iampozI have been messing around with trying to get these updates to work for a few days now00:00
Eduard_MunteanuIt's also funny how debootstrap completely ignores you're missing the key, unless you notice the warning.00:00
dimitry7I erased it because I had no choise, apt-get nor aptitude worked00:00
mathfreakiampoz: I suppose that means you already ran sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade, then?00:00
mathfreakiampoz: Okay. before we go on to check video drivers, can you tell me what happens when you press ctrl+alt+F7? Feel free to try ctrl+alt+F8/F6 as well00:01
iampozalthough at the very end I get this: "[1]+  Stopped                 sudo apt-get update"00:01
rtorresbuenas tardes00:01
mathfreakiampoz: That last line should be fine. It just tells you that it's done with what it was doing.00:02
dimitry7rtorres, buenas las tengas y mejor las pases00:02
iampozctrl alt f6 takes me to the screen with the command prompt asking to log in00:03
iampozf7 and f8 does nothing00:03
iampozI got back by sudo lightdm00:04
dimitry7rtorres, se espantó con el alb{ur00:04
mathfreakiampoz: What do you mean by getting back by sudo lightdm?00:04
iampozback to the normal desktop or what I assumed to be called unity00:05
SonikkuAmericaiampoz: That's what it's called.00:05
reisiopresumably he restarted lightdm00:05
iampozyup, thats what I think i did00:05
iampozf6 must stop lightdm00:05
SonikkuAmericaiampoz: ... F6 alone?00:06
iampozsorry, ctrl alt f600:06
mathfreakiampoz: Oh, no no. ctrl+alt+(function key) just brings you to another session (I forgot the exact vocabulary for it).00:06
rtorresalguien que sepa eliminar carpetas con error "Permission denied"00:06
mathfreakiampoz: It's handy when you want to use additional terminals when a graphical desktop isn't available.00:06
user__Is there an easy way to encrypt after installation of ubuntu 13.....00:07
SonikkuAmericaiampoz: See mathfreak 's comment. From there it's a service stop.00:07
SonikkuAmericaiam(and restart)00:07
SonikkuAmericaiampoz: ^ That.00:07
iampozoh i see00:07
vlt!es | rtorres00:08
ubotturtorres: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.00:08
mathfreakiampoz: I have the feeling that it might be something with your mounts at boot that's preventing lightdm from starting. Hopefully, someone a bit more knowledgeable than I can confirm this.00:08
vltrtorres: `sudo <comando>`00:08
iampozright now unity is working... I have not performed the full update from the update manager, first it said 59 avaiable, the sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade took it down to 16 available00:08
SonikkuAmericauser__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostInstallationEncryption00:08
rtorresvlt soy root00:09
iampozI am already afraid that when I reboot it wont work... and I will have to restore back to an image I saved a few weeks ago00:09
c2tarunHi friends, I installed chromium on my Ubuntu 12.04. It somehow activated some keyring password. Now everytime I login into my machine I have to enter that keyring password. What is it? and how can I disable it?00:09
mathfreakiampoz: One thing before we update, can we look at your /etc/fstab file?00:09
rtorresvlt:rm -Rf client100:10
rtorresrm: cannot remove `client1/web1/tmp': Permission denied00:10
vltrtorres: Are you on a virtual server? Or does root just no have the permission to <whatever you tried> with <maybe a file>?00:10
SonikkuAmericac2tarun: Probably the GNOME keyring. Did you set it to something different than your username and password?00:10
rtorresno a virtual server, im root in this machine00:10
SonikkuAmericac2tarun: s/username and/<nothing>00:11
vltrtorres: Is something else mounted into ...tmp?00:11
iampozmathfreak: http://pastebin.com/MPcvUsUC00:11
rtorresis a dictory into /var/www00:11
rtorresthe directory permissions is www-data www-data 4096 Aug  8 03:11 clients00:13
mathfreakiampoz: I'll honestly say that I have no idea what caused that /tmp mount issue at boot. You can update your system now.00:13
mathfreakiampoz: Feel free to ask others about the /tmp mount issue, though.00:13
iampozwell I will try rebooting, if it works then I will update the remaining 16 and hope it reboots after that00:14
vltrtorres: What does `stat client1/web1/tmp` say?00:14
SonikkuAmericartorres: Ummm, those are not permissions. Try [ ls -la /var/www ] ]00:14
Eduard_MunteanuHere's a good example: https://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/releng/00:14
iampozif not then I will probobly be back sunday... I have to leave shortly... Thanks for your help mathfreak00:14
rtorresroot@apolo:/var/www# stat clients/00:14
rtorres  File: `clients/'00:14
rtorres  Size: 4096      Blocks: 8          IO Block: 4096   directory00:14
rtorresDevice: ca01h/51713dInode: 2949723     Links: 300:14
rtorresAccess: (0777/drwxrwxrwx)  Uid: (   33/www-data)   Gid: (   33/www-data)00:14
rtorresAccess: 2013-08-23 23:52:06.000000000 +000000:15
FloodBot1rtorres: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:15
rtorresModify: 2013-08-08 03:11:02.000000000 +000000:15
rtorresChange: 2013-08-23 23:51:40.000000000 +000000:15
Eduard_MunteanuArguably they link to the plain 'http' page for some reason I can't really grok.00:15
c2tarunSonikkuAmerica, hi, its my system password only, still I have to enter it everytime00:15
SonikkuAmericartorres: Please use the pastebin that ubottu mentioned.00:16
SonikkuAmericac2tarun: Hmmm... Open seahorse (Passwords and Keys)...00:16
c2tarunSonikkuAmerica, yeah, I can see "Passwords: login"00:17
SonikkuAmericartorres: Your permissions are 0777 (all read/write/list)00:17
rtorresYes, but try deleting though, it gives me error00:18
SonikkuAmericac2tarun: http://askubuntu.com/questions/867/how-can-i-stop-being-prompted-to-unlock-the-default-keyring-on-boot/224777#22477700:19
SonikkuAmericac2tarun: Follow the instructions on that particular post.00:19
c2tarunSonikkuAmerica, ahh... great. thanks a lot00:19
user__Is there an easy way to encrypt after installation of ubuntu 13.....00:20
rtorresany idea?00:21
SonikkuAmericac2tarun: BUT: Instead of leaving the login password blank, set it to the same password you use to log into the computer.00:21
mathfreakuser__: What are you trying to encrypt? Just a single file?00:21
user__No, the entire drive.00:22
vltrtorres: What about providing answers to questions first?00:22
rtorressorry, did not understand the question00:23
mathfreakuser__: I'm not sure how to encrypt the entire drive after installing Ubuntu. Sorry.00:23
user__mathfreak, thank you for responding,  I appreciate your time.00:24
vltrtorres: What does `stat client1/web1/tmp` say?00:24
mathfreakuser__: If the install is a fresh install, you can try re-installing the OS while ticking the checkbox for full disk encryption, though.00:25
user__mathfreak, yes thank  you, that maybe what I will do.00:26
=== cubix``761 is now known as cubix`
vltrtorres: It’s a directory. Is it empty?00:31
=== anonymous is now known as Guest10763
rtorresyes, it empty00:32
wiakany way to trace bootup?00:33
wiakmy ubuntu is slow to boot into system00:33
OerHekswiak, install bootchart00:41
ubottubootchart charts your machine at boot time, to install >> sudo apt-get install bootchart << the graphic is in /var/log/bootchart after the next reboot00:41
netlarI have a printer set up already, but want to be able to scan with it too.  How can I add the printer as a scanner too?00:43
PoolShark_I'm having an issue with a RAID array. I can't mount it in /etc/fstab by UUID because for some reason linux is detecting a UUID from /dev/md0 that is not the correct one.. see here: http://pastebin.com/2EvxxULq00:44
netlarnever mind, it works00:44
PoolShark_If I put the array's UUID in fstab I get a "serious error" with the array on startup and it falls to a shell... if I use the UUID reported by blkid I get a "no such array" message00:45
rtorresvlt any idea?00:50
ke-escHi all.. Just installed Ubuntu 13.04 on my  Dell XPS12.. It has an interesting security feature- when I boot the computer, it starts up with the screen completely dimmed and I have to Fn+F5 to increase the brightness.. any way I can disable this "feature"?00:52
daftykinske-esc: perhaps the first two links can help: https://www.google.com/search?q=dell%20xps12%20ubuntu%2013.04%20screen%20brightness%20off%20at%20boot&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a&channel=np&source=hp00:53
daftykinske-esc: this bug specifically: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/117796300:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1177963 in linux (Ubuntu) "Backlight switches of on Ubuntu 13.04 boot-screen - Dell XPS12" [Medium,Incomplete]00:55
ke-esclooking now, thanks00:55
daftykinske-esc: post #9 suggests adding the boot parameter "acpi_backlight=vendor"00:56
ke-escokay, lets give this a try. thank you daftykins00:58
netlarAre there any database programs similar to filemaker on linux?00:59
bobapplepieis KDE a lightweight DE?01:01
SonikkuAmericabobapplepie: It's lighter than it was, but no.01:02
bobapplepieis it lighter than unity?01:02
SonikkuAmericabobapplepie: No.01:02
SonikkuAmericabobapplepie: Almost anything (but GNOME 3) is lighter than KDE.01:02
reisioI'd say they are of quite similar "weight"01:03
reisioGNOME/Unity and KDE01:03
SonikkuAmericareisio: At this point I'd guess Unity is lighter than GNOME01:05
LMessi10__Hello everyone, I have a question. I have a not so new netbook, it is 1.6GHz and 2MB of RAM with HD of 140GB... it is currently with Windows XP, but I was thinking on switching to Linux. Do you guys think Xubuntu 13.04 will have a better performance on it? Or should I stick with XP or maybe a different version of Linux? Thanks,01:05
SonikkuAmericaLMessi10__: I hope not 2 MB O_o01:06
daftykinsLMessi10__: Xubuntu should be quite a good move, maybe even one of the Linux Mint versions. you could definitely do with getting off XP since support ends in April.01:09
LMessi10__SonikkuAmerica, haha I meant 2GB haha01:09
SonikkuAmericaLMessi10__: Yeah, Xubuntu is good.01:10
SonikkuAmericadaftykins: FLAME TIME for mentioning the M-word. :)01:10
HaggardHey guys, had a power outage here that took my systems down. Do I need to run any filesystem checks?01:10
SonikkuAmericaHaggard: Absolutely.01:11
HaggardSonikkuAmerica: OK. thx01:11
daftykinsSonikkuAmerica: i thought this was ame... freenode?01:11
perrshp1600 crap01:12
SonikkuAmericadaftykins: roflcopter01:12
LMessi10__thanks for the tips guys!01:12
SonikkuAmericadaftykins: soi soi soi01:12
SonikkuAmericaLMessi10__: Any time! Enjoy Xubuntu! http://xubuntu.org01:12
=== whoever is now known as Guest63857
codepython777does anyone know what vm does Pubuntu use?01:15
daftykinsdread to think what that ubuntu variant is themed after...01:16
codepython777perrshp: I'm looking to run ubuntu on windows01:17
SonikkuAmericacodepython777: VBox? VMware? Other hypervisor?01:18
SonikkuAmerica!vm | codepython77701:18
ubottucodepython777: There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications01:18
=== anon is now known as SchrodingersScat
SonikkuAmericaSchrodingersScat: F19 much? :)01:19
SchrodingersScatSonikkuAmerica: huh?01:20
rtorreshelp, how to remove a directory that I have root access but it says permission denied01:20
SonikkuAmericaSchrodingersScat: Your nick is a portmanteau of the Fedora 19 codename01:20
lapionso can anyone tell me if the recent usb revelation by ms. Sarah Sharp ( very sharp indeed ) will change the policy of disabling hibernation by default?01:25
codepython777SonikkuAmerica: I need something that will run without installation. portable.01:26
=== anon is now known as SchrodingersScat
SonikkuAmericacodepython777: Can you elaborate?01:26
lapionand if so if there will be an update to patch this for all affected versions?01:27
White`Rabbitcoupons to buy for 0.4 instead of 0.5, that's a joke right?01:28
travis_Is there anyone that can help me with a raid issue? I accidentally formatted /dev/mapper/isw_cbdacacdde_Volume0p1. I can still see one of the partitions that was on the array but thats it01:28
White`Rabbitnever got any coupons, bought at 1.05 and now get the awesome right to buy new ones for 0.4 instead of 0.5.. woaw... that surely reduces the average per chip :x01:29
codepython777SonikkuAmerica: I need to take it with me on a usb drive01:29
White`Rabbit0.4 discount to get new ones at 0.1 would balance the average to 0.5!01:29
lapiontravis_, what raid level?01:29
travis_Raid 1001:29
travis_I could access all of the partitions up until I rebooted the machine yesterday01:30
lapiondepends if the raid synched the changes01:31
travis_I'm sure by now it has01:32
travis_This happened like a month ago01:32
johnjohn101i hope u had a backup.01:32
travis_I do01:32
travis_Well, of the important stuff at least01:32
travis_Home partition will roll back a week at least01:33
lapionall you can do is use photorec to recover nameless files for anyy unbackupped files01:33
travis_but no biggy01:33
travis_hmm, at this point I think I'll just throw in the towel01:33
travis_I have backups :P01:34
Extreminadorwhere can i edit the left click menu that pop's up in e17 desktop environment ?01:34
lapionmuch better whish i could say the same of my systems.. any backups are older then a year01:35
SchrodingersScatlapion: better get on top of that01:36
travis_Funny thing is, this happened when I bought my new 3TB drive01:36
travis_for backups01:36
travis_Gparted was being a dick when I went to format01:36
travis_and jump to my raid array01:37
travis_But luckily I made a full backup of my machine :D01:37
travis_Anyways, thanks!01:38
travis_One more thing, should I go with "fakeraid" again or use software raid :O01:40
lapionsame difference01:43
SoulRavenplase help me with something01:44
SoulRaveni am try to restart the network services01:44
samijamThis bug says a fix was released on May 1, but there's never been an update that includes it for 13.04.  Is there some way I can get this fix?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/totem/+bug/88327201:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 883272 in totem (Ubuntu) "Mouse navigation not working in fullscreen mode" [Low,Confirmed]01:44
SoulRavenbut is not working01:44
=== anon is now known as SchrodingersScat
SoulRaveni have tryed: http://bin.cakephp.org/view/162940064301:45
SoulRavenbut is not working01:45
dsnydersdoesn't linux have the sweep command?01:47
OerHeksSoulRaven, sudo service network-manager restart01:49
Jordan_Utravis_: Definitely go with mdraid rather than FakeRAID>01:49
=== RedefinedClank is now known as Clank|Gone
travis_Thats my plan :301:50
travis_Just wanted to see if anyone was thinking the same :301:50
OerHeksSweep is an audio editor, you want to cleanup settings with uninstall --purge or cleanup your system with  a tool like bleachit ?01:50
travis_time to go kill a raid array01:53
travis_thanks again01:53
=== Clank|Gone is now known as RedefinedClank
dsnydersIs there an equivalent to the sweep command (run a command in each subdirectory)?01:54
elton_can someone help me, i have a monitor that supports 1680by900 but ubuntu only detects it up to 1024x768 is this fixable?01:55
daftykinselton_: i'm pretty certain that resolution doesn't exist. maybe 1680x1050 or 1600x90001:57
=== elton_ is now known as emurillo510
gooberluvrWho can recommend a good gui interface for ubuntu server - I use webmin now.01:58
Jordan_Udsnyders: find's -exec can probably be made to do what you want. I've never heard of sweep before though, can you link to a man page for it?02:16
=== iPadDON0008 is now known as UnderControl
wiakooh snap02:33
wiak<- messed up gpt/mbr02:33
wiakanyhow, its a laptop so nothing on it is useful02:33
wilee-nilee!enter > wiak02:33
ubottuwiak, please see my private message02:33
pawandisk check on every boot02:46
wilee-nileepawan, Have you stopped it everytime?02:52
codepython777is there a way to run ubuntu inside win 7 without installing? (portable version)02:53
SchrodingersScatcodepython777: like a virtual machine?02:54
holsteincodepython777: a live CD.. in virtualbox.. is not technically installed, and is "inside" virtualbox in windows02:54
codepython777SchrodingersScat: yes, without install02:54
codepython777holstein: vbox needs to be installed,right?02:55
holsteincodepython777: just run the live CD in virtualization, and dont install it02:55
SchrodingersScatoh, like a portable version of vbox?02:55
codepython777give me a virtualization software for windows - that does not need install02:55
holsteincodepython777: you'll need a virtualization platform to run virtulization, yes02:55
codepython777SchrodingersScat: There is one, that is unmaintained.02:55
holsteincodepython777: give you?02:55
holsteincodepython777: this is a volunteer channel for ubuntu.. i would ask the windows channel to see what they have to "give" you02:55
codepython777holstein: I was hoping someone needed portable ubuntu for windows here.02:56
holsteincodepython777: a live CD is portable02:56
SchrodingersScatcodepython777: I thought your problem was you needed a portable VM software within windows02:56
codepython777SchrodingersScat: indeed.02:57
codepython777SchrodingersScat: Something that is maintained and works02:57
holsteincodepython777: whats the issue? no admin acces to a windows machine? can you boot a USB stick? or cd?02:57
holsteincodepython777: ubuntu is maintained, and works..02:57
SchrodingersScatcodepython777: not the same thing as a portable ubuntu, that's all I'm saying, sounds like your problem exists with windows02:57
codepython777holstein: cant boot these machines, and no admin access02:57
holsteincodepython777: then, you need to address that.. *all* of these tools are freely available to you02:58
holsteincodepython777: you'll need to have access to be able to use them..02:58
chiqueshas anyone installed clipgrab lately? Everything Google brings up has the same URL and it's not responding (404)02:58
reisiochiques: I wonder how it compares to youtube-dl03:01
SchrodingersScatchiques: i also use youtube-dl, so unless youtube-dl happens to not work for the site you want, you should check it out.03:02
chiquesSchrodingersScat, Thanks03:03
outofsynci have an old Pentium IV laptop and smplayer can play 720p videos but audio is 3 seconds ahead of video. How can i fix this issue? My OS is Trisquel 6 based on Ubuntu 12.04.03:09
issuewithlivecdhi, im having an issue with the ubuntu 13.04 livecd. On ubuntu, i get stuck in tty1 (and if i try and type startx I get an error saying no screens detected). My log file says VESA(0): V_BIOS address 0x0 out of range (then some other stuff) and a "Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration" error. Does anyone here know how to fix it, or will I forever be stuck on windows :(  btw the graphics card is a Radeon HD 840003:09
outofsync01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 420 Go] (rev a3)    I use the default nouveau drivers03:09
wilee-nileeoutofsync, That OS is not supported here.03:11
wilee-nileeoutofsync, Try #trisquel03:12
outofsyncwilee-nilee, i did03:13
wilee-nileeoutofsync, Cool, this channel does not support derivatives is all there is #linux if your registered03:14
pvl1in a hybrid graphics system, do i have to use the i915 intel driver, cant i just tell it to use fglrx all the way? i installed propriety driver03:18
holsteinpvl1: depends..03:21
pvl1holstein: on?03:23
holsteinpvl1: chipsets.. driver support.. bios.. many many things.. what *actual* hardware you have.. if the vendor allows it to be controlled by linux03:24
issuewithlivecdhi, im having an issue with the ubuntu 13.04 livecd. I get stuck in tty1 (and if i try and type startx I get an error saying no screens detected). My log file says VESA(0): V_BIOS address 0x0 out of range (then some other stuff) and a "Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration" error. The graphics card is a Radeon HD 8400 graphics card (1366 x 768 resolution) . If you can help it would be very appreciated03:24
holsteinissuewithlivecd: you mean, you switch to tty and cant swtich back?03:24
=== sahrus is now known as sahrus_
pvl1holstein: should i go back to trying to flgrx in the repos?03:25
holsteinpvl1: i dont think anything in the repos is allowed to support it03:26
issuewithlivecd@holstein the ubuntu loading bar moves, and instead of loading the desktop environment (where you get the option between trying and installing) it just loads tty1. Switching to tty7/xwindow just gives me a black screen, and when I type startx in tty1 it gives me an error03:26
=== sahrus_ is now known as sahrus
holsteinpvl1: i would look for other users doing what you want with the hardware you have03:26
pvl1holstein: well the root of my problem is the fact that im getting all buncha weird errors trying to use the propriety driver03:26
holsteinpvl1: like?03:27
pvl1holstein: my problem started with the fact that my laptop would get hot even using gnome fallback without graphics03:27
pvl1so i figured i should change the driver03:27
holsteinpvl1: getting hot is not "a buncha weird errors", though03:27
reisioshow me a laptop that doesn't get hot and I'll show you a rich man03:27
holsteinpvl1: you many want to revert back to that setup03:27
holstein!steam | pvl103:28
ubottupvl1: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.03:28
holsteinpvl1: ^ i link that because steam suggests a PPA for newer drivers03:29
holsteinpvl1: ppas are not supported officially, however03:29
pvl1holstein: so after updating to the latest kernel, my last errors from dmesg state  that there is an error  with the driver03:29
pvl1ima look into this holstein thank you03:29
n28714someone private chat me? i need of assistance03:30
SchrodingersScat!ask > n2871403:31
ubottun28714, please see my private message03:31
=== dw_ is now known as Guest29626
n28714Someone private chat me?03:31
pvl1issuewithlivecd: id check the bios graphics settings perhaps?03:31
WallFaceHi, I just plugged in HDMI from computer to TV, and now my TV is my computer monitor, how do I get them to show the same thing?03:32
=== Guest29626 is now known as db
WallFaceIt shows different work stations and I can't get them to join the same03:33
reisioWallFace: what graphics/drivers?03:33
WallFaceI don't think it matters?03:33
=== db is now known as Guest38416
WallFaceI'm not sure, i see my desktop, and I see the lefft with all the icons03:33
WallFaceI just don't see what I'm looking at03:34
SchrodingersScatWallFace: the display properties don't help you?03:35
WallFaceHow do I get to them SchrodingersScat03:35
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: hiyo03:35
root_gnewsense_oI built the kernel for gnewsense, fast and sleek03:35
n28714i seem to have a problem on ubuntu 13.04, my network-manager is gone and going under system settings >Network gives me an error called "The system network serviced are not compatible with this version"03:36
root_gnewsense_o but ONLY in recovery mode03:36
n28714i typed in a cmd and it vanished, i tried rebooting03:36
root_gnewsense_ohow do I copy the to "live" boot ?03:36
reision28714: cmd? vanished?03:36
root_gnewsense_oI guess I was working in a RAM disk03:36
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: where is it now?03:36
n28714anyone mind helping?03:37
reisioyou'll have to answer questions to get help03:37
root_gnewsense_oin a virtual machine on an xp host03:37
n28714-_- what questions?03:37
=== bruce549 is now known as israfel
reision28714: seven lines ago? :)03:38
reision28714: cmd? vanished?03:39
root_gnewsense_oubuntu was no roblem at all03:39
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: and where's the system you want to copy it to?03:39
root_gnewsense_oI guess in a ram disk03:39
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: you want to modify a kernel for a live OS?03:40
root_gnewsense_othe normal boot does not have my kernel changes03:40
n28714well no ones gonna help03:40
WallFacegot it working03:40
root_gnewsense_ognewsense can boot in normal or "recovery" mode03:40
caviezelWhats up people!03:40
reisiowallzero: gj03:41
reisiowallzero: sorry, that guy leaves fast :p03:41
reisiocaviezel: suppah03:41
root_gnewsense_orecovery mode I built in the changes I need, and with startx it works as I want03:41
root_gnewsense_ofully working03:41
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: okay where did you build the kernel? Where did you place it?03:41
caviezelJust chilling watching Jimmy Kimmel.03:42
root_gnewsense_ovboxadd createss the new kernel03:42
root_gnewsense_obut I asume in a ram disk03:42
root_gnewsense_owhich is lost on reboot03:42
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: vboxadd?03:42
root_gnewsense_ovirtual box build tool, i'm running XP as a host03:43
wilee-nileecaviezel, If you want to chat #ubuntu-offtopic03:43
caviezelMy bad.03:44
root_gnewsense_oI had to explicitly donload the kernel headers etc...03:44
root_gnewsense_obut it runs fine03:44
wilee-nileecaviezel, wasn't sure what you wanted just info03:44
root_gnewsense_oI guess this is a normal problem across flavous03:44
root_gnewsense_oof linux03:44
n28714Anyone help? - i seem to have a problem on ubuntu 13.04, my network-manager is gone and going under system settings >Network gives me an error called "The system network serviced are not compatible with this version"03:44
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: not really following you, but if you built something related to a kernel, it exists in a file system somewhere03:45
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: you need only copy it from there to where you want it03:45
root_gnewsense_odoes ubuntu have recovery mode ?03:45
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: using scp would probably be simple, as would be using VirtualBox's guest additions to mount a share03:45
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: yes03:45
root_gnewsense_oyes I thought the whole point of recovery was to change the REAL system03:46
reisioyou should still be accessing the "real" system in recovery mode03:46
reisiojust less of it at once03:46
root_gnewsense_oVirtualBox's guest additions is what I want in the normal mode03:46
uronugood day! May I ask what is the best tools for file sharing?03:47
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: oh is that all?03:47
root_gnewsense_oit seems to forget all my work (because I am only modifying the RAM disk)03:47
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: http://wvarner.blogspot.com/2008/05/installing-virtualbox-guest-additions.html03:47
root_gnewsense_oI have installed it03:48
root_gnewsense_oand USED it03:48
root_gnewsense_oin the RAM diisk03:48
n28714anyone gonna help me?03:48
reisioroot_gnewsense_o: those instructions should work in the "real" environment03:48
reision28714: with what?03:48
n28714i seem to have a problem on ubuntu 13.04, my network-manager is gone and going under system settings >Network gives me an error called "The system network serviced are not compatible with this version"03:48
n28714priv chat03:49
root_gnewsense_ook thanks I will check them out03:49
reision28714: what version of Ubuntu?03:49
root_gnewsense_othey would work in normal mode, IF I was in it03:56
root_gnewsense_oI cannot get into it, becuase my mouse and keyboard dont work in normal mode03:56
root_gnewsense_oif I could break into a terminal in "normal" mode that would be cool03:57
root_gnewsense_ocan to stop ubunyu or gnewsense from running startx ?03:58
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode03:59
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: ^ .. though i would ask in a gnusense channel for that03:59
root_gnewsense_oI did not popular03:59
root_gnewsense_oi'm running ubuntu to chat here ;O)04:00
root_gnewsense_ooh I lie i'm running gnewsense in recovery mode !04:00
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: try the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for chat04:01
root_gnewsense_oso many OS's04:01
root_gnewsense_othanks <holstein>04:01
root_gnewsense_owhile I am here what is the opinion og ubuntu versus gnewsense ?04:02
root_gnewsense_oI found ubuntu slow and greedy04:03
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: this is the ubuntu support channel.. you are free to compare the 2.. ubuntu has other official versions, such as lubuntu, that are "lighter".. ubuntu is not intended to be light04:04
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.04:05
root_gnewsense_ois gnewsense new ? I'm not biased, yet04:05
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: its just not supported here, friend..04:06
