mikubuntui got a quick question -- is lubuntu13.04 now have the pae problem fixed? i need to download something for my buddy's two laptops, but i remember the last time i tried i was having a problem with pae, but somebody told me that was fixed now.01:39
Unit193Depends on what you mean by "problem with PAE", pae is a required processor feature in 13.0401:40
mikubuntui can't remember what the problem was exactly. either the old computer did or didn't have pae, and the installation wouldn't go.01:46
mikubuntuis pae required in 12.10 or 12.04?01:46
Unit193I'm guessing it doesn't hav pae support, and would check it out to make sure then go with Debian if not.  12.10, IIRC.01:46
mikubuntuso maybe i should make a disk of each, huh? one 13.04 and one 12.10?01:47
Unit193Wouldn't make sense if 12.10 does in fact require it.01:48
phillw12.10 was the last lubuntu to have non-pae. For some computers (celeron) the chips do not advertise they have pae ability. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu-fake-PAE It does *NOT* work if the actual CPU cannot support PAE01:50
phillwsorry, my bad... 12.04 was the last non-pae01:51
mozybonzloveing lubuntu on my laptop i guess ill stay with 12.04,that PAE issue yall where talking about01:57
holsteinnothing wrong with 12.0401:57
mozybonzya very smooth for me01:58
Unit193holstein: Except it not being an LTS. ;)01:58
holsteinwell. the core still is..01:59
holsteinremove lubuntu-desktop and install lxde, and *boom*.. lts :)01:59
phillwmozybonz: there are other additional sub-flavours for those who need to stick to non-pae kernels but want the more recent parts of lubuntu. lxde is one such community respin.02:00
phillwholstein: lxle is not quite an LTS, but he does work hard on it.02:01
mozybonzwas useing xubuntu but with lxde02:01
holsteini havent tried lxle yet02:01
* ianorlin hasn't either02:01
holsteinbut, i would have no issues running lubuntu 12.04.. or ubuntu 12.04 LTS with lxde02:02
phillwit's over CD size, and has terminal replaced. The trick is to get a non-pae kernel, then tell it to never to upgrade, which synaptic can do. If there should be a security issue (never seen one yet), it would be a call. Lock the non-pae kernel and allow all other updates.02:04
phillw12.04 kernel is still supported until April 201702:05
mikubuntuthanks phillw and Unit193 i have copy of 13.04, 12.04alt, and 12.1002:43
testererMajor fail.  Scanner doesn't work with Brother DCP-150C & brother drivers (lpr driver, cupswrapper, brscn2, brscan-skey).04:05
holsteintesterer: :/04:05
testererPhotocopier works fine so it definitely 'scans' that way.04:05
holsteintesterer: be sure you let brother know it is a major fail04:05
holsteinmy brother printer works well out of the box04:06
testererI should do!  Their installtion methods are idiotic04:06
testererholstein,  did you install the drivers following brother's instructions to dpkg -i --force-all xxxxxxx ?04:07
testererI did that to each deb driver and scanner fails.  Printer works though.04:08
holsteintesterer: out of the box.. i connected to it and it prints04:08
testererOh, you're lucky then.04:09
holsteinno debs.. no google.. no search.. just the "add a printer" wizard"04:09
testerer"brscan-skey -l" reveals my scanner is active.  Outut:04:11
testererDCP-150C          : brother2:bus2;dev2  : USB                  Active04:11
testererWhen i scan, the printer says "Connecting to PC" and nothing happens.04:12
testererHey i was reading on the forums that brother printers may require the windows firmware installed in xsane folder04:13
holsteindid you try it?04:14
testererNo.. That's a project for the future as  i don't have a windows PC to extract the firmware :- (    Wine can't run the brother installer.04:14
testererActually i have winXP embedded on flash memory..I could possibly use that, if i have enough space.04:16
testererAnd IF 'XP embedded' supports the extraction of the installer.04:17
holsteinright click exctract might support it04:18
testererok checking the contents of the exes04:20
testererI already extracted the installer, but i forgot to extract the other exes inside the first exe. doh04:21
testererToo bad, file-roller can't extract the exe's.  this is going to be an XPE job.04:27
holsteinor, you could email the vendor and ask04:27
testereryes go straight to the source of the problem04:27
testererOK i emailed brother and told them to test their drivers in Ubuntu 12.04 and higher and explain how to make it work.04:45
