wilee-nileebluefox83, What is the latest?00:00
wilee-nileewrong nick00:01
wilee-nileeVinnie_win, What is the latest?00:01
bluefox83heh, s'ok00:01
bluefox83gcc doesn't really get updated that often i wouldn't think...so it's likely already got the latest gcc00:01
FastCodeyou know, gcc's latest versions aren't faster just because their newer, They actually suck until the last few days before release, see phoronix.there are some really good benchmarks there.00:03
wilee-nileeVinnie_win, I see debs on the internet.00:04
vaskaloidisHey I installed Nagios from the source and its not working - how do I uninstall it00:07
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vaskaloidisI would like to reinstall it from apt-get00:07
vaskaloidiscan I just go ahead and install it from apt-get maybe?00:08
Prock81i just figure out its a binary file so this dont work    egrep -v '\\|\.' file >> newfile00:08
vaskaloidisAnybody know?00:09
exidosWhat do you want to know?00:10
Prock81gedit locks up on open file, and leafpad only shows first 3 chars, nano works perfict but i cant copy the hole thing with nano00:10
vaskaloidisI installed nagios from source exidos but it doesn't work00:10
exidosWhat is the error msg?00:11
GerowenSo I've downloaded Xubuntu and am having the same problem I had with Ubuntu, when I boot from the install source, I get to the animated logo and it just sits there, animating away, but I never actually get to the installation.00:11
vaskaloidisexidos: I can't load the web interface00:11
vaskaloidisexidos: how do I know if its running00:11
GerowenProck81: As far as I'm aware, there is no text editor that will display the contents of a binary file, because it's binary.00:11
vaskaloidisps aux says its running00:11
exidosDid you check the wiki from ubuntu vaskaloidis ?00:11
exidosSry, I dont know what you have to do vaskaloidis00:12
reisio: hi DititalIceCream00:13
vaskaloidiswould it be bad to just install nagios through apt-get along side of its install from source00:15
reisiovaskaloidis: it would at the very least be redundant, don't you think?00:16
vaskaloidisgot that right00:16
jordilopezamathello ubuntu community00:17
reisiohello jordilopezamat00:17
jordilopezamathello reisio00:17
jordilopezamat:-/ i'm a little bit puzzled ...00:18
jordilopezamatnewbie here ... i' stucked on the following (it's not a "in production" server) ¿HOWTO optimise current partitioning? ? 1. i started from this disk partioning  http://db.tt/6tcKC9HW  2. then (temporarily) removed swap partition and tried to enlarge /home capacity... but i (stupidly) slipped onto this  http://db.tt/uteG7QaI00:18
reisiojordilopezamat: so what's the problem?00:19
daftykinsooh-err, two separate unallocated segments00:19
jordilopezamat¿HOWTO optimise current partitioning? It's a little bit messy ...00:19
daftykinsand a primary after an extended, eww00:19
jordilopezamatjust want / , /home and /swap00:19
daftykinsi'd back it up and start again00:19
jordilopezamatyes daftkyins... exactly :-/00:20
jordilopezamatstart again from scratch you mean ?00:20
jordilopezamati'm on a Live-Usb now , FYI00:21
jordilopezamatthanks again :-)00:21
jordilopezamatfor your hints...00:21
Marleneewhat mean that error while i install apt-get install htop : Segmentation faultsts... 20%00:22
crypticmofohi all .. i used unetbootin to put a ubuntu iso onto it / i boot up and i get a boot 0 erro00:22
crypticmofoany ideas ?00:22
chrs_when i try to dpkg -i install a package i get a conflict error00:23
chrs_but when i try to uninstall the conflicting package, it wants to uninstall a bunch of other packages00:23
chrs_can i just swap them?00:23
crypticmofoanyone ?00:24
crypticmofoim trying to boot ubuntu from a usb drive ?00:24
daftykinscrypticmofo: try universal usb installer from pendrivelinux.com00:24
wilee-nileecrypticmofo, Check the sum of the iso and maybe try another usb loader.00:25
stirnwercrypticmofo, ive had similar issues00:25
crypticmofostirnwer i always have issues with unetbootin .. what we are both saying its a POS00:25
stirnwercrypticmofo, i find that a handy way is to install grub(4dos?) or syslinux on the usb and then add various operating systems to it00:26
Dr_Willisi have also had issues with unetbootin in the past. I tend to use the many tools at the Pendrivelinux web site00:26
Dr_WillisI really like the ones that setup grub2 to boot ISO files. that way you can have a single flashd rive that boots differnt disrtos00:26
stirnwercrypticmofo, then you may just try with various boot commands, edit the menu file if something goes wrong on first attempt00:26
Dr_Willisor i just 'dd' (image) the  iso file straight to the flash.00:26
stirnwercrypticmofo, "i boot up and i get a boot 0 erro" - could you spell out the entire error message?00:28
josehey guys! I'm trying to install ubuntu server 12.04 from one of canonical's CDs, and I get the error00:28
joseoops, sorry00:29
joseerror is: '/install/vmlinuz: file not found'00:29
wilee-nilee!md5sum | jose00:29
ubottujose: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:29
Dr_Willisfirst guess would be it was a bad iso file or a bad burn jose00:29
reisiojose: from the installation, or the CD as it boots up?00:29
josereisio: once I get the screen to select the options00:30
Dr_Willisthe screen on the Install cd?00:30
reisiojose: from an installation, or the CD?00:30
joseDr_Willis, wilee-nilee: those checks have been done by the provider :)00:30
josereisio: from the CD00:30
reisiowhat Dr_Willis said, then00:30
Dr_Williswhat provider?00:30
wilee-nileejose, What provider?00:30
Vinnie_winwilee-nilee: I need 4.7.2 but I have 4.6.300:30
Dr_WillisIve definatly seen 'good' cd's not totally be readable by a differnt pc due to differances in the optical drive00:30
josewell, Canonical sends LoCos CDs that have been burnt by a provider, they make sure images are the same and there are no burn failures00:31
wilee-nileeVinnie_win, What release you running?00:31
Dr_WillisI would be very much suprised if they verify every single cd.00:31
Dr_Willisburn them in bulk, ship them out.00:31
daftykinsverifications can be quick processes after a burn though00:31
tgm4883jose, I'd be surprised if the canonical shipped CD's were burnt00:32
joseyeah, I'm trying with another one00:32
joseand another CD gives out the same result00:33
wilee-nileejose, I would get the iso from the torrent it checks them.00:33
tgm4883or zsync00:33
josewilee-nilee: as I said, I didn't download the ISO.00:34
wilee-nileejose, Did I say you did?00:34
bluefox83ok, so i finally just broke down and i'm moving files one folder at a time and rsync just wasn't working, kept saying operation wasn't permitted...no idea what that was about. but it's currently sending at a whopping 600k across the wifi00:34
KM0201jose: well is downloading the ISO not an option for some reason?00:34
joseindirectly, but let's get back to the point :)00:34
joseKM0201: I already did, and it was torrented00:34
wilee-nileejose, Your point is pointless if you want help.00:34
KM0201if it was torrented, then it's not the ISO00:35
reisiowell, it could be the ISO :)00:35
chrs_i want to install package a2.deb but it conflicts with a1.deb. but a lot of packages depend on a1.deb. is there an easy way to do a swap?00:35
tgm4883what what?00:35
wilee-nileecanonical has torrents00:35
josewilee-nilee: well, I'll try with some other people around, thanks anyways!00:35
reisiochrs_: what're the packages? :p00:35
Dr_Willischrs_:  dpkg -i foo1.deb foo2.deb foo3.deb00:35
Dr_Willischrs_:  oh wait i miisread that.00:35
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chrs_reisio: they're on my local hard disk00:36
KM0201you should be able to remove "a2" w/o removing all its dependencies00:36
OerHeksjose so what is your CPU architecture?00:36
chrs_ok, you mean remove "a1"?00:36
reisiowhat, not where00:36
Dr_Williswonder if dpkg  can do a dpkg -i foo1  -r foo2 (well wait.. dpkg cant remove)00:36
chrs_reisio: oh sorry00:36
chrs_reisio: they are x drivers00:36
Dr_Willischrs_:  whats the package names exactly?00:37
joseOerHeks: one of the oldest 64x00:37
KM0201chrs_: well, if you remove "a1".. and it says.. "these packages are no longer required"... that doesn't mean they are being removed... now if it says they're being removed... that's different00:37
bluefox83i wish there was a way to move those files faster via smb because it's saying it's gonna take over a day to move them all :(00:37
reisiobluefox83: use something else? :p00:37
chrs_libegl1-mesa is what i want to remove, chromium-mali-opengles is what i want to install00:38
chrs_naturally, a lot of packages depend on the mesa libraries00:38
tgm4883bluefox83, don't use wifi?00:38
reisiobluefox83: you're moving from one internal hard disk to another internal hard disk, over the network is that right?00:38
basichashHow can i change tab space on vim?00:38
zangaroohow do i verify a .deb i have one the signing key and don't wish to add the repository ?00:39
reisiobasichash: echo 'set ts=4 sw=4' >> ~/.vimrc00:39
basichashreisio: thanks00:39
chrs_KM0201: it says dpkg: dependency problems prevent the removal of libegl1-mesa00:40
chrs_then it doesn't remove the package00:40
KM0201well, there you go00:40
yeehiWhat is the maximum amount of traffic on the busiest Ubuntu mirrors at peak times? What is an average amount of traffic (up/down) for a busy server?00:41
Dr_Willisbusiest.. is on release day. :) when they are so busy they are down.. ;P00:41
reisiomore than a bread basket00:41
Dr_Willisi wonder if they got extra servers they bring up for release day/week loads.. then  turn them off  when not needed00:42
basichashHow do I save an open file in vim?00:42
tgm4883Dr_Willis, they repurpose build servers from LP00:42
tgm4883last I checked anyway00:42
chrs_KM0201: i guess i want to force remove the package and install my own package in its place00:43
daftykinsbasichash: escape, :wq, enter i think00:43
chrs_it should work since it provides the same libraries00:43
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code00:43
Vinnie_winwilee-nilee: I stumbled on this, it helped http://askubuntu.com/questions/113291/how-do-i-install-gcc-4-700:43
Dr_Willistime to run vimtutor and learn some vim i think00:43
KM0201chrs_: i think that would be a bad idea... if it provided the same libraries, it wouldn't cause the error when you tried to install it.00:43
basichashdaftykins: how do I do :wq? What is it?00:43
daftykinstyping exactly that00:44
basichashdaftykins: right, thanks00:44
wilee-nileeVinnie_win, Just be aware PPA's are not supported here if you have a problem.00:44
tood13.04 on laptop, dist-upgrade gives me 3.8.0-27 is this correct?00:44
Vinnie_winwilee-nilee: It seemed to work pretty well00:44
Vinnie_winwilee-nilee: My app built00:45
chrs_KM0201: http://pastebin.com/wTT1J8kt00:45
wilee-nileetood, dist-upgrade means what to you?00:46
chrs_the thing is i don't care about the mesa libs at all00:46
crypticmofo hey all00:47
toodupdates the kernel00:47
crypticmofoi can boot up after using the pendrive thanks .. but it keeps trying to check for a cdrom not my usb drive00:47
wilee-nileetood, If you run it, it tells you waht is there.00:47
crypticmofoshould i download a live ubuntu iso then boot form there ?00:47
toodthe intewebs say the currant kernel is 3.8.0-2800:48
holsteincrypticmofo: you made a live "pen drive"?00:48
Ben64tood: dist-upgrade in addition to performing the function of upgrade,           also intelligently handles changing dependencies with new versions           of packages00:48
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holsteincrypticmofo: what do you want to do?00:48
Ben64tood: it doesn't mean "kernel upgrade"00:48
toodben64  yes00:48
crypticmofoholstein i need to install ubuntu .. i need to boot into ubuntu / parition the hdd then install ubuntu00:49
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holsteincrypticmofo: thats not how you install it00:49
holsteincrypticmofo: you *dont* "boot in ubuntu partition" to install.. that specifically will not work00:49
crypticmofoholstein it has gparted right ?00:49
toodshoot, I did read apt-get man, buut did mis understand00:50
holsteincrypticmofo: you would make installation media.. there is an iso.. you download the iso and either burn it to cd or make a bootable usb stick (i use unetbootin)00:50
holsteincrypticmofo: gparted is in the repos.. and either is on the live installation media, or installable00:50
bluefox83reisio: i am moving from one internal hard drive on one machine, to another internal hard drive on another machine via wifi...00:50
crypticmofoholstein yes ubuntu is on my usb drive .. i can boot to it .. but when i get to the install part it looks for a cdrom not my usb drive and it fails00:50
bluefox83sorry it took so long to respond >.>00:50
holsteincrypticmofo: what iso did you download? from where? and how did you make the stick?00:51
wilee-nileecrypticmofo, Are you hitting the yes to unmount something when asked?00:51
wilee-nileeif asked00:51
crypticmofowilee-nilee i go to install / unitied states / keyboard  / then it says checking cdrom integrity / then it errors out00:51
holsteincrypticmofo: what iso did you download? from where? and how did you make the stick?00:52
bluefox83crypticmofo: you might have a bad iso :/00:52
wilee-nileecrypticmofo, I would check the sum on the iso, and answer holstein00:52
DanC_since when does an `apt-date update` take 10 minutes? is it just my network, or is anybody else seeing this?00:52
crypticmofook one sec ok00:52
holsteincrypticmofo: d you have 64bit hardware? do you want 12.04? how did you make the bootable stick?00:53
wilee-nileeDanC_, YOU changed anything, like using a proxy...etc?00:53
KM0201or, it's having trouble contacting a 3rd party repo00:53
KM0201like a ppa00:53
KM0201you should be able to see where it's hanging up.00:53
holsteinyup.. bad or old/slow sources can do that00:53
DanC_no... well, I've been changing some things since I saw the symptoms; e.g. trying different mirrors00:53
bluefox83i've read that the startup disk creator thingy in the latest 64bit ubuntu is broken >.>00:53
Vinnie_winWhere do I install boost?00:54
bluefox83or it was, like a week ago00:54
crypticmofoholstein yes .. im on a lenova twist device its 64 bit windows 8 .. i downloaded the iso from a ubuntu website (im looking for it) i used universal usb installer to make it00:54
Vinnie_winHow do I find out where my current boost is located?00:54
holsteinVinnie_win: what boost? what exactly are you trying to do?00:54
DanC_dpkg -L boost00:54
holsteincrypticmofo: try unetbootin.. try confirming the iso download00:54
DanC_apt-cache policy boost # to see if it's installed at all00:54
crypticmofoholstein http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/00:54
holstein!md5 > crypticmofo00:54
ubottucrypticmofo, please see my private message00:54
Vinnie_winDanC_: Hmm its not installed00:54
crypticmofoholstein i tried unibutin it didn't working00:54
DanC_apt-cache search boost # to see if you got the name of the package right00:54
holsteincrypticmofo: what youa re trying now, is not working00:55
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crypticmofook let me mdf it00:55
holsteincrypticmofo: the commmon thread is, the downloaded iso, your network.. the usb stick (potentially) and you00:55
Vinnie_winDanC_: Yeah I got some of the libraries. I know i Have boost because I've been building my app with it. I would like to remove it, and reinstall the latest boost myself00:55
* DanC_ presumes he means the boost c++ library http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boost_(C%2B%2B_libraries)00:55
bluefox83that's odd, i always think *I* am the problem first...then go on to the software, then the hardware...lol00:56
Vinnie_winDanC_: I updated my gcc using a ppa and now the prebuilt boost libraries are incompatible00:56
DanC_eek... you're way out there on the edge, Vinnie_win.00:56
DanC_what _are_ you trying to do?00:56
bluefox83Vinnie_win: that's why i try not to update libraries like that...00:56
Vinnie_winDanC_: First I want to remove all traces of the existing boost install. Then I want to reinstall boost on my own using the instructions on boost.org00:57
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DanC_really? you want to play around with installing libraries? and then you'll be happy? no further goal?00:57
Vinnie_winDanC_: No more using ubuntu's package manager for the boost libraries..I need to do it myself, and build the libraries myself, so I can have different  versions installed for testing00:57
crypticmofoholstein cff39ccc589c7797aacce9efee7b5f93 *ubuntu-12.04.2-alternate-amd64.iso is the same as http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/MD5SUMS00:58
crypticmofofirst line00:58
holsteinVinnie_win: build what you like.. and maintain it on your own.. the repo versions are officialy supported here..00:58
holsteinVinnie_win: i would probably consider virtualization for that00:58
Vinnie_winholstein: Sure. But how do I remove what is already installed?00:58
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Vinnie_winholstein: I definitely used the package manager to get boost in there in the first place. I dont recall building it myself00:59
DanC_apt-get remove libboost-dev #or the like; use apt-cache search or dpkg -l to find the name00:59
Vinnie_winDanc_: Ah yes! libboost-dev that is definitely ringing a bell00:59
holsteincrypticmofo: ok.. you dont need to share that here.. you can just test that on your own, and confirm it.. then move on.. try a different USB stick.. try the same stick on different hardware.. make the stick with unetbootin *after* manually reformatting it01:00
DanC_might I recommend checkinstall to package up the results when you build it yourself, Vinnie_win01:00
holsteincrypticmofo: i assure you.. the iso's work.. and i use them routinely.. what *specific* issue did you have with unetbootin?01:00
Vinnie_windanc_: Not sure what you mean by package up the results01:00
DanC_nobody else is seeing `apt-get update` take 15 minutes? (and counting...)01:01
wilee-nileeDanC_, Have you checked you net speed?01:01
holsteinDanC_: no.. and as i (and other suggested( that can be due to slow sources.. did you add PPA's?01:01
crypticmofoholstein first things first im going to parition my hard drive and start over ok01:01
DanC_heh... I *just* typed speedtest.net into my browser as you wrote that, wilee-nilee01:01
DanC_and yes, I've added PPAs here and there. any clues on telling which one is slow?01:02
holsteincrypticmofo: do what you like.. i use a gparted live CD.. if you cant boot live CD's, you might have issues in generall doing maintenance like that01:02
holsteinDanC_: i usually disable them *all*, run the updated command.. and add them back01:02
Vinnie_windanc_: Could you give me a clue to where in the file system I should extract the boost_1_54 directory? Would it normally go in /usr/local/ or something?01:02
holsteinDanC_: one at a time..01:02
wilee-nileeDanC_, did you check that all the ppa's have releases for your release?01:03
crypticmofoholstein there is a option on the gparted webpage to use the usbliveuniveral thing to make it boot01:03
holsteincrypticmofo: i use unetbootin.. use what is working, which right now, is nothing for you01:03
DanC_Vinnie_win, well, now there you're getting off-topic for this channel. I'd bet there's a #boost channel not far from here.01:03
crypticmofook thanks br01:03
holsteincrypticmofo: try taking the stick you make to another machine. try another stick.. try another iso..01:03
crypticmofoi will01:04
DanC_0.34Mbps download speed. :-{{{{01:04
DanC_0.24 that is01:05
wilee-nileeDanC_, Reboot the router01:05
DanC_not a bad idea01:06
* DanC_ wonders why people put up with this.01:06
DanC_can you imagine if you had to turn your fridge off and on every other week?01:06
KM0201DanC_: i never have to reboot my router01:06
c2tarunHi friends, when I resume my laptop from Sleep mode, Ubuntu is not able to increase brightness of laptop. Its brightness is so low after resuming that I can barely see anything. So everytime I resume I have to increase brightness manually. Is there any fix to this problem?01:08
bluefox83i just made some changes to my smb.conf how do i get samba to start reading the new smb.conf?01:09
somsipbluefox83: sudo service smbd restart01:10
stirnwerc2tarun, screen settings? should be possible to adjust that01:10
bluefox83somsip: wont that just restart it? i thought you had to do somethign to get it to rehash it or something?01:10
c2tarunstirnwer, sorry, I am not able to understand, can you please rephrase01:11
somsipbluefox83: I've not had to do that before but I suppose it might depend on what you changed01:11
vlad24bitthere is a maximum brightness usually configurable in your video cards utility menu01:11
vlad24bitdo you have intel? ati? nvidia?01:12
vlad24bitI know ati and nvidia have one01:12
MrHotsauceanyone have any experience with dd-wrt firwmare and xubuntu when the router is set in repeater mode? (all my devices except my xubuntu laptop will connect to my bridge wireless)01:14
bluefox83i really hate my router >.>01:14
wilee-nilee!tmi | bluefox8301:15
ubottubluefox83: Um thanks... We *really* did not need to know that...01:15
pepper_chicoI love mine, researched it before the buy, replaced all antennas by now01:16
KM0201that you hate your router.. :)01:16
wilee-nileebluefox83, This is support I notice you are just making comments many of which have b=no evidens, like a "I read that" for example.01:16
bluefox83oh, well mine is a wrt54g that's like, 8 years old or something...it's super slow...01:16
reisiobluefox83: both desktops?01:16
bluefox83reisio: eh, a laptop and a desktop01:16
vlad24bitI get a good 100mbps on my at&t router01:17
reisiostill, you could probably take the drive out of the source box, and hook it up to the destination box01:17
pepper_chicomine is a TP-Link TL-WR1043ND01:17
reisioand increase transfer time massively01:17
bluefox83wilee-nilee: the router comment was really because dispite adding some new stuff to smb.conf to speed things up...my router is bottlenecking my speeds rediculously01:17
reisioerm, decrease :)01:17
reisioincrease transfer time _efficiency_, heh01:17
vlad24bitwhich is funny cause the damn thing and most routers are suppose to get 10 times that01:18
bluefox83reisio: i wish i had the stuff to do that...buuuut i don't D:01:18
reisioa lot only get their boasted speeds with inferior security configurations01:18
reisiobluefox83: what stuff are you lacking?01:18
reisiobluefox83: no you already have cables01:19
reisiothat's how your computers connect to the drives they're using right now01:19
reisiowith cables01:19
bluefox83how am i connecting a laptop hard drive to a desktop, or vise-versa?01:19
reisiojust take it out of one and put it into another01:19
bluefox83there are no cables in my laptop...it just sits there >.>01:20
reisiothen it's just up to your desktop01:20
reisiohow many drives does it have?01:20
bluefox83and, there's no way to hook that drive into my desktop...01:20
reisiosure there is01:20
bluefox832 currently...01:20
reisioperfect, then you have at least one spare cable01:21
reisiowhich is all you need01:21
bluefox83dude, i'm tellin ya, there is no compatible cable in that desktop to hook that hard drive in there!01:21
reisiowhy? One is PATA and one is SATA?01:21
bluefox83there's an IDE and an SATA...none of them will hook to this drive :(01:21
reisioyour laptop uses neither IDE or SATA?01:22
reisiothat's hard to believe01:22
bluefox83it just kinda sits on a little connector...i dunno which it woudl be01:22
reisiowell, it's almost certainly one or the other :)01:22
bluefox83i'm really not taking the hard drive out to do that anyways >.>01:22
reisioif your desktop handles both, it doesn't matter which it is01:22
reisiowhy not? :p01:22
reisioit'll save you hours and hours01:22
bluefox83cus i have to be in bed in like half an hour...01:23
reisiowell it doesn't take 30 minutes to plug a cable into a drive... :)01:23
reisiobut suit yourself01:23
bluefox83no, it'll take me that long to get teh case off...LOL01:23
reisiosomething to think about next time, then01:23
bluefox83the door to that stupid case is crazy01:24
DanC_this is getting bad. after rebooting router and cablemodem, download speed was measured at 0.17 Mbps. Now I'm struggling to load speedtest.net at all.01:24
vlad24bitit takes 20min to transfer 100GB for me, you better hurry if the drive isn't even connected01:24
Dr_Willisthey got those Universial-to-usb adators.. ;)01:24
bluefox83Dr_Willis: i don't have one :(01:24
bluefox83i'd freakin kill for something to make my 1tb work on my laptop, i'd have solved this crap hours ago >.>01:25
vlad24bityou need a hd encloser that supports the drive, you can buy them oniline01:26
bluefox83man...i'm gonna need to rebuild my plexmediaserver again >.>01:26
reisioyou don't need an enclosure if you have a tower01:26
vlad24bitthen just plug in usb usually 3.001:26
reisiothose... are enclosures01:26
bluefox83yeah...i don't have one of those either (or the money)01:26
bluefox83reisio: i01:26
vlad24bitlight a match and run01:26
reisiowhy can't you use your 1tb on your laptop?01:26
bluefox83ve recently discovered that my primary partition is also messed up and needs a fsck :(01:27
=== Clank|Gone is now known as RedefinedClank
bluefox83uhm...because i don't have a hookup for it...lol01:27
reisioit's just a bare internal drive?01:27
bluefox83internal desktop hard drives wont fit in laptops, so you need an enclosure...01:28
reisiommm, you could use your desktop :)01:28
reisiobut you said you don't have the time or something now :)01:28
* bluefox83 facepalms01:28
Dr_Willisjust use the powers of your mind...01:28
bluefox83i totally have a spare laptop hard drive >.>01:28
reisioif it's not done when you wake, probably should go ahead01:28
bonelabs /exit01:29
bluefox83dang, i was hoping this laptop had a second spot for another hard drive...01:29
bluefox83my last one did...but that laptop got fried >.>01:30
Dr_WillisI had a laptop that had 2 HD slots..  came in handy.01:30
reisioenclosures are like $20 :)01:30
reisiobut unless you have eSATA, it'll still be slower than taking the drive out and hooking it up directly01:30
bluefox83i'll keep that in mind the next time i'm not hundreds of dollars in debt lol01:30
reisiommm, well, watching data copy isn't going to help you get out of debt01:31
Dr_Willishttp://www.amazon.com/eForCity-USB-SATA-Cable-Adapter/dp/B001OORN06/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1376875842&sr=8-11&keywords=usb+hd+adaptor   $701:31
bluefox83pushin 840+kbps now :)01:31
kimsiai jallo01:31
kimsiahi there01:31
kimsiaI just typed apt-get update01:31
kimsiaand now i am getting a long list of EDAC i7core: Lost 127 memory errors01:31
kimsiaThe list has kept running for the past 5 minutes01:31
kimsiaWhat is happenning?01:32
bluefox83so the speed just keeps going up and up and up...that's totally awesome >.>01:32
bluefox83it's heading towards 1mbps >.>01:33
bluefox83ok, i need to shower...then go to bed. Thanks for the ideas and convo folks. you've been a huge help :)01:35
reisio1mbps vs 1.5-6gbit/s :p01:35
bluefox83it's at 1.1mbps01:36
bluefox83and climbing01:36
OerHekskimsia, looks like you are answered > http://askubuntu.com/questions/334328/typed-apt-get-update-now-showing-a-long-list-of-edac-errors-is-there-anything01:39
kimsiaOerHeks: thanks for alerting me01:45
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Agamemnusok, i'm trying another approach01:59
Agamemnusi'll compile directly on centos01:59
Agamemnusbut i don't know how to download files from a url on centos01:59
Agamemnushow can I do that?01:59
holsteinAgamemnus: i would ask in a centos support channel.. this is the ubuntu support channel.. wget is what i would use in the commandline02:00
tgm4883Agamemnus, probably wget02:00
GerowenSo for anybody who was here earlier when I was having issues with my installer hanging, it was the NVidia stand alone video card.  It had an old NVidia GeForce FX 5500 in it, so I took it out and used the on-board card, and it booted the installer just fine.02:00
Agamemnusi'm so tired02:00
Agamemnusi wanted to go to centos02:01
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:01
holsteinAgamemnus: :)02:01
pvl1i cant seem to get the nvidia module to load02:01
pvl1i think02:01
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto02:02
holsteinpvl1: shouldnt need to do much special other than install the package, if the hardware is supported02:03
pvl1holstein: i downloaded it from their website, and ran the installed in recovery02:03
holsteinpvl1: ideally "they" provide support for "their" packages.. but, there should be references on the link i gave.. i usually try the repo one first02:04
m4yh3mdoes anybody play halo on ubuntu? i'm trying to use a tool halothirdfov is to remove the fov and get thirdperson view..02:05
holsteinm4yh3m: in wine?02:06
m4yh3mit's halo 2 Custom edition..02:06
m4yh3mholstein, i can play the game but the this tool halothirdfov doesn't run02:07
holsteinm4yh3m: in wine? are you using wine? is it a windows game that you are using wine to run?02:07
m4yh3mholstein, i'm using wine.. i was able to play halo fine..02:07
m4yh3mbut i want to run that tool.. halothirdfov.. that one is not running02:08
holsteinm4yh3m: i would ask in a wine channel.. typically, when i am "forced" to run unsupported software in wine, im pretty happy with what does work02:08
m4yh3mis the a wine channel? o.O02:08
holsteinm4yh3m: ideally, the game devs tell you how you are intended to run it on linux.. since that will me "you are not intended to run it in linux", you try asking someone using wine.. and i would try the wine channel02:09
m4yh3mi will try to find the wine channel :P02:09
m4yh3mthank you holstein02:09
holsteinm4yh3m: #winehq AFAIK02:10
m4yh3mholstein, just found it :P thanks02:10
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pvl1i installed ubuntu gnome on a laptop today, and i noticed the laptop is getting really really hot. what could be the cause02:14
holsteinpvl1: graphics driver support.. gnome/unity use 3d desktops. you can try using something like xfce or try a different graphics drive02:15
ikoniaprobably power management support issues02:17
crypticmofoholstein: you around still ?02:18
crypticmofoor anyone02:18
crypticmofoholstein:  so .. i partiioned my hdd right .. i botted up to ubuntu im at the ubuntu installer memu02:19
crypticmofoits a load load insaller componets from cd02:19
crypticmofobut it keeps looking for a cd-rom drive i don't have it / i booted with ubuntu from usb02:19
crypticmofocan i fake or make it seems like there is a cdrom installed or something ?02:20
crypticmofoit lets me excute a shell02:20
pvl1holstein: good thing i installed i3 on it. the graphics issue is seperate from what i mentioned earlier02:20
holsteincrypticmofo: the desktop iso... i use unetbootin .. i format the stick, i make the stick.. then i instal.. no errors02:20
holsteincrypticmofo: i have seen that issue when trying to use an alternate iso a few releases back02:20
crypticmofooh ok02:20
holsteincrypticmofo: i would try different things, friend... try unetbootin after formatting.. try different isos.. try different sticks.. try that stick on a different maching02:21
holsteincrypticmofo: boot to the live desktop...02:21
crypticmofoholstein:  there is no live desktop at boot just says install ubuntu02:22
crypticmofoi will download a new iso02:22
orlandorvssomeone heipme? can not  sync my ipod on ubuntu 13.402:22
user987654i am new02:23
user987654anyone can help me with grub config?02:23
user987654please I just installed ubuntu02:23
user987654I am an initiated >D02:23
holsteincrypticmofo: then, you dont have the live desktop iso, and you should02:24
DigitalIceCreamWhat do you want to do with grub?02:24
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:24
holsteinorlandorvs: ^02:24
user987654I had an hdd with Win702:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:24
user987654then I disconnected it and installed Ubuntu in a second hdd02:24
user987654now I connected both02:24
user987654I want to boot from the grub to the system I choose... but I can't get this... I have to move the sata connector every time I want to change system02:25
wilee-nileeuser987654, Put the HD with ubuntu as first read in the bios.02:28
user987654I can do that02:29
user987654how can I add windows, which is in the 2nd hdd to the grub menu?02:29
wilee-nileeuser987654, If it boots ubuntu open a terminal and run sudo update-grub and that should add windows to the grub menu.02:29
user987654thanks for all02:30
user987654i am going to test it02:30
FloodBot1user987654: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:30
vaskaloidisHey I am getting a Nagios error 127 - plugins may be missing error, anyone know how to fix it02:34
bazhangvaskaloidis, try #nagios02:42
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xaviousLooking for some help removing programs, specifically that of WINE.02:47
lafanngahello people02:48
wilee-nileexavious, try #winehq maybe02:48
xavious;wilee-nille thanks, will do02:49
wilee-nileexavious, You can tab complete nicks.02:53
pvl1wilee-nilee: any chance u have exp with nvidia on ubuntu02:57
pvl1the official drivers02:58
pvl1more importantly02:58
