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dvrrgood morning05:13
shaunodvrr: it's 6:30am here.  many people won't wake up no matter how enthusiastic you are.  you might want to try #ubuntu proper at this hour05:30
* jussi hugs dvrr05:44
dvrriam running apache, mysql, tomcat section replication in ubuntu 12.10  (16gb RAM 4 cpu)  but i hava problem cpu utilization 100 percent  (java sdk 200 persent usage) please help me06:04
jussidvrr: #ubuntu is your best bet, I have no idea (plus, Im working)06:07
dvrrok thank you06:08
brobostigongood morning everyone,07:31
brobostigonmorning shauno07:32
BigRedSGood Morning!08:02
brobostigonmorning BigRedS08:03
neuroMonday ... pfff08:06
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bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:30
mungbean.win 908:31
bigcalmFail alpha08:32
mungbeanmeant to say /win 908:33
DJonesGrr, its time to get depressed, parents are looking at getting a new puppy, its not fair, I want another one09:17
mungbeanthey will be sick of theirs in 2 weeks09:17
mungbeanwhen poo and wee and bitten stuff is everywhere09:18
DJonesNot a chance of that happening, 60+ years of having dogs, so they're used to it09:18
mungbeanwhat pup are they getting?09:18
mungbeanwill not get another dog for the forseeable future after this one09:20
DJonesEither this one http://www.pets4homes.co.uk/images/classifieds/2013/06/14/332719/quality-tri-colour-puppies-51fbb34834810.JPG09:20
DJonesOr one of the shaded sables in the top pic's on this http://www.collienet.com/breeders/Ingledene%20puppies.htm09:20
DJonesVery cute :)09:21
mungbeanwhy do all dog websites look the same? i.e. circa 199009:21
mungbeanMS word backgrounds09:22
DJonesHeh, thats true09:22
AlanBellbecause cats won the internet09:22
MartijnVdSand cats are only 20 years behind humans?09:22
mungbeanmother in law helps this charity http://www.prodogsdirect.org.uk/09:22
DJonesI ended up redoing our website using wordpress planning on updating it regularly, but the updating doesn't happen09:22
DJonesheh, blank screen with flashlock09:23
mungbeanlooks terrible on most browsers09:23
DJonesMy parents run a northwest collie & sheltie rehoming help scheme09:24
DJonesAlong with a monthly training class09:24
DJones& dog shows09:25
DJonesThey've always had between 2 and 4 dogs, is it any wonder I get on with dogs better than people09:25
popeyMorning all09:29
dvrrpopey: good morning09:40
dvrriam running apache, mysql, tomcat section replication in ubuntu 12.10  (16gb RAM & 4 cpu)  but i hava a problem cpu utilization 100 percent  usage (java sdk 200 persent usage) please help me09:50
mungbeandeja vu09:50
popeyyes, we discussed this last week didn't we?09:51
dvrryes friday-16-13  discussed but not fixed that problem09:52
mungbeanmaybe there's a tomcat freenode channel09:53
mungbeanor java. it doesn't sound ubuntu specific09:54
* bigcalm drums his fingers waiting for the mailing list to update09:56
dvrrjava. does't  sound means  i couldn't understand09:56
popeybigcalm: i got it09:56
bigcalmpopey: oh, good :)09:56
popeywell, i saw a mail from you on my phone anyway09:56
popeyso assume thats it09:56
bigcalmI guess Thunderbird is having one of those days09:57
bigcalmpopey: indeed so09:57
bigcalmDo emails from me get a special ring tone?09:57
popeyyay, back to 1080p screen09:57
popeythats better09:57
mgdmbigcalm: popey is probably considerably further up the mailing list than you are :P09:57
bigcalmWhy the heck as my comment appears out of order in this? http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2320-real-ale-train/09:58
bigcalmmgdm: A > I I guess09:59
bigcalmI fail at typing today09:59
mgdmbigcalm: I'd bet they're not in alphabetical order, probably more like order of signup09:59
popeyfile a bug10:00
bigcalmIs that how mailman works? Sending to individual subscribers rather than a BCC?10:00
popeytoo late, already doing it10:00
popeyyes, indiviual mails10:01
bigcalmpopey: a bug in my typing this morning? :)10:01
mgdmbigcalm: at the SMTP level there is no difference between the two10:01
mgdmwell, not a lot10:01
bigcalmmgdm: fair enough10:02