holsteinlol.. well, when that doesnt go well, you can ask them for the firmware that they actually might provide04:45
testererThey should have done it right to begin with.  Hope they respond and even better: get their act together.04:46
holsteinthe issue is, the product likely doesnt say "linux support" officially04:46
testererActually they officially support Ubuntu 32 and 64 bit so they're doing something wrong.04:47
testerertheir installers are shoddy, they don't even have the correct folders to install to.04:47
holsteincould be for older versions..04:48
testererIf that's the case, they're not keeping up with ubuntu releases.04:48
holsteintesterer: they may not promise to04:49
testererIt would only require a shell script to setup the install environment and install it.  Geeze it's not hard04:50
holsteinmaybe.. maybe that breaks support for something else.. or deps are moved or removed or broken04:51
testererIs UDP Port 54925 open by default?04:57
testererCause brother says to open it.04:57
testerernah doesn't work anyway:   sudo ufw allow 5492504:59
phillwholstein: you could always try the rpm and use alien. but from reading their website, they are more interested in people buying new machines that supporting old ones.05:12
phillws/ holstein / testerer05:13
phillwsoz holstein :/05:13
testererActually brother have created half-baked installers for linux that require the user to run multiple command line instructions which should have been composed into the installer script.05:14
testererThat's obvious by reading their instructions.  No user should have to do this.05:14
testererAll brother needs to do is install a fresh copy of Ubuntu 12.04 or higher and test their drivers on the default system.  The installer should do the rest.05:16
testererHaving said that, the fact i'm using "lubuntu" or LXDE could mean i'm missing something not included in default Ubuntu05:17
testererapt-get check reveals no broken packages.05:19
phillwtesterer: the kernel part of lubuntu is the same as ubuntu, as are the drivers. Canonical release team look after all that.05:20
phillwtesterer: As I said earlier, I do not use, nor have access to, brother products. when asked to source new equipment that has to work with windows and Mac OSX, adding in linux friendly is not really too hard :)05:26
testererYeah.  HP drivers install well in Ubuntu using "sudo apt-get install hplip" then i ran the hp-setup tool and everything was done.05:27
phillwMy sister just was moved from XP to lubuntu, had an all in one HP system... installing hplib sorted it all out.05:28
testereryes that's great05:28
phillwlinux in general will work with the manufactures - it is for them to get on board, from what you have pointed out, brother have not done so. Having said that, I'm pretty sure that some ubuntu hacker has got your piece of equipment to work.... and I use the term hacker correctly, not as used in news / politics.05:31
bioterrorhackers posts life hacks to youtube? :D05:34
bioterroras it's saturday, I think you have to wait the reply from brother 'til monday05:35
phillwbioterror: if you see him back before me, point him to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1566372 It is a rather ancient piece of kit!05:42
bioterrorI will, if I'm here05:43
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CountryfiedLinuxIs there a way to add other menu widgets to the lxpanel? I want a more organized menu.07:44
MrGarliccould someone help me? My screen is really blue, how do I adjust the color profile in lubuntu?07:55
CountryfiedLinuxMrGarlic, You mean the wallpaper or the theme?07:56
MrGarlicCountryfiedLinux: The display is blue-ish07:56
MrGarlicthis is a new laptop, though07:56
MrGarlicperhaps I'm not used it07:56
MrGarlicI'm not talking about the theme or wallpaper07:57
MrGarlicjust the display color profiles07:57
CountryfiedLinuxMrGarlic, In menu>preferences>customize look and feel you'll find a color wheel for different theme options you can adjust it from there.07:57
MrGarlicCountryfiedLinux: this isn't the theme, it's the display itself07:58
MrGarlicCountryfiedLinux: I'm talking about calibrating color profiles07:58
CountryfiedLinuxMrGarlic, got a screenshot?08:06
MrGarlicCountryfiedLinux: It's not bad or anything, it's a pretty subtle thing08:07
MrGarlicit's supposed to be normal08:07
MrGarlicbut blue screens disgust me08:07
