bkerensakees / slangasek: Do you both know of the Caveman/Paleo Food Cart on Alberta? Its pretty tasty04:28
keesbkerensa: Cultured Caveman is great. They have 3 locations. Love 'em.04:41
bkerensakees: yeah thats the place I went04:42
bkerensathe chicken fingers and beet salad was delish04:42
bkerensakees: I got to see the Google office in SF04:42
bkerensapretty cool04:42
bkeroCultured Caveman on Alberta is good, but honestly Garden Monster in the same pod is MUCH better.08:28
c_smithslangasek, you here?19:17
slangasekc_smith: ish :)19:17
c_smithslangasek, ok, would you mind putting a comment on my Wiki page when you get a chance? it's for Ubuntu Membership. wiki page is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Cody.Smith19:18
c_smithstill got a bit of time, the meeting I added myself to is in early September.19:19
slangasekc_smith: sure, I can do that21:28

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