holsteinMaynardWaters: with JACK?00:45
holsteinMaynardWaters: i would stop JACK, and install/open pavocontrol00:45
holsteinget a known good file with a known good system codec playing the file, and check the routing.. using a player you know well that is configured for pulse00:46
holsteinthen, you can mess about in "alsamixer" .. and also refer to main #ubuntu or the main ubuntu suppport, since that is not ubuntustudio specifically00:47
mister_zombieHi, I'm looking for a bit of help. We have a tiny computer that we use as information radiators that are plugged on two different tvs, and we'd like to be able to play sounds on either one of them selectively. Both are connected through HDMI, and ubuntu seems to recognize both HDMI sound outputs. How can I play a sound on only one of those?11:04
holsteinmister_zombie: im not following15:03
holsteinmister_zombie: i would confirm the audio is working via HDMI, because that can be challenging15:03
holsteini would specifiy what exactly you are trying to play and how.. im not sure if you are talking about streaming or not15:04
holsteinsounds like pulse is capable or doing what i think you are tring to do... and you could ask in the main #ubuntu channel15:04
mister_zombieThey told me to ask here.15:06
holsteinmister_zombie: they?15:07
mister_zombieI confirmed that both HDMI outputs were connected and working using the sound settings.15:07
mister_zombieholstein: #ubuntu15:07
holsteinmister_zombie: "they" likely dont understand what you are asking15:07
holsteinmister_zombie: and, you *can* and should ask here.. but im just telling you where to ask and how15:07
holsteinmister_zombie: this is *not* an ubuntustudio specific issue15:07
mister_zombieReally the plan is just to use a cli command to play a sound on either one of the tvs.15:07
mister_zombieFair enough, thank you for your time.15:08
holsteinmister_zombie: then, ssh in,a nd play the file15:08
OvenWerkspaplay should work15:08
mister_zombieI only get one sink in pactl though.15:08
holsteini have used cvlc and mp3blaster15:08
holsteinmister_zombie: what "sink" where? if audio works, ssh into the machine, and play the file15:09
holsteinyou can use screen to leave the file playing, and reconnect15:09
holstein!info screen15:09
ubottuscreen (source: screen): terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-14ubuntu9 (raring), package size 584 kB, installed size 885 kB15:09
holsteini used to use screen to connect in and play files with cvlc (command live VLC) or mp3blaster15:10
mister_zombieThat I understand. What I don't know is how to play a sound on only one tv at a time.15:10
holsteinmister_zombie: and, i have no idea what TV's you are talking about, or how they are connected to what where or why15:11
holsteinmister_zombie: if you have a machine connected to TV 1, ssh into the computer connected to TV 1 and play the file15:11
holsteinthe computer connected to TV2 will be the one you play from to play music on TV215:12
mister_zombieI have two tvs connected through HDMI to one computer.15:12
holsteinmister_zombie: you should be able to specify the output device15:12
OvenWerksmister_zombie: so you have two hdmi ports on the computer?15:13
holsteinmister_zombie: i would want to forward a desktop and just use "pavucontrol"15:13
holsteini would not assume that *either* or *both* of those HDMI ports are working with audio15:13
OvenWerksand you also have onboard sound?15:13
holsteinotherwise, pavucontrol is a nice easy way to route audio like that15:13
holstein!info pavucontrol15:13
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0-1 (raring), package size 140 kB, installed size 953 kB15:13
mister_zombieOvenWerks: holstein: I confirmed it worked with Ubuntu's Sound preferences, where I selected Left-right for both outputs and it tested fine15:14
mister_zombieI'll ask my network guys to install it15:14
OvenWerksSo you just want to be able to route from command line.15:14
holsteinmister_zombie: you'll ask who to install what?15:15
OvenWerksmister_zombie: are you ssh into the box then?15:15
OvenWerksIf so you need to dbus-launch screen for the pulse cl tools to work properly15:16
OvenWerkspulse depends on there being a running session15:16
OvenWerksssh does not provide that on it's own, screen does15:17
OvenWerksThe dbus-launch makes sure that the dbus info is in the environment of any screen terminal15:18
mister_zombieholstein: I don't have admin rights on the box. OvenWerks: So if I already have a running session, SSH should work fine, correct? The TVs are mainly used to output firefox tabs15:18
OvenWerksonce screen is running, a new ssh would do screen -dr to reconnect to the running session15:19
mister_zombieDarnit, screen not even installed. I'll just mail them right away.15:19
holsteinyou can test without screen.. and i would.. since you literally dont konw if that is going to work out for you yet15:21
mister_zombieVnc, here I come15:21
holsteini know, i would just forward a destkop..15:21
holsteinbut, i have admin rights to my hardware, and i dont use hdmi audio..15:21
mister_zombieI only get one sink in pulseaudio, still, called "alsa_output.pci-000_00_1b.0.hdmi-stereo"15:23
OvenWerksmister_zombie: if this is not a headless machine (as I assumed) then screen will not work for you. If you are already running a graphic session, an ssh login will need the dbus info for that session15:24
