rick_hgreg-g: looking. I see the error report.00:19
rick_hgreg-g: do you know what url and such you were trying to save?00:22
rick_hgreg-g: ping when you're around. THe page loads ok for me. I got an error when you went to save http://martinfowler.com/bliki/FeatureToggle.html, trying to see why00:24
rick_hbut it did save and page does load00:24
greg-grick_h: yeah, got a... something error, don't remember, the url on bmark.us was /newerror.something04:03
cmaloneyI <3 it when I see an answer on Stack Overflow with a certain rick_h answering it. :)14:00
rick_hcmaloney: :)17:57

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