CountryfiedLinuxMrGarlic, got a screenshot of it?08:08
CountryfiedLinuxMrGarlic, Here's a theme I made before and used to use http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3721/9417749998_5634a35111_o.png08:09
CountryfiedLinuxMrGarlic, I was trying to help you. Don't know where you're at without a response, which would also be considered polite to respond to someone offering to help you.08:36
plusEVHow do I turn of scrolling the pager with my muouse pad to change desktops?10:25
manikDoes anybody know how to enlarge the Lubuntu Menu?10:26
Unit193plusEV: Settings Manager > Window Manager Tweaks.10:26
Unit193Whoops, wrong DE.10:26
plusEVyea I can not find that ;)10:27
plusEVDoes anyone else know?10:29
Unit193As a general rule, I'd say it's in ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml  but this I do no know for sure.10:30
plusEVI can not figure this out. :/10:33
plusEVMy mousepad is so bad and sensitive it jumps all over the place10:34
Unit193Tried editing the settings in synaptics?10:35
plusEVnope. how do I do that?10:36
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad10:39
plusEVjesus H christ. finnay turn that crap off10:51
plusEVUnit193: ty10:51
plusEVI have another question. When I enter my filebrowser and hit the Application tab there that points to menu://applications/ then I will see nothing there. Just a spinning wheel and no icons. Why is that?11:11
Steve__im trying to create a usb boot drive with lili14:19
Steve__it get most of the way done and then says write protected?14:19
Steve__it loads a alot of files before, so I know its not the flash drive14:20
Steve__what can I do?14:20
luissssshello good morning to you all i like to ask for help, i just installed lubuntu 13.04 yesterday, everything is ok, but the sound, the thing is that the icon is manage by "PCM" but when i try to adjust the volume it does not respond, the one that repond is "master" can some one help me to fix this please16:49
phillwluisssss: hi, have a read of the links at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1885240 feel free to register on that forum and ask in that section16:54
zleaphigh flying teddy16:54
luissssssi this isn't  lubuntu support channel?16:56
zleaphi luisssss16:57
phillwluisssss: yes it is, but I'm not familiar with your problem, as my sound 'just works'. that link explains how to trouble shoot sound when it does not.16:57
luisssssi am reading it but so far nothing let me keep on foing and see thanyou16:58
luisssssand hai zleap16:58
bioterrorhow about amixer17:05
bioterrorand check the levels from there17:05
luissssswell the volume works the problem is that by default come PCM as the channel that does control the volume adjustmen, however whenever i roll the wheel on my mouse to adjust the colume the one that responds is MASTER not PCM, how do i do to fix it?17:08
luisssssand i have no amixer17:08
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mikubuntujust installed lubuntu 13.04, and the live disk loaded properly and seemed to work, but wasn't detecting wireless connections. i installed on hdd, but now it's not booting to hdd. getting error message: ELF header smaller than expected. grub rescue>18:42
katkissonI'm kinda new to Lubuntu. Is it a good thing to go to "hybernate" with it?18:46
katkissonI have an older computer.18:47
zleapnot sure, it should work ok18:47
zleapmaybe someone else can help here, how long u intend to hybernate for18:47
bioterrorhibernating depends18:48
katkissonOn and off a few times through the day to save my old computer from having to work on on all day.18:48
bioterrorI mostly prefer myself sleep18:48
bioterrorbut if I have things open that I dont want to close and keep open but the battery is running out of juice, then hibernating18:49
katkissonIs sleep better for an old computer? I notice my the touch pad seems to stay quite warm if I keep it on all day.18:49
zleapi can't see why it would not work but as i have never really used that feature i would see what a few others come up with18:49
bioterrorhibernating writes to disk18:49
bioterrorit's more work for the laptop than sleep for the RAM18:50
katkissonso what does writing to disk mean? Is that easier on an old computer?18:50
bioterrorit's slower and requires writing to HDD18:50
katkissonso sleep is better18:50
bioterroryes, if you have battery18:50
bioterrorsleep is also more instant18:51
