xubuntu133Hello, I need to know how reset the xubuntu's panel xfce00:00
Unit193rm -rf ~/.config/xfce4/panel/  and alt+f2  xfce4-panel -r00:02
ntzrmtthihu777heh, yeah. I try my damnedest to keep native, makes for a cleaner setup, I think.00:15
Celsohow do I change the avatar image?  http://imagebin.org/26806200:27
Celsothank you, I found out00:48
Unit193.face, yep.00:50
Unit193In the next version, we're trying to get a nice UI to do it (mugshot)00:51
Silver_Arrowxfwm4 and all the graphical applications I had running crashed01:00
Silver_Arrowhow would i go about getting it running again?01:00
holsteinSilver_Arrow: tty "sudo reboot" ;)01:01
Silver_Arrow(xfwm44:13953): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:01:04
holsteinSilver_Arrow: what crashed, and why/how? maybe you have a larger system issue going on01:04
ubottuIf the GUI hangs after logging in, use <ctrl><alt><f1> to switch to text mode. Log in and do: rm .{X,ICE}authority01:05
Silver_Arrowminecraft was running, ate a bunch of cpu time, and when I came back the screen was black displaying some stuff01:07
holsteinSilver_Arrow: the "some stuff" would be nice to see.. did you reboot?01:10
Silver_Arrowcannot remove `.Xauthority': No such file or directory01:11
Silver_Arrowcannot remove `.ICEauthority': No such file or directory01:11
Silver_ArrowScanning for Btrfs file systems01:11
Silver_ArrowStarting GNUstep distributed object mapper: gdomap01:12
Silver_Arrow*Stopping; *Starting LightDM display manager; *Stopping LightDM display manager01:13
holsteinSilver_Arrow: i was thinking more about the error message from the crash..01:13
holsteinSilver_Arrow: have you rebooted?01:14
Silver_ArrowNo error message displayed01:14
Silver_ArrowI came back and that's what was on the screen01:14
holsteinSilver_Arrow: friend, im talking about when you said "the screen was black displaying stuff".. i would like to know what that was.. is that the text after the (assumed) java crash?01:14
Silver_Arrowthe screen was like a shell, displaying the text I started to type out01:15
holsteinSilver_Arrow: when? after the crash?01:15
Silver_ArrowYes, when I came back into the room01:15
holsteinSilver_Arrow: after the crash? or a reboot?01:16
Silver_ArrowI've not rebooted01:16
holsteinSilver_Arrow: the room has *nothing* to do with the machine01:16
Silver_Arrowafter it crashed when I was away from the machine01:16
holsteinSilver_Arrow: reboot..01:16
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ntzrmtthihu777Heyo, just installed 13.04 on my netbook, loving every minute of it, but have a minor bug. In thunar and the places panel plugin the standard user-dirs are not shown.07:48
pmjdebruijnI'm not sure if that's a bug07:49
pmjdebruijnI thnk you can just add stuff to the left panel yourself07:50
pmjdebruijnat your own discretion07:50
ntzrmtthihu777pmjdebruijn: yes, with the gtk-bookmarks, but used to be the contents of the usr-dirs.dir file was added.07:54
pmjdebruijnah ok07:57
pmjdebruijnntzrmtthihu777: well stick around then, maybe someone else knows07:57
ntzrmtthihu777pmjdebruijn: will do, lol.07:58
ochosintzrmtthihu777: that's not a bug08:14
ochosianyway, for everyone else who's reading this chan, that's the expected behavior08:14
ochosixfce devs decided not to enforce these user-dirs on users anymore, but you can still manually add them if you want08:15
* pmjdebruijn guessed as much08:22
pmjdebruijndoes anybody know how the xmir thing is going for xubuntu?08:23
pmjdebruijnI recall a test ISO being released08:23
cubpmjdebruijn, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mir/GPUTesting have some results. http://vanir.unit193.tk/mir/ have the xubuntu specific information and ISOs08:26
pmjdebruijncub: thanks08:29
ntzrmtthihu777I hate when that happens :/08:32
baizoncan't install xubuntu :(08:32
baizondamn you lenovo + EFI BIOS :(08:33
ntzrmtthihu777baizon: sorry to hear that :/08:33
pmjdebruijnaren't the newer versions of xubuntu EFI ready?08:33
baizonyes they are, but this bios is really crappy08:34
baizonone of the first efi bios08:35
baizonyou even have to set the boot order specially to get wifi working08:35
Pkunk^I need to install on a pc today . There anywhere I can snag a copy of xubuntu 12.04.3 ?08:37
ntzrmtthihu777Pkunk^: google "get xubuntu", one of the first links ;)08:38
Pkunk^sucks that if i install 12.04.2 it'll ask me to update in 3 days08:38