pvl1i installed ubuntu gnome on a laptop, and its getting really hot02:58
wilee-nilee!enter | pvl1 more importantly02:58
ubottupvl1 more importantly: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:58
pvl1holstein: recommends a different window manager02:58
chrs_anyone have experience with xorg.conf? i'm trying to get some opengl es drivers loaded into Xorg02:58
pvl1lol good one wilee-nilee02:59
chrs_i have the libraries on my filesystem, but i'm confused on how to get the X to pick them up and load them02:59
pvl1hm brb i need a reboot02:59
chrs_my guess is it has something to do with the "Modules" section of the conf file02:59
wilee-nileedetails | chrs_ to the channel03:00
wilee-nilee!details | chrs_ to the channel03:00
ubottuchrs_ to the channel: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:00
chrs_I have a problem loading ARM Mali OpenGL ES drivers into my Xorg server. I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 armhf. When i startx, the log file doesn't say anything about loading the opengl es (egl) driver even though I have the library files in /usr/lib/ and another obvious locations.03:02
wilee-nileechrs_, Been awhile since you posted what you were working on just refresh your info is all.03:02
wilee-nileeDoh you just did cool03:02
chrs_i'm actually running "Xubuntu"03:03
chrs_if that matters03:03
chrs_it's just xfce instead of Unity/compiz03:03
wilee-nileechrs_, I can't help but others may.03:03
chrs_wilee-nilee: no prob03:03
Agamemnusso, glibc. 2.12.03:03
Agamemnusi need to convert all my libs to use it03:03
Agamemnusshould i just downgrade ubuntu?03:04
=== halyard is now known as FiremanEd
wilee-nileeAgamemnus, The term downgrade meaning?03:04
bazhangAgamemnus, why would you need that version03:04
reisiogenerally if you find yourself asking the question "should I downgrade?", you are doing it wrong :)03:05
AgamemnusSo I can run my programs on centOS03:05
=== Guest22195 is now known as jan1337zZz
Agamemnuswhich only runs 2.1203:05
wilee-nileeAgamemnus, This is ubuntu support only03:05
ntzrmtthihu777hello. Just got a dell latitude xt2, installex xubuntu 13.04 on it, looking to update my i915 module to use newer versions, as the current only uses glx 1.4, and that is simply not acceptable :P03:05
AgamemnusI know03:05
bazhangAgamemnus, #centos03:06
AgamemnusI am talking about centos03:06
AgamemnusI am talking about ubuntu03:06
bazhangAgamemnus, wrong channel03:06
Dr_Willisntzrmtthihu777:  intel has some website/script to help with installing the latest intel drivers.03:06
bazhang!enter | Agamemnus03:06
ubottuAgamemnus: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:06
AgamemnusI need to use glibc 2.1203:06
bazhangAgamemnus, why03:07
Agamemnusi just told you.03:07
ntzrmtthihu777Dr_Willis: info?03:07
vlad24bitbufo: where youd get upty03:07
ntzrmtthihu777bazhang: he's working on ubuntu, but wants it to work on centOS.03:07
Dr_Willisntzrmtthihu777: id have to hit google to find it.. i just recall seeing it mentioned once at a blog site03:07
Dr_Willisntzrmtthihu777:  has some weird name. :) is about i recall . ve never used the tools there03:07
Agamemnusotherwise I'd need to create a VM in centos which runs ubuntu, and this is completely impossible03:08
Agamemnusfor me, at least.03:08
crypticmofoholstein:  i goet a netinstall mini iso and its installing03:08
Dr_Willisntzrmtthihu777:  should be a easy google search. ;) im  got other stuff going on. so im slow on the networks right now03:09
balorthcan someone help me with chntpw?03:09
vlad24bitdoes virtual box have opengl accelleration say if I was running a vm suse on top of ubuntu03:09
reisiobalorth: what about it?03:09
reisiovlad24bit: ask #vbox about it03:09
Dr_Willisntzrmtthihu777:  01.org  ;) what a weird name for intel to use.03:10
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reisiofinally a graphical way to install what package managers have always done quickly and efficiently before!03:10
balorthnew with ubuntu need to install it on 11.1003:10
vlad24bitreisio : thx03:10
wilee-nileebalorth, why 11.1003:11
bazhangbalorth, 11.10 is out of support03:11
Dr_Willisntzrmtthihu777:  been updated  it seems -> https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2013/intelr-linux-graphics-installer-version-1.0.203:11
bazhang!eolupgrades | balorth03:11
ubottubalorth: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:11
balorthits what i had put on the flashdrive heh03:11
bazhangbalorth, upgrade to a supported version03:11
balorthi will be back with a new version03:12
lotuspsychjemorning to all03:14
ntzrmtthihu777Dr_Willis: thankyah03:14
Dr_Willisntzrmtthihu777:  no idea how well they work. I dont use them03:14
ntzrmtthihu777meh, its a fresh install, so I don't mind experimenting. I have no stake in it yet :P03:15
ntzrmtthihu777Dr_Willis: coolest thing I've done on it as of yet is finally getting bitlbee to work with skype :P03:15
balorthso what version should i use for chntpw?03:17
Ben64balorth: you should just use a linux image that has that in it if thats all you need03:18
balorthwell that would be helpfull03:18
wilee-nileebalorth, What is it you are doing, whats the end goal here?03:18
balorthi need to rest y fathers password on windows 703:18
wilee-nileebalorth, You might ask in ##windows for a method more common.03:19
ikoniabalorth: windows 7 has a password reset process, you don't do that through linux03:19
balorthwell searching and this was the best thing i could find03:20
ikoniabalorth: it's not03:20
reisiobalorth: what's the problem?03:20
ikoniabalorth: follow the windows password reset process03:20
ikoniabalorth: there is no need to use linux to "reset" your dads password03:20
balorthwell he doent have any reset disk03:21
ikoniabalorth: he can get one from microsoft it that is needed03:21
ikoniabalorth: the guys in ##windows can walk you through a password reset03:21
Dr_Willistheres those system-rescue live cd's saw on distro watch that can do it also i belove.03:21
rjknight1I can't download apt-proxy.03:22
reisioDr_Willis: yup03:22
reisiobalorth: http://is.gd/acitex I've had more success with the 'old version' of the installer, fwiw03:24
U237WillyQuestion:  Are there other themes available for ubuntu 13.04 and unity03:33
U237Willyif so... where?03:33
bazhangU237Willy, try gnome-look.org03:34
themanwithnofaceguys there's a 6 GB file called ".swl"  in my home folder.. idk what it is.. and i think it's from installing a steam demo... can i delete it?  or more info...?03:35
PKKid2Hey All, I am trying to move my Postgres data directory to a new location, but my Postgres Server will not start with the new data_directory.. All I get is  Error: could not exec /usr/lib/postgresql/9.1/bin/pg_ctl /usr/lib/postgresql/9.1/bin/pg_ctl start -D /media/HDD/Postgres/main -l /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-9.1-main.log -s -o  -c config_file="/etc/postgresql/9.1/main/postgresql.conf" :03:35
U237Willythanks bazhang -- will do03:36
ikoniaPKKid2: haven't we gone through this before ?03:36
ikoniaPKKid2: it's apparmor stopping it as I recall03:36
PKKid2ikonia, We (as in me and you) have not talked about this before.. This is my first time asking for help in here for about a year now. :/03:37
ikoniaPKKid2: perhaps it was someone else, however the problem was apparmor03:38
ikoniaPKKid2: I suspect you have the same problem03:38
PKKid2ikonia, I did a quick search on apt and I *do* have that package installed.  Thought I have never heard of this before.  Is removing it a bad idea?03:39
PKKid2ikonia, THanks for this, looking into it now.. this could be it although I dont see a postgres entry in my apparmor config dirs03:43
themanwithnofacenew to ubuntu, i think after installing a steam demo i have a useless 6GB  file called ".swl"  in my home folder, or is that not useless..03:49
themanwithnofacewhat is it?03:49
Dr_Willisthemanwithnoface:  try 'file thefilename.swl' and see what it says03:49
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.03:49
Dr_Willisid just delete it. ;) but im reckless03:50
themanwithnofaceooh... it says ".swl: Vim swap file, version 7.3"   ...damn... why is it 6GB ?? go to #vim?   ;\03:50
Dr_Williscould be file is confused also.  and miss-identifying it03:51
themanwithnofaceno i mean if i wrongly closed vim while editing a bunch of times, could it become 6GB ???   so i'll just back up my vimrc and delete it?03:52
Dr_Willis.vimrc is not the same as a vim swap file03:52
Dr_Willisi wouldent think it would become 6gb. unless you were doing some hard core editing03:52
themanwithnofaceDr_Willis:  i was messing with my appSwitcher.js  files in cinnamon...  like a lot.. lol  to tweak the GUI...  a swap file is like a small back up right?03:54
themanwithnofacei mean my home is SMALL all there is is eclipse.. and like.. i'm new to ubuntu and all..  i want to delete but..  :<03:55
Dr_Willisi would think its like a memory swap file.. since vi also has 'backup' featires03:55
themanwithnofaceyeah and my vimrc doesnt have the whole quick and efficient saving/writing/redraw stuff in it03:56
lotuspsychjecan the useradd gui be removed as package?03:56
Dr_Willisand a vim swap file (from what i googled) starts with a . and ends with swp03:56
Dr_Willisso its very likely that file is just missnamed, or getting missientified03:57
Dr_Willisrename it to 'delte-me-later.whatever'   ;) and see if anything breaks03:57
themanwithnofaceok i did03:58
themanwithnofacenow i'm sudo apt-get updating03:58
themanwithnofacesuccessful update...  Dr_Willis  what else can i do to test if it was anything?  i mean.. my gui is fine.. still on smuxi IRC..  any terminal commands?04:00
Dr_Willisid just delet the thing. It may be some left over steam cache04:00
somsipthemanwithnoface: open vim and make sure it doesn't complain, but I've not come across problems with things like this before04:02
somsipthemanwithnoface: make sure steam still works ok, but again, very unlikely to complain04:03
themanwithnofacek, deleted it. updated..  vim is running fine.. saved wrote and compiled a file in vim..  don't care about steam, too poor for gaming, and laptop too sucky for TF2...04:05
somsipthemanwithnoface: sounds safe enough then04:05
themanwithnofacewhoopee! nowi i can back up my home folder  thanks guys. lol04:06
themanwithnofacegonna reboot i guess that'll be the true test04:06
apattersjoin #linux04:08
phyzix5761hey guys, when I start typing a name of a program in the dash home box it doesn't show any programs. How do I reset it? I must have touched something.04:11
Dr_Willistheres filter buttons to the right hand side04:12
Dr_WillisFilter Results...04:12
phyzix5761hmmm Dr_Willis  I dont see any filter buttons04:13
Dr_Williswhat ubujntu release are you using?04:13
Dr_Willisthey have constantly updated that 'area' with each new release.  I forget how 12.04 had it.. or even if it did.04:14
Dr_Willis13.10 has a Very nice set of controls now to filter out stuff. ;)04:14
phyzix5761its so weird cause I search for any program but none come up04:14
phyzix5761it was working fine a few days ago04:15
Dr_Willissee if it works for a newly made user. if so.. then its a user setting issue04:16
phyzix5761well, Dr_Willis is there a way to upgrade without having to install from disk and lose all my data?04:17
Dr_Willisif a new user has same issue. its a system type setting/problem04:17
Dr_Willisall what data?04:17
Dr_WillisI upgrade and dont use data.  ;)04:17
phyzix5761the files on my computer04:17
Dr_Willisthats the point of a 'upgrade' vs a 'clean install'04:17
phyzix5761oh, how do I update then?04:17
Dr_WillisUpdate is differnt then a 'upgrade'04:18
Dr_Williswhat are you wanting to do exctly04:18
phyzix5761I just want to find my programs04:18
Dr_Willisi dont see how a 'update, or upgrade' would   be  part of the answer.. unless you just want to try things at random to see if it suddendly starts working. ;)04:19
GBGamesI recently purchased a Dell XPS 8700 with an Nvidia graphics card in it. I installed Ubuntu 12.04, and I was using it shortly after I updated it, along with installing the proprietary nvidia drivers. It seemed to be working fine, and then I noticed that it was frozen while running VirtualBox. Upon reboot, I can't get it past the splash screen, and when I googled for an answer, nothing seemed to apply that I could see, but maybe I'm missing04:19
GBGames something.04:19
Dr_Willisid test with a Newly made user. see if the issue also affects them04:19
GBGamesAny help would be appreciated.04:19
phyzix5761ok I will try that Dr_Willis thanks04:19
chiquesI don't open emails or URLs' that I don't recognize. Should I be concerned about "Hand of Thief"?04:19
Dr_Willisif the new user works.. then clean out the problem users settings/reset unity04:19
somsipchiques: not especially04:19
chiquessomsip, so why is it getting so much hype?04:20
Dr_Willischiques:  id  be amazed at http://askubuntu.com/questions/330911/hand-of-thief-malware04:20
somsipchiques: because it's the 'first' linux trojan openly for sale04:20
Dr_Willisits a slow news week? ;)04:20
somsipDr_Willis: good link04:20
wilee-nileeGBGames, the proprietary drivers generally don't follow kernel upgrades and are advised not to use, unless that is all that works or you know how to deal with this.04:21
Dr_Willisfirst google hit ;)04:21
somsipDr_Willis: heh04:21
GBGameswilee-nilee: Ok, so how do I revert back to noveau?04:21
Dr_WillisHand of Thief has no good ways of infecting Linux users. Instead, the cracker "suggested using email and social engineering as the infection vector."04:21
wilee-nileeGBGames, No idea all I know is what I stated, others do though. ;)04:21
chiquesDr_Willis, somsip how does the community/developers handle this sort of deal? Would they test it and patch the vulnerabilities?04:22
GBGameswilee-nilee: Ok, thanks.04:22
somsipchiques: there is no patch for user gullibility04:22
Dr_Willischiques:  seems you basically have to 'ok it to run' or somthing. :) still reading04:22
somsipchiques: blase answer - I don't know the ins and outs of how it works. Good info on the link from Dr_Willis04:22
GBGamesA lot of answers online assume that I can get something loaded, but if I get to the splash screen, I can't switch to a terminal. I have to make sure I hit Esc before it gets that far.04:22
Dr_Willisi wonder if the guy 'selling'  the 'Hand of thief' is actually just ripping off the people that would buy malware :P04:23
somsipDr_Willis: maybe the installer has malware installed in it. Malception...04:23
Dr_Willissomsip:  from what im reading its not actually been looked at (the code/whatever) its just someone seems to be 'selling' it and claimingit works..04:24
Dr_Willisbut i cant really seem to find any 'hard' info on it04:25
somsipDr_Willis: I shall not be too concerned then04:25
chiquesDr_Willis, I would presume the Linux Developer Guru's are all over this but I haven't found any literature confirming this.04:25
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto04:25
phyzix5761hey Dr_Willis it works now. I removed and reinstalled unity-lens-applications and unity-lens-files04:25
wilee-nileeGBGames, YOu might look here^^^04:26
GBGameswilee-nilee: Thanks04:26
chiquesWho are RSA Researchers?04:29
TannedVampireI have peppermint which is derived from lubuntu.  I was trying to get rid off peppermint logout session and use only "shutdown".  I could not get it working.  I already followed ubuntu instruction but failed to see results.04:32
TannedVampireI tried /etc/acpi/events/powerbutton.sh04:32
grendal-primehey i was talking the other night here to this fine chap, that helped me out of a bind with a filer...and i cant rememeber what we did ...is there a log i can pick at ?04:34
chiquesDr_Willis, somsip It looks like they (Ubuntu Developers) are monitoring "Hand of Thief" . I hope they are able to patch it up soon.04:35
thunder1212i need to reinstall my ubuntu os on my laptop.. and i have installed many extra software earlier. i dont want to re download those extra PAckages again .. how can i backup the extra downloaded packages..?04:37
crypticmofohi all question04:46
crypticmofoi have one of those lenov twist laptops that use efi right / i disabled al that installed ubuntu to /dev/sda4 and i told it to put grub on it / i boot up my machine and windows till pops up / i know it means still has a boot flag04:46
crypticmofohow do i change this ?04:46
ShapeShifter499zram or zswap? which is better?04:48
Dr_Willischiques:  patch would be 'telling the users  to not run some executable/script they get in an email' from what im reading. ;)04:48
crypticmofois there a command line to boot ubuntu that is on /dev/sda404:48
Dr_Willisthunder1212:  your apt cache MAY have some of the packages. that will save some downloading. but i doubt if it has them all04:48
crypticmofothe options i have at ubuntu instaler are install / command-line install / advanced options04:48
Dr_Williscrypticmofo:  so you lost your grub menu? and need to replace it?  or what happaned04:49
GBGamesIs there any log that I can check that explains why LightDM says it is running but nothing is happening?04:49
crypticmofoDr_Willis:  so windows is the main os right i paritioned windows to like a 100gig primary parition /dev/sda4 / once the install was done it said to install grub .. i said yes .. when i boot back up i don't see grub i see windows04:50
ShapeShifter499I'm finding I'm bumping up the 4gb limit my current laptop has a lot, I read zram and zswap could help but which one would be faster?04:50
reisioShapeShifter499: don't cross post04:50
Dr_Williscrypticmofo:  i would follow the directions at the 'fixgrub' factoid. and use the boot-repair tool to repair grub from a live cd.04:51
Dr_Willis!fixgrub | crypticmofo04:51
ubottucrypticmofo: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:51
crypticmofodont' have a live cd04:52
crypticmofoDr_Willis:  i used a usb / net install04:52
ShapeShifter499reisio, as I say.... covering multiple related channels is a bad thing?04:52
caf4926crypticmofo: just make sure grub is going to sda04:52
reisioShapeShifter499: it's considered bad etiquette, yes04:52
Dr_Williscrypticmofo:   theres cli ways to reinstall grub. but i havent done thatin ages.. boot-repair makes it trivial most of the time04:52
caf4926crypticmofo: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10573557/Ubuntu/13_04/5.png04:53
Dr_Williscrypticmofo:  if you can get a minimal system booted, with a console command line, you can chroot in and try fixing grub.04:53
caf4926crypticmofo: you can just boot the live cd and chroot the system04:53
crypticmofocan't i just put gparted back on the usb drive / boot it up and put a boot flag on /sda4 ?04:53
reisioboot flags are pretty much entirely irrelevant :)04:54
Dr_Williswhy do you think the boot flag matters? Im not even sure grub pays attention to them04:54
ShapeShifter499reisio, it's not like I'm posting in every ubuntu channel I can and it's not like I'm posting the question in #debian when I clearly run ubuntu04:54
crypticmofocf the live usb isn't live i only have 4 optoins / install / command-line install / advnced optoins / help04:54
Dr_Williscrypticmofo:  try alt-ctrl-f1 through f6 and see if theres a console on one of them04:54
reisioShapeShifter499: nope, it's more like you're posting in more than one channel excluding #debian (potentially)04:54
crypticmofoi have a shell04:55
caf4926crypticmofo: install again will take, what 10 mins, then just check that image I gave you04:55
ShapeShifter499meh... whatever :p04:55
ShapeShifter499reisio, so when ppl in #ubuntu don't help, what do I do then?04:56
crypticmofoit was a netinstall took like a hour or so04:56
crypticmofoslow wifi04:56
reisioShapeShifter499: ask other people04:56
Dr_Willisi would think it would hae been better to not do a net-install over wifi/slow connections ;) but use a normal live-cd/usb method.04:57
caf4926+1 Dr_Willis04:57
crypticmofoits lenova twist it has no cdrom04:58
Dr_Willislive cd/usb  <-- :) i alwyas use bootable usb flash drives these days04:58
nobody_Hi, just looking for some advice. What would be the easiest way of building a (text only) ubuntu live cd with some extra files installed?04:59
Dr_Willisi cant even find info on repairing grub with chroot/commands now on the wiki.04:59
reisionobody_: just extra files you might want to access, or extra files in particular places in the FS?05:00
reisioDr_Willis: I gots'm memorized05:00
nobody_reisio: specifically a script that i need to run at startup and some required packages for said script05:00
Dr_Willisreisio:  luckly i dont need them enough  to do that.05:01
reisionobody_: ah05:01
caf4926* forum thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1195275&highlight=grub+splash05:01
nobody_reisio: I'm essentially building a really nasty installer05:01
reisioDr_Willis: guaranteed to get you laid, bro :p05:01
Dr_Willisboot-repair  live cd/iso file -> http://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/?source=recommended   508mb05:01
reisionobody_: :)05:01
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reisiowhoops, meant to be a notice05:01
Dr_Willisreisio:   dont tell my wife. ;P05:01
crypticmofowhere is the kernel located normally on a fresh install05:02
crypticmofoi think i can fake it05:02
crypticmofoim at the installer at a boot option / can't i say root=/dev/sda4 ?05:02
crypticmofobut i need the kernel to boot05:02
nobody_I'm currently reading through https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization but i'm not sure if there's a nicer way05:02
reisiocrypticmofo: what's the problem?05:02
Dr_Williscrypticmofo:   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows     has terminal directions05:03
chiquesDr_Willis, ha, goes back to the problem being between the keyboard and chair! lol05:03
rotorgeekAnyone got a sec for a Screen (the program) question?05:04
Dr_Willisalternative terminal way --->    http://www.howtogeek.com/114884/how-to-repair-grub2-when-ubuntu-wont-boot/05:04
Ben64rotorgeek: don't ask to ask, just ask05:04
rotorgeekI'm trying to launch screen at boot on a Rasberry Pi. I'm having problems getting it to run from /etc/rc.local05:06
Ben64rotorgeek: should probably ask #raspberrypi05:07
Dr_Willisrc.local does run as root. :) just in case you dont realize that. so screen would run as root.05:07
* Dr_Willis likes his Pi's05:08
=== RedefinedClank is now known as Clank|Gone
rotorgeekDr_Willis: can you run it for a particular user?05:08
Dr_Willisrotorgeek:  with the use of 'su' yes05:09
medohow i can recover my delete data ?05:09
Dr_Willismedo:  depends on how you deleted it and what it is05:09
Ben64!undelete | medo05:09
ubottumedo: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel05:09
rotorgeekBen64: nothing comes up when I try to join that chan05:09
Ben64rotorgeek: you have to be registered to join05:10
Mace268Is there any way to make Nautilus forget a login that I told it to save until logout?05:11
holsteinMace268: login to what?05:11
Mace268a local sftp site05:12
holsteinMace268: you should be able to just reconnect with different credentials.. try gigolo if you cant get what you need accomplished05:12
holstein!info gigolo05:12
ubottugigolo (source: gigolo): frontend to manage connections to remote filesystems using GIO/GVfs. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.1+dfsg-1 (raring), package size 143 kB, installed size 753 kB05:12
Mace268I am logged in as root there but am getting access denied on all file actions.05:12
holsteinMace268: you shouldnd be logged in as root..05:13
Mace268I can't get it to ask for credentials again unless I log out. I can do that but wondered if there was a command.05:13
Mace268I know but it's just a local server05:13
holsteinMace268: log out, and dont save the creds05:13
Dr_Willistheres bound to be some files in the users home that are caching them i imagine.05:13
Dr_Willisbut  i agree with holstein .05:14
holsteinshouldnt need to run as root for anything im reading there05:14
ThelasMy router was recently changed; after this, I stopped being able to load web pages (DNS lookups fail and I can't load pages by IP) when on wireless.  This machine can still connect via ethernet to the router and works fine; other (Mac) machines can connect wirelessly with no problems.  I am not very familiar with networking, so don't know what other information may be of use - please say so if you need anything to be able to help.05:15
Dr_WillisThelas:  you are using DHCP and not static addressing in network manager?05:16
holsteinThelas: your home router was recently changed?05:16
ThelasDr_Willis: Yes, for both wireless and wired.05:17
Thelasholstein: Yes.05:17
holsteinThelas: why/how? and by whom? ask them to change it back..05:17
Ben64or just set a static dns server05:18
Dr_Williscan you een ping the gateway?05:18
Thelasholstein: Family member decided to upgrade bandwidth allowed and ISP required we purchase/use a new router to do so.05:18
holsteini would want to reset the router, and make sure its working properly.. set good passwords and check the dns settings.. etc05:18
ThelasDr_Willis: Haven't tested it; is there a way to tell ping to use the wireless connection or do I have to disconnect wired to do so?05:19
holsteinThelas: i would ask who you purchased the router from for support..05:19
ThelasThey say they won't support Linux users (despite the person in the store when it was purchased claiming it would work with Ubuntu machines...)05:20
holsteinThelas: then, login on the osx machine you referenced above, and ask them for support05:20
Ben64holstein: you're not really helping...05:21
holsteinBen64: its not on topic here05:21
Ben64then direct him to ##networking or something05:21
ThelasHm..?  I don't get what you're suggesting.  The OSX machine works fine with the wireless.  I tried telephone support when this was discovered and got no help.05:22
holsteinThelas: i would reset the unit, and set good passwords.. confirm the dns settings are "good"05:22
holsteinBen64: i'll just let you take it.. thanks!05:22
ThelasI'm not sure what you mean by "good" DNS settings.05:22
Ben64Thelas: you need to see if you can ping from it05:23
Dr_Willisgoogles dns server ip are and err.. i forget . ;)05:23
ThelasBen64: Do you mean ping the router from this machine, or something else?05:24
Ben64Thelas: from whichever machine isn't working05:24
Dr_WillisThelas:  the  command 'ifconfig' should show you your ip. and then you can tell the routers ip.05:24
ThelasOkay, disconnecting wired connection to test. Will be back after.05:24
Ben64Thelas: would be easiest if you could be in here on a different device instead of connecting and disconnecting05:25
StephDCDoes this channel offer some support to 13.10 Alpha?05:25
wilee-nileeStephDC, #ubuntu+105:26
StephDCwilee-nilee: Thanks.05:26
Dr_Willisare they even calling them alpha and beta builds any more? ;)05:27
ThelasHm, apparently I didn't timeout while doing that.05:27
ThelasCan't ping the router (14 transmitted, 0 received, time 13103ms).05:27
ThelasBen64: Okay, will do so.  Be back on a different machine.05:28
rjknight1hello guys, what other tools other than apt-proxy?05:30
ThelasRight, back.  If it didn't show up, the Ubuntu machine can't ping the router (when on wireless connection.)05:30
Dr_Willisif the router is not giveing the linux box an ip/dns stuff.. theres deeper issues going on05:30
xmetalhmm ... for some reason (not that i am dumping Grub2) ... this gfxboot thing has me curious (I have already downloaded the packages)05:30
holsteinThelas: is the access point named the same? and has the same password? you could try throwing the connection away in the manager and try joining again05:31
Thelasholstein: It is.  Ubuntu claims it's connected; iwconfig shows the correct Mac address for the router (matches with the router's settings page.)05:32
holsteinThelas: please open the network manager, and go to connection and delete the access point, and reconnect,a nd test05:32
holsteinThelas: maybe, right click on the network icon in the tray, and go to "wireless".. highlight the AP and "delete" it..05:33
holsteinThelas: then, select it and rejoin05:34
Thelasholstein: Just did so.  Still no result for host google.com.05:34
holsteinThelas: and the router?05:35
Dr_Willisand ping ?05:35
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
Thelasholstein: Are you just suggesting power-cycling the router, or something else?05:36
holsteinThelas: can you ping the router or poing
Dr_Willisdoes 'ifconfig' show you haveing a valid ip?05:37
holsteinThelas: but other machines can? and you can get online wired with the ubuntu machine?05:37
Dr_Willis inet addr:        or similer.05:37
Thelasholstein: Yes to both.05:37
holsteinThelas: that makes no sense05:37
ThelasDr_Willis: (router is and other machines are 192.168.0.*, so seems good.)05:38
holsteinThelas: try to just disable and re-enable the wifi chip05:38
Dr_Willisid be curious to test with a differnt disrto/live cd. and see if they work.05:38
Dr_Willisand see if the other pcs can ping your address05:39
Myrttican you open and edit and save files on your system? I recently couldn't connect to Internet because harddrive was having a bad day05:39
holsteinMyrtti: says connection via wired works...05:40
Thelasholstein: If you just mean the hardware switch on the laptop, just tested, doesn't help.05:40
Myrttimight be driver issue, has that Been looked at05:40
Myrttishould work?05:41
ThelasDr_Willis: Mac times out pinging the address Ubuntu machine claims.05:41
holsteinMyrtti: says it used to work with another router :/05:41
holsteinThelas: i think this is something odd.. i would make *certain* you are connecting to the proper access point. if it were me, i would try a live CD on that machine..05:42
Dr_Willisi got a new router.. but i added it to the old one. ;) so i got them daisy-chained.. heh..05:42
Myrttithis sounds familiar but alas I have to go, and I can't quite pinpoint how it is familiar05:42
Thelasholstein: I definitely am (iwconfig shows the same Mac address as the router setup page; that's enough to guarantee that, right?); sadly, don't think I have a blank CD to burn one.05:43
Dr_Willisuse a usb perhaps? you can also setup grub2 to boot ISO files if you got the skills.05:43
holsteinThelas: is the other router there? plug it in, connect and see if you can ping it.. connect to *any* other AP and see if its working05:44
Thelasholstein: Sadly, only way I can think of to connect to another AP right now is to get family's iPhone to make one, and said iPhone is located in a room with sleeping owner of it, so... Anything else anyone can think of to test for now? If not, I'll come back later when I can test that.05:49
holsteinThelas: no..05:50
ThelasThanks for the help regardless.  Be well.05:50
holsteinid say the chances that that wifi chip died at the same time that AP was replaced are slim...05:51
=== root__ is now known as MillePattes
floatingrainI get the no wubildr error found when I try to boot into Ubuntu 12.04. I believe a package update may have borked my booting. I cannot find up to date instructions on wubildr not found for 12.04, only for 10.x, which are very outdated anddo not work.05:55
floatingrainI would apperciate it if anyone could help me get Ubuntu booting again.05:55
* floatingrain is currently booted into live USB mode, however the commands for fixing it on 10.x does not work.05:55
blazemorefloatingrain: Are you using Wubi?05:56
floatingrainblazemore, Apparently so.05:56
floatingrainblazemore, Wait. I do not boot Ubuntu THROUGH windows06:00
floatingrainWhen I start up the computer I'm at window's bootloader, I pick Ubuntu. Is that wubi? I do have wubi files on my windows pc, and I'm not sure if I'm using wubi or not.06:01
floatingrainI see /host/ on Ubuntu06:01
reisiofloatingrain: inconclusive, but could be06:01
floatingrainreisio, how can I tell if I'm uing wubi or not, and how can I boot back into ubuntu?06:01
babinlonstonInstalled ubuntu 12.04 LTS and now i want to remove the left side tool bar and i want to keep my computer and other icons in desktop how can i do it06:02
reisiofloatingrain: how many disks have you got? You can't boot into Ubuntu now?06:02
floatingrainreisio, I only have one HDD. I can't boot into ubuntu - I get the wubildr error.06:02
reisiowell that sounds like wubi to me :p06:02
floatingrainI power up my computer, it asks me if I want to boot into Windows or Ubuntu.06:03
floatingrainI press ubuntu, I see two lines quickly flash by about unable to find wubildr, and then I'm back to the emergency grub recovery prompt.06:03
reisiowhat'd you do to break it? :)06:03
floatingrainreisio, I'm pretty sure the package manager broke it. I did nothing in particular. I was on windows for a few days before coming back.06:03
reisiommm, ewll06:03
reisiowell, even06:03
reisioI s'pose this is why people don't like wubi06:04
floatingrainI don't even know I have wubi.. What's the difference?06:04
floatingrainWhat's the difference between wubi and dual booting? because it looks exactly like a dual boot.06:04
reisiowith wubi, your Ubuntu is actually installed into a _file_ inside your Windows filesystem06:04
reisiowhen you boot it, it pretends the file is a disk06:04
floatingrainwhere is that file?06:04
reisioit's somewhere :)06:04
reisioI'd check program files first, then c:\06:04
floatingrainbecause the disks I see are a max of 256MB06:04
reisioit will probably have an obvious name06:05
