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kaziwaseefCould someone tell me how to get my app listed in the ubuntu app showdown list07:44
Dar-ELNeed help with the cordova api08:31
commandolineDar-EL: there's a #cordova, that's probably a better place to ask cordova questions.This channel is mostly focused on development things specific to the ubuntu platform.08:57
commandolineoh, and just asking the question instead of asking to ask often gives more answers/is good practise too. :)08:58
popeycommandoline: cordova _is_ part of the ubuntu sdk now fyi10:12
commandolinepopey: Oh, I missed that. :( Thanks, reading...10:16
randomcppnik90, online search is shaping up http://i.imgur.com/QJob3gk.png12:29
randomcppis there anyone who knows inkscape? I need a little favor :)15:07
GuidoPallemansHi everyone15:17
wellsbThere seems to be a bug if I have a textField within a List Item (Standard, for example), onAccepted does not trigger.  Outside the list item it works fine.  Can somebody confirm?15:23
AskUbuntuubuntu 13.04 unable to locate package ubuntu after installing ubuntu sdk | http://askubuntu.com/q/33670115:23
mefrionik90, ping15:35
GuidoPallemansis there a column that has an action when the bottom is reached/in view? mhall119 I saw you had one once for the ubuntu reddit app, but I can't find it16:11
randomcppGuidoPallemans, not column, but flickable widget..16:13
GuidoPallemansah yes16:14
adiwho's  dpm16:32
mhall119GuidoPallemans: I had to make it myself, kenvandine did another implementation for Friends16:53
GuidoPallemansmhall119: thanks16:53
GuidoPallemansI just scrolled down your g+ page all the way to january16:53
GuidoPallemansthat's a LOT of posts16:53
mhall119GuidoPallemans: I can get you the code, one second16:53
GuidoPallemansim on your launchpad now, ill do it16:54
mhall119GuidoPallemans: the meat of the code for that is here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mhall119/+junk/uReadIt/view/head:/SubredditListView.qml#L6716:56
mhall119and the two Label items starting on line 2116:56
mhall119no problem16:57
mhall119I should make this generic and get it into Ubuntu.Components.Extras16:57
GuidoPallemansyeah, I was thinking that too16:58
GuidoPallemansIt would be nice to just have an element Column and grid that autoflicks and has the option of adding rectangles on both sides16:59
GuidoPallemansand actions on both sides16:59
mhall119agreed, and if you can put together a spec of how you think that should look, both visually and from an API perspective, we can organize some work against it17:02
GuidoPallemansis there another spec that i can kinda follow?17:05
clepto1995Is there a signal for when an item from ValueSelector is clicked?18:27
GuidoPallemanswhen it is opened?18:41
GuidoPallemansclepto1995: ping18:41
clepto1995GuidoPallemans, hi! yes18:42
GuidoPallemansgot it18:50
GuidoPallemansafter that you probably want to do if(ValueSelector.expanded) { ...18:50
GuidoPallemansunderstand me?18:51
clepto1995but I already decide to use another element instead of valueSelector, thanks anyway!18:51
GuidoPallemansah :D18:52
GuidoPallemansbut remember this18:52
GuidoPallemansall elements have a signal for every attribute18:52
GuidoPallemansyou will need this more than you think :D18:52
clepto1995thanks :)18:53
clepto1995but if you have time maybe you can help me with something else? :P18:53
GuidoPallemansbut not tooo much, i got my own app for the contest to work on :D18:54
clepto1995oh, which is it?18:55
GuidoPallemansit's not submitted yet, but it is a github client18:55
clepto1995GuidoPallemans, here, https://plus.google.com/106994414439340279133/posts/gnFB6juE4sT18:56
GuidoPallemansoh, I wonder how to use that myself, so I won't be able to help you...18:57
clepto1995GuidoPallemans, no problem! Good luck with your app!18:57
rschrollA long-winded question (apologies in advance):19:04
rschrollI'm working on a QML app that needs to do a lot of small processing jobs on start up19:05
rschrollTo avoid locking the GUI, I want to wait until after that's shown to run them.19:05
rschrollMy initial thought was to do these jobs in a WorkerScript.  But these jobs depend on a C++ plugin, and it doesn't look like there's any way to use them in the WorkerScript.19:06
rschrollEach job should be short, so running them in the main loop should be okay.  But not all of them at once.19:06
rschrollIn Gtk, I'd use idle_add() to schedule them to run in otherwise idle times of the main loop.19:07
rschrollIs there something similar in Qt/QML?  Or is there a better way to accomplish what I want to do?19:07
GuidoPallemansThe best way to wait in qml for javascript to happen, is using the sequentialanimation19:13
GuidoPallemansrschroll: youll need these:19:15
GuidoPallemansbeware though: you cant recursively enter an animation19:15
rschrollThese are background tasks with no visible component.  Is there no better way?19:16
GuidoPallemansI don't know any19:27
rschrollOK.  Thanks for the help.  I'll read the docs and see if the animation will work for me19:27
GuidoPallemanscan I use the theme manager to edit the colors of all my elements at once? I primarily want to change the background color of my pages and the text color of my listitems19:38
GuidoPallemansanyone have a palette values example?19:48
GuidoPallemansin the call Theme.createStyleComponent("MyItemStyle.qml", myItem) , what type is MyItemStyle?20:06
NoskcajIs quickly still maintained? I develop QA team tool that was written in GTK2 with it, but quickly always crashes20:14
GuidoPallemanswhere can I find info on the friends API?20:47
mhall119GuidoPallemans: API docs are http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/devel/ubuntu-13.10/qml/friends/qmlmodule-friends0-friends-0-1.html21:21
mhall119not sure if/where there is more general documentation21:21
mhall119GuidoPallemans: as for spec example, here's one that you can use for a basic idea: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemSettings21:26
mhall119and there's a wiki template page you can use too: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpecTemplate21:26
mhall119you can create a new page like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/OverScrollFlickableSpec21:27
mhall119or whatever name you want to call it, I suck at naming21:27
GuidoPallemansthanks for all that!21:31
mefrionik90, ping22:22
AskUbuntuHow can i create fancy app indicator with custom widgets in python? | http://askubuntu.com/q/33686123:33

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