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1213858 in LoCo Team Portal "Sort order for comments seems odd" [Undecided,New]10:02
popeyplease to confirm10:02
davmor2Morning all10:03
bigcalmHi davmor210:03
davmor2popey: confirm what?10:03
bigcalmbug 121385810:04
lubotu3bug 1213858 in LoCo Team Portal "Sort order for comments seems odd" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121385810:04
davmor2popey: it seems to go well till bigcalm made a comment I blame bigcalm not the system ;D10:06
popeyyes, i agree10:07
Adriannomis a maths/programming question too ot for here?10:12
mungbeanyou can try :)10:13
Adriannomhow can i solve this? :) - http://pastebin.com/DrFq9kbT10:13
mgdmdivide each number by 1 and use that as the probability of it being generated?10:16
mgdmsorry, 1 by that number10:16
mgdmso most are 1/1 but purple is 1/210:16
Adriannomhm that seems like it would work10:18
Adriannommgdm, i'll give it a go, thanks :P10:18
dvrrpopey: how can i solve  cpu usage10:24
mgdmdvrr: hire a Tomcat/Java consultant10:25
* hamitron waits for some sales pitch by mgdm 10:25
AlanBelldvrr: what application are you running in tomcat?10:27
dvrrliferay tomcat , apache, mod_jk, mysql ubuntu12.10 16gb10:27
mgdmhamitron: Oh, all I know about tomcat is how to turn it off and on again (which I do moderately frequently)10:28
AlanBellso, liferay then10:28
dvrrliferay tomcat is like tomcat710:29
popeyliferay comes bundled with its own tomcat10:30
mungbeansounds like a question for liferay mailing list then :P10:30
popeyhttps://www.liferay.com/community/forums is probably the best place10:31
jpdsdvrr: Ubuntu 12.10 ?10:31
dvrryes bundled with tomcat10:31
popeylol, search those forums for "cpu"10:31
dvrrubuntu 12.10 server10:31
popeyevery single thread is about cpu usage10:31
popeydvrr: ^^^10:31
mungbeanproblem solved10:32
AlanBella problem delegated is a problem solved10:33
mungbeanPlease join us at the Amazon Web Services Enterprise Summit 2013, taking place on 17 September in central London. Designed specifically for senior IT decision makers, the AWS Enterprise Summit will provide key insight on large-scale cloud solutions10:33
mungbeanThis is an all day event with keynote speeches from Andy Jassy, Senior Vice President, Amazon Web Services and Amazon infrastructure, and Stephen E. Schmidt, Chief Information Security Officer, AWS.10:33
mungbeansounds like coprorate garbage10:33
dvrrnot solved10:33
mungbeani hate these events10:33
popeydvrr: did you see what I posted?10:34
jpdsdvrr: https://www.liferay.com/de/community/forums/-/message_boards/search?_19_keywords=cpu10:35
mungbeanwhy do i keep finding packets of crisps and bottles of coke in the toilet cubicle. what sort of person eats crisps on the bog?10:35
shaunosomeone with a terrifyingly fast metabolism10:35
hamitronmungbean, depends on the length of the stay?10:35
jpdsmungbean: Someone who can't be bothered to find a bin.10:36
jpdsdvrr: You really shouldn't be using 12.10 for something in production.10:36
mungbeanconsuming food/drink in the bog is ewww10:36
SuperMattjpds: I do ;)10:36
mungbeaneven chewing something consumed outside gives me the unpleasant feeling10:36
SuperMattand I'll probably upgrade my server to 13.10 when that's out (a few months after, probs)10:36
SuperMattbecause I want to get my hands on apache 2.410:37
jpdsSuperMatt: Yes, and you have to keep upgrading, while meanwhile, 12.04 is fine until the next LTS.10:37
shaunoI still haven't upgraded from 10.04.  it ain't broke yet10:37
SuperMattjpds: depends what you use it for10:37
mungbeani have a 10.04 server too10:37
shauno(and yes, I'm lazy)10:38
mungbeanmakes for a flippin fast desktop10:38
dwatkinsso does fluxbox10:38
hamitrondesktop on a server? :/10:38
mungbeanit used to be my desktop pc, then i moved office and kept it in there as a server10:38
dwatkinsmy server provides me with a desktop via opennx10:38
dwatkinsI tend to just use it to run xmountains10:39
mungbeanrunning backups and pwncloud10:39
shaunopeople get so funny about servers vs desktops, but the main difference between a server-class machine and a workstation-class machine is what shape the box is10:40
dwatkinsmy server is actually a netbook - it has a built-in UPS, too.10:40
