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g0twigcan someone help, i cant rebuild my package07:35
g0twigalways this File <UPLOADED_FILE> already exists in <LOCATION>, but uploaded version has different contents.07:35
g0twigthe first build failed, so I retried07:35
g0twigbut I always get this message.. what do I have to do07:35
Ampelbeing0twig: You have to change the version07:35
g0twigAmpelbein: so I add a  new update to the changelog file?07:39
g0twigwith the new version?07:39
Ampelbeing0twig: Yes, use "dch -i" to add a new changelog entry07:43
Sonderbladewhat does it actually take to get launchpad to register your pgp key? i have been uploading the fingerprint and it keeps telling me that it will send me a confirmation mail, but it never does14:50
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c_kornhello, how can the raw version of a file in bzr be seen in launchpad?17:12
beunoc_korn, just click on "Browse code"17:15
beunofind your file17:15
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c_kornbeuno: yeah, but this is not the same as clicking "raw" on github. this is what I meant.17:18
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