Kilosmorning superfly and others06:33
Kiloshi totimkopf 06:38
Kilosyou been here before hey?06:39
totimkopfKilos: ja ek was hier06:40
Kilosmooi man welkom terug06:41
totimkopfdankie :)06:41
Kiloshoekom so skaars?06:41
totimkopfek's in Texas :D06:41
totimkopfi used to call you oom06:42
Kiloshehe i forget our chats but the nick rang a bell06:43
Kilosyo JoTraGo 06:51
Kiloshiya maiatoday 07:22
Kiloshi zerlgi 07:23
zerlgiHi Kilos07:23
zerlgi(am lurking mostly)07:23
Kiloshi sakhi 07:28
magespawngood morning07:48
Kiloshi magespawn 07:56
maiatodayhi magespawn07:56
maiatodayI got your message about the server book, I have already emailed to get our copy07:56
maiatodayI think we'll get pdf or epub or mobi versions too.07:56
maiatodayhi Kilos07:56
magespawnhi Kilos maiatoday 07:56
magespawnawesome stuff maiatoday 07:57
magespawnare the pdf/epub free to share?07:57
maiatodaySo I am not sure what we'll do with the physical book since our community is so distributed07:57
maiatodayI'll find out about the sharing of the pdf/epub07:57
magespawnkeep it with you guys in cape town07:58
maiatodayAlso when I met with ubuntu-fr people I got their french version of 13.0407:59
magespawnthere was some discussion about sending a hard drive around the country maybe we could include the book with that08:00
=== green_ is now known as zerlgi
Kiloshi psyatw 08:10
psyatwhi Kilos08:10
magespawnhi psyatw 08:17
psyatwhi magespawn08:18
psyatwhello Squirm08:20
Kiloshi Squirm 08:22
magespawno/ Squirm 08:23
charlgood morning all09:02
charlMaaz: coffee on09:02
* Maaz flips the salt-timer09:02
Kiloshi charl 09:03
KilosMaaz, coffee please09:03
MaazKilos: Done09:03
charlhi Kilos 09:04
charlhow's it going09:05
Kilosgood ty and you09:05
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!09:06
KilosMaaz, danke09:06
charlMaaz: thanks09:06
Maazcharl: Okay :-)09:06
totimkopfcoffee is the best09:10
psyatwgood morning charl09:10
psyatwhoor totimkopf09:11
* psyatw is drinking water09:11
charlhi psyatw 09:18
charltotimkopf? wat is dat?09:19
totimkopfpsyatw: hoor09:19
totimkopfis ekke09:20
charltotimkopf: oh sorry, i missed you there :)09:20
totimkopfhi :)09:20
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy inetpro 09:55
ThatGraemeGuyhi :)10:11
Squirmgeorgl: ?10:27
georglhallo Squirm10:27
georglyou looking for me10:28
Squirmyou into RC?10:28
georglmodel gliders10:28
georglslope soaring10:28
Squirmmy old man used to do that10:28
georglah ok10:28
SquirmI saw you had joined #netram 10:28
georglyeah, been on it for a while10:29
georglnot so much now10:29
Squirmhelpful bunch it seems10:29
SquirmI take it you're from KZN then?10:29
georglCape Town10:29
Kiloseish, no power for an hour11:21
charlwb Kilos 11:23
charlthat's irritating11:23
Kilosand even with dhcp pc dont see modem in the router11:25
Kilosso back to direct usb connection11:25
totimkopfek's lus vir koffie11:25
charltotimkopf: just tell maaz "coffee on"11:27
totimkopfcoffee on11:27
totimkopfmaaz coffee on11:27
* Maaz starts grinding coffee11:27
charlhave any of you people tried http://manjaro.org/11:27
charllooks very promising11:28
MaazCoffee's ready for totimkopf!11:31
Kiloseish these power cuts are killing my drive11:33
totimkopfsomeone stealing more copper?11:34
Kilosxchat disappeared then terminal couldnt open11:34
Kilosmaybe they working on the lines11:34
Kilos/usr/bin/ not found11:34
Kilosbut fsck seems to have fixed it11:35
Kiloseish something not happy11:36
Kilospc kinda hangs11:36
Kilossaid something about orphan inodes when booting11:37
KilosThatGraemeGuy, i use sudo touch /forcefsck to run fsck on booting11:39
Kiloscan i add -f to the command11:39
Kilosor can one only use that from another drive11:39
Kilosany fsck boff may answer as well11:40
ThatGraemeGuynot sure11:41
ThatGraemeGuyi'd just boot from a livecd11:41
ThatGraemeGuyi've never really needed to run it manually11:41
