quick question20:09
awethere's really no way to get PIN retry counts without first calling Enter or ChangePin20:09
rtgogra_, what is the abootimg rune for manta now that the image is flipped ?20:10
Saviqpmcgowan, hit me20:10
pmcgowanSaviq, what should be working in the latest music and video lenses20:10
Saviqawe, does that mean others cache this?20:10
Saviqpmcgowan, nothing changed for them20:10
Saviqpmcgowan, so whatever was there before should still be working, but nothing new yet20:10
pmcgowanSaviq, oh, did we take out sample data then?20:10
aweSaviq, it means no PIN retry counts are available via any kind of RIL query20:10
Saviqpmcgowan, no, just from the home scope20:11
Saviqpmcgowan, do you not see the usual mock music and video scopes?20:11
pmcgowanSaviq, they are empty, assumed a code change20:11
aweSaviq, the current retry count is only ever returned by an Enter or ChangePin operation20:11
mterryssweeny, heyo20:11
Saviqpmcgowan, flashing now20:11
pmcgowandang ueventd spin20:12
Saviqawe, yeah, that's what I mean - if we want to display it e.g. on boot, we'd need to store it somewhere20:12
Saviqwhich might be incorrect anyway :/20:12
Saviqawe, that's interesting, btw, that effectively means you might not know it's your last try...20:13
aweSaviq, yea...but you'd never be sure you got it right, till you'd called one of the above methods20:13
Saviqawe, if the other two were made over a reboot20:13
awethe first try could be your last if you pulled from another phone20:14
mzanettiawe: need to check with designers and Saviq20:17
awemzanetti, ok20:18
mhall119Saviq: I installed --pending yesterday and I can confirm there is no mock music or video results in the das20:18
mhall119also we lost the ability to adjust screen brightness with the new battery indicator :(20:19
pmcgowanmhall119, we are working on the latter issue20:20
Saviqmhall119, pmcgowan indeed, a change in libunity caused the mock scopes to fail, /me investigates20:21
pmcgowanSaviq, thanks20:21
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Saviqpmcgowan, mhall119 bug #121412520:35
ubot5bug 1214125 in libunity "unity-lens-scope stopped working after libunity r276" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121412520:35
pmcgowanSaviq, thank you sir20:35
hayerokey, so the Lumia 920 bootloader isn't "unbreakable"20:48
hayerafter working from 8 o'clock this mornin' till now.. I am like 0.01% closer D:20:49
NickYou might be 0.01520:49
hayerJust 6666.666 days left of work then.20:50
hayerAnd since that is a "best-case" and this is software.. I should double the time estimate.. 13333.333 days then :DS20:51
mhr3grr, can't we just throw away python2?20:57
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szymonHi! How can I invoke soft keyboard on Ubuntu Touch ?  when I click on TextField is shows me  blinking cursor but no keyboard.21:12
houseofbeanAm I doing something wrong, or is Update phone under system settings not fully functional yet?21:12
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houseofbeanszymon:  I've had that happen a couple of times.  I've just gone back and tried it again, or I've turned the screen off and back on.  I think one time I restarted and everything was fine21:18
szymonhouseofbean, turning screen on and off didn't help...21:22
szymonhouseofbean, I think update under setting is not fully implemented yet.21:23
w-flohayer, are you trying to get ubuntu touch working on the lumia 920? :O If so, please crack the surface RT bootloader while you're at it, thanks ;D21:25
houseofbeanszymon: Oh.. A TextField on a website or one of the apps?   Not to sound like the guys on IT Crowd, but have you tried turning it off and on again?  he he.  My only regular keyboard issue is when I'm in portrait mode and the keyboard goes into landscape.21:26
szymonOk, I'll ask question once again... I'm developing app for UT and when I place TextField in my app and I run this app on device via Qt Creator ( ctrl + f12 ) when TextField get clicked no keyboard is shown. I even went through few core apps and it looks like there is no special code to invoke soft keyboard but it works on core apps where on my app it's not.  Any idea ?21:31
annerajbszymon, have you tried asking the ubuntu touch apps irc channel?21:32
szymonannerajb, no, I thought this is a right place for this question. thanks for hint!21:34
annerajbszymon, this is for the ubuntu touch os there is another irc for apps21:35
szymonannerajb, got it #ubuntu-app-devel   thanks!21:36
om26ermfisch, hello21:42
om26ermfisch, can i use powerd to change screen brightness (to dim) ?21:42
