thafreakhmmm...what to do when tmux is killing my raspberry pi...?14:54
thafreak20+% of cpu and memory14:54
canthus13switch to screen?15:15
canthus13swallow it?15:15
thafreakyou're lucky this is a family firendly room :)15:24
canthus13Heh. Family-friendly has lots of definitions... o.O16:13
canthus13thafreak: Oh, and why lucky? I'm in several not-so-family-friendly rooms and don't have issues... ;)16:23
canthus13...You'd think that amazon would be able to keep themselves off of email blacklists...17:25
canthus13"Why yes, I *AM* the internet."17:27
thafreakspeaking of things large companies should be able to do...17:27
thafreakwhat do you all think about this google blackout?17:28
thafreakmakes you think...how many people use google cdn hosting of like jquery on their websites?17:28
thafreakif google suffers full blackout, it's more than just lack of search...17:28
canthus13Blackout? I Got to google.. I just got 503 pages.17:33
canthus13Heh. redddit can go down for half an hour and not a single call to me about it, threatening to cancel service or telling me they'll kick my ass if I don't put it back.  Yahoo or MSN goes down, and all the loonies come out of the woodwork.18:29
thafreaknice, so I take it you noticed the google blackout? I didn't hear about it until I saw it on slashdot19:41
thafreaki swear, no one is ever awake in #ubuntu-virt19:45
thafreakMaybe I'm in the wrong room...19:45
canthus13thafreak: I was watching a video on youtube when it happened.22:04

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