root_gnewsense_onot allow to chat about anyhing other ?04:06
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: you are mentioning an OS that is not supported, or discussed here. .you can try and instigate a discussion about it in the channel i suggested. otherwise, this is ubuntu support04:06
root_gnewsense_oI'm trying to decide04:07
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: correct.. please see the /topic and visit #ubuntu-offtopic to chat04:07
root_gnewsense_ook i'm not wanted ;O(04:07
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: that is *not* the case at all04:07
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: non-ubuntu support is not wanted here.. but, is freely welcome in the channel i suggested, and the /topic suggests officially04:08
root_gnewsense_obut there are no users there04:09
developeras a php developer what should i know about ubuntu04:09
root_gnewsense_oto chat or not to chat, that is the question04:09
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: then, you are in the incorrect channel04:09
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: #ubuntu-offtopic is busy, right now.. and you are not in it04:09
root_gnewsense_othere is the rub04:10
root_gnewsense_oit's all LINUX, I have never seen so much falvourism04:10
root_gnewsense_oget a grip04:10
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: ?04:11
holstein!guidelines | root_gnewsense_o04:11
ubotturoot_gnewsense_o: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:11
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: i am welcoming you to the appropriate channel.. its in an effort to provide better support here.. you can do *exactly* what you want in the appropriate channel04:11
root_gnewsense_oeven if there is no one there04:12
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: you are not there04:12
root_gnewsense_oI am in there04:12
anton02how do u remove a package thats causing segfault on startup due to bad modules if u cant boot into linux04:12
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: no, you are not04:12
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: it is #ubuntu-offtopic04:13
root_gnewsense_o#gnewsense AND gnewsense-dev04:13
holsteinroot_gnewsense_o: and i think you are in the incorrect channel.. it is quite busy and you are not there04:13
anton02gnewsense is a nuisance04:13
anton02how do u remove a package thats causing segfault on startup due to bad modules if u cant boot into linux04:13
R0b0t1What's default perms for /etc04:13
holsteinanton02: that comment goes in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel as well.. and please dont repeat04:13
R0b0t1I accidentally04:13
root_gnewsense_oI thought off channel would be even worse than On channel04:14
R0b0t1Also, how do I chmod /etc if I can't sudo04:14
anton02robot: su04:14
R0b0t1I don't know root's pass04:15
holsteinR0b0t1: recover it04:15
root_gnewsense_oi'll go there I seem to have upset you here, that was NOT my intent, thanks for your help anyway04:16
anton02how come when i enter recovery mode the root filesystem is read only. kind of defeats the purpose doesnt it04:17
R0b0t1alright thanks04:17
holsteinanton02: whats the question? how to mount to write?04:17
R0b0t1holstein, what are the permissions for /etc?04:17
holsteinanton02: mount -rw -o remount /04:17
anton02holstein: its already mounted04:18
holsteinR0b0t1: what are you trying to do?04:18
R0b0t1fix it04:18
anton02oh i didnt see remount04:18
anton02R0b01: are u too lazy to reset the admin password?04:19
holsteinanton02: i think R0b0t1 is going to fix it..04:20
anton02XReaper: lolarch04:20
R0b0t1anton02, I can't, because my permissions on /etc are wrong, which prevents me from sudoing, which prevents me from changing the permissions on /etc04:20
R0b0t1you see my dilemma04:20
holsteinR0b0t1: you recover the password with the link i gave..04:21
anton02how did etc permissions get changed04:21
R0b0t1anton02: I accidentally04:21
R0b0t1now, pls sir, what are you permissions on /etc04:21
R0b0t1yes 75504:21
anton02R0bot1: you could boot a live disk that gives you sudo permissions04:22
holsteinR0b0t1: http://askubuntu.com/questions/123341/what-are-the-standard-file-permissions-for-the-etc-directoryfile04:22
KxTwoAnyone rune ps3media server?04:23
anton02R0b0t1: its not like u can change them before u get root access anyways04:23
anton02is there an IRC channel for discussion of cracking WPA04:24
holstein!backtrack | anton0204:25
ubottuanton02: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)04:25
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momodihi, everyone04:32
momodianyone here04:33
=== muellisoft is now known as Muelli
DuncanNZmomodi: yeah, just ask your question04:33
anton02yes im here04:33
reisio'lo lilcyber04:36
lilcyberWhat's up reisio?04:36
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=== Guest88676 is now known as DamianDarc
DamianDarccan anyone help me im having problems booting into ubuntu after a fresh install04:36
DamianDarcthe system hangs on a black screen with a flashing white underscore04:37
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:37
DamianDarcthanks ill let you know the results in a but04:37
momodithere always is a title bar on chromium, how can I make it disappear. I'm using Xubuntu 13.04.04:38
wilee-nileemomodi, I believe it is in the preferences04:39
holsteinmomodi: you can try right click on the window decoration and "use system title bar and borders".. or yeah, i think its in the menu somewhere too04:39
apb1963_Ubuntu Packages - For whatever reason, Ubuntu has stopped updating Kismet in their repositories.04:39
DamianDarcthe thing about this is it seem to require me to get to the grub boot loader, my system won't even get to that04:40
DamianDarcit works fine on the live cd though04:40
wilee-nileeDamianDarc, You using the shift key to show grub?04:40
holsteinapb1963_: they dont just roll.. you get security updates.. i think firefox tries to roll now but thats it AFAIK..04:40
momodiI searched a lot about this, finally I found a software "maximus" can do this, but maximus do this on my all apps, I only want this works on chromium04:40
holsteinmomodi: you tried unticking the box?04:41
DamianDarcyes grub won't event load04:41
wilee-nileerollimg release04:41
DamianDarcim using 13.0404:41
wilee-nileeDamianDarc, Have you modified grub and are you pressing that key as soon as you power on?04:41
holsteinapb1963_: rolling releases just get new packages as they come and are released.. ubuntu is more of a frozen in time kind of thing04:41
apb1963_ok, that makes sense holstein04:42
holsteinDamianDarc: i would test the hardware at that point.. did you get a live desktop to come up?04:42
DamianDarcI have not modified grub at all ys im pressing this key from when it turns on.  This is after a fresh install and there were no errors in the install04:42
apb1963_So is that why kismet isn't being updated?04:42
holsteinapb1963_: thats what im suggesting that only security updates to that version will come in, as for all packages04:43
wilee-nileeDamianDarc, Did you install with a usb, and is there more than one HD?04:43
holsteinapb1963_: folks add ppa's, which are unsupported officially, for newer packages04:43
DamianDarcthere are 2 Hard drives, a sata an an IDE one I installe using a disk04:43
holstein!ppa | apb1963_04:43
ubottuapb1963_: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge04:43
apb1963_got it04:44
wilee-nileeDamianDarc, Grub might be in the secondary HD's mbr, try boot either.04:44
DamianDarcalright give me a moment04:45
DamianDarcAHA! I booted from seond hard drive and it worked04:46
apb1963_so... is there a recommendation for a wireless package?  I don't have any particular objective in mind other than to see what's out on the airwaves I guess?  Make sure my card is working, learn a little maybe.  Nothing too intense, just some light spying I guess maybe?  One thing for sure, I'd like to see what my own router is putting out.04:47
holsteinapb1963_: no04:47
DamianDarcThank so much04:47
reisiolilcyber: playing with pipelight for netflix04:47
holsteinapb1963_: you can try something like backtrack or kali which are not supported here and ot04:47
wilee-nileeDamianDarc, Cool you can make sure that the drive it is on is the has grub is inn its mbr with sudo grub-install /dev/sdX  X is that HD's letter like sda or sdb .04:48
wilee-nileejust run a sudo update-grub afterward04:48
apb1963_I took a quick look at iwconfig and iwspy... said "hmm..."  and started poking around for info on the net.... TMI... nothing stuck out at me.04:49
jorvisI just did a fresh install of Ubuntu with Gnome3 and things were working great until I had to deal with NetworkManager - When I click it and then choose "Network Settings" I wait and nothing happens at all.  Nothing ever comes up.  Is there a lot somewhere I should be checking?04:49
wilee-nileejorvis, This the gnome 3 version I forget the name or an additional desktop?04:50
jorviswilee-nilee:  not sure of the distinction.  I just didn't like Unity and followed a tutorial to install gnome-shell instead04:51
apb1963_nah, those are penetration tools.. I guess I'm looking for more of a discovery tool04:52
apb1963_I want the discovery channel :)04:52
wilee-nileejorvis, Not sure why its not showing the network settings, however the secondary desktop will use what you have done in the unity desktop for example a autologin to wifi,.04:52
holsteinapb1963_: those tools will be at those resources as well, and ot and unsupported here04:52
lilcyberdiscovery channel is awesome04:52
wilee-nileejorvis, Can I see that tutorial?04:53
jorviswilee-nilee: Yeah, it's autoconnecting my wireless just fine.  I just need to set up VPN now04:53
apb1963_you mean discovery is included in the packages?04:53
apb1963_so what's supported?04:53
wilee-nileelilcyber, #ubuntu-offtopic is your place04:53
holsteinapb1963_: i mean, your desktop operating system is working as promised.. the tools you are looking for are at the sources i have suggested04:54
jorviswilee-nilee: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/gnome-3-8-ppa-for-ubuntu-gnome04:54
SchrodingersScat apb1963_ what are you trying to do exactly?04:54
lilcyberalright thanks wilee-nilee04:54
anton02ehci-pci xhci-jcd causing seg fault. wat do04:54
slixz85anyone know of them troll fuckers?04:54
slixz85yeah you and you04:54
slixz85come to newly created #trollcombat04:54
apb1963_SchrodingersScat: See what's out there... see what my router is putting out on the airwaves.... and if anyone else is out there...04:55
apb1963_and see if my card is doing what it's supposed to be doing04:56
holsteinapb1963_: and, none of that is a feature of ubuntu, so its OT here, and not supported, but, you should explore kali if interested04:56
apb1963_ok, thank you04:56
holsteinapb1963_: you are online.. thats what the manufacterer said it would do04:56
wilee-nileejorvis, Only problem is that is a ppa, officially not supported here, the gnome shell 3.6 is in the repos. If you need to remove it use ppapurge04:56
apb1963_I'm not using the wireless to get online04:56
jorviswilee-nilee: that's scary at this point, I'm about to travel for a week and don't want to break everything right before I go.  Are there no logs for network manager I can check?04:57
wilee-nileejorvis, Does not mean no one will help, I'm just not sure of the fix is all.04:57
wilee-nileejorvis, I tried the 3.8 a while back and found some problems, however 13.10 has it.04:58
wilee-nileeso there is a development in the repos fpr 13.10, not sure on it in 13.04 is all now jorvis04:59
jorviswilee-nilee: Ok, thanks.  I'll keep hunting then04:59
wilee-nileejorvis, Cool04:59
jorviswilee-nilee: Some logging seems to be found via this command, but nothing is written there when I try to open network settings: grep -i networkmanager /var/log/syslog05:01
wilee-nileejorvis, you can navigate to it and just open it.05:03
jorvisOpen what?05:03
wilee-nileejorvis, /var/log/syslog05:03
jorvisOh, I have no problem reading it from the commandline.  I see entries there, just nothing new when I reproduce the error05:04
wilee-nileeDoh I missed the networkmanager05:04
caf4926If I format a External USB HD to ext4, it's no longer writeable, how can I make it writeable to whatever device I connect it to?05:05
lotuspsychjecaf4926: it depends on what other Os/device you wanna branch it?05:05
reisiocaf4926: you can either chown it, or change fstab05:06
reisioor both05:06
caf4926it's a portable HD and it will be used on multiple Linux machines05:06
wilee-nileecaf4926, http://askubuntu.com/questions/158735/how-to-set-permissions-so-that-i-can-read-and-write-to-another-partition05:07
reisioalso you might want to put a little FAT or NTFS partition on it, so if it's plugged into a Windows box, Windows doesn't immediately ask the user if they want to format it05:07
wilee-nileecaf4926, check the others advice as well.05:07
lotuspsychjewill it be readable for mcs too like this?05:07
reisiowell, neither Windows nor Mac OS support ext out of the box, AFAIK05:08
caf4926chown to everyone?05:08
reisiooh wait, Lion has native ext support05:08
reisioso just Windows won't05:08
caf4926I don't use windows05:08
reisiobut seriously, if you plug an ext drive into Windows, it will ask immediately if you want to FORMAT IT05:08
lotuspsychjereisio: how about other linux Os that doesnt use ext4?05:09
reisioso either keep an eye on your portable drives, or include at least one tiny partition that Windows understands05:09
reisiolotuspsychje: will assume it's ext2/305:09
reisioin which case it'll either mount normally, mount not quite so normally, or not at all :)05:09
reisiobut probably the former05:09
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reisioanyone on an ancient Linux box that can't get an ext4 FS to mount will know why, and how to fix it, though :)05:11
caf4926chmod 777 >path did it thanks wilee-nilee05:15
lotuspsychje!yay | caf492605:16
ubottucaf4926: Glad you made it! :-)05:16
caf4926*I have done it before on another one but couldn't just remember05:17
uronuany advice of what tool will i use for file sharing on ubuntu 12.04?05:17
caf4926uronu: ubuntu one05:17
reisiouronu: what's your target audience?05:17
uronuubuntu clients shared  directory on file server with user permission.05:19
TantorHello. I use ubuntu 12.04 and I am trying to install ledgersmb, however when I try to install it with apt-get I get this error: E: Unable to locate package ledgersmb05:19
TantorHas ledgersmb been removed or so?05:19
wilee-nilee!info ledgersmb05:19
ubottuledgersmb (source: ledgersmb): financial accounting and ERP program. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.25-1 (raring), package size 2372 kB, installed size 10476 kB05:19
Tantoruniverse seems to be enabled as a package source05:20
reisiouronu: so local network only, or on the internet?05:20
uronureisio: local network only05:21
wilee-nileeTantor, All I see are debs on the web for it in 12.04, but just a quick glance05:21
TantorWhere did you find these?05:22
wilee-nileegoogle fooie05:22
lotuspsychjeany alternatives for hydrogen, (techno grooveboxes)?05:24
lotuspsychje!info lmms05:25
ubottulmms (source: lmms): Linux Multimedia Studio. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.14-0ubuntu3 (raring), package size 4460 kB, installed size 10114 kB05:25
lotuspsychjeoh lemme try that105:25
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reisiouronu: samba or nfs maybe, or just ssh/fs, or hell a web server is quite simple, or an ftp server05:30
root_gnewsense_oI raised a problem earlier, I fixed it on my own, the problem was a .xauth in boot if anyone was interested05:31
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=== arunprasadr_away is now known as arunprasadr
dswhite85has anyone here tested the new pipelight plugin to allow netflix to work in a browser like chrome/firefox?05:32
yet-zerojoin #python05:33
Geraldnever heard of it. googling now05:34
=== acidrain is now known as AcidRain2012
uronureisio: thanks.05:40
saki`when you do something like wget http://lulz.com/blabla.zip05:48
saki`does it download to the current directory you're in05:48
saki`or what?05:48
yet-zeroyes, current directory05:49
yet-zeroyou can man wget05:49
saki`oh right05:50
saki`actually nvm05:50
yet-zeroanyone has good books about python socket programming?05:53
lotuspsychjeyet-zero: thats not really an ubuntu question mate05:54
lotuspsychjeyet-zero: try #ubuntu-offtopic05:54
yet-zeroOK, i know.05:55
scxhow to disable team speak 3 client autostart at logon?05:59
lotuspsychjescx: does't it show in your startup items?06:00
scxlotuspsychje: i checked all startup items and services06:01
scxthere is no teamspeak entry06:01
schmockHi @ all06:02
lotuspsychjescx: did you check your /home with enable hidden folders?06:02
lotuspsychjescx: maybe config is over there06:03
schmockI have a little problem: I installed ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my laptop in dual boot mode together with win 7. All worked fine. I updated 12.04 to 12.10 and after that, whenever I was launching ubuntu, it crashed shortly after it started loading ubuntu.06:03
lotuspsychje!info teamspeak-client06:03
ubottuteamspeak-client (source: teamspeak-client): VoIP chat for online gaming. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2.0.32-3.1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 7209 kB, installed size 14360 kB (Only available for i386)06:03
lotuspsychjescx: or man teamspeak?06:04
lotuspsychjeschmock: did you try update-grub ?06:04
scxlotuspsychje: yes: $ grep -E "ts.?client" ~/.*06:05
nowayrideschmock what was the crash output? Ubuntu can be finicky on updates sometimes06:05
nowayrideOr what stage did it crash06:05
scxlotuspsychje: i dont have man for teamspeak - i installed it from *.tar.* to /opt/06:05
schmocklotuspsychje: I am quite new to this, where can I access it? In advanced options for ubuntu in the boot selector screen?06:05
lotuspsychjescx: are you on ubuntu server?06:06
schmocknowayride: I selected ubuntu in the bootloader, then the screen turned ubuntu violet and then there was some sort of graphically visible crash (about 5 secs in) and then everything was pitch black and nothing happening for quite a while.06:07
lotuspsychjeschmock: in terminal: sudo update-grub and reboot, if it crashes, try a recovery/failsafeX from grub06:07
scxok, i found problem: there was symbolic link tsclient to team speak client and i have installed tsclient (terminal server client, not ts3client)06:08
nowayrideschmock: This is server? When grub is starting hit a, it will bring you to an edit line, add nosplash and remove quiet if present, should show you boot sequence06:09
scxlotuspsychje: ^^06:09
lotuspsychje!yay | scx06:09
ubottuscx: Glad you made it! :-)06:09
nowayrideIt is nosplash and remove quiet right? That's off the top of my head and the servers I deal with don't use plymouth or whatever06:09
scxanyway, thanks for help06:10
lotuspsychjenowayride: you mean nomodeset?06:10
nowayrideIsn't that for X11?06:10
lotuspsychjenowayride: or removing 'quiet splash' to see text boot?06:10
stobixhi! Is there a way to make X spew out the (automagic) config it has right now? I'd like to make a base xorg.conf with the stuff it imagines I have, and build from there.06:10
nowayrideMaybe that's it06:10
nowayrideX -configure?06:11
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode06:11
schmocklotuspsyche: nowayride: It's for desktop (running on laptop). With my skills I think lotus' approach seems feasible to me. nowayride's approach just seems a little over the top for me... ;) Either way: thanks a lot!06:13
lotuspsychjeschmok: good luck! mostly recovery from grub might work06:13
nowayrideschmock: it's the same place, just different options but yeah try to get a picture of where it fails if you need to hit up the chat again, more specific errors = more chance we know what might be wrong06:14
lotuspsychjeschmock: depending on what went wrong of course06:14
lotuspsychjeschmock: and even a better idea, single install ubuntu on your laptop and loose windows once and for good :p06:16
schmocklotuspsychje: nowayride: Alright. I'll give it a shot. If I come back here, I hope I will be able to provide something more specific as the logic behind more details = higher chance of success is something I do understand. :)06:16
lotuspsychjeschmock: good luck06:16
schmocklotuspsychje: I am not ready for that yet... ;) Also: so far I tried ubuntu only through wubi and it has been rather nervwrecking at times... And win 7 had proven to be a good security line to be able to do at least something with my laptop. :D06:17
lotuspsychjeschmock: i really recommend making an ubuntu live usb with diskcreator06:18
nowayrideschmock: also, 12.04 is pretty good bet for server BTW. If you need GUI stuff desktop is fine, but server 12.04 is LTS meaning it will be updated long after 12.10 and even 13.04 go out.06:19
lotuspsychjeschmock: ubuntu will be far more stable then your win7 and more secure06:19
nowayride^ Desktop for 12.10 and 13.04 and stuff06:19
schmocklotuspsychje: that's why I am still willing to give it another go :)06:20
nowayridelotuspsychje: Win 7 really isn't that bad on stability, well if you don't download crudware, but yeah schmock Ubuntu is nice and secure :)06:20
lotuspsychjeschmock: and if you come back in chat here we will help you around06:20
nowayrideYou get loads more control over what your OS does too06:20
schmocknowayride: I just also have to be able to handle that.... ;)06:20
lotuspsychjenowayride: we can discuss w7 in ot mate :p06:20
nowayrideHehe that's okay :P06:21
am42can anybody help out a noob with an fgrlx driver issue?06:21
lotuspsychjeam42: what goes wrong for you mate?06:21
schmocknowayride: lotuspsychje: ok, I'll give it a try then! Thanks a lot for the quick and friendly help! Much appreciated! :)06:21
lotuspsychjeschmock: anytime!06:22
am42lotus: getting unmet dependency errors in the terminal when i try to install06:22
am42with broken packages06:22
lotuspsychjeam42: what ubuntu version?06:22
lotuspsychjeam42: might be usefull if you could pastebin that for us06:24
am42lotus: pastebin.com/w71a4QnT06:25
lotuspsychjeam42: maybe this can help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/193140/cannot-install-ati-amd-proprietary-fglrx-graphics-driver-systemerror06:27
* Dr_Willis looks around.. 'its dead Jim!'06:41
nbubuntuhi , I read the release note , but I still can't understand technically on it.What is Enablement Stack means ? I saw a new roll out of 12.04.3 release today06:43
nbubuntuMay I know what's the difference Enablement Stack on kernel ?06:44
Dr_Willishttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack    This?06:46
Dr_WillisUpdated kernel and stuff to support new hardware on 12.04.X from what im reading.06:47
nbubuntuDr_Willis : which and what kind of new hardware needed it ? Since I plan to upgrade my pc06:49
nbubuntuDr_Willis : It doesn't list down which hardware required for the release06:49
caf4926ssh over the net ? I have it working over the LAN, what might I need to do to enable it over the net?06:50
lotuspsychje!ssh | caf492606:51
ubottucaf4926: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)06:51
nowayridecaf4926: if it's working over LAN and not internet, you probably need to set port forwarding on your router.06:51
caf4926nowayride: I figured. But how would I address the server06:52
nowayrideHow do you mean? You'd just access it from your WAN IP06:53
caf4926nowayride: let me clarify... I ask because I have a client who I visit for the first time on Monday and I want to get this clear in my head06:54
caf4926nowayride: I have a feeling it's going to matter that his ISP uses dynamic addresses06:55
nowayrideHis? No. The address you connect from doesn't matter, the address you connect to does06:56
nowayrideThe exception is if he has firewall rules for outbound traffic, but it's very unlikely he will be firewalling SSH to a server06:56
caf4926nowayride: His IP from his ISP is dynamic06:57
nowayridecaf4926: you are connecting from a computer via ssh TO a server?06:57
caf4926on his server06:57
nowayrideIs his server what's on the dynamic address?06:58
caf4926nowayride: yes06:58
nowayrideOkay so he's setting up a server on a dynamic address from his ISP, and wants people from other locations to connect to his dynamic IP from SSH?06:59
caf4926nowayride: :-) yes06:59
nbubuntuMay I know what's the difference Enablement Stack on kernel 12.04.3 vs 12.04 ? which new hardware required the new kernel ?06:59
nowayrideThat's generally not a good idea for reliability, but one option is he could use something like dyndns to keep a record of his IP, but generally you can't always rely on a home connection07:00
caf4926nowayride: this is what I figured07:00
caf4926nowayride: As I understand it, he has data processing running on the machine and needs to access it07:01
nowayrideDyndns is his best bet though, if the odd outage is acceptible. It seems like ISP IPs don't change around as much as they use to (I've had an IP for half a year at a time on TWC)07:01
nowayrideIt's not a guarantee but as long as he has an internet connection dyndns should keep the IP record updated07:02
caf4926nowayride: I did wonder if the data could be stored in a cloud for access07:03
expo987how do I calibrate the color profile in ubuntu?07:03
expo987through the command line would be best07:04
antiii'm having trouble installing ubuntu 12.04. I can boot it up but i never get to the setup. I get the following messages in dmesg.. http://pastebin.com/62XcECsY07:05
antiigonna try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313207:07
atomickittenMight be the wrong place to ask this, but... whenever I try to run VLC, it won't load! I can click on it in the menu (I'm using MATE in case that's relevant), or I can try to click on a media file, but it still won't work... :( When I try to run it from the command line, it spits out a few lines of text then it says somthing at the end about a segmentation fault. Could that be the problem? Please help! D:07:10
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
lotuspsychjeatomickitten: maybe this can help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158156907:12
=== Hawthorne is now known as Thornton
atomickittentried that, didn't work :/07:13
ikoniaatomickitten: is there a mate package in the ubuntu repos ? I thought it was totally unsupported on ubuntu ?07:14
ikoniaatomickitten: and a segfault is the problem for sure, but what's causing the segfault is the key07:14
atomickittenI had to add some extra repository thing07:14
atomickittenI kinda doubt it has to do with my DE because it won't run from the command line either. Could be wrong though. Assuming you guys know it better than I do...07:14
ikoniaatomickitten: I suspect it's going to be that (as an easy explination) as VLC works fine with the supported desktop07:15
ikoniaand as mate is pretty much a dead codebase that people are trying to keep a alive07:15
ikoniaatomickitten: the command line.....just launches the gui07:15
atomickittenanother relevant piece of info is that I've run it from MATE a bazillion times before, but it stopped. I have no idea what changed07:15
atomickittenwell it didn't launch anything when I entered the vlc command07:16
atomickittenit just says...07:17
ikonia...because it segfaults07:17
atomickittenVLC media player 2.0.8 Twoflower (revision 2.0.8a-0-g68cf50b) [0x1c2f108] main libvlc: Running vlc with the default interface. Use 'cvlc' to use vlc without interface. Segmentation fault (core dumped)07:17
lotuspsychje!info vlc07:17
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.8-0ubuntu0.13.04.1 (raring), package size 1058 kB, installed size 3356 kB07:17
Berengarmorning ^^07:17
lotuspsychjeBerengar: welcome, what can we do for you07:18
atomickittenso what command should I be entering to test it?07:18
Berengarso guys, question: my ubuntu (12.04) doesn't boot on kernels newer than 3.5.0-36 anymore. now i noticed that for those newer kernels there isn't an initrd image when i run sudo update-grub . could this have something to do with it?07:18
ikoniaatomickitten have you tried cvlc which won't use any desktop interface07:18
lotuspsychjeatomickitten: i think what ikonia says makes sense, vlc should work out of the box on ubuntu07:18
ikoniaatomickitten: that way you can have at least a clue it's nothing to do with mate07:18
atomickittenI did try it, and it started some kind of other prompt07:19
ikoniaatomickitten: ok, so you then have an idea that vlc is working - but the displaying of vlc isn't07:19
