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czajkowskisomething has gone a bit wrong on saucy with my screen http://ubuntuone.com/7Zlk6LDTPSb93xSVtmp3CP  happens when I scroll on browsers07:59
brobostigongood morning everyone,08:30
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Laneywhy oh why is there no bacon09:45
Myrttibecause someone ATE it09:46
popey\o/ bacon10:00
MooDoomorning all10:26
Myrttimeh, I've decided I need to do a spreadsheet about different laptops10:29
Myrttibecause otherwise I'll just waffle about and spend my time complaining instead of actually deciding10:29
czajkowskiLaney: Ive bacon here :)10:38
czajkowskinyommy byommy bacon and a bucket of tea :)10:38
Myrttiis it just me, or am I missing out on something, but11:09
Myrttiif you don't consider customer loyalty to a certain brand11:09
Myrttiit almost looks like the Dell Ubuntu laptop is about the best price/quality ratio laptop that can do Linux without a hitch11:10
penguin42how do you measure quality?11:29
SuperEngineerpenguin42: with a qualometer?11:32
penguin42SuperEngineer: Of course!11:33
Myrttipenguin42: features, chassis material11:39
Laneyczajkowski: FEED ME11:48
czajkowskiLaney: I can send you 20 eggs will that do :)11:48
Laneylolz, i have quite a lot of those11:48
Laneynot that i'd turn down more11:49
czajkowskisay hello to my new evil bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/121625211:49
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1216252 in xf86-video-intel "scrolling in chrome leads to distorted images" [Medium,In progress]11:49
czajkowskiLaney: yes but mine were just laid today :)11:49
Laney20 in one day?11:49
czajkowskiwe got 4 today11:49
czajkowski3 yesterday11:49
czajkowski4 the other day11:49
czajkowskibah medium11:49
czajkowskithat bug is so more annoying than a medium bug!11:49
Laneyhey at least the upstream guy is on it11:50
Laneythat's a good sign11:50
LaneySubject: Your contribution to ‘Ubuntu Edge’ has been refunded11:51
czajkowskiLaney: aye it is good11:52
czajkowskiit's gotten so bad in the last week it's driving me crazy11:52
czajkowskiI've found by hitting print screen11:52
Laneydoes firefox have the problem?11:52
czajkowskiit makes it reset itself sometimes11:52
czajkowskinever use FF11:52
czajkowskilemmie go and see11:52
Laneyi bet i have to phone halifax to get the money back to my current account from me credit card11:53
czajkowskiLaney: nope nothing there11:53
Laneynothing what?11:53
czajkowskino issues on FF11:56
Laneywell there's your workaround :-)11:56
Laneyi'm off to look at suits / watch alan partridge11:57
penguin42when a PSU says it's got a 20+4 connector and a 1x4 pin CPU connector, does that mean it can power a PSU that takes a 24 pin plug?12:02
hamitronpenguin42, yes12:18
hamitronthe 20+4 means it is 24 pin connector, but 4 can be removed to fit a 20 pin socket12:19
mungbeanyou were called today by 01210 000 000 00 grrrrr12:24
mungbeanhow do they fake caller id?12:24
mungbean"no sir this is not a spam call, this is an information call"12:35
ali1234mungbean: voip12:49
mungbeanalso v high incidence of failed calls with voip12:50
ali1234that's due to the way call centre pooling works12:55
ali1234they keep a certain number of phones ringing constantly so that there is never any gap between them12:57
mungbeanyeah :(12:57
ali1234but this means if you answer really fast there will be nobody ready to talk to you12:57
mungbeani used to get some at 4am12:57
mungbeanhas anyone seen the social netowrk film12:58
hamitronthey always hang up before the call is put through to me12:58
mungbeani had a failed call 20 mins earlier12:58
mungbeanwhich is why i knew to be prepared for the next call12:58
ali1234the computer system knows if you answer when there's no operator ready12:59