floatingrainand that's obviously not enough.06:05
floatingrainreisio, C:/ubuntu/disks/root.disk ? that's 0 bytes06:05
reisioaccording to what, Windows?06:05
floatingrainaccording to ubuntu. I'm in a liveUSB06:06
floatingrainswap.disk is 268.4 MB06:06
floatingraincrap dont tell me i lost my files06:06
reisiofloatingrain: do you recall how much space was used on your Ubuntu system, roughly?06:06
floatingrainreisio, I believe it's /dev/sda606:07
reisiowhat is? :)06:07
floatingrainThat's 97 GB06:07
floatingrainAnd I think my ubuntu instnce was along that. But it's not recongized by Windows or GParted.06:07
floatingrainThe file system is lvm2, is that expected?06:07
reisiofloatingrain: this looks fancy and promising :) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=163919806:08
floatingrainreisio, tried that, does not work on 12.0406:08
reisioI s'pose it's possible you installed via wubi but have Ubuntu on a dedicated partition06:08
floatingrainmount commands give me an error. I think I installed via wubi but I'm pretty sure it's on a dedi partition06:08
reisioif that's the case, it'd probably be best to remove the wubi part and just keep the data06:08
floatingrainRight. But I need to boot first, I need my data there.06:08
Dr_Willisi didebnt think wubi could install to a dedicated partion.06:08
reisioit's pretty unlikely the data has been harmed06:09
Dr_Willisit could access a linux partion i guess.06:09
floatingrainWell I have a /dev/sda6 with expected sizes06:09
reisioDr_Willis: I think the win32 executable is all called "wubi"06:09
floatingrain"Unknown filesystem type: 'LVM2_member'"06:09
reisioDr_Willis: yeah? and one option is to do a dedicated install06:09
floatingrainI can't mount /dev/sda6 :(06:09
reisiofloatingrain: how'd you try to mount it?06:09
Dr_Williswubi can do a dedicated install? never noticed that.  but i dont recall wubi ever doing lvm stuff either. ;)06:09
floatingrainsudo mount /dev/sda6 /media/lnx06:09
reisioDr_Willis: heh, dunno06:10
floatingrainOK, so /dev/sda1 is my windows boot directly. /dev/sda2 is Windows's C. /dev/sda3 is my windows/lenovo recovery. /dev/sda4 is extended, /dev/sda5 is ext4 and is 500MB. /dev/sda6 is lvm2, 97GB, lvm flags06:10
floatingrainI am rpetty sure /dev/sda4 is Ubuntu and the /dev/sda5 is the Ubuntu boot drive, with /dev/sda6 my data. What does lvm flags mean?06:10
reisiofloatingrain: what does 'pvs' say?06:10
Dr_Willissounds like sda5 may be / and sda6 may be /home/06:11
floatingrainThe program pvs is not currently installed. installing06:11
reisiofloatingrain: sudo pvs?06:11
Dr_Willis!find pvs06:11
ubottuFound: ipvsadm06:11
Dr_Willis!info ipvsadm06:11
ubottuipvsadm (source: ipvsadm): Linux Virtual Server support programs. In component main, is extra. Version 1:1.26-2ubuntu1 (raring), package size 42 kB, installed size 136 kB06:11
floatingrainIt tells me to install lvm206:11
reisioyeah lvm206:11
reisioubottu: no cookies for you06:11
ubottureisio: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:11
Dr_Willis!info lvm206:11
ubottulvm2 (source: lvm2): Linux Logical Volume Manager. In component main, is optional. Version 2.02.95-6ubuntu4 (raring), package size 522 kB, installed size 1285 kB06:11
reisionot much chance of that06:11
floatingrainreisio, while installing: "cryptsetup: WARNING: could not determine root device from /etc/fstab"06:12
floatingrainoh it's still setting up, just slow.06:12
reisiofloatingrain: warnings are like hall monitors06:13
reisiojust ignore them :p06:13
poeeHi, I have a 1tb hard disk that is fully ext4 and ubuntu is installed on that. I want to partition it so I can install windows while keeping ubuntu intact. how can I do that?06:13
reisiopoee: you'd need to resize the partition/s to make space for a couple windows partitions06:13
floatingrainpoee, resize it and then make a new partition06:13
floatingrainwell shrink it06:13
reisiopoee: resizing isn't 100% safe, it's more like 75% safe, so back up anything you care about first06:13
reisiopoee: can use gparted from your live OS06:14
reisiocrypticmofo: yeah?06:14
crypticmofoDr_Willis:  i booted to a live cd and my ubuntu is actually on /dev/sda606:14
reisiocrypticmofo: pretty weird06:14
poeereisio, the computer is under warranty. I can backup the data.06:14
reisiopoee: not sure what one has to do with the other, but good? :)06:14
crypticmofoso if my ubuntu install is on /dev/sda606:15
poeereisio, you said resizing wasn't safe :P06:15
crypticmofodo i do sudo grub root (hd0,6) ?06:15
floatingrainreisio, ok, got pvs06:15
floatingrain/dev/sda6 vg_somebody lvm2 a- 97.16g 0% free06:15
reisiopoee: it's not 100% safe, for your data06:15
reisiopoee: your hardware should be 100% safe :)06:15
floatingrainit says 0% free! is it corrupted ??06:15
reisiofloatingrain: would probably say 'corrupted' if it could detect that, don't you think? :p06:16
poeereisio, ah. okay :). Can I use gparted from my native ubuntu, or do I have to use gparted from a Live CD?06:16
reisiofloatingrain: lvdisplay /dev/vg_somebody06:16
reisiopoee: live06:16
floatingrainreisio, but it says it's 0% free.. what do I look for it in there?06:17
floatingrainI see 3 logical volumes06:17
poeereisio, okay, got it, thanks :)06:17
reisiopoee: also chances are Windows will prefer space at the beginning of the disk, not the end06:17
floatingrain/dev/vg_somebody/lv_swap /dev/vg_somebody/lv_home /dev/vg_somebody/lv_root06:17
floatingrainthis is my ubuntu disk!06:17
reisiopoee: and it might want primary partitions (GNU/Linux doesn't care about primary or not)06:17
floatingrainAll 3 are NOT available.06:17
reisiofloatingrain: you should be able to mount either lv_home or lv_root06:17
floatingrainreisio, how do I only mount one of them?06:18
reisiomount /dev/vg_somebody/lv_home /mnt/point, etc.06:18
poeereisio, I don't want this format to affect my primary linux installation06:18
reisiopoee: naturally06:18
reisiopoee: which version of Windows are you installing?06:18
floatingrainreisio, "special device /dev/vg_somebody/lv_home does not xist"06:19
poeereisio, Windows 8 64 bit, provided by manufacturer(Dell)06:19
reisiopoee: ah, do you recall how many partitions it required?06:19
Flannelfloatingrain: look in /dev/mapper/*06:19
poeereisio, No. When I got the computer, I pretty much wiped it clean and installed ubuntu06:19
rednetwho is the german channel?06:19
reisiorednet: /msg alis list *ubunt*de06:20
floatingrainchannel flood?06:20
floatingrainBut anyway: so my situtation is I have Ubuntu on it's own partition, but when I boot I get an error about wubildr06:21
reisiopoee: well I don't remember how many partitions Windows uses anymore, but it shouldn't be more than 3, so you shouldn't have to worry about primary vs not06:21
reisiopoee: probably :)06:21
reisiopoee: #windows would know for sure06:21
floatingrainAll I need to sabotage is my SSH privat ekeys06:21
floatingrainI *need* the ssh private keys :/06:21
reisiofloatingrain: so are they not in /dev/mapper ?06:22
floatingrainreisio, /dev/mapper just has control which I don't know to do what with06:22
floatingrainit just has a file control but it's not a file and it's not a directory ??06:22
poeereisio, if worse comes to worse, I can have dell come in and reinstall it for me :D06:22
Flannelfloatingrain: Oh, this is a liveCD type thing?06:22
floatingrainYeah, I'm on a liveUSB to recover my Ubuntu installation06:22
Flannelfloatingrain: You'll need to install lvm tools and bring up your logical volumes semi-manually.  It's not difficult.  Let me find you a link.06:23
floatingrainFlannel, but I think the difficult part would be getting the boot loader working ?06:23
Flannelfloatingrain: Not if you're just reading the drives as data.06:23
Flannelfloatingrain: You're installing lvm "on" the LiveCD06:23
reisiofloatingrain: try this: lvchange -a y /dev/vg_somebody/lv_home06:24
reisiofloatingrain: and then this again: mount /dev/vg_somebody/lv_home /mnt/point06:24
floatingrainI MOUNTED06:24
reisioisn't lvm fun? :p06:24
floatingrainIt seems to be loading but I only see one directly, lost+found06:25
floatingrainWhat is that ?06:25
floatingrainOnly 1 directory :(06:25
reisiommm, either it's not done loading, or your data is in there06:25
reisiocould be either06:25
floatingrainand I get permission denied when I try to look in it06:25
floatingrainreisio, ...06:25
form4does ubuntu touch run on android devices?06:26
Dr_Willissupposed to when its done i belive. ;)06:26
reisioform4: I believe they keep a list in the /topic of -touch06:26
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch06:26
reisiobut if you replace the OS, it's not going to be an Android device anymore :p06:26
reisiofloatingrain: umount it06:27
floatingrainI MOUNTED lv_root06:27
floatingrainAND MY FILES ARE THERE (I think)06:27
reisioheheh okay06:27
reisiosome lvm magic06:27
floatingrainWhere do I see my user directory?06:27
reisiofloatingrain: /home/06:27
floatingrainThat's empty but again I just mounted and I'm not a user there06:28
floatingrain/usr/ has too many folders06:28
reisio/usr/ is something else06:28
reisiotry umount'ing lv_home06:28
floatingrainoh, so lv_root doesn't have my user directory ?06:28
reisioprobably not06:28
reisiolv_home probably has06:28
floatingrain:/ and lv_home is empty06:28
floatingrainit only has lost+found06:28
reisioit's probably not empty :)06:28
reisiohow big is lost+found06:28
floatingrainbut I don't see anything.06:28
floatingrainand it has finished loading. I can't access it, says permission denied.06:29
reisioumount them both and run vgscan --mknodes06:29
floatingraincan't umount, says it is mounted multiple times for home and says it's mounted over for root06:30
floatingrainok tried it again and umounted06:32
floatingrainFound volume group "vg_somebody" using metadata type lvm206:32
floatingrainhi BTCOxygen06:33
=== njalk_ is now known as njalkwork
reisiofloatingrain: umount :)06:34
=== daniel is now known as Guest58480
floatingrainreisio, I umounted, here's what I get with vgscan06:36
floatingrainFound volume group "vg_somebody" using metadata type lvm206:36
frezeif I run a transmission client and in the preferences select enable web client, does that start a seperate daemon or connect to a preexisting running daemon? From what I have done it looks like it does not since when I enabled the client it did not connect to the running daemon on the pc but started a web client that ran within the tranmission-gt process06:38
* floatingrain just wishes to be able to boot :(06:39
floatingrainHow do I uninstall Wubi and tell ubuntu, hey, here's the partition, go mount yourself..06:39
floatingrainor heck, how can I nab my ssh private keys?06:39
floatingrainand source code for my projects06:39
reisiofloatingrain: was it encrypted?06:40
karab44how to send video stream from ubuntu to TV wirelessly?06:41
karab44video/audio actually06:41
reisiokarab44: with a wireless router or bluetooth emitter06:41
karab44You mean simple router?06:41
karab44how to configure that?06:41
reisiofloatingrain: lsmod | grep dm06:42
reisiokarab44: read the manual :)06:42
karab44I mean Remote desktop06:42
karab44reisio: you're telling me about DLNA server06:42
floatingrainreisio, What am I looking at?06:42
reisioyour TV probably hasn't the software for that on its own, so you'd probably need to connect it to a computer06:42
reisiofloatingrain: stuff, what's it say?06:43
floatingrainreisio, I got like 12 lines.06:43
karab44reisio: you think that 56inch Bravia 2012 is not well equipped?06:43
reisiofloatingrain: dm-mod?06:43
reisiokarab44: I think size, brand, and year aren't factors06:44
karab44So what do I need?06:44
maxbfloatingrain: So, if you're in Ubuntu, and you've got LVM recognizing your setup, and you've mounted it, can't you just copy anything you want elsewhere?06:44
Dr_Williskarab44:  i can do it with my Samsung TV's via upnp. or the various smart tv features06:44
floatingrainreisio, no, I see dm_crypt, a bunch of codecs, dm_multipaath, dm_mirror, dm_raid45, dm_log, dm_region_hash06:44
reisioDr_Willis: mmm, samsung06:44
reisiofloatingrain: can you sudo modprobe dm-mod?06:44
Dr_Williskarab44:  you have to see wht 'smart' features your tv has. if not.. get a roku, or a raspberry pi. or one of those chromecast dongles. (if you can find one)06:44
floatingrainreisio, empty output06:45
reisiofloatingrain: normal06:45
karab44Dr_Willis: So you got destkop image on your TV? or just.... DLNA streamserver?06:45
=== BTCOxygen is now known as gribbIe
=== gribbIe is now known as BTCOxygen
Dr_Williskarab44:  yes to both.. I can hook the pc up to the tv. or i can use it as a dlna 'viewer' it also has the Plex channel so i can get to my UPNP servers from the tv.06:46
floatingrainreisio, ok, so how do I get it botting. gribbIe?06:46
reisiofloatingrain: vgscan --mknodes; vgchange -a y06:46
Dr_Willisand it can play videos directly from the usb ports06:46
reisiofloatingrain: then mount lv_root, then mount lv_home to where you mount root/home06:46
karab44I want to let's say make HDMI connection wirelessly without any specific designed routers for $200 on amazon06:46
ntzrmtthihu777heyo! interesting situation, I have 2 pc's running xubuntu, the desktop runs 12.04, the notebook 13.04. The desktop has a pretty much steady connection to wireless internet, and I wish to share that to the desktop over bluetooth. They are both paired, but I'm having issue getting the internet to flow.06:46
reisioDr_Willis: I got one of'm :) but my friend just got a newer one and his is fancier still06:46
* reisio stabs :p06:46
reisiontzrmtthihu777: you used desktop twice there06:47
Dr_Willisi cant even imagine whats fancier then what i got now.. Unless they put a full android os in the thing. :)06:47
reisioit's pathetic what the competition has06:47
reisioI think the LG TV next to the Samsung could play...06:47
reisioDivX in an AVI06:47
reisiothe end06:47
reisiothose Samsungs play anything, and let you watch youtube :p06:48
floatingrainreisio, done, but home only contains lost+found06:48
crazyhorsei was very impressed with ubuntu's built in file sharing06:48
reisioand retailers don't know how to sell them06:48
crazyhorsei remember doing samba in 2001 and it was a pain in the ass.. this just worked first time :D06:48
reisiothey say the tv has a "computer port" (which really means: usb, and can play anything)06:48
reisiofloatingrain: k, look in there06:48
floatingrainreisio, I can't, permission denied06:49
dexterityI have a 8-core (4 g ram) machine running apache2 serving multiple websites, and load often peaks above 15.00, how to remedy this?06:49
floatingraindexterity, optimize your scripts06:49
somsipdexterity: what does iowait look like?06:50
crazyhorsedexterity: why's it so crazy.. cpu, memory or disk io?06:50
Dr_Williscrazyhorse:  it dosent work for a lot of people. ;)06:50
crazyhorseDr_Willis: did for me.. but i was connecting from a mac so06:50
Dr_Williscrazyhorse:  you could use nfs,or sshfs for that also i belive.06:50
dexteritysomsip, crazyhorse: I'm not sure what's the root cause. How can I find out?06:51
karab44Dr_Willis: so You can not use TV as PC Screen because this is what I am talking about.06:51
floatingrainreisio, lost+found is empty06:51
reisiodexterity: nginx06:52
Dr_Williskarab44:  i plug my pc into the hdmi port.. and am using it right now as a PC monitor06:52
karab44no no no, wirelessly06:52
reisiofloatingrain: beyond my knowledge I'm afraid06:52
reisiohelmut_: hi06:52
floatingrainreisio, isn't  there a chkdsk I can run? :(06:52
Dr_Williskarab44:  intel has a feature for that but its not common.06:52
reisiofloatingrain: yeah06:52
dexterityreisio: I would like to find out exactly what is wrong before changing webserver06:52
reisiofloatingrain: umount, fsck06:52
somsipdexterity: look at what is causing the load. Could be CPU bound (look for CPU > 100%) or could be disk-bound (look for %wa). Other indicators are in top too. Is swap being used (shudder)?06:52
karab44Dr_Willis: what feature, pls tell me more...06:52
reisiodexterity: apache is old, that's part of what's wrong06:53
somsipdexterity: is it running mySQL too?06:53
floatingrainreisio, YES06:53
Dr_Williskarab44:  no idea what intel calls it.. some sort of wireless hdmi feature on some of the their chipstes. can transmit to a monitor. or tv if it has the right hardware. theres also some sort of reciever box you can get for tvs06:53
floatingrainsays it's clean06:53
floatingrain11/2596864 files06:53
floatingrainDo I seriously have 2596k files??06:54
reisiofloatingrain: are they there? :p06:54
karab44receiver boxes are out of the game but I'll check up this intel's HDMI thing. Thanks bro06:54
dexteritysomsip: htop shows that swap is being used, but "free -m" shows that there's free memory (?)06:54
floatingrainreisio, I can't see the files through ls or natulius06:54
=== njalkwork is now known as njalk
crazyhorseso anychance we will be able to run android apps in ubuntu?06:55
Dr_Williscrazyhorse:  i think ive seen some android vms mentioned befor on the blog sites.06:55
somsipdexterity: I'd suggest that's the first thing to investigate as it will be a performance killer. But it can be the thin end of the wedge. Server tweaking is an ongoing process that goes on...and on...and on. Solving initial problems is usually not *too* onerous though06:55
Dr_Willistheres also the android x86 that works in vbox06:55
crazyhorseDr_Willis: nice.. ok..  i'll check it out06:56
crazyhorsethere's a ton of apps i can't run because they haven't made linux versions06:56
crazyhorsebut there are android versions06:56
Dr_Williscrazyhorse:  thers that bluesstack thing for windows. i THINK they were working on a linux version at one time06:56
* floatingrain blames ubuntu package manager for making me accidently install some upgrades06:57
Dr_Willisdarn them for pushing out security updates! ;)06:57
reisiocrazyhorse: there's a free android emulator you can run on GNU/Linux06:57
floatingrainthis is the second time updates broke somethin06:57
crazyhorsereisio: sweet.. does it work?06:58
floatingrainfirst time it broke my production server, couldn't boot06:58
floatingrainnow it breaks my laptop ..06:58
karab44Dr_Willis: Intel calls it WiDi but I think solution still could be resolved by software.06:58
reisiocrazyhorse: course06:58
Dr_Williskarab44:  if your tv supported vnc, :) yes.. or somthing similer06:58
Dr_Williskarab44:  but sending full HD video over  that might be a bit hard06:58
karab44That's the point!06:58
crazyhorsereisio: is that different from android-x86?06:59
floatingrainIs there anything I can do in GNU-GRUB?06:59
Dr_Willisyou can do lots of things in grub.. if you got the grub skills.06:59
floatingrainDr_Willis :/07:00
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
Dr_Willisbut im not clear on what your whole problem is/was/  ;) been watching tv.07:00
reisiocrazyhorse: don't know what android-x86 is, but I'm assuming it is, as the ordinary arch for android devices is arm07:00
Dr_WillisAndroid-86 is for Normal Intel/windows type hardware. ;)    works ok on my netbook.07:00
Dr_Willisbut not all android arm  progrmas work on it from whta i recall.07:01
floatingrainDr_Willis, I get the wubildr loader not found error when I boot suddendly, after updating some packages. I have ubuntu in /dev/sda6, divided into 3 logical volumes (swap, root, home). home is empty except for lost+found but fsck reports 2 million + files (?)07:01
floatingrainall I want is to boot back into Ubuntu.07:01
ntzrmtthihu777no one, then?07:01
Dr_Willisfloatingrain:  i really have to wonder how you had wubi setup extra partions.. and a LVM.. i dident even think wubi could do that.07:01
xmetali have a working grub 2 now .. .been (just to give it a try) reading up on gfxboot07:01
Dr_Willisfloatingrain:  check where your /etc/fstab says home should be.. it could be on another partition. (that would be very weird also)07:02
reisiomost android apps are just frontends to websites or repackagings of existing apps :p07:02
floatingrainDr_Willis, I dunno! Is ther eany way I can make it skip wubi?07:02
floatingrainI'm booting through a liveUSB too btw07:02
Dr_Willisfloatingrain:   were YOU the one that installed this system? or someone else?07:02
floatingrainDr_Willis, yes, I installed it, like a year ago.07:02
Dr_Willisfloatingrain:  you booted a cd/usb and installed that way?  or ran some binary from inside windows?07:03
rjknight1apt-proxy gone. :(07:03
Dr_Willisfloatingrain:  beacuse wubi  dosent do the kind of setup you have.. of course neiother does a normal install.07:03
floatingrainDr_Willis, I have the wubi binary there. I think what I did was install through a liveusb through. Either way in C:/ubuntu/disks/root.dsk it's empty07:03
floatingrainMaybe the updates ASSUMED I'm using wubi just cause I have wubi binaries07:03
Dr_Willisfloatingrain:  but you Have a C:/ubuntu/disks/ ?07:03
floatingrain(on windows)07:03
floatingrainDr_Willis, Yes.07:03
floatingrainBut /dev/sda6 is ubuntu07:03
Dr_Willisthe update manager wouldent see you had a wubi.exe on your c:/ as far as i know.07:04
rjknight1unable to locate package apt-proxy07:04
floatingrainwell then I'm not sure what exactly broke it except I got a wubildr not found error.07:04
floatingrainand can't boot.07:04
Dr_Williswubi dosent use grub either  well  it chain loads it from windows i think.07:04
Dr_Willisfloatingrain:  somthing on windows deleted your wubi files sounds like.07:04
floatingrainDr_Willis, see, this is where it gets confusing. Dr_Wills: no07:04
floatingrain/dev/sda6 is ubuntu07:05
Dr_WillisYou said you had no wubi files.. but had the wubi directory.. and its booting and saying it cant find the wubildr. that would be the wubi bootloader i would think07:05
Dr_Willisunless of course you have had 2 differnt installs on the system at the same time07:05
floatingrainI have placed wubildr on all my partitions.07:06
floatingrainAll my partitions have wubildr copied there, and it still says not found.07:06
BTCOxygenfloatingrain: Can you boot into windows?07:06
Dr_Willisand the windows loader  loads that stuff i belive. so its looking in the wrong place. or been told some where else to look. (im guessing)07:06
floatingrainWait a sec07:07
floatingrainI also have fedora07:07
floatingrainOn my system.07:07
Dr_WillisFedora DOES use lvm by default as far as i recall.07:07
Dr_Williswubi and ubuntu does not (that ive seen)07:07
floatingrainOK that is fedora, screw that07:07
Dr_Willisso it sounds like your wubi install was on the windows c:/ and got erased07:08
floatingrainDr_Willis, I am pretty sure random files don't get erased.07:08
Dr_Willisor windows fscked it and moved it..07:08
ntzrmtthihu777Dr_Willis: another case of #wubi-fail07:08
Dr_Willisfloatingrain:  with disk checking, ive seen files from all over a windows drive get erased07:08
BTCOxygenfloatingrain: It does on windows.07:08
nikithai used ubuntu 13.04 and linuxmint 1507:09
BTCOxygenfloatingrain: When you have any anti-virus tools installed.07:09
Dr_Willisscan the windows hd looking for very large files. several GB in size.. that May be your wubi save/hd image file.07:09
nikithaany linuxmint 15 users here ?07:09
floatingrainBTCOxygen, No anti virus.07:09
Dr_Willisif you find the file - you can mountit via the Loop feature of mount07:09
floatingrainWindows find largest files07:09
floatingrainoops not google07:09
Dr_Willisnikitha:  mint has its own support channels.. not here.07:09
Dr_Willis!mint > nikitha07:09
ubottunikitha, please see my private message07:09
nikithai had installed linuxmint 15 , wine ,  few of my apps still are with windows such as oracle etc,  can install windows based oracle on wine of linuxmint ?07:09
Dr_Willis!wine > nikitha07:10
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:10
BTCOxygenfloatingrain: Do you have Microsoft Security Essentials ?07:11
floatingrainDr_Willis, but why would I get wubildr not found if it was my root.disk missing07:11
floatingrainBTCOxygen, No, no anti virus.07:11
BTCOxygenWhich version of windows do you have?07:11
Dr_Willisfloatingrain:  perhaps wubildr is suposed to get read from that root.disk07:11
xmetalhmm back to researching gfxboot ... most of the tutorials are based on grub 1 to Gfxboot ... i have grub 207:11
BTCOxygenIIRC, Some Microsoft anti-virus tool comes pre-Installed on Win707:12
Dr_Williswindows -> wubi -> grabs the kernel and stuff from the root.disk07:12
Dr_Willisxmetal:  theres some grub2 variant that has all sorts of theme features. but i forget its name07:12
nikithamy major priority now is to  migration to linux and loss dependence of ms windows.... so i see linux and its dependent as one, i knew there are channels for differents tools , but i see linux as one.07:12
Dr_Willisxmetal:  also grub2 has some features. but i think they are normally disabled by default07:12
floatingrainok root.disk is empty I'll have to run chkdsk07:13
Dr_Willisnikitha:  most distros  have their own support channels. theres the general #linux channel also07:13
kaddhey folks, quick question: Ubuntu on phone is free of charge or required License!!07:13
xeonixHello penguins :]07:13
nikithathanks dr willis, i mean linux means any linux distros07:14
floatingrainSo can someone tell me why Windows sometimes erases entire files?07:14
xmetaltrue ..i feel that Mint and Ubuntu are "close enough" that many questions could be answered in either channel, though they (each distro) have their own channel07:14
Dr_Willishard disk/file system curruption - disk gets scanned.. bad files get moved/deleted/moved to lost+foundor whever07:14
xmetalcause it stinks?07:14
Tm_Tnikitha: xmetal: to reiterate, this is Ubuntu support channel, Mint is not Ubuntu so it cannot be supported here07:14
* xmetal shrugs07:14
Dr_Williswindows gives them those nice names.. like  found.0001 found.0000307:15
Dr_WillisIve had ENTIRE hard drives befome all 'found.####' files07:15
Dr_Willisi think thats how they get named.. ;)07:15
xmetalthats exactly what i just said07:15
Tm_Tkadd: Ubuntu is free ofcourse07:15
nikithawillis, what ever linux distros, major thing for me to shift to linux and loss my dependency on ms windows .... in gerenal i use windows 7, ms office, oracle 11g, d2k (forms and reports). for oracle and its products esp. for d2k i dependent on ms windows ...07:15
xmetallove those "untitled" files too07:16
BTCOxygenfloatingrain: It happens when you run chkdisk.07:16
BTCOxygenOr have an Anti-virus installed.07:16
floatingrainBTCOxygen, i never ran chkdsk through I'm running it now07:16
floatingrainAnd I'm sure an anti virus will delete rather than empty a file07:16
BTCOxygenfloatingrain: Maybe the anti-virus cleaned the file for you.07:16
nikithai could get linux based oracle 11g it is 2gb of download and i do have setups of oracle 11g based of mswindows, so i still dependent of windows.07:17
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BTCOxygenLike remove the virus content from a file.07:17
=== Abbas- is now known as Abbas5
floatingrainBTCOxygen, antiviruses don't do that, they move.07:17
floatingrain1 undeinfedex files scanned!07:17
floatingrain"Recovering orphaned file test into directory file 570"07:17
ocooelWhere can I paste a picture for some help..?07:18
BTCOxygenfloatingrain: Do you boot into Windows frequently ?07:18
floatingrainBTCOxygen, Very rarely.07:19
floatingrainThrough it broke after booting into windows :/07:19
floatingrainBut then agani I don't restart it often07:19
floatingrainI usually suspend it, so I still suspect it may be an update :/07:19
BTCOxygenThen windows did something to the files.07:19
floatingrainhm :( - my private keys..07:20
* floatingrain will look into file recovery programs07:20
BTCOxygenThat might help.07:20
babinlonstonubuntu 12.04 lTS not getting Shutdown .. If im Shutting Down it , its Coming to Logon Screen  Each and every time same issue , and if i used to shutdown it using terminal init 0 its Shuting Down07:21
BTCOxygenfloatingrain: Why don't you remove windows and install Ubutnu without Wubi ?07:21
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
floatingrainBTCOxygen, because believe it or not smoetimes I need to use windows.07:21
ocooelKeep getting this error when reloading synaptic. Can anybody help? Version Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS. http://paste.ubuntu.com/6001965/07:22
xmetalwhat is wubi anyway ... installing linux through windows?07:22
floatingrainxmetal, i do dual boot!07:23
floatingrainfedora :(07:23
xmetal(i know a simple websearch would answer my question)07:23
floatingrainxmetal, apparently it installs linux as usual but as a file in your windows directory07:23
BTCOxygenfloatingrain: http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/bootit-bare-metal.htm07:23
Dr_Williswubi is best avoided like the black plague.07:23
=== Abbas5 is now known as Abbas|
floatingrainDr_Willis, yeah. i won't use it when I upgrade07:23
floatingrainbut I don't plan on upgrading till 12.04 LTS support wears off.07:23
xmetalok now i am confused07:24
Dr_Williswubi installs ubuntu inside a file on your c:/ that windows then can boot to get to a ubuntu setup07:24
dexterityDo anyone know a good guide for putting nginx in front of an existing apache 2 configuration?07:24
Dr_Willisits VERY fragile.07:24
xmetalis that "Lindows" still around?... i remember hearing about that on Techtv and how "just using "real linux" is better" YEARS AGO07:24
floatingrainagain: I do not boot into windows. I boot into Ubuntu07:25
Dr_Willisxmetal:  not been  seen for ages by me07:25
Dr_Willisxmetal:  they had to rename it to linspire07:25
xmetala simple dual boot would be easier07:25
xmetalthen windows with linux on the C:\ parititon07:25
xmetal(if you ask mne)07:25
floatingrainHi Dr ltsampros!07:28
ltsamprosI'm on raring, have installed ia32-libs etc and I'm trying a custom built wine07:28
ltsamproshowever I need to install this python-gst0.10:i38607:28
ltsamprosbut apt says it's broken or that some the required packages have not been created07:29
ltsamprosis there a way to solve this?07:29
OerHeks!find python-gst0.1007:31
ubottuFound: python-gst0.10, python-gst0.10-dbg, python-gst0.10-dev, python-gst0.10-rtsp07:31
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
OerHeksltsampros, in python-gst0.10-dev i guess07:31
ltsamprosyou missed the i386 I guess,07:32
klein2 /set weechat.look.item_buffer_filter "⚑"07:32
ltsamprosOerHeks: http://pastebin.com/jbpDDW8g07:33
kadd!find gnome307:34
ubottuFound: gnome-session07:34
kadd!find kmess07:34
ubottuFound: kmess, unity-webapps-facebookmessenger07:34
ltsampros!find python-gst0.10:i38607:34
ubottuPackage/file python-gst0.10i386 does not exist in raring07:34
ubottuPlease investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:35
OerHeksltsampros, should be there > https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/i386/python-gst0.10  so how did you build wine?07:35
ltsamprosOerHeks: default build instructions under a i386 chroot on a raring machine07:36
reisiovas: hiyo07:37
Moony22Does do-release-upgrade reinstall unity?07:37
ltsamprosOerHeks: something is wrong with the dependencies07:38
vashey how to install software from cd or flashdrive07:38
ocooelHi. Synaptic keeps reloading and throwing up the same message. Can someone take a look and help me if there's a fix..? http://paste.opensuse.org/7069104907:39
wilee-nileeMoony22, You mean does  distro upgrade reinstall unity?07:39
Moony22Yes it07:40
Moony22The command do-release-upgrade07:40
Dr_Willisvas:  what software?07:40
wilee-nileeMoony22, Are you trying to fix a broken setup, a upgrade installs the version in that release.07:40
wilee-nileeif broken though that is not a good option.07:40
Moony22Wilee-nilee thank you07:41
Moony22Wait unity is broken but I want to upgrade anyway07:41
Dr_WillisMoony22:  so? :)  depends on how its broken07:41
wilee-nileeMoony22, I would fix your setup first you may have problems upgrades are from working systems.07:41
vasi got some educational software in a cd, since i m new to linux or ubuntu...i donno how to install it07:42
Moony22Wilee-nilee I think it is because I installed unity from the experimental certified ppa07:42
reisiovas: what's it called?07:42
wilee-nilee!ppapurge | moondog07:42
ubottumoondog: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html07:42
Dr_Willisvas:  you are refering to some windows software?07:42
wilee-nileeMoony22, Sorry that was for you07:42
Moony22Wilee-nilee, I have used ppa purge but accidently cancelled it when it asked me if I wanted to continue07:43
Moony22But now the ppa is gone although the unity from the ppa is still here07:43
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
wilee-nileeMoony22, really well if it were me I would not rely on a upgrade to fix all this, but thats me, are you backed up?07:44
minimecocooel: 'sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*.*' will probably do. Then load the sources again... 'sudo apt-get update' ...07:44
wilee-nileeI never upgrade anyway, but fresh install07:44
Dr_Willisor try removeing all of unity and reinstalling it.. but that may be a bit complex07:44
vasno its a linux software..its some developed software for Linux,i donno name of it...they gave it in a unnamed cd?07:45
Moony22Wilee-nilee I have just fresh installed raring but I decided to get saucy now07:45
Dr_Willisvas:  look at the files on the cd. and hope they made it obvious what to do.. or included a readme file07:45