atomickittenI'm guessing there's some VLC commands I type in there or something.07:19
atomickittensounds like it07:19
ikoniaatomickitten: which suggests an issue with the "visual" or "desktop" component07:20
ikoniaatomickitten: try it with a different DE and confirm it works/doesn't work there07:20
atomickittenbut it worked on MATE before. It worked up until really recently, but I don't know what changed that could have caused this07:20
lotuspsychjeatomickitten: anything in logs maybe?07:20
ikoniaatomickitten: because mate is a dead codebase that no-one is developing for, it's possible that an update to vlc broke it's compatability with the legacy code of mate07:20
ikoniaatomickitten: or a mate update, just had a bug/glitch in it, due to it being maintained by other people who may have made a mistake,07:21
nbubuntuMay I know what's the difference Enablement Stack on kernel 12.04.3 vs 12.04 ? which new hardware required the new kernel ?07:21
lotuspsychjeatomickitten: try #mate for any other vlc issues07:21
ikoniaeg: the function that is "gnome-2-support" the vlc developers may have dropped that function because gnome-2/mate is deae07:21
ikonia(just as an easy example)07:21
atomickittenI'll boot into the default Ubuntu environment07:21
atomickittenif that doesn't work, I'll be back07:21
lotuspsychjeBerengar: what actualy happens when trying to boot a higher kernel?07:22
Berengarlotuspsychje something like kernel panic, root fs not found07:23
Berengarwhen i look at the boot arguments for the newer kernels it just links to /dev/sda3, for the kernel that works it links to a UUID07:24
twenty-threehi guys, i have reinstalled ubuntu 13.04 a couple of weeks ago and i have this issue where the buttons to adjust brightness don't actually change the brightness of the screen, i am using a sony vaio laptop07:25
lotuspsychjeBerengar: using uefi?07:25
convoii have a question about sound device on linux lite, should i ask here?07:25
twenty-threehow do i fix this?07:25
Berengarlotuspsychje i don't know? this motherboard is 4 years old though, so i doubt it :D07:26
lotuspsychjeconvoi: this is an ubuntu support channel mate07:26
=== daniel is now known as Guest63307
convoithank lotuspsychje, i found the solution in #linuxlite07:27
kisukeok, running lubuntu raring, any clue why synaptic would randomly freeze?07:29
lotuspsychjeBerengar: maybe this can help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/219563/cant-even-try-ubuntu-due-to-error-failure-reading-sector-0x5b500-from-hd107:31
Berengarlotuspsychje i just tried to run update-initramfs and i get a cannot open script error even though the package (initramfs-tools) is installed, maybe that's the root of the problem? :o07:32
lotuspsychjeBerengar: not sure mate, maybe doublecheck your logs07:32
=== caf4926 is now known as _caf4926
atomickittenAlright, I was unable to get the classic Ubuntu interface to work for some reason. Windows would show up, but they'd be without borders so I guess there's no window manager running. However, I tried it in LXDE and straight OpenBox and it still didn't run. I think it's safe to say it's not MATE's fault.07:34
=== _caf4926 is now known as caf4926
vipul_Could any one help me out in knowing the difference between kernel programming and device driver programming?07:34
ikoniaatomickitten: openbox is also not an ubuntu desktop07:34
atomickittenwell, regardless, I'm pretty certain that's not the problem.07:35
ikoniaatomickitten: no you're not certain at all07:35
lotuspsychjevipul_: maybe the dev guys might help you07:35
atomickittenThis is something I know is possible because I've done it before. I'm not asking to do something that can't be done, I'm just asking how to fix it so it was the way it was before.07:35
ikoniaatomickitten: mate brings in a set of libraries for the desktop to run, there is possabilities they are the problem/part of the problem07:35
lotuspsychje!dev | vipul_07:35
ubottuvipul_: Interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment07:35
atomickittenOkay, cool. BUT VLC worked fine with MATE until recently.07:35
ikoniaatomickitten: as I told you that means nothing07:36
atomickittenhow could it mean anything?07:36
ikoniait's useful to know it did work - but adds no value to the current issue07:36
atomickittenThere's absolutely zero corellation07:36
lotuspsychjeatomickitten: never heared a vlc segment fault on regular ubuntu before..07:36
atomickittenhow many problems do you get on a daily basis that you've never encountered before?07:36
ikoniaatomickitten: there is also a possibility that you have have a hardware problem, they are a common reason for sefgaults07:37
lotuspsychjeatomickitten: try an ubuntu livecd and vlc07:37
Berengarlotuspsychje i just reinstalled the initramfs-tools package. created the initrd images for the newer kernels and ran update-grub. cross fingers, ima reboot ;o07:37
lotuspsychjeBerengar: good luck!07:37
atomickittenThat's a thought07:37
ikoniaatomickitten: or an update to the video card module / against your hardware is causing a display problem07:38
atomickittenhmm, strange. Rhythmbox won't load either.07:38
lotuspsychjeatomickitten: no issues show in your /var/log/syslog.1?07:38
ikoniaatomickitten: define "won't load"07:38
ikoniaatomickitten: does it segfault ?07:38
atomickittennot sure yet, finding out07:39
atomickittenby "won't load" I mean, I click on the icon in the menu and nothing happens07:39
atomickitten"rhythmbox: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32"07:39
atomickittenI'm using a 64bit system07:40
lotuspsychjeatomickitten: maybe it stime to reinstall good ol ubuntu :p07:41
ikoniaatomickitten: are you using nvidia modules by any chance ?07:41
atomickittendamn. Just did a reinstall last week07:41
lotuspsychjeatomickitten: try 13.04 64bit and your vlc will work again07:41
atomickittenNo, but now that you mention it, the one change I made recently was installing a driver for my graphics card. It's AMD.07:42
atomickittenand actually, this is probably pretty relevant because this does seem to coincide with the time VLC stopped working at all07:42
ikoniaatomickitten would it be fair for me to guess you installed this direct from ati...rather than the ubuntu package manager ?07:43
atomickittenyes I did07:43
ikoniaI think I see the problem......07:43
atomickittenI was unaware you could do this through the package manager >.<07:43
ikonia!ati | worth reading atomickitten07:43
ubottuworth reading atomickitten: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:43
ikoniait's a little dated, but the concepts are still the same07:44
atomickittenCrap. I remember seeing that article months ago when I made my first Ubuntu install on this machine.07:44
ikoniaI think we have a winner07:44
atomickittenI just did it the lazy way the second time07:44
Berengarlotuspsychje it worked :D07:44
nbubuntuMay I know what's the difference Enablement Stack on kernel 12.04.3 vs 12.04 ? which new hardware required the new kernel ?07:45
lotuspsychje!yay | Berengar07:45
atomickittenI suppose I'd need to undo what I installed straight from AMD before I did anything there?07:45
ubottuBerengar: Glad you made it! :-)07:45
ikoniaatomickitten: and this is the restult of being a little sloppy, if you can try to use the official tools, official repos etc etc07:45
lotuspsychjeBerengar: and found it yourself!07:45
nbubuntuWhat's the difference between 12.04 vs 12.04.2 vs 12.04.307:45
atomickittenTo be fair, it's the way I was used to on Windows. Make a new install, go find the vendors sites and start downloading/installing shit.07:45
ikoniaatomickitten: hand on heart, I'd clean install this (unless you have important data) and walk through everything you've done but making sure you use the correct processes to set your machine up properly.07:45
Berengarlotuspsychje i have a new problem though :D07:45
backtrack= =07:45
ikoniaatomickitten: yeah, that approach will not work in ubuntu07:45
lotuspsychjeBerengar: spit it out :p07:46
CountryfiedLinuxIs there a way to add optional menu widgets to the lxpanel?07:46
atomickittenjesus, ANOTHER reinstall. Just so I can listen to Daft Punk. It's gonna be a long night. :P07:46
ikoniaatomickitten: you don't have to do a new install07:46
CountryfiedLinuxwhat's daft punk?07:46
Berengarlotuspsychje with the new kernel the network manager doesn't connect automatically to my home wlan anymore. it's not even showing up in the list, i have to use the manual "connect to hidden network" option07:46
ikoniaatomickitten: I just think you'd be better off, anything you don't know how to setup, just ask rather than having a guess07:46
ikoniaatomickitten: that way the end goal will be stable.07:47
atomickittenCountryfiedLinux: a musical group07:47
CountryfiedLinuxI know who CM Punk is07:47
atomickittenTechnically, I did ask. I asked google. Google gave me the AMD site with their drivers and I thought "Okay sweet. It's that easy!"07:47
nbubuntuikonia : May I know what's the difference Enablement Stack on kernel 12.04.3 vs 12.04 ? which new hardware required the new kernel ?07:47
ikonianbubuntu: check the release notes,07:48
ikoniaatomickitten: google is not "asking" it's people storing information, it doesn't mean it's right, has experience, is relevent to your specific situation07:48
ikoniaatomickitten: it's a good source of info, but shouldn't be followed blind07:48
atomickittenWell guys, I appreciate all your help. Lesson learned the hard way.07:48
atomickittenYou might be seeing lots of me, considering how inept I am, apparently :P07:49
kisukeatomickitten: we all have to start somewhere.07:50
lotuspsychjeBerengar: your ssid changed to not broadcast?07:50
atomickittentake care07:50
nbubuntuikonia : The release note doesn't list out which hardware to upgrade .Lets say haswell processor and new z87 Motherboard , which one should I install ?07:50
Berengarlotuspsychje i didn't change anything on the AP/router07:50
ikonianbubuntu: what do you mean, "which one should I install"07:51
nbubuntuikonia : 12.04 vs 12.04.2 vs 12.04.307:52
ikonianbubuntu: install the latest one available07:52
lotuspsychjeBerengar: maybe new wifi driver after update?07:52
ikonianbubuntu: think of them as service packs07:52
ikonia(if that helps)07:52
nbubuntuikonia : ok, then will download it thanks :)07:52
CountryfiedLinuxI haven't had any freeze-ups since upgrading to 12.04.307:52
lotuspsychjeBerengar: what wifi card chipset?07:52
CountryfiedLinuxI'm using eOS07:52
ikoniaeOS ??07:53
CountryfiedLinuxElementary OS Luna07:53
ikoniaCountryfiedLinux: ok, so you know that's not supported in this channel right ?07:53
CountryfiedLinuxikonia, I didn't ask for support07:53
ikoniaCountryfiedLinux: no no, I'm just checking you know07:53
Berengarlotuspsychje lsusb says "Bus 001 Device 002: ID 07d1:3c0a D-Link System DWA-140 RangeBooster N Adapter(rev.B2) [Ralink RT3072]"07:53
msiкто с россии07:54
msiесть такие/07:54
lotuspsychje!ru | msi07:54
ubottumsi: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.07:54
argomsi, I`am07:54
nbubuntuikonia : btw , what's the different between cd and dvd version for 64bit ?07:54
ikonianbubuntu: it's all DVD size now07:54
kisukeok, running lubuntu raring, any clue why synaptic would randomly freeze after changing the state of a package, dmesg|tail shows nothing relevant07:54
nbubuntuikonia : ok thanks , I saw wrongly 12.0407:55
argomsi, only englsih plz07:55
expo987could someone help me? My screen is really blue, how do I adjust the color profile?07:55
lotuspsychje!wifi | Berengar07:55
ubottuBerengar: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:55
msiim from rusian07:55
argomsi, good for you07:55
Berengarwell thanks, i'll check it out :)07:57
nbubuntuikonia ; Thanks again , gtg will leave the download overnight :)08:00
JohnC_ho to move a Primary partition to Extended?08:00
ikoniaJohnC_: you can't, you need to delete the partition and create it inside the extended containers08:01
JohnC_ikonia, so I need free space?08:01
ikoniayou either need free space to make an extended partition, or an existing extended partition to place your new one in08:02
JohnC_ikonia, ok08:02
argoJohnC_, Boot disk with acronics or etc. can do it. Boot need shutdown os.08:02
JohnC_argo, ok08:03
JohnC_so how to move unallocated space in Extended partition?08:04
auscompgeekHey guys. How would one go about making /usr/bin/python point to Python 3 without breaking things?08:05
wilee-nileeJohnC_, clone it with clonzilla, and delete the original make the new partitions and reload, you just change the partition number in the clone to the new one is all08:06
wilee-nileeyou need and external or place for the clone is all08:06
JohnC_wilee-nilee, oh ok08:07
stobixhm. fglrx seems to break my radeon card whenever it is (automagically?) installed. Can I tell the package managers not to touch it in any way?08:07
argoJohnC_, http://gparted.sourceforge.net/display-doc.php?name=moving-space-between-partitions08:08
wilee-nileeJohnC_, If you had the free space you could just copy paste it with gparted, but it sounds like thatis not an option.08:08
argoJohnC_, if u have GUI08:08
JohnC_wilee-nilee, yup, I dont have enough free space.08:09
JohnC_argo, ok.08:09
stobixRight now, some system seems to have installed fglrx for me again, which means that unless I remove it before restarting, I'm stuck with some "oops, we crashed your card" VESA driver.08:11
MosecoI have just installed Ubuntu 13.04 and when i restart after the installer finishes i get a message saying could not find bootable device, can anyone help with that?08:12
nowayrideMoseco: did you select "install boot loader on /dev/sda" ?08:13
wolffffMoseco,  are there any external storage devices connected to your computer while trying to boot?08:13
nowayrideOr Grub rather08:13
MosecoNo, just the ssd i installed the os on08:15
MosecoI had an empty ssd and i installed through a cd and i just clicked next through it08:15
wilee-nileeMoseco, You have more than one HD?08:15
MosecoI had a hd for windows and i have an older hard drive that i reformated and installed ubuntu on08:16
MosecoWhen i installed ubuntu i had only the 1 hd connected08:16
wilee-nileeMoseco, grub might have gone to the other HD's mbr, what windows release?08:16
wilee-nileeah one connected08:17
MosecoI didnt have that drive connected at the time08:17
wilee-nileeMoseco, You install with a usb?08:17
MosecoI have an intel dx58so motherboard with the latest bios if that matters08:17
MosecoWith a CD08:17
wilee-nileeMoseco, Ah uefi?08:17
nKfhi. are there any known problems with kernel 3.8.0-29 ? two different computers freeze from time to time since last update.08:18
MosecoI believe i have that set so it doesnt only use that08:18
wilee-nileeMoseco, This a W8 dual boot?08:18
MosecoI have 2 HDs one for windows and a seperate for ubuntu, but i only had the ubuntu Hd connected during install08:19
wilee-nileeMoseco, Your missing that I'm trying to conform this uefi setup that comes with W8.08:19
=== add1ct3dd|away is now known as add1ct3dd
MosecoI have W708:19
wilee-nileeMoseco, The point here is uefi, here is some specific install parameters is all.08:20
MosecoIm not quite understanding you08:21
MosecoFor UEFI boot, if im remember correctly i have the exclusive UEFI disabled08:21
MosecoBecause i had a problem with windows 7 boot earlier08:22
wilee-nileeMoseco, Yes I can tell, if you have a uefi setup the installs are different for that. That is to some extent true on the disable, however all the manufacturers have there own little versions and it is not that simpe.08:22
wilee-nileesimple always.08:23
wilee-nileeMoseco, You might look here on this thread, and this mod is your best help in general on uefi, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729508:24
wilee-nileeMoseco, Sounds like you have read the uefi wiki already.08:24
* lotuspsychje really hates dualboots08:24
wilee-nileebeen doing it for years no biggie, I have 4 OS here.08:25
wilee-nileeall mbr however08:26
lotuspsychjei rather like the power of a clean installed Os single hd08:26
=== caf4926 is now known as _caf4926
wilee-nileeI need ms word for papers is all and got the student  discounts, so I use W8, not a bad OS really08:28
lotuspsychjesold my soul to ubuntu for years now :p08:29
wilee-nileeI started on ubuntu, and acquired MS with a computer install, so a bit backwards. ;)08:29
lotuspsychjelong: hi mate what can we do for you08:30
wilee-nileepurchase not install08:30
long  someone??08:30
cfhowlettlong, no one?08:30
lotuspsychjelong: you can try asking a question first?08:30
ubottulong: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:30
cfhowlettpeitao, greetings08:32
ubottupeitao,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:32
reisiopeitao: salutations08:32
* cfhowlett ... senses minor league trolling08:32
reisiohey hey, a little humor never got a goat eaten :)08:33
peitaocan you speak Chinese?08:33
ubottupeitao,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:34
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kisukeany one know the command for apt-get to downgrade a package?08:38
wilee-nileekisuke, You can install synaptic and do it and lock it if needed.08:39
wilee-nileeor purge and install the version needed for apt-get08:40
kisukewilee-nilee: not an option i need to downgrade synaptic. im getting hit with the bug where synaptic will lock up after any given action08:40
kisukewilee-nilee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/synaptic/+bug/1178024 see comment 1308:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1178024 in synaptic (Ubuntu) "Synaptic locks up during use" [Undecided,Confirmed]08:40
wilee-nileekisuke, Purge it and install the version needed08:40
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kisukewilee-nilee: i think i may have just borked it, aparently lubuntu-desktop depends on synaptic. this will be interesting few minutes08:42
wilee-nileekisuke, It's in lubuntu stock yes, you have the option to yes or no on any apt commands, ou can get the deb of the one you need probably and just install that way08:43
matthias_Slart: hey how are you?08:44
expo987i installed gnome color manager but it won't open... someone help?08:44
lotuspsychjeexpo987: try to launch from terminal, see what it says08:45
wilee-nileekisuke, If the remove is removing packages you need copy and paste them from a list to a gedit to save the list, and reinstall them, without the synaptic08:46
wilee-nileeremove is*08:46
wilee-nileeexpo987, You mentioned the  blue earlier, could it be a graphics driver?08:49
expo987wilee-nilee: Nah, it's fine, I'm just trying to adjust the color profile08:49
expo987it's a subtle thing08:49
wilee-nileecool, not sure on opening the color manager never used it08:50
expo987wilee-nilee: it looks like the default adobe 'rgb' color profile08:51
wilee-nileeexpo987, I thinks its called color in the menu08:51
wilee-nileecomes up in synapse here in 13.0408:52
matthias_i've got a problem with python, i've got a date: 2013-08-26 but how can i remove the '-' and make it to 2013082608:52
matthias_i've got a problem with python, i've got a date: 2013-08-26 but how can i remove the '-' and make it to 2013082608:54
holyguyverI am having trouble with my scanner & I want to see if it is a problem with the scanner or my libsane It has worked on all previous Ubuntu's until now08:56
holyguyverSo can someone tell me how to turn on my scanner's lamp? I want to see if at least that is working.08:57
holyguyver...Am I the only one in here?08:58
reisioholyguyver: what make/model?08:58
reisiono dude, the reisio doesn't sleep, let's be serious08:58
cfhowlettreisio, vampire?08:58
holyguyverreisio: Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 6300C08:58
holyguyverIt has worked on every Ubuntu from Dapper Drake until the one before the current one.08:59
reisioholyguyver: using hplip?09:00
holyguyverreisio: yap09:00
reisiooh, really?09:00
reisiothe hplip site says scanjet is libsane alone09:00
holyguyverreisio: What's your point?09:01
wilee-nileehe's a Zombie09:02
holyguyverA Vampire, get it right09:02
kisukewilee-nilee: i got it just ended up installing lubuntu-desktop after i locked the version of synaptic.09:02
wilee-nileekisuke, Cool I was a little worried I had forgotten the lubuntu or lxde, part I had seen you mention earlier09:03
wutangwhat's cracking homebois?09:04
voltagexhi, I'm getting a black screen after GRUB when trying to boot a liveUSB via UEFI09:04
holyguyverreisio: Yes I have HPlip installed, & yes I know Scanjet 6300C is 100% sane compliant, so what are you saying?09:04
holyguyvervoltagex: UEFI! *vomits*09:05
kisukewilee-nilee: yeah apt-get is adament that lubuntu needs synaptic for lubuntu-desktop, fourtunatly, most *nix systems will run with a nuked drive.09:05
voltagexholyguyver: when it works, I get 3 second boot times09:05
=== eaWPq4nU is now known as Guest46400
wutangwhat does nuked mean?09:06
reisioholyguyver: I was saying that hplip's website says it's nothing to do with hplip, that's all ;)09:06
holyguyverreisio: Well I have HPlip just in case :p09:06
reisiowutang: as if a nuclear bomb had been dropped upon them*09:06
reisiothat is: they take a beating09:06
wutangthat's quite a beating09:06
reisiogood story about that here: http://justpasha.org/folk/rm.html09:06
reisioholyguyver: heh09:07
kisukewutang: someone running rm with recursive and force switches on root.09:07
holyguyvervoltagex: This computer has UEFI, never again! I hate it.09:07
reisioI think I actually bricked a scanner with sane once09:07
kisukereisio: so its not "sane" any more is it?09:07
holyguyverreisio: I have done everything short of shaking this baby.09:07
reisiowell this was many years ago, so it may well be saner now? :p09:08
reisiomoments after bricking it I bothered to read the notice that the following if done incorrectly could brick it, so :p09:08
holyguyverreisio: I have tested it, the track still works, the scanner still slides, but no lamp turns on & it doesn't scan.09:08
holyguyverreisio: I even tried installing an older version of sane.09:09
reisioknow how to do that?09:09
holyguyverreisio: so if you would please just tell me how to turn my lamp on?09:10
holyguyverI want to see if the lamp is burned out or something.09:11
reisioI wonder if sane even has a unified lamp toggle command09:11
reisiodoes hp-scan do anything? :p09:11
holyguyverreisio: xsane has a turn lamp off button, but I want to turn it on.09:12
reisioholyguyver: heheheh, the iony09:12
wutangI have a 300GB hard drive that's been running pretty much non-stop for 10 years09:12
wutangno problem09:12
wutangthey don't make them like they used to haha09:12
holyguyverreisio: Unable to locate package hp-scan09:12
nowayridewutang: how would you know, there aren't any new drives that have been running for 10 years yet :P09:13
wutanghipsters don't use hard drive09:13
wutangthey're too mainstream09:13
holyguyverwutang:  I have an 8 year old drive.09:13
reisionowayride: unless...09:13
reisiowutang: dude, tell me what stock to invest in09:13
wutangnon-Japanese Asian equities09:14
holyguyverreisio: peas or even cattle if you are into livestock.09:14
holyguyveryokel couldn't take my joke09:15
holyguyverreisio: so any lamp button?09:15
holyguyverI need to rub the lamp! *Poof* What do you wish of me?09:16
nowayrideAlso... inb4 "#Ubuntu-offtopic" :P09:16
holyguyverJekyll: I cannot Hyde how much I love Wildhorn's musical09:17
reisioholyguyver: what's the button text exactly?09:19
reisiomaybe we can figure it out from the xsane source ;)09:19
=== BTCOxygen is now known as Guest10897
holyguyverreisio: "Turn Off Lamp"09:19
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
reisiostring doesn't occur09:21
reisiobut it does in the actual sane code :)09:24
holyguyverreisio: So what should I do?09:26
reisioprobes 17...09:30
holyguyverreisio: ? What part of me are you probing?09:30
reisioI don't know if they have separate code just for a light test09:32
reisioI wonder if the hardware even knows how to do that on its own09:32
reisiowhat've you been running?09:32
holyguyverreisio: what do you mean?09:33
reisiooh you've been using xsane, not a command :)09:33
holyguyverreisio: Yes09:33
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alfreddbaam using ubuntu 12.04 LTS..i installed virt-manager and also installed centos 6.4...now from centos i cant not connect internet..pls guide me...09:36
holyguyverreisio: Nothing?09:37
alfreddbakvm centos not connecting internet pls guide me09:38
reisioholyguyver: you said you did an update and it stopped working?09:39
cuackHello, do IPv4 packets with a wrong checksum get delivered to a socket?09:39
reisioalfreddba: what does CentOS say about lspci | grep -i net09:39
reisioholyguyver: try 'scanimage' on its own09:41
Guoerkemeranybody there?09:42
alfreddbareisio: lspci command not found09:42
cfhowlettalfreddba, best to ask kvm or centos.09:42
GuoerkemerI'm looking to install Ubuntu, but I only have 21GB free on my C drive, how much storage does Ubuntu use to install and would it be possible to install it on an external hard drive?09:43
cfhowlettGuoerkemer, stock ubuntu runs about 6 or 7 gigs not counting data09:43
b0xit only requires ~6gb for install09:43
cfhowlettGuoerkemer, external install, but a PITA09:43
b0xthink the setup says 5.7gb of free space09:43
=== wp123 is now known as wickedpuppy
b0x20gb should be fine for dual boot09:44
Guoerkemercfhowlett what's a PITA?09:44
Guoerkemerb0x When I turn my computer on, how do I choose which OS to run?09:44
cfhowlettGuoerkemer, google it, amigo09:44
GuoerkemerOnce Ubuntu is installed09:44
mousyIs there still a bricking problem on Samsung ultrabooks, if so, are there specific models affected?09:44
holyguyverreisio: the update was to the latest ubuntu, & i don't know how to use scanimage09:45
cfhowlettmousy, emergency kernel upgrade fixed it (allegedly) ...09:45
reisioholyguyver: just type 'scanimage' and hit enter, for starters09:45
DJonesGuoerkemer: UBuntu installs a boot loader which appears first when you switch the computer on, it gives you a menu to choose which os to run, by default it'll wait about 10 seconds before booting into Ubuntu, although you can change that09:45
GuoerkemerAlright thanks, I might give it a go, although not really sure yet09:46
holyguyverreisio:  scanimage: no SANE devices found09:46
reisioinsane ones? :p09:47
reisioholyguyver: scanimage -L ?09:47
=== krish is now known as Guest53717
holyguyverreisio: No scanners were identified. If you were expecting something different,09:47
holyguyvercheck that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the09:47
holyguyversane-find-scanner tool (if appropriate). Please read the documentation09:47
holyguyverwhich came with this software (README, FAQ, manpages).09:47
alfreddbakvm not accessing network09:48
reisioholyguyver: well you could try that09:48
reisioholyguyver: what does dpkg -l | grep -i sane | grep -i hp say?09:48
reisioalfreddba: lspci might need root09:49
holyguyverreisio: it is plugged in, xsane recognises it & when I click scan or preview the scanner moves on its track but the lamp does not turn on & it doesn't scan anything, & then xsane says there is a communication error09:49
GuoerkemerAny of you guys ever tried Tails OS?09:49
reisioholyguyver: what does dpkg -l | grep -i sane | grep -i hp say?09:49
alfreddbareisio: root only its says command not found..09:50
reisioGuoerkemer: probably someone has09:50
reisioalfreddba: lspci? Ew09:50
holyguyverreisio: dpkg -l | grep -i sane | grep -i hp ii  libsane-hpaio  3.13.3-1   i386 HP SANE backend for multi-function peripherals09:50
linux|newbGuoerkemer: no, but there was an article on stealth flavours in Linux Format last month... did you take a look?09:50
alfreddbareisio: cent os09:50
alfreddbareisio: centos09:51
reisioyou said09:51
holyguyverGNU is the best OS in the world!09:52
reisiohear hear09:53
ubottuG(NU's) N(ot) U(nix). A project that aimed to develop a complete operating system of Free Software, which Ubuntu is based on. See http://gnu.org09:53
alfreddbareisio:   02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 02)09:53
reisioalfreddba: where'd you get that?09:53
alfreddbareisio: local maschine09:53
reisiohrmm? Need it from the guest OS09:54
reisioyou need to make sure you centos has the driver for the VM virtual network adapter09:54
alfreddbareisio: guestos command not found..09:54
holyguyver!Ubotu I love you!09:54
ubottuholyguyver: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:54
reisioI know, which is why it confused me when you pasted that :p09:54