mungbeanhe opened his mouth hello Sir "NO SPAM CALLS"12:59
ali1234so it just drops the call and dials someone else12:59
ali1234rather than keep the line blocked12:59
hamitronprepared? with a whistle? ;)12:59
mungbeannext time12:59
mungbeani have young baby, dashing to phone could be during a feed or a nappy12:59
SuperEngineera while back I had a spam call - the bloke took impolite objection to my polite objection - so I informed him his companies number was stored on the [landline] phone - and I was recording the conversation - haven't had a spam call since that day :)13:01
mungbeanim surprised a call centre monkey would care13:01
SuperEngineerthis idiot did13:01
SuperEngineer[I try to have sympathy with them and be polite with refusal/goodbye as my daughter got conned on a part job when younger - she ended up working in a call centre for a newspaper13:03
mungbeanwow its raining really hard13:03
SuperEngineer...daughter ended up working in one13:04
SuperEngineermungbean - no it's not! I just checked13:04
mungbeandoggie wants a walk but she wont when im out13:06
mungbeanand i need to put sugru on my welly13:06
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* peng42phone waits at train station having just bought bits for a new Nat box13:58
peng42phoneand as always I bought a sata cable to find there were some in the mboard box13:59
mungbean3rd spam phone call of the day ..this time while i was in the loft14:05
mungbeanlucky i didn't rush14:05
peng42phoneYou registered on tps?14:09
mungbeanindian spammers dont care, strangely14:09
mungbeani think the caller id was 9021014:09
peng42phoneAh yeh14:10
mungbeanmy wife spent a load on baby clothes we needed to buy, and then i found them in the loft :(14:10
SuperEngineerpenguin42: sure it wasn't a knat box?14:22
peng42phoneWell it's too big to be,a gnat box, I wouldn't know about a knat14:25
SuperEngineermungbean: ever thought of getting a phone with profiles available - i.e. put all knowns in a profole set to ring - all others, no notification etc14:27
SuperEngineerdamn numb finger!14:27
MartijnVdSpro files?14:30
peng42phoneI'd prefer prof iteroles14:32
SuperEngineermmmmm... profiteroles14:34
SuperEngineer[hungry now!]14:35
MartijnVdSprofit eroles?14:39
* SuperEngineer loves profit14:40
SuperEngineer[but not so keen on eroles]14:40
MartijnVdSaagh.. "spicy chicken mix" really means "SPICY chicken mix"14:40
MartijnVdSthank the flying spaghetti monster for milk 8-)14:43
mungbeanSuperEngineer: house phone?14:45
mungbeanmaybe i should turn the house phone ringer off and never give my number14:45
SuperEngineermungbean: yup14:45
mungbeanits the dumbest of dumb house phones14:46
MartijnVdSmungbean: one with the rotary dials?14:46
mungbeanthey are probably quite ££ now14:46
SuperEngineermungbean: that nullifies that idea then14:46
MartijnVdSmy brother has one14:46
MartijnVdShad to buy some kind of adapter to convert the pulses back into tones, because his voice providers uses VOIP, on a DOCSIS modem that doesn't understand pulse dialing14:47
MartijnVdSalso, it didn't put enough power on the line to ring the ringer 8-)14:48
peng42phoneMungbean: there are some boxes you can buy that sit inline that do selective ringing and/or menus14:48
bigcalmGood afternoon peeps :)14:50
MartijnVdS\o bigcalm14:50
MartijnVdSthis Monday: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0394dg014:51
MartijnVdSfor those who didn't listen to the radio version :)14:52
MartijnVdSand who do like the Doctor14:52
mungbeanbacking up the tv box over usb 1 , taking forever15:09
MartijnVdSusb 1 :(15:12
mungbeanloads of updates to my 12.04 to do :S15:19
MartijnVdSmungbean: don't run saucy if you think that's a lot ;)15:19
mungbean more /etc/issue15:19