Moony22So it will still be like  a fresh install07:45
wilee-nileeMoony22, Its a development and on another channel, not supported here.07:46
Moony22Yeah but I was just originally asking here about the command in general.07:46
Moony22What channel by the way?07:47
wilee-nileeMoony22, Sure, I'm just making sure you understand the parameters and limitations. ;)07:47
wilee-nilee#ubuntu+1 is saucy07:47
Moony22Alright, I guess before I ask you much :p07:47
wilee-nilee!cn | lvxiang07:47
ubottulvxiang: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:47
Dr_WillisSaucy Salamander brings up such... weird images. ;)07:48
Dr_Willisvas:  talk in the channel.. and it totally depends on whats on the cd.07:49
=== gavin__ is now known as gavinguo
Dr_Willisvas:  pastebin a listing of whats on the cd for the channel to see and check the apps homepage/support forums/guides/docs..07:49
vasdr_willis: there are folders like caspers ,install, isolinux ,preseed etx07:53
vas<Dr_Willis> do that mean anything?07:53
=== Subo1977_ is now known as Subo1977
Dr_Willismeans to me you really really should be reading the software's docs..07:54
Dr_Willissince those things are often part of a live cd you boot.07:54
vassure i will do that thanku...:)07:55
axgbhi, I am trying to use MP3Blaster to play music, but it uses the wrong symbols, for example it uses the = instead of | for vertical line07:57
ikoniaaxgb: do you mean when you press the keys the wrong symbols come up ?07:57
Moony22Noone answers on ubuntu+107:57
axgbno, it justs uses incorrect symbols for the boarders07:57
Moony22Does anyone know anything about saucy?07:58
axgband also the volume buttons dont work07:58
ikoniaMoony22: need to just wait07:58
Moony22But it is urgent07:58
ikoniaMoony22: it can't be07:58
Moony22Yes because the output will go soon07:58
Moony22I can't remember it07:59
Moony22Let me write it07:59
ikoniaMoony22: then you just have to wait - write it down, take a screen shot, photograph it07:59
ikoniaMoony22: no, don't put it in here07:59
ocooelminimec: Thank you!!!08:01
ocooelminimec: I did still get this at the end of reloading sources - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6002035/08:01
Moony22I did it ikonia08:02
=== johntash_ is now known as johntash
minimecocooel: Ok Then delete the files in the 'partial' directory too'08:05
minimecocooel: 'sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*.*'08:05
ocooelminimec: In this order - sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*.* - sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*.* - sudo apt-get update..?08:08
=== vinay is now known as Guest12764
minimecocooel: The order is not important. You could also 'sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*'. That would delete * in the 'lists' folder, including the 'partial' folder.08:10
kim79I have a question. What is it with Ubuntu future that many people talk about? some are even leaving ubuntu?08:13
blazemore!ot | kim7908:14
ubottukim79: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:14
ocooelminimec: Terminal is now saying I can't remove lists* or partial* as there is no such file or directory.08:14
minimecocooel: Well... I fyou deleted all the package list files, then 'sudo apt-get update' again, to load the 'new' ones08:16
ocooelminimec: This is bazaar - it's now working :-S08:16
ocooelminimec: something must have been down.08:16
esingHi, if I stop webmin's service with: sudo stop webmin, will the iptables I configured with webmin firewall still be active?08:17
ikoniaesing: webmin is not available on ubuntu08:18
[Gentoo]esing: check with iptables -L08:18
blazemoreesing: Yes08:18
ikoniaesing: where did you get webmin for ubuntu ?08:19
ActionParsnipesing: webmin isnt supported here, nor is it advised in ubuntu08:19
kim79okey sorry08:19
axgbhi, all CLI based programs do not work when I have the computer full screen command line mod08:20
esingGood to know, thanks.  I can still see the rules after I stopped the service in iptables -L08:20
ikoniaesing: where did you get webmin for ubuntu ?08:20
axgbvertical line changes to =08:21
esingikonia, I added these repos: http://download.webmin.com/download/repository sarge contrib   http://webmin.mirror.somersettechsolutions.co.uk/repository sarge contrib08:21
blazemoreikonia: They provide a repository08:21
ikoniaesing: that's debian08:21
=== Abbas5 is now known as Abbas|
ikoniaesing: what version of uubntu are you using that on ?08:22
esingikonia, I did cat /etc/debian_version , and then I followed the instruction for wheezy/lts 12.0408:23
esingikonia, I use ubuntu server lts 12.0408:23
ikoniaesing: that really can't be good08:24
ikoniaesing: can you post the output of uname -a please.08:24
esing3.2.0-51-generic #77-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 24 20:18:19 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux08:25
=== arunprasad_away is now known as arunprasadr
ikoniaesing: and you're using wheezy packages against that ?08:25
ikonia(I know they say it's compatible, I'm reading the docs now)08:26
=== klein2 is now known as dieta
esingikonia, I only used webmin's wheezy repo08:27
esingThe other repos in /etc/apt/sources.list are all precise repos08:28
ikoniaesing: I understand that, it's just a bit worry that it's a sloppy process, on a product already filled with security holes, very concerning08:28
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.08:29
esingIs there a good alternative for webmin on ubuntu?08:29
axgb_hi, when I have full screen command line open, it uses incorrect symbols08:30
axgb_for cli programs, for example, it replaced the vertical line with =08:30
axgb_and the horizontal line gets replaced with a L shaped symbol08:31
ActionParsnip!ebox | esing08:31
ubottuesing: zentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).08:31
ActionParsnipesing: or use SSH, like good admins do08:31
esingikonia, Also if I stop webmin's service and the iptables I configured with webmin persist, then I would have avoided any security holes from webmins server?08:31
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
ikoniaesing: hard to say, as webmin can set up services very poor - so stopping the service won't undo the config it's put in place08:32
esingActionParsnip, With ssh you mean configuring it with just "sudo iptables ..."?08:32
helixphi. is there any way to take away permissions to write to specific files in user's home directory? chmod 444 file didn't work08:32
[Gentoo]esing: maybe you need to read up on some stuff08:32
ikoniahelixp: if they are not the file owner08:33
ActionParsnipesing: yea, like its supposed to be done08:33
esingGood to know, thanks08:33
ffiois it safe to delete /home/xfy/.local/Trash folder ?08:34
[Gentoo]ffio: yes08:34
ActionParsniphelixp: chmod -w username file     use sudo if the file is not owned by your user and you are tweaking another user;s data08:34
ActionParsnipffio: if you install trash-cli   you can run:  trash-empty08:34
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
ffio[Gentoo]: ok08:35
ffioActionParsnip: weired thing is that my trash can is empty but still it shows the files in that folder.08:35
ffioActionParsnip: after doing trash-empty the files are still there.08:36
[Gentoo]ffio: does manually deleting them as user work?08:37
ffio[Gentoo]: while deleting manually its taking a long time and yet the files are to be deleted.08:40
[Gentoo]im pretty sure Trash is supposed to be in .local/share/Trash08:40
[Gentoo]not .local/Trash   unless its different08:40
ubottuYour GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at ~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and .../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the device.08:41
SkizuHey I'm looking to backing up some databases and files nightly, I was thinking what I want is a cron job?08:41
[Gentoo]maybe the program is looking in the wrong place08:41
esingDo you recommend to also configure iptables for my local system, though there's a router with a firewall between the local system and the internet?08:41
DJones[Gentoo]: Spot on according to the factoid08:41
=== io is now known as noooooooooooooob
[Gentoo]ffio: thats probably it then08:41
ffioit's there in .local/share/Trash08:41
blazemoreSkizu: Write a script that does exactly what you want, and then set up a cron job to run it nightly08:41
[Gentoo]ffio: ah ok08:41
Skizublazemore: I bash script is it called?08:41
artiWhat to do when tcp port is in use(aka i can't bind to it) but nothing is using that port (atleas netstat doesn't show anything)?08:41
blazemoreSkizu: Yes just a list of commands08:42
ffioit's occupying more than 20 GB of data08:42
blazemore!sudo | arti If the port is <1024 you need to be root to do it08:42
ubottuarti If the port is <1024 you need to be root to do it: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo08:42
noooooooooooooobhi, can i disable global menu from auto hiding ? i use ubuntu 13.0408:42
artiport is 10666 so it should work without sudo08:42
artiand sudo doesn't help08:43
blazemorenoooooooooooooob: It is currently not possible08:43
Skizublazemore: Say I've multiple databases (mysql) what would be the easiest thing to do? Make a backup users with read access to all databases and then some how dump everything it has access to?08:43
blazemorearti: Could you please pastebin the full error message08:43
blazemoreSkizu: Take a look here http://www.linuxbrigade.com/back-up-all-of-your-mysql-databases-nightly/08:44
artiblazemore, error is "socket.error: [Errno 98] Address already in use" theres nothing more08:44
noooooooooooooobthx blazemore , fallback session + global menu plugin desn't run smoothly08:44
Skizublazemore: Thanks08:44
blazemorearti: What are you running to produce that error though?08:44
artiblazemore, python script i wrote but same error happens when for example using "nc -l 10666"08:45
blazemoreIs it only that port, arti ?08:46
artiyes only that port doesn't work08:46
blazemorearti: What's the output of "sudo netstat -a | grep 10666"08:47
babinlonstonHi How to update my ubuntu-desktop08:48
blazemorebabinlonston: Use the Update Manager08:48
babinlonstonBut now its not loginning in08:48
blazemorebabinlonston: Are you getting an error?08:48
babinlonstonits reaching only upto logon screen and i want to update it from other PC throught ssh08:48
blazemorebabinlonston: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade08:49
babinlonstonno error every time i shutdown it wont get shutdonw08:49
babinlonstonthis 2 commands alrady did si08:49
babinlonstonsir no use08:49
blazemorebabinlonston: That's how you update it08:49
babinlonstonfrom other PC i did ssh to this pc and updated08:50
blazemorearti: What's the output of "sudo netstat -a | grep 10666"08:50
artiblazemore, it ran for quite some time, output is: "tcp        0  65161 Merirahu6:10666    FIN_WAIT1"08:51
artiit seems to be unfinished connection ?08:52
blazemorearti: your python script is still running08:52
blazemorearti: killall -9 python08:52
SkizuHow do I update the db used for locate?08:55
artiblazemore, killall didnt work08:55
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
blazemoreSkizu: updatedb08:56
blazemorearti: sudo ps aux | grep p[y]thon08:56
DJonesSkizu: sudo updatedb08:56
Skizublazemore: DJones Thanks08:56
artiblazemore, it returns nothing08:57
blazemorearti: How do you mean "killall didn't work"?08:58
blazemorearti: If it didn't say anything it means it worked08:58
artiblazemore, port is still in use08:58
SkizuWhat does awk and hostname do in ssh?08:59
blazemoreSkizu: awk is a program08:59
blazemoreSkizu: hostname is the name of the system you want to connect to09:00
streulmahello, even if I boot native or with VMware, I find things not crisp and clear in Ubuntu. What is the best setting for fonts in Ubuntu?09:00
[Gentoo]streulma: for an lcd you want rgb AA, try playing with the hinting levels09:00
Skizublazemore: thanks I'll look into what they do :), the dbs aren't on the local machine so I can't use hostname (Reference to the script you mentioned)09:00
blazemorearti: What is the output of "sudo netstat -p | grep 10666"09:00
XentinelI'm trying to auto mount a partition to ~/storage and while that has succeeded, it's mounted as root, I've tried adding uid=1000 to fstab, but ubuntu keeps telling me to shove it at boot09:00
blazemoreSkizu: use "localhost" or just change it not to use ssh09:01
blazemoreXentinel: What Ubuntu version are you using? And is it an ntfs partition? Can you please pastebin your /etc/fstab file ?09:04
Xentinelblazemore, it's an ext 4 partition on 13.0409:04
artiblazemore, "sudo netstat -p | grep 10666" returns nothing09:04
Skizublazemore: I know this isn't the place to ask but, making a backup user, any suggestions on what permissions it needs?09:05
blazemoreXentinel: You need to make sure the mount-point is accesible by more than just root09:05
blazemoreSkizu: It needs read permissions on files it is going to back up, and write permission to the backup location09:05
Skizublazemore: Sorry, mysql user09:06
blazemoreSkizu: It needs read permission on the databases it is going to back up09:06
blazemoreIs there a #mysql channel?09:06
Skizublazemore: Good point I'll join that :)09:06
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artiblazemore, "echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_orphan_retries" killed that 10666 port, now it is working, thanks for the help09:08
k1l_!away > CyberJacob09:09
ubottuCyberJacob, please see my private message09:09
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streulma[Gentoo]: My Ubuntu is looking bright now... If I use the Adwaita Gnome3 default theme09:30
skyroverrI have an old ubuntu 12.04 live usb, my ram has errors on it, i was wondering if the ubuntu kernel on the live usb already has the bad ram patch designed to ignore the ram errors, since i am gonna have to bypass the bad ram areas using memtest and grub memmap options.09:35
compdocskyroverr, does memtest always show the same ram addresses are bad? seems a lot of work09:38
skyroverrcompdoc, at times, yes.09:40
skyroverrBut there are around more than 100 errors that memtest detects...09:41
compdocskyroverr, on some ram, written on the sticker, you need to set the voltage higher than normal. if you dont, you can get random failuers09:42
ffiowhat's the commadn we use to check the details of our hardware, i don't remember exactly it was something like lspci09:42
DJonesffio: hwinfo/lspci/lsusb09:42
skyroverrOh yes, that one.09:43
skyroverrAnd dmesg too.09:43
ActionParsnipffio: sudo lshw | less09:43
babinlonstonWireless not working in ubuntu 12.04 lTS09:43
gvobabinlonston: laptop?09:44
babinlonstonyes laptop Sony vaio09:44
gvobabinlonston: what chip?09:44
ffiothanks DJones ActionParsnip :)09:44
skyroverr compdoc, my main question is tht does the ubuntu kernel on that usb has that bad ram patch?09:44
babinlonstongvo its worked morning and now its not working now09:45
streulmababinlonston: please give more information place09:45
compdocskyroverr, no idea. Ive never tried to map out bad ram. its best to buy good ram and forget about it09:45
streulmababinlonston: do, sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)09:45
skyroverrcompdoc, err, that wasn't the answer i was looking for, but thanks anyways.09:46
=== Guest71349 is now known as jan1337zZz
compdocskyroverr, does the ram require a higher voltage?09:47
thomnico 09:47
babinlonstonstreulma: 3.2.0-23-generic09:47
=== matthew is now known as Guest6750
skyroverrcompdoc, its an old ddr2 5300 running on 1.8V.09:48
streulmababinlonston: do my command in a terminal09:48
=== Guest6750 is now known as mjayk
babinlonstonstreulma: today morning its works and after a update and ugrade its not working09:48
compdocsounds normal voltage09:48
babinlonstonyes command in a terminal and hearder already have the latest version and not installed now09:48
blazemorebabinlonston: Does it work when you boot from an older kernel?09:49
babinlonstonNot tried09:49
streulmababinlonston: try, sudo apt-get install dkms09:49
blazemoreAlso, check there's not a hardware switch on the laptop to enable/disable wireless09:49
babinlonstonstreulma: installed09:50
streulmababinlonston: what it did? installed some things and probed dkms with kernel ?09:50
babinlonstonblazemore: its Enabled in Laptop09:50
blazemorebabinlonston: When you say it's not working, are there any networks showing up in network manager?09:51
skyroverrcompdoc, ddr2 modules r a scarce resource these days, hence i asked about the bad ram patch.. :) anyways, thanks.09:51
babinlonstonno just installed09:51
babinlonstonyes its showingup in network manager sir09:51
blazemorebabinlonston: So what happens when you try to connect to your network?09:51
bibi23I have 2 domains pointing to my server, I have apache installed and it listens to port 80, is it possible to redirect the second domain to another port BEFORE the request  is catched by apache?09:52
compdocskyroverr, I have a bunch of ddr2. maybe I can get rich selling them on ebay09:52
blazemorebibi23: You could use something like nginx09:52
ikoniabibi23: why do you want to do that ?09:52
blazemorebibi23: But you do need a web server to parse the HTTP header09:52
babinlonstonin All Settings there is Network in that if i click on ON under Wireless , its Switching back to off not stable09:52
gvobabinlonston: I assume you've powercycled at least once.09:52
skyroverrcompdoc, hahahaha!09:52
babinlonstonya its already 3 times did09:53
bibi23ikonia: I want to use node.js for the second website, there is no need for a webserver with node.js, the program directly listen to a specific port09:53
gvobabinlonston: I'd be tempted to remove network manager and install wicd.  That's what worked for my old compaq that wouldnt work on 12.0409:53
babinlonstonoh then what can i do to work09:54
bibi23ikonia: but I don't want the website to be accessed with "http://www.website.com:3000" for ex.09:54
ikoniabibi23: you could try re-directing it with iptables using the target domain as a pattern match09:54
gvobabinlonston: sorry?09:54
ikoniabibi23: could you not re-direct it internally within apache, eg: mod-rewrite, and a namebased virtual server ?09:54
babinlonstonHow can i make it to work09:54
gvobabinlonston: I don't understand the question.  I just removed network manager and installed wicd.09:55
gvobabinlonston: That may or may not fix your problem, but it did for me.09:56
babinlonstonok going to reformat09:56
babinlonstonthanks sir09:56
bibi23ikonia: yes I think so, as it's an unneeded step I wanted to do it before apache, is it complicated to do this with iptables?09:56
gvoreformat?  Drastic09:56
ikoniabibi23: not complicated, but you have to get the rule/pattern match clear09:57
streulmababinlonston, with Ubuntu version are you using ?09:58
streulmaarggg, bad English for me today :(09:58
=== jan1337zZz is now known as jan1337z
babinlonston streulma: its ubuntu 12.04 LTS09:58
gvobabinlonston: 12.0409:58
streulmababinlonston, is the notebook new? Then try a higher version09:59
babinlonstonno its 3 years old09:59
streulmababinlonston gvo, I have a Macbook Pro from 2012-2013 and 12.04 is not working :(09:59
gvostreulma: It worked last week.09:59
ikoniabibi23: may I ask why you want to do this before apache, as the name-based-virtual-host and mod-rewrite is pretty much exactly what this is situation was made for10:00
streulmahi reisio and ikonia :)10:00
reisiohi :)10:00
karlwhey.. ive jumped out to tty after my unity frozen on me. Is there some trick to make it come back i could try?10:00
babinlonstonstreulma: oh its new na so what10:01
gvostreulma: it stopped working.  babinlonston  did you update the software before the network card quit working?10:01
blazemorekarlw: sudo service lightdm restart10:01
MonkeyDustkarlw  alt arrow left10:01
babinlonstonyes i updated10:01
Tonyosped test?10:01
karlwMonkey: That didnt do it10:01
Tonyospeed test?10:01
karlwblaze ill try that10:02
gvoSo is this the time line?  wifi working; update software; wifi not working  ??10:02
Tonyotry again:D10:02
bibi23ikonia: because this would do like 2 webservers chained, even though I don't have high traffic constraints it feels like it's  not optimal10:03
gvobabinlonston: So is this the time line? wifi working; update software; wifi not working ??10:03
ikoniabibi23: it's not two web servers chained, that's the whole point10:03
ikoniabibi23: it's one apache instance - one binary, one memorg segment10:03
Tonyoah ok10:03
ikoniabibi23: thats why I'm suggesting it's better to do it at the apache level rather than before as it's all internal, logged, smooth and clean10:03
Tonyooh ah10:03
Tonyoapache server?10:04
gvokarlw: sudo service lightdm restart as root??10:04
babinlonstongvo: i have updated using Ethernet not using wireless , While im checking Wireless at morning its worked fine , And now its not working10:05
Tonyohmm   net bios?10:05
blazemorebabinlonston: Did you try rebooting into an older kernel10:05
bibi23ikonia: ok you're right, I'll configure apache for this, apparently it's not recommanded to use iptables for this situation http://serverfault.com/questions/337380/how-to-redirect-request-for-specific-domain-to-a-specific-web-application-listen10:05
ikoniaTonyo: can you please stop just saying random workds.10:05
blazemoreTonyo: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?10:05
Tonyoikonia speah pl?10:05
babinlonstonblazemore: no10:05
ikoniabibi23: iptables will work fine - but, I do think apache will do this much better and cleaner10:05
gvobabinlonston: So did it work before you did the update and then stop working after the update?10:06
babinlonstonblazemore: ill try and let you know10:06
babinlonstongvo: yes10:06
bibi23ok thx ikonia10:06
gvobabinlonston: So the update probably screwed it up.  Try blazemore's suggestion.10:06
DJones!pl | Tonyo10:07
ubottuTonyo: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.10:07
babinlonstonGive me step by step removing the old kernel10:07
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Tonyoi started my serwer play game   how ip  serwer   players?10:08
blazemorebabinlonston: Did t work with the old kernel?10:08
Tonyolan ...10:08
Tonyoconnect network10:08
gvobabinlonston: boot an old kernel,don't remove it.10:09
blazemoreTonyo: Can you please ask your question clearly, and on one line10:09
RyanZWis it possible to install ubuntu on a ps3? how well does it work with the small wireless keyboad..etc..?10:09
Tonyops3  is sit10:09
blazemoreRyanZW: Take a look here http://www.pshomebrew.net/wiki/Installing_Ubuntu_on_PS310:10
Tonyoshit   ps310:10
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.10:10
Tonyofuck  ps3!10:10
RyanZWblazemore: thanks10:10
babinlonstonblazemore: worked with old kernel10:10
babinlonstonhow can i exclude the kernel update While im upgrading10:10
gvobabinlonston: Problem solved.  be sure to boot from old kernel.10:10
blazemorebabinlonston: sudo apt-get install linux linux-headers-generic kernel-package10:11
blazemorebabinlonston: sudo apt-get install --reinstall bcmwl* firmware-b43-lpphy-installer b43-fwcutter10:11
gvobabinlonston: the next upgrade may let it work again, so you probably don't want that.  Just remember to boot an old kernel or set grub to boot from it.10:12
babinlonstonok sure10:12
babinlonstonhow to set in grub ? in grub.conf ?10:12
blazemorebabinlonston: /etc/default/grub10:13
blazemore!grub | babinlonston10:13
ubottubabinlonston: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:13
jubeianybody know WHY xrandr says "cannot find mode mymode" ?10:13
jubeieven though I've added it and I can see it when I run xrandr10:13
jubeiI'm following "adding_undetected_resolutions" in ubuntu wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions10:14
gvobabinlonston: Set the line that looks like "GRUB_DEFAULT=0" to "GRUB_DEFAULT=1" to boot the second kernel in the list10:15
blazemorejubei: Did you cann your mode "mymode"?10:15
babinlonstongvo: oh fine10:15
jubeiblazemore, yeah actually I realized that I must first "add" that mode10:15
jubeiblazemore, so that's where I'm stuck now.10:19
blazemorejubei: type "cvt 800 600 60"10:19
blazemorejubei: replace 800, 600 and 60 with your horizontal and vertical resolution, and refresh rate10:20
blazemoreThen copy the information after the word "Modeline" into the xrandr command:10:20
blazemore$ xrandr --newmode "800x600_60.00"   38.25  800 832 912 1024  600 603 607 624 -hsync +vsync10:20
jubeiblazemore, I've done all that10:20
=== hoffman is now known as th1a
jubeiblazemore, but when I try to add the mode to DVI-I-1 (my output).. it fails10:21
blazemorejubei: Do you get an error?10:21
jubeiblazemore, http://codepad.org/Comt9Q6h10:21
blazemorejubei: try xrandr --fb widthxheight10:21
jubeiblazemore, already tried that. doesn't change it10:22
blazemorejubei: You could try specifying the mode in xorg.conf10:22
jubeiand it's weird because my graphics board is a high-end nvidia board with the binary driver10:22
blazemorejubei: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=11493310:22
blazemorejubei: I knew this smelled like nvidia10:22
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SkizuHow do I append to a file in ssh? Like I wanna add a cronjob via appending to crontab -e? Or I can't do that?10:35
ikoniaappend contab -e in ssh ?10:35
blazemoreSkizu: ssh hostname "command to run"10:36
blazemoreSkizu: so ssh hostname "echo foo >> filename"10:36
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Skizublazemore: Couldn't resolve hostname10:39
blazemoreSkizu: That's a networking problem, not ssh10:39
blazemoreSkizu: can you ping the machine?10:39
Skizublazemore: can I use localhost?10:40
Skizublazemore: can I use localhost?y10:40
blazemoreSkizu: if you want to ssh into the machine you're already on10:40
blazemoreSkizu: which seems a little pointless10:40
blazemoreSkizu: What are you actually trying to do?10:40
SkizuAdd a cronjob ._.10:41
blazemoreTo your local machine?10:41
ikoniaso why don't you just contab -e and add it10:41
blazemoreSkizu: I don't understand why you think you need ssh. Do you know what ssh is?10:41
blazemoreno, ssh is remote access10:42
SkizuHa, my bad10:42
=== tvoss_ is now known as tvoss|lunch
* Skizu is the noobiest of noobs10:42
ikoniaSkizu: I'd REALLY suggest reading some basic linux info on https://help.ubuntu.com10:42
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)10:42
ikoniaSkizu: you're going to end up making a real mess if you don't grasp the basics10:42
blazemoreSkizu: At least make sure you understand every command you run10:43
Skizublazemore: Ok I'm trying to10:44
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blazemoreHi NetCatty10:46
NetCattyHow do I limit irssi's dcc transfer-bandwidth with trickle? I already tried 'trickle -d 204800 -u 102400 irssi' but it just ignores it.10:47
blazemoreNetCatty: Not sure, perhaps it uses a different process. Try asking #irssi, you might not need to use trickle at all10:49
NetCattyblazemore: irssi has no bandwidth cap by default.10:50
SkizuHey just to confirm "0 22 * * * /usr/skizu/bin/backup.sh" would make this script run every day at 10PM ?10:51
ActionParsnipSkizu: yes10:52
ActionParsnipSkizu: assuming the file is executable10:52
SkizuActionParsnip: Thanks, getting this10:52
SkizuYep I did chmod a+x on it10:52
ActionParsnipSkizu: the '.sh' extension doesnt mean anything in Linux10:52
ActionParsnipSkizu: sure, if you want10:52
SkizuActionParsnip: Sounds like you was about to suggest something else10:52
somsipSkizu: and it's an unusual path. Either /usr/local/bin or /home/skizu/bin would be more 'standard'10:54
Skizusomsip: Will apply that :)10:56
somsipSkizu: it might be right as it is, but it could be a dead path10:57
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mister_zombieHi, I'm looking for a bit of help. We have a tiny computer that we use as information radiators that are plugged on two different tvs, and we'd like to be able to play sounds on either one of them selectively. Both are connected through HDMI, and ubuntu seems to recognize both HDMI sound outputs. How can I play a sound on only one of those?11:02
=== beans is now known as bean
=== bean is now known as rjh
MonkeyDustmister_zombie  i suggest to ask in #ubuntustudio, it's multimedia dedicated11:03
ActionParsnipSkizu: cmod +x file   is what I use, gives all users with read access, execute access (if memory serves)11:06
jribActionParsnip: I think chmod +x just takes umask into account11:08
=== Dynamicwork_away is now known as Dynamicwork
ActionParsnipjrib: ahh i see11:15
=== Mi-- is now known as Mi`
exFalso1Hi, just upgraded to 13.04 and ethernet stopped working, the controller is not showing in lspci either11:18
exFalso1any ideas?11:19
reisiodaughterboard might be loose11:19
exFalso1would be a weird coincidence, it was working fine before the upgrade11:19
exFalso1but will try11:19
reisioI'm not sure it'd be weirder than lspci not showing the device11:20
exFalso1its integrated...11:22
exFalso1huh but the reboot fixed it11:23
exFalso1"have you tried turning it off and on again"11:23
ws2k3hello a route has been added to my system but the route is still there afther reboot11:24
ws2k3the route is not in rc.local and not in interfaces so how is this route added?11:24
gryNetwork-manager probably adds it.11:24
ws2k3its ubuntu-server without graphics interface11:25
lotuspsychjews2k3: you can try #ubuntu-server channel11:25
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lotuspsychjecan the useradd gui be removed as package?11:34
reisiothere's no package you can't remove11:36
AntarE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.11:47
MonkeyDustAntar  hat happesn when you try that?11:47
AntarMonkeyDust you mean sudo dpkg --configue -a ?11:48
MonkeyDustAntar  yes11:48
Antardpkg: error: unknown option --configue11:49
AntarMonkeyDust what do you think ?11:49
IdleOneAntar: it is --configure not --configue11:49
MonkeyDustAntar  i suggest adding an r, so co configure, not configue11:50
MonkeyDustAntar  i suggest adding an r, so configure, not configue11:50
reisioI'd go farther than that, and suggest you do what the command said :)11:50
Antaroh oh11:50
AntarYeah exactly11:50
IdleOnereisio: give helpful non cryptic answers please11:50
reisioit's more helpful to help people read things11:51
Antarthank you11:51
IdleOnereisio: starting to get bored with you.11:52
reisiolotuspsychje: figure it out?11:53
BluesKajHey all11:54
reisioheyo BluesKaj11:54
BluesKajhi reisio11:54
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest74391
reisiowhat's shakin'?11:54
BluesKajreisio, not much , having morning coffee...you?11:55
reisioBluesKaj: mmm, good idea11:55
reisio'lo guest11:57
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guest-V0ybGoi search for agerman ubunzu channel you know something?11:58
reisioguest-V0ybGo: yup11:58
reisioguest-V0ybGo: /msg alis list *ubunt*de11:58
guest-V0ybGook thx11:59
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lotuspsychjereisio: lets say i only want terminal useradd, i cant remove the users icon?12:02
=== vincent is now known as Guest45109
k1l_!german | guest-V0ybGo12:03
ubottuguest-V0ybGo: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:03
reisiolotuspsychje: you should be able to12:03
=== iPhone is now known as Guest16464
DaveDaveHello, will somebody help with qemu virtual machine networking ?12:14
reisioDaveDave: what about it?12:14
mads-Does anyone have a good alternative for xchat? The one (version 0.3.0) coming with 12.04 is super bad12:14
reisiomads-: what do you find bad about it?12:14
cfhowlettmads-, look in the software center for IRC12:15
mads-reisio, It doesn't remember any of my settings upon restart. The options "auto join on connect" and "show part/join messages" are completely ignored12:15
reisiomads-: mmm, you might want to try mv'ing ~/.cache and/or ~/.xchat212:16
mads-reisio, to where?12:16
DaveDave@reisio I'm in network 192.168.2.x - my router is server with ubuntu 10.10 and on it I installed virtual machine qemu/kvm and I want to have access to this machine from all pc in my network - virtual machine got internet (virtual bridge + nat) and it can ping router ( but other pc not. virtual bridge got address and virtual machine
reisiomads-: just somewhere else12:17
reisiomads-: then see if it works/endures as expected12:17
mads-roger - thanks12:17
reisioDaveDave: probably want to ask #kvm about that12:21
reisioDaveDave: port forwarding or something :)12:22
DaveDaveok thanks12:23
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Xentinelhey, I seem to have screwed up majorly, trying to do a dist-upgrade on my install. Could someone give this a look? http://pastebin.com/3UZq9VKf12:46
UmairCan someone answer this Tor question? http://superuser.com/questions/633665/how-to-use-tor-over-lan12:46
cfhowlettXentinel, so download the ISO and do a clean install to fix.12:46
ellipsis_Hello. I'm trying to write a shell script to set up a server and couldn't work out how to add a new user to the sudo file properly. I have to use visudo but then I can't have the shell script be automatic?12:46
blazemorecfhowlett: That seems a little extreme12:46
blazemoreXentinel: wget http://rory.sh/files/fixpackage ; sh fixpackage12:47
cfhowlettblazemore, I can't see the paste as it's blocked, but a fragged upgrade?  If you can fix that without a reinstall, I will exalt you!12:47