ljetiboHello, I need help in networking department for Ubuntu 10.4 run on Virtualbox is this the right place to ask this?09:55
holyguyver!Ubottu are you intelligent?09:55
ubottuholyguyver: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:55
holyguyverreisio: So what did that latest thing I gave you tell you?09:55
holyguyverI liked Ubottu better when he only had 1 t & when he knew what love was.09:56
ljetibowell, I'm going to ask it anyway :D. http://askubuntu.com/questions/336354/virtualbox-suddenly-doesnt-connect-to-networks so it's basically as the links states, I've been having this problem for 2 days now09:57
reisioholyguyver: not much09:57
ljetiboI've also checked in the resolve.conf file and it was empty, if that information does you any good09:58
holyguyverreisio: sane recognises it & when I click scan or preview the scanner moves on its track but the lamp does not turn on & it doesn't scan anything, & then xsane says there is a communication error09:59
reisionothing happens suddenly on a compute09:59
ljetiboyes, resolv.conf not resolve09:59
reisiounless your hardware has failed, which is rarely the case09:59
holyguyverreisio: so it does all of that while sane reports no sane devices09:59
reisioholyguyver: yeah, it could still be missing support and just fudging what it does do09:59
reisiomaybe talk to #sane09:59
reisioand not to get too off track, but hardware supported by hplip... ♥10:00
holyguyverThis is Insane!10:01
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ljetibohi tom10:19
manikDoes anybody know how to enlarge the Lubuntu Menu?10:21
ljetibohi dubey10:23
dubeyI am facing a strange issue with my EC2 instances. When i tried to login to the instance, it kind of freez for some time and after 2-3 min. it let it in.10:23
dubey I tried -vv and found that shell stops at "debug2: channel 0: open confirm rwindow 0 rmax 32768" stage10:23
dubeyIt is happening for some nodes but not all10:24
linux|newbdubey: can't help but out of interest, how's the hosting?10:24
dubeyit is Amazon AWS10:25
dubeyget this : debug2: channel 0: request window-change confirm 010:25
dubeyubuntu@cloud:~$ debug2: client_check_window_change: changed10:25
linux|newbdubey: no... how is it, like do you find it good?10:26
dubeyfor around 10-20 min to login or if login happens fast i can't even run "ls" command till 10-2010:26
manikDoes anybody know how to enlarge the Lubuntu Menu?10:30
bob666hi ! I have setup a VM with raw access to hdd partitions in Win7. Now, from windows host I am trying to boot up the VM with ubuntu installer CD.10:30
bob666when the cd boots, it gets stuck with the text: "there is an unclean partition of windows (0,0). trying to fix..."10:31
bob666and gets stuck forever. its quite natural that win partition wud be unclean.10:32
bob666Can i not just skip the unclean check ?10:32
=== mario_ is now known as aouaou
ljetibobob666: can't you just use some tool to wipe the disc clean? You know completely format the partition you gave to VM10:37
bob666the cm has access to the entire hd. few partitions are rw and rest ro (windows partitions)10:37
bob666when the installer boots, it sees the entire hd. and tries to clean it.10:38
linux|newbbob666: there's something poetic about the vm 'cleaning' the windows10:39
bob666linux|newb: frankenstein's monster :P10:40
bob666ljetibo: when the installer boots, it sees the entire hd. and tries to clean it.10:40
nbubuntuhi I need help , how do I resize my column nautilus ?10:41
gvonbubuntu: Can't you grab the line between columns (titles) and drag10:43
nbubuntugvo : I can drag it to increase the column wide but not decrease10:43
=== tvoss_ is now known as tvoss|test
gvoIt probaby won't go smaller than the largest entry for that column, in some cases.10:44
nbubuntugvo : nope , only 1 file was in it and the name was as short is "test"10:45
gvoWhat column are you trying to resize?10:45
=== RedefinedClank is now known as Clank|Gone
gvoThere is a minimum width, it appears to be just a bit bigger than the column title width.10:46
nbubuntugvo : normal column10:46
gvoWHich normal column?10:46
gvoName type date???10:47
nbubuntugvo : Name only10:47
gvoWell, it does have a minimum size.10:48
bob666is it not possible to skip checking for unclean partitions while booting the installer ??10:48
nbubuntugvo : no matter how I resize the date too , when I open back the folder it change back to default10:48
nbubuntugvo : how to edit it ? I try gconf-editor but I can't find which directory to edit10:49
gvoDon't know.10:49
nbubuntugvo : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=110945010:51
gvofile a bug report.10:52
nbubuntugvo : brb restart pc10:52
nbubuntugvo : where does those column setting save location?10:59
efxlab ~/.bashrc are not created by default ?11:00
phoggefxlab: not necessarily11:00
nowayrideefxlab: might be .profile, is it in /etc/skel to copy over?11:01
efxlabI would like add :  force_color_prompt=yes11:01
efxlabin  ~/.bashrc11:01
efxlabbut it doesn't seem load11:01
efxlabI try .profile11:01
phoggefxlab: Where do you expect it to have an effect?11:01
nickkontoshello, ubuntu 13.04 here with gnome shell 3.8.3, after first restart, the shutdown option in alternative menu that I installed from gnome-shell-extensions is replaced with a log out and nothing I do will get shutdown back... Searched for this persistant log out button but...11:02
efxlabI would like to have a bit more color in bash11:02
abrknin an upstart script where i use "setuid ubuntu" and "setgid ubuntu", why is $USER not set?11:04
nbubuntugvo : where does those column setting save location?11:05
tamiyaCan someone explain why Postfix (the MTA) is installed by default? I use Thunderbird/Zimbra as my mail client with Gmail. Would removing Postfix break anything? eg POP, SMTP?11:08
linux|newbI have an NFS share on ubuntu 12.04 server which I've added 192.168.1.* to permissable clients11:10
linux|newbhowever, from debian laptop where I have a 192...1 address one wlan0, on eth0 I have a 169 address11:11
linux|newbso when I try and mount nfs share11:11
linux|newbit tells me server is denying11:11
linux|newbbest method to combat?11:11
linux|newbdon't want to add 169...11:12
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nbubuntuwhere does those column setting save location?11:14
tanveerhi all11:20
tanveeri copied files from xp into my ubuntu 12.04, now i cant find them, space is still occupied11:20
tanveerany body?11:22
ljetibohow did you copy them?11:23
ljetibodid you use a shared folder, or do you have guest additions installed and then drag and drop option enabled?11:23
ljetibo(I'm presuming here that you too have a VM)11:24
tanveerljetibo, sorry it was external drive and i just copy paste11:24
linux|newbtanveer: pasted to where?11:26
andrea1x2Hello guys, are you interested in online betting? i have created this website for you http://bet40.site40.net/11:26
ljetibowell that's weird :D.... try copying something else (something small). Just copying from an usb device shouldn't be anyything problematic. You might have been careless and accidentaly pasted it to a folder you didn't see. You can try searching for it, but something tells me you already did.11:26
tanveeri pasted it in a drive which was mounted in W11:27
linux|newbtanveer: ls -l /locationYouPastedTo11:28
linux|newbtanveer: ls -al /locationYouPastedTo11:28
tanveeri did used ls -l command11:28
linux|newbtanveer: I misspoke - meant -al11:29
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=== atsu is now known as andtsu
tanveerok thanks11:30
aguitelhow make more faster ubuntu ?11:30
linux|newbaguitel: xfce as opposed to Unity?11:32
borsukI installed Ubuntu but I during instalation I did not find any option to encrypt the whole drive. Was it removed?11:33
linux|newbborsuk: still exists11:33
borsukIs it hidden or sth?11:33
linux|newbnot TMK11:33
andrea1x2are you interested in online betting?11:33
MonkeyDustandrea1x2  wrong channel11:34
linux|newbborsuk: just install encfs after the fact11:34
psy^lol andrea1x211:34
DJonesandrea1x2: Thats not really a topic for the Ubuntu support channel11:35
tanveerlinux|newb, it is not showing disappeared folders11:35
linux|newbtanveer: disappointing11:35
linux|newbtanveer: locate -name foo11:36
linux|newbtanveer: from dir11:36
borsuk@linux|newb Can I somehow return to DOS state of my machine and install Ubuntu again? Because AFAIK I need to download 500mb+ os-uninstaller11:36
tanveerok i try11:36
MonkeyDustborsuk  os uninstaller?11:37
linux|newbborsuk: 13.04?11:37
max64I have (HP compaq 6730s) laptop .. ite temperature gets about 80 degrees in less than 30 min .. sometimes it gets frozen .. how to reduce electricity consumption and make the laptop less heat?  thanks11:37
borsukyes, I want to remove my Ubuntu 13.04 and install a new one11:37
Kartagisfollowing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions, how can I find out what my options for output are? for ex., I have a HDMI output but xrandr --addmode HDMI said HDMI is invalid11:37
MonkeyDustborsuk  use a live cd, run gparted, delete the ubuntu partition11:37
borsukMonkeyDust I cannot - when I try to boot Ubuntu Live from USB, the old Ubuntu starts, don't know why11:39
linux|newbborsuk: then just insert live cd, choose install and then guided entire disk11:39
linux|newbborsuk: change boot device in cmos setup11:39
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
borsukI did11:39
borsukwait, CMOS setup?11:39
borsukI changed in BIOS, is it not enough?11:39
linux|newbborsuk: in this instance, they're one in the same11:40
MonkeyDustborsuk  because your BIOS has to 'boot from USB flash drive'11:40
ljetibo@max64: how old is the laptop. SOmetimes just taking it to get serviced helps because they vacuume it or blow the dust out with a compressor.11:40
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
borsukMonkeyDust I set it in my BIOS, still old Ubuntu starts11:41
borsukCould I break something when installing for the first time?11:41
MonkeyDustborsuk  then how would you install a new ubuntu?11:42
max64ljetibo .. it is 4 years old .. last time maintained was 2 years ago11:42
borsukMonkeyDust I don't like the current one for several reasons - i.e. I forgot to ncrypt the whole drive11:42
MonkeyDustborsuk  yes, but if you cant boot from USB, how did/will you install ubuntu?11:43
borsukI want a fresh start :)11:43
borsukIt worked then11:43
ljetibo@max64: what I can basically tell you is that overheating is rarely caused by software and it's almost always hardwares fault.11:43
borsukNow it can't11:44
max64ljeribo: is leaving laptop without maintainance may cause harms?11:44
borsukhelp pls11:45
MonkeyDustborsuk  how did you install ubuntu the first time?11:45
ihreMy DIY NAS crashed this morning, and I could find the following in my logs: http://dpaste.com/1355022/ How can I identify the actual problem ?11:46
borsukMonkeyDust I booted from USB, it worked then. Now it seems to be broken11:46
ljetibomax64: sometimes. Depends on how clean your room is, if you dust often if you have long hair (trust me on that one, I have long hair and everytime I take it to get cleaned ~once a year they pull out 15m of my hair out of it11:46
MonkeyDustborsuk  what seems to be broken? the usb stick?11:47
borsukMonkeyDust Can't really tell. When I try to boot it, the old Ubuntu starts11:47
borsukMonkeyDust (and I set the BIOS to boot from USB)11:48
MonkeyDustborsuk  first find out what goes wrong, then repair it11:48
MonkeyDustborsuk  is the usb stick physically damaged?11:48
borsukMonkeyDust :D yeah, but how can I check what is broken? The usb disk seems to be alright.11:49
MonkeyDustborsuk  disk or stick?11:50
borsukMonkeyDust It seems like Ubuntu on USB "knows" that Ubuntu is already installed11:50
borsukMonkeyDust stick11:50
zizazihave a friend with a "windows dead" computer (AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1.53 GHz, 512 MB RAM) .... tried lubuntu which works ok in live mode but crashes during install... how to proceed?11:51
lantiziazizazi, we'd need more information on the crash - but remember the live cd doesn't need the hdd to work - so if the hdd is faulty that's why the live cd works but installing doesn't11:52
ihrezizazi: I had the same yesterday, went to install the 13.04 mini.iso, and installed ubuntu-desktop afterwards11:52
lantiziazizazi, and a possibility for why windows doesn't work now11:52
zizazilantizia: windows works but is extremely slow11:53
X-Userhello, I am trying to install this https://launchpad.net/indicator-sysmonitor , better to download .deb file and install or adding a PPA and install via terminal?11:53
zizazilantizia: crash with lubuntu does not allow me to get info after; i get message saying i will be able to report bla bla but no it doesnt happen, i can only force shutdown manually11:54
nowayrideX-User: up to you, the PPA would keep it updated though11:54
nowayrideBut that's an extra PPA too (not that it matters much)11:54
lantiziazizazi, did the graphical install manage to appear or is this before that?11:54
zizaziyes graphical install ok11:55
zizaziihre: thanks; that's maybe an idea for me to try11:55
lantiziai install my ubuntu every time using the mini.iso method - but i'm picky about what I want installed :)11:56
X-Usernowayride, the last update for that software was in 2012-06-30 , so I don't think that the developer is still active.11:56
lantizianamely MATE :P11:56
gordonjcpzizazi: "crashes during install" isn't terribly helpful.  What *exactly* happens?11:56
nowayrideX-User: some software can go a few years without update, but yeah .deb wouldn't be a bad idea for stuff like that11:56
zizaziwhat are minimum requirements for mini iso? also what comes by default? gui?11:57
Xethron_my entire system just crashed11:57
Xethron_refuses to boot11:57
MonkeyDust!mini | zizazi11:57
ubottuzizazi: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD11:57
Xethron_boots into busybox11:57
Xethron_it seems to fail on mounting something11:58
anoneehello, how do i find out the currently set DNS server? I tried $ cat /etc/resolv.conf but it says it's dynamic set?11:58
X-Usernowayride, ok, thanks.11:58
zizazigordonjcp: install goes for some 10 minutes or so and then i get message that installer crashed and i will be able to generate report on exit... but in fact icant even exit... after waiting a lot i force shutdown manually11:59
zizaziMonkeyDust: thanks11:59
ubottuTo set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/dns.html11:59
X-UserXethron_, what is the output while booting?11:59
gordonjcpzizazi: okay, but what is the actual error?12:00
Xethron_X-User: im on my tablet. so ill try rettype12:01
zizazigordonjcp: installer crashed error... is that not possible? that's the message i get (though not in english)12:01
Xethron_X-User: the last error seems to be12:01
zizazizizazi: my impression is something lighter than lubuntu will work12:02
Xethron_X-User: well, first mounting /root failed: Invalid argument12:02
gordonjcpzizazi: you should be able to to bring up a more detailed description12:02
gordonjcpzizazi: what's the spec of the machine you're installing on?12:03
X-UserXethron_, maybe you should try to add a keyboard with that.12:03
zizaziAMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1.53 GHz, 512 MB RAM12:03
Xethron_X-User: then /root/sys and /root/proc failed12:03
zizaziubuntu mini is lighter than lubuntu as i understand12:04
Xethron_and lastly i got12:04
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:04
Xethron_X-User: Target filesystem doesn't have requested /sbin/init.12:05
EaglemanCan you use multiple public keys on one user account to login without a password ( SSH ) ?12:06
Xethron_X-User: No init found. Try passing init= bootarg.12:06
Xethron_and then it loads busybox12:06
zizaziok will go try with mini...12:06
zizazigordonjcp: should i remain waiting for a msg from you?12:07
james434How do I check whether or not the mirror in my country is up-to-date?12:07
Xethron_X-User: got any ideas?12:07
sylvain_Hi, I'd like to know if latest ubuntu iso of 13.04 contains the kernel version which disable samsung_laptop module in EFI boot12:08
X-UserXethron_, like this one? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=160697512:08
abrkni'm struggling with an upstart script. why does "exec sudo -u ubuntu bitcoind" not work (upstart log simply says ": command not found") when "echo `sudo -u ubuntu bitcoind`" works?12:11
FireAndIceCan anyone help me with this issue? http://askubuntu.com/questions/336619/not-able-to-login-through-gui-in-ubuntu-12-0412:14
bekksFireAndIce: Boot a live cd and run fsck -f12:14
EaglemanCan you use multiple public keys on one user account to login without a password ( SSH ) ?12:14
ro9which java tu use? Ubuntu 12.04 and Eclipse Juno12:14
bekksro9: The one you want, basically.12:15
BluesKajHiyas all12:15
FireAndIcebekks, ok.. I'll try that..12:16
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=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
ro9currently java sun oracle 7 installed but keep getting this error http://pastebin.com/ytBv5DnX12:20
nowayrideabrkn: I'm thinking exec is trying to execute "password:" as a command12:20
ro9should i use java from ubuntu repo12:21
=== anon is now known as Guest50550
abrknnowayride: why would it do that? http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#exec does not imply it would do that12:23
X-UserXethron_, got any solutions?12:24
X-UserXethron_, maybe this one can help you https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair12:27
Xethron_X-User: wb12:28
ro9i have django 1.3.1 with easy_install. how to get 1.512:28
abrknnowayride: i think i figured it out12:28
zykotick9abrkn: is bitcoind in your root's PATH?  try using the full path to bitcoind instead.12:28
X-UserXethron_, ty12:28
Xethron_X-User: trying to boot an old ubuntu cd. will let you know once its booted12:29
Xethron_taking ages12:29
eegoreI forgot the port number for cups12:29
X-UserXethron_, ok12:30
X-UserXethron_, always prefer USB stick.12:31
airtonixlooking for a reminder about how I send pulseaudio across the network in 13.0412:31
Xethron_yeah. can see why12:31
X-UserXethron_, :D12:32
Xethron_just dont have anything to write an iso to usb right now :p12:32
ro9which java tu use? Ubuntu 12.04 and Eclipse Juno12:33
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ro9currently java sun oracle 7 installed but keep getting this error http://pastebin.com/ytBv5DnX12:33
X-UserXethron_, so what are you using right now?12:34
Xethron_wow. lots has changes since ubuntu 8.1012:34
X-UserXethron_, 8.10 :O12:35
=== jan1337zZz is now known as jan1337z
Xethron_oh dang. 8.10 doesnt support ext412:35
=== jan1337z is now known as Jan
bekksX-User: 8.10 isnt supported anymore ;)12:35
bekksX-User: I'dsuggest installing a clean 12.0412:36
compdoctime for a new OS12:36
X-Userbekks, i know :)12:36
=== Jan is now known as Guest80165
bekksX-User: Mistabbed, sorry ;)12:36
X-Userbekks, it was to Xethron_12:36
braddoroi am trying to find out if my machine is 32 or 64 bit so I ran lscpu and I am not sure of what it is telling me, it says:    CPU op-mode(s):     32-bit, 64-bit  what does that mean?12:36
X-Useror use 13.10 :P12:36
Xethron_im only using 8.10 to live boot12:36
bekksXethron_: USe a recent live cd.12:37
bekksXethron_: Not sth thats 5y old. ;)12:37
X-Userbekks, 200812:37
Xethron_dont have 11.10 on cd... its on my hdd which i cant access right now12:37
bekksX-User: 2013 - 5 = 2008 ...12:37
bekksXethron_: Use 12.0412:38
=== tyler is now known as Guest18270
Xethron_i dont have it :p12:38
eegoreI really really really hate brother printers12:39
X-Userbekks, he is trying to get a system running anyhow fro now.12:39
bekkseegore: You dont hate them enough for not using them ;)12:39
Xethron_is there anyway to add support for ext4 in 8.10 live just to get a newer ubuntu iso?12:39
X-Userbekks, *for12:39
bekksX-User: I know - but thats pretty pointless until now.12:39
eegoreI niked my windows partiution and I inherited it12:39
bekksXethron_: No. You have to use a newer live cd.12:39
Xethron_bekks, yes, but the newer live cd is on my hdd12:40
eegorewindows was not an issue12:40
eegorelinux is an issue12:40
bekksXethron_: And you cant access it using your old llive cd. Thats the end of the story. Use a newer live cd.12:40
X-Userbekks, dont you think that 13.04 is a better idea than 12.04 !12:40
bekksX-User: Nope. 12.04 is LTS, and he is actually trying to update his very old LTS.12:41
Daekdroom13.04 has a much shorter life than 12.0412:41
eegorethey onlkky have i386 driver and the backended fix does not work from their site12:41
=== Guest12114 is now known as linux_newbie
Xethron_sigh... so im screwed until i find another pc...12:42
X-UserXethron_, make a ext3 aprtition12:42
eegoreI wish there was a driver I could compile natively12:42
X-UserXethron_, *partition12:42
Xethron_X-User: no, the iso is on my hdd,which is ext412:43
bekksXethron_: Just ask a neighbor to do you a favour.12:43
X-UserXethron_, you can even use wind0ws for os x to make a live usb12:44
Xethron_i doubt a neighbor uses linux. this is africa we're talking about. id be surprised if my neighbor has internet :p12:44
X-Userbekks, in 2008 i was using debian12:44
bekksX-User: Me never did.12:44
X-Userbekks, ok12:45
Xethron_X-User: yes, true, but i still need to access my hdd to get the iso12:45
bekkshi WinstonSmith12:45
X-UserXethron_, then you are stuck.12:45
EaglemanCan you use multiple public keys on one user account to login without a password ( SSH ) using different private keys?12:46
WinstonSmithbekks: greetings :D12:46
X-UserXethron_, what are you using right now?12:46
Xethron_lemme see if i have another live cd somewhere.meh12:46
eegoreI may have to fork over for an "ugh" hp12:46
Xethron_my crashed os is 12.04 i think. the live cd is 8.1012:46
jribEagleman: sure12:47
Eaglemanjrib, do i need to add different lines in authorized_keys2?12:48
jribEagleman: one line per public key12:48
Eaglemanow nice, didnt know that12:48
Xethron_oooooohh. i got xubuntu 12.04 on my windows partition12:48
X-UserXethron_, I thought Ubuntu is pretty famous in South Africa.12:49
Xethron_thats luck if i ever saw it12:49
Xethron_not amongst ordinary foaks no... programmers somewhat12:49
X-UserXethron_, are you using Dual Boot?12:50
X-UserXethron_, ok12:50
eegorethis looks like a likely candidate12:50
rigo88Linux htpc 3.2.0-23-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 10 20:39:51 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux12:51
Xethron_jup. but only use windows for the occasional gaming12:51
rigo88i have this fresh install.12:51
eegoreI no longer need windows for gaming12:51
X-UserXethron_, then make a Live USB with wond0ws12:51
rigo88is it safe to upgrade to 3.6.3 from here? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.6.3-quantal/12:51
eegoregot everything to work in linux thanks to emulators12:52
Xethron_lemme try that yes12:52
X-UserXethron_, try this http://www.linuxliveusb.com/en/download to make a Live USB12:53
rigo88if "Two series of kernel are officially available to 12.04.1 LTS. 3.2x-xxx and 3.5x-xxx"  than why is the 3.6.3 named quantal?12:55
bekksbecause it was shipped with quantal?12:55
Xethron_X-User: great. will get that quick12:56
dklobucarichelo all12:57
X-UserXethron_, ok12:57
X-UserXethron_, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows12:59
rigo88than is it "safe" to use the 12.04 with 3.6.3?12:59
bekksrigo88: Officially, 12.04 does not ship with 3.6.312:59
mamedhello guys . after a long time i installed 11.04 to my computer . 12.04 is ok but a bit slow and consumes so much cpu(fan makes noise even though i cleaned it) but i cannot update the repositories12:59
bekksrigo88: So it is your choice.12:59
mameddid 11.04 repositories changed12:59
rigo88just because i think that the tevii s471 is only "supported" (so it is only recognised well) with 3.6.312:59
bekksmamed: 11.04 is unsupported due to EOL.13:00
OerHeksmamaed, 11.04 is EOL, repo's are down13:00
lotuspsychjemamed: what are your system specs?13:00
mamedbekks: i thought like that way . but i found that old-releases.ubuntu.com work but it didnot work for me13:00
ralphymamaed: can you upgrade to 13.04? Ubuntu made alot of speed improvements to Unity in that release13:00
rigo88i ever used the 12.04 with 3.6.3 for only xbmc.13:01
X-Usermamed, use 13.0413:01
mamedlotuspsychje: 32 bit asus laptop 2 gb ram13:01
lotuspsychjeralphy: true13:01
bekksrigo88: he would have to update to 11.10 first, which is unsupported too.13:01
mamed13.04 i bet it will be muh more slower than 12.0413:01
bekks!eolupgrade | mamed13:01
ubottumamed: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:01
mamedubottu: i know eol13:01
ubottumamed: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:01
OerHeksmamed wrong bet13:01
rigo88well i think since installing linux is not the most complicated thing in the world it would make sence to build a new clean system right? :)13:01
ralphymamed: nope13:01
mamedok guys why i escape from 12.04 is youtube issue i cannot watch youtube videos and this is not a flash problem13:02
rigo88meanwhile i get an em: possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/rtl_nic/rtl8106e-1.fw while upgrading.13:02
bekksmamed: Then which problem is it?13:02
lotuspsychjerigo88: a clean ubuntu would be nice indeed13:02
rigo88lotuspsychje: if i have problems, i always rebuild the system.. i like to mess with the stuff.. a hobby..13:03
mamedbekks: i installed debian 7.0 with xfce and without problem i was able to watch youtube vides13:03
bekksmamed: And why did you choose an unsupported version?13:03
mamedi usedto love it13:03
mamedalso for orta theme13:03
lotuspsychjerigo88: rebuild, meaning clean installs every time?13:03
bekksmamed: So how does that prove it wasnt a flash issue?13:03
mamedi think gnome 3 has some internal heaviness also13:03
ralphymamed: you have to tell us the specific problem that leads you to believe it is not a flash issue if you want help13:03
rigo88yep why not.. in fact i use linux only for xbmc and/or home server. the desktop pc runs w713:04
lotuspsychjerigo88: same here aswell, always latest ubuntu clean install x6413:04
mamedralphy: for example i was able to watch daily motion or any other video site but youtube13:04
bekksmamed: which does not prove it wasnt a flash issue.13:04
mamedhow about debian 7.013:04
bekksmamed: We dont care about debian.13:05
mamedbut ubuntu is debian based13:05
rigo88im stucked at 12.04 since it is a lts. but i read somewhere that there are conflicts with 13.10 & xbmc and/or with the ati driver...13:05
bekksmamed: Every car is based on Ford. Which doesnt make every car a Ford.13:05
mamedok when was 13.04 released13:05
bekksmamed: 13.04 was released in April 2013.13:05
mamedi have been far away from lates versions of ubuntu13:05
rigo88thats a wrong metaphor i guess13:06
mamedhm in normal time13:06
mamedcool i will upgrade my sys then13:06
lotuspsychje!yay | mamed13:06
ubottumamed: Glad you made it! :-)13:06
mamedwht are the improvements?13:06
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0413:06
* mamed loves scripts:P13:07
mamedguys i want to as ksth13:07
ralphymamed: good luck-I recommend installing chrome as that uses a newer version of flash13:07
mamedwill canonical plan to change ubuntu into something like windows 813:07
X-Userubottu, !raring | mamed13:07
ubottumamed: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0413:07
X-Userlotuspsychje, oh have not seen you already did.13:08
mamedi am a conservative computer user and i love menus button i did not like the idea of touch screens bla bla13:08
lotuspsychjemamed: dont put win and ubuntu in same line :p13:08
mamedlotuspsychje: yes i know but13:08
lotuspsychjeX-User: no sweat mate we all here for the same13:08
rigo88do i have to install some special driver for intel hd graphics? (celeron 847 sandy)13:08
mamedthis ubuntu app menu is a small step to something like this13:08
mamedi think in that way13:08
X-Userlotuspsychje, :DE13:09
ralphy<lotuspsychje: kinda like saying beetlejuice 3 times13:09
lotuspsychjeralphy: :p13:09
mamedok one last thing how can i remove the app button in the unity interface13:09
X-Userralphy, :P13:09
ralphymamed: app button?13:09
X-Usermamed, what is app button?13:10
mamedhmm you know when you click it a new menu is open and you can search files see application bla bla13:10
Geraldriggo88: yes. you probably will to get all of the 3d and video decoding working13:10
mamedon the unity13:10
mamedat the top of unity13:10
mamedtop left end13:10
ralphymamed: oh... I don't think you can... you may want to try a different desktop13:10