ntzrmtthihu777Pkunk^: oh, .308:38
nerdtronthat's ok..it's just a small update08:38
pmjdebruijnPkunk^: updates are an ongoing thing, if you install 12.04.3 it'll ask you to update almost immediately08:40
pmjdebruijnsince there have been many updates since 12.04.208:40
pmjdebruijnthe version numbers are just a stamp applied to the ISOs08:40
ntzrmtthihu777question: how common/easy to find are 8cm dvds? I ask because now that *buntu has broke the cd size limit those are no longer good enough, and quite frankly I don't want to waste 3/4 of a full dvd, lol.08:44
cubntzrmtthihu777, install with a usb stick instead of dvd?08:46
ntzrmtthihu777cub: good idea, but I juggle different spins too much for that to be healthy for a usb XD08:47
pmjdebruijnntzrmtthihu777: 8cm dvds are probably more expensive than 12cm dvds08:47
xubuntu297Hello there)08:47
ntzrmtthihu777izzat so? doing research right now. because they are more specialized/less common, eh?08:48
pmjdebruijn8cm dvds tend to be sold for camcorder purposes08:48
pmjdebruijnthat said, 2GB usb sticks are silly cheap these days08:48
ntzrmtthihu777hmm, that is a good point.08:49
xubuntu297Anyone to answer some stupid Xubuntu question? )08:49
ntzrmtthihu777!ask xubuntu29708:49
pmjdebruijnjust ask and see if anybody knows08:49
ntzrmtthihu777holy crap http://is.gd/YLaGkU08:53
ntzrmtthihu777128gb usb stick08:54
xubuntu297Enyone was lucky to change keyboard layout during setup and first logon on 13.04? They did great job in localization installer for my native language (non-english), ok. But why not to let me choose latin (english) layout while typing WiFi key and initial user password O_O You are not able to set any password other than in language your system is installing in, what a..?? And then, during the very first log on, this stupid machin08:55
ntzrmtthihu777pmjdebruijn: on another note, a full 1gb would be enough for current isos, no? its just that cds are about .8gb that's the kicker, yeah?08:57
pmjdebruijnCD's are 700MB08:57
ntzrmtthihu777yeah, just shy of what's needed now.08:57
pmjdebruijnI'd buy 2GB drives, as 1GB aren't cheaper anymore, and it'll give you more leeway for the future08:57
xubuntu297So, in the setup stage you set native layout password, but will not be able to log on afterwards cause there would be english only ))))08:57
pmjdebruijnsomething 2GB drives aren't cheaper than 4GB ones these days08:58
xubuntu297Do not ever buy huge flash sticks, by the way. They are crap.08:58
xubuntu297Anyone to answer? O=)08:59
ubottu#xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!08:59
pmjdebruijnthere's little reasony to think they are much worse than normal ones :)08:59
pmjdebruijnknome: fair enough08:59
knomexubuntu297, answer what?08:59
xubuntu297Tech question posted above/09:00
knomexubuntu297, your message got cut at "stupid machin"09:00
xubuntu297The bigger the flash, the more likely it will fail. Service engeneering experience.09:01
knomexubuntu297, i'd file a bug about that against "ubiquity", the installer09:03
xubuntu297Xubuntu 13.04 can not be used in native laguages other than english, at least in my case. GUI installer does not allow me to choose EN keymap, the language and layout are set automatically, so I can not  set WIFI key or pass in english)09:05
Pkunk^pmjdebruijn: yes , but i can avoid 200+ mb of xorg and kernel updates by installing 12.04.3 directly09:06
xubuntu297The case I do not want the whole system in english, only the keymap during setup09:06
knomexubuntu297, that should be possible.09:07
xubuntu297I thought so too, but it's not. I'll try to reinstall again and press F3, or set the previous LTS version ((09:08
knomexubuntu297, i'd say the workaround is not to use the english layout at installation time09:09
xubuntu297There is no way to change language at logon and setup windows, the layout is fixed somehow09:09
pmjdebruijnPkunk^: if you're patient, yes :)09:09
knomexubuntu297, you're able to do all the changes once installed, though09:09
xubuntu297Yeah, but I'm unable to log on )))09:10
xubuntu297The password is native, but logon window does not allow to choose any other language )09:10
knomexubuntu297, so is the *real* bug: there is no keymap chooser in the xubuntu login screen?09:10
xubuntu297In short, someone did a bit poor localization at this code part.09:11
knomethe login screen is still WIP09:11
knomeochosi, ^09:11
