cubI've run a lot of tests, but not much success for the screen reader support so far.08:11
* cub broke his saucy :(09:07
knomeoi! don't break it!09:07
cubstupid. I installed Gnome to try out Orca. Then removed Gnome again but something else probably was removed as well.09:08
cubWell, it's not entirely broken. Just won't start xmir again. :P and well, other stuff I haven't noticed yet09:08
* cub thought adding Orca would be easy since it's in the repos09:29
knomemy experience about accessibility stuff is that it's never easy, and unfortunately, rarely works09:29
cubit seems so. Perhaps better to get Vinux to include the low-latency kernel instead. ;)09:30
cubthe Ubuntu Accessibility team seems to have ceased to exist. At least they are very hard to reach.09:31
xequencecub: There's one guy who does some work on that09:31
xequencehe used to be a ubuntu studio team member09:31
cubyes Luke.09:31
xequencethemuso is his nickname09:31
knomeyes, that09:32
xequenceyou can find him on #pulseaudio too09:32
cubI tried to ping him on IRC. Now I emailed the list, but if no answer there I will try to email him directly.09:32
xequenceHe can be a bit slow at answering sometimes :)09:32
cubthere is too many factors so far. Is it not working because I'm doing something wrong, or is it a xfce issue, or a saucy issue, or an Orca issue, or all of the above? :P09:33
xequenceDid you try a clean install of regular UBuntu?09:34
cubI've tried different version of US, Xubuntu, Ubuntu and Debian Wheezy with Xfce09:34
xequencethis stuff should work from a VM, no?09:34
cubxequence, yes, it somewhat worked but didn't read things correct.09:34
xequenceeasier to manage a VM. take a snapshot, and you can roll back changes09:34
cubyes, last test I have been running in VM. But since it didn't work at first I tried on a real installation just to rule out if it was a VM issue09:35
xequenceah, if it's not fully working, then it's probably not a good idea then 09:35
knomexmir won't run in a VM afaik09:35
cubbest results so far: Ubuntu Studio 12.04 and Debian Wheezy.09:35
cubno the xmir I run on my eee pc installation.09:36
cubwell, did, until I broke it. :P09:36
cubthe common thing with US 12.04 and Debian Wheezy is Xfce 4.8. That might be it.09:36
cubhow does it work with Feature Freeze? Could one get an app included and still work out the kinks with it until release?09:37
knomesure, bug fixes will be allowed after FF09:38
* cub also wonders if he is doing a lot of work only to provide accessibility for one person...09:38
cubIs there any documentation on how I go about to get like Orca icluded?09:39
xequencecub: we just add it to our seed file09:40
xequencecub: seed files include all the applications that get preinstalled on the ISO09:41
xequencecub: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.saucy09:42
cubxequence, but someone has to do some magic to get it into the seed file?09:42
xequencecub: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Seeds09:42
cubah tnx09:43
xequenceyou get the source. add/remove one item, make a commit09:43
xequencein your case, you'll need to upload to your own branch and make a merge request09:43
xequencebzr push lp:~<username>/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.saucy09:45
xequenceI think that should work09:45
xequencethen make a merge request09:45
xequencecub: One commit per change. Once you're done, push the code09:46
xequencecub: I should add you to the contributors team09:47
cubI'll read up and give it a go.09:47
xequencecub: What's your LP name?09:48
cubxequence, jimmy-sjolund09:48
xequencecub: I added you to two teams, ~ubuntustudio, which is a user team, and ~ubuntustudio-contributors, which is like junior devs09:52
cubNice, thank you.09:53
xequencecub: I added a seed branch for contributors09:55
xequencecub: so, if you didn't already get the source, you could get this one instead09:55
xequencebzr branch lp:~ubuntustudio-contributors/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.saucy09:56
xequencethen when you push, just do: bzr push09:56
xequenceJust e09:56
xequenceeasier to work that way, I think09:56
xequencesince all contributors and devs will have access to those branches09:57
cubwe'll see what I'll manage to set up then. :)09:57
xequencecub: In order to push code, you need to have your ssh key both in LP and your ~/.ssh folder - usually id_rsa10:01
xequencewell, the public keay goes to LP10:01
xequencewhich is id_rsa.pub10:02
xequenceyou could also do: bzr login-launchpad jimmys-sjolund, but it's not strictly needed10:02
xequencenever ever publish the private key of course (id_rsa)10:03
cubyeah, it was part of the devel setup10:04
xequenceyes, but just reminding just in case :)10:05
smartboyhwxequence, still at DebConf?11:28
xequencesmartboyhw: Last day was saturday11:34
xequenceI'm still in Switzerland though11:35
xequencegoing back tomorrow11:35
smartboyhwxequence, oh11:52
smartboyhwxequence, so, what's your experience?11:52
xequencesmartboyhw: I got a good idea of how things work12:13
xequencethat was my first reason to go12:13
smartboyhwxequence, great:)12:13
xequencethe other to get involved with the Debian Multimedia Blend12:14
smartboyhwxequence, yeah, I hope to see your great creation soon:P12:14
smartboyhwxequence, eh, we need to start 12.04.3 testing soon12:14
cubsmartboyhw, is the release this week?12:17
smartboyhwcub, yes12:18
smartboyhwWe can get it out easily12:18
cubhow can we test it?12:18
smartboyhwcub, just test the live session and install the ISO12:19
smartboyhwAnd report it at iso.qa.ubuntu.com12:19
smartboyhwit = test results12:19
smartboyhwCheck out wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Walkthrough12:19
* smartboyhw is sort of an expert in ISO testing:P12:20
cubI'm not. I can't even find the iso12:20
smartboyhwcub, I will send an email to devel and users mailing list tmr12:20
smartboyhwThat will teach you 1. where to get it12:20
smartboyhw2. How12:20
cubbut in reality, two days of testing seem a bit short. :P12:21
smartboyhwcub, well, yeah, but that's ALWAYS the case.12:21
smartboyhwThat's why Ubuntu is relatively buggier than others:P12:21
smartboyhw(All Linux distros are buggy, but some are more buggy than others -- Maxim)12:21
cubthat's not good. We wouldn't want to break things for LTS users (or any user for that matter)12:23
smartboyhwcub, yeah12:49
smartboyhwUnfortunately, that's what happens.12:49
cubHow come? Because the release was not available until late? Or because everyone has been too busy to look at it?12:51
DarkEranot that i can do anything but what's up with the failing iso's since the last couple of days13:00
smartboyhwDarkEra, package problems.13:01
smartboyhwActually, conflicts13:01
DarkErathat much?13:01
smartboyhwDarkEra, yes, frankly13:02
DarkEra6 days in a row isn't good13:03
smartboyhwDarkEra, because we haven't got time to fix it...13:03
cubIsn't there a limit on how many days in a row it can go on before the iso is dropped or something?13:03
smartboyhwcub, DarkEra: No...13:04
smartboyhwI'm asking the Ubuntu Release Team for help13:04
cubNo? I thought I remember someone saying that when the build was failing the last time13:04
smartboyhwcub, well if there's a problem with it before release then it won't be released13:05
smartboyhwBut, we can still solve it well before Beta 1.13:06
DarkErasmartboyhw, i see13:11
DarkEragot to go, might be back later again13:11
xequencesmartboyhw: the problem with our ISOs is most probably the libav packages13:38
xequencenew ones should appear there shortly13:38
smartboyhwxequence, great:)13:38
xequencethere's libav and libav-extra. one of them is the wrong version, I think13:38
smartboyhwxequence, thank you:)13:40
madeinkobaiaHi all : )23:02

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