ralphymamed: desktop environment13:10
lotuspsychjemamed: you can autohide dash13:11
mamedwell . i love unity i love global menu i love the dock on the left side13:11
X-Usermamed, you can try XFCE or Cinnamon13:11
mamedxfce :( cinnamon is like win:(13:11
X-Usermamed, KDE then.13:11
lotuspsychjemamed: and use docky at bottom example13:11
mamedtoo complex and have internal problems13:11
mamedhm mcan i change the pos of unity dock13:12
mamedin 13.0413:12
bekksmamed: Where do you get those wrong information from?13:12
lotuspsychjemamed: yes13:12
lotuspsychje!info docky | mamed13:12
rigo88maybe thisone? https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads/2013/intelr-linux-graphics-installer-version-1.0.213:12
mamedcool this was impossible in 12.0413:12
ubottumamed: docky (source: docky): Elegant, powerful, clean dock. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.4-1 (raring), package size 830 kB, installed size 3329 kB13:12
bekksmamed: Can you even prove that KDE "have internal problem"?13:12
mamedbekks: i am tired of seeing kde has crashed bla bla13:12
mjaykmamed: no you cant13:12
mamedalso it is a ram eater13:12
mamedqt is ok but kde:(13:13
X-Userlotuspsychje, cairo-dock / glx dock is better that Docky IMHO13:13
mjaykmamed: its not a ram eater kde needs you to configure it13:13
mjaykmamed: if you dont then its bad13:13
lotuspsychjeX-User: advantages?13:13
mjaykmamed: but if you know what you are doing it is one of the best13:13
ralphymamed: ditto, I did not like kde 413:13
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=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
bekksmamed: "bla bla" is no proof for anything. So stop spreading rumours please.13:13
mamedyes i know but as i said too complex. also i love global menu which does not exist in kde13:13
mamedin kde4 . in kde 3 i was13:13
mjaykmamed: like a search menu ?13:13
lotuspsychjemamed: bekks is right, you can only speak for your own experiences..13:14
mamedsearch menu?  i am talking about global menu . menu bar on the top like mac os13:14
X-Usermamed, then try this DE http://www.enlightenment.org/?p=about/e1713:14
mjaykmamed: mamed yea thats something you need to configure in kde13:14
mamedok . i will upgrade to 13.04 then if i come across any problem and cannot find any solution on the net i will come13:14
mameddo not get me wrong i dont want to offned anyone13:15
mjaykmamed: everything is possible you just need to configure it, i use unity but you can change very little13:15
Extreminadorguys i have the "GRUB_TIMEOUT=-1" but after i install e17 desktop environment the grub is waiting 20 seconds to choice an option. Before the e17 installation this was fine... Is there any other file that i should see or any command that i should run ?13:15
ralphymamed: dont forget to try google chrome to use a newer version of flash13:15
mamedwhy not fox13:15
mjaykExtreminador: thats very strange did you just install the de enviroment ? anyway try to update grub13:16
braddoroi am trying to find out if my machine is 32 or 64 bit so I ran lscpu and I am not sure of what it is telling me, it says:    CPU op-mode(s):     32-bit, 64-bit  what does that mean?13:16
X-Userlotuspsychje, it looks much better, have a shut down button, hardware acceleration, themes, can add menus, lots of tweaks and many more13:16
mjaykExtreminador: grub2-update or something13:16
Extreminadormjayk, ahhh ok thanks will try that13:16
lotuspsychjeX-User: cool, never tryed it13:16
ralphymamed: complicated, adobe stopped releasing new versions of flash for everyone but chrome13:16
X-Userlotuspsychje, give it a shot, its good.13:16
mjaykchrome is bad anyway13:17
mamedhm okay then13:17
Geraldbraddoro: cat /proc/cpuinfo13:17
ralphyHey, are there any Ubunu developers here?13:17
mamedmaybe we wont see the flash anymore13:17
mamedhtml5 is on the way13:17
Extreminadormjayk, but yehh i did install some other's programs like x-chat, firefox and a program to disable mouse-pad while a mouse is plug in13:17
lotuspsychjeralphy: you might wanna try the dev chat13:17
Geraldand if it says it supports 64 bit. then its a 64bit machine13:17
ralphylotuspsychje: on freenode?13:18
mjaykralphy: I believe so13:18
lotuspsychjeforgot chan name13:18
MonkeyDustralphy  try #ubuntu-app-devel13:18
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: tnx13:18
mamedit would be great if ubuntu create its own DE . with qt based . isaid qt based bec it has lots of functions to create a DE and also c++ is the development lang. which is my favorite c13:18
mjaykExtreminador: strange to be honest only thing i can think of to do is to run a grub update to make it refresh the cfg13:19
lotuspsychje!ot | mamed13:19
ubottumamed: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:19
ralphyMonkeyDust: thx13:19
mamedsorry i forgot it again13:19
Extreminadormjayk, humm i don have any grub2-update13:19
braddoroGerald, what am I looking for in that output?  I don't see anything that says 32 or 64 bits13:19
=== BTCOxygen|1 is now known as BTCOxygen
Extreminadormjayk, have allot of grub- commands but none say update13:19
mamedok guys i am downloading the iso and then burn it to a dvd(OMG it is nearly 800 MB)13:20
Extreminadormjayk, maybe grub-mkrescue ?13:20
mjaykExtreminador: the command is update-grub213:20
mjayki beliebe13:20
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Extreminadormjayk, ahh yehh that one i have thanks13:21
Extreminadorbrb going to reboot13:21
rilaHello Guys, can someone help me please with an issue in Ubuntu 13.0413:22
ralphyreally quiet in dev chat, i'm a cs senior and i'm looking for a way to contribute to a large foss project13:22
rilaCan i msg someone?13:22
rilafor help13:22
gordonjcpralphy: pick a project, find the bug list, start fixing bugs13:22
rilaIts about drivers for graphic card13:22
gordonjcprila: best to just ask in channel13:22
rilaWell I have ati drivers installed on Ubuntu.13:22
rilaEverything works13:22
rilaBut i want to use the OS also in VMware on Windows as Physicial Machine13:23
Geraldbraddoro. if you see the lm flag. it's 64bit13:23
bekksrila: Then you cant use the native ATI drivers at all.13:23
rilaBut when i start the machine as physical machine i have black screen13:23
rilaWhich drivers should I use then?13:23
bekksrila: No. VESA drivers.13:23
Extreminadormjayk, that worked thanks13:23
rilaAre VESA the default drivers of ubuntu?13:24
Geraldgrep flags /proc/cpuinfo13:24
ralphyrila: the virtual machine cuts off access to the graphics hardware-your getting a black screen because the os thinks it needs to use the radeon drivers13:25
ralphyrila: the VESA drivers are the default barebones that you need13:26
rilaNow i can fix it13:26
rilaThanks guys13:26
rilaMakes sense now lol13:26
bekksrila: Uninstall the ati drivers.13:26
mjaykExtreminador: good to hear13:26
braddoroGerald, thank you I have  lm in the flags13:27
=== jan1337zZz is now known as jan1337z
asdfssanyone here using myphpamin ?13:31
asdfssanyone happen to know who to import a csv into a single column table in mysql13:32
bekksasdfss: use "mysql" in a terminal.13:32
aguitelwhat twitter client is working under ubuntu ?13:32
bekksaguitel: firefox13:32
asdfssi got this file with countries listing and they are spereated by comman13:32
tsongkihow to check for bad blocks in terminal13:33
bekkstsongki: Using "badblocks".13:33
X-User_bekks, :D LOL13:33
asdfsshow to import them to a table ?13:33
asdfssi looks so damn simple yet the damn thing wont import13:34
bekksasdfss: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/mysqlimport.html13:34
bekks!language | asdfss13:34
ubottuasdfss: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:34
tsongkibekks, do i need to download gparted for that13:34
aguitelwhat twitter client is working under ubuntu ?13:35
X-User_ubottu, !rules | asdfss13:35
ubottuasdfss: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines13:35
tsongkii mean are there any disk utility available for ubuntu13:35
ryan123Is anybody getting error, while booting into Ubuntu 13.04 - if, so is it because it's new13:36
ralphytsongki: besides gparted?13:36
ralphyryan123: what error?13:36
stobixHi. Can I block a package/driver from being automatically installed in Ubuntu?13:37
stobix(fglrx to be precise)13:37
ryan123Sorry, Ubuntu 13.04 has experienced an internal error13:37
stobixUbuntu 13.04 seems to be one big internal error right now.13:38
ralphyryan123: there should be a button in the bottom left that allows you to expand to give more information on it13:38
ryan123I've click "OK" now13:38
ralphyryan123, stobix: I can confirm that Ubuntu 13.04 does give those errors at first. I believe update the os fixes them (although it took a few days for them to disappear)13:39
Kartagisstobix: yeah, add the lines blacklist fglrx in the file /etc/modprobe.conf13:40
stobixKartagis: thanks13:40
ryan123ralphy: thank you for letting me know :D13:41
Kartagisfollowing https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions, how can I find out what my options for output are? for ex., I have a HDMI output but xrandr --addmode HDMI said HDMI is invalid13:41
ryan123ralphy: just wondering that's all13:41
ralphyryan123: :-)13:41
stobixhome555: Ni hao13:42
Kartagis!ru | home55513:42
ubottuhome555: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:42
home555я не умею ты что)13:42
balancehi, tried to do apt-get install php5-dev to get phpize but i get the error: Err http://ch.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu quantal-updates/main php5-dev amd64 5.4.6-1ubuntu1.1 404 not found    and    failted to fetch http://ch.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/php5/php5-dev_5.4.6-1ubuntu1.1_amd64.deb 404 not found13:42
home555бот может всех поздавать )))ууу13:43
jribbalance: run « sudo apt-get update » and try again13:43
=== jan1337z is now known as jan1337zZz
balancejrib looks like it works, should i always first update before installing anything?13:44
X-User_ubottu, !ru | home55513:45
ubottuhome555: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:45
jribbalance: well not if you just updated recently imo; use your judgement13:45
ralphybalance: try installing the package now13:45
jribbalance: update just refreshes the package lists that your computer has for what's on the server.  What happened was that the server changed the package that was on the server (it was updated) and your computer wasn't aware of that because you hadn't updated13:46
ralphybalance: any luck?13:47
balancejrib i know, guessed that. ralphy already updated sry but it works now thanks13:48
balanceralphy yes thanks13:50
xeon123I have my hostname called Ubuntu. I want to do ping Ubuntu1 but I can't do it. How I associate my IP to the Hostname?13:50
rilaYou can13:51
rilaYou can't13:51
Screwbaall: is there an upstart channel where I can ask some questions?13:51
bekksrila: Of course thats possible.13:52
narcosAny recommendations for a very small Ubuntu install? I want to run it in a VM, with minimal disk space/CPU/RAM.13:52
bekksxeon123: Add an entry for your IP into /etc/hosts providing all hostnames you want that IP to be associated with.13:52
bekksnarcos: ubuntu server, and uninstall everything you dont want/need.13:53
narcosbekks: kk13:55
Screwbaany UpStart guru's here?13:56
Screwbanobody answering on #UpStart13:56
X-User_!offtopic | Screwba13:56
ubottuScrewba: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:56
ScrewbaX-User: was just a question13:57
X-User_Screwba, still off topic! :)13:58
Screwbamad bro?13:59
Screwbahad to check if I was on upstart as well?13:59
nishttal2hi.. i am running 13.04 and having a very annoying problem14:01
nishttal2when I try to drag windows from the title bar.. the window is maximized14:01
nishttal2i have to do it really slowly to make sure its dragged and not maximized.. how can i fix this?14:02
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stefan_hi, is it possible to create a temporary hostname to ip setting without modifing the /etc/hosts file?14:04
bekksstefan_: No.14:04
anoneehello, how can I tell which program is using ? I used netstat -an | grep ":9050" but just got information that it's listening on tcp... but how can I stop whatever is using it?14:04
bekksanonee: First, you have to find out whats the program - take a look at sudo lsof -i14:05
ralphybekks: I got to remember that command14:06
Adrec'est français ?14:07
stefan_is it possoble to set two ip's for one hostname?14:07
Adreit is french ?14:07
stefan_one if openvpn is on and the other when vpn is down14:07
bekks!fr | Adre14:07
ubottuAdre: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:07
AdreOK thank you14:07
bekksstefan_: What is the actual problem?14:08
stefan_i have an server on a laptop14:09
stefan_and the laptop is at different places (second places)14:09
stefan_so if the laptop is at the second place it is connected as client to the openvpn server14:10
stefan_but on the laptop-client is a server in virtualbox14:10
stefan_i can reach the server in the laptop-client from vpn-server via the ip address14:10
stefan_but the ip address changes14:10
stefan_if the laptop is at first place, the vpn is not needed14:11
stefan_and the server in the vm on the laptop has another ip-address14:11
stefan_problem: I don't want to edit the /etc/hosts every time14:11
stefan_second problem: the fritz box at first place doesn't allow to enter hostnames from other networks14:12
anoneebekks done, it worked, thank you.14:13
BluesKajstefan_, try adding the IPs to  /etc/hosts.allow14:15
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draconuswould you recommend using RAID0/1 or is it better to have 2 separate drives instead?14:19
stefan_BluesKaj: do you know the syntax for that?14:20
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anoneebekks one more question please, I'm trying to install this latest version of youtube-dl, http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/download.html but I got this msg: gpg: Can't check signature: public key not found I've read but I didn't understand actually, how can I add one of the keys mentioned below in the page?14:20
FloodBot1BluesKaj: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:22
stefan_BluesKaj: and where is the hostname?14:23
BluesKajstefan_, check my pm14:26
BluesKajstefan_, that's my settings , your Ips will be differnt of course14:27
stefan_BluesKaj: hmm, perhaps I or you have an another understandig of the problem...14:29
stefan_my problem is that I have ONE hostname and TWO IP-Adresses for it14:29
BluesKajinclude both14:30
stefan_BluesKaj: as example14:32
stefan_BluesKaj: hostname: virtualserver ip (if laptop is in local net)
stefan_if laptop is connectet over vpn, virtualservers ip cloud be
stefan_so if the laptop is local in /etc/hosts must be " virtualserver"14:35
stefan_if it is connected over vpn14:35
stefan_in /etc/hosts must be " virtualserver"14:35
stefan_BluesKaj: is that what you have done with hosts.allow?14:36
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ralphysemitones: greetings!14:41
semitonesI'm looking at my auth.log and I see a lot of the same thing -- is it normal to have lots of cron items there?14:42
bekkssemitones: Yes.14:43
semitoneswhat is it?14:43
bekksCron entries.14:43
jribsemitones: it's cron running14:43
jribsemitones: are you familiar with cron?14:44
semitonesslightly. My root's crontab appears empty though14:44
draconuscan we have cron logins get logged elsewhere?14:44
BluesKajstefan_, my vpn protocol doesn't require virtual server settings (l2tp/ipsec)14:44
bekkssemitones: There are other cron entries, too.14:44
semitonesto me it looks like there's a cron job running every hours14:44
semitonesoh, other than in crontab14:44
jribsemitones: look at /etc/crontab and /etc/cron.*14:45
A1ReconI am working with the wget command and I am getting a problem here..... I want to download all images on a website. Say that any particular image's address is "www.example.com/images/kk/2/filename.jpg" and I want to download all the images within "www.example.com/images/kk/2/" so I type this into the terminal "wget --no-parent --recursive --level=1 www.example.com/images/kk/2/" and hit enter. But I just get these folders within my working directory14:47
semitonesjrib, ah, cool, it's a job that writes down what hour it is in case of power failure14:47
bekksA1Recon: Where do you expect wget to store them?14:47
A1Reconbekks: in my working directory...14:48
harrisanyone here know when ubuntu-touch will be out14:51
A1Reconbekks: Any idea why it is not working?? I thought that since I can get my hands on the index.html ..... i should be able to download the files too...14:52
Mitchell92Hi all, I've encrypted my hard drive.. Now I want to remove the encryption, or set it up so I don't have to enter it when turning on my system anymore. Any help?14:52
A1Reconbekks: Its an apache server which allows indexes (since i can see the list of files.) so wget should work with this...14:53
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SchrodingersScatA1Recon: robots.txt?14:54
A1ReconSchrodingersScat: yup14:54
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draconusproxmox 3.0 web interface doesn't work with opera... what a shame14:56
bekksA1Recon: Regardless of the webserver wget stores the content it is downloading in the current directory, or in directories under the current dir - or under the target dir specified.14:57
bekksA1Recon: So why do you expect wget to guess the target directory14:58
perrshpi need help14:59
perrshperror http://ppa.launchpad.net raring/main amd64 Packages14:59
bekksperrshp: Whats the full, exact error message?15:00
perrshpsudo apt-get update <ENTER>15:00
perrshpand message..15:00
perrshpprint that message15:00
perrshp오류 http://ppa.launchpad.net raring/main amd64 Packages15:01
perrshp  404  Not Found15:01
A1Reconbekks: it stores the files in current directory but the thing is it does not download the jpg files that i am trying to download.15:01
nickkkarehi. wats the best download manager i can use on ubuntu15:02
bekksnickkkare: a terminal and wget.15:03
bekksperrshp: 404 not found - the URL is invalid, since it is just the base URL of all PPA on launchpad. You have to enter the correct, full URL.15:04
A1Reconbekks: oh the robots.txt has this >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6021651/15:04
SchrodingersScatnickkkare: I like wget15:04
SchrodingersScatA1Recon: then don't you need --no-robots or whatever the flag is?  because /images/ is in robots and wget respcets that iirc15:05
perrshpbekks: full URL15:05
bekksA1Recon: man wget -> -e robots=off :)15:05
perrshperror http://ppa.launchpad.net raring/main amd64 Packages15:05
perrshp  404  Not Found15:05
bekksperrshp: Thats not the full URL.15:05
perrshpin sources.list?15:06
bekksperrshp: Yes, in the sources.list15:06
wilee-nileenickkkare, download what?15:06
perrshpbekks: okay15:06
bekksperrshp: For example: for the ubuntu-x-swat PPA, the URL is http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates/ubuntu/ and not just http://ppa.launchpad.net15:07
perrshpbekks: deb http://ftp.daum.net/ubuntu/ raring universe15:07
bekksperrshp: What am I supposed to do with that line you just pasted?15:07
perrshpbekks: i finding15:07
bekksperrshp: Whats your native language?15:08
perrshpbad Englis sorry15:08
perrshpbekks: http://ppa.launchpad.net/screenlets/ppa/ubuntu15:09
bekksperrshp: It is pointless to paste URLS without any comment, error message or question.15:12
perrshpSome index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.15:12
perrshpI need15:13
perrshpdownload the files15:13
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bekksperrshp: Because the URL you pasted initially is wrong.15:14
perrshpI know what erorr is15:14
bekksperrshp: Then you have to fix it.15:14
perrshpi know 404 Not Found15:14
auronandaceperrshp: we can't support ppas here, if you have a problem with a ppa you need to talk to its maintainer15:14
perrshpyes, you patient15:14
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A1Reconbekks: SchrodingersScat: Thanks!! A Lot!!15:18
A1Reconbekks: So the robots.txt was restricting access??15:18
bekksA1Recon: Thats what a robots.txt is for.15:18
Guest66307Hello,this is a test15:18
bekks!test | Guest6630715:19
ubottuGuest66307: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )15:19
nickkkaredownload manager comparable to windows IDM15:19
bekksnickkkare: please dont expect anyone in here ever seen a specific windows application.15:19
A1Reconbekks: Hey where can i learn about these things?? robots.txt? Apache? Where do i start?15:20
bekksA1Recon: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP15:20
nickkkarebekks: thanks thot there might be ple like me who are converting to linux from windows15:22
Gr1zzlyis Ubuntu still watching our datas?15:22
SchrodingersScatGr1zzly: I still remember the threat about having root.15:22
Gr1zzlywasn't that more than a therat?15:22
Gr1zzlyUbuntu uses the information about searches to show the user ads to buy various things from Amazon. Amazon commits many wrongs (see http://stallman.org/amazon.html); by promoting Amazon, Canonical contributes to them15:23
auronandacenickkkare: search the software centre for download manager15:23
auronandacenickkkare: also there are several available as firefox addons15:24
bekksGr1zzly: ubuntu never was watching your data - and Mr. Stallman didnt even try to get to know on how easy it was always to disable the amazon shopping lense.15:24
Richard_HollandCan I task a question15:24
Gr1zzlyWell he said it was easy to disable it15:24
Gr1zzlyI just want to know it that feature is still in, since I am a noob15:24
auronandaceRichard_Holland: if its a ubuntu support question go for it15:24
jaapiohow do I add a user for sharing only? So the user will not show up in the login screen?15:24
bekksGr1zzly: You can still disable it.15:24
Gr1zzlyThis is not the problem for me to be honnest15:25
Gr1zzlyI know this, I just want to know if they still do that thing15:25
Gr1zzlyand does that include kubuntu, lubuntu, xubuntu etc.?15:25
bekksGr1zzly: If it isnt the problem - why are we discussing it in a support channel? :)15:25
Richard_HollandI wanna configur my network so that eth0 has a static IP addres that connects with the modem/router15:25
Gr1zzlyooh sry15:25
Gr1zzlyI was looking for informations15:26
Gr1zzlyso I went there ^^ didnt know it was just for support sry guys :)15:26
SchrodingersScatGr1zzly: try #ubuntu-offtopic maybe15:26
Richard_Hollandusing the configure file in /etc/networks won't work15:27
bekksRichard_Holland: why not?15:28
ashwini_Hi, a simple network query15:29
ashwini_essentially the same issue as http://askubuntu.com/questions/251580/created-hotspot-not-found-using-other-devices15:30
Richard_HollandIf i configure it with a temporary IP address it goes good15:30
BluesKajRichard_Holland, do you mean /etc/network/interfaces15:30
Richard_HollandIf have posted a question on the forum, on network and wifi15:30
=== jan1337zZz is now known as jan1337z
Richard_HollandStill no reaction on there.15:30
Richard_HollandBut it contains all the information15:31
BluesKajRichard_Holland, if you are using network manager you have to add the the static IP there too15:31
ashwini_I'm afraid for my case the issue would be the message "Booting system w/o full network configuration"15:31
ashwini_I guess something's not configured right15:32
Richard_Hollandi uninstalled that15:32
Richard_Hollandi am not using any gui  for the network configuration anymore15:32
BluesKaj!who | ashwini_ , Richard_Holland15:32
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest68512
ubottuashwini_ , Richard_Holland: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)15:32
ubottuuse @whoami15:32
Richard_HollandSorry, first time us.15:32
SilencieuxWhere can I find which build to use for an older Macbook Pro?15:33
ashwini_ah, it was a general question15:33
BluesKajRichard_Holland, ok check this out , http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html15:35
Richard_HollandBluesKaj, I am gonna look that up. Thanks for the information so far.15:36
Richard_HollandBluesKaj, I have quickly scanned the page. And i have done al the things that stand there.  But I am gonna recheck it again. In this line of work one letter can mean lots of differens. ;-)15:38
bekksRichard_Holland: "quickly scanning" is a secure way into errors, when you dont know what the commands are doing your are just copy and pasting.15:39
wilee-nilee!mac | Silencieux15:39
ubottuSilencieux: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages15:39
Silencieuxthank you wilee15:39
EaglemanWhy can i delete a file using sftp with these permissions and chowned to the user root: -rwxr-x---  1 root root 1.3M Aug 24 17:39, when logged in as another user?15:39
wilee-nileeSilencieux, Kind of a dated link is all, the builds I'm not exactly sure.15:40
BluesKajRichard_Holland, when you get to /etc/resolv.conf  , you have to use this file instead  /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base , because it writes to /etc/resolv.conf ,15:40
Richard_HollandBekks, unix systems and security are not new for me. It's just that Ubuntu acts different then the HP-UX i am used working with.15:40
SilencieuxSo maverick or hardy would be best for my model I believe15:41
BluesKajRichard_Holland, the tutorial i posted is esentilly correct , but with that one exception15:41
Silencieuxshould I use the LTS or recent release?15:41
bekksSilencieux: If you ask that way - LTS.15:41
Richard_HollandBluesKaj, the execption you just gave?15:41
BluesKajRichard_Holland, yes15:41
Silencieuxthanks bekks15:41
mamedyhello guyz. newly upgraded to 13.04 how to install / where to install flash player for chro**browser15:41
Richard_HollandBluesKaj, thanks... I am gonna try it15:41
EaglemanWhy can i delete a file using sftp with these permissions and chowned to the user root: -rwxr-x---  1 root root 1.3M Aug 24 17:39, when logged in as another user ( http://pastebin.com/9HKQgDDp )?15:42
MuelliEagleman: deleting files needs permissions on the directory.15:44
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linuxuz3rhow do you install ubuntu on a macbook pro 13" 200915:50
Silencieux!mac | linuxuz3r15:50
ubottulinuxuz3r: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages15:50
mamedguys  when i try to type a folder name in a main folder search engine is open . all want to find the directory quciker how can i overcome this15:52
bekksMuelli: Deleting a file needs permission on the directory, as well as on the file itself.15:53
mamedi dont want to search in subfolders i just want to find my directory easier that is why i type its name15:53
diphtherialhey, apparently my colleague's ubuntu installation self-destructed this morning after some routine updates15:54
bekksdiphtherial: Apparently thats impossible. Ubuntu has no AI.15:54
diphtherialspecifically, grub now seems to think that all four of his partitions are MSDOS partitions, and he can't boot his windows partition at all15:54
bekksdiphtherial: Then ask him what he didnt told you yet.15:54
diphtherialbekks: sorry, i was following it up with more information..15:54
=== jan1337z is now known as jan1337zZz
diphtherialas far as i can tell, he just allowed the updates to install, it rebooted, and now he can't boot it15:55
bekksdiphtherial: Ubuntu does not change the partition layout nor the partition types itself without the user telling Ubuntu to do it.15:55
diphtherialbekks: right, which is why i'm confused15:55
bekksdiphtherial: So he did not tell you all he did.15:55
mamedhow to handle that search issue in a directory when typing a directory name15:55
bekksmamed: Which issue?15:55
mamedbekks, when i am in a directory and want to find a subdirectory i type its name . but in 13.04 it searchs all sub and sub directories15:56
mamedis this a nautilus issue?15:56
bekksmamed: When I am in a directory - in a terminal - and I type the name of a directory, I usually get "no such command".15:57
holsteinmamed: try using a file search application15:58
MonkeyDustmamed  what command are you using to find a directory?15:58
mamedii  think i could ot express my problem. bekks  imagine that you are in your home directory. and you want to type Documents . in ubuntu 12.04 and olders it highlghting the desired directory but in 13.04 it searches all sub directories15:58
wilee-nileediphtherial, Have them run sudo fdisk -l to confirm what is there15:59
mamedi dont use a command i am talking about the gui nautilus15:59
bekksmamed: When I am in my home directory, "cd Documents" will let me change into that directory.15:59