katkissonMy battery is plugged in, but not good unplugged.18:51
mikubuntuit was strange, because with the live disk it booted completely and i had a desktop -- so why would there be a grub problem when its on the hdd?18:51
bioterrormikubuntu, run boot repair18:52
mikubuntuok, let me check it out :: is it a command line i enter right after grub rescue>?18:53
bioterroruse your live CD or USB18:53
bioterrorand install boot-repair18:53
katkissonsomeone is talking about boot-repair. Yesterday, my Lubuntu wouldn't come on, so I cleaned installed a new one. It works good now from turn on. What causes that?18:53
bioterrorwhy sometimes a bicycle tyre gets a hole and goes empty, I dunno18:55
katkissonhummm It happened before when I had Xubuntu and I cleaned installed to make it work. I tried going into safemode to make sure the loading list was right, but that didn't seem to correct it. I do hope my Lubuntu I just downloaded stays put and will come on. I guess maybe it's the old computer. A few months ago I erased the Windows vista and am using Linux.18:57
katkissonAnother question. In Lubuntu Software, I see you can uninstall things that came with the package. So, I uninstalled a few things, not important to running the system. I uninstalled Abiword and Gnumeric and downloaded Libre Office. Is it alright to uninstall? I read somewhere for Xubuntu that maybe that's not a good idea. What do you think?19:03
phillwkatkisson: if you prefer libre office, feel free to remove abiword and gnumeric.19:11
mikubuntubioterror i am running the boot repair, so forgive the stupid question -- i am running this using live disk, is it repairing the boot in in hdd?19:11
bioterrorit should see it19:13
mikubuntubioterror, ok i need to reboot, so i want to set the sequence back to hdd, yes?19:16
bioterroryes, you want to do the changes to the hdd19:17
katkissonO.K. guys, I'm reading along about boot repair. What SHOULD the sequence be in hdd after downloading from a disk?19:22
katkissonkinda stupid here, sorry19:23
katkissonwhat are the changes you do to hdd after boot repair?19:27
katkissonI want to burn one of those boot repair CD's online. Bio.. recommended the site, I think.19:27
holsteinkatkisson: this, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair ,can be done from the live CD you used to install19:33
katkissonoh, so how do you do that? with the same directions that "bioterror" gave? And are those "&" signs there in the middle of that command?19:36
holsteinkatkisson: depends on what you are trihng to do.. the link i gave allows you to repair grub with the live CD you used to install ubuntu19:37
katkissonWell, yesterday, Lubuntu wouldn't come up after I turned my computer on, so I cleaned installed it and had to spiff it up the way I liked again. I just want to avoid having to do that again if I can fix that booting issue with a live CD.19:39
holsteinkatkisson: so, you have no problem, right now?19:39
holsteinkatkisson: the link i gave is for fixing grub, assuming its broken. i wouldnt run it just for kicks19:40
holsteinkatkisson: you can always image your drive and save your installation, which is the only way to have it "saved" since that hard drive *will* fail19:40
katkissonno, but before, Lubuntu, I had Xubuntu, and it did the same thing, and I cleaned installed.  No, I wouldn't run it just for kicks either, just if my computer won't boot up Lubuntu.  So, how do I "image" my drive? You mean, save an image of how I fixed it all up after installation?19:41
holsteinkatkisson: the are *all* ubuntu.. xubuntu and lubuntu are ubuntu19:43
holsteinkatkisson: there are many ways to backup your data.. you can use ubuntuone, or some other commercial option, or clonezilla, or just backup the data19:44
holsteinkatkisson: we dont know why your machine didnt boot, and since there is no problem, we cant look or troubleshoot19:44
holsteinkatkisson: the link i gave to repair grub is an easy thing to try19:45
katkissono.k.,  that sounds good. I'm glad I got on this conversion since I was going through this yesterday.19:46
katkissonCan I make a CD of how I have lubuntu set up now and have it for back up?19:49
katkissonHow do I do that/19:49
holsteinkatkisson: many ways.. clonezilla could do that19:51
katkissonIs it free?19:53
holsteinkatkisson: its here, http://clonezilla.org/ and not supported here19:53
katkissonwhat do you mean, "and not supported here"?19:54