charli'm sorry but forcefsck sounds like drive rape11:41
Kilosrun fsck -f from live cd?11:41
charlthey picked a really bad name for that tool11:41
Kilosi sometimes use fsck -f from another drive11:42
Kiloslike sudo fsck -f /dev/sdb111:43
ThatGraemeGuyKilos: essentially you run it with the target filesystem unmounted11:44
ThatGraemeGuywhether that's from a livecd or booted from a different installation on another disk is inconsequential11:44
Kilosya ive seen warnings that it will damage system if mounted11:45
ThatGraemeGuyas long as the filesystem you check isn't mounted, it doesn't really matter how you boot the system11:45
Kiloscool ty ThatGraemeGuy 11:45
Kilosok i go off and fix drive11:58
charlwhy the dmca takedowns are ridiculous http://torrentfreak.com/microsoft-censors-openoffice-download-links-130814/13:03
totimkopfcensors them where? from bling?13:07
totimkopfwho uses that kak search engine anyway? :p13:07
charltotimkopf: no google13:22
charlbing too13:23
charlbut then microsoft even managed to censor their own website on google13:24
charlso i guess this should come as no surprise13:24
charlthis is also interesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_301_Report13:25
charlapparently the ukraine is risking sanctions13:26
charlthis is very nicely done: http://ircbrowse.net/13:29
charlseems like it has been written in haskell13:29
charlwb Kilos \13:36
Kilosty charl 13:39
Kilosweird things with this drive13:39
Kilos4 outa 5 boots bios dont see it then all of a sudden its there again13:40
Kilosnow its working lekker fast again13:43
Kilosjust did a backup13:43
Lonehi everybody!13:53
Kilosaw no one greetied lone13:56
Kilosand i was fetching sheep13:56
Kilosbad peeps13:56
Kiloshi Arcanum_za 13:57
Kilosno chance to look at python router book or ibid today13:58
Kilosoh well musta saved some data13:59
Kilosnow nothing that not already open wants to work grrr14:01
Kilossee yous tonight14:01
Kilosback on 12.04 kubuntu konversation14:10
magespawnafternoon Kilos 14:43
Kiloshi magespawn what you been doing14:43
Kilosim just gonna do a system restart to complete an update14:49
Kiloswhew this empty desktop looks like no work gets done14:53
magespawnyou mean we must use pc to work?14:57
Kiloswell on unity my desktop is full of files that i use and havent energy to hunt for14:58
Kiloshere i gotta go hunt for desktop14:59
Kilosand the faulty unity drive is running perfectly on the older pc and faster than here so go figure15:01
Kilosmaybe its an apartheaid thing15:01
magespawnthe meeting is next monday?15:01
magespawnokay cool beans15:01
Kilos28th in=snt it15:01
magespawnyup thats right15:02
Kilosyou are right soryy magespawn it is next monday15:02
magespawnand next monday is the 26th15:04
Kilosi forgot today is monday15:04
Kilossue me15:04
Kilosno kudos and no free coffee for a week15:05
magespawni had my first run in w8th windows secure boot today15:13
Kilosi havent even seen 815:17
Kilosthats the prob when you work on other peeps pcs you gotta keep up to date with everything15:18
Kilosdid you see what the fly said last night about debugging15:19
Kiloslog.debug or something15:20
Kilosi cant see it here15:20
magespawnnot even sure where you would look 15:35
Kiloswhile we were chatting about debugging15:38
Kilosoh wait15:38
Kilosi have unity running on the other pc15:39
Kilosaw stupid15:39
Kilosno internet so no xchat15:39
Kiloswill look another time15:39
Kilosim not gonna do the iptables thing again here and dunno how to find that pc through the router15:40
magespawni am of home, chat later15:49
Vince-0kbmonkey: !17:00
kbmonkeysudo !!17:00
kbmonkeywhats up17:01
kbmonkeyhello Vince-0 17:02
kbmonkeyKilos, are you around?17:02
Vince-0*checking updates for SFD17:02
kbmonkeyI hear you are charing tonight Kilos 17:03
Kilosmeeting next monday and you the chair17:03