bekksmamed: I never used a GUI file manager for navigating and searching files.15:59
mameddont you have 13.04 with untity DE16:00
bekksmamed: Sure. But I have a wonderful "terminal" too.16:00
holsteinmamed: the issue is, this is not a "bug".. or something that is "broken".. you want different functionality than the defaults.. i would try an application designed to search for files, and i think you will find more options to edit16:00
MonkeyDustmamed  in a GUI, you click to open a directory, so where are you typing?16:00
ABDULLAHHello ! I'm a novice in both ubuntu and programming.16:01
holsteinABDULLAH: this channel *only* deals with the ubuntu portion of your query16:01
HypnotiXevening gents, can you give me a bit of advice please, i have a new hdd should i create more then one partition for linux ? or that isnt necessary16:02
mamedokay. when i am in the /usr/share where there are lots of directories i just want to find themes directory . (scrolling takes time) when i type themes . find option opens in nautilus(file manager) and it searches in all sub directores . all i want to highlight the /usr/share/themes16:02
mamedmy problem is above16:02
ABDULLAHI'm using Codeblocks and when I write code and try to run it it shows this16:02
SchrodingersScatHypnotiX: some make a separate /home/ for upgrading ease and etc.16:02
ABDULLAHpermission denied.16:02
holstein!info catfish16:02
ubottucatfish (source: catfish): a versatile file searching tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.3-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 71 kB, installed size 585 kB16:02
holsteinmamed: ^ try using an application designed for searching for what you are looking for16:03
HypnotiXSchrodingersScat: so i should make a partition and set mount point to / and another bigger one with mount to /home ?16:03
holstein!chmod | ABDULLAH16:03
ubottuABDULLAH: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions16:03
SchrodingersScatHypnotiX: that's up to you to decide.16:03
mamedholstein, it was ok in 12.04 this is not an aother application this is nautilus problem16:03
HypnotiXok but that is the safer way to go right16:04
bekksmamed: And now the behaviour changed.16:04
holsteinmamed: this is *not* a problem at all...16:04
HypnotiXare there any drawbacks to creating two partitions for linux ?16:04
ABDULLAHit shows the directory and then permission denied. how can i fix it?16:04
bekksHypnotiX: No.16:04
ABDULLAHPls .16:04
holsteinmamed: there are many different file managers, and search applications if the default one is not doing what you expect or want16:04
bekksmamed: The behaviour changed. IT is not a bug, it is not a problem. It is a changed behaviour.16:04
SchrodingersScatHypnotiX: the main benefit is that then later you can choose to *not* format your /home/ should you decide to overwrite your / or install another distro.16:05
holsteinABDULLAH: please see the link i gave16:05
MonkeyDust!partition | HypnotiX start here16:05
ubottuHypnotiX start here: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes l - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap16:05
holsteinmamed: if you prefer 12.04, 12.04 is still supported16:05
mamedok how can i set the nautilusu searhc options16:05
HypnotiXThanx guys, a real help as usual :)16:05
bekksmamed: You cant.16:05
mamedwhy not16:05
holsteinmamed: im not sure you can. what i suggest is, use something that is closer to what you are looking for16:05
bekksmamed: Because it is not implemented to set them.16:05
MonkeyDustmamed  look in dconf editor, maybe you find something usfeul there16:06
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mamedhm if i downgrade the nautilus it works16:06
holsteinmamed: the code is all open, and you are free to edit what you like, but as default, i dont think you have that option to chage that.. but, there are *many* other filemanagers that will do what you are asking, as well as the search tool16:06
holsteinmamed: sure.. if you use a version of nautilus that has the functions you want, then the functions are there16:07
holstein!volunteers | HypnotiX16:07
ubottuHypnotiX: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines16:07
mamedok i found sth . this is my problem : http://askubuntu.com/questions/275883/traditional-search-as-you-type-on-newer-nautilus-versions16:07
holsteinmamed: its not a problem, friend.. its a change16:07
mamedyeah it is a painfull change16:08
bekksmamed: It is still not a bug, not problem. It is a changed behaviour.16:08
mamedit takes time to fins a directory16:08
mamedi see it is not a bug.16:08
bekksmamed: Then use 12.0416:08
mamedno i will downgrade nautilus16:08
HypnotiXholstein: my last statement was not sarcastic16:08
MonkeyDustmamed  some functionalities have changed in nautilus, that's true: de dual pane is gone, the 'show as list' is gone, other features maybe16:08
holsteinmamed: there are many options, such as downgrading nautilus16:08
mamedhere is an answer : As far as I know the new Nautilus 3.6.X cuts many features from the 3.4 and older versions. Canonical decided to keep using nautilus 3.4.2 in Ubuntu 12.10 because if this even though Nautilus 3.6 was already released.16:09
holsteinHypnotiX: apologies :)16:09
mameddual panel also? OMG it was so usefull16:09
HypnotiXnp :)16:09
holsteinmamed: yes.. that is the answer.. the filemanager doesnt have the features by default that you seek16:09
MonkeyDustmamed  yes, i regret it too, the F3 dual pane16:10
holsteinmamed: there are *many* other ones, such as the one mentioned at the link you gave which is AFAIK a fork of nutilus16:10
mamedMonkeyDust, :D16:10
mamedholstein,  yes16:10
mamednemo is a fork afaik16:10
holsteinmamed: then, if it better suits your, needs, use it, though i think its only available via PPA and not officially supported. though there are *many* other filemanagers, as i have mentioned16:11
mamedi will take a look at nemo which is a nau* fork16:11
mamedthank you so much for your attention guyz16:12
ABDULLAHholstein it's complicated. Just tell me the command to give permission to it.16:12
holsteinABDULLAH: i dont feel comfortable doing that.. its your code, and you should understand how to execute it, and what it is going to do on your system, or not be doing what you are doing16:13
ABDULLAHbut i'm totally new. i don't know even a little. i love ubuntu .so i16:14
ABDULLAHdiverted to ubuntu leaving windows.16:14
holsteinABDULLAH: then, you likely should not be doint what you are doing.. i am *not* new, by any means, and i dont run custom applications i have created on my system16:14
MonkeyDustABDULLAH  start with the basics, later on, you can learn about permissions et al16:14
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holsteinABDULLAH: im not trying to discourage you.. im just suggesting, you will want to know about permissions, and executing code and what that means.. and user permissions.. there are not "i just installed linux" friendly topics necessarily.. but i dont feel comfortable giving you a copy-paste command to run code that neither of us fully understand16:15
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diphtheriali'm not sure where to start in figuring out this guy's problem with his bootloader16:17
diphtherialhe claims that he didn't do anything to it in the last session, aside from installing the routine updates16:17
holsteindiphtherial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:18
ABDULLAHoh i'm learning programming. i creates .c files and then run it.when i run it then a window opens showing the directory where i saved the .c file and then ":permission denied" without quotation.16:18
wilee-nileediphtherial, There is the bootrepiar tool that generates a bootinfo summary alone if you choose just that to analyze the setup.16:18
ljetiboHello it's not exactly spot on ubuntu question but close enough, I've just upgraded from ubuntu 10.4 to 12.04 and I'm having problems installing python2.6 (and it needs to be python2.6 because some of the modules I import do not work for other versions) so I installed python 2.6.6 from the ubuntu software center, I also installed "IDLE for python (version 2-6) using Tkinter" and now when I try to start IDLE (from terminal because no new icons were16:18
ljetibocreated) I get the following message ** IDLE can't import Tkinter.  Your Python may not be configured for Tk. **. I looked it up online and they all say you have to install IDLE separately because it's not suported anymore, but I already did that. I installed python2.6-tk despite it  and it still doesn't work (same error message). I've tried other internet advice with some manual install guidelines and now I've just made a mess. Can anyone help me16:18
ljetiboinstall python 2.6 on Ubuntu 12.04?16:18
FloodBot1ljetibo: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:18
holsteinABDULLAH: as i said, when you got here, this channel is for ubuntu support, not programming16:18
bekksljetibo: tldr; ;)16:18
ljetiboI blab too much sometimes16:19
holsteinljetibo: i might consider https://launchpad.net/~fkrull/+archive/deadsnakes though, keep in mind, ppa's are not officially supported16:20
ABDULLAHbut it asks permission from ubuntu directory. i want to know how to give it permission?16:20
holstein!chown | ABDULLAH16:20
ubottuABDULLAH: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions16:20
ABDULLAHor can you refer to a channel of c programming.16:21
ljetiboholdtein: yeah I already tried http://askubuntu.com/questions/125342/how-can-i-install-python-2-6-on-12-0416:21
bekksABDULLAH: It has nothing to do with programming.16:21
diphtherialwilee-nilee: thanks, i'll have him try that16:21
holsteinABDULLAH: http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode16:21
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raubabd-allah: I could not find the issue you are having. Care to explain it quickly?16:23
raub(I did scroll and feel I missed something)16:24
diphtherialso, this is the output from the boot repair utility: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6021906/16:24
diphtherial(this is from running boot repair from a live CD; he can't boot into any of his partitions, including his windows one)16:25
diphtherialif any of you have any ideas about it, i'd be forever grateful16:26
abd-allahraub: when i write some code in .c file using codeblocks ide then i run the file using F9 command. then it opens a window showing the directory where i saved the .c source file and then "permission denied".it means it can't get permission to the file to execute.16:26
holsteindiphtherial: bad hard drive, or other hardware16:26
diphtherialholstein: what makes you think that?16:26
diphtherialit's a new machine, new hard disk afaik16:26
diphtherialnot to say that it's not bad, but i'd rather eliminate other possibilities16:26
holsteindiphtherial: i dont.. its just a possibility.. new stuff breaks too, and *all* hard drives fail16:27
diphtherialright, eventually16:27
diphtherialbut he was running windows fine before this; the problems started up when he tried to install ubuntu16:27
holsteindiphtherial: i like to eliminate that possibility.. since new hard drives are just as likely16:27
diphtheriali mean, is there anything in what i pasted that indicates it's hard drive failure? it seems like the tool was able to detect all of the partitions just fine16:27
Aravindgeekabd-allah : did the source file is in ext2 or similar file systems. and not in fat or ntfs.16:28
wilee-nileediphtherial, The live cd in disks has a smart check, the windows partitions are not showing any bootloader info. Did they resize windows with the ubuntu installer?16:29
raubabd-allah: are you running the program as the same user who saved the .c file? Do you own that directory?16:29
wilee-nileewhen was the original install diphtherial ?16:29
diphtherialwilee-nilee: i don't believe so, no, although i wasn't there when he installed it16:29
diphtherialit was about a week ago; everything was running fine, through multiple reboots16:29
ljetiboanyhow, when I try sudo apt-get install python2.6 returns: python2.6 is already the newest version. Same repeats when I try install python2.6-dev and idle-python2.616:30
diphtherial(well, he had some initial trouble getting grub installed, but he eventually did it through the live CD)16:30
raubdiphtherial: can you mount those drives?16:30
raub(er, partitions) :)16:30
diphtherialraub: yes, he's able to browse them fine, he says16:30
diphtherial(this is from the live CD, again)16:30
wilee-nileediphtherial, Have they tried previous kernels for the ubuntu there was a upgrade lately some have had problems with, with nvidia drivers.16:30
raubDid you check if the uuid is still proper?16:30
holsteindiphtherial: i would go to the hardware.. i feel there is not much to do "3rd party" in this way.. it could be anything16:30
diphtherialwhen he attempts to boot from the drive, grub thinks all his partitions are MSDOS partitions and doesn't allow any of them to boot16:30
abd-allahAravindgeek :ext4 file system.16:31
diphtherialwilee-nilee: ah, they haven't tried previous kernels afaik; i don't think they can even get that far into the boot process16:31
holsteindiphtherial: an error message about this "msdos" idea would be nicd16:31
diphtherialfor what it's worth, i'm providing support over facebook; bandwidth is limited16:31
holsteindiphtherial: send them here16:31
wilee-nileediphtherial, That does not make sense that is their interpretation, what eveidence shows msdos the partition table is msdos16:31
Aravindgeekadb-allah : did you tried to use gcc in terminal and execute in same folder.16:32
wilee-nileethe script shows standard partitions16:32
raubabd-allah: as the said user, go to the directory in question and create a dummy file (using touch) and make it executable16:32
diphtherialwilee-nilee: his current problem started occurring after installing recommended updates this morning, and he does have an nvidia card16:33
diphtheriallet me ask him what he means about the drives being "MSDOS" drives, because i don't know what that means, either16:33
abd-allahAravindgeek: I don't know how to use gcc.16:33
holsteindiphtherial: you are assuming the upgrade triggered that.. and im not saying it didnt..16:33
wilee-nileediphtherial, Have them run the previous kernel from grub16:33
abd-allahraub: how to use touch and make it executable?16:33
diphtherialholstein: well, it's the last thing that changed; i know, user error, he probably deleted his fstab, etc.16:34
holsteindiphtherial: unless you send him here, or you actually go to the machine, i dont think this is going to be very constructive16:34
raubtouch file and then chmod +x file16:34
diphtherialholstein: fair enough, but i think he's fed up with this already...16:34
luissssshello everybody good morning16:34
raubI wonder what would happen if diphtherial have the guy login using the server install disk, then go to restore mode, mount the root partition, and then do upgrade-grub16:35
diphtherialstill waiting on him for what he means by grub showing MSDOS drives, but perhaps i'll give up after that16:35
diphtherialraub: is there a difference between using the server install disk and the ordinary live CD?16:35
diphtherialhe can use the live CD fine, it seems16:35
holsteindiphtherial: i understand that can be frustrating, but as a volunteer here, i would prefer dealing with you at least actually being at the hardware, or your friend16:35
raubdiphtherial: if it gives you any hint, last time I had issues like that is because I have a 512MB /boot partition and forget to delete old kernels :)16:36
diphtherialholstein: i understand, and i apologize that he's not here directly/i'm not there16:36
raubdiphtherial: I think the server cd does the chroot for you16:36
diphtherialraub: interesting; that'd kind of make sense why it occurred after an update. ah, and he's been doing the chroot himself; in fact, that's how he loads his ethernet drivers when he's booted into the live CD16:37
luissssso like to ask for help, i just installed lubuntu 13.04 yesterday, everything od ok, but the sound, the thing is that the icon is manage by "PCM" but when i try to adjust the volume it foed not respond, the one that repond is "master" can some one help me to gix this please16:37
raubdiphtherial: but he does not seem to have a separate boot partition16:38
inerkickI have a shell script which has to be run just before the system shutdown. What to do, kindly help16:38
raubIt would be smart for him to find out which kernels he has installed and delete the last one16:38
raubyou know, using dpkg16:39
inerkickmy script does nthing more it writes some text to file and16:39
inerkickwaits(sleeps) for 20 second16:39
inerkicki tried running this script manually it works fine16:39
inerkickbut when i put the same file in etc/init.d16:39
inerkickand create 2 symlink in  etc/rc0 and etc/rc6 by name 'K95customscript'16:39
FloodBot1inerkick: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:39
inerkickand restart the OS the script is not called as i can see nothing is16:39
diphtherialraub: i'll suggest that to him, thanks16:39
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:39
psy^can anyone recommend a good resource detailing which linux services do what? would like to really lighten my netbook install load16:40
inerkicksorry FloodBot1 here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/6021987/16:40
ljetiboI have been informed that what I'm need to do is "rebuild Python with Tkinter" and that he incantation is something like `apt-get build-deps python2.6` or something16:40
draconusis it wise to use raid1 these days? or should i rather split those drives?16:40
ljetibocan anyone here explain more about this?16:40
raubdraconus: my NAS has 2 drives, so I do raid116:40
O[_]is there any UI that looks like windows16:40
O[_]preferably something before vista16:41
pepper_chicoO[_] isn't Mint like that?16:41
psy^O[_]: i like Linux Mint. its very familair to use16:41
psy^heh pepper_chico  :)16:41
draconusraub: just not sure what my gain is when using raid1 compared to non-raid16:41
pepper_chicoheh =)16:41
holsteinO[_]: i think all fo them do to some extent.. i think xfce/xubuntu does in some ways.. so does lxde/lubuntu16:41
Aravindgeek0[_]: !xfce416:41
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holsteinpsy^: mint is not a UI, its a distro..16:41
cgtdkdamn bot16:41
psy^ah, true16:41
cgtdkholstein: He probably means Cinnamon16:42
holsteincgtdk: ask him16:42
cgtdkholstein: I refuse to do so16:42
pepper_chicoI've tried the very OS X like elementary, it's cool16:42
holsteincinammon is in the ubuntu repos now16:42
inerkickI am having this issue. can anyone help http://paste.ubuntu.com/6021987/16:42
lotuspsychje!ot | pepper_chico16:42
ubottupepper_chico: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:42
holsteinelementaryOS is also not a UI.. its a distro16:42
luisssssi like to ask for help, i just installed lubuntu 13.04 yesterday, everything is ok, but the sound, the thing is that the icon is manage by "PCM" but when i try to adjust the volume it does not respond, the one that repond is "master" can some one help me to fix this please16:42
raubdraconus: it all boils down to how much you like your data16:42
pepper_chicoI know it16:43
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psy^mate and lxde16:43
psy^those are the most intuitive i've used when coming from a windows mindset16:43
wolffffhi, im trying this " sudo mount /mnt/home /home /    gives me an error: /mnt/home is not a block device ???? any ideas? this is a VHD , not a physical disk16:43
holsteinmate is not in the default repos, and not officially supported here16:43
lotuspsychjeguys, stick to ubuntu support questionbs only please16:43
pepper_chicobut some distros caries the ui and ties more to it16:44
raubwolffff: /mnt should not have devices in. Are you sure it is not in /dev/something/home?16:44
luisssssthats because /mnt/home is a file16:44
O[_]what uis does mint have16:44
raubluisssss: like an iso? If so he needs to do the loop mount option thingie16:45
lotuspsychjeluisssss: maybe the #lubuntu guys might know?16:45
O[_]mint looks more like windows 7 which I hate16:45
luisssssmaybe if you type "lsusb" on terminal it will tell you the right path for your device16:45
pepper_chicoI've opened a bounty at my supporting question: http://askubuntu.com/q/335489/15269116:45
lotuspsychjeO[_]: please use #ubuntu-offtopic16:45
pepper_chicoO[_], there was also a distro called PCLinuxOS, not sure it's what you're looking16:46
ubottufarinata88: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:46
diphtherialok, i think it was the nvidia driver, not sure who mentioned that16:46
diphtherialhe apparently was able to boot into his windows partition by holding shift, which predictably showed his installed OSes instead of booting into the first one and crashing...16:47
diphtherial(sorry, i realize this would've been much more straightforward if i'd been sitting there)16:47
raubinerkick: Check out update-rc.d16:47
inerkickwhat it does raub16:48
wolffffthanks ...and is the rsync command to copy everything from /home to /destination   " rsync --progresss -r /home /destination " ?16:48
raubdiphtherial: sounds like all he needs to do is fix the default boot thingie in grub16:48
bekkswolffff: better use rsync -av16:49
wolffffbekks,  thanks what is the -av for ?16:49
tripelbpsy^: what is a linux 'service"?16:49
bekkswolffff: That will use the options -a and -v16:49
raubwolffff: man rsync16:49
raubwolffff: there are tons of crazy rsync options BTW. Get popcorn16:50
wolfffflol , i see that ...16:50
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LededjeIs anyone else on this channel?16:52
raubinerkick: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-managing-services-with-update-rc-d/16:52
raubMy issue is I don't know if level 6 is the default shutdown16:53
lotuspsychjeLededje: 1600 users are16:53
domedagenHi, I have a ridiculously difficult question16:53
raubthat might be biting you16:53
gordonjcplotuspsychje: this is probably one of the most populous channels on freenode, I think16:53
O[_]I forgot my password16:53
O[_]now i cant install apps16:53
domedagenI was about to install new graphics drivers when my computer crashed16:54
domedagenNow I cant boot to GUI16:54
lotuspsychjegordonjcp: on the most popular Os :p16:54
raubO[_]: boot into inslge user, change it, win16:54
domedagenWhen I try startx I get no screens found16:54
domedagenWhat can I do?16:54
inerkickyes i was going through that initially raub but my issue is to run a process just before shutdown isn't?16:54
O[_]is this a live cd thingy16:54
gordonjcp!password | O[_]16:54
ubottuO[_]: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords16:54
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inerkickand will it automatically do it raub16:56
raubinerkick: I agree. But as I said I do not know if a normal shutdown uses rc6 or not.16:56
Aravindgeekdomedagen : recovery mode - repair broken packages may help16:56
raubOr that is reboot16:56
lotuspsychjedomedagen: ubuntu version and grafix card?16:56
kisukeok any one know how to mount a SMB/NFS share in PCmanfm?16:56
raubinerkick: Right now I can't remember all the run levels in linux. All that is popping in my mind are solaris ones (5: shutdown, 6: reboot)16:57
psy^tripelb: daemons, basically. running 'service --status-all' from a bash prompt will show their active status16:57
domedagenlotuspsychje: Ubuntu 12.04, nvidia 9400 GT16:58
O[_]shift or esc aint working16:58
O[_]when rebooting16:58
domedagenAravindgeek: Let me try that again16:58
O[_]its just booting normally16:58
lotuspsychjedomedagen: like Aravindgeek says, recoverymode from grub might help16:58
raubO[_]: get your favourite livecd and have at it16:59
lotuspsychje!failsafe > lotuspsychje16:59
O[_]I dont have one16:59
kisukeraub: isint system v based on solaris?16:59
holsteinO[_]: http://askubuntu.com/questions/24006/how-do-i-reset-a-lost-administrative-password16:59
anoneehello ubuntu, do I have to be sudo to add a key using gpg?16:59
O[_]is there no easier way16:59
kisukeanonee: you should not.16:59
raubkisuke: or the other way around. All I know is that I used to love solaris until oracle ate them16:59
O[_]ive held down shift!17:00
O[_]it isnt doing anything17:00
kisukeraub: same with all of suns old stuff.17:00
raubanonee: a key to what?17:00
lotuspsychjekisuke: maybe the !smb trigger might be usefull for you?17:00
O[_]I have the ubuntu cd17:00
O[_]to install it17:00
kisukeraub: IIRC system v and solaris levels are almost identical.17:00
anoneeyoutube-dl for instance17:00
kisukelotuspsychje: thanks17:00
holsteinO[_]: then, boot it.. the option i linked is to repair the lost cd from grub17:00
bekkskisuke: Solaris uses SMF nowadays.17:01
domedagenAravindgeek: "There are no new upgrades available for your system. The upgrade will now be canceled. Do you want to start the upgrade?"17:01
anoneeraub youtube-dl17:01
holsteinO[_]: booting a live CD will depend on your bios setting and particular hardware..17:01
anoneeraub and tor...17:01
holsteinO[_]: usually, its F2 or escape or delete key17:01
domedagenAravindgeek: Im going to go with a yes17:01
anoneeraub looks like it won't add it17:01
raubholstein: man to his MB/computer would have an answer17:02
Aravindgeekdomedagen :  I don't get it.17:02
raubanonee: unfortunatelt I've never used it17:02
RichardHollandBluesKaj, i tried the instructions on the page you suggested. It doesn't work17:03
domedagenAravindgeek: Me neither, it sounded like there was no update, but it still asked to continue17:03
raubI have added keys to my own user stuff (for emails and such) and for a local repository17:03
holsteinO[_]: to be clear, what raub is suggesting is to refer to the user manual or documenation for the hardware to see how to enter the bios or boot media17:03
kisukebekks: to mean that means Simple Machines Forum. I'm pretty sure thats not what you are refering to.17:03
anoneeraub sounds good i wish i could learn such things but dunno... a lot of things to learn!17:04
BluesKajRichardHolland , exactly what doesn't work , did you reboot after the settings and run sudo dhclient eth0 ?17:04
bekkskisuke: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_Management_Facility - and now back to something more ontopic.17:04
kisukebekks: ty17:04
anoneei'm getting keyserver receive failed: keyserver error...17:04
O[_]ok done17:04
RichardHollandBluesKaj, i restarted the the network interface with the comment networking restart17:05
raubanonee: pastebin?17:05
RichardHollandBluesKaj, i didn't reboot. Would that help?17:05
lotuspsychjeRichardHolland: what error did you have?17:05
raubO[_]: done = boot using livecd?17:05
inerkicki don't get raub17:05
domedagenAravindgeek: The problem remains. I've tried googling this for hours. Is there a way to make it redo all the GUI set up?17:05
RichardHollandBluesKaj, if i try a nslookup it time out. On the restart of the service i don't get a error17:05
BluesKajRichardHolland, yes , unfortunately it does , linux used to pride itself on not requiring reboots , but that has changed17:06
RichardHollandBluesKaj, OK. So I'm gonna reboot. No problem.17:06
anoneeraub http://pastebin.com/zBJ4kE5L17:06
BluesKajri run sudo dhclient eth017:06
raubanonee: you can't reach that keyserver17:07
anoneeraub why?17:07
domedagenAravindgeek: Like maybe recheck if there is any screens? Should i plug in and plug out GPU?17:07
RichardHollandBluesKaj, that works17:07
raubit could be down or having lunch. Maybe there is a backup one17:07
RichardHollandBluesKaj, why? Please explain.. .I wanna learn17:07
O[_]unable to read package 'emerald17:07
O[_]I did sudo apt-get install emerald17:08
raubO[_]: try apt-cache search emerald17:08
Aravindgeekdomedagen : i am not sure but you may try .17:08
raubO[_]: I thought you had a pw issue17:08
domedagenAravindgeek: Ok trying17:09
bazhang!emerald | O[_]17:09
ubottuO[_]: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.17:09
RichardHollandBluesKaj, By the way. Thanks helping solve the problem. I just hope you can explain what just happend.17:09
O[_]fixed that17:09
O[_]what is compiz17:09
BluesKajRichardHolland, dhclient assigns your static IP to dhcp17:10
anoneeO[_] just google compiz, you should read a little about it if you insist on using emerald17:10
RichardHollandBluesKaj, But i wanna use a static address. So why is DHCP still in the game?17:11
O[_]i might not now idk17:11
RichardHollandBluesKaj, Will it keep working after rebooting?17:11
BluesKajdhcpis always in the game , the IP remains static , RichardHolland17:11