* blazemore prepares for exaltation12:48
ubottublazemore,: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!12:48
blazemoreActionParsnip: I'm tryng to get the string "ActionParsnip is my waifu" onto as many machines as possible12:49
Xentinelblazemore, seemed to end up with the same thing after that12:50
blazemoreXentinel: Same error message?12:50
Xentinelblazemore, exactly12:51
ActionParsnipblazemore: haha as long as stuff gets fixed, i'm easy12:51
ActionParsnipblazemore: the script is a rip from the 'fix broken packages' page. I just made it a script12:51
blazemoreActionParsnip: I know12:51
blazemoreXentinel: In that case I really don't know. you could try to remove packages libwayland-client0:amd64 and libwayland-cursor0:amd6412:52
SkizuHey I was just wondering, who does my cron run as?13:00
PiciSkizu: if its your user's cron, it runs as you.13:01
kingvillagehi...anyone can help me please, I plan to buy ASUS K45DR with AMD8 processor + radeon. I ubuntu 13 work well?13:01
ubottukingvillage,: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:02
cfhowlettkingvillage, more than likely, yes.13:02
kingvillagethank ubotu,13:02
SkizuOk I think I may know whats happened, to call the command directly it'll not work, I need to use sudo13:04
SkizuHow do I handle that?13:04
kingvillage@cfhowlett is hardware detected? I want to make sure, just because there is no good review found for K45DR running ubuntu13:04
tsongkican i ask. how to check for updates in ubuntu 13.04 raring ringworm13:04
BluesKajringworm ...hah :)13:05
cfhowlettkingvillage, no review means no one has commented one way or another.  most major OEM's run ubuntu without problems.13:05
BluesKajtsongki, open a terminal , sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade13:06
tsongkithanks BluesKaj13:06
tsongkii really appreciate it thanks13:06
PiciSkizu: on a schedule?13:08
PiciSkizu: using sudo crontab -e  will edit root's crontab, and anything run from there will run as root.13:08
SkizuPici: erm a crontab/cron job ?13:08
=== siva is now known as Guest13483
SkizuPici: Ah I see so it'll work, maybe I've done something silly, let me check13:09
seanzkyi tried testing * * * * echo "test"  in crontab and it didn't work, any ideas?13:09
SkizuPici: Ah had wrong path, my bad13:10
Piciseanzky: Where did you expect it to go?13:10
seanzkyim sorry im not sure i know what you mean. ive only used ubuntu for 2 days. :/13:10
seanzkyi wanted it to say "test" in shell?13:11
Piciseanzky: I mean, where did you expect that to output? The shell that you have open is not the same one where the crontab runs.  It won't go to your screen.13:11
seanzkyah i see13:11
seanzkyso if i wanted to run a script for example, it runs in the background?13:12
Piciseanzky: yes.13:12
seanzkyah! that makes sense.13:12
seanzkyif i wanted it to open a terminal window, how would i do that?13:12
seanzkyive tried googling and i cant seem to find answers. i think im using the wrong keywords.13:12
seanzkyor maybe the terms im using are wrong13:13
seanzkytoo new to ubuntu/linux13:13
gvoseanzky:  From a command line, try entering "gnome-terminal" without the quotes.13:14
seanzkythanks Pici and gvo13:14
ArghMoin, moin!13:15
ArghMoin, moin!13:15
kingvillagethank cfhowlett13:15
seanzkyim trying to use crontab to run a script that builds cm nightlies13:15
blazemore!cron | seanzky13:15
ubottuseanzky: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto13:15
seanzkythanks blazemore i actually read that already13:16
gvoseanzky I wouldn't bother putting anything in a terminal window however.13:16
gvoseanzky: Redirect any output to a file.  Or mail it to yourself.13:16
seanzkyhmmm... that's a bit too complicated for me to do right now but im eager to learn13:17
blazemoreseanzky: command > output13:17
blazemoreseanzky: writes the output of "command" to the file called "output"13:17
gvoseanzky: works a lot like it does on windows in that respect.13:17
seanzkyi assume specifying the path prior to the filename works?13:18
seanzkyawesome! thank you both13:18
gvols >/tmp/ls.out13:18
seanzkyill give that  a shot13:18
gvoThat's easy, give us something hard!  ;)13:18
seanzkyi try to rtfm on my own but my knowledge is so limited im not searching with the right terms13:18
gvoI do understand.  You don't know enough to as the right questions.  Been there.13:19
ActionParsnipseanzky: its the same in Windows too.13:19
ActionParsnipseanzky: if you want to look flash you can pipe to tee :)13:19
blazemoreseanzky: command | tee filename13:19
gvoWhat's floodbot's problem?13:19
seanzkyill give those a shot13:20
gvoseanzky: man tee13:20
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit13:27
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qu3sti0n+OK 1iOI31GC1eb.V7jUL.WIUyy0WS/u90xWpKe0cV4QV/GlTqS1rb4Q8.2WTj21eit9F/1CFrM1V3jwS/NhX2I031VHW.JcNBk0rD8fd12bHK413Xp0C/m7k9Q0GCwng/KPv9p/x8WSn0h1Xx30n4jog.Ih5YA0KwVB3.TfO4T113:35
qu3sti0n+OK E86pc1iFC.1.5fIn7/oHtXB/fSJRG.CIKFV/EsNp10nF3HU.BbeAW08CalE.13:36
Piciqu3sti0n: If you're using OTR, please disable it.13:36
qu3sti0n+OK qrysf1wWHxI1IE8Gf.GEhpk113:36
qu3sti0n+OK acHqz/0Hl9r1nB5eb/7Ifwe/7jGe/0.v.YO/hQlY60ok9kk139UIz1hv9Z/0a4yfF1XS.Xp0Kw3kp0fQ.fP10JM580vrW07.aG5Ql/6tPg3113:38
reisiois that how OTR stuff comes out on IRC?13:39
Picireisio: Its some encryption scheme, not sure if its specifically OTR.13:40
Piciqu3sti0n: Then fix your client because it keeps sending us things like +OK acHqz/0Hl9r1nB5eb/7Ifwe/7jGe/0.v.YO/hQlY60ok9kk139UIz1hv9Z/0a4yfF1XS.Xp0Kw3kp0fQ.fP10JM580vrW07.aG5Ql/6tPg3113:40
qu3sti0nlol thats fish. +OK is the plaintext prefix ;)13:41
qu3sti0ni removed fish key, not sure why i had one13:41
PiciThanks :)13:41
qu3sti0nnp. so you guys did not see my msg before13:42
qu3sti0nany reason why Canonical/Ubuntu is pushing virtualbox 4.1.12, which is over 1.5 years old? no patches, bugfixes?13:42
mcnesiumwhen i run byobu manually, i get a decent screen with /bin/bash and my .bashrc fine, but when i start a byobu screen on startup ('@reboot /usr/bin/byobu-screen -S fluse -m -d' in crontab) its started with /bin/sh for every new screen window i will open. where can i set this back to bash?13:42
qu3sti0nseems like someone has dropped the ball13:42
guest8998Hi there ... I'd like to know if there's some VPN service (such as Hotspot shield) for linux ... and if so, is it too hard to set-up? I'm not a linux expert :)13:42
=== din_ is now known as din
blazemoreguest8998: Ubuntu supports PPTP and OpenVPN out of the box, I believe13:43
blazemoreguest8998: So find a VPN provider which uses one of these two technologies (spoilers: all of them do)13:43
guest8998blazemore: hmm ok, I'll google how to do it, good to know that we have an option :)13:44
Shirohige_ACerver irc.bakashimoe.me13:46
Shirohige_ACserver irc.bakashimoe.me13:46
Guest13483how to check my lap is connected to internet or not..like ping command in windows ..what is here???13:47
blazemoreGuest13483: ping13:47
blazemoreGuest13483: I use ping
=== Ziber_ is now known as Ziber
Guest13483how to know my ip address her13:49
ReefGuest13483 :    It's your IP13:50
Guest13483how to know my ip address13:51
blazemoreGuest13483: external or internal?13:51
blazemoreGuest13483: external I just google "ip" or do "curl ifconfig.me"13:52
blazemoreGuest13483: internal "ifconfig"13:52
Reefifconfig in a terminal13:52
blazemoreGuest13483: or right-click the network applet -> connection information (or similar)13:53
ActionParsnipReef: or:   wget -qO- icanhazip.com    for WAN IP13:53
ActionParsnipGuest13483: ifconfig | grep 19213:53
jackieeany program able to create deb files automatically from my java program?13:53
blazemoreGuest13483: surely ifconfig | grep "inet addr"13:53
blazemoreActionParsnip: ^13:53
blazemoreActionParsnip: Your command returns nothing on my machine, for example13:54
_kasHey all.  I am using Gnome Shell (not Unity) and was wondering what my best option was for indexed file searching.13:54
=== tvoss|lunch is now known as tvoss_
blazemoreActionParsnip: curl ifconfig.me is easier to remember, but requires curl, which Ubuntu doesn't ship ootb13:54
ActionParsnipblazemore: curl icanhazip.com13:54
ActionParsnipblazemore: you cab do it with wget...13:54
Reef+1 blazemore =)13:55
blazemoreyeah but I can never remember the flags to make wget output to stdout without fluff13:55
ActionParsnipblazemore: wget -O -i icanhazip.com13:55
Guest13483it is displaying 2 inet address  what are they meant for13:55
blazemoreI know, and I could check. But all our machines have curl anyway13:55
blazemoreGuest13483: Does one of them look like what you expect?13:55
jackieenejaky program, ktory vie spravit deb balicek automaticky a len si to naklikam?13:56
marinelHello all! i can't get any sound. pulseaudio shows that some sound there is, but i can't hear it13:56
Guest13483 inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
Guest13483          inet addr:  Mask:
marinelVT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller13:56
marinelthat card i have13:56
blazemoreGuest13483: Your IP is
Reefplease do you know where i can find the french ubuntu chan?13:57
Reeflaziness to google it ..13:57
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:57
reisio/msg alis list *ubunt*fr13:57
blazemoremarinel: Install "pavucontrol" application and run it13:57
blazemoremarinel: Make sure the sliders aren't muted13:57
blazemoreHello b00b0013:57
Guest13483but bcast address is ..which says my ip belongs to class13:57
blazemoreNo, your netmask is
blazemore252 there, not 25513:58
blazemoreWhat's your point anyway, Guest13483 , do you have an Ubuntu support question?13:58
b00b00how from in ubuntu, i can discover THIS server dns public name, any way to do this? it more bash issue i think13:59
ikonia_b00b00: what's the problem13:59
blazemoreb00b00: your FQDN is bzq-218-152-20.cablep.bezeqint.net13:59
marinelblazemore,  pavucontrol was installed alraedy and  its not muted14:00
marinelblazemore, i think that its maybe the kernel version14:00
b00b00that is not what i meant, i need to figure it out... thanks for now14:00
blazemoremarinel: Did it work with previous kernels?14:00
ActionParsnipGuest13483: nm-cli | grep -i dns14:00
marinelblazemore,  3.8.0-27-generic. I don't know.14:01
blazemoreb00b00: You can do "dig -x ip" to get the PTR record for an IP if that's what you mean14:01
marinelblazemore,  this is first time i attached jack 3.5mm plug14:01
blazemoremarinel: Check the output device is set correctly14:01
marinelblazemore,  what means "set correctly" everything has default settings.14:02
blazemoremarinel: I mean, you said pulseaudio shows "some sound there is", where are you seeing this?14:03
marinelpavucontrols indicator says that there is music, but i can't hear it14:03
marinelthat blue line14:03
blazemoremarinel: Can you run alsamixer from the terminal14:04
marinelblazemore, yes i did that also, but i will run it again. everything looks good there14:04
blazemoreUse the left and right arrow keys to navigate between which volume slider is selected, and make sure they're all set to 10014:04
ActionParsnipnmcli -f IP4 dev list   shows DNS IPs14:04
blazemoremarinel: Also hit F6 to make sure the correct sound card is selected14:04
marinelblazemore,  i can only select one card there that 823714:06
marinelblazemore, do you know where i could debug this. /proc/something ?14:09
blazemoremarinel: Stop getting enthusiastic14:09
blazemoremarinel: It can be fixed within pulseaudio, and I'm sure if I were at your machine I could look at it and fix it14:10
=== mydogsnameisrudy is now known as rudyismydog
blazemoremarinel: Firstly, what made you think that pulseuaudio is playing a sound, but that you can't hear it?14:10
marinelblazemore, if i can see that indicator, you know blue line moving left and right. It usually means sound is there.14:11
blazemoreI'm not familiar...14:11
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
marinelblazemore,  and i know that it just not "noise" because after the video ends that blue line also vanishes14:14
blazemoremarinel: Right, so your sound card *does* work14:17
blazemoreIt's just that somewhere there's a slider turned down14:17
BluesKajmarinel, open alsamixer in the terminal14:17
BluesKajmake sure the Master, PCM, Line & CD are all unmuted ,by using the "M" key'  then turn those controls up to the max.14:17
marinelall sliders are up and no mute is selected14:17
blazemoreAnd you checked the correct output device is selected?14:18
=== guest-9n7oLL is now known as blockcounter
BluesKajok , open pavucontrol and choose the outputs that coincide with your system audio settings14:18
ikoniayou've said that 3 times now14:18
=== AndroUser is now known as ubuntumonkey
marineli can only use build-in audio analog14:18
BluesKajmarinel, ^14:18
FloodBot1blockcounter: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:18
ikoniablockcounter: please don't flood the channel,14:18
ikoniablockcounter: check your pm's14:19
daviddzzjeewhat's up ?14:21
ikoniadaviddzzjee: well, you're in an IRC channel called #ubuntu which is used for ubuntu support discussion14:21
ikoniadaviddzzjee: if you do "/topic" you'll get info about it14:22
jephbhi,recently my friend asked me help  to implement for him a simple server which will help him to do the following:backup some files from client machine  which are using windows 7,restring and control access of users to the files on the server,and the server must have the graphical way to download the files to make life easy for clients who don't know to deal with commands.actually to be specif it is someone who is working in registration office where he is keep14:27
jephbmany data about students. but also employees in registration office have diferent level of access on the files. my question was what kind of system do i need to  implement. can someone recommend what i can do that circumstances ?14:27
blazemorejephb: So you want a NAS box?14:27
blazemorestorage server14:27
ocooelwhat is the channel to as the bot questions..?14:28
blazemore!bot | ocooel is there one?14:28
ubottuocooel is there one?: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots14:28
jephbNAS box?14:28
blazemorejephb: http://askubuntu.com/questions/1266/how-to-set-up-ubuntu-server-as-a-nas14:28
marinelblazemore, well this pc is like 9 years old. i just attached my phone to speakers and they work.  Just too old pc for linux :) Also the GPU is from 2004.14:31
jephbhow does it work?14:31
blazemorejephb: If your Linux skills are of a low level, why are you trying to build your own server from scratch using Ubuntu? Why not start with something that does what you need out of the box?14:32
streulmaHello, I would know if Ubuntu is compatible with HiDPI displays like an Apple Retina and if there is an option to set it to high dpi on 1650px widh14:32
marinelblazemore,  so i can use anymore windows xp. Linux is the lightest option to use. Or what you suggest?14:33
marinelblazemore,  can't14:33
blazemoremarinel: I'd recommend you work out how to fix your pulseaudio issues14:33
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions14:34
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=== Guest32000 is now known as mjayk
ocooelblazemore: #ubuntu-bots and there you can ask questions like " What's the best..." based on opinions and votes.14:35
BluesKajmarinel, oh I thought you had pavucontrol installed , install it , pavucontrol is the GUI for pulseaudio , it will help solidify your audio settings14:35
daftykinsyou can't leave!14:38
blazemorewebrunner1: /quit14:38
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=== felon_ is now known as felon
streulmaanyone an option for HiDPI displays, are they supported yet?14:43
BluesKajstreulma, maybe give us an example of the display device ?14:45
penkhi folks, can someone explain to me what "Packages with upgradable origin but kept back:" actually means?  I have hosts doing unattended upgrades showing that for mysql-client-5.514:46
penkactually, this is giving a lot of information: http://askubuntu.com/questions/601/the-following-packages-have-been-kept-back-why-and-how-do-i-solve-it14:48
streulmaBluesKaj: Apple Retina Macbook Pro, highest at 2880px width14:49
gbit86So I am working on installing xrdp, but I need to be able to manage the users that log in and keep each user within 1 session. Any suggestions on how I can do this?14:50
BluesKajwhat's your best resolution, streulma?14:51
gbit86I basically want to manage/shadow VNC sessions14:51
streulmaBluesKaj: I see on my Mac 1440 x 900 px14:51
BluesKajstreulma, which graphics card and driver ,?14:53
ActionParsnipgbit86: are they on thin clients?14:53
streulmaBluesKaj: Nvidia :@ (I hate Nvidia)14:53
BluesKajstreulma, nvidia is best for linux , usually14:54
streulmaBluesKaj: I see that GTK+ 3.10 will have HiDPI support :)14:54
BluesKajstreulma, install nvidia-current , in additional drivers14:55
SkizuHey I've a little backup script, I want to create a log file, I'm doing: sudo backup >> /usr/local/bin/logs/backups/`date +%Y-%m-%d`.log14:55
SkizuBut I get an error that I'm don't her permission to the second, any suggestions?14:56
raubSkizu: do command in a script and then sudo script?14:57
BluesKajBBL ...stuff to do14:57
blazemoreSkizu: sudo backup | sudo tee -a /usr/local/bin/logs/backups/`date +%Y-%m-%d`.log14:57
blazemoreSkizu: more info here http://askubuntu.com/questions/230476/when-using-sudo-with-redirection-i-get-permission-denied14:58
gbit86ActionParsnip: yes, I am using this with thinclients14:58
Skizublazemore: Thanks tutor :P14:58
crypticmofoquestion .. im using a lenova twist thinkpad with ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS .. the thinkpad has a mouse in the middle of the keyboard or little orange button that acts like a mouse .. when i use it it seems fine but when i go to touch or click things it gets jumpy .. anyway to fi ?14:58
blazemorecrypticmofo: Does it only do it in Ubuntu?14:59
crypticmofoblazemore, yes14:59
Skizublazemore: What is tee?14:59
blazemoreSkizu: man tee14:59
crypticmofoblazemore, im applying 358 updates from update manager .. could that resolve it ?14:59
Skizublazemore: Not sure I follow, says Is a directory to me14:59
blazemorecrypticmofo: Couldn't hurt15:00
blazemoreSkizu: type in "man tee"15:00
crypticmofoblazemore, last thing .. i know i have a 13 inch screen but everything is so crowded can i make the resolution seem bigger or the windows smaller ?15:00
SkizuOhh man is manual operation I see, sorry I knew that but slipped my mind15:00
blazemorecrypticmofo: Check your display resolution15:01
PiciSkizu: man is the manual page reader.15:03
Pici!man | Skizu15:03
ubottuSkizu: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/15:03
crypticmofoisn't there a pager app or a thing i can add to the ubuntu toolbar so i can switch workspaces faster ?15:04
crypticmofoi got it15:06
ActionParsnipcrypticmofo: crtl+alt+cursors15:06
MonkeyDustcrypticmofo  unity tweak tool > window manager > workspace settings15:07
AmnuriakHi folks. Trying to get httpd to use kerberos auth. Kerberos server is up and running (confirmed with windows environment). Doing a simple kinit user@<kerb-domain> gives me "Invalid argument while getting initial credentials" even though I am pretty sure the settings in /etc/krb5.conf are right. What steps can I take to debug this ?15:10
AmnuriakI followed the advice on https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/kerberos.html regarding under "Kerberos Linux Client"15:11
osirisx11hi all15:16
osirisx11at the bottom of this page Jiri says there is an ubuntu package available for testing, but how can i get it? https://bugs.launchpad.net/nuvola-player/+bug/119861415:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1198614 in Nuvola Player "Automatic Flash plugin installation and updates on Ubuntu and Debian" [High,Fix committed]15:17
osirisx11he links to https://code.launchpad.net/~nuvola-player-builders/nuvola-player/pkg-trunk but it doesn't look like a deb package that i know how to use15:17
blazemoreosirisx11: Updates builds will hit the PPA15:18
holsteinosirisx11:  i see a ppa referenced.. https://launchpad.net/~nuvola-player-builders/+archive/stable15:18
osirisx11thanks guys!15:19
EdwardIIIhey, i've installed supervisor and pointed it to a script, when i restart supervisior i don't see any errors, but it doesn't even seem to be attempting to start my process15:23
=== Snake2k_ is now known as Snake2k
osirisx11holstein, blazemore not to sound ungrateful, but hoping you can help more, i don't see the nuvolaplayer-flashplugin package in that repo15:23
blazemoreosirisx11: What are you actually trying to do?15:23
osirisx11maybe i have to add unstable or alpha or something15:24
blazemoreosirisx11: does "sudo apt-get update "give an error?15:24
osirisx11trying to install that package, as it is a dependency of nuvolo15:24
osirisx11E: Unable to locate package nuvola-flashplugin15:24
blazemoreosirisx11: Step up another level, what are you *actually* trying to do?15:24
osirisx11play grooveshark plugin on nuvola https://bugs.launchpad.net/nuvola-player/+bug/105858615:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1058586 in Nuvola Player 2.1.x "Flash issues with Nuvola Player 2.0.x" [Undecided,Fix committed]15:24
blazemoreosirisx11: also apt-get update did not give you that error15:25
EdwardIIIheh what the hell15:25
osirisx11oh sorry, no errors on the update15:25
EdwardIIIi installed supervisor, i run /etc/init.d/supervisord stop, do ps aux | grep supervisor and see this: root     18470  0.0  0.0  54060 12304 ?        Ss   16:15   0:00 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/supervisord15:25
blazemoreosirisx11: You read https://answers.launchpad.net/nuvola-player/+faq/2107?15:26
blazemoreosirisx11: If you want the .deb you can get it here https://launchpad.net/~nuvola-player-builders/+archive/unstable/+packages?field.name_filter=nuvolaplayer-flashplugin&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=15:26
osirisx11thanks and blaze more :)15:28
blazemoreWill do, but when I'm not at work osirisx1115:28
osirisx11oops how did that space get in your username, oh well.15:28
ActionParsnipor just add the PPA and install.....15:28
arooni-mobileis there some bluetooth panel thing for ubuntu 13.04 that lets me quickly turn on/of bluetooth?15:28
osirisx11ActionParsnip: i added the ppa, it wasn't in it15:28
osirisx11i'd love a ppa15:29
blazemore!info bluetooth-applet15:29
ubottuPackage bluetooth-applet does not exist in raring15:29
blazemorearooni-mobile: I'm sure Ubuntu comes with that15:29
arooni-mobilei dont see it15:29
ActionParsniposirisx11: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nuvola-player-builders/stable; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install nuvolaplayer15:29
blazemorearooni-mobile: I remember seeing a Bluetooth thing on my panel on my laptop15:29
ActionParsniposirisx11: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue   please15:29
ActionParsniparooni-mobile: try installing blueman then log off and on15:30
blazemore!info gnome-bluetooth15:30
ubottugnome-bluetooth (source: gnome-bluetooth): GNOME Bluetooth tools. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.1-0ubuntu3 (raring), package size 140 kB, installed size 1180 kB (Only available for linux-any)15:30
chumpy60HI…. is it possible to use `do-release-upgrade` to upgrade 10.04 to 12.04 ? not 13.0415:31
blazemorechumpy60: sudo do-release-upgrade -d15:32
blazemorechumpy60: wait ignore that15:32
ActionParsnipblazemore: -d will give Saucy15:32
k1l_blazemore: no not -d15:32
ActionParsnipblazemore: -d = (d)evelopment15:32
Moony22For some reason when I lock my screen, it goes black15:32
Moony22i want it to stay on somehow15:33
blazemoreMoony22: Isn't that right? Does it come back when you move the mouse?15:33
k1l_chumpy60: yes, "do-release-upgrade" will bring you from 10.04 to 12.04 if you have the LTS pprompt15:33
geniichumpy60: If the entry in /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades   says: Prompt=lts15:33
ActionParsnipchumpy60: if you look for updates, you will be offered Precise as it is the next LTS (LTS to LTS upgrades are very supported)15:33
MonkeyDustMoony22  move the mouse to turn it on again15:33
osirisx11chumpy60 is in for a fun day!15:33
Moony22MonkeyDust, But how can I keep it on15:33
Moony22blazemore, Yes it does15:33
Moony22But like, in mint there was a lock screen with the time. I don't specifically want that, but at least my background showing would be nice.15:34
MonkeyDustMoony22  system settings > brightness and lock > screen turns off (yes/no)15:34
chumpy60osirisx11: can you explain your comment?15:34
chumpy60ActionParnsnip genii k1l_: thanks15:35
osirisx11chumpy60: personally i would not upgrade between those, i'd do a fresh install15:35
osirisx11i foresee many issues15:35
Moony22MonkeyDust, I dont see "screen turns off"15:35
osirisx11but this is #ubuntu so everyone here will tell you ubuntu upgrades perfectly and there's nothing to worry about15:35
BluesKajchumpy60, it's not that diffiult , make sure updatemanger has LTS turned on15:35
chumpy60osirisx11: you think it's better to just do a clean install?15:36
blazemoreosirisx11: As long as there's not piles of third-party software, PPAs etc, upgrades work perfectly...15:36
Moony22I see "Turn screen off when inactive for:" is that what you mean MonkeyDust?15:36
blazemoreobviously back up first, osirisx1115:36
holsteinosirisx11: upgrades can break things... and for just certain types of hardware, and not others15:36
SkizuHey I'm doing the following, ( mkdir -p $BACKUP_DIR/$DB_DIR && echo "- Made needed directories for $BACKUP_DIR/$DB_DIR" ) || echo "failed or something" 1<&2 I'm a bit lost as to what this does exactly, I believe it to be an override for the standard error?15:36
blazemorechumpy60: rather15:36
k1l_osirisx11: be helpfull when helping. your attitude doesnt quite fit in here.15:36
osirisx11i've always had issues with crufty config files15:36
blazemoreSkizu: Exactly15:36
holsteinchumpy60: i prefer a fresh install.. i think its faster, and the end result is more predictable15:37
MonkeyDustMoony22  Lock (on/off) > screen turns off (on/off)15:37
blazemoreI advocate a fresh install too if you can15:37
blazemoreBut upgrades work 99% of the time15:38
Skizublazemore: I'm doing this on a line below same thing apart from mkdir I'm doing mysqldump, this seems to be showing the default error rather than my defined one, mysqldump: Couldn't execute... Would you know what my issue maybe?15:38
holsteini like to see the live desktop on the actual hardare before installing *any* os, ideally15:38
blazemoreSkizu: What's the actual error?15:38
Skizumysqldump 1044, permissions error, which I expect just using it as a test in this case15:39
jadabehello, i search a man, who is an old hands at use wireshark. i have 1-2 questions.  please, help15:39
blazemoreSkizu: What's the actual error?15:39
blazemoreSkizu: In full, on paste.ubuntu.com15:39
chumpy60ok interesting thanks everyone15:39
Moony22MonkeyDust, is this correct? http://imgur.com/AK62XLO15:39
Skizublazemore: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6003269/ it's not showing an error in the pastebin15:40
MonkeyDustMoony22  http://imagebin.org/26810115:40
blazemoreSkizu: Can you pastebin the error, please15:40
MonkeyDustMoony22  what ubuntu version is that?15:40
Skizublazemore: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6003274/15:41
blazemoreSkizu: The user "backup" doesn't have read access on the databse called "test"15:41
Moony2213.04 apparently15:42
Skizublazemore: I know, but I wanted it to have a custom error for this command15:42
blazemoreSkizu: (true && echo pass) || echo fail15:44
blazemoreSkizu: run that and see what happens. Then change "true" for "false" and see15:44
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Moony22wait MonkeyDust Do i need to set a screensaver15:45
Skizublazemore: Then maybe I am confused and have asked something wrong, lets say mysqldump errors like it is in this test scenario, what do I do to suppress the error message so that I can have a custom message?15:46
blazemoreSkizu: (command && "thing to do when sucessful") || "thing to do when fail"15:47
Skizublazemore: But that doesn't suppress an error on "command" ?15:48
blazemoreIt should do15:48
Moony22guys, how do you make it so your screen doesnt turn black when it locks?15:48
Skizublazemore: But it isn't xD?15:49
blazemoreSkizu: Give me an example15:50
cheesecakesmy flash lags a lot15:50
cheesecakesin firefox as well as chromium15:50
blazemoreyeah cheesecakes flash does that, it sucks doesn't it ?15:50
cheesecakesthe voice isnt in sync with the video15:50
Skizublazemore: - Finished backup of mysql mysqldump: Couldn't execute 'show events': Access denied for user 'backup'@'%' to database 'test' (1044)15:50
cheesecakesblazemore: yeah15:50
cheesecakesi think it is html5 maybe i'm not sure15:50
blazemoreSkizu: What exact thing did you run to produce that error? pastebin it if it's multiple lines15:50
cheesecakesits youtube15:50
holsteincheesecakes: have realistic expectations for the hardware.. try html5 when possible. try chrome, not chromium since chrome has a slightly newer version.. let adobe know you are having issues with their product15:51
cheesecakeshello holstein15:51
cheesecakesi think we've met before15:51
cheesecakeskaran here15:51
cheesecakeslet me 'pepper' you with questions15:52
cheesecakesit didnt happen before upgrading to raring15:52
cheesecakesthe hardware is pretty decen15:52
Skizublazemore: ( mysqldump --user=$DB_USER --password=$DB_PASSWD --host=$DB_HN --events --opt --single-transaction $db > "$BACKUP_DIR/$DB_DIR/$db.sql" && echo "- Finished backup of $db" ) || echo "- Can not backup $db" ;15:52
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
cheesecakesa core 2 duo processor, 3 gigs of RAM , 128 MiB of a video card15:53
ActionParsnipcheesecakes: what GPU?15:55
ActionParsnipcheesecakes: please hit ENTER less too please. it keeps text together15:56
foofoobarHi. I have a strange problem. a "ls -alF" shows me an executable named "server" in my current directory: -rwxrwxr-x  1 deploy deploy 7372384 Aug 19 17:54 server*15:56
cheesecakesActionParsnip: sure, its an intel GPU15:56
foofoobarWhen I try to start it with ./server I get: -bash: ./server: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden (file or dir not found)15:56
Skizublazemore: ( mysqldump --user=$DB_USER --password=$DB_PASSWD --host=$DB_HN --events --opt --single-transaction $db > "$BACKUP_DIR/$DB_DIR/$db.sql" && echo "- Finished backup of $db" ) || echo "- Can not backup $db" ;15:56
foofoobarHow can this be?15:56
ActionParsnipcheesecakes: sudo lshw -C display    will tell you the chip15:57
blazemorefoofoobar: output of "file server" ?15:57
BluesKajeveryone uses "less" these days when the word should be "fewer"15:57
foofoobarblazemore, server: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), not stripped15:58
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: 10 items or less ;)15:58
ProteusHow can i remove the "install ubuntu 13.04" executable that would install this version to my hard drive from my desk top?15:58
BluesKajActionParsnip, and that's wrong too15:58
ActionParsnipProteus: uninstall ubiquity, or just delete the file15:59
blazemorefoofoobar: Are you on a 64 bit system?15:59
Proteusdelete key and move to trash does work, but when I reboot it reappears15:59
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: we have that a lot in the UK. Its not right :)15:59
ActionParsnipProteus: is this the liveCD, on CD?15:59
blazemorealias fewer=less16:00
ActionParsnipProteus: or is it on USB? If so do you use a persistance16:00
Proteuson usb actionparsnip16:00
foofoobarblazemore, ' MSK 2013 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux'16:00
BluesKajActionParsnip,o  same in Canada and the US16:00
blazemorefoofoobar: you're trying to run a 64 bit program on a 32 bit computer16:00
blazemorefoofoobar: It won't work16:00
foofoobaroh, okay16:00
ActionParsnipcheesecakes: you wont get feedback as you type your pass16:00
cheesecakesActionParsnip: GM965\GL96016:00
Proteusi did set up 5 gb persistance16:00
foofoobarblazemore, thanks for help16:00
blazemorenp foofoobar16:00
ActionParsnipcheesecakes: and the output of:  cat /etc/issue16:00
cheesecakesActionParsnip: it was running, sorry for the delay16:00
ActionParsnipProteus: uninstal ubiquity   may help16:00
cheesecakesActionParsnip: 13.0416:01
Proteusok i will look into this16:01
ActionParsnipcheesecakes: tried a non-compositing session, like installing xfce4 and logging off, then log in to the XFCE session from lightdm16:01
cheesecakesActionParsnip: i've tried it with dwm, no joy16:02
ActionParsnipcheesecakes: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2013/05/intel-linux-graphics-stack-releasedsupport-ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail/16:02
ActionParsnipcheesecakes: may help16:02
cheesecakesit works in normal mode, but fullscreen unsyncs the voice and video16:02
=== daniel is now known as Guest79746
ActionParsnipcheesecakes: could use minitube. Doesnt use flash :)16:03
Moony22hello, i cant find my ~/.config/autostart/16:03
ActionParsnipMoony22: ~/.config  is a hidden folder16:03
caradoguys, everyone, I need to test out a chatroulette bot, please try it with /msg Natascha !!16:03