kbmonkeywe moved it to the last monday of the month right?17:04
kbmonkeydarnit, my calendar is wrong then!17:04
Kiloswhat client you using here17:04
Kilosoh ya irssi sometyhing17:05
kbmonkeyoh no, my appointement is correct, my phone's reminder is just wrong ;)17:05
* kbmonkey updates17:05
kbmonkeyirssi Kilos 17:05
Kilostest thing17:05
Kilosno topics bar at the top17:06
Kiloslotsa info in the topic bar17:06
kbmonkeyI have a topic bar! they just put too much in it so it gets cut off.17:08
kbmonkeycan do /topic17:08
Kiloscant you drag it bigger to make 2 lines17:08
kbmonkeymaking roast veg in the oven17:08
Kilosall important info17:08
Kiloswhat veggies?17:11
kbmonkeyI do not drag. aint got no time for draggin'. /topic works!17:17
kbmonkeypotato and onion Kilos 17:17
kbmonkeyit is part of the meal, the other part is quinoa17:18
Kiloswhat is that17:18
Kilosoh you gave me a link before17:19
kbmonkeyit is a protein based plant seed. looks like cous cous, but is plant.17:19
kbmonkeydid I? I do not think so17:19
charlkartoffel und zwiebel?17:19
charlsounds delicious17:19
kbmonkeyin fact it is a complete protein17:19
charlfolienkartoffel! jawohl!17:19
kbmonkeycook it like rice17:19
Kiloscully and lice be kiff17:22
Kilosof you get very lekker curry veggies in tins17:22
Kilosgolddish makes the best17:22
Kiloscan eat straight outa the tin17:23
Kilosno dishes17:23
kbmonkeyI live in curry country Kilos, at least 4 places in walking distance, so no need for tins if I want curry ;)17:28
Kiloshi queery 17:28
kbmonkeyhello queery 17:28
Kilosoh ya i forget where you are17:28
Kilosi lived on bunnies there17:28
kbmonkey*5 places, just remembered17:28
kbmonkeycrazy, huh17:28
queeryCurry bunnies17:29
queeryNow I'm getting hungry 17:29
kbmonkeyme too!17:29
kbmonkeyc'mon oven, work quicker!17:29
queeryMaaz what is for dinner17:29
Maazqueery: Not a clue, sorry17:29
Kilosthere was one shop below the parking garage opposite the old station that sold veggie bunnies that were better than meat bunnies 17:30
Kilosthe bot says supper17:30
queeryMaaz what's for supper17:30
Maazqueery: Huh?17:30
Kilosno '17:31
queeryMaaz what is for supper17:31
Maazqueery: I'm afraid I have no idea17:31
KilosMawhats for supper17:31
KilosMaaz: whats for supper17:31
MaazA nice thick homemade  oxtail and vegetable soup for starters and then Spaghetti bolognaise17:31
queeryMaaz whats for supper17:31
MaazA nice thick homemade  oxtail and vegetable soup for starters and then Spaghetti bolognaise17:31
nuvolario/ aloha17:32
nuvolarimeeting time?17:32
Kilosnext week guys17:32
queeryIs anyone here17:32
queeryOh seriously 17:32
nuvolarihey oom Kilos ?17:32
Kilos4th monday of the month17:32
Kiloslo nuvolari 17:33
queeryThe calender said tonight17:33
nuvolarihi oom Kilos :) Gaan dit goed?17:33
nuvolariyeah... calendars don't lie17:33
Kiloswhat calender17:33
Kilosja dankie nuvolari en jy?17:33
queeryThe ubuntu - za calender17:33
kbmonkeyhallo nuvolari 17:33
nuvolaridit gaan goed dankie oom, net besig17:33
Kilosat the last meeting the week day was changed\17:33
kbmonkeymeets het mos gemove na laaste monday17:34
nuvolarihowdy kbmonkey! How be you?17:34
queeryShould be able to find it on the website17:34
Kilosdont you okes see the meets in the topic bar17:34
kbmonkeyalso thought it was tonight, my phone reminder lied to me17:34
queeryI created the meeting schedule17:34
nuvolariI do see it now... but I got a reminder on my phone just now now17:34
kbmonkeylol snap nuvolari :)17:34
queeryMe too17:34
nuvolariblame android17:35
queeryDid someone change the dates? 17:35
queeryNo it was google17:35
Kiloswell queery you are so scarce that its no wonder you lost17:35
queeryI know I Havn't been here for a while17:35
nuvolariag, for the better, we get to check in quick and say hello17:35
nuvolariit's been ages17:35
queeryI know17:35