xubuntu297Chooser is present, but a bunch of english languages there, no native I've selected during setup.09:12
knomexubuntu297, what's the native language then?09:13
xubuntu297And, on the other hand, no chooser in the installer, language is set == language of the whole system you choose.09:13
xubuntu297Russian in this case)09:14
knomewonder if it has something to do with the fact that we're unable to ship that language in the ISO (iirc)09:14
xubuntu297Pardon me, do you mean there is no russian in xubuntu burned on the CDs ?09:16
xubuntu297Because there is one in ISO I got here.09:16
knomexubuntu297, then we have it. we didn't use to have it before we went oversized for CD.09:17
knomei think... :)09:17
knomebut if it's there, then good. that's good information, helps debug09:17
xubuntu297In other words, it's experimental? )09:17
knomewell, the login screen is still WIP, but it is tested for sure09:18
knomeit just might not have all the *features* we wanted, yet :)09:18
xubuntu297Well, is there any trick to change layout during setup, now I'm reinstalling xubuntu 13.04 x64 again, and no, there still no common way to change the language ((09:20
knomedoesn't the installer ask you for your keyboard layout?09:21
knomebecause it should, and it normally does09:21
xubuntu297No, it does not, that's the point)09:21
xubuntu297It does ask me the language I want the whole system.09:21
knomethat's a problem then...09:21
knomeat the beginning, yes09:22
knomethen later on it should ask for your location and keyboard layout09:22
knomearound where you create your user09:22
zenzinhohi there, I recently installed xubuntu 12.04 LTS (alternate) on my dinosaur laptop Pentium II with Cirrus Logic sound card. It seems that all drivers (cs46xx) are installed properly but I have no sound and PulseAudio crashes every 10 seconds and retries "Establishing connection to PulseAudio. Please wait...". A reinstallation of xubuntu did also not resolve the issue. What can I do now?09:22
xubuntu297Oh, dear, I've just clicked aside the window and there is no installer at all)))09:22
xubuntu297Just blank desktop O_o09:23
xubuntu297Got it. There is a bug with the scroll wheel (actually it's not a wheel, but the right side of the touchpad): it hides your window (changing workspaces or something, I presume)09:25
knomethat's not a bug.09:26
pmjdebruijnit's a feature :)09:27
pmjdebruijnyou can disable that in the window manager settings09:27
pmjdebruijnit's called window rollup IIRC09:27
knomepmjdebruijn, that's a different feature... :)09:27
xubuntu297You can not use the managere cause it's not installed yet, i presume ))09:28
knomexubuntu297, by the way, if you'd be more comfortable with russian support, you can have that as well :) see the next link:09:29
knome!ru | xubuntu29709:29
ubottuxubuntu297: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:29
xubuntu297Thanks, but the same situation would be vivid for other non-en users, so I'll stick here too ))09:31
zenzinhoPlease, is there anybody who knows how to resolve a crashing PulseAudio?09:33
xubuntu297Well, I've chosen the EN keyboard so I hope I'll be able to add more layouts once I log in. Interesting enough, when was choosing the user name, it was english keyboard too, despite the fact the russian was chosen.09:37
ochosixubuntu297: so you've installed a language pack but can't select it at the greeter?09:40
xubuntu297Does xubuntu use different I\O managers? When I was using gentoo, there were a lot of them to choose, here are zero.09:40
pmjdebruijndefine "i/o manager"?09:41
xubuntu297Software analog for SATA data quering  (NCQ)09:42
pmjdebruijnthat has nothing to do with a distro09:42
pmjdebruijnthat's inherent to the linux kernel09:42
pmjdebruijnthey're called IO Schedulers09:43
pmjdebruijncat /sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler09:43
ntzrmtthihu777so any info on thunar 1.6.3 not showing the user-dirs.dirs folders?09:52
pmjdebruijnas discussed earlier, it was dropped by design09:53
ntzrmtthihu777pmjdebruijn: was no earlier comment to that effect, you just said you did not think it was a bug. and if that is the case that's a really dumb design :/09:54
pmjdebruijnntzrmtthihu777: that's just your opinion09:54
xubuntu344is there anyone can help me to configure nvidia driver ?09:54
zenzinhoPlease, is there anybody who knows how to resolve a crashing PulseAudio?09:55
