chrisgukIm kinda wondering what this channel is for lol.  No one has said a word -:)00:08
TJ-Most server admins are only here during the day00:14
chrisgukIm here, but thats probably because im on bacula config duty00:20
TJ-Yurk :)00:21
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bcessahi there, can somebody recommend a good cli tool for yaml syntax validation, thanx20:46
submanI'm having a terrible time of trying to get my server online over the internet.  I don't seem to be able to connect to it.  I can within my local network, but not over the internet.  I have port forwarded over both my modem and my router but no luck at all.21:22
submanAny help would be appreciated21:23
bekksFrom within your local LAN, you cant test that.21:24
Patrickdkwell, we can give it a shot, highly outside the scope of this channel21:24
Patrickdkhow did you test it?21:24
submanI've tried to ssh into it with no luck.21:25
submanremote and local21:25
Patrickdkand your isp doesn't block incoming low ports?21:25
submanping works21:25
bekksping works, because ping does not use portforwardings for ssh.21:26
submanno, hi port.21:26
submanI've changed 22 to 222221:27
bekksping your IP from remote just tells you wether your router responds to ping requests.21:27
submanok, I changed the port in the router back to 22 and now I get connection refused.  When on 2222 it just timed out21:28
Patrickdksomething is wrong with you testing 2222, or your portforwarding21:29
submanI know21:29
Patrickdkbut refused is still wrong21:30
submanI can connect locally no problem21:31
submanBut I can connect to another machine via ssh.  Just not this new one21:31
submanMust be server issue?21:32
submanhmm, now no local access.  Very, very strange.  I've never had this before21:37
submanYes, not even local connection now21:41
submanMaybe 13.04 is broken?21:42
submanThis all worked about an hour ago21:44
submanOk, thanks folks.  I'll try another server21:51
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codepython777whats the smallest ubuntu server i can get ?23:37
Patrickdkor you mean something else?23:40
submanhow would I change a static ip address to a dynamic address?23:40
TJ-subman: insufficient information23:42
submanwhat would you like to know?23:44

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