Aravindgeekdomedagen : try removing xserver config file and reboot . may work.17:12
RichardHollandBluesKaj, thanks for explaining. I won't forget it next time17:12
RichardHollandBluesKaj, I didn't find it anywhere in all the many pages i looked up on this isue17:12
domedagenAravindgeek: you mean like /etc/X11/xorg.conf?17:13
domedagenJust rm?17:13
Aravindgeekdomedagen : yes.17:13
Aravindgeekdomedagen : backup before do.17:14
megonfle167domedagen, better use mv than rm...17:14
O[_]whatts the path to desktop17:14
BluesKajRichardHolland, http://linux.about.com/library/cmd/blcmdl8_dhclient.htm17:14
O[_]infact where do I extract this to, its a skin for ubuntu17:15
megonfle167O[_], ~/Desktop17:15
BluesKajO[_], which is short for /home/username/Desktop17:17
RichardHollandBluesKaj, OK, from her on i am gonna setup the firewall for the server first.  Suggestions on that one. I don't wanna use the GUI version. So I'll guess i am gonna use iptables17:17
O[_]how do I install this skin for ubuntu17:17
RichardHollandBluesKaj, i have bookmarked the page on the dhcp. Thanks17:17
O[_]theres two folders gkt and metacity17:17
O[_]both have images, menus etc in17:17
BluesKajRichardHolland, iptables and servers aren't my strong suit17:18
lotuspsychjeRichardHolland: the #ubuntu-server guys might assist you on it for sure17:18
Aravindgeekbye. opensource rocks :)17:18
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest9384
RichardHollandBluesKaj, no problem. You helped a lot. Thanks for your quick reactions and good suggestions17:19
lotuspsychje!cookie | BluesKaj17:19
ubottuBluesKaj: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!17:19
O[_]its called LUNA EVo17:19
lotuspsychjeO[_]: this chat is not meant to describe every step what your doing mate17:20
lotuspsychjeO[_]: please ask serious questions after you looked it up a bit, and be stuck on it17:20
O[_]theres nothing in google about how to install it17:21
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pepper_chicoI'm stuck with the Launcher unhide  http://askubuntu.com/q/335489/15269117:21
domedagenAravind I'll try this thing first, which requires cleaning, which requires disassembly and if I can start it afterward Ill try that17:22
lotuspsychje!eyecandy | O[_]17:26
ubottuO[_]: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy17:26
O[_]ok I have the folder in -/themes now17:34
RichardHollandBluesKaj, Uhmmm. sorry.. but, after rebooting i have to give a manual dhclient eth0 to make it work again. Is it possible that it works right away after a boot? Do I have to make a script for it too work?17:36
O[_]how do I apply this theme17:37
bazhangO[_], this is mint?17:37
O[_]I extracted it to -/themes17:38
bazhangO[_], which version17:38
O[_]how do I check17:38
O[_]its like the newest one17:38
bazhang!version | O[_]17:38
ubottuO[_]: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »17:38
linuxuz3r__do you really need refit to run ubuntu in macbook pro17:38
lotuspsychje!mac | linuxuz3r__17:39
ubottulinuxuz3r__: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages17:39
O[_]ubuntu 12.04.2 lts17:40
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majornickI keep seeing this term "swap" with my RAM and HDD. what does this mean?17:45
lotuspsychje!swap | majornick17:45
ubottumajornick: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info17:45
wilee-nileemajornick, Do you use hibernate?17:49
O[_]ill ask in the forum instead17:49
X-UserHello, How to disable Ubuntu One?17:51
wilee-nileeX-User, If you did not enable it is is already.17:51
majornickok after reading the "swap" info. i want to ask a stupid question. so i have swap set up already from a Unetbootin iso usb live install clean? or do i need to set this thing up now?17:52
holsteinmajornick: you can set up what you need17:52
wilee-nileeX-User, user otherwise. http://askubuntu.com/questions/23183/how-do-i-disable-ubuntu-one17:53
X-Userwilee-nilee, well, I clicked on the Icon from the Launcher in mistake, from then it is showing a "cloud" icon in my panel, created a folder named "Ubuntu One" and always starting when I start my computer.17:53
majornickholstein: what do i need? i got 8gb ram so should i set up a 16gb swap or is it already set up for me or should i set it up?17:53
holsteinmajornick: you dont need swap if you dont need it.. i usually suggest just letting the automated installer automate that if you are not comfortable17:54
wolffffhi, what should my  fstab file look like after i move my /home to a new drive. at this stage i have  only  two line in my fstab , one   /       and swap .... must i just add UUID=blablala /home ext4 to the line below the swap ?17:54
majornickholstein: ok thanks17:54
daftykinswolffff: you can, though you'll need to delete the contents of the /home on /17:54
X-Userwilee-nilee, I checked that link already, but is not there they are saying to remove the ubuntu one package completely? I just want to disable it.17:54
daftykinswolffff: so you'll want to do that in a liveCD/USB17:55
wolffffeverything is removed and mounted...just need to make it a permanent mount17:55
HypnotiXguys i need some serious help i cant get my pc to work again for the passed 2 days17:55
wilee-nileeX-User, I have not used it, its probably been added to startup applications, or there is a preferences in the app.17:56
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: what happened mate17:56
HypnotiXlotuspsychje: its a long story but i think i need to say it to understand better what happend17:56
majornickholstein: so the "swap" is for if we dont have enogh RAM?17:56
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info17:56
holsteinmajornick: ^17:56
majornickholstein: sorry17:57
wilee-nileeX-User, That link tells you "If all you want to do is disable the file synchronization daemon, however, you can simply disable the service in ubuntuone-preferences, from the Services tab:"17:57
holsteinmajornick: nah.. no worries.. just wanting to be clear17:57
HypnotiXlotuspsychje: so 2 days i got an update error from ubuntu saying that it needs to install a partial upgrade with some microsoft fonts crap17:57
wilee-nileenot sure if that is what works for you.17:57
HypnotiXwilee-nilee:  if you can please read what im writing too17:57
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Guest9384to you17:57
majornickholstein: i am reading it man but i gots me some understanding issues no worries thanks you again17:57
HypnotiXi really need to fix my pc somehow17:57
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Guest9384did you understood me??17:58
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: i guided you last time to clean install ubuntu, did you not work?17:58
wilee-nileeHypnotiX, I might if you stop posting stuff like this " some microsoft fonts (crap)" that sort if stuff is offensive.17:58
HypnotiXnext morning when i tried to start my pc ubuntu wouldent load, not even in recovery mode so i tried to format my hdd to start fresh17:58
Guest9384how change nick to true?17:58
majornickHypnotiX: live usb?17:58
Guest9384but I have license!!17:59
HypnotiXmajornick: im on live usb right now yes17:59
majornickHypnotiX: nice. can you install?17:59
HypnotiXi tried to do a full wipe with the dd command17:59
X-Userwilee-nilee, where is "Services tab" ?17:59
wilee-nileeX-User, Not sure I have it removed, must be a drop down in it somewhere.17:59
majornickHypnotiX: Unetbootin?17:59
HypnotiXbut i was dumb enough to stop it before it finished and then my hdd basicly stopped working properly17:59
bekksHypnotiX: It doesnt matter when it finishes.18:00
X-Userwilee-nilee, ok, I am looking for it.18:00
bekksHypnotiX: dd is not responsible for your drive not working correctly anymore.18:00
majornickUbuntu is AWESOME!18:00
wilee-nileeGuest9384, Your not making much sense.18:00
HypnotiXwell right now i tested that hdd on another pc and the software from western digital and it found a lot of bad sectors18:01
bekksHypnotiX: So replace the hdd then.18:01
HypnotiXafter i did a full wipe with it writing zeroes on it18:01
bekksHypnotiX: The bad sectors were there before.18:01
holsteinGuest9384: please use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel for chat18:01
Guest9384where are clear water??18:01
HypnotiXand i did bekks i have a new hdd now that i am trying to install ubuntu on18:01
daftykinsHypnotiX: oh hi again. that disk is toast18:01
daftykinsah good good18:01
HypnotiXok ok18:01
HypnotiXbut nowwwww i still cant install on this one either18:01
Guest9384I have Question to this chanell18:02
bekksHypnotiX: Why not?18:02
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: what error you got now?18:02
Guest9384problem with change name!!18:02
bekksGuest9384: So whats your question?18:02
X-User!ask | Guest938418:02
ubottuGuest9384: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:02
HypnotiXi dont get to the screen to chose how to install ubuntu, im sent straight to the screen with gparted from the installer and i dont see my hdd there18:02
holstein!freenode | Guest938418:02
ubottuGuest9384: freenode is the IRC network that you're on! - See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml - freenode has policies that govern how people should use the network which can be read at http://freenode.net/policy.shtml - The Ubuntu channels on freenode also have their own !Guidelines18:02
Guest9384I have name TrueFlow18:02
Guest9384but x-system do not allow to change name18:03
HypnotiXthis is a new usb stick that i installed the 13.04 distro on like 30mins ago so that cant be the problem18:03
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: what hd brand and did you connect it well in your box?18:03
holsteinGuest9384: add a new user, move data to that new user account18:03
majornickHypnotiX: unetbootin?18:03
HypnotiXwestern digital18:03
bekksHypnotiX: And even a new usb stick might be faulty.18:04
HypnotiXand i did, and i tried different sata slots18:04
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: you didnt forget jumpers?18:04
Guest9384so //18:04
HypnotiXi dont have any jumpers18:04
HypnotiXsata3 :P18:04
Guest9384How to change name to real side18:04
majornickwhat app are you using to creat the live usb/.18:04
HypnotiXmajornick: what?18:04
bekksGuest9384: Change which name and where?18:04
HypnotiXthe one from windows18:04
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: did you check bios if hd shows?18:04
majornickwhat "one" from windows18:04
HypnotiXyeah it shows18:04
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: and ubuntu sees no hd?18:05
HypnotiXmajornick: the one recommended on the ubuntu website18:05
bekksHypnotiX: just tell us the name.18:05
majornickwhat .exe are you using in windows to creat this usb live?18:05
HypnotiXgparted sees it but the installer does not18:05
HypnotiXi have to check18:05
HypnotiXgive me a sec18:05
majornickoh lord18:05
wolffffthis is gonna drive me nuts18:05
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: on what part of the installer freezes?18:05
X-Userso still unable to find how to Disable Ubuntu One completely other than removing it, anybody know?18:05
bekksGuest9384: there is no point in contacting me outside this channel.18:05
HypnotiXit doesnt freeze i just sends me to the gparted screen and i dont see the partitions or my hdd there18:06
holsteinGuest9384: can i help you find a channel in your native language?18:06
majornickHypnotiX: start over with Unetbootin okay?18:06
X-Userok  I give up, Need to Uninstall Ubuntu One.18:07
HypnotiXmajornick: is that for windows ?18:07
majornickHypnotiX: yes18:07
HypnotiXmajornick: ok i will try18:07
Guest9384arahna big thanks!!18:07
majornickHypnotiX: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/18:08
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: you mean the screen you choose ubuntu install on your whole hd?18:08
X-Userwhat is better Uninstalling Ubuntu One with command line as described in here http://askubuntu.com/questions/23183/how-do-i-disable-ubuntu-one , or Uninstalling it with Ubuntu Software Centre?18:08
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bekksX-User: Doesnt matter.18:08
holsteinX-User: i just dont use it.. and see no need to remove it.. if you want to remove it, either should do that18:09
=== swords_ is now known as swords
Guest9384|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| can you understand ancient language??18:10
majornickI uninstalled Ubuntu One several times but there is no point its actually a nice thingy18:11
* lotuspsychje doesnt trust cloud storages18:11
majornickme niether but what the hell18:11
X-Userholstein, I also don't use it, but I clicked on Ubuntu One icon by mistake, and its started from then, its so annoying.18:12
HypnotiXlotuspsychje: yes18:12
MonkeyDustlotuspsychje  wuala encrypts client side, before uploading to the cload18:12
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: im aware ubuntu one is safe, but i wotn use it :p18:12
majornickis there a ghp cloud?18:13
X-UserI know Ubuntu One is great service but I already use other cloud service, so I don't need it.18:13
majornickencrypted cloud?18:13
MonkeyDustmajornick  exlpore wuala.com18:14
HypnotiXsomeone said that on some wd hdd you cant install ubuntu, is there a list?18:14
majornickMonkeyDust: reallly>?18:14
bekksHypnotiX: Thats a lie, at all.18:14
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: tell us at wich part of install you get stuck18:14
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: doesnt make sense bios sees hd and ubuntu not..18:15
HypnotiXubuntu sees it18:15
HypnotiXthe installer does not18:15
X-UserMonkeyDust, hmm, just don't use MEGA :P18:15
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: so after choosing updates in installer, what happens next?18:15
FireAndIcebekks, fsck did not help.18:15
majornickMonkeyDust: that wuala.com thing is so far out of my leauge just looking at the main page is scaring me :(18:15
bekksFireAndIce: so what did you do? do you have enough free space on the disk?18:16
HypnotiXi get to the partition screen and i dont see any hdd or partitions to select where to install18:16
OerHeksHypnotiX, is the size 2gb ormore?18:16
OerHeks*2 Tb18:16
barnexHello, I have a bit of raid1 trouble. Both of my drives are failing and the raid device is inactive and I don't see any other way of reactivating it other than rebuilding with force. Obviously there are no backups.18:16
DX099hello all18:16
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: dont you see install ubuntu on whole drive?18:17
barnexSo I dd'd one of mirrors to the new disk, replaced the disk that was holding that mirror originally (sda)18:17
barnexand now I have sdc3 that upon examination with mdadm -E reports that it is sda318:17
HypnotiXlotuspsychje: no18:17
barnexand I'm not sure what the consequeneces of rebuilding an array with it and empty sda3 will be18:17
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: you got other sata devices in your box?18:17
FireAndIcebekks, I've enough space on the disk.18:17
FireAndIcetried fsck in the rescue mode.18:18
HypnotiXlotuspsychje: a dvd writer18:18
FireAndIcebut still the same error.18:18
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: plug the dvd out, and retry ubuntu install18:18
FireAndIcefor update, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/336619/not-able-to-login-through-gui-in-ubuntu-12-0418:18
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: some mobo's dont like sata dvd conflicting hd18:18
X-Usermaybe asking again, but anybody know how to completely disable Ubuntu One?18:18
HypnotiXwhats the command to check my partitions18:18
DX099I want to run cdrtools 3.0 from source but after compiling, when I install the deb, it doesn't seem to install cdrecord and such though it has been compiled (I found and used the binary). Does anyone use latest cdrecord from source ?18:19
HypnotiXlotuspsychje: i had ubuntu installed before on this setup just have another hdd no18:19
lotuspsychje!info cdrecord18:19
ubottuPackage cdrecord does not exist in raring18:19
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: it doesnt make sense ubuntu install doesnt show hd, gotta be your hardware layout18:20
HypnotiXyeah i guess so18:21
sazawalI just installed Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit on my desktop and installed gnome-shell 3.6. Whenever I switch to overview mode or open any menu from the top panel, my screen freezes and I am forced to do gnome-shell --replace in Ctrl+Alt+F1 command line. Please help18:21
wilee-nileeX-User, have you looked if it has been added in statrtup applications?18:21
HypnotiXfdisk -l doesnt show me anything in the terminal18:21
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: what mobo brand?18:22
MonkeyDustHypnotiX  sudo fdisk -l18:22
HypnotiXmaybe this hdd cant be booted from is that possible ?18:23
wilee-nileeX-User, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ShowHiddenStartupApplications18:23
X-Userwilee-nilee, it is not added in startup applications, I clecked it, it is really annoying now, it added Sync option in context menu, added a icon in Panel, created a folder18:23
bekksHypnotiX: Nope.18:23
X-Userwilee-nilee, *checked18:23
MonkeyDustHypnotiX  and sudo blkid18:23
HypnotiXhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6022335/ my partitions right now18:23
bekksHypnotiX: Is the disk connected correctly? Does it show up in the BIOS?18:24
HypnotiXyes bekks i have created partitions on it just now18:24
bekksHypnotiX: you said you have 2TB disk. Your paste does not show one.18:25
HypnotiXi said 1tb18:25
bekksah ok.18:25
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: so you Can see the drive now?18:25
HypnotiXwell i started a smartest i might wait for it to finish before i restart :))18:26
HypnotiX191 min <.<18:26
O[_]what UI's for ubuntu use GTK218:26
bekksO[_]: Hopefully none anymore.18:26
HypnotiXmeh ill do that later ill restart now18:26
O[_]like main/most common18:26
bazhangO[_], its gnome3 now18:26
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: you gonna clean install?18:26
HypnotiXyes lotuspsychje18:27
lotuspsychjeHypnotiX: good luck!18:27
O[_]well I cant find any themes in gnome look.com for gtk318:27
bazhangO[_], perhaps you are thinking of MINT18:27
amandasueI've got this HP device manager program that I'd like to get rid of -- I don't see it in the software center though (it's not hp-toolbox) so I'm not sure how to get rid of it.  Actually, I'm not sure how it ended up on my copmputer in the first place.18:28
O[_]well I installed ubuntu as im new18:28
O[_]but Id like a windows classic theme or windows luna18:28
bazhangO[_], check for unity / gnome-shell themes18:28
O[_]where abouts18:29
bazhangO[_], where you were looking18:29
O[_]cant see to see any on there18:29
lotuspsychjeamandasue: hplip tools?18:29
O[_]I did a search in all categories18:29
X-Userwilee-nilee, ok removed it from startup applications, any way to remove it from panel?18:30
amandasuelotuspsychje, nope, I guess it is hp-toolbox.  If I start it up and ps -ef | grep hp that's what pops up.  Python script it seems18:30
wilee-nileeX-User, The left panel, it is a right click.18:30
ShtlHello while installing lm-sensors, it asks through apt-get it says "You will have to enable the component called 'universe'", how can i do this?18:31
X-Userwilee-nilee, panel=top panel18:31
wilee-nileeX-User, this the fallback desktop?18:31
X-Userwilee-nilee, nope18:32
X-Userwilee-nilee, unity18:32
wilee-nileeX-User, logout and back in and it should be gone if unity I would think.18:32
O[_]how about if I just use gtk218:33
X-Userwilee-nilee, ok, let me try.18:33
O[_]or will nothing be compatable then18:33
wilee-nileeShtl, ubuntu software center-edit softwrae sources18:33
O[_]I dont like unity anhow18:33
thirty3percentcan anyone help me out? Trying to install playonlinux on ubu 13 and I get this error18:33
thirty3percentThe following packages have unmet dependencies:18:33
thirty3percent playonlinux : Depends: wine or18:33
thirty3percent                        wine-unstable but it is not installable18:33
thirty3percentE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:33
FloodBot1thirty3percent: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:33
bekksO[_]: gtk2 is window framework - unity is a desktop environment.18:33
wilee-nileethirty3percent, YOU using a PPA?18:34
O[_]so I can use gtk2 in unity?18:34
thirty3percentI dont even know. I'm a linux noob. I think so18:34
thirty3percentwhats ppa18:34
MonkeyDustO[_]  here's what you do if you don't like unity: install something else, logout, switch, login18:34
wilee-nilee!ppa | thirty3percent18:34
ubottuthirty3percent: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge18:34
bekksO[_]: Why do you want to use gtk2?18:34
thirty3percentyeah I am18:35
O[_]im trying to install this theme!18:35
wilee-nileethirty3percent, You have any links that have helped you in this endeavor?18:35
O[_]but it uses gtk218:35
thirty3percentnone. I searched around in google but none of the solutions I tried worked. Im getting ready just to reinstall ubuntu, but I really dont want to do that18:35
MonkeyDustO[_]  there are plenty other themes available18:35
X-Userwilee-nilee, ok it worked, thanks.18:36
thirty3percenti think it has something to do with 32 and 64 bit packages, or something. When I try to install wine I get the same message but with other dependencies18:36
=== Companion is now known as companion
thirty3percentThe following packages have unmet dependencies:18:37
thirty3percent wine1.4 : Depends: wine1.4-i386 (= 1.4.1-0ubuntu5)18:37
thirty3percentthats when I do sudo wine1.418:37
bekksO[_]: You should install a theme matching the framework your desktop environment actually uses. It is pretty pointless to install a gtk2 theme when using gnome3.18:37
thirty3percentapt get install wine1.418:37
wilee-nileethirty3percent, Not really needed in general, however if we can get to what you have installed we can probably get it cleaned up. Lets start with just running these commands and paste-binning all the text. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade18:37
MonkeyDustthirty3percent  better ask in #winehq18:38
wilee-nileethirty3percent, Don't hit yes to install if asked I just want the text kicked out.18:38
nl287thirty3percent: apt-get install -f18:38
O[_]ok but idk if ill like that theme18:39
O[_]theres like LOADS18:39
O[_]I want something as close to windows as possible18:39
bazhangO[_], are you on MATE?18:39
wilee-nileethirty3percent, the wine channel is helpful for sure, but I'm curios on the broken package notation.18:39
X-Userwell now how to disable showing Hidden applications in startup applications?18:39
bazhangO[_], thats from MINT, otherwise use gtk318:39
O[_]i know im being very specific but at least I know I can use it fine18:40
O[_]im using gtk318:40
thirty3percentheres the paste bin http://paste.ubuntu.com/6022399/18:40
wilee-nileeX-User, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ShowHiddenStartupApplications18:40
bekksO[_]: If you like that theme - then change your desktop environment to something where you can install that theme.18:40
bekksO[_]: Otherwise, it is pointless.18:40
O[_]I dont like having just icons to represent programs18:40
wilee-nileeO[_], Just so you are aware some of those convert to a windows look are a one way street and problematic, be careful.18:41
DX099I want to run cdrtools 3.0 from source but after compiling, when I install the deb, it doesn't seem to install cdrecord and such though it has been compiled (I found and used the binary). Does anyone use latest cdrecord from source ?18:41
O[_]but dont these desktop enfivoments typically use gtk318:41
spacebarbarianis it normal for compiz to be constantly sitting at 50+% cpu ... ?18:41
spacebarbarianthis is on a fresh install18:41
bekksO[_]: and you cant use gtk2 themes on gtk3.18:41
X-Userwilee-nilee, that link is only showing how to enable it, nothing on disabling it18:42
wilee-nileeO[_], I'm noticing your in general asking for sweeping generalizations, that is a problem.18:42
O[_]I cant find anything thats compatable with gtk318:42
wilee-nileeX-User, Ah disabling, why?18:42
thirty3percentwilee did you get a chance to look at my paste bin? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6022399/18:42
O[_]well unless I just try loads of uis18:42
X-Userwilee-nilee, as it was disabled previously18:43
MonkeyDustO[_]  find GTK 3.x in the left column http://gnome-look.org/18:43
wilee-nileeX-User, sure, not sure I believe the code has a disable portion, look close at the link it may tell you. it is not a danger to have it show.18:44
ljetibowhat does it mean when whereis scipy returns scipy:18:45
X-Userwilee-nilee, ok18:45
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wilee-nileethirty3percent, always use nicks, I just happened to see you posted that text. You have added the cinnamon ppa it is in the repos in 13.04. you can remove ppa's with ppapurge. You want to avoid PPA's in general, always make sure you look in the repos first or just ask here.18:46
thirty3percentwilee ok. I actually dont even care about cinnamon. I grew to like unity. Would removing the ppa and cinnamon all together possibly fix my problem?18:47
jribljetibo: give full input and full output in a pastebin18:48
wilee-nileeX-User, http://askubuntu.com/questions/69810/how-do-i-add-remove-the-hidden-startup-applications18:48
HypnotiXi am back18:50
ljetibojrib: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6022428/ here you go18:51
wilee-nileethirty3percent, you have a failed to fetch on the cinnamon that is problematic, that is one problem, what is casuing the original we have still not confrimed a ppa there and what you have or have not done leading to it.18:51
HypnotiXstill doesnt work18:51
bazhang!info cinnamon18:51
ubottucinnamon (source: cinnamon): Innovative and comfortable desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.4-1 (raring), package size 607 kB, installed size 2460 kB18:51
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jribljetibo: what ubuntu version is this?18:51
KalelI have a HP Pavilion DV6 laptop, it has 4 speakers. When i select 'analogic' rears works. When I select 'speakers' the front works.. Could I link all speaker to work together?18:51
ljetibojrib: i.e. whereis python returns python: and a full list of addresses mentioning python. Python version is 2.6.6 (from python -V) and Ubuntu is 12.04.18:52
wilee-nileeX-User, run this command and pastebin it, it will show both repos sources.list and sources.list.d18:52
HypnotiXso the ubuntu installer still doesnt see my hdd18:52
thirty3percentwilee what about the error on the main_amd64 and main_i386 packages18:52
X-Userwilee-nilee, ok18:52
wilee-nileeX-User, sorry wrong user.18:53
jribljetibo: what is the output of « type python »?18:53
X-Userwilee-nilee, i got that.18:53
wilee-nileethirty3percent,  run this command and pastebin it, it will show both repos sources.list and sources.list.d18:53
ljetibojrib: python is hashed (/usr/local/bin/python)18:53
wilee-nileethirty3percent, grep -vr "^#" /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/}18:53
jribljetibo: does this shed some light?18:53
HypnotiXwilee-nilee: can you help me m8 please im lost here18:54
ljetibojrib: it probably would in the case I was "native" to ubuntu. But I only picked it up about 3-4 motnhs ago18:54
wilee-nileethirty3percent, lets keep the horse in front of the cart, there is a process.18:54
jribljetibo: you have a copy of python you built yourself (outside the repositories) in /usr/local18:54
HypnotiXnew hdd gparted created the partitions with no problems, but the ubuntu installer doesnt see my hdd18:55
thirty3percentwilee-nilee, here is the paste bin http://paste.ubuntu.com/6022432/18:55
ljetibojrib: yes Ubuntu 12.04 doesn't support older then python2.7 whereas some of the modules I need to use don't really work well past 2.618:55
eseHi!, i own a lenovo z585 and manage after painfully tries install Ubuntu Precise in 32 bits, but i have a few problems, this is my lspci -v output: http://sprunge.us/SNFN  ...the problem is flash videos like youtube or vlc in .avi or .mov etc does not play, i only see one frame and one frame only in firefox, chrome or vlc and then freeze, i have to killall or pkill the process, i manege to have my wireless working, but if i try to play a sound or a mp3 file th18:55
eseen the same thing happends, , my OS is updated, can someone help me? thank you.18:55
ljetibojrib: so it was sort of necessary to build my own18:55