mfischom26er: I dont think you can force dim21:42
mfischif thats what you mean21:42
om26ermfisch, right, it seems with the latest image does not include a way to change screen brightness, since we started using a new indicator which does not support brightness change right now,21:44
om26erthat hurts my eyes :/21:44
sforsheeom26er: yeah there's nothing there for adjusting brightness right now21:50
sforsheeyou can cat values to /sys/class/backlight/*/brightness though21:50
mhall119om26er: known issues that's being worked on22:06
om26ersforshee, yes, thanks. figured that. its not reliable as the value resets on reboot22:06
om26ermhall119, good to know, thanks22:07
mhall119brightness has always reset at reboot22:07
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cwaynemhall119, sorry, i'd forgotten about my ping earlier!  is there any docs for adding a data source to the welcome screen?23:01
chrisd_so whenever you click on a hyperlink in the mail app. there is no way to get back to the inbox?23:07
chrisd_you have to kill the app and restart it to get back to your inbox. shouldnt hyperlinks open in the brows23:08
greybackchrisd_: you cannot right-edge swipe back to the mail app?23:09
chrisd_grey back, no right edge swipe does nothing23:11
chrisd_well actually, if I go to the app dashboard I can see mail app running and right edge swipe brings me to mail app, but I cnat get back to inbox23:13
chrisd_ill post a link23:13
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annerajbw-flo, i hardcoded the udev_root and that apparently fixed it thought i am stuck somewhere else down the initrd/init script now23:34
w-floannerajb, wow! finally, one step closer to a working port :)23:34
w-floSo I wonder if it fails on my device, too.. and if there are any negative effects..23:36
annerajbw-flo,  i think i cannot debug the initrd using break anymore since the filesystem /dev and /sys has been moved around. But I think that my command line arguments are screwing up23:36
annerajbw-flo, does your device cmdline look similar to this? * kenvandine has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)23:36
w-flomaybe you could symlink /sys? just like /dev is symlinked23:36
annerajblet me get that copy paste gime a second23:37
annerajbconsole=ttyFIQ0 no_console_suspend=1 datapart=/dev/mtdblock3 break=premove debug23:37
annerajb console=tty1 androidboot.serialno=12323:37
w-floannerajb, this is my cmdline: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6004680/23:37
annerajbw-flo, i recally ogra telling me that the console=tty1 should be the last thing else upstart or the rootfs/init breaks23:38
annerajbit seems that's not the case you are on flipped right?23:38
w-floyes, flipped23:38
w-floI only have 1 console=x param23:39
w-flomaybe the order is important when you have 2, is that what ogra meant?23:39
annerajbyay reboot loop23:40
w-floi.e. you can't have "console=tty1 console=ttyFIQ0", only the other way round23:40
w-floI had a reboot loop when the initrd was successful, but upstart crashed/terminated/whatever23:41
annerajbhow did you debug that?23:42
w-floannerajb, I didn't debug it, ogra told me it was probably because a console device was missing, so I randomly enabled console kernel configs23:42
annerajbi am going to remove the fiq tty23:43
annerajbw-flo, i have the one you mentioend on the wiki enabled23:43
w-floannerajb, I know.. :|23:44
annerajbwell i removed the FIQ since i am not using the fiq debugger23:45
annerajbthought i am tempted to build one since that will reduce my debugging time 100000 fold23:45
w-floIt really sucks to debug those issues23:45
annerajbyup that serial usb cable would do wonders23:45
w-floI had difficulties to include adbd in the initrd at first, because my /boot is only 4 megs23:46
w-floand the kernel was 3.7 or something like that23:46
w-floor maybe kernel+android initrd was 3.723:46
annerajbyeah i saw you took it out23:46
w-floI managed to reduce the kernel size by quite a lot, so for debugging purposes I included adbd, though I had to disable some bootimg-size safeguards.. :D23:47
annerajbdid you do the patch for the extend?23:47
w-flonow that I works I removed adbd again to enable the safeguards23:47
w-flono, no extend patch23:47
annerajbwhen i enabled that my device breaks it can't go into recovery anymore23:47
annerajbi have to use force23:47
w-floI think it's specific to samsung boot loaders23:47
annerajbwell my device is samsung23:47
annerajbbut it breaks it23:48
annerajbi have to flash with heimdall every time i enable it23:48
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