holsteinmister_zombie: i have asked if you tested both HDMI outputs in pulse.. if you havent, then do so15:25
OvenWerksyou will need to add a script to your session startup that saves three of the environmental variables to a file and then set up a script that restores them when you log in ssh15:25
OvenWerksyou need to be able to talk to the same PA instance as the graphic session is running15:26
holsteinyou are testint too many things at once15:27
OvenWerksthere are two dbus lines plus you may also need $SCREEN15:27
holsteinconnect a monitor and keyboard and mouse.. and test the 2 audio source outputs on a normal desktop.. then, test remotely doing that in a terminal or whatever.. and *then* headless15:27
OvenWerkssorry $DISPLAY15:27
OvenWerksholstein: the sound is from Firefox, so it is not headless., just remote audio control15:29
mister_zombieOvenWerks: holstein: I think you guys put me on the right path, thanks a lot, I'll try some things15:29
holsteinmister_zombie: good luck.. and keep the troubleshooting simple!15:31
solarbirdHey, anybody know what Xorg could want to do every two minutes on the dot that spikes its CPU use and triggers XRUNs over in Jack+Ardour?16:06
solarbirdI left the machine running overnight to see whether it would keep doing it. I'm running the .48 true-preemptive realtime kernel right now.16:06
solarbirdOtherwise 12.04LTS, last security-updated about a week ago.16:07
xequencesolarbird: realtime or -lowlatency?16:07
OvenWerkssolarbird: screen saver?16:08
solarbirdRealtime. And I have screensaver disabled.16:15
solarbirdI compiled it yesterday, trying to solve the _other_ big XRUN problem.16:15
OvenWerksjust watching top on my machine. It is mostly idle. Nothing gets to more than 2%16:16
OvenWerksbut if I mouse a lot that goes up.16:17
solarbird(Which, on a related note, I've gone through this: http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/system_configuration#sysctlconf in excrutiating detail and my system passes all those tests, and I still get an XRUN every time I enable master record, unless I set latency up to over 330ms-ish.)16:17
OvenWerksmaybe try unplugging your mouse and see.16:17
OvenWerksIs your mouse USB by chance?16:17
solarbird(Despite running on a quad-core CPU with 4G of RAM, mostly idle, and not paging _at all_,) Nope.16:18
xequencecould be graphics16:18
solarbirdI kept it off the USB chain intentionally.16:18
OvenWerksdo you have wireless?16:18
solarbirdNope. Kept it off that intentionally as well.16:19
solarbirdAlso, yanking the network has zero effect.16:20
xequencetheoretically, the use of the rtirq script should ensure the audio device receives priority16:21
xequencesolarbird: Have you checked variables around that?16:21
xequencecat /proc/interrupts16:21
OvenWerksif it is set up to do so16:21
xequencesolarbird: ps -eo comm,rtprio16:22
solarbirdwhat are you looking for in the interrupt table?16:23
xequencesolarbird: To make sure your audio device isn't sharing IRQ with other devices16:23
solarbirdOh, I've been through that. It's not.16:24
solarbirdIt's a USB device which yes I know is not awesome. But it's what I have.16:24
solarbird(TASCAM US-800.)16:24
solarbirdoh, right, I forgot. the link to the rtirq script 404s, so I didn't do that.16:28
xequencesolarbird: It was installed with linux-lowlatency16:31
xequenceyou can find it in /etc/init.d/rtirq16:31
xequencethe package is called rtirq-init16:31
xequencethe config file is at /etc/default/rtirq16:32
OvenWerksAssuming you will always be using the same usb plug, use lsusb to find out which usb you are using16:32
xequenceit autostarts, and is compatible with linux-lowlatency, but not -generic16:32
xequencewell, not by default16:32
xequenceit needs a kernel parameter to be used16:32
OvenWerksthen in /etc/default/rtirq on the first non-comment line:16:33
xequenceit can be hardcoded into the kernel, using a config option16:33
OvenWerksRTIRQ_NAME_LIST="rtc snd usb i8042"16:33
xequencelinux-lowlatency includes this kernel parameter - it's hardcoded16:33
xequencemight be that you need to set the -rt kernel to use a kernel parameter16:34
OvenWerkschange that to: "rtc usb3 snd usb i8042"16:34
OvenWerksif you happen to be using usb3 change it to what you are using16:34
OvenWerksif not.16:34
xequenceIn /etc/default/grub, change GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="" into GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="threadirqs"16:34
solarbirdshould that change-it-to be usb2? I'm on usb2, not 3.16:34
solarbirdokay both changes made.16:36
solarbird(becuase I'm on that machine, lol.)16:37
solarbirdSame XRUN on record-enable; waiting now to see whether we get the every-two-seconds XRUNs...16:41
solarbirdYep. Right on schedule.16:42
OvenWerksdoes lsmod show the wireless module is loaded even thoghturned off?16:42
solarbirdI have a meeting but will leave this up if you have any other ideas to throw in there...16:42
solarbirdipw<mutter> isn't it? if so: no.16:43
* solarbird cancels tomorrow's recording session pending figuring this out.16:45
doc_how can I tell which version of ubuntu studio is running ?16:53
OvenWerkscat /etc/os-release16:54
doc_thank you !!16:55
MaynardWatersholstein: thanks for the advice, when I am not at work I will give it a go again and let you know what i find.18:32
* solarbird returns18:52
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