mungbeanUbuntu 12.04.1 LTS \n \l15:19
mungbeanseem to have missed .2 somewhere15:20
mungbean574 upgraded, 11 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0 not upgraded.15:20
mungbeanNeed to get 765 MB of archives.15:20
mungbeanAfter this operation, 368 MB of additional disk space will be used.15:20
SuperEngineerwish me kuck folks - gonna update nVidea driver to 319 [recommended] from current 304 - any warnings known, pleaseshout now15:26
SuperEngineerok - here goes - bbs [hopefully]15:29
MartijnVdSBBS -> back to the old days :)15:31
* mungbean wonders if its worth getting hte raring kernel15:32
mungbeanwhy does chrome write to disk so much when not even touching th ebrowser?15:34
penguin42is pretty amazed how little my P90 uses15:34
MartijnVdSmungbean: the NSA requires it.15:35
mungbeansome truth in that15:36
mungbeansudo sh -c "echo 'manual' > /etc/init/SERVICE.override"15:37
MartijnVdSuh.. wut?15:37
mungbeanthat is how to disable upstart stuffs? thats ugly15:37
penguin42that's ludicrously low15:41
SuperEngineerphew! safe - still got x running [much better than last time driver udated when x died afterwards]15:45
SuperEngineer...dare I now go go driver with post release updates me wonders15:46
mungbeandouble or quits15:47
SuperEngineermunbean - ok, [&once again - bbs - hope]15:47
* penguin42 doubts his new machine will beat the 47W of his 19 year old P9015:47
mungbeandoing my massive dist-upgrade with only 3% left :S15:47
mungbeanof disk space15:47
penguin423%  of what though?15:47
mungbeanneed to delte some kernels if this works15:47
mungbean= /var /boot /etc /usr15:48
MartijnVdSpenguin42: atom + SSD ;)15:48
MartijnVdSpenguin42: maybe a NUC15:48
MartijnVdSpenguin42: NUC under load: 27W ;)15:49
penguin42MartijnVdS: OK, that's interesting - I've bought what I believe is the same CPU in the NUCs - dual core 1.1GHz Celeron15:49
mungbeanmy first job in '96 used a compaq p9015:51
penguin42this P90 (through which this conversation is being NATd) was bought in '9415:51
MartijnVdSmy first real PC was a 486-DX4-100 because a P90 was too expensive15:51
MartijnVdSclocked at 13315:52
mungbeanhaven't switched my desktop pc on in yonks15:52
penguin42MartijnVdS: Yeh I think it cost me ~£2k in '94 including a 17" liyama monitor15:52
MartijnVdSiiyama had the best15:53
penguin42first job, disembowl the P400's chassis that I'm going to reuse the case from15:54
mungbeani throw away 5 years old machines all the time15:59
MartijnVdSmungbean: I just got another 5 year old machine to "fix"15:59
MartijnVdSi.e. rescue all data, reinstall OS15:59
mungbeandown to 193MB16:01
mungbeanfinger hovering over rm command16:02
mungbean[no carrier]16:09
SuperEngineer double phew - nVidea updated - still got x [unlike last time].16:14
SuperEngineerBonus - Steam has stopped whinging about getting me to "experimental" - at last!16:14
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: whoa!16:15
SuperEngineerthinking about Steam - any tried "Larry reloaded" [on Ubuntu] from Steam yet?16:16
MartijnVdSthat exists on Ubuntu?!16:16
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: Spending € now16:16
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: that's exactly what I was wondering16:16
mungbeanor that game where you are snooping around the house?16:16
mungbeanthe new one16:16
mungbeangone home?16:17
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: it installs fine16:17
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: wee16:18
* SuperEngineer is about to spend as well16:18
MartijnVdSaaand.. done installing16:19
MartijnVdS♫ Fibre-man, Fibre-man16:20
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: is it under wine or native?16:20
mungbeanlots of linux games now16:20