Moony22I found ~/.config16:03
Moony22not autostart16:04
ActionParsnipMoony22: you can run:  nautilus ~/.config     to open the folder16:04
=== samuel_ is now known as samuel
cheesecakesActionParsnip: thanks as always <316:04
ActionParsnipMoony22: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue16:04
tsongkiguys! how to check and verify  updates16:05
ActionParsniptsongki: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade16:05
tsongkiok thanks ActionParsnip16:05
Moony22http://pastebin.com/F7dFP8UJ ActionParsnip16:06
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ActionParsnipMoony22: then your support is in #ubuntu+116:06
ActionParsnipMoony22: Saucy is not supported here til it is released16:07
Moony22ohhhh I see16:07
MonkeyDustMoony22  saucy is not stable, no wonder you have issues16:07
Moony22i found it with a search :)16:09
blazemoreMoony22: How did you get the development version of Ubuntu without realisiung?16:09
Moony22blazemore, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/16:10
leo889Hi guys...got a problem....my External hard drive fell off from the table and the cable got dissconnected while media was being played from the disk......now it doesn get detected when I plug it in16:10
blazemoreMoony22: But how...?16:10
leo889I can see the disk in lsusb16:10
blazemoreMoony22: What did you search for to find that?16:10
blazemoreleo889: Do you see it when you run sudo fdisk -l16:10
Moony22"ubuntu saucy download"16:10
Moony22although its the second result for "ubuntu saucy"16:11
blazemoreSo you knew you were downloading the development version?16:11
leo889@blazemore nope16:11
ActionParsnipleo889: I'd ask in ##hardware16:11
guest-u5te93hello? i have a hp 6910p, i tried to use the built in finger scanner but now i cant log into my account "no suitable finger scanner ..." at login16:11
blazemoreI'm just concerned people might be downloading early daily builds and not even knowing they have done so16:11
Moony22I know16:11
guest-u5te93and i can su - in my guest account16:11
ActionParsnipblazemore: +116:11
leo889@ actionparsnip K will do16:11
k1l_Moony22: saucy is the development release, so you knew it was the dev release when knowing the name16:12
ActionParsnipguest-u5te93: can you log i with password?16:12
blazemoreI wish there was still a prominent "Download Ubuntu" button on the homepage16:12
Moony22k1l_, What do you mean?16:12
ActionParsnipguest-u5te93: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword16:12
guest-u5te93thank you16:13
k1l_"<name> downlad"says you know the name.16:13
ActionParsnipMoony22: makes normal users not try and use the unstable release16:13
k1l_and Moony22 you were already told to ask in #ubuntu+1 for unstable support. and you already asked there16:14
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest22836
Moony22yeah i thought this was not unstable support i thought this was just location of a folder but now i just realised16:15
Moony22i realised they must of moved the folder so now i know where it is because I used a search16:15
Guest22836wellcom guys16:15
blazemoreHello Guest2283616:16
hqdhi people, sorry for my not so good language, but who is there working whith django?16:16
blazemorehqd: Why not ask your question?16:17
Picihqd: There is #django for django support.16:17
whoeverhqd: try #django16:17
hqdthanks, i will try16:17
dhiaeldeenwanna give my new Android game a shot ? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.watanyiait.khamsat ,, it is free now...16:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:19
dhiaeldeeni'm too happy with it16:19
dhiaeldeeni will go there16:19
* dhiaeldeen joins #ubuntu-offtopic16:19
chrs_i only have one entry in my /etc/networks file16:20
esingI followed this guide to make iptables persistent on reboot: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo#Solution_.233_iptables-persistent If I execute /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/01firewall manually on startup then iptables will be restored, but they won't be restored automatically on startup. What may I be missing? I also tried to add iptables-restore to /etc/network/if-pre-up.d and ../if-post-down.d, but that will make the startup pretty slow16:20
esing (~30 seconds longer)16:20
chrs_that doesn't seem right16:21
chrs_shouldn't there be something about my local lan or router at
daftykinschrs_: static config would be in /etc/network/interfaces - what are you doing exactly?16:21
ActionParsnipadd:  /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/01firewall &     to /etc/rc.local above the 'exit 0' line and it will run as root at boot16:22
masterhi to all16:22
=== anildigi- is now known as anildigital
=== master is now known as Guest84358
daftykinshi master, do you have a question?16:22
ActionParsnipchrs_: is the DHCP fail subnet16:22
chrs_daftykins: i installed ubuntu and when the system rebooted i didn't have a network16:22
=== mauro is now known as Guest18804
chrs_i had to add an entry for eth0 to /etc/network/interfaces16:23
chrs_auto eth016:23
chrs_and eth0 dhcp16:23
daftykinschrs_: ok, was network manager not able to configure it for you after that? assuming you installed a desktop ubuntu16:23
chrs_which is weird, i thought that stuff would have already been set up automatically by the installer16:23
daftykinschrs_: yeah it should've been. i take it it was working in the livecd mode?16:23
chrs_i installed ubuntu 13.04 wtih no X16:23
chrs_no, i used an installer scripted i got off the internet16:24
senanHello All..How do I install ati driver if it is not listed in driver manager16:24
ActionParsnipsenan: which ATI GPU?16:24
chrs_i didn't really read the script, the installer actually got ubuntu on my system so i wasnt' too concerned16:24
speedwagon2Hi! Is there a way to auto hide the top panel in unity? Maybe I am searching for the wrong term, I can't find too much.16:24
daftykinschrs_: oh, a chromebook - mmk16:25
senanHow do I check..mine is ATI mobility radeon16:25
ActionParsnipsenan: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue16:25
ActionParsnipsenan: sudo lshw -C display16:25
CLGwhat is the latest african linux that has livecd?16:25
blazemoreCLG: African linux?16:25
demikaiserHello guys16:25
ActionParsnipCLG: what's african linux?16:26
daftykinschrs_: well, did you try running 'sudo dhclient eth0' ?16:26
senanActionParsnip: product: RV710/M92 [Mobility Radeon HD 4530/4570/545v]16:26
CLGblazemore, Ubuntu that african linux16:26
ActionParsnipCLG: its an african word, thats all16:26
CLGUbuntu = african linux16:26
ActionParsnipsenan: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue16:26
k1l_CLG: all ubuntu desktop versions got a live-system16:26
senanUbuntu means humanity to others16:26
CLGoh, just a word, ok16:26
DJonesCLG: Ubuntun is not african linux, that is just a name, please don't keep describing it as that16:26
chrs_daftykins: no, i didn't. i just manually edited the /etc/network/interfaces file and restarted and it's working now16:27
demikaiserhmm, I can't see typing well...weird16:27
CLGok sorry16:27
blazemoreCLG: All Ubuntu versions have a LiveCD16:27
chrs_but i thought that the config may have been messed up because of the /etc/networks file16:27
esingActionParsnip, Thanks for the hint, it didn't resolved the issue though. Iptables are still empty on startup16:27
chrs_but you're saying that's ok?16:27
ActionParsnipsenan: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue16:27
senanActionParsnip : 13.04 64 bit16:27
ActionParsnipsenan: https://launchpad.net/~makson96/+archive/fglrx16:27
CLGblazemore, even the latest Ubuntu? so I can run it cd/dvd to RAM?16:27
daftykinschrs_: oh right, well if you've got a functioning connection i wouldn't be too worried. i'm not really familiar with that file, let's see if i have one16:28
ActionParsnipCLG: it will run in ram for you to test as well as allow you to install in GUI16:28
senantill 12.04.1 my gpu got detected automatically. after that its not detected16:28
k1l_CLG: yes16:28
daftykinschrs_: actually that's the default content of mine, the link-local line you pasted, so i wouldn't worry16:28
chrs_ok thanks16:28
ActionParsnipsenan: it needs a legacy river and Xorg, known issue16:28
sideonehey all. i am running smbd 3.6.9, and would like to find out how to share squid log files. the owner/group of the directory/files is listed as proxy:proxy. thanks16:28
CLGOK because I heard that livecd/dvd was dropped at some point??16:29
ActionParsnipCLG: not in Ubuntu, no16:29
k1l_CLG: how often do we need to repeat that?16:29
MonkeyDustCLG  wubi will be dropped, that's what you've heard or read16:29
je0rJeyCLG: wubi was dropped16:29
senanActionParsnip : Thanks16:29
CLGok thank you all for information!16:29
esingActionParsnip, If I run /etc/rc.local manually with cd /etc;./rc.local the iptables are then restored again. So from bash this works, but somehow it isn't loaded on startup16:30
CLGso why the african name?16:30
DJonesCLG: Why is Windows called windows16:30
ActionParsnipsideone: share the folder and authenticate in samba, you will then get access. Or use SFTP given using openssh-server and copy the file securely when you need16:30
DJonesIts a name. End of story16:30
MonkeyDustCLG  it's south african, means 'I am because we are' or so16:30
je0rJeymark shuttleworth is South African16:30
ActionParsnipesing: the command will run at boot, you didn't need to cd to /etc , just run: sudo /etc/rc.local16:30
k1l_lets focus on technical support in here.16:31
ActionParsnipesing: did you add the line above the 'exit 0' line16:31
esingYes, above exit 016:31
ActionParsnipCLG: why are you so tied up in what is african and what isn't? why is it so very important?16:31
k1l_ActionParsnip: lets move on16:32
Idowuis there any distro that already comes with integrated proprietary divers?16:32
jpdsje0rJey: And British.16:33
c2tarunHi friends, when I use Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop with AC Power on it works as fluid smooth. But when I use my laptop on battery I feel considerable lag and stutters in firefox and other softwares. Also I feel lot slow performance. This might be good for battery life but I don't want this much performance degradation. Can anyone please tell me how can I control this?16:35
Snake2kc2tarun, do you use Unity, Gnome whatever?16:36
N9kB2ghi, i want to mount /dev/sdb1 but it takes so damn long and it does not mount... bsoded on windows while using ext2fs too. sdb1 is ext3 btw, formatted using gparted16:37
c2tarunSnake2k, I use Ubuntu2D16:37
Snake2kc2tarun, look into this http://ubuntuinthewild.blogspot.com/2012/02/control-cpu-speed-in-ubuntu-d.html16:37
N9kB2ganyone? :( I need the stuff I have on that flash16:39
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
whoeverN9kB2g: what stu16:40
whoeverN9kB2g: what stuff16:40
N9kB2gsource code16:40
whoeverN9kB2g: and where do you have it , or are you tring to get it16:41
N9kB2gthanks whoever16:41
whoeverN9kB2g: np ... i think16:41
je0rJeyN9kB2g, if you had formatted your flash drive, then all the data would have been erased . Only option you have is to use a data recovery software16:42
N9kB2gje0rJey: it mounted, its all fine, thanks16:42
whoeverJeruvy: ya but still your not garenteed to get it16:42
c2tarunSnake2k, I changed power mode to onDemand and now performance really improved :) thanks a lot16:48
generalsuhi, quick question...if i have a 64 bit pc with an intel processor, do i want the i386 version of desktop ubuntu?16:48
Snake2kc2tarun, No problem :)16:49
daftykinsgeneralsu: no, amd6416:49
k1l_generalsu: the patent is from amd but also the intel 64bit work with the amd64 isos16:49
generalsueven though i have an intel processor?16:49
je0rJeyc2tarun, tlp is suggested for auto power management in laptop16:49
generalsuok thats strange because on ubuntu website when i select 64 bit i still get the i386 downloads..16:50
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
c2tarunje0rJey, I also looked in tlp but find it little confusing :| I'll surely try it on weekend16:51
k1l_generalsu: just tested both releases and it works with 64bit version for the download16:52
jshriverIs there a way to modify the cli arguments of a bash script that is already running?16:52
wasanzyam trying to install tiwnkle on ubuntu but can't find it in the repositories16:56
ryan_Ш туув ыгззщке фищге Цштвцщы16:57
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:57
rubino123how can I reset my laptop keyboard?  ubuntu == 4b4nt416:57
rubino123i am using a usb keyboard to type correctly16:57
ryan_Ифв ыдщц ШЫЗ зкщидуьы16:58
rubino123apple = a**3e16:58
ryan_Ш туув ыгззщке фищге ЦштвцщыШ туув ыгззщке фищге ЦштвцщыШ туув ыгззщке фищге ЦштвцщыШ туув ыгззщке фищге ЦштвцщыШ туув ыгззщке фищге ЦштвцщыШ туув ыгззщке фищге ЦштвцщыШ туув ыгззщке фищге ЦштвцщыШ туув ыгззщке фищге ЦштвцщыШ туув ыгззщÐ16:58
MonkeyDustwasanzy  twinkle is found in precise, but not in raring16:58
MonkeyDustwasanzy  what ubuntu version are you using16:58
rubino123I tried to reset to us english layout but that did not work16:58
wasanzyMonkeyDust:  13.0416:58
rubino123using ubuntu 12.1016:59
MonkeyDustwasanzy  it's not there16:59
wasanzyso can't I have it installed?16:59
hqdpydanny , sorry but you are not from Ukraine?17:00
trismwasanzy: it was deleted because of this bug in debian: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=67390017:01
ubottuDebian bug 673900 in ftp.debian.org "RM: twinkle -- ROM; dead upstream, obsolete components (KDE3/ QT3/ libccrtp1)" [Normal,Open]17:01
UbuntivityHello, I'm trying to stream the video of webcams to the screen (by using mplayer), I tried avconv but I'm getting various errors, can someone help?17:02
dankestI'm having some trouble with agent forwarding.  I have AllowAgentForwarding set to yes on my server, and I have my local ssh config file forwarding agents to all hosts.  However, when I ssh into my target server and run ssh git@github.com, I still get permission denied.17:03
dankestI see "requesting agent forwarding" when I ssh -A17:03
dankestWhat should I check next?17:03
jellfhi all17:05
rosco_yI'm trying to customize xterm by editing ~/.Xresources, and nothing takes effect--does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?17:06
jellfneed help about ligthdm, the process take CPU high, any suggestion for this ... i'm use cinammon as WM17:07
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tharkunrosco_y: xrdb -merge .Xresources17:08
FelishiaI was told to put something to make hda Intel soundcards make sound17:09
FelishiaI'm using ubuntu 10.0417:09
Felishiait's quite old but I can't upgrade17:09
rosco_ytharkun: ty--I believe that is the step I'm missing :)17:09
=== Abd_Allatif_ is now known as Abd_Allatif
Ari-YangFelishia, 10.04 is EOL (end of life), which means you most likely won't be able to get support here :/17:12
FelishiaAri-Yang, I know... the library doesn't17:13
Felishiawell let me do live season u.u17:13
daftykinsFelishia: i think i remember you. what was the problem with upgrading again?17:13
FelishiaXD that the computer is not mine :p17:13
daftykinsoh yeah... you ;)17:14
Felishiabrb going on live season with 13.04 xubuntu17:14
=== dean is now known as dean|away
daftykinslol season.17:15
daftykinsomg running IRC as root also17:15
daftykinsprepare yourself channel - fun times are just around the corner17:15
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xubuntusetxkeymap latam17:17
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest17852
Guest17852this is not terminal LOL17:18
=== ampelbein_ is now known as Ampelbein
wasanzyis there any other sip phone I can install on ubuntu apart from twinkle?17:23
DJones!ekiga | wasanzy This may help,17:25
ubottuwasanzy This may help,: ekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga17:25
wasanzyDJones: Thanks am installing that now17:25
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=== daniel is now known as Guest9428
MonkeyDust!info sflphone-gnome | wasanzy17:26
ubottuwasanzy: sflphone-gnome (source: sflphone): SIP and IAX2 compatible VoIP phone - GNOME client. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.1.0-2ubuntu2 (raring), package size 766 kB, installed size 1771 kB17:26
wasanzyMonkeyDust: Ok thank you.17:28
Felishiaok back :p17:30
Felishiawondering what was that I was told to do with my hda-intel and alsa configuration17:30
FelishiaI forgot :c17:30
guru_how to make ubuntu running faster?17:30
Felishiait was a file that I needed to add a string17:30
Felishiaguru_, run it from terminal :p17:30
tharkunguru_: State your problem with more precision. State facts.17:31
DJonesFelishia: That isn't helpful17:31
Ari-Yangguru_, what do you mean "run faster"? do you mean using a light weight DE?17:31
MonkeyDustguru_  picked up these tips on this channel http://ubuntuone.com/7D0HdIh1JYCAMwAFds8h1i17:31
guru_not really. I want programs run and load faster17:31
guru_I have a pentium 4 3ghz computer and with 4gb ram17:32
FelishiaDJones, it's just that the problem was solved, someone told me to add hda-Intel (some string like that) in a file from the alsa configuration17:32
Felishiaguru_ install compiling and not by deb files17:32
tharkunGet yourself a faster cpu with more memory.17:32
Felishiamake, make install17:32
Felishiaand configure all that needs to be configured from the source code17:32
k1l_guru_: pentium4 is quite old now. it lacks alot of technics new cpus got17:33
guru_yes, that is a better option17:33
guru_yes, but I don't want to spend anything on new computers17:33
k1l_Felishia: that is nnot the ubuntu way. please dont advertise that in here17:33
MonkeyDustguru_  did you read my suggestion?17:33
guru_everyday comes new processors and how many of them can we buy17:33
Ari-Yangguru_, comes down to buying a processor that will be good for the next few years :b17:34
tharkunguru_: In order to optimize your system (load/run faster) you need to know how it works with a little more detail. You can't control that which you can't meassure.17:35
guru_I would like to run a system that is stable and speedy and reliable17:35
neyderHi there,17:35
guru_I think ubuntu has this performance17:35
Ari-Yang!lubuntu > guru_17:35
ubottuguru_, please see my private message17:35
k1l_guru_: try lubuntu17:35
k1l_you got a old CPU there, so use a lightweight desktop17:35
guru_I didn't try lubuntu yet?17:35
guru_is that stable?17:36
Ari-Yang....depends what version you get, guru_ you see the pm ubottu sent you?17:36
k1l_guru_: yes it is17:36
guru_a few days ago I installed crunchbang and it was really a bad choice17:36
neyderhere in Peru, we will distribute laptops with a customized ubuntu, so I need to customize a desktop session to be localized and be the default session for new users, where can I find info and so?}17:36
MonkeyDustneyder  remastersys does it, i guess17:36
UbuntivityI want to make a webcam control software: Something that records and shows (on screen) the stream of 4 USB Webcams. Is there a program already does that?17:37
MonkeyDust!uck | neyder there's also this17:37
ubottuneyder there's also this: uck is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/17:37
tharkunAFAIK vlc does that17:37
Ari-YangUbuntivity, I think you're bettering off googling for such things....17:37
neyderMonkeyDust, it does for the first user but no for new users17:37
guru_did you try crunchbang, any of you?17:37
neyderuck doesn't with 13.04 grub problems17:37
guru_really, a bad choice installing such os17:38
guru_mint olivia I found not so stable too17:38
guru_when you want to connect bluetooth, entire system crashes17:38
tharkunguru_: Lets try to stay on topic. Please!17:39
guru_yes, sure17:39
Ari-Yang!offtopic > guru_17:39
ubottuguru_, please see my private message17:39
UbuntivityI was googling Ari-Yang, didn't find much.. I've seen something called Flumotion, but it isn't working correctly for some reason!17:39
neyderMonkeyDust, i want to create peru-deffault-setting and peru-artwork to be as a package and peru-desktop to be a metapackage17:39
guru_yes, ubottu, I have seen the message you sent17:39
guru_I would like to try that later17:40
guru_is it possible to install ubuntu 13.04 on my machine?17:40
MonkeyDustneyder  then use !uck to do all that, save it and distribute the iso17:40
Ari-Yangguru_, anything is possible....17:40
guru_yes, but I want to know what is the best option here, I mean what version is best for slower cpu?17:41
Ari-Yang....we've been through this, try lubuntu 13.04, guru_17:41
tharkunguru_: The one that uses less resources. But then your sistem  is your choice.17:41
Ari-Yangseeing how your machine is so slow..17:41
Nekridhi guys17:42
Nekridi'm new on ubuntu17:42
daftykinsdo you have a question?17:43
=== tekk- is now known as tekk
Nekridi may have very soon17:43
Nekridi'm trying to install a printer17:43
guru_how to bring panelbar at the bottom in ubuntu 13.04?17:43
Ari-Yangguru_, it's probably in DE settings17:44
daftykinsNekrid: ah-har17:44
zetheroowhen attempting to play a video in VLC from a samba network share VLC does not play it and I cannot close VLC after that - I also cannot open the video in a player I know can play it - like VLC has crashed on some level and is blocking access to the share, or maybe samba is frozen up ... I don't get it ... but I cannot kill the VLC process either ...17:44
zetherooHow can I find out what is locked up and kill it?17:44
guru_What is DE?17:44
daftykinsdesktop environment17:44
wilee-nileezetheroo, try killall vlc17:44
Mace268might need to -9 the killall if it's locked tight17:45
guru_you mean compizconfig?17:45
wilee-nileeNekrid, Have you opened the printer app?17:45
Ari-Yang!DE > guru_17:45
ubottuguru_, please see my private message17:45
zetherookillall does not work ... VLC remains "open"17:45
cloneGhello I am using ubuntu for a while, now using 12.04  I miss something really handy in earliest version that is a simple finder17:45
zetheroosame for killall -9 ..... vlc will not die17:46
Mace268zetheroo, killall -9 vlc17:46
cloneGyou enter the name of a file or folder in your system and it finds it for you17:46
wilee-nileecloneG, a popup serach with key prompts?17:46
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest57850
cloneGdoes 12.04 have it?17:46
zetherooseems like VLC has gone defunct:   zeth      9263  0.4  0.0      0     0 ?        Zl   19:37   0:02 [vlc] <defunct>17:46
k1l_guru_: DE is desktop enviroment17:46
zetheroogosh I hate defunct processes ...17:46
Nekridhow do i install a .deb file again?17:47
cloneGjust search17:47
Nekridyeah nvm17:47
wilee-nileezetheroo, You can install htop and run it from a terminal17:47
cloneGit used to be on the places menu17:47
cloneGand its gone17:47
guru_perhaps I'm bothering you all asking too many same questions.17:47
zetheroo wilee-nilee: and then?17:47
lonewulf85Hello anyone know how to force vuze or azerus to reappear in Ubuntu 12.04.2 x64?17:47
wilee-nileezetheroo, It has instructions on it run htop to see it to find and kill processes.17:48
cloneGNekrid I love gdebi easy and efficient17:48
cloneGalso ancient though17:48
guru_thank you friends.17:48
wilee-nileeNekrid, Did you try the printers app? use nicks if you respond to another person.17:48
cloneGno search engine for ubuntu 12.04?17:49
zetheroo wilee-nilee: I was informed a couple days ago that defunct processes are impossible to kill ... that I have to reboot to kill it17:49
zetheroo wilee-nilee: this is absurd IMO17:49
lonewulf85cloneG, In Firefox?17:49
wilee-nileezetheroo, a zombie is nothing to worry about is it that?17:50
=== mudkip908_ is now known as mudkip908
cloneGlonewulf85 I want to search only in my system17:50
zetheroo wilee-nilee: I keep getting told that as well ... but if the zombie process is stopping you from carrying out a task then it is a problem17:51
lonewulf85cloneG, have you tried alt F2?17:51
wilee-nileezetheroo, By who?17:51
zetheroowhat do you mean?17:51
wilee-nileezetheroo, " I keep getting told" by who17:51
wilee-nileeor whom17:52
cloneGlonewulf85 that is the shortcut to execute programs or applications17:52
cloneGlonewulf85 I was trying to find a file or a folder17:52
zetheroo wilee-nilee: I have been in here several times specifically about defunct processes  ... I don't recall the nicks of those who communicated with me17:52
wilee-nileezetheroo, Honestly I suspect you just do not understand and are projecting the blame on the OS.17:52
lonewulf85cloneG, My bad what exactly are you trying to do, search for a file or a program in your system?17:53
cloneGsearching the system menus I found a thing called nepomuk...17:53
zetheroo wilee-nilee: well as far as I am aware, and as far as I have been told, a defunct process cannot be killed ...17:53
aar_Hi, does anyone know of a Linux equivalent of GPGrelay (an encrypting-decrypting proxy that sits between my e-mail client and the POP3/SMS server)?17:53
cloneGwould that do?17:53
zetheroo wilee-nilee: if I am wrong then please tell me how it is possible17:53
aar_Hi, does anyone know of a Linux equivalent of GPGrelay (an encrypting-decrypting proxy that sits between my e-mail client and the POP3/SMS server)?17:53
wilee-nileezetheroo, This is free help and not always the best, don't just believe everything anyone says, and you are lacking details.17:53
MonkeyDust!repeat | aar_17:53
ubottuaar_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:53
aar_(Sorry, it was a copy-paste error)17:54
Nekridguys, why doesn't this work? sudo mkdir /var/spool/lpd/mfc790cw17:54
cloneGdoes anybody know how nepomuk work?17:54
zetheroo wilee-nilee: MonkeyDust was trying to help me the other day with defunct libvirt I believe ... is that right MonkeyDust!?17:54
lonewulf85! nepomuk17:54
zetheroo wilee-nilee: so are you saying that defunct processes can be killed?17:55
wilee-nileezetheroo, What is your definition of defunct processes?17:55
cloneGnepomuk indexed file manager....sounds good but nothing happens when clicking it17:56
zetheroo wilee-nilee: um ... a process that the OS claims is defunct ... .!?17:56
wilee-nileezetheroo, I'm going to be of no help to you to be honest, best of luck. ;)17:56
zetheroozeth      9263  0.4  0.0      0     0 ?        Zl   19:37   0:02 [vlc] <defunct>17:56
napscNekrid: try using -p17:57
zetheroo wilee-nilee: so after all that back and forth you really have no clue about this topic!? Mate - next time save me some time and typing and just say it from the start! ;)17:57
Nekridnapsc, i got around it by going to /var/spool/ and doing mkdir lpd, then going to lpd and doing mkdir mfc790cw. does -p has something to do with creating like sub-directories?17:58
=== creftos_ is now known as creftos
napscNekrid: yes... it will create directories along the path17:59
Nekridok got it17:59
lonewulf85Anyone in here use azureus / vuze in ubuntu 12.04?17:59
tsongkihow can i enable exfat in ubuntu17:59
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=== mhs is now known as mhs2
OerHekszetheroo, if the parent of the defunct process is 1, you cannot stop it, reboot is the only way > http://askubuntu.com/questions/30891/is-there-any-way-to-kill-a-zombie-process-without-reboot18:02
tsongkii got error msg after typing apt-get install fuse-exfat18:02
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
zetherooOerHeks: thanks!18:02
lonewulf85tsongki, You do know that exfat is fat64 right. and therefore Linux might not want to use or even recognize it.18:03
tsongki@lonewulf85 so i cant use exfat in ubuntu18:04
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:04
lonewulf85tsongki, Not that I am aware of try looking for diskmanager in you applications.18:04
lonewulf85tsongki, I mean Disk Utility.18:05
tsongkilonewulf85, ok ill look for it18:05
tsongkihow can i post the terminal text so that you can help18:06
lonewulf85tsongki, in there the only options for formating are fat12,16,32 and ext d for windows. Why are you wanting to use exfat?18:07
MonkeyDusttsongki  add | pastebinit to the line (that's a pipe)18:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:07
lonewulf85tsongki, a website called pastebin.com18:08
JoeyJoeJoHow can I figure out what package a particular file belongs to?18:08
tsongkithanks for the info18:08
lonewulf85tsongki, then just post the html link after you have submitted the info to the site.18:09
lonewulf85Help with Vuze and Ubuntu 12.04.2lts x86_64 please, When it starts it is invisible.18:10
Nekridso, guys, i followed the guide on Brother's site to install the printer's LPR driver18:11
k1l_tsongki: that is a PPA. which ubuntu are you on?18:12
Nekridbut now, when i try to add the printer18:12
lonewulf85tsongki, So yeah it looks like fuse does not support exfat. Is there a special reason you need it because ext4 appears to be a better choice in my opinion.18:12
tsongkikll raring wingworm 13.0418:12
k1l_tsongki: did you run a "apt-get update" to refresh the sources?18:12
Nekridit asks me to select a brand and a model, but the model isn't listed18:12
tsongkinope well i should try k1l18:12
lonewulf85k1l, Good spot on that I had to re-read it to see that he did not. lol18:13
MoPacHello; I have a question about transfering environments from one Ubuntu computer to another when one is x64 and one is x86. (1) Will exporting a package list from the 64 to the 86 break anything? (2) Will moving settings files from /etc or /usr/share break anything? (3) Do the Ubuntu versions have to be the same?18:14
lonewulf85MoPac, x86 does not support x64 packages so yes going from x64 to x86 would mess things up, however going from x86 to x64 would not.18:16
MoPaclonewulf85: so the package list is specific to the architecture and the distro, right? The target comp wouldn't just find the equivalent package for its arch?18:17
tsongkiyey! it worked! thanks guyz i really appreciated it. well mounting exfat is be done manually. But it worked nice18:17
tsongkithanks lonewulf85 and k1l18:17
tsongkithumbs up for the both of you lol18:17
Nekridhelp me here guys, if i select the generic driver for the printer, it then reccomends me to select "text-only", there are a bunch of PCL and PostScript and RAW Queue options, i don't know which one to select. i don't want it to print just text, i want it to print anything18:18
Ben64MoPac: it should work. the package list will mostly be stuff like "nmap" without the architecture on it18:18
lonewulf85MoPac, It might but I have only gone from x86 to x64 and it worked. I have not tried to go from x64 to x86 you could try aptoncd that might work.18:18
lonewulf85! aptoncd18:19
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline18:19
bibi23I have a server containing some websites, over the time I installed packages as they were needing some, made configurations and so... now I'm wondering, if tomorrow I switch to a new server (eg. more powerful server) I'll have to try to remember everything and set it up again, is there a way to avoid this? how can I store and manage os settings needed by a website?18:19
ubuntu-addictHello. I have a bash script with a command like " eval nohup command& >> nohup.out". When I run this script manually: no problem, nohup.out contain the comments. When I run via cron (*/1 * * * * script.sh >> log), nohup.out contain nothing but the comments are (partially) put into the log file of the cron job. Anyone have an idea of my error? Thanks in advance.18:20
MoPacBen64: lonewulf85: To be more specific, do you think I would break things by following the steps at http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/new-computer-old-os-how-to-migrate-linux-between-machines/ break the target?18:20
MoPacBen64: lonewulf85: (That guide says to get a txt of packages and then sudo dpkg --set-selections < /home/[your user name]/packagelist.txt.18:22
Ben64MoPac: should work, or you can use the software center to sync two computers' packages18:22
MoPacBen64: unfortunaetely software center sync is broken18:22
Ben64no it isn't18:23
MoPacBen64: Also, on a side note, I can't find any documentation on account security for software center sync18:23
axxaI need some help, I just started using ubuntu and I was having a problem with the driver for the video card, so I changed it to the proprietary driver and now I do not have access to my launcher nor the user bar, how do I fix this?18:23
MoPacBen64: *broken for me18:23
Ben64well sounds like you have other problems going on18:23
axxaOk, what should I do?18:23
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
MoPacBen64: My problem is not uncommon, but I'd prefer a non-software-center solution anyway, since I can't find documentation for it18:24
MoPacaxxa: Can you successfully login to your user account?18:24
axxa@MoPac yes18:24
ddonnaIf my apt-get update command blocks while attempting to connect to us.archive.ubuntu.com, from how high a window do I need to throw my computer?18:25
lonewulf85MoPac, I see it is meaning to transfer everything. Going from the x64 arch to the x86 one might cause instability in the os. but transferring of user files would not have any negative affect.18:25
MoPaclonewulf85: I'm more concerned about the list of packages that the target should install and about the settings files for the programs I already have -- like my Firefox extensions, KVIrc server configuration, Tor config file, etc18:27
MoPacaxxa: So when you log in, what do you see?18:27