kbmonkeymeh, might as well have a irc party while we are here!17:36
* kbmonkey throws confetti and blows a whirly17:36
Kilosi forget what it was but something serious conflicted with 3rd monday17:36
* nuvolari distributes the party hats and tequila17:36
queeryOk I'll change the calender17:37
nuvolariwoo let the dawgs out? woo, woo17:37
* nuvolari points at woo17:38
nuvolariyo Squirm, nice pics you got with your gopro17:39
kbmonkeycan I swap the tequila for a double espresso?17:39
nuvolarikbmonkey: sure, why not?17:39
kbmonkeytequila makes me... do things17:39
nuvolarilol, despicable things17:40
kbmonkeylike fall on my face XD17:40
nuvolarihopefully not with your minions17:40
nuvolarikbmonkey: that happens when you try handstands when drunk17:40
kbmonkeyhow else do you take body shots ?17:41
nuvolarifreeze the tequila into little ice marbles and shoot them?17:41
queeryOk it's my personal one that reminded me the other one has been changed17:42
Kiloslook in las minutes why17:43
Kilosi forget17:43
kbmonkeynuvolari, here is what happens if I drink tequila! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IBkvs2LEPA17:43
Kiloshi psychicist 17:44
psychicisthi Kilos 17:44
Kilosyo Mezenir 17:45
queeryOk dinner time17:45
queeryGnite 17:47
kbmonkeygn queery 17:47
kbmonkeyhey same here, Ima go nom some dinner17:47
Kilosaw inetpro i forgot how to underline in konversation18:02
Kilosdont give me a link or say man konversation18:02
Kilosim too tired18:02
nuvolariI have no clue oom Kilos 18:13
nuvolarimaybe Ctrl+U?18:13
nuvolarior _word_18:13
nuvolariwild guess :P18:13
Kilosit was control something18:13
Kiloswhew ive spent too much time on unity18:14
Kiloswhew  ctrl+m wants to hide the menu bar18:15
Kilosctrl+l wipes the page clean18:16
KilosMaaz: coffee on18:16
* Maaz washes some mugs18:16
nuvolarihet oom u probeer?18:17
nuvolarimeh :-/18:18
nuvolariprobeer _woord_?18:18
Kilosdis net een letter ek dink18:19
nuvolarinee hu-uh, dit werk nie :-/18:20
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!18:20
nuvolari:P werk nog minder18:20
KilosMaaz: ty18:21
MaazYou are welcome Kilos18:21
Kilosen daar is nie eers n man konversation18:21
inetproKilos: look in the menu18:21
Kilosya konversation handbook18:22
inetproKDE generally displays keyboard shortcuts nicely in the menu18:22
inetproand if you don't find it there you look under Settings | Configure Shortcuts18:23
inetprogood evening18:23
inetproahh, you see18:26
Kilosbut thats a massive book18:26
Kiloshow are you inetpro 18:26
Kilosevening morning and all18:26
inetprook thanks18:26
inetprojust tired from yet another rough monday18:26
* inetpro almost thought that we're having our monthly meeting tonight18:27
Kilosso did some others hehe18:27
inetprowill take a while to get used to the new date18:27
Kilosbut i normally warn peeps when it gets close18:28
inetprothanks oom18:28
Kilosdunno how i gonna twitter from here18:28
Kilosi got apartheid creeping in on the pc here18:29
Kilosmy unity 500g drive keeps crashing and hanging and more but in the old p4 it runs kiff18:29
Kilosand its faster on the slower machine so i got some thinking to do18:30
Kilosmaybe ram messing18:31
Kilosbut kde runs fine and maverick18:31
Kiloswhat is a dhcp client id? the ip addy?18:38
Kilosoh inetpro, how do i stop /var/cache/apt/archives to save all the packages in it please and not empty every time i switch off18:40
Kilossorry to bug you18:40
Kilosshame he sleepin19:20
Kilosnight all sleep tight19:20
magespawngood evening all19:28
magespawnlooks like i missed the party19:28
magespawn<kbmonkey> meh, might as well have a irc party while we are here!19:32
magespawnpeople thought the monthly meeting was tonight.19:35
magespawngood night19:57
adeebnqodid yu guys agree on a time for python&linux classes?21:45
=== Arcanum_za is now known as Trixar_za

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