holsteinkatkisson: this, as the /topic states, is the lubuntu support channel, and that is clonezilla19:55
holsteinit utilizes open tools that can be used manually if one wanted to learn to use them19:55
katkissonoh  so, I go to clonezilla.org and I can burn a cd of my lubuntu setup?19:56
holsteinkatkisson: its not that simple, and you would look for assistance on using clonezilla at clonezilla sources19:57
holsteinkatkisson: i would keep it simple, and do what works for you..19:57
katkissono.k.   i like, keep it simple, sorry. Thanks for your all the info!19:58
holsteinkatkisson: no worries..19:58
mikubuntuok, bioterror, all seems to be working EXCEPT not detecting wireless, can you help me troubleshoot?20:00
katkissonI was just talking about saving my whole  Lubuntu, the way I have it to a CD just in case of a booting problem which I had yesterday until I cleaned installed it. So, holstein said I could send it all to UbuntuOne which I have. How do I do that, and could I burn a CD from it there, or what is another easier way?20:13
holsteinkatkisson: i actually didnt say that20:13
holsteinkatkisson: i offered ubuntu one as a way to backup your data.. not "make a cd"20:14
katkissonYa, you said that. Is there a way to make a cd?20:14
holsteinkatkisson: ubuntuone is a sync service.. and you can sync whatever you like between whatever machines you like up to a certain data rate, then you pay for more20:14
holsteinkatkisson: as i said, if i wanted to make a cd, i would use clonezilla20:14
holsteinpersonaly, i use clonezilla to image to external usb drives20:15
katkissono.k. I will look at that. Thanks! Oh, so if I do the "boot repair" thing, will that mess up my changes I made to Lubuntu?20:16
katkissonSo, a usb drive works for a seven year old computer?20:16
katkissonhow about a cd?20:16
holsteinkatkisson: i personally have only read about doing cd imaging from clonezilla, as i stated, and still say, is an option for making cd images20:17
holsteinkatkisson: age has *nothing* to do with usb. ether the device has USB or it doesnt20:17
katkissonya   o.k. just wanting to be prepaired if my computer doesn't want to load up Lubuntu, like it did two times before in the past three months.20:18
holsteinkatkisson: be prepared for failure.. for the cd to not work.. or the optical drive.. or the hard drive20:19
katkissonwell, really only once, yesterday, the other time, it just took too long.20:19
phillwkatkisson: you may also want to consider having a seperate partition for /hom, this means your data is retained even on a re-install and is much less data to back-up to the likes of ubuntuone / cd / usb etc.20:19
phillw*for /home*20:20
katkissonso phillw, how do you do that?20:21
phillwkatkisson: head over to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving20:22
katkissono.k.  thank you!20:23
mikubuntuso i'm trying these on http://askubuntu.com/questions/21207/network-manager-troubleshooting but not making any progress20:28
mikubuntucan someone please tell me that commandline that's sposed to detect wireless cards?20:29
phillwmikubuntu: what wifi device is it?20:29
mikubuntuphillw, do you mean my router? its an att  2wire20:30
phillwno the device in your computer.20:30
mikubuntui guess i don't know20:30
mikubuntui have a term open20:31
phillwwell, that's the first thing to find out :)20:31
mikubuntu:P i don't know the command20:31
phillwmikubuntu: issue20:31
phillwlspci | grep irel20:31
mikubuntuk, lemme try lspci20:31
mikubuntubroadcom corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)  ??20:33
phillwyou have a broadcom device... let me find the link to get it to work.20:33
phillwmikubuntu: I've never had a broadcom WiFi unit, but if you head to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx that should fix it for you. Do let us know if you get stuck and how you get on.20:35
mikubuntuthanks phillw20:35
mikubuntuphillw: how do i make the straight up/down slash character?20:38
phillwit is SHIFT and the \ key.20:38
phillw(well, on my keyboard) :)20:38
ianorlinon mine as well20:38
phillwmikubuntu: if you are used to using Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to copy and paste, within the terminal you need to use Shift-Ctrl-C and Shift-Ctrl-V for the same functions, it saves having to manually type in commands from wiki pages and also for putting information back to 'normal' areas :D20:47
mikubuntuno, i'm talking to you on one laptop, the other is wired across the room20:48
