Kilosgood morning peeps06:18
Kilosmethinks peeps includes lurkers06:18
Kiloshi psychicist 06:24
psychicisthi Kilos 06:25
psychicistik ben ik oekraine06:25
Kiloswhat you doing there06:25
Kilosmorning not_found 07:18
not_foundGoeie more Suid Afrika ... and uncle Kilos07:19
charlgood morning all09:52
charlMaaz: coffee on09:52
* Maaz puts the kettle on09:52
charlwb Kilos 09:52
MaazCoffee's ready for charl!09:56
charlMaaz: thanks09:56
Maazcharl: No problem09:56
Kiloshi charl 10:11
Kiloswbb a bit later10:13
* Kilos needs a reboot10:53
* Kilos thinks xchat still the nicest irc client11:02
superflyhi uncle Kilos14:00
Kiloshi there superfly hows things by you ?14:00
superflywe've had a "lazy" day so far, so now I must work14:01
Kiloslazy is good at times14:01
Kiloshows the family14:01
Kilossay hi to mrs_fly for me14:01
superflyfamily is fine thanks. I will do14:02
charlhi superfly 14:27
superflyhi charl14:27
Kilosyo space 15:09
spaceHello Kilos.15:10
charlhi space 15:11
charlspace: you from uruguay?15:12
spaceHello charl.15:12
spaceYes, why?15:12
Kilosmethinks he is just testing his memory space 15:27
Kiloshe isnt sure if he forgot from when you told me15:28
Kilosold agew15:28
Kiloswbb experimenting15:53
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
charlspace: nah just noticed from your hostname, we don't get many people from south america in here :)16:12
charlbut welcome :)16:12
charlwb Kilos 16:13
Kilostyy charl 16:13
Kilosinetpro, jy op verlof weer?16:22
* Squirm looks around17:17
Kiloshi Squirm 17:17
Kiloshi theblazehen 17:35
theblazehenHi kilos17:36
theblazehenIs SFD tickets still available?17:36
theblazehenWait think im confused17:36
theblazehenNevermind :p17:36
Kiloswhew im the wrong one to ask. just hang lets see17:36
Kilosthey dont charge do they?17:37
theblazehenNah its free :p17:37
theblazehenBattery almost flat. Will be back on later. Let me know if someone answers when i come back on?17:38
theblazehenRMS is talking!17:38
Kilosoh that in durban?17:38
theblazehenI feel like a teenage girl with justin biever lol17:38
Kiloswill do i think we need to hear from vinceo17:39
Kilosplug in the charger17:39
theblazehenAt friends of parents17:39
theblazehenNah gauteng17:39
Kilosah shame17:39
Kilosoh ok will hear for you17:40
Kilosno RPM chats17:52
Kilosho psychicist 17:52
Squirm.:theblazehen:. [19:36:26] Is SFD tickets still available?17:52
Kilosread further17:53
=== psychicist is now known as psychicist_in_lv
=== psychicist_in_lv is now known as psychicist_lviv
Kilosexplain psychicist_lviv 17:56
psychicist_lvivhi Kilos 17:56
psychicist_lvivhi Squirm 17:56
psychicist_lviv.wik lviv17:56
Kiloshehe whats with the funny nicks17:56
Kilosi thought the one was you are in love17:57
psychicist_lvivLviv is a city in Ukraine17:57
theblazehenhey guys, Kilos any news?20:53
Kilosno one been here yet theblazehen 20:53
theblazehenok, thanks kilos20:53
Kiloskeep your eye open for vince020:54
Kiloshe actually gave a link here a few days back about the meets i think20:55
theblazehenI found http://softwarefreedom.co.za20:55
theblazehenKilos: Any idea how many days? IRC logs...20:59
Kilosyesterday or day before21:00
Kilosmost likely yesterday21:00
Kilosjust look for vince0 chatting21:00
Kilosgood luck. i go sleep. 11pm here21:00
Kilosnight all sleep tight21:00
Kilosmaybe if inetpro is here he will know theblazehen 21:01
Kiloshe good at finding things21:01
theblazehenOk, night kilos. Same time here too :p Will ask him21:01
Kilossee youall tomorrow21:01
theblazehenFound it http://sfd-jhb-2013.eventbrite.com/21:13

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