zequenceUbuntu Studio devs would like assistance in uploading one final package lp:~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-default-settings09:54
zequence..before FF09:55
Laneyzequence: having it in the queue would be nice11:49
zequenceLaney: Which queue is that?12:16
zequenceThe package already exists in the repos12:20
zequenceor, repo12:20
zequenceThis is an update for it12:22
Laneyzequence: the sponsor queue16:22
Laneyfile bug, subscribe ubuntu-sponsors16:22
Laneypreferable to having to ask on irc16:23
OvenWerksLaney: do we still need to do that now that it has been uploaded?16:23
OvenWerksor is that next time16:23

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