mungbean10.04 is supported for server only now10:40
* dwatkins - bucking trends in Linux since 199410:40
dwatkinslike this http://i.imgur.com/5sGJpfu.jpg10:47
bigcalmStill haven't got my own email. I guess there are a lot of subscribers10:47
dwatkinsEventually, I'll get around to putting custom colours into that application.10:47
mgdmthat reminds me of my fluxbox desktop from 10 years ago10:47
dwatkinsmgdm: fluxbox is indeed what I'm running there10:48
mgdmit's been a few years since I ran that :D10:48
mgdm(on LFS, no less)10:48
popeybigcalm: i replied to itr10:50
bigcalmpopey: yay. I can see that, but not my own post. Most strange10:50
popeydo you run your own mail server?10:51
bigcalmNope, it's gmail10:51
jpdsbigcalm: Gmail hides your own posts.10:52
jpdsbigcalm: You're not going to start emailing yourself, are you?10:52
bigcalmjpds: imap to Thunderbird10:52
bigcalmI've seen my own ml posts before now10:52
jpds[Although: http://www.someecards.com/usercards/viewcard/MjAxMi04NmM1MmIwMjAyMDViOTg2 ]10:53
jpdsbigcalm: Well, it's long been known that Gmail hides people's own posts to lists.10:54
jpdsbigcalm: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-uk/2013-August/036787.html10:56
bigcalmjpds: I guess that's the alternative route10:56
popeyyou only see your own post once someone replies10:56
bigcalmAlmost caught up on 8 past eps of uupc11:01
bigcalmOnly 2 to go11:01
mungbeantldr version?11:08
mungbeani accidentally stoped listeining last year11:09
bigcalmTime to catch up!11:09
mungbeancan you summarise the whole year :P11:10
bigcalmIt's the year of the desktop11:11
davmor2mungbean: it's 365.25 days11:11
mungbeanwho presents it now? same ppl?#11:12
mungbeani used to like it, not sure why i stopped11:12
bigcalmIt's the Tony & Laura show11:12
bigcalmWith sidekicks popey & Mark11:13
popeywe have started doing video too11:13
czajkowskireally should remove laura as a highlight11:14
czajkowskiI get very confused11:14
czajkowskioh nice11:14
davmor2czajkowski: that's not hard :P11:15
czajkowskidavmor2: you have no idea :)11:15
popeyour first go, it's tricky to do given we're using technology designed for remote participation, but we're in the same room11:15
davmor2czajkowski: Oh yes I do :)11:16
czajkowskipopey: this going to be the new format?11:16
mungbeani also stopped listening to LAS but for different reasons...11:16
popeywell, it's in addition to audio11:16
czajkowskipopey: nice idea11:16
czajkowskimungbean: what is LAS11:17
popeywe're not changing what we already have, but some people like to watch, so we thought we'd try it11:17
mungbeanlinux action show11:17
czajkowskinods why not11:17
czajkowskibit of fun11:17
popeyits hard work11:18
popeythe problem is we have to mute all our microphones, otherwise they all pick eachother up11:18
popeywhich breaks the hangout auto-switching focus of webcam11:18
popeyso i had to manually switch person11:19
czajkowskibit more work involved then11:20
bigcalmAlternative is to have 1 camera in the middle on a turntable11:20
popeywho turns it?11:21
bigcalmThe podcats11:21
mungbeanpopey has a neckbeard from this angle11:21
popeynot any more11:23
mungbeani have 1week growth or so. literally have not had time at home. might bring shaver to wor11:24
shaunoif you find a button labelled "Database Error - InitDB line 14" .. do you press it ?11:24
mungbeanshauno: http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/magic-story.html11:24
neuro"GitHub (Not Responding)"11:28
neuroflargen blarg11:28
Monotokoanyone here any good with SQL?11:37
mungbeani just wrote plateaued and wondered if it was real. apparently it is11:41
dwatkinsplateau is a funny word, I assume it's from French.11:44
shaunosafe guess, it looks gateaux :)11:50
mungbeanom nom11:50
dwatkinsCan you refer to something as being gateaued on a surface?11:53
mungbeanyou rarely see X's in countdown11:54
shaunoyou could do, ala pie on the face?  but it's bad form to use big words where diminutive ones will suffice11:54
mungbeaneating gateaux on a plateau near a chateau?11:54
shauno(not claiming this is a real word, merely that it must be possible to gateaux a surface, clowns' employment depends on it)11:56