MartijnVdSnative, I think16:21
MartijnVdSit starts with the DOS soundtrack!16:21
mungbeani accidentally bought frak 69 for a friend when i was young (well my dad bougt it)16:21
mungbeani had frak16:21
mungbeanwe didn't realise frak 69 used a willie instead of a yoyo16:21
mungbeani was 10yrs old16:21
mungbeani just thought it was the commdore version of a family favourite16:22
daubersDon't suppose AlanBell is around is he?16:34
SuperEngineerhmmm - this'll be interesting... had to try 3 times to purchase Larry [forgot to tick the agree to Steam's t&c" box - I wonder if I get get charged once or thrice16:41
SuperEngineerwhoopee! only once!16:43
mungbeancan someone check the size of their pm-powersave and pm-suspend logs in /var/log?16:44
SuperEngineer[well done Steam /PP]16:44
SuperEngineerbbs [yet again... need to switch to £G dongle to download Larry - 10x faster than my "borrowed" connxn!  ;)16:47
zleaphigh flying teddy http://ssdv.habhub.org/16:52
DJonesmungbean: pm-suspend.log is 0 and pm-powersave.log is 13060616:53
mungbeanquite large16:55
DJonesmungbean: More specifically http://pastebin.com/582jyM6s16:55
DJonesI don't use suspend, so that probably explains the 016:55
mungbeano bytes disk space during dist-upgrade is bad :(16:57
SuperEngineerhmmm - bigger disk needed - or ppre-warnings might be a damn site better!17:25
Myrtti<george weasley>evening</george weasley>17:41
penguin42hey popey17:41
SuperEngineerdoes anyone know of a better way of removing Left for Dead 2 beta from Steam other than downloading it and then "remove all local content"- currently downloading 11.5 gig of unwanted stuff! [already have the non-beta game installed on Steam]17:50
* SuperEngineer copies & pastes last to #ubuntu-steam17:52
penguin42MartijnVdS: OK, this box is running 20-21W in the Ubuntu alternate installer17:57
daftykinsi was down south on the island today18:12
daftykinstook this nice little panorama of some Guernsey Cows18:12
SuperEngineerstarted downloading a purchased game - stopped it after advice* - deleted local content - but available disc space has fallen by 6G! How do I reclaim this disk space?19:14
SuperEngineer[* game was Left For Dead 2 Beta - I already have the non-beta version & perfectly satisfied with it].19:14
SuperEngineerDisk space should be freed - not kept!19:14
shaunoyou buy disks to not use them?19:18
hamitronSuperEngineer, .Trash?19:31
MartijnVdSdaftykins: nice one19:31
hamitronSuperEngineer, ~/.local/share/Trash19:34
SuperEngineerhamitron: now that's an idea19:39
hamitroncould maybe be in temp storage for a torrent client, if you used that method :)19:40
SuperEngineerhamitron: not a torrent - and nah - ~/.local/share/Trash = 12.5kB19:42
hamitronhow did you download and delete it?19:42
SuperEngineerhamitron: download via Steam App - paused, stopped , removed "all local content"19:55
SuperEngineerrebooted to see if space was still held - and it was19:56
hamitronah, I've known steam leave stuff on windows19:56
hamitronnot sure about the linux client, worth checking manually?19:57
SuperEngineerbeen doing that and hunting - can't find a sausage!19:57
SuperEngineerexcept this descrepency http://paste.ubuntu.com/6022613/19:58
SuperEngineer"." does not add up!19:58
penguin42SuperEngineer: note your .local19:59
hamitronyeh, is .local that big usually?19:59
hamitron"~/.local/share/Steam by default"20:01
hamitronwish my amp on my motherboard would go louder for my front headphones port20:03
penguin42turn it up to 11?20:03
hamitronI can't have it at 100%20:03
hamitronget distortion20:03
hamitronwell, for some songs anyway20:03
hamitronno worries, will just encourage me to get my amp repaired so i don't use these ports20:05
hamitron(another external amp, that is)20:06
