snap-lGood morning12:31
brouschTinging. Working well so far. No network problems12:39
snap-lbrousch: That's awesome!12:39
snap-lI would have been upset if it wasn't working.12:40
brouschIt even says 4G sometimes12:44
snap-lbrousch: That's better than we get in this side of the state. :)12:46
brouschSupposedly  our Sprint LTE went live a few weeks ago12:51
brouschI love the detail view on the Ting website12:51
snap-lYeah, it's really nice.12:52
jrwreni get ATT's fake 4G on my iphone4S and it is a lot faster than their 3G on wifes iphone413:04
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snap-lI think most projects are like an onion: peel away the layers to reveal new layers, and with the removal of each layer begin crying. :)13:46
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brouschJono will be at OLF?14:10
snap-lnext campaign I suggest someone might hire a person with pledge-drive experience14:10
wafok, abandoning the nick 'Blazeix', which was chosen when I was ~1316:17
wafnow I at least match my github name16:17
wafi know, irc-suicide, right?16:17
greg-gI did that a while ago, too. In about 2007. I became realname esque everywhere.16:18
wafi'm at least initials now, and i won't get people assuming my nick is marijuana-related...16:18
greg-gI was ok leaving behind the nick that was associated with my angsty teen years ;)16:18
greg-ghah! I never thought of it that way!16:18
wafyeah, neither did i, until the 3rd or 4th person asked me...16:19
_stink_well mine is pretty professional, so i'm keeping it.16:21
snap-lIs there a place to see if a nick is already taken?16:28
wafsnap-l: /msg NickServ INFO <nick>16:28
greg-gsnap-l: /whois should help16:28
greg-gwhat waf said16:28
wafif a nick isn't used for 10 weeks, plus a week per year it was registered, you can get a staffer to associate it with your account16:29
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greg-gnickicide day16:36
greg-gwho's next? step right up16:37
jrwrenBLAZEIX!!!! I'll never forget you.16:38
jrwrenthat blone hair was so cool, its how I remembered you.16:38
jrwrennow you are just a wife acceptance factor.16:38
wafor a build system, apparently16:39
greg-gwife acceptance factor? huh16:39
_stink_haha, wife acceptance factor16:39
cmaloneyAlso, the past tense of waf is waft16:40
cmaloneySo if waf was here but left, he waft by16:40
jrwrenoh, real name? is waf your initials? william axel folley?16:41
wafu just got waft, punk16:41
cmaloneyGoing to keep the nick on the other networks, but that's been something I've wanted to do before16:41
wafjrwren: yeah, initials, matches https://github.com/waf16:41
cmaloneyUnfortunately I'm not the only craigm16:42
cmaloneyand craigmaloney is too long to type16:42
greg-gyeah, my issue is I need the - (or some other separator) due to my name16:43
greg-ggreg is already taken everywhere (except identi.ca ;) ), greggrossmeier is too long, gregg is a mispelling of my name, gjg is alright, but not the best, greggros was my first email address username (autogenerated with my local ISP)...16:44
cmaloneyand fukkina just sounds weird16:46
wafhaha, greggros is kinda catchy. sounds like someone with a speech-impediment saying 'legos'16:46
cmaloneyOr a Doctor Who villan16:46
cmaloneyThe greggros waged war with the krotons16:46
cmaloneyultimately the destroyed each other, and left this place16:47
jrwrenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2KZJzoz-qI  hrm... i don't think we have hte same definition of super advanced. specifically use of filter, map, and reduce is basic cs100 concepts.16:53
wafi suspect it depends on the language, run-of-the-mill python code favors list comprehensions and such over functional concepts, right?16:56
wafas opposed to something like C#, where you better know your linq16:57
jrwrenyes and list comprehensions ARE a functional concept.16:57
jrwrena list comprehension is a specific case of map16:57
wafand can be combined with filter16:57
jrwrenand if it has the if part of the list comp, then filter... right16:57
wafbut stuff like the itertools lib is what i usually reach for when going typical functional16:58
wafwhich, given my 5-second review of that 1.5 hour video, is what he's presenting?16:59
jrwreni've no idea.17:01
jrwreni didn't watch it.17:01
jrwreni read summary, "This tutorial covers some of the more complex features of the Python programming language including, functional tools(filter map reduce), itertools, metaclasses, decorators and more."17:01
jrwrennone of which is superadvanced IMO17:01
greg-gwell, "more complex" doesn't mean "the most complex" just "more" which, unless you have a baseline could be "more complex than learning how to do if then's"17:02
jrwrenhence "i don't think we have the same definition of super advanced"17:03
wafnone of that seems too advanced, though tbh i don't know what metaclasses are in python17:03
cmaloneywhat would you consider super-advanced?17:03
jrwrensomething outside of the language spec.17:03
jrwrenlike generating python bytecode and runtime and executing it17:04
jrwrenmaybe i'm too old school and think people should actually know the langauge they are using :)17:05
brouschYou ask the impossible!17:06
jrwrenit is a reasonably big language, but its python. Its all pretty easy.17:06
jrwrendecorators might be a leap17:07
jrwreni take it back. i'd call metaclasses advanced.17:08
cmaloneyI dunno. I aspire to know everything about Python, but I'm in no way able to say I command every aspect of it17:15
cmaloneyIt's like saying I need to know the totality of physics in order to drive a car17:15
brouschcmaloney: Welcome to the channel! I hope you enjoy your stay.17:17
cmaloneyThank you. Long time respirator, first-time caller.17:19
* cmaloney feels like trolling ubuntu-locoteams17:19
cmaloneyNobody will suspect who I am17:20
brouschI want this http://www.amazon.com/Internet-Programming-Python-Aaron-Watters/dp/1558514848/17:25
jrwrencmaloney: NO ONE commands every aspect. not even guido.17:25
greg-gjcastro: I may or may not have just linked to the gentoo is for ricers webpage to some coworkers20:17
jrwreni love that thing.20:18
jcastroJim Zemlin didn't know about it until OSCON20:20
jcastroI was in the beer line and we were talking about it20:20
jcastroand he was like "what is this page?"20:20
jcastroI had to load it on my phone and show it to him20:20
rick_hphew, home at last20:26
rick_hhwo goes?20:26
jcastrocmaloney: New subwoofer ordered20:27
jcastromy Rush experience should basically crush anyone right now.20:27
rick_hugh, emails there are many and I even kept up while I was away20:31
cmaloneyjcastro: Which one did you get?20:41
cmaloneyjcastro: I found one at the Salvation Army for $20 (YST-SW45)20:41
cmaloneyIt's a little underpowered, but my den is small, so it works perfectly.20:42
cmaloneyGot the "please stop testing your music" seal of approval from JoDee20:42

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