mungbeancan you deselect a news source from google news?11:59
mungbeanah, need to sign in first12:00
davmor2mungbean: unless you are Stephen Fry then you see X, IX, VIII...........12:00
mungbeancountdown tv programme..12:01
mungbeanSingapore is Asia's largest backer at time of writing, with 200 Edges ordered, followed closely by Japan (198) and Hong Kong (157).12:02
mungbeanwifey sent me to work with a stash of ginger flapjacks12:15
mungbeannobody to give them to :S12:16
AlanBellthere haven't been new annoucements around the edge have there?12:18
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shaunoall I've seen since it broke the record, has been a sympathetic tweet from mr. Fry12:21
mungbeanwhy did i just look at fry's tweet line12:23
diddledansshh, if I say "morning" enough I might believe I didn't oversleep :-p12:25
jussimorning diddledan12:26
diddledanmorning, jussi12:26
mungbeanserver room air temp hit 40 degrees yesterday...and the server shutdown at 50 degrees12:26
diddledanno air con?12:26
mungbeanone unit failed. rather poor layout of units means little overlap12:26
mungbeanyeah, 250 nodes turned off12:27
jussiwe had multiple power failures here, it sucked12:27
mungbeanwas a brownout here that caused the prob12:28
bigcalmI can see my reply to your reply, popey. Mailman is weird13:16
popeyIt's not mailman13:16
bigcalmI have no idea where my original post is though13:17
popeyspam folder?13:17
bigcalmNo :S13:17
* bigcalm heads to gmail.com13:17
bigcalmI can see it on gmail.com13:19
* bigcalm grrs at Thunderbird13:19
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popeybigcalm: its not thunderbird, it's google13:24
popeyyour thunderbird is looking at "inbox", not "all mail" I suspect13:24
bigcalmNewp, it's a folder/label13:24
popeysame thing13:25
popeylook in "All mail" and you'll see it13:25
shaunoit's just the same as when you have a 1-on-1 convo with someone.  their replies are in the inbox, your replies are in the sent box, and google munges them both into a 'conversation' view13:26
bigcalmOh, there it is :(13:26
shaunoit's just the same with lists.  your reply isn't actually in that mailbox/folder/label/etc, but google can find it and peice it into the 'conversation'13:26
bigcalmpopey: little bit of podcast feedback - I tried to watch the youtube video but found it to be distracting. Also the audio quality is a lot lower than the MP3. Good to see different things being tried, just didn't work for me13:43
popeyyeah, the audio needs work13:44
popeyit was cobbled together13:44
popeywhat was distracting?13:44
bigcalmThe video. I find I can do other things while listening to some pod casts13:44
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bigcalmTony's video was a lot lower res than the others, couldn't read his name13:45
popeyyeah, dunno why that was13:47
popeycrappy camera or driver, dunno13:47
bigcalmWah. My podcast directory is empty. All I have left to listen to are 38 eps of Richard Herring's Me1 vs Me2 snooker13:47
MartijnVdSOoh, and that's a bad miss13:48
shaunoMartijnVdS: you're frequently more british than I am.  which of us should be worried?13:48
MartijnVdSshauno: I don't know.13:49
bigcalmCan anybody replicate this on 13.04? https://twitter.com/bigcalm/status/36945196668801433613:49
bigcalmI'm trying to find an open bug before reporting it13:50
MartijnVdSbigcalm: trying, how did you get it like that?13:50
bigcalmMartijnVdS: I ran Software Updater from the dash13:50
MartijnVdSmine lists Chrome atm13:50
bigcalmMartijnVdS: that's what I was greeted with13:50
bigcalmWhat's the gui's command? I'll try running it in a terminal in case there are errors13:51
MartijnVdSupdate-manager, I think13:51
bigcalmNo errors in the terminal13:52
diddledanI keep getting the update manager icon appear in the dock telling me there's updates but clicking the icon won't open the window13:53
bigcalmdiddledan: bug 42062513:54
lubotu3bug 420625 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update-manager is hard to find when it autoappears" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42062513:54
diddledannope, not that13:55
diddledanit really isn't visible at all13:55
bigcalmAh, yes, I get that occasionally13:55