phillwahh, that does make it more a pain if you do not have ssh set up :)20:48
mikubuntussh way over my head :P20:49
mikubuntuok, from the page you gave me not successful doing sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source    .... saying unable to locate package20:51
phillwmikubuntu: are you at this section? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#A11.10_.28Oneiric_Ocelot.29_-_12.10_.28Quantal_Quetzal.2920:52
mikubuntuno the part above20:54
phillwmikubuntu: what version of lubuntu are you using?20:55
phillwthen use the instructions for 11.10 / 12.1020:56
mikubuntui'm worried that my 'assistant' here uninstalled the network manager using an instruction from another page -- how can i check that?20:56
phillwhe he....20:58
phillw sudo apt-get install network-manager 20:58
phillwit will tell you it is already installed, or install it... a Win-Win :)20:58
mikubuntualready installed ... but using the instructions you gave me just above, still getting 'cannot locate package bcmwl-kernel-source'21:03
phillwhmm, okies... let me go and have a dig for you21:07
mikubuntuphillw, thanks -- this machine driving me to (want) to drink21:08
phillwmikubuntu: broadcom WiFi is a pain, my heart sinks when I see someone struggling! head over to this link.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=209013821:09
mikubuntuphillw that page not helping me too many different ppl with seemingly different issues -- i'm starting to remember that i had a similar issue with a broadcom card about a year ago, and i THINK someone sent me to a link to download and copy the driver to a cd, and install that way -- but i don't remember any more details21:21
katkissonI don't have anything wrong now with Lubuntu, but I did yesterday and had to clean install. I've been talking with some of you earlier about boot repair just in case I have a problem again. Someone said to put in the Lubuntu CD and put in the boot repair command there. Also, there is an iso for boot repair that can be burned to a CD online. My question is, do these two change anything in the way Iset up Lubuntu? Does it bring it21:25
katkissonback to Lubuntu default or will it keep my changes?21:25
katkissonAlso, phillw, you said to look into "partitioning/home/moving" which I read online. They say to set up your partitioning in the beginning when you are clean installing. So, does this mean if I chose for Lubuntu to use all the partitions, I can't use this partitioning/home/moving thing?21:32
katkissonI mean, would I have to clean install and set up the partioning settings to make this work?21:33
katkissonI have also looked into "Cloezilla'' that someone suggested for burning an iso of my lubuntu setup. That looks promising, but I want to know how to find out the size of my Lubuntu system now to know if I could burn it to a CD or a DVD.21:41
katkissonoops I mean "Clonezilla"21:41
katkissono.k. maybe this will be a better question. I also heard that the new Lubuntu upgrade is coming in October, and that Lubuntu 12.04 will only be supported for a couple of months after that. Does that mean I would be better off clean installing the new Lubunutu than having to worry about my existing one that is going to have to change anyway?21:50
phillwkatkisson: you can create a new /home partition using the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving even on an installed system.22:00
katkissonoh, philw, o.k. even on an installed system. I like that. I'll try to figure it out. Thanks!22:01
phillwmikubuntu: post up a question on that forum area stating the version of lubuntu you are using and the output we got from the lspci command... Then be patient :) One of the people will get back to you. I'm sorry that I have no personal experience with broadcom WiFi systems.22:02
phillwmikubuntu: you can also ask on #ubuntu-beginners (quieter channel) or #ubuntu (busy channel).22:04
katkissonphillw, what about the new Lubuntu upgrade coming up, will I be able to easily switch over with this partitioning thing?22:05
phillwkatkisson: you can safely upgrade any *buntu system. It will not touch your /home area. the advantage of having /home on a seperate partition is if you need to re-install from scratch for any reason. As you have done re-installs, I'd suggest having your /home on a seperate partition.22:10
katkissono.k.  phillw, thanks22:11

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