teeks99I've got an Allwinner A10 chip (in a HDMI dongle), which is a Cortex A8 (ARMv7). The image I see on releases.ubuntu.com says it's an armhf+omap4....does that mean the omap part is optional and it will work with any armhf?15:59
infinityteeks99: Our userspace will work with any ARMv7, but you'll need to bring your own kernel, we don't ship an A10 kernel.16:09
teeks99i see16:15
teeks99so kernels are specific to manufacturers?16:16
infinityteeks99: Sadly, at this point, yes.  And often specific to device, not just SoC.16:30
infinityteeks99: Work is ongoing to make that not true, but some OEMs play better on the generic multiplatform kernel front than others.16:30
teeks99i see16:31
teeks99so TI's omap4 is the only one that is officially supported?16:32
teeks99with 13.0416:32
infinityAnd via the generic kernel, a few others (Calxeda highbank, Freescale i.MX6, TI OMAP3, ARM vexpress...)16:33
infinityBut not the A10, sorry.16:33
teeks99so what's currently the cheapest one I could get to try out?16:36
infinityA Beagleboard-xM (OMAP3) or Pandaboard (OMAP4) might still be your best bets, if you don't feel comfortably rolling your own kernel.16:38
infinityThe iMX6 SabreLite will outperform both, but installing to one isn't foolproof.  I should probably fix that when I find some Spare Time(tm).16:39
teeks99cool, thanks for the tips16:39
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das_plagueno recommendation for beaglebone black?17:16
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infinityprpplague: I'd happily recommend it if I knew we shipped a kernel/installer that worked out of the box with it, since the above user wasn't comfy with fiddling with his own kernels.17:26
prpplagueinfinity: which brings me to the point.... why can't get a out of the box installation for black?17:27
infinityprpplague: In fact, if someone can tell us what we need to do to make the generic multiplatform kernel happy on the Black, I'd be happy to get it going and add installer support for it.  Though, it might help if I had a device. :/17:27
* prpplague bangs head on desk17:27
prpplagueinfinity: i've been emailing and calling for two weeks to canonical trying to get this done17:28
infinityprpplague: SRSLY?  To whom?17:28
infinity(Clearly not me)17:28

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