skellatNo, LP Bug #1213745 is not amusing00:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1213745 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "soffice.bin crashed with SIGSEGV in WorkWindow::SetPluginParent()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121374500:11
* skellat is now running Saucy on his netbook00:11
ochosimicahg: could you add gmusicbrowser1.1.10 to Saucy? (also isn't in debian unstable yet, although the release was in march)10:23
knomeelfy, re: archived testcases... i still can't delete any ;)13:35
knomeelfy, i need to get in touch with balloons to do that13:35
smartboyhwknome, :O13:35
knome(that's stupid, i know)13:35
elfyok - thanks knome 13:35
knomei'll talk with him and file a bug if it's really not possible for admins.13:36
elfywell - possibly best to not get me started on the stupidity inherent in the qa systems13:36
knomeat *least* you should be able to unlink a testcase from a testsuite...13:36
knomeit's not stupid, the whole system is just that level of complexity that it is hard to take every situation into account13:37
knomeand it doesn't help that they're making it (justifiably so) testing-area-agnostic13:37
elfyknome: the inherent stupidity is that almost anything you want to do with a testcase - has to be done twice13:38
elfywhy can't they set it up so that qa.com works with the code everyone writes for a testcase13:39
knomeelfy, ah, well that's because balloons wants to make sure the testcases are community-editable and that there is a place where you can easily search them13:41
elfymaybe so - but it just adds work 13:42
knomeelfy, if they were only on the trackers, there would need to be other ways to submit new testcases13:42
elfythat's not my point13:42
knomesure... but most of it is once-only13:42
knomeonce we get most of the testcases up, we only need to add one or two, or do changes13:42
elfyuntil we start getting bugs13:42
knomeof course13:43
knomebut hey, if the testcases wasn't a project in LP... one couldn't file bugs :)13:43
elfyimagine changing them in the tracker - that's nightmare waiting to pounce13:43
knomeor do merge proposals with the changes13:43
knomeas it is with any bugs ;)13:43
elfyso you're then having to copy the tracker testcase somewhere - then make the changes that someone already did once - then copy it back13:44
knomeat least they are filed in a central place and there are good tools to work on them and mark their status :)13:44
knomelol, nope13:44
knomethe workflow is LP -> tracker13:44
knomeif we want a change to a testcase, it should be ideally done in LP first13:44
elfyyea - agreed - it is just disjointed13:44
elfyknome: yes - but the change STILL has to be done twice :)13:44
knomethen when an admin merges the changes to the tracker, (s)he should make the changes13:44
elfyonce via LP then again in tracker13:45
knomei agree there could be a cron script that did it for us13:45
smartboyhwknome, that's what I do at least...13:45
smartboyhwI will want a cron script;P13:45
elfybut anyway - it's not worth the time to discuss it imo13:45
knomei think balloons has something, but doesn't look like it's working; i think the mess we've had a few times is because of that script ;)13:45
knomeelfy, maybe not...13:45
knomebut yeah, the site is running on drupal with some SQL backend (i assume), would be just writing a post-push script that udpates the database with the newly pushed data13:46
knomethat would depend on humans doing things right, eg. not guessing ID numbers13:47
elfyknome: am I right in thinking we're looking at and checking the slideshow at the moment?14:19
elfyperhaps we could look at this if we are - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xboard/+bug/121393314:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1213933 in ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Slideshow recommends trying out environment which isn't present" [Undecided,New]14:20
lderanmmm interesting bug15:00
elfya bit pointless perhaps - but if we're looking at the moment15:00
elfyI'd not have seen it to be honest if they'd not posted on the forum complaining15:00
knomemicahg, ping17:03
knomeskellat, allö17:03
knomei need an uploader. micahg, mr_pouit.17:10
knomeany others who have pushing rights? :)17:10
lderanknome, do i need to resubmit when i update my branch of the slideshow with the fallback or will it automagically be included?20:49
knomelderan, i don't know22:28
lderanknome, think it has added it to the MP automatically :)23:49

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