pmjdebruijn10:15 < ochosi> xfce devs decided not to enforce these user-dirs on users anymore, but you can still manually add them if you want09:55
pmjdebruijnntzrmtthihu777: there was, you just dropped of irc I guess09:55
ntzrmtthihu777ah, so it is. musta lost connection for a bit :/09:55
ntzrmtthihu777dumb, though. they are more or less standard everywhere, cross-distro and os, even :/09:56
pmjdebruijnno they aren't, not cross os at all09:56
pmjdebruijnlots of lightweight desktops/window managers don't do xdg at all09:57
ntzrmtthihu777pmjdebruijn: so you're telling me that most major os's and distros don't have some form of default user folders?09:57
pmjdebruijnntzrmtthihu777: sure they do09:57
pmjdebruijnthe major ones do09:57
pmjdebruijnbut there is lots that don't09:57
pmjdebruijnand it's not the same naming scheme for all09:57
pmjdebruijnin the end it's mostly a preference09:58
pmjdebruijncalling it "dumb" really isn't helping09:58
ntzrmtthihu777meh, matters not. its gone, and I can't do anything about it. just like gnome2...09:58
pmjdebruijnntzrmtthihu777: you can just revert the patch and rebuild the sources09:58
pmjdebruijnit's open source remember, you can do anything you like...09:58
ochosintzrmtthihu777: the dirs are still supported, just not enforced by default, not sure what part of that seems "dumb" to you09:59
ntzrmtthihu777ochosi: then how do you get them back in thunar and the places menu without using gtk-bookmarks?09:59
ntzrmtthihu777actually nevermind.10:00
pmjdebruijnntzrmtthihu777: my point being, using derogatory terms to people who do stuff for free for you, really doesn't help anybody10:01
ochosiyeah, and not only that, making something the user's choice is only dumb if you assume all users are dumb10:03
pmjdebruijnwell, making products is all about making choices for users10:03
pmjdebruijnif you don't you just have a toolbox... not a product :)10:03
ochosixfce is a project, not a product though10:04
pmjdebruijnbut someone will always disagree10:04
ochosixubuntu might be a product to some extent10:04
pmjdebruijnochosi: a desktop is generally a product these days :)10:04
pmjdebruijnbut sure10:04
pmjdebruijnit's not well defined :)10:04
ochosiproduct sounds very markety, but everyone is pursueing that for their own interest10:05
ochosi(as you already mentioned implicitely)10:06
pmjdebruijnlack of a dictator doesn't mean there's no product :)10:06
ochosianyway, this is the support-channel, we can always continue in #xfce-philosophy10:07
ntzrmtthihu777 man I can't wait for the next lts release. I usually stick with them, but I got a new dell latitude xt2 and felt I should deck it out with the best :)10:08
pmjdebruijnochosi: :)10:08
ntzrmtthihu777now if broadcom would get off their duffs and produce a linux driver for the fingerprint scanner I'll be golden10:09
zenzinhoPlease, is there anybody who knows how to resolve a crashing PulseAudio?10:16
ochosizenzinho: you can give ppl more hints as to what error-msgs you get?10:21
zenzinhohi ochosi, first there is just no sound then if I click on volume control->settings pulseaudio crashes and tries to reconnect to PulseAudio. After reconnecting I can see the device listed (audio headset?) and then after some seconds it crashes again ...10:27
zenzinhoI can open alsamixer and set the volume levels but this makes no difference.10:28
zenzinhoA reinstallation of alsa and also a reinstallation of xubuntu did not help.10:29
zenzinhoAnd I checked if the device is installed:10:32
zenzinho00:09.0 Multimedia audio controller: Cirrus Logic CS 4614/22/24/30 [CrystalClear SoundFusion Audio Accelerator] (rev 01)10:32
zenzinhoSubsystem: Mitac Device 600310:32
zenzinhoFlags: bus master, medium devsel, latency 64, IRQ 510:32
zenzinhoMemory at e8000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=4K]10:32
zenzinhoMemory at e9000000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=1M]10:32
zenzinhoCapabilities: <access denied>10:32
zenzinhoKernel driver in use: snd_cs46xx10:32
zenzinhoKernel modules: snd-cs46xx10:32
knome!pastebin zenzinho10:32
knome!pastebin | zenzinho10:32
ubottuzenzinho: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:32
zenzinhook, sorry for this!10:33
ochosizenzinho: you could try to re-start pulseaudio from the commandline and see what output you get10:38
ochosizenzinho: sudo service pulseaudio start10:38
zenzinhoI get no message - so I presume that at least something is working!?10:40