* bigcalm waddles in from Cafe Rouge20:22
mungbeanhow do i make unity faster on older PC? change active blur to ??20:24
mungbeananything else?20:24
bigcalmReplace the HDD with an SSD20:24
mungbeanwow, static blur is extremely odd20:28
mungbeanshows windows i had open some time ago20:28
mungbeanbug 87307620:28
lubotu3bug 873076 in compizconfig-settings-manager (Ubuntu) "Transparency with Static Blur in Unity Plugin Does Not Work" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87307620:28
mungbeanThis package has been removed from Ubuntu. Closing all related bugs.20:29
hamitronmungbean, remove it?20:35
hamitronunity I mean20:35
mungbeanshared pc20:35
mungbeanbut when i recover some disk space i'm about to switch my last remaining pc to elementary desktop20:35
hamitronlooks like Mac? :/20:39
mungbeanin some respects20:42
mungbeanalthough no global menu20:42
mungbeanor craziness of ideas employed by gnome shell20:43
mungbeanis the most enjoyable linux since i switched to ubuntu ~2005/620:43
mungbeanand v fast20:44
hamitronthink I'm going to give win8 a go on a non-touch desktop20:45
hamitronsee what all this fuss is about20:46
mungbeanyou will vomit and kill yourself20:46
mungbeanand smash something20:46
hamitronwell, I like windows phones and win8 on a touch screen laptop20:46
hamitrondo suspect it may feel un-natural with no touch display20:47
hamitronbut it has better multi-monitor stuff than win720:47
hamitronbut I'm happier now my main rig is stable, with all memory installed20:48
hamitronvmware here I come20:48
hamitrontbh, to get what I want from an OS, would mean spending a lot of time putting together what I want20:51
ali1234win8 isn't really all that interesting20:51
hamitronand I really cba20:51
ali1234imagine windows 7 with start menu removed20:51
ali1234then imagine every 5 minutes a weird full screen thing that you don't understand pops up20:51
ali1234that's basically it20:51
hamitronI like that20:52
hamitronthe modern start menu has got too cluttered anyway20:52
* hamitron likes LXDE20:52
ali1234well metro is about 100 times more cluttered20:52
ali1234but they made it look "not cluttered" by removing all the text20:52
ali1234so now it's a mess of icons20:52
hamitronon my laptop, I don't use the desktop that often tbh20:53
hamitronmore like a tablet with a keyboard20:53
hamitronit works well for that20:53
ali1234how do you do anything at all?20:53
hamitronwhat you mean?20:53
ali1234how do you do anything at all on windows without using the desktop?20:53
hamitronit is for basic day-to-day things20:54
ali1234like for example, visit a web page20:54
hamitronemail, web browsing, word processing20:54
ali1234the version of win8 i used, IE opened on the desktop20:54
ali1234metro did nothing at all20:54
ali1234except serve as a start menu replacement20:54
hamitronit can do, or it can run metro style20:54
hamitronI use the IE touch interface20:55
hamitronI wouldn't mind knowing a good linux Desktop for touch displays20:57
hamitronI hate android20:57
hamitronhave never got the hang of it, the times I've played20:58
hamitronI miss the tiles from windows phone20:58
hamitronif I used it for a longer period of time, I may get used to it I suppose20:58
hamitronI did try android x86 on my laptop for a few hours too20:59
hamitronbut too basic for a rig like that21:00
ali1234i don't think i've used my laptop even once since i got a nexus 721:00
hamitronwell, I was torn between the nexus 7 and the asus vivobook21:01
hamitronI went vivobook, thinking I can still run normal pc apps21:01
hamitronplus a keyboard21:01
hamitronthis was before I had tasted win821:01
hamitronI'm sure the nexus 7 will be better for more people21:02
hamitronjust not me :)21:03

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