bigcalmI tend to kill the app and launch it myself13:55
bigcalmI've been putting it down to my 3 monitor set-up13:55
popeynot seen that13:55
popeydoes it end up off screen or something perhaps?13:56
bigcalmDoesn't show up in the workspace switcher13:56
popeybring it to the front next time, then alt+space, m, to "move" the window13:56
diddledanpopey, it won't focus13:56
popeyno, off screen13:56
mungbeani hate update manager so much after they change the bahviour a couple of years ago13:56
popeynot on another workspace, but completely off screen13:56
bigcalmI'll let you know if it happens again13:56
diddledanpopey, clicking the update manager icon won't make the arrow appear on the right to indicate it has focus and the previous app still accepts input as though I've not focussed anything else13:57
bigcalmBack to my issue of update-manager not showing a list of packages but have the option to install. There are updates available via the CLI: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6002932/13:58
bigcalmAha, found an open bug http://paste.ubuntu.com/6002932/14:01
bigcalmbug 107213614:01
lubotu3bug 1072136 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "After doing updates, update manager propose to install an empty list of updates" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/107213614:01
bigcalmdiddledan: bug 98958814:06
lubotu3bug 989588 in update-manager (Ubuntu Precise) "update-manager popup is shown on launcher and alt-tab list but window doesn't show up" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98958814:06
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davmor2So fatboy slim is dune fan,  weapon of choice contains the line "walk without rhythm, and it won't attract a worm"15:41
mungbeanwatched that again recently15:48
directhexlots of music people are huge nerds15:48
mgdmDune, or Weapon of Choice? :)15:48
directhexe.g. deadmau5 used to run a minecraft server15:48
mgdmI saw the WoC video quite a few times in the pub before i ever heard the song15:48
directhexthe biggest nerd (physically) is still vin diesel though15:49
mgdmThe drummer from Blur once committed code to the Linux kernel15:49
diddledanI like that will.i.am is advocating better education of nerdish subjects15:50
mungbeandave rowntree?15:50
mgdmmungbean: aye15:50
mgdmdirecthex: what's Vin's claim to nerd fame?15:50
mungbeanmgdm: is the blur story true? source?15:50
directhexmgdm, big on D&D. *big* on d&d. wrote the foreword to '30 Years of Adventure: A "Celebration" of Dungeons & Dragons'. one of his tattoos in the movie xXx was the name of his D&D character of many years15:51
mgdmmungbean: it is true, haven't got time right now to find the source (as it were)15:52
mgdmdirecthex: heh, nice15:52
mgdmmungbean: remind me later if you remain unconvinced :)15:52
directhexe.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36_-DauQi0s15:52
mungbeanare "direct messages" on twitter relviatevly private?15:52
mungbeanthey don't appear on your feed anywhere do they15:53
directhexmungbean, as long as you don't mess up & make them public by accident :D15:53
mungbean(doesn't use twitter much)15:53
SuperMattmungbean: they are indeed private15:53
SuperMatt@ messages are public15:53
SuperMattso make sure you do a direct message15:53
mungbeani have a friend who doesn't do email or fb but DMs me on twitter instead15:54
MartijnVdS@SuperMatt haha mungbean doesn't know how to send DMs :P15:54
MartijnVdSoh wait15:54
SuperMattmungbean: that's... weird15:54
mungbeanhe sys he gets addicted to stuff easy15:54
mungbeanand has made a pact with his missis15:55
MartijnVdSCan't you just call him instead? :)15:55
mungbeanbtu he's being legalistic as he uses twitter as if its email15:55
mungbeanno, its just banter15:55
mungbeanevery couple of months we remininisce about uni15:55
mungbeani think they have a shared email inbod15:57
mungbeanyou can tell people in the 35-44 age range as they got shared email accounts back in the day15:58
mungbeanmainly barry-and-june@freeserve.ent15:58
mgdmheh, I remember those16:00
MartijnVdSI even know people with shared fb accounts16:00
daftykinsmy main client used to have a freeserve business email address16:00