zenzinhobut still - if I open audio settings I get the message in the window: "Establishing connection to PulseAudio. Please wait..." then it shows up the audio device and some dropdown box with "analog headset" selected and some controls. After 1 second the window get cleared and it posts again "Establishing connection to PulseAudio. Please wait..." ...10:45
ochosizenzinho: sorry, you probably need a PA expert (you could check a pulseaudio support chan) and i gotta go10:59
zenzinhook, and thank you for your support!11:00
DevilItselfhi guys11:47
DevilItselfI just added new virtual host to my box11:47
DevilItselfand everything is working fine11:47
DevilItselfbut when I am submitting a form11:47
DevilItselfthere is no post data comming through11:48
DevilItselfcan anyone help me, please11:48
bgardnerI'm going to guess you need one of the Apache support channels.11:49
DevilItselfdo you know any maybe?11:50
bgardnerDevilItself: You might start with #apachefriends11:51
DevilItselfjoin #debian-apach11:53
ntzrmtthihu777hello, just setup xfce4-terminal as a dropdown, got it mostly transparent, but have one configuration issue to settle. Is there a way to completely remove the border? there is still a faint outline, even launched with the --hide-borders flag.12:57
ntzrmtthihu777example: http://imagebin.org/26809612:57
cfhowlettntzrmtthihu777, play with the terminal settings ...12:58
TheSheepntzrmtthihu777: that must be added by your window manager -- no outline here12:59
cubntzrmtthihu777, nice look. :)13:01
ntzrmtthihu777TheSheep: dang. I am using the default for xfce... just thought that maybe someone would know the particulars13:25
ntzrmtthihu777cub: thanks, lol. I was using tilda, but once I learned the new one in xubuntu could do it I jumped at the chance to simplify my machine with one less package ;)13:26
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wanchope11hi all14:59
lderanhi wanchope1115:00
lderanare you in need of some help :)15:00
wanchope11does anyone know, why don't I see the applications installed in the menu?15:00
wanchope11yes, this is a not important question, but I have installed Gparted, and Disks-Utility and I don't see them in the menu15:01
wanchope11but I can launch them through the console15:01
lderangparted is in system settings i think15:02
wanchope11yes, it should be there, but it is not :-)15:02
lderanit may appear after you've rebooted, it didn't appear t first for me either15:04
wanchope11no, they does not appear anymore15:07
wanchope11it is weird15:07
howefieldwanchope11: gparted doesn't put its icon in the menu automatically, use system settigns > main menu to > accessories to check it off15:21
MrHotsaucegparted shows up in my settings manager (xubuntu here) never has shown up in my menu you could try a menu editor maybe to add it?15:22
MrHotsauceoh this is #xubuntu not #ubuntu i confused the channels for a moment lol15:23
MrHotsauceuse alacarte to add gparted to your meny15:23
wanchope11i can add manually the icons to the menu. RightClick on MenuIcon -> Properties -> Edit Menu15:24
wanchope11there the menu can be editable, adding and removing the corresponding application icons.15:25
wanchope11I thought it was automatically15:25
elfywanchope11: if it isn't showing in settings manager - system then that is a bug if it's a new version you have15:25
wanchope11thanks guys15:58
kaapa_hello, i have an interesting problem with my xubuntu (13.04) on lenovo y580 ( nvidia gtx 660m with bumblebee). I have an external monitor, connected via hdmi, which worked just fine for some weeks, but now after disconnecting the screen, and connecting it again, external monitor is not detected. I have faced the similar problem one again, and only complete reinstall hepled. I don't want to do this again, you know any solutions?17:19
kaapa_similar problem once before*17:19
howefieldj category517:57
xubuntu793Me gustaria saber como instalar la aplicacion para tener la transmision de radiofrecuencia activada,...no se me conecta la wifi.19:37
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.19:38
xubuntu793Muchas gracias19:39
xubuntu793He intentado instalar varios comandos pero no se como funciona el programa y si, es verdad todo esta en ingles y no entiendo nada,..19:40
e1geniobuonasera a tutti20:03
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:03
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