MoPaclonewulf85: It seems like some of that lives in /home, some in /usr, and some in /etc, and I can't really make sense of what can be copied over and what can't18:28
lonewulf85MoPac, I believe that it all can be copied over.18:29
lonewulf85MoPac, the only thing is if they are setup on individual partitions then you need to also set them up that way on the new system.18:29
MoPacBen64: FYI - apparently it's broken. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/117990318:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1179903 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Unable to sync between computers" [Critical,Confirmed]18:30
MoPaclonewulf85: My situation is more like this: I have an x64 computer that is my main, and an x86 as a backup. The x86 already has Ubuntu inistalled, and my user files are copied. But what I'd really like to do is transfer all my program settings instead of having to set up the environment from scratch, without reinstalling Ubuntu18:32
MoPacThe bonus complication is that the main computer is on Raring and the backup on Saucy right now, but that difference will disappear soon18:32
MoPacaxxa: You still with us?18:32
lonewulf85MoPac, does the backup pc already have the same programs?18:32
axxayes just trying to figure out how IRCs work18:33
MoPaclonewulf85: Nope, I was hoping to have to avoid making a catalogue of them, figuring out which extra repos they come from, figuring out which had compatible saucy or x86 versions, etc18:33
MoPaclonewulf85: So it looked like I could just export a package list and copy ancillary settings files, like hidden files from /home,, but I came here when I realized that the archi18:34
MoPactecture might make a problem18:34
lonewulf85MoPac, I just recommend using aptoncd you can save it to a usb and it would work faster.18:34
MoPacaxxa: log in to your user account, are you able to pull up a terminal window? (ctrl-alt-T)18:35
MoPacpackage aptoncd18:35
axxa@MoPac the terminal is how I've been running everything18:35
lonewulf85MoPac, Yeah you just need that on both systems and then run it on both and all programs will be copied then just copy and paste the appropriate files to the appropriate places and you should be golden.18:36
MoPacThis guide says APTonCD won't work across an architecture gap http://www.howtogeek.com/110034/how-to-back-up-restore-your-installed-ubuntu-packages-with-aptoncd/18:37
MoPacaxxa: okay, one more question - is this an nvidia card?18:37
axxa@MoPac it's an AMD18:39
danny4wayHow do I connect my laptop to TV wirelessly?18:39
danny4wayCan Ubuntu do that?18:39
MoPacaxxa: okay, I'm not as familiar with recovering from this problem when it's AMD (if it's the same problem), but I know a couple of things to check. Install ccsm if you don't have it (compizconfig-settings-manager)18:40
MoPacaxxa: (once installed, the command is "ccsm")18:40
danny4wayHow do I connect my laptop to TV?18:41
=== smithkm_ is now known as smithkm
danny4wayHTTML cable?18:41
danny4wayIs that the only way?18:42
MoPac!repeat | danny4way18:42
ubottudanny4way: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:42
omgeekI m from phone18:42
omgeekThis is first time hey all18:42
wilee-nileedanny4way, not sure I found this though. http://askubuntu.com/questions/152695/can-i-connect-my-ubuntu-laptop-to-my-hdtv-wirelessly18:42
danny4wayThank you18:43
MoPacHi omgeek18:43
wilee-nileedanny4way, Can't gaurantee anything, not an are I have aclue in.18:43
axxa@MoPac It's installing, what do I do after I have it run?18:43
omgeekMopac hey18:43
wilee-nileelike many others, lol18:43
danny4wayThat's okay.18:43
MoPacaxxa: Check to see if the Unity plugin has been disabled during the driver switch18:44
omgeekMopac how r u18:45
kodjohi, can someone help me to configure power nap under ubuntu 12.04 server ?18:45
MoPacomgeek: If you have a support question please feel free to ask it; someone here may be able to help you18:45
axxa@MoPac I have the option to enable it18:45
MoPacaxxa: Try enabling it and see if that helps. It may be an OpenGL problem, but first just see what happens when you try enabling Unity and all the stuff it depends on18:46
MoPacaxxa: (It'll tell you if such-and-such needs to be enabled at the same time)18:46
axxa@MoPac it's telling me it requires OpenGl and it gives me the option to enable it18:47
omgeekMopac I need help in publishing a research paper for linux n bug data ifu can help ..18:47
MoPacaxxa: Yep, so see if you can enable it or if it reverts right back to disabled18:48
axxa@MoPac it's telling me I need to enable Scale18:49
MoPacaxxa: Yeah, just enable everything it asks for, and then see if the enabling will stick or not18:49
CodeWarTrying to open .jnlp files using the command ~path/javaws --wait . When I goto Open With from Nautilius, I don't see an option to add a script to launch a filetype. Whats the best way to do this?18:50
lonewulf85Please anyone Vuze disappears18:50
axxa@MoPac I get this:The new value for the key binding for the action Key to execute a command in plugin Ubuntu Unity Plugin conflicts with the action Run Dialog of the Gnome Compatibility plugin.18:51
axxaDo you wish to disable Run Dialog in the Gnome Compatibility plugin?18:51
MonkeyDustlonewulf85  i don't use it myself, but check the preferences, there must be an option "minimize to panel" or so18:51
MoPacaxxa: are you on IRC on the computer you're trying to fix or on a different one?18:51
axxa@MoPac same computer18:52
MoPacaxxa: Okay, what I recommend is that if you let Unity enable anything that it wants to, including the keyboard bindings (so if it wants to disable something else that is in conflict, that's fine)18:52
MoPacaxxa: If it breaks your ability to get back to the IRC window, just restart and I'll try you on another idea.18:53
=== companion is now known as Companion
axxa@MoPac it worked!! Thank you so much18:54
MoPacaxxa: Great to hear18:55
MonkeyDustlonewulf85  like so, this is Deluge preferences http://imagebin.org/26810918:55
slobrohi, my lubuntu 12.04 wont start up, it hangs up after saned daemon has been started. at first it didnt start and said speech-dispatcher and saned wouldnt start and to edit the config.18:59
slobroi did that to both of them, set run=yes and they start now, but it hangs up after that.18:59
tomivsKwargs, Chung wan wei19:03
tomivsAntonella1_31, Chucho chan chi19:04
Antonella1_31._. Que?19:04
tomivsAntonella1_31, Eshtoy hablando chino19:04
Antonella1_31aaaaa y que dice?19:04
nakaritni jao kilan19:04
tomivsAntonella1_31, No se. Pero asi piensan19:04
=== Abd_Allatif_ is now known as Abd_Allatif
wilee-nileeAntonella1_31, nakarit This is an english channel19:05
nakarity no hablan19:05
nakaritantonella que dice?19:05
nakaritque dice wilee-nilee19:05
bazhangAntonella1_31, thats enough19:05
Antonella1_31XD no se que dicen19:05
Antonella1_31Que dieeen19:06
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:06
Antonella1_31mojo de mierdaaaaa Chao19:06
tomivsAntonella1_31, Dicen que este es un canal de inglés19:06
slobrohm, it was just my hdd that was full. weird it didnt tell me about it19:06
tomivsbazhang, Antonella1_31 is troll19:06
bazhangtomivs, get back on topic please19:06
tomivsbazhang, See you later19:07
lvlephFor some reason mounting with defaults in fstab is not allowing write permission. I don't understand what is going on. Can someone help me?19:10
lvlephThe file system is ext3 and this is a fresh install19:11
=== BTCOxygen is now known as Guest38611
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lvlephThis is the least active I have ever seen this channel19:14
lvlephwhat gives?19:14
wilee-nileelvleph, Who knows and this is offtopic.19:14
lvlephwhat is off topic?19:15
wilee-nileenet splits will do it at times though19:15
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:15
lvlephSo asking about an issue with a fresh install of Ubuntu is off topic?19:16
reisioI think he meant talking about the channel is off topic19:16
wilee-nileelvleph, No asking why it is slow is relevant19:16
lvlephThat was a comment about no response to my question, but ok19:16
wilee-nileelvleph, If you look closely you will see I just came on I did not see your question.19:17
lvlephYep 1 sec after I asked19:18
wilee-nileeit happens. ;)19:18
lvlephOkay, my question19:18
lvlephFor some reason mounting with defaults in fstab is not allowing write permission. I don't understand what is going on. Can someone help me?19:18
linuxthefishall help streulma please ok19:19
wilee-nileelvleph, Pastebin your fstab for th channel for help I suspect19:19
daftykinslvleph: the parameter 'user' rather than just 'defaults' in fstab tends to allow user write, but have you also checked the drive's permissions?19:19
lvlephIt was the default fstab after install so..19:20
lvlephNew HD since the other failed.19:20
streulmawho can help me?19:20
lvlephHow do I check drive permissions because changin to user didn't solve the problem daftykins19:21
reisiostreulma: someone who knows your issue19:21
lvlephstreulma:  I didn't catch your question19:22
daftykinslvleph: pastebin your fstab please as wilee-nilee suggested, then check your mountpoint's permissions for whether your username is against them, e.g. if /mount is where it is, "ls -l /"19:22
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Nekridguys, i have installed LAMP, everything is working, but now i want to copy all my php project folders to /var/www and i want to chmod that directory so i will be able to create new folders and php files without needing to go to the terminal and use sudo mkdir and such19:23
lvlephI hate trying to pastebin while using ssh!19:23
daftykinsNekrid: sudo chmod -R username: /var/www19:23
Ben64!pastebinit | lvleph19:24
ubottulvleph: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com19:24
streulmareisio: I speak all day about my problem, I'm on Unity and I have a high resolution display, better 2880 x 1800 is the Ubuntu native resolution, if I go lower, then it's blurry on my Macbook Pro Retina display.19:24
wilee-nilee!pastebin | lvleph YOU can run pastebinit19:24
ubottulvleph YOU can run pastebinit: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:24
reisiostreulma: which version of Ubuntu?19:24
streulmareisio: 13.0419:24
daftykinsi can't even remember the official line on mac support19:25
Nekriddaftykins, thats not working19:25
ikoniastreulma: there is a known issue with retina displays and unity especially around the fonts19:25
ikoniait's something to do with the scaling19:25
daftykinsNekrid: define 'not working' with more words please19:25
Nekridchmod: modo inválido: «pedro:»19:26
NekridTente 'chmod --help' para mais informações.19:26
reisiostreulma: what kernel version?19:26
Nekridi replaced username with pedro btw19:26
daftykinsNekrid: oops i meant chown19:26
streulmaok ikonia and reisio, kernel version is latest official 13.04 kernel (by upgrade)19:26
Nekridoh, you mean making my user the owner19:27
Nekridof that dir19:27
=== arunprasadr is now known as arunprasadr_away
daftykinsNekrid: correct19:27
Nekridi will try, thanks19:28
lvlephwilee-nilee: http://pastebin.com/Nanph9MD19:28
streulmaoh reisio, do you mean, I have to upgrade the kernel from mainline ppa ?19:28
reisiostreulma: I meant I wanted to know what kernel version you already have ;)19:28
linuxthefishstreulma stupid...19:28
linuxthefishdon't help him!19:29
=== tsongki is now known as Dementors_kiss
streulmareisio I'm not on Ubuntu now19:29
streulmawhat linuxthefish ?19:29
daftykinslinuxthefish: we don't insult people here19:29
=== guntbert_ is now known as guntbert
linuxthefishoh :/19:29
lvlephwilee-nilee: looks like a chmod 777 was in order19:30
daftykinsargh chmodding to 777 is not wise >_<19:31
linuxthefishchmod 777 /* -R19:31
lvlephWell I wanted the partition to have that set of permissions19:31
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=== jan1337z is now known as Jan
lvlephlinuxthefish: go troll somewhere else19:31
daftykinsnow now, leave the opping to the ops please19:32
=== Jan is now known as Guest4644
lvlephthen they should do it, seeing he has been insulting and trolling19:32
linuxthefishnot insults man19:32
lvlephget off topic and someone is all over you19:33
daftykinsstop it.19:33
Nekriddaftykins, thanks for the "chown", that's exactly what i wante19:33
daftykinsNekrid: np19:33
lvlephany wilee-nilee thanks for the help19:33
guntbertlinuxthefish: don't *ever* post such commands in here!19:34
=== cjopcjop is now known as Le
oxiredohello; So, I was able to setup the linux as a server/gateway , internet is comming from ppp0 and it shares it to br0 (br0 contains WLAN1 atm). I have internet connection on my phone (wifi), but there are some pages that I can not acces. I will post some error from syslog19:34
=== badgerdash is now known as badgerdash[xmpp]
=== badgerdash[xmpp] is now known as badgerdash[serv]
oxiredoso the question is : what does " INPUT packet died: IN=ppp0 O..." means ?19:35
=== badgerdash[serv] is now known as badgerdash
ezra-soxiredo, forgive my ignorant question, have you made the fw rules yourself?19:37
ezra-soxiredo, I'm asking to make sure those messages are not "made up" and for you to make sure they come from iptables instead of rules made to type that...19:38
oxiredoezra-s: is a  webpage that makes a  firerule with iptables ( I will try t osearch that web page)19:39
ezra-soxiredo, check with "iptables -L -n"19:40
boggle_I currently have ubuntu installed as the only bootable os on my laptop. I had windows 8 on one partition, but I've since deleted all the associated files and use the windows partition for media. I think just doing this without informing grub is causing my system to occaisionally hang on boot. To fix this (or rule it out as a cause) and upgrade to 13.04, I want to wipe out all the old partitions (leaving one partition per disk) and install ubuntu on my ssd, l19:42
azerusHello everyone, I am having problems restricting access in pam.d to my system using require_membership_of in winbind.so (I'm trying to integrate Active Directory authentication into my ubuntu systems)19:42
oxiredoezra-s: output is here http://pastebin.com/e9fGGdkF19:42
oxiredoI will also try to figure it out...19:43
azerusI basically want all users (local or remote) to use active directory credentials on my Windows DC, and restrict access per-machine to specific groups/users19:43
ezra-soxiredo, there you go:     -->  LOG        all  --              limit: avg 3/min burst 3 LOG flags 0 level 4 prefix "INPUT packet died: "19:43
streulmareisio, should I have to install the 3.9 kernel ?19:44
ezra-sit's a threshold19:44
azerusbut it seems as if the require_membership_of option is completely ignored, can anyone help?19:44
ikoniastreulma: why change the kernel ?19:44
reisiostreulma: don't know19:45
oxiredoezra-s: so if I increase that limit, I wil not have that strange work/no-work internet connection ?19:45
ezra-soxiredo,  limit: avg 3/min <-- maybe this is exageratedly low19:45
ezra-s3 per minute is too low19:46
oxiredoezra-s: I am searching in that script  to see that line (3/min)19:46
oxiredowhat should be a good x/min ?19:47
azerusCan anyone assist me with restricting access to my systems based on group through winbind?19:47
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
manikHello.  Can anybody tell me how to increase the size of Menu in Lubuntu?19:48
ezra-soxiredo, I am a bit rusted relating to firewall rules, I would research the meaning of the whole thing first -> limit: avg 3/min burst 3 LOG flags 0 level 4 prefix and also all rules in the chain related to it19:48
ezra-stry increasing it hugely for testing and if you get the desired effect, start reducing back, since those rules since to be placed in order for safety19:49
oxiredoezra-s: tnx so mush for help19:49
xrandrhow do i change the animation/effects settings in the unity desktop?19:49
ezra-sxrandr, ccsm I believe19:50
guntbert!patience | manik19:50
ubottumanik: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/19:50
=== boggle_ is now known as boggle
manikubottu already have, but no use :)19:50
ubottumanik: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:50
manikguntbert :) Know how to do that?19:51
guntbertmanik: soryy, no (or I would have answered already)19:51
manikah, okay. guntbert19:52
boggleReinstall question: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=3RgaUC2119:52
* ezra-s runs19:55
sWooziejust installed ubuntu it rebooted now black screen19:56
sWoozieoh nm19:56
sWoozieim dumb19:56
guntbertguzzlefry: welcome to the Ubuntu support channel. Do you have an ubuntu support question?19:58
guzzlefryCan anyone recommend some type of screen magnifier? I see kmag, but I'd rather not pull in QT and friends.19:58
robcsiHi. can anyone recommend a keyboard layout changing application to use with i3wm?19:59
reisiorobcsi: setxkbmap?20:00
recurrenceguzzlefry: most OSs have screen magnifiers as part of their accessibility packages20:00
robcsireisio: Yes, I have tried it, but it's a bit too cumbersome to use, since it does not display anything in the status bar20:01
reisioguzzlefry: get ccsm and turn on the zoom plugin20:01
reisiobest magnifier you'll ever find on any OS20:01
neptunehow to stop monitor going black20:02
=== neptune is now known as Guest30246
Guest30246im using ubuntu 12.420:02
robcsireisio: I'd also like to have a list of the language layouts I have set up20:02
reisioGuest30246: /msg ubottu nomodeset20:02
reisiorobcsi: ah20:02
Guest30246where abouts20:02
guntbertguzzlefry: "zoom" in system setings/Universal access   is not good enough?20:03
Guest30246in termina?20:03
guzzlefryguntbert: It might have been if I knew about it. :P20:03
guntbertguzzlefry: :)20:03
Guest30246it does it when booting up too20:04
=== motto is now known as m8
e1geniobuonasera a tutti20:04
Guest30246idk about when logged in20:04
guzzlefryWell actually, I don't see it. I'm using xfce4. I'll try ccsm.20:04
Guest30246is it my display or the OS20:04
Pici!enter | Guest3024620:05
ubottuGuest30246: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:05
guzzlefryreisio: Were you referring to this paid application for ccsm?20:05
Guest30246the monitor goes black then it goes to sleep so i assume the OS is doing it20:06
reisioguzzlefry: no, the compiz configurator20:06
boringntpi stopped ntp service with "sudo service ntp stop", and it stopped correctly; after i establish a new connection with the network manager, ntp gets started again though, how can i avoid that?20:06
ceboris it a know bug that "startup disk creator" sometimes crashes while copying a image to a usb drive ??20:07
=== Argh is now known as HAWiese
reisioif it is, it'd be on launchpad.net20:07
boringntpi don't know if this is a bug or a feature, but it's certainly annoying20:08
k1lHAWiese: no need fo doulbe output from that scripts20:09
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linuxthefishFoxDeveloper is dugi lol?20:13
Guest30246how to reboot20:13
reisioGuest30246: icon at top right20:14
FoxDeveloperlinuxthefish yes20:14
Guest30246hmm I hit suspend now no buttons work when going back in20:14
Guest30246and there is nothing at the top now20:15
boggleReinstall question: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=3RgaUC2120:16
=== Guest30246 is now known as nocturnal
nocturnalI still dont see reboot button20:17
=== Guest4644 is now known as jan1337zZz
reisioboggle: gparted is on the normal install image, IIRC20:19
reisioboggle: should have all you need20:19
igw3i use a ubuntu 12lts but it does not completely shutdown when u initiatie the shutdown button i have tried all the shutdown commands but it justs does not shutdown..any ideas of what cud be wrong20:20
johnrbI have Ubuntu Server 13.04 installed with the ubuntu desktop installed obviously i have a connection but in the toolbar it tells me i do not have a connection, and when i click conn. info i get an error saying no valid active connections, can someone help me out, i assume i missing one or more packages20:21
histoigw3: is there anything displayed on screen when it hangs?20:21
histojohnrb: did you have server edition networking configured first?20:22
k1ljohnrb: if you installed the desktop afterwards its the /etc/network/interfaces who did the networking in the first place. if so the NetworkManager doesnt do any networking for that devices20:22
johnrbyeyes i did20:23
guntbertjohnrb: in that case I' just ignore network manager20:23
nocturnalis it ok just to press the reboot button on the tower20:23
johnrbok can i get rid of that in the toolbar or can i make that handle the connection from now on either or is fine20:23
reisionocturnal: it's not ideal, but should be alright20:24
johnrblol i just hate the empty wifi icon20:24
reisionocturnal: can you run 'shutdown -h now'?20:24
reisionocturnal: or 'reboot'?20:24
nocturnalI dont see reboot in the top20:24
k1ljohnrb: if you want to stay with your desktop on the server you can comment out the device entries in the /etc/network/interfaces20:24
tomasm-hi, any idea how I can keep networkmanager or whatever from changing my resolv.conf? I always need first. I shut off dnsmasq but arent sure if theres a way to put the dns from the dhcp server into resolv.conf also.20:24
johnrband then net-manager will handle it?20:25
johnrbok great20:25
k1ljohnrb: yes20:25
johnrbthanks guys20:25
nocturnalit wont corrupt anything hitting the reboot button on the tower as long as it isnt say installing updates20:26
guntbertjohnrb: just leave   lo  active in there20:26
nocturnalill bbl20:27
tomreyntomasm-: you can manually set the nameservers to use in your network manager connection profiles. so you could always set there, and optionally other (fixed) nameservers.20:28
igw3histo: nothing20:28
tomreyni guess the other option is not to use NM20:29
tomasm-tomreyn: well this is for wireless so I need the dns set from the dhcp client, so i can access the authentication webpage20:30
tomreyntomasm-: wireless with captive portal? you could possibly have two profiles, one to use before captive portal authentication and one for afterwards.20:31
tomasm-tomreyn: how? no idea.20:32
tomreyntomasm-: actually an even easier is probably to to set a fixed hostname pointing to the fixed ip address (if so) of the captive portal in your /etc/hosts but use as a nameserver in the NM profile.20:33
igw3reisio: hi20:33
tomasm-tomreyn: no this is public wireless in various networks.... the authentication page will vary by ip, depends20:34
tomasm-I have "" prepended according to /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf, but I would like dhcp to have it's dns servers put into /etc/resolv.conf also20:35
=== Guest64655 is now known as Freeaqingme
tomasm-I have 12.04, why does the dhcp based dns servers not get listed in resolv.conf? it only ever says
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=== Jan is now known as Guest65502
tomreyntomasm-: i dont' know how to do this. check the hook scripts in /etc/dhcp/*.d20:40
histoigw3: take a look at /var/log/syslog20:40
igw3histo: kk20:40
BurrdyAny Steam users online today?20:44
k1lBurrdy: i bet alot are. but with no specific question most will not answer20:46
MercXi am having some issues with visudo20:46
MercXis tehre somethign i need to restart to get it working?20:46
MonkeyDustBurrdy  tip: there's also #ubuntu-steam20:46
guntbert!details | MercX20:47
ubottuMercX: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:47
MercX12.04 michael ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL20:47
MercXdoes not allow me to run programs with no password20:47
Burrdyyeah, but I'm not sure where to put Steam support related questions. either here, or in #ubuntu-steam20:47
BurrdyMy game controller keeps giving me a hard time.20:48
HomelessSantaHowdy all, I just recently received an kernel update and it shows I have two more updates in the form of: Generic Linux kernel headers and Generic Linux kernel image. On Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS yet for some reason it won't let me checkmark the Important Updates.20:48
BurrdyHomelessSanta:  Install those updates first, reboot, and then try installing the Important Updates again.20:49
pmitrosI am running Ubuntu, but don't use Gnome/Unity/KDE/etc. Virtually all of the Ubuntu documentation references things like 'System -> Administration -> Disk Utility'. Is there any rational method to figure out what command line command that corresponds to?20:49
HomelessSantaBurrdy, Too late and before hand it wouldn't let me checkmark those updates previously.20:49
Burrdyhuh?  that's weird.20:49
HomelessSantaI tried using sudo apt-get update thinking that would fix the issue in some way.20:50
MercXpmitros: probably not just 1 utility, rather a collection of utilities20:50
geniipmitros: Better yet just use the Ubuntu Server guide instead20:50
Burrdyhave you tried 'sudo apt-get -V --fix-missing --force-yes --simulate dist-upgrade' ??20:50
HomelessSantaA more visual appearance of the issue: http://imgur.com/riPbmSp20:50
k1lHomelessSanta: to install new pakcages (which is required for new kernels) do apt-get dist-upgrade20:50
pmitrosgenii: Most of the documentation I look for isn't in a guide. It's on one of the many wikis.20:51
HomelessSantak1l, Wouldn't that upgrade Ubuntu? Which I don't want to do.20:51
k1lHomelessSanta: no, that will not bring you to 12.1020:51
HomelessSantaBurrdy, Was that towards me?20:51
MercXpmitros: what are you trying to accomplish?20:51
Burrdyoh you're using the Quantal stack?20:51
Burrdyit was20:51
k1l!dist-upgrade | HomelessSanta20:51
ubottuHomelessSanta: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.20:51
HomelessSantak1l, But I want to stay at 12.04.2 I'm lost.20:52
k1lHomelessSanta: it lets you stay at 12.0420:52
HomelessSanta HexChat: 2.9.5 ** OS: Linux 3.5.0-37-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "precise" 12.04 ** CPU: 8 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 800MHz ** RAM: Physical: 15.7GB, 94.2% free ** Disk: Total: 57.6GB, 84.9% free ** VGA: NVIDIA Corporation D9840-60001 [Brio BA410 Motherboard] ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH1: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia ** Ethernet:20:52
HomelessSanta JMicron Technology Corp. JMC250 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller ** Uptime: 8m 1s **20:52
HomelessSantaYes it's using the Quantal Stack on Ubuntu
k1lit will _not_ upgrade to 12.10 . the command to upgrade to 12.10 would be "do-release-upgrade".20:53
pmitrosMercX: I am following the instruction here: "http://askubuntu.com/questions/16988/how-do-i-install-ubuntu-to-a-usb-key-without-using-startup-disk-creator" But I run into this issue all the time. I'd like to pull up one GUI utility from the Ubuntu GUI to configure something. 70% of the time I can find the name of the commandline by Googling. 30% of the time, I'm lost.20:53
HomelessSantaOK, I'll try it otherwise if it does I'll more or less reinstall.20:53
BurrdyBy the way, has anyone solved the problem with Steam Big Picture Mode and the Mouse and game controllers not getting along with each other??  My mouse pointer freaks out every time I plugin my game controller.  Disabling the touchpad doesn't seem to do anything.20:54
HomelessSantaThis is what I get when I used that command k1l: The following packages have been kept back:20:54
HomelessSanta  linux-headers-generic-lts-quantal linux-image-generic-lts-quantal20:54
HomelessSanta0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.20:54
pmitrosMercX: Specifically, I'm trying format a USB stick, and it's a bit finicky about how it is formatted. I'd like to just check all of the boxes the same way they have in the guide, rather than manually formatting it and having a small chance of messing up (since if I do it wrong, most likely the failure will be that it doesn't boot -- and then it's very hard to figure out which step it failed on)20:54
Burrdyhow do you highlight someone's name again?  it's been a while since i used IRC20:54
HomelessSantaBurrdy, Use the tab key when you enter a few letters.20:55
HomelessSantaDepends on the IRC client you're using too.20:55
HomelessSantaYes, tab key should work.20:55
HomelessSantaType: Home than tab and see if it works.20:55
k1lHomelessSanta: if even a "sudo apt-get update &&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" doesnt work its maybe because the depencies from that packages are not up to date (so far) on that mirror-server or there are still packages to be pushed to the server20:56
BurrdyHomelessSanta, testing20:56
HomelessSantaBurrdy, Works.20:56
pmitrosMercX: I just found 'gnome-disks' by Googling (nth link; the name changed), but if there's some file somewhere that maps Ubuntu menus to commands, it would save me hours with how often this comes up.20:56
Burrdyyay! =D20:56
HomelessSantak1l, I'll give that a try.20:56
MercXpmitros: if you are using know look at gparted to format and partition20:56
BurrdyHomelessSanta, do you play Steam games in Big Picture Mode?20:57
HomelessSantak1l, To no luck the command still doesn't solve the issue oh boy what a day.20:57
k1lHomelessSanta: then just give the servers and devs some time to fix it20:57
HomelessSantaBurrdy, Never tried to my lack of SSD space keeps me from doing much only an 80GB SSD don't know why I opted for it.20:57
HomelessSantak1l, No doubt will do.20:57
MercXpmitros: not sure if this would work but you could just dd the iso right to the usb stick?20:57
HomelessSantaBurrdy, Pure Ubuntu on this.20:58
pmitrosMercX: I can figure out this specific instance of the problem. The general problem is I'd like to know how to go from a name in an Ubuntu menu to a filename I can use on the command line.20:58
HomelessSantaI'ma see if there is a workaround either way k1l just in case.20:58
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=== AndrewBarber is now known as Guest90901
BurrdyHomelessSanta, Mkay, no problem.  :-)20:58
pmitrosMercX: It's probably in some config file, but I don't know which one.20:58
k1lHomelessSanta: i dont see why you just cant wait some time?20:59
Burrdyi'll check with #ubuntu-steam20:59
HomelessSantak1l, I'll wait at the same time I got no issue waiting just might be a fix around I appreciate the help though. :)20:59
=== AndrewBa1ber is now known as AndrewB
Sten_hey guys, i ocaasionaly run "chmod o-x /"21:03
Sten_an dnow i am locked out21:03
Sten_please help me21:03
bekksSten_: You broke your system, since you cant log in anymore.21:04
Sten_bekks: yea21:04
bekksThat would be necessary to fix it.21:04
Sten_bekks: so no way?21:04
imarkSten_: do you know what you chmod'd21:05
Sten_imark: "chmod o-x /"21:05
imarkSten_: which file21:05
lmnsqshrwell since you didn't do it recursively I suppose you only have to chmod the folders in / without their subdirectories, Sten_21:05
Sten_lmnsqshr: i can not login21:06
lmnsqshrgrab a USB, copy a boot-iso on it and boot from it21:06
HomelessSantaThanks a lot guys I am off. :)21:06
Wodabeon Ubuntu 13.4, is there a way to setup old graphic card like Radeon 3xxx HD?21:06
Sten_lmnsqshr: how do i mount the /?21:06
WodabeI try to install it but it crash the installtion21:07
lmnsqshrin the live-environment just type mount /dev/sdaX /mnt21:07
Sten_lmnsqshr: standby please21:08
lmnsqshrSten_, I will21:08
Sten_so if i do ls -All21:09
Sten_there should be no x at the end, right?21:09
lmnsqshrI guess it shouldn't21:09
lmnsqshrI don't use ubuntu21:09
lmnsqshrSten_, my directories have following permissions:21:11
=== Evpok_ is now known as Evpok
lmnsqshrSten_, boot: drwxr-xr-x; dev: drwxr-xr-x; etc: drwxr-xr-x; home: drwxr-xr-x; lib: lrwxrwxrwx (<-- thats a symlink, you should just drwxr-xr-x it)21:12
Sten_they all have -x at the end to make them explorable i guess21:13
lmnsqshrx is for executable21:13
=== Vbitz_ is now known as Vbitz
Sten_lmnsqshr: the last x is exactly o-x that i did remove21:13
lmnsqshrSten_, lost+found: drwx------; media drwxr-xr-x; mnt drwxr-xr-x; opt drwxr-xr-x; proc dr-xr-xr-x; root drwxr-x---; run drwxr-xr-x; sbin lrwxrwxrwx (is a symlink, do the same as the previous symlink)21:14
=== ShapeShi- is now known as ShapeShifter499
lmnsqshrSten_, afk21:14
robcsireisio: gxkb, if you're interested21:14
lmnsqshrSten_, srv drwxr-xr-x; sys dr-xr-xr-x; tmp drwxr-xr-x; var drwxr-xr-x and that's it21:15
ShapeShifter499hi again21:15
lmnsqshrSten_, If you did o-x it overwrites every other permission of the file/directory so you need to set the correct permissions for each file in /21:16
ShapeShifter499so I have a vga to rca adapter and it doesn't seem to be recognized on any systems I have running ubuntu, on the netbook I tried it will make a buzzing noise on the tv when I attempt to "randr" a connection or use the "detect displays" option in system settings, any ideas?   could I force a vga output?21:17
Sten_lmnsqshr: it seems to be ok21:20
Sten_however still no boot21:21
EnissayI have a /tmp folder which contains a unique file. How can I get the name of that file or the full path ?21:22
lmnsqshrwhat error message are you getting?21:22
Sten_lmnsqshr: i have broken it all somehow21:23
lmnsqshrSten_, yeah but what happens after grub?21:23
lmnsqshrSten_, does grub even start?21:23
Sten_lmnsqshr: yes21:23
Sten_lmnsqshr: it shows me low graphics mode21:23
lmnsqshrSten_, that's a good sign :) you didn't broke too much21:23
Sten_lmnsqshr: oh it seems that i fixed it21:24
lmnsqshrSten_, well done ;)21:24