daftykinsit was ridiculous as it had several portions as the hostname, like @freeserve.fsbusiness.net or something16:00
mgdmit was anyoldnonsenseyouliked@username.fsbusiness.net16:01
mgdmvarious ISPs used to do the same, but they all went into the same POP3 mailbox16:02
mgdmahh.. POP3, there's something I've not used in about 10 years16:02
popeyi used to have fat.bloke@england.com16:02
popeyI miss that one16:02
MartijnVdShahaha :)16:02
daftykinsi do not miss POP316:03
MartijnVdSpopey: Story War will be shipping this week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZx0sjIao9M16:03
MartijnVdSpopey: (you kickstartered that as well, right?)16:03
daftykinsthankfully i've got most i can moved onto google apps so i don't have to even backup email clients anymore \o/16:03
mgdmoutsourcing your email is not a reason not to back it up :)16:03
MartijnVdSmgdm: what if I outsource that as well16:04
daftykinsmgdm: in this case i mean when, say, reinstalling an OS. i won't arse about to backup the client beforehand16:05
daftykinswhenever you get those jobs where someone uses a desktop client like Windows Mail / Outlook Express / Thunderbird - ugh16:05
diddledanmy gmail inbox is over 3GigaNuts now16:05
mgdmdaftykins: aaah, yes16:06
MartijnVdSdiddledan: .pst file corruption!16:06
diddledanMartijnVdS, don't you dare!16:06
popeyMartijnVdS: ya16:07
daftykinsmgdm: although yeah, i guess i'm putting a lot of faith in them :>16:08
directhexwhat the hell is a .pst file?16:09
MartijnVdSdirecthex: it's what MS Outlook uses to store its profiles (including emails, etc.)16:10
daftykinsi think he knows but is being facetious again :(16:10
daftykinsi've had to learn many of Outlook's little quirks over the years16:11
MartijnVdSdaftykins: did you get hazard pay?16:11
daftykinsclients tend to be unwilling to get along with just a web interface of google apps and want Outlook back16:11
daftykinshaha if only16:11
daftykinsthe classic is when a clean install doesn't keep the list of emails that it'll guess when you start typign into the 'To' field16:12
daftykinswhich is naturally stored in a .NK2 file hidden within Application Data back in 2007 and before16:12
daftykinsyet has been removed in more recent editions16:12
MartijnVdSdaftykins: just sign them up for the new on-line office stuff16:13
MartijnVdSdaftykins: if they REALLY want to keep MS stuff16:13
daftykinsnah they get the Google Apps Sync for Outlook in with Google Apps16:13
daftykinsso it's all good16:13
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diddledanwow, sky recon they're gonna answer my call in "under 7 minutes"18:21
zleapi take it that is good18:21
diddledanit surprised me on two fronts, first they gave me theindication, and second it does seem rather quick18:22
diddledanand third they answered way before the 7 minute mark18:34
daftykinsit's a real shame that ol' remote support program (VNC wrapper) 'gitso' hasn't been updated in forever18:42
daftykinsactually there's a september 2012 deb, but not for the other OSs18:42
directhexokay then19:15
directhexTCO calculated, badgers tickled, spreadsheets spread... it's phone upgrade time for the wife, and i've worked out her optimal purchase choices19:15
MartijnVdSUbuntu Edge?19:15
daftykinsNokia £20 dumbphone it is!19:16
MartijnVdS$60 firefox phone?19:17
MartijnVdSTonight: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0391z2019:19
daftykinsoh dear19:20
daftykinsHorizon stuff is usually interesting but i suspect there shall be some pain in that one19:21
mungbeani'm getting flashbacks to when i supported end users20:17
mungbeanwoops hadnt scrolled down from 17:0020:17
mungbeandaftykins: are you watching horizon? is it rubbish?20:18
mungbeanwant to know whether to save myself the hour20:19
daftykinsi don't have live TV sir20:20
mungbeanin watching flags of our fathers atm20:26
=== Guest17154 is now known as everydaylinuxuse
daftykinsi think i discovered why a laptop doesn't charge23:18
daftykins(that's a DC jack)23:18
hamitronI wanna know how someone manages to do that23:23
daftykinsme also23:27
daftykinsespecially in a sealed unit23:27

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