Sten_lmnsqshr: recovery mode - root - o+x /21:24
Sten_lmnsqshr: i do wonder why i am coming into recovery console so easily21:24
lmnsqshrI had no idea ubuntu came with a recovery console :D As I said, I'm not a ubuntu user21:25
=== ziprar is now known as zipace
rixoni would like to ask where i can find nvidia geforce 9600 driver?21:27
lmnsqshrSten_, I'm surprised you fixed a huge issue like that with a simple command21:27
lmnsqshrSten_, many years ago I did the same mistake typing in "chmod -R 755 /".. There was absolutely NO way to fix that easily21:28
Sten_lmnsqshr: and then?21:29
Sten_lmnsqshr: i did no recursive21:29
lmnsqshrSten_, I reinstalled my system21:29
OerHeksYou are lucky without -R21:29
lmnsqshrSten_, yeah you're very lucky :D21:29
ActionParsniprixon: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current ,will install what you need21:31
tomreynhe just left21:31
tomreynwanted to respond, too21:31
Sten_lmnsqshr: yea21:31
Sten_lmnsqshr: unlucky to click enter instead of shift21:32
lmnsqshrSten_, oh so you typed in the command and wanted to press Shift but accidentally pressed Enter?21:34
lmnsqshrSten_, why did you type in such 'dangerous' command in the first place?21:34
Sten_lmnsqshr: i needed to remove some ocaasionaly set +x21:35
MercXanyone know how to hit buttons in links21:36
=== us0r is now known as jorgy
Sten_lmnsqshr: well, recovery moe seems to be the night-saver for me21:36
Vivekanandahey everyone. I am looking to buy a cheap but linux compatible thermal recipt printer. Can someone suggest something or a place where I should look for advice on this in irc ?21:36
lmnsqshrSten_, I'm glad it worked so easily for you =)21:37
ActionParsnipvivekananda: openprinting.org21:37
Sten_lmnsqshr: well, i am thinking bout the securtiy now21:38
Sten_lmnsqshr: how it was that easy to break into the system21:38
Sten_lmnsqshr: however, physical accesss21:38
tomreynMercX: if you are referring to the links text browser, you'd either user keyboard navigation or gpm21:39
lmnsqshrSten_, you mean with the recovery thing?21:40
tomreyn* text-based web browser21:40
MercXI am using the keyboard however I cannot hit a button21:40
Sten_lmnsqshr: yea21:40
tomreynMercX: i think you hit space21:40
VivekanandaActionParsnip: is that a channel ?21:40
[Gentoo]MercX: you have to press enter and scroll through with up / down21:40
lmnsqshrSten_, Perhaps you want to consider turning the recovery mode off21:41
[Gentoo]sometimes you have to scroll down the bottom to get back to the top21:41
lmnsqshrSten_, but then again you couldn't solve such problems easily21:41
ActionParsnipvivekananda: its a site reporting if certain printers wotk etc21:41
Sten_lmnsqshr: true true21:41
lmnsqshrSten_, you from germany?21:41
ActionParsnipvivekananda: irc channels start with a hash21:41
MercXhmm, maybe it is a javascript button21:41
Sten_lmnsqshr: aye21:41
Sten_lmnsqshr: it is probably the single user kernel mode21:42
lmnsqshrSten_, you shouldn't have access to a shell in the single user mode21:42
lmnsqshrwithout the root password21:42
Sten_lmnsqshr: well, in ubuntu root user has no password21:43
Sten_lmnsqshr: everything is managed via sudoers, the root itself can not log on21:43
Sten_but with physical access you can patch the /etc/shadow flie21:44
Sten_and hijack the system21:44
Sten_i need to encrypt my hdd21:44
lmnsqshrSten_, with pyshical access you can do much more :p21:44
lmnsqshrSten_, haha :D you sound paranoid :D21:44
Sten_lmnsqshr: important work, cia wants to have21:44
Sten_lmnsqshr: is there a true-crypt alternative?21:44
Sten_or i can actually encrypt my home dir, can i do it now?21:45
ubottuFor information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory21:45
lmnsqshrSten_, http://www.netzwelt.de/alternative-zu/4243-truecrypt.html21:45
VivekanandaActionParsnip: yep I know but I hoped there is an irc channel with similar name to get help21:45
tomreynSten_: you need to reinstall for full disk encryption21:45
Sten_i may need to encrypt only /homes/sten21:46
beanimo full disk encryption is overly paranoid21:46
ActionParsnipvivekananda: why do you need a channel? that lists all the printers contributed and if they work or not. How does a channel give anything over that well known compiled list exactly?21:46
ActionParsnipbean: causes headaches too21:46
tomreynbean: do you know anyone who got visted by buurglars?21:47
beanthats what prey, etc is for.21:47
beanthey're still going to steal it21:47
beanmost burglars are not smart enough to reset your password21:47
beanespecially on linux21:47
tomreynpulling disks doesn't require you to be too smart.21:48
ActionParsnipfor you maybe....21:48
beanyou'd be surprised.21:48
Sten_better go to sleep21:50
Sten_thanx for help lmnsqshr , tomreyn21:50
ActionParsnipbean: not worked on first line support have you21:51
beanActionParsnip: heh, I've worked in a support a lot21:51
beani've "seen some things"21:51
ActionParsnipbean: so you know the average user's grasp of IT. As we say "People are stupid"21:52
JaccobHey there21:52
JaccobWhat's the best way to install ATI drivers in Ubuntu?21:52
JaccobMy friend and I have a system with a ATI 4830 HD21:53
ActionParsnipjaccob: which ati gpu?21:53
JaccobWe plan to use the ATI APP SDK to use OpenCL on the GPU21:53
ActionParsnipjaccob: and the output of: cat /etc/issue21:53
JaccobJust a sec21:54
lmnsqshrSten_, you're welcome21:55
Sten_just stopped shitting bricks...21:55
VivekanandaActionParsnip: I was looking for feedback from someone who has used one of those and also what to go for coz I have no clue what to buy and dont want to waste money :)21:56
ActionParsnipjaccob: you can run a terminal with ctrl + alt + t21:57
ActionParsnipvivekananda: thats what the site does.....21:57
Jaccoblol I know. I've worked on supercomputers at ORNL, I'm just no sys admin. Systems rebooting.21:58
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nocturnalhow do I stop firefox overlaying the close button with the title bar22:00
Pudgenocturnal: alt+f2 , then xkill22:01
Pudgenocturnal: use that x cursor to kill ur firefox22:01
nocturnalit still does it22:02
Pudgenocturnal: or u can type "killall firefox" in ur terminal22:02
nocturnalthe website name is over the op of the close buttons22:02
ActionParsnipnocturnal: hold ALT and you can drag from any point on the application.22:02
nocturnalI dont understand22:03
Pudgenocturnal: what do u want? can u take a screenshot of ur firefox?22:03
nocturnalwhat do I drag22:04
nocturnalwhere it says google - mozilla firefox but close button keeps hiding22:04
nocturnalunless you mouseover22:04
Nekridhey guys22:05
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Pudgenocturnal: the close button for the tabs or for the firefox22:05
nocturnalfor firefox22:05
Pudgenocturnal: show me ur snapshot22:05
Pudgenocturnal: i cant be sure22:06
nocturnaljust loggin in to irc on the other pc22:06
Nekridi've installed LAMP and i did chown to my user on the /var/www directoy so i could copy all my php projects there, but apache doesn't have permissions when i try to access http://localhost/somesite22:06
Nekridi've tried chmod 77722:06
ActionParsnipjaccob: /quit22:06
ActionParsnipnekrid: 777 is a really bad idea22:06
ActionParsnipnekrid: just use: sudo cp files dest22:07
Nekridwell, this is not going to be a server, just a dev machine22:07
ActionParsnipnekrid: or if you have a desktop OS: gksudo nautilus22:07
ActionParsnipnekrid: still alarming you immediately reach for the worst solution in the book22:08
Nekridso, should i make root the owner again? what permissions should i give to /var/www ?22:08
dtcrshrCan anyone help me set up my microfone on my onboard alc883 ?22:08
Nekridi've heard that i have to mess with the www-data user or something22:09
dtcrshrI can hear wind sounds, and if i beat up with my pen on the cpter case22:09
ActionParsnipnekrid: yeah you'll be laughing when you realise anyone on the web can manipulate your data and put any file on your server. yeah really funny22:09
OerHeksNekrid, you should have made your account member of www-data22:09
dtcrshrbut no voice at all22:09
nocturnalhow do I upload multiple images here22:09
ActionParsnipnocturnal: use imageshack or similar22:09
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Nekridand how do i make that www-data group the owner again? or is root the owner? i'm confused22:10
ActionParsnipnekrid: just use sudo cp and you can put data in the folder as you need. not hard22:10
ActionParsnipnekrid: check using ls....22:10
Pudgenocturnal: upload it to imagebin.org22:11
NekridActionParsnip, yeah, got that, thanks. now i'm trying to undo the chown that i did to my user22:11
bekksnocturnal_: And where exactly do you miss which button?22:11
Pudgenocturnal: ok i saw it22:11
bekksnocturnal_: (referring to the second image)22:11
ActionParsnipnocturnal_: hover cursor in the top left. close min and max are there22:12
Pudgenocturnal: and take another snapshot when u have ur close button plw22:12
nocturnalcan I have the title bar and the buttons in one bar22:12
nocturnalisnt the close button in image 222:12
bekksnocturnal_: The close button is in image 2, in the upper left corner.22:13
ActionParsnipnekrid: not sure what default is. could restore from backup22:13
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Nekridhmm, i'll try to google it22:13
nocturnalI just installed ubuntu22:13
nocturnalliterally now22:13
bluefox83good job22:13
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Pudgenocturnal: I can't find ur close button22:15
nocturnal_cant the title of the page be in the middle of the bar so it dont cover up the file menu etc22:15
bekksnocturnal_: When you move your mouse over the top bar, the title disappears and the file menu appears. Nothing hides it.22:16
nocturnal_ah I used alt adn dragged it away22:16
nocturnal_how to keep it like thta as default22:16
Pudgenocturnal: nocturnal I see, its unity, i forgot...22:16
nocturnal_now file is hidden still22:17
nocturnal_but the close buttons aint22:17
Pudgenocturnal: your current application's toolbar(which contains the close button) is always on the top of the screen,22:17
nocturnal_ok but cant I stop where it says google from hiding over 'file'', edit etc22:18
Pudgenocturnal: you have to be famillar with it, other wise, try other DE instead of unity22:18
nocturnal_im fine with the close button on the left22:18
nocturnal_how do I get de22:18
Pudgenocturnal: desktop environment , like KDE, gnome, LXDE, choose your favirate one22:19
everydaylinuxusenocturnal give unity a month. it is well worth it22:20
nocturnal_hmm ok22:20
everydaylinuxuseyou get used to the menu being the way it is.22:20
everydaylinuxusesearching for things in unity is faster than any other desktop i have used22:20
nocturnal_can I disable auto mazimize window22:20
nocturnal_it happnes when dragging the window22:20
bekksIt only happens when you drag it too far to the top/bottom.22:21
k1lnocturnal: dont drag the windows to the edges or disable the feature22:21
theslow1what is the proper way to write an iso image to USB?22:22
k1ltheslow1: use dd22:22
RobertBColtonwhosea fbi agent?22:22
theslow1k1l, thanks22:22
RobertBColtonKindOne, im on to u22:22
nocturnal_how come the launcher bar dont always unhide22:25
MonkeyDustnocturnal_  system settings > appearance > behaviour22:27
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zykotick9theslow1: k1l's suggestion will only work for hybrid ISOs (most aren't)22:28
theslow1zykotick9, how do i find out whether or not the ISO is hybrid?22:29
nocturnali set the launcher to auto hide now it wont come back22:29
zykotick9theslow1: what is it?  if it's a recent ubuntu, it is.22:29
theslow1its a windows7 image from msdn22:30
MonkeyDustnocturnal  take your time to explore the new interface and get used to it, like we all did22:30
k1ltheslow1: for that windows support you better ask in ##windows22:30
zykotick9theslow1: it isn't.  but i don't care about your issue... so good luck.22:31
theslow1k1l, zykotick9 thanks22:31
BlackGriffenIs there any way to disable the password length limit on the Remote Desktop Viewer Ubuntu application?22:42
wiakdo someone know howto fix the battery criticly low on 99% battery bug? :P22:44
wiakits soo cool thats awesome :P22:44
bluefox83shiz, i was gonna tell blackgryphon that you can only have 8char passwds in vnc anyways22:45
xavier23HI… trying to create a blank file on ubuntu…… iM told that `/dev/zero` doesn't exist……. ???22:45
bekksxavier23: How do you try to create the file?22:45
bluefox83wiak: i have that issue no matter how much my battery is charged...it's not really that bad22:45
xavier23bekks: using `dd`22:45
bluefox83xavier23: what the heck!?! just 'touch filename'22:46
jribxavier23: just "dd"?  That won't do much.22:46
bekksxavier23: How? Whats the exact command?22:46
xavier23bluefox83: needs to be a special format of file22:46
xavier23(for a swap file)22:47
xavier23`dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/fasthdd/swapfile.img bs=1024 count=1M`22:47
bluefox83xavier23: shouldn't matter...if all you are doing is creating it you can touch it to create it...until it has something *IN* it, then it's just any old file anyways22:47
jribxavier23: what ubuntu version is this?  How did you install it?22:47
xavier23bluefox83: it does matter, because the file has to be a certain size22:48
xavier23jrib: Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS22:48
jribxavier23:  How did you install it?22:48
dajepphave a tech sue if anyone is up for it22:48
jrib!ask | dajepp22:48
ubottudajepp: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:48
xavier23jrib: not sure how it was installed… it was installed by someone else.22:48
jribxavier23: ask that person why you don't have /dev/zero?22:49
xavier23jrib: suspect it was upgraded22:49
xavier23jrib: is there any quick way of getting /dev/zero back?22:49
dajepphave a dell laptop Latitude D620 that I just installed Ubuntu 13.04 on.  I can't see any wiFi networks22:49
xavier23this is a super weird problem...lol22:50
jribxavier23: I don't know.  But I would be curious as to what exactly the reason is it's not there.  So I'm not surprised later by similar issues.22:50
jribxavier23: you can google "mknod", but I really suggest you investigate how this system was installed22:51
bluefox83xavier23: tried fallocate?22:52
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bluefox83some googling sent me to a site that suggested fallocate in place of mkfile (since mkfile is from solaris or something...)22:53
jribbluefox83: who brought up mkfile?22:53
SikTrying to use apt-get tells me that /var/lib/apt/lists/lock and /var/lib/dpkg/lock are locked (even after rebooting), and that's effectively locking me out of apt-get and dpkg. Does anybody know how to unlock those files?22:53
xavier23jrib: thanks. mknod looks pretty hellish. bluefox83: i'll try it, thanx..22:53
jribxavier23: yeah, speak with the person that installed your system.22:54
bluefox83jrib: it was in a forum22:54
juansf111hello, im new with ubuntu, just installed it and have some questions... Is there anyone who can help me?22:54
bluefox83also also mkfile will work in ubuntu O.o22:54
jrib!ask | juansf11122:54
ubottujuansf111: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:54
bluefox83i think...holdon22:54
juansf111Sorry for my english btw22:54
bluefox83nope, i'm wrong...no mkfile22:55
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw22:55
bluefox83was that kanji? O.o22:56
dajepphave a dell laptop Latitude D620 that I just installed Ubuntu 13.04 on.  I can't see any wiFi networks. It worked fine with windows.  Any suggestions?22:56
Sikbluefox83: yes (kanji characters come from Chinese)22:56
juansf111Thank you very much. Here is the deal. I Just installe windows again in my pc (windows 7) . I have a 500gb  hard drive, so I created a partition of 250 gb while installing windows. After  finishing installing it, I Intalled Ubuntu. I used the option "Install Allongside windows", and it already finished...22:56
bluefox83Sik: but don't always mean the same things, i am told...22:56
juansf111My question is if it installed in the same partition than windows, or in the free space...22:56
bluefox83dajepp: uh...make sure there aren't any onboard buttons on the laptop that turn wifi off...22:57
bluefox83juansf111: in the free space22:57
bluefox83my wife's old latitude used to have a key combination that turned wifi on, that stupid fn button and another one along the top...you might want to look for that dajepp22:58
Pudgejuansf111: u can check it by checking your disk usage22:59
bluefox83my mother-in-law called me up crying her eyes out one time because she couldn't get wifi to work on her latitude (also running ubuntu) and i had to go over to fix it...took me 4 seconds to figure out and fix >.>22:59
namoraany way I can perform an offline kernel upgrade? offline as in, without booting the OS. from Windows/OS X by mounting the linux partition, in other words.23:00
bluefox83her neighbor who swore was a "tech genius, and computer professional" couldn't figure it out after 2 hours though...lol23:00
harveyb144Any wired nic gurus around?23:00
MonkeyDustbluefox83  that's nice, but keep the channel clear for support, please23:00
bluefox83namora: why would you want to do that!?!23:00
namorabluefox83: can't boot Ubuntu23:00
bluefox83namora: why not? i seem to have missed that O.o23:01
namoranamora: can't even get to GRUB to boot it.23:01
Pudgenamora: what u need is to fix your grub, not the kernel23:01
namorabluefox83: oh that was the first thing I wrote in IRC xD23:01
namoraPudge: well, i don't really want grub at all23:01
bluefox83namora: lol, sorry i'm in irssi and things go by fast >.>23:01
namorabasically I'm trying to set up an EFISTUB boot23:01
bluefox83namora: well then you will have to install lilo?23:01
Pudgenamora: in that case u have to edit your windows's boot.ini23:02
namorathe problem is EFISTUB support only landed in kernel 3.3 and i'm on precise (3.2)23:02
namoraPudge: I'm actually on OS X23:02
namoraor a mac, rather.23:02
dajepp_Anyone know how to make my dell wireless card work with Ubuntu 13.04?23:02
bluefox83well, what does your mac use as the boot loader? O.o23:02
Pudgenamora: so lilo is ur choice23:02
bluefox83dajepp: did you look for the wifi button like i suggested?23:03
namoraPudge: EFISTUB is my choice. I want to boot direct from EFI.23:03
namorabluefox83: rEFInd23:03
Pudgenamora: ofcoz u can, but u have to add ur ubuntu boot information into it23:03
namorabut it's a boot manager, not really a boot loader23:03
namoraPudge: I can boot the kernel directly from the EFI without a dedicated boot loader23:04
namorathe problem is I need to upgrade the kernel to do so, and I can't boot it at all right now because I borked my partition scheme23:04
gordonjcpnamora: I thoroughly recommend refind ;-)23:05
nocturnal_got no sound23:05
namoragordonjcp: i love rEFInd.  following this: http://www.rodsbooks.com/ubuntu-efi/23:05
nocturnal_im using external speakers23:05
KalelI had installed the new kernel irc, later, the new amd beta driver. Well, The unity doesn't start now!23:05
harveyb14412.04 old gateway with two nic's. Both work in windoze, eth0 says cable is disconnected. Anyone have any ideas what to try?23:06
reisiodid you try reconnecting the cable?23:06
gordonjcpnamora: it should work okay.  I used exactly that page to help me set up 12.10 on a Macbook 3,123:06
SikRepeating: trying to use apt-get tells me that /var/lib/apt/lists/lock and /var/lib/dpkg/lock are locked (even after rebooting), and that's effectively locking me out of apt-get and dpkg. Does anybody know how to unlock those files?23:07
harveyb144Cable never disconnected! Windoze it works, 12.04 says its disconnected.23:07
NanduXSik are you using 'sudo apt-get...'?23:07
Pudgenamora: It can boot ur ubuntu, just need some config23:07
reisioharveyb144: what does lspci | grep -i net say you've got?23:07
nocturnal_I got no sound23:07
nocturnal_what to do23:07
namoragordonjcp: oh really? that's excellent. did you/do you use FileVault?23:08
namoragordonjcp: I'm trying to get the whole thing set up with full disk encryption23:08
gordonjcpnamora: no, what's filevault?23:08
KalelThat is the new installed kernel 3.11.0-031100rc6-generic23:08
namoragordonjcp: OS X's built in full-disk encryption system23:08
SikNanduX: ...I should have known better ._.' (for some reason I thought it was being locked out because the update manager halted halfway through an update)23:08
Pudgenocturnal_: open ur terminal, try command "alsamixer" and see what u get23:09
harveyb144reisio eth0 (bad one) says Macronix, .. MX987x5 (rev 25)..23:09
SikAlso, Anthy is broken, I can't type Japanese characters without the system locking up. First updating the packages to make sure that doesn't fix it.23:09
gordonjcpnamora: no, I think full disk encryption is the most apocalyptically retarded idea in the whole field of computing23:09
Pudgegordonjcp: lol23:09
gordonjcpnamora: it's slow and it's guaranteed to lose you some data23:10
namoragordonjcp: are you serious?23:10
namorathe performance hit is 0-5%23:10
gordonjcpyou couldn't pay me to cripple my disk performance with that pointless cack23:10
reisioharveyb144: anything else?23:10
namorait has absolutely no perceptible performance hit23:10
gordonjcpnamora: yup, that makes it unusable23:10
gordonjcpdisks are already far too slow23:11
namoragordonjcp: well I can tell you I see absolutely zero performance hit running it on my SSD23:11
reisiodisks keep getting faster, and processors have specific instruction sets for encryption these days23:11
namorabecause of AES-NI23:11
moondoggordonjcp: good for removable backup drives though no?23:11
gordonjcpmoondog: nope23:11
namoraexactly, reisio.23:11
gordonjcpmoondog: never, ever back up onto an encrypted drive23:11
reisioplus, it doesn't really matter if you actually need encryption23:11
Pudgegordonjcp: u can hate it but u can't deny other's work23:11
reisioany hit will be worth it23:11
nocturnal_now what23:11
moondoggordonjcp: why?23:11
nocturnal_there no volumes that are below half23:12
gordonjcpmoondog: well, do, but back up onto an unencrypted drive too23:12
Pudgenocturnal_: see some bars that can modify ur volume?23:12
gordonjcpmoondog: if you have a single bad sector on the disk, if it begins to fail, you've lost *everything*23:12
harveyb144reisio 01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Macronix, Inc. [MXIC] MX987x5 (rev 25) (end of line: next line describes eth1 card )23:12
moondogthanks for the info23:12
reisioharveyb144: and eth1 is irrelevant for some reason?23:12
namorafirst of all, no you wouldn't. and second of all, even if it did break completely, you'd just restore from a backup23:13
nocturnal_the bars dont seem to do aynthing23:13
harveyb144reisio eth1 works just fine; trying to get eth0 working as well (two networks here)23:13
moondogI was just thinking storing my external hard drive backup in my desk at work was a tad risky without encryption23:13
nocturnal_I can highlight it like text23:14
gordonjcpnamora: yes, you would, because the entire volume has to be readable to decrypt it23:14
gordonjcpnamora: and if the drive is beginning to fail, it won't be entirely readable23:14
namoragordonjcp: i don't think you understand how AES-XTS works, which is the specific implementation i'm referring to23:14
gordonjcpthe whole thing is pointless, anyway23:14
gordonjcpno-one cares enough about you to want to read your disk23:14
reisioharveyb144: lspci -nn | grep -i net23:14
namorawell that's a completely separate point23:15
nocturnal_it was at 47 perfect the master was23:15
nocturnal_I moved it up still no sound23:15
bluefox83hey, those of you that were trying to help me move data from one drive to another last night...i found a laptop hard drive that has enough space...problem is there is no appropriate type of power plug for it!23:15
daftykinsis it molex or SATA?23:15
reisiobluefox83: use your desktop23:15
bluefox83reisio: that's what i mean. i can't plug it into the desktop because there's no power plugin...it's some wierd thing that looks a little like the sata connector, but it's like an inch and a half long O.o23:16
bluefox83i don't have anything in my desktop that hooks to that :(23:16
reisiobluefox83: plug the drive that's already in the laptop into the desktop23:16
geomyidae_Can I remotely wake up the kscreenlocker from an SSH session? thanks.23:16
reisiogeomyidae_: probably, see if it has a man page23:17
bluefox83reisio: ...yeah i just said i can't do that23:17
reisiobluefox83: why not?23:17
bluefox83sata connector wont power the drive by itself will it?23:17
harveyb144reisio 01:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Macronix, Inc. [MXIC] MX987x5 [10d9:0531] (rev 25)   (then line for eth0)23:17
reisiobluefox83: doesn't need to23:17
reisiobluefox83: you have power cables in the desktop already23:17
bluefox83there aren't any cables on the laptop23:17
bluefox83those cables wont fit the drive...i checked D:23:18
reisiothe laptop has nothing to do with connecting a drive to the desktop :)23:18
bluefox83i know that23:18
bluefox83the drive is weird23:18
reisiobluefox83: so they're pata and the desktop is sata?23:18
bluefox83uh..i guess so O.o23:18
bluefox83holdon let me grab the drive real fast23:18
reisioharveyb144: presumably you meant 'then line for ethONE' ?23:19
nocturnal_ok fixed it23:19
harveyb144reisio yep, sorry..23:20
reisioharveyb144: lsmod | grep -i tulip23:20
geomyidae_reisio: I literally can't figure out what to man for. They've removed kscreensaver and kscreenlover. I think it's kxsrun and kxsconfig but I haven't found anything useful related to either of those yet.23:20
bluefox83reisio: correct me if i'm wrong here, but an sata connector doesn't also power the drive...right?23:21
harveyb144reisio tulip  52515 023:21
reisiogeomyidae_: you could try DISPLAY=:0 xscreensaver-command -deactivate23:21
reisiobluefox83: not IME :)23:21
reisiobluefox83: but it needn't, because your desktop has power23:21
reisioand so does your laptop23:21
* bluefox83 hasn't got the foggiest notion what that mean23:22
reisioin my experience23:22
bluefox83reisio: yes, but i can't hook it into both...because that laptop is retarded in it's construction >.>23:22
reisioyou can't hook what into both of what?23:22
reisioharveyb144: ok, I'm guessing it's just a simple misconfiguration then23:23
bluefox83i can't hook the drive into the laptop for power and the desktop for data23:23
bluefox83wont fit :(23:23
bluefox83it's a hitachi drive made for gateway...23:23
harveyb144reisio any tips greatly appreciated. i have tried setting static ip and setting ipv6 to "ignore" so far.23:24
bekksbluefox83: what does "made for gateway" mean?23:24
bluefox83nevermind >.>23:24
bluefox83this is a whole lotta dancing around for nothing...23:24
reisiobluefox83: it's probably just a shell, if anything23:25
bluefox83reisio: yeah...don't worry about it, just believe me when i say it's not physically feasable23:25
reisioI don't, but I believe you won't bother :)23:26
reisiodid you abort the network transfer?23:26
bluefox83i have another drive that it's feasible with but it's only 80gb :(23:26
bluefox83reisio: no...i keep getting errors about invalid argument. but most of the files are transfering23:27
bluefox83still >.>23:27
reisiooh, using what command?23:27
bluefox83drag and freaking drop over smb >.>23:27
bluefox83because rsync kept failing completely23:27
bluefox83so yeah...this is getting nuts23:28
reisiorsync stopped running?23:28
bluefox83i should find a bunch of old 80g drives and just copy what i can over >.>23:28
bluefox83uh..no it failed23:28
reisiojust go to the store and get the most-capacity-for-price external eSATA/USB3/2 hard drive you can, you'll need the storage eventually23:29
bluefox83yep that's what i said..23:29
reisioso the process stopped?23:29
bluefox83it said something about it not being allowed23:29
GiGaHuRtZIdleOne: Wanna do something more?23:29
usr13bluefox83: Here is the way it works.  You describe the problem(s) you encounter in enough detail, and someone here can usually come up with a solution.23:30
SikRebooted, I still can't use Anthy. Ctrl+Space does nothing, switching to Anthy from the menu does nothing either. If I select it twice it does select Anthy, but it behaves like normal input instead of Japanese input. Help?23:30
bluefox83usr13: yeah i've been here plenty of times...i also know that sometimes those solutions don't work...which is what happened to me23:31
reisioI wouldn't use a GUI to transfer 230GB if you paid me23:31
bluefox83well i'm picking and choosing instead of just cramming the whole thing23:31
usr13bluefox83: If all you can say is that it is hopeless and there is no solution, then it *is* hopless.23:32
* daftykins puts £100 in front of reisio 23:32
reisiodaftykins: thanks :)23:32
daftykinsno no, you have to copy 230GB with a GUI first.23:32
reisiodaftykins: oh, pass23:32
bluefox83usr13: thanks, get that from a fortune cookie?23:32
usr13bluefox83: Take a good hard look at my first comment.23:33
ShapeShifter499I came across the "ubuntu is spyware" argument today, how do you guys feel about this?23:33
bluefox83ok, i'll ask this about using rsync...i'm moving data from my server to my laptop, i use rsync from my laptop right?23:33
ShapeShifter499actually I'll post that question in #ubuntu-discuss23:34
harveyb144reisio in network tools received packets count is incrementing, ipv4 shows in "IP Information" but manually entered address if I go to "configure".. ideas?23:34
xanguaShapeShifter499: i deactivate it :P23:34
reisioharveyb144: nope; #networking maybe23:35
harveyb144reisio Thanks for the help.23:36
xyz123user and group permission question; i have a group called dev which is assigned as a secondary group to a user xyz; ... I also have a /media/development directory which is root.dev with 77 perm. ; now as a xyz user when i try to create directories in /media/development directory i get permission denied, i know that the user xyz belongs to the dev grouop which has full permissions. what am i doing wrong?23:37
xyz12377 perm / 77523:37
delinquentmesoo I've just downloaded a jquery ui codebase  and I cant seem to delete it even with "sudo rm "23:37
reisiodelinquentme: what does rm say?23:38
delinquentmerm: cannot remove `js/libs/jquery-ui-1.10.2/': Permission denied23:38
delinquentmeits like linux thinks its windows23:38
reisiodelinquentme: what does sudo rm say?23:38
* delinquentme facepalms23:39
PudgeShapeShifter499: "spy" means did something and hide itself that u can't find it23:39
delinquentmesudo rm -rf js/libs/jquery-ui-1.10.223:39
delinquentmeno wait.. im still getting denied!23:39
usr13xyz123:  ls -l /media |grep development  #What does it say?23:39
PudgeShapeShifter499: but linux/ubuntu is opensource, how can it hide itself23:40
reisiodelinquentme: what's it say exactly?23:41
usr13xyz123: or just ls -ld /media/development23:41
usr13xyz123: Show us.....23:42
delinquentmeOh ... weird23:42
delinquentmeso i used $ rm -rf js/libs/jquery-ui-1.10.2/23:42
delinquentmewithout sudo23:42
delinquentmeand it delete it23:42
FloodBot1delinquentme: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:42
SikRepeating: I can't use Anthy. Ctrl+Space does nothing, switching to Anthy from the menu does nothing either. If I select it twice it does select Anthy, but it behaves like normal input instead of Japanese input. Any ideas to fix it?23:42
reisiodelinquentme: so maybe you confused the error about not being able to rm directories without -r, with the permissions error23:42
delinquentmereisio, i used $ sudo rm -rf path/to/dir23:43
ShapeShifter499Pudge, lol23:43
reisiodunno about that, but it's academic now :)23:43
usr13xyz123: grep xyz /etc/group  #What does that say?23:44
phillyjhi, i'm installing a new printer and it needs new drivers; Can I leave the old drivers (HPLIP) or have to remove them?23:46
Pudgephillyj: just keep it if no conflit23:47
xyz123usr13: dev:x:1020:xyz23:47
phillyjalright, thx Pudge23:48
xyz123usr13: drwxrwxr-x 3 root dev 4096 Aug 17 15:38 /media/development23:48
rscnthow is this23:49
xyz123this is nice23:49
rscntthis is23:49
rscnta lot of people here23:49
AbitChubbyis there a chat channel for ubuntu on this ?23:49
xyz123AbitChubby: and its nice23:50
rscntall people here23:50
rscntare using ubuntu?23:50
AbitChubbyn o23:50
Ari-YangAbitChubby, there's #ubuntu-offtopic23:51
Ari-Yangfor off topic stuff, discussions etc.23:51
xyz123usr13: slow with the response due to mucking about..... do please respond on your analysis :)23:51
Ari-Yangno worrie-23:51
AbitChubbyright so this is support only :)23:51
xyz123its support as long as someone responds to you :)23:54
usr13xyz123: If you are logged in as xyz, you should be able to mkdir /media/development/what-ever  #If what you say is true, I do not know why you cant. Maybe I'm missing something... if so, someone please let us know.23:56
roastedis anybody well versed in autofs? I can't seem to get mine working. The share comes up as blank when I navigate to what's in auto.master.23:57
dinroasted: yes.23:58
usr13xyz123: What is behind this mount point, /media/development?  (What kind of device is it?)23:58
usr13xyz123: mount23:59
usr13xyz123: mount  |grep media23:59
xyz123usr13: its my secondary hd (sdb)23:59

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