jribljetibo: why aren't you using the python that's on ubuntu?18:55
MonkeyDustHypnotiX  what does     sudo blkid    show?18:56
jribljetibo: i.e. what modules exactly?18:57
ljetibojrib: I just "upgraded" from Ubuntu 10.4 today and I need to use "home made" libraries like sdsspy, fitsio.... and some of them don't work on python > 2.618:57
bekksHypnotiX: Then the installer cd does not support your mobo hdd controller.18:57
jribljetibo: that's weird.  I believe code that ran on 2.6 should also run on 2.7, no?18:57
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ljetibojrib: when I started writing my program on win (3 or 4 months ago) I discovered they do not18:57
HypnotiXbekks: it did before18:57
HypnotiXMonkeyDust: it shows my partitions18:58
ljetibojrib: then through various other outside contraints I was "forced" to go ubuntu, I used Virtualbox18:58
bekksHypnotiX: With the very same installer?18:58
bekksHypnotiX: Or with an older version?18:58
ljetibojrib: old 10.4 version, and it's default is 2.6.618:58
HypnotiXbekks: same one18:58
bekksHypnotiX: Then what did you change? :)18:58
HypnotiXbekks: the hdd18:58
jribljetibo: i would fix your programs.  I'm almost 100% certain that python2 versions are backwards compatible18:58
jribljetibo: if they're failing because of some change in a third party library, then I would suggest fixing the code.  If you want to go against my advice, then setup virtualenv and install everything in a 2.6 virtualenv18:59
ljetibojrib: I can try it certanly. sudo apt-get python should install the 2.7 version? Also how do I remove the 2.6.6 then?18:59
HypnotiXhttp://imagebin.org/268640 look18:59
HypnotiXthis is the blkid http://paste.ubuntu.com/6022451/19:00
jribljetibo: you now have both versions.  Your system will, by default, prefer the version in /usr/local when you simply call "python".  If you want to, you can remove the version you installed.  You'll have to read python documentation for that.  Sometimes you can "make uninstall" (in the same directory where you ran "make install".  Otherwise, you have to delete the files that got installed to /usr/local19:01
wilee-nileethirty3percent, So you have a number of ppa, the wine which is probably the conflict with playonlinux, both wine and playonlinux are in the repos, no ppa's needed and not supported here. the cinnamon one is a no fetch. I would use ppa purge to remove both and purge wine and playonlinux remove all the configs and files of these two a try a reinstall. The ubuntu twaek app is a nice config remover in it19:01
wilee-nilees janitor portion, and you can search home with the names to get all the files. Cinnamon may or maybe be complety removed with the ppapurge, if not it can just be removed forom the terminal if you want it gone.19:01
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HypnotiXbtw if i click on the plus in the installer it just crashes19:01
thirty3percentwilee-nilee, ok thank you for your help.19:02
ljetibojrib: how come then import numpy and import scipy fails if the call python evokes python 2.7?19:02
wilee-nileethirty3percent, I hope that makes sense, ask any questions if needed. ;)19:02
ljetibojrib: I've included that in the pasta19:02
jribljetibo: calling "python" at the moment obviously does not invoke python 2.7.  It calls python2.6 which you installed to /usr/local.  Try "/usr/bin/python" and then import numpy there.19:02
HypnotiXhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debconf/+bug/349469 this is the bug report i got after the installer crashed19:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 349469 in debconf (Ubuntu) "debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable" [Medium,Triaged]19:03
bekksHypnotiX: So it has absolutely nothing to do with your hdd.19:05
troyrockI am looking for information on current projects available in ubuntu 12.10 that do parental control type things: limit available login times and web locations that are accessible.19:05
HypnotiXbekks: but whats the problem then19:05
bekksHypnotiX: "/var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process"19:05
O[_]ok im trying mint now19:05
bekksHypnotiX: Did you even read the bug report?19:05
bekksO[_]: Good luck.19:05
HypnotiXthis is a live cd19:05
HypnotiXusb even19:05
bekksHypnotiX: and it has a browser ;)19:06
HypnotiXbekks:  i tried the installer without running ubuntu19:06
HypnotiXsame problem then19:06
eseHi!, i own a lenovo z585 and manage after painfully tries install Ubuntu Precise in 32 bits, i have a few problems, this is my lspci -v: http://sprunge.us/SNFN  ...the problem videos like youtube or vlc in .avi or .mov etc doesnt play, i only see one frame only in firefox, chrome or vlc and freezes, i have to killall, pkill the process, i manage to have my wireless working, but if i try to play mp3,.ogg with same results , my OS is updated, can someone help me19:06
ese? thank you.19:06
bekksHypnotiX: Because the installer isnt the problem.19:06
ljetibojrib: yes that seems to work jsut fine. Thank you.19:07
HypnotiXbekks: then what is :)19:07
ljetibojrib: will there be no clashing between two different version?19:08
bekksHypnotiX: You gave us the URL explaining whats the problem.19:08
chamunksHey Something seems to have deleted /proc/net/tcp19:08
jribljetibo: it should be ok, but I would advise letting "python" point to the default version and having only "python2.6" point to 2.619:08
chamunkshow do get that back.19:08
ljetibojrib: is that something that's done in .bashrc?19:09
jribljetibo: ideally though, you would just fix your code so that it works on 2.7.  This is almost certainly do to some change in a third party library you use19:09
jribljetibo: does "python2.6" currently work?19:09
OEPI can't seem to login to tty[1-6] (no login prompt), is there some fix for this?19:10
ljetiboyes, but the default for python is python2.6, only by using python2.7 I get python2.719:10
jribljetibo: just delete /usr/local/bin/python then19:10
HypnotiXbekks: this makes no sense how can the installer and the hardware not be the problems ?19:11
HypnotiXone or the other is the problem19:11
bekksHypnotiX: Read the link you gave us.19:11
HypnotiXi am19:11
ljetibojrib: just manually brutal delete? no need to make sure all dependencies are hooked off or whatever...19:11
jribljetibo: correct19:11
HypnotiXif i just boot the live cd hit install and it doesnt work then ......19:12
bekksHypnotiX: a lock for the package management software is the problem. And the installer is just using this software.19:12
ljetibojrib: sometimes ubuntu has it right :D19:12
esesorry WRONG PASTE, THIS IS THE ONE, Hi!, i own a lenovo z585 and manage after painfully tries install Ubuntu Precise in 32 bits, i have a few problems, this is my lspci -v: http://sprunge.us/JEWJ  ...the problem videos like youtube or vlc in .avi or .mov etc doesnt play, i only see one frame only in firefox, chrome or vlc and freezes, i have to killall, pkill the process, i manage to have my wireless working, but if i try to play mp3,.ogg with same results , m19:12
esey OS is updated, can someone help me? thank you.19:12
FloodBot1ese: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:12
jribljetibo: apt should never touch /usr/local/ ; that's your domain to handle19:12
HypnotiXbekks:  i tried the commands listed there and nothing19:12
wilee-nileeese, did you install the ubuntu-restricted-extras19:12
wilee-nileeuse nicks ese19:12
HypnotiXnow i cant even run the installer19:13
bekksHypnotiX: You can still install ubuntu using another cd, and manually create a chroot, etc.19:13
HypnotiXim not skilled enough to do that :)19:13
esewilee-nilee,  ubuntu-restricted-extras is already the newest version19:14
ljetibojrib: are you sure I need to delete usr/local/bin/python? Also all the outher libraries are installed in usr/local/lib/pythonX.X/dist-packages19:14
cstewartHypnotiX maybe try the alternate version but i believe that stopped on 12.04 LTS19:14
ljetibojrib: what do you mean apt should never go in usr/local?19:14
jribljetibo: you can ignore the apt command19:14
jribljetibo: you can ignore the apt comment19:14
wilee-nileeese, .avi and.mov are containers for types of media some do not play.19:14
HypnotiXcstewart: i installed 13.04 or 3 different systems so far including this one with no problems using that installer, i just changed the hdd on this one and i cant install on it19:15
wilee-nileelike quicktime...etc19:15
jribljetibo: yes, I am sure that you can just delete /usr/local/bin/python to make "python" call /usr/bin/python (2.7) instead of /usr/local/bin/python (2.6) as it does now19:15
esewilee-nilee,  but  .mp3 or any sound file does not play either19:15
wilee-nileeese, Downloads?19:15
cstewartHypnotix can you boot the live cd and see the new hdd19:16
esewilee-nilee,  no, in my firefox or in my usb thumbdrive (i got some files there)19:16
HypnotiXno i cant see it19:16
HypnotiXgparted see it after i try ubuntu but not from the installer19:17
M1chaHi is it possible to change the screen resolution if a application goes to fullscreen? If not globally maybe just for VLC player via some plugin/scripting API ?19:17
wilee-nileeese, Did you install any media codecs to files rather than just apt-getting them and using them, or flash this way, and tar downloads of these?19:17
HypnotiXcstewart: http://imagebin.org/26864019:17
cstewartHypnotix very interesting is this a ssd19:17
X-Userhello, i ran this command "/bin/sh -c '[ -d "$HOME/Ubuntu One" ] && ubuntuone-launch'" what will this do?19:18
l01X-User: if your home contains a directory "Ubuntu One", it runs the command ubuntuone-launch19:18
bekksX-User: It starts ubuntuone.19:19
X-Userwell, my home do not contain any Ubuntu One folder (i deleted it) and also do not run Ubuntu One.19:20
esewilee-nilee,  no i haven done that, i tried ubuntu 64 but it just can not boot from any .iso, i tried debian 7.0 no boot, ...i manage to install this ubuntu precise 12.04 32 here and after lots of fighting i got the wireless working, this is a lenovo z585 laptop and i google a lot but there is lots of problems in installing this lap i read, soo far i got it in my hard drive but with no sound or video playback.19:20
bekksHypnotiX: You should close gparted entirely before running the installer.19:20
HypnotiXi did19:20
HypnotiXbrb ill restart and try one more time and ill remove the dvd writer19:20
bekksHypnotiX: Your paste shows something different then ;)19:20
bekksHypnotiX: Why?19:20
SlartM1cha: I haven't seen anything that does this but have a look at devilspie, it's an app that works with windows, sizes and such.. perhaps you can make it check if a window is maximized and then run some terminal command to change resolution19:20
wilee-nileeese, NO sound at all anywhere?19:20
bekksHypnotiX: The dvd writer is no problem.19:20
HypnotiXi removed the partitions19:21
HypnotiXsee if that helps i donno19:21
bekksHypnotiX: stop guessing.19:21
HypnotiXwell thats all i can do right now :)19:21
SlartM1cha: It might be easier to just make a shortcut to vlc that both changes resolution and starts vlc though.. if it's just for that one application19:21
esewilee-nilee, yes no sound at all, and in video i only get 2 settings, am fine with that dho19:21
bekksHypnotiX: You paste a) does show that you did not remove anything and b) that you are running gparted and the installer in parallel.19:21
HypnotiXno pc for 2 days just trying to get it working has left me guessing19:21
HypnotiXthats an old paste19:21
bekksHypnotiX: Then why do you show it to us?19:22
HypnotiXi showed it for cstewart19:22
wilee-nileeese, Cool we see that on occasion, not an area I can really help in that is the first issue I would be mentioning.19:22
HypnotiXto understand the problem19:22
M1chaSlart: Thx for the tip I'll take a look at devilspie or maybe compiz would work, too. The shortcut option wouldn't be good in case I want  to use VLC just to hear some music19:23
HypnotiXi cant even open the installer now thats why i want to reboot19:23
cstewartthats very interesting, i'm not sure what else to suggest let me ponder it for minute19:23
esewilee-nilee,  i think is the drivers19:23
wilee-nileekeep it simple to some extent and start at the beginning basically ese19:23
esewilee-nilee,  yeah, i like to have sound ...first xD19:23
HypnotiXso it goes like this i reboot run the installer from the live cd and i see that screen without my hdd or the partitions in the installer19:24
SlartM1cha: so, use the regular shortcut for vlc for when you just want the regular vlc and the modified shortcut for the "change res and then run vlc" script19:24
cstewartother then nuke the partition table and create a new one19:24
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cstewarthypnotix it should reconize the partition table but maybe if you wipe it then try and install that will correct the issue. sometimes extended lvm have issue at least i have ran into that when trying to install on an existing HD or maybe barts boot and nuke19:27
HypnotiXok i removed all the partitions with gparted19:28
HypnotiXill reboot and try again19:28
Falcon82how do i defrag?19:29
stomanataHi, can somebody help me fixind nvidia driver problems19:31
stomanatahere is 1 simple pic that show some of problems http://i43.tinypic.com/316nogg.png19:31
hidFalcon82: no need to defrag linux fs19:31
growna hello, i am trying to understand the "Take ownership of filesystem" option in gparted before formatting/partitioning a drive, but I failed googling. Can someone explain to me if I need this or not, or what it does? Please...19:31
stomanataother problem is when i scrolling in facebook all aroud browser go out :(19:32
cstewartHypnotix windows wasn't previously installed on the hd was it19:32
RileyGuyCan someone help me? im having problems with a java game yet i have java installed19:32
RileyGuythink anyone could help? :)19:32
Muelli!anyone || RileyGuy19:33
ubottu| RileyGuy: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.19:33
cstewartRileyGuy apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk19:33
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.19:33
RileyGuyI am having trouble with minecraft not working, it starts up to the title but then freezes when i load a world, ubuntu 13.0419:34
sealbhachRileyGuy: dude we're not psychic, say what problem is19:34
RileyGuyjava 7 installed and everything19:34
holsteinRileyGuy: you might want to ask minecraft for support there.. i would try soemthing to test java.. you are assuming its a java/ubuntu issue.. could be that another version of minecraft would work fine, or that they are not supporting 13.0419:34
RileyGuyive seen other people play it on 13.0419:35
SlartRileyGuy: is it the same with all worlds or just the one?19:35
holsteinRileyGuy: i have ran it on 13.04, but that doesnt help you right now19:35
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RileyGuymight be a lwjgl issue19:35
cstewartgames are outside set of tools19:35
bekksRileyGuy: You dont need Java 7 for running it.19:35
RileyGuyjava 6?19:36
MuelliRileyGuy: how do you it freezes?19:36
bekksRileyGuy: Java 6.19:36
SlartRileyGuy: no errors or such if you start minecraft from a terminal?19:37
RileyGuyit starts up fine and dandy sounds and everything but when i load a world it freezes to a dirt backround19:37
RileyGuyno errors in the console or anything19:37
sealbhachIs your graphics card able to run it?19:37
bekksRileyGuy: Try using Java 6 and check your graphics drivers.19:38
RileyGuymy ubuntu already supports the one i have19:38
bekksRileyGuy: That doesnt matter when the game does not support them.19:39
RileyGuyive never really had luck with java 719:39
bekksRileyGuy: Then try using Java 6 now.19:39
RileyGuyso maybe 6 will help like said19:39
RileyGuyinstalling it now19:40
RileyGuyone more problem tho19:40
RileyGuymy ubuntu hates it when i install things directly from the software center19:40
RileyGuyso i gotta use terminal19:40
bekksRileyGuy: Then use the terminal.19:41
XLVi got an somewhat older system used as a server.. athlon x2 3800, on an asus a8n sli nf4 mb, using a pci sis6326 8MB vga.. i cant get any latest live usb to run.. i have tried ubuntu and debian live .. it stops with a message about out of sync mode used on the monitor.. i have tried to insert the nomodeset option, there isnt the option available in live usb booting, as per the docs.. i am downloading 12.04 lts now19:41
ljetibojrib: thanks again, everything seems to be in order, much obiged19:41
holsteinRileyGuy: you might "hate" i, but i assure you, your ubuntu has not preference19:41
bekksXLV: Throw that SIS graphics crap away.19:41
RileyGuyi know xD19:41
holsteinyeah.. i have sis, and i just bypassed it.. never could get it working19:41
XLVbekks, for a server, its more than sufficient..19:41
bekksXLV: It causes your current problems.19:42
XLVbekks, also.. that attitude is more apporopriate for windows lusers channels19:42
holsteinXLV: there is no "live" ubuntu server19:42
bekksXLV: You never dealt with SIS hardware on Linux then.19:42
sazawalWhere do I get a graphics driver for, Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller19:42
XLVholstein, ... i am trying to load a live usb to troubleshoot a grub problem after a failing hdd19:42
holsteinsazawal: shouldnt need one19:42
RileyGuynope still freezing19:42
holsteinXLV: good luck.. i would avoid it19:42
sealbhachXLV: Try nosplash option19:42
bekkssazawal: sudo apt-get install xf86-video-intel19:43
holsteinXLV: you can try "nomodeset" and forcing vesa..19:43
XLVbekks, i have been running that system with that sis card for years ( in older systems too ).. you really dont know wtf you are talking about.. pls reply only if you have some valid contribution19:43
XLVholstein, sealbhach the nosplash and the nomodeset were added in the boot kernel parameters19:44
XLVsame thing19:44
bekksXLV: Watch your language. And I cant help you if you dont like the answers - it was you who asked.19:44
RileyGuycan i paste my log?19:44
sazawalbekks, unable to locate package :(19:44
XLVbekks, my language is fine.. its the content you dont like.. i have no problem with your answers, just stating its irrelevant and unhelpful, and i ask you to stop trying to "help" me, you seem to not having the experties and you pollute the troubleshooting discussion19:45
holsteinXLV: it many not work.. didnt work for me19:45
bekkssazawal: Most likely, it is installed already, although it has another name.19:45
bekksXLV: ignore set.19:45
XLVbekks, great.. thank you19:45
holsteinXLV: i have never had any luck with sis graphics..19:45
sazawalbekks, let me find it on google.19:46
sealbhachXLV: If you just want to fix grub, install a no desktop edition, server edition or whatever or get a boot recovery type distro19:46
XLVholstein, i really have been using this card for years now.. using it so the pcie ports can be used for storage and/or nic19:46
holsteinXLV: these are ubuntu based, and run "live".. http://www.turnkeylinux.org/ might help19:46
XLVsealbhach, yeah, i'll try 12.04 lts and alternative version19:46
holsteinXLV: im not debating a server cant utilize the hardware.. im saying, if you are having issues running x on there, so was i19:47
bazhang!alternate | XLV19:47
ubottuXLV: The alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD19:47
sazawalbekks, yes it is installed. Though I have a problem with the gnome-shell 3.6. I thought may be it is due to the driver. Anyways thanks19:47
gibbsDo source packages (from apt-get source) upgrade?19:48
Slartgibbs: afaik they do19:48
bekksgibbs: No, they dont.19:48
Slartgibbs: I must admit I haven't really checked if they do but it would be pretty odd if they didn't19:48
XLVbazhang, i have no problem using an older live cd with alternative offered.. i just want to get to a shell with all commands available to chroot and fix grub19:48
bekksgibbs: They are "installed" in the current directory, and the package management system does not track them.19:49
holsteinXLV: the alternate's were not live19:49
XLVholstein, the server ran xorg fine before the hdd and grub bork19:49
gibbsbekks: how would I upgrade (then recompile)?19:49
bekksgibbs: run apt-get source again, and recompile.19:50
Slartgibbs: "upgrade" as in that there will new versions of the source packages when there is a new version of the package.. they won't upgrade the source you have downloaded.. you'll have to remove the source and download again19:50
XLVholstein, ok.. does anyone remember what was first ubuntu that offered grub2 by default?19:50
holsteinXLV: alternate cd's dont boot live..19:50
holsteinXLV: the turnkey linux appliances do.. though they are not officially supported here19:50
gibbsthanks. Is there a way to check what the latest source version is?19:50
RichardHollandi need to use the commando dhclient eth0 to set the static address. But what if i wanna make it persistent? So that with a reboot i still have a working static IP adres on interface eth0?19:50
bekksgibbs: apt-cache policy packagename19:51
DJonesXLV: I think grub 2 became default from 9.1019:51
XLVDJones, thanks19:51
SlartRichardHolland: /etc/interfaces19:51
bekksRichardHolland: DHCP does not set static addresses.19:51
RichardHollandSlart, that is configured correctly19:51
gibbsexcellent. thanks bekks and Slart19:51
nl287Slart: /etc/network/interfaces19:51
RichardHollandbekks, i know, that is done in /etc/network/interfaces19:52
SlartRichardHolland: I mean, you'll have to edit that file yourself with the information you want.. I don't think dhclient will do it for you19:52
bekksRichardHolland: dhclient does not change /etc/network/interfaces, you have to do it yourself.19:52
nl287RichardHolland: but i think if u edit interfaces u need diable network menager in gnome19:52
RichardHollandSlart, the static address only worked after using the command dhclient eth019:52
bekksRichardHolland: And with doing so, you dont need dhclient anymore to get an ip address.19:52
sazawalSNA 2D Graphics Acceleration is causing troubles in gnome-shell 3.6. Please help!19:52
grownahave a nice week everybody19:52
M1chaOk I finally added a hotkey with compiz config manager to switch between my scaled and native resolution19:53
bekksRichardHolland: dhclient sets a dynamic address, no static one.19:53
RichardHollandnl287, how do i disable the network manager?19:53
SlartRichardHolland, nl287: as nl287 mentioned.. it's in /etc/network/interfaces , my bad19:53
RichardHollandbekks, i know.. .but it was the solution19:53
bekksRichardHolland: It cant be the solution, since those two things are contrary.19:53
nl287RichardHolland: maybe there is option disable in menu19:53
SlartRichardHolland: hmm.. might be something else that dhclient does ... or it might be a server setting if you have a paranoid dhcp-server/firewall19:53
bekksRichardHolland: You can set a static IP in the network manager as well.19:54
RichardHollandbekks, i know... it was strange but true19:54
subcoolwhat happen between 12.04 and 13? - i copied my fstab to mount my network shares, and now im getting erros19:54
bekkssubcool: which errors?19:54
RichardHollandbekks, it confusing that you can set the ip address in so many places in ubuntu.19:54
O[_]downloading linux -- SLOW SLOW SLOW19:54
subcoolbekks wrong fs type19:54
RichardHollandbekks, and the don't seem to work together.19:54
bekksRichardHolland: thats just depending on what you want to achieve using which approach.19:55
bekkssubcool: then you are using an fstype thats not installed/supported19:55
RichardHollandbekks, the old way, not gui. So I can manage, and not the machine19:55
subcoolbekks mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on,19:55
nl287network menager working very well bu excludes with editing interfaces19:55
bekkssubcool: Whats the fstab line?19:55
bekksRichardHolland: network manager works flawlessly here.19:56
RichardHollandnl287, the network manager is through the desktop?19:56
subcoolbekks                  /mnt/Media              nfs             auto    0       019:56
bekksRichardHolland: there is a cli tool: nm-cli19:56
nl287RichardHolland: yes, this is service i think19:56
bekkssubcool: that will not work. ;)19:56
subcoolbekks works on my other two macines19:56
bekkssubcool: your box is trying to mount before the network is up. Add the "_netdev" option.19:56
RichardHollandbekks, nm-cli?19:57
subcoolbekks im doing that command with mount -a19:57
bekksRichardHolland: Thats what I said, yes.19:57
subcoolbekks while the box is on19:57
bekkssubcool: "auto" implies: "whenever the box boots up, run it".19:57
RichardHollandbekks, how do i install it, or start it19:57
subcoolbekks so change auto to _netdev?19:58
bekkssubcool: And if you dont have the nfs utilities installed, it wont work either.19:58
bekkssubcool: No, "add" means: let it look like this: auto,_netdev19:58
nl287RichardHolland: i was using manual editing networking and network menager, but if i want warking /etc/network/interfaces i need to disable network menager in menu on panel19:58
subcoolbekks oh ok.. thanks19:58
RichardHollandnl287, i think i uninstalled the whole network manager. I won't find it anymore in the desktop19:59
nl287RichardHolland: u dont need uninstall. disable is enough19:59
RichardHollandnl287, well it's done anyway20:00
RichardHollandbekks, how do i install it, or start. The program you suggested20:00
subcoolbekks mount: unknown filesystem type '_netdev'20:01
RichardHollandnl287, Goedenavond trouwens.20:01
bekkssubcool: Then your fstab entry is wrong.20:02
kabamarocan i ask something?20:02
kabamarosomebody installed something called "Sniffer" on my ubuntu server20:03
kabamarothey can access root through port 22 without me knowing20:03
kabamaroeven when i access my server20:03
kabamaroroot@testnode1:~# w20:03
kabamaro 20:01:24 up 9 days,  3:55,  0 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.01, 0.0520:03
kabamaroit shows 0 users20:03
subcoolbekks the only thing was the Ip addy20:03
bekksRichardHolland: The package is named "network-manager"20:04
bekkssubcool: What does that mean?20:04
subcoolbekks my router is being a d'bag about assigning ips20:04
bekkskabamaro: How do you know that?20:04
ironfoot495Hello is there sdomeone who is familiar with restoreing SOAP and mysql back in phpinfo()?20:04
subcoolit keeps chaning the IP address of my machines, so- i have a hard time keeping the ip address to the proper machine. and i cant assing ip's through the router-20:05
RichardHollandbekks, they told me the network-manager conflicts with /etc/network/interfaces20:05
subcoolbekks, point bieng i adjusted the IP to the proper ip and the error still occurs20:05
bekksRichardHolland: Which is true. Either use network-manager or manage that file on your own.20:05
rtr-kabamaro so why do you think there is currently  someone on your system?20:05
ironfoot495I upgraded php to 5.5.3 and there is no trace of mysq,mysqli and SOAP20:05
bekkssubcool: Then your entry is still wrong.20:05
subcoolbekks, thats my point- it works on my other two machines..20:05
kabamarortr- because i found a directory called "Sniffer"20:06
bekkssubcool: Which I doubt, strongly.20:06
subcoolbekks im coping it from two working computers20:06
kabamaroin my server20:06
bekkssubcool: Then it cant be working, since it is wrong, simply.20:06
nl287there maybe another one service conflicting mDNS20:06
rtr-kabamaro, where did you find this folder?20:06
kabamarortr- in /root20:07
RichardHollandbekks, i just wanna use the file /etc/network/interfaces. Only after rebooten i don't get a static IP address on eth0 to work. I need the command dhclient eth0 to start the interface eth020:07
rtr-kabamaro, and its simply that? /root/Sniffer ? nothing hidden? not even /root/.Sniffer ? whats in it?20:08
kabamarothere are over 500 files in it20:08
kabamarosuch as20:08
kabamarompaux.h            ssh-keygen20:08
kabamaroMakefile.in        config.h.in       mpaux.o            ssh-keygen.020:08
FloodBot1kabamaro: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:08
bekksRichardHolland: you never get a static address, you have to assign it yourself.20:08
DJoneskabamaro: If your server has been compromised, first thing to do would be disconnect it from the internet and then reinstall, you could never be sure that removing the things you don't recognise actually catches everything20:08
nl287RichardHolland: u need only proper edit interfaces20:08
kabamaroDJones i do not have physical access to it, only remote access20:09
cstewartKabamaro that is present usually when you install wireshark on your system it creates root/sniffer20:09
kabamarocstewart yes but i did not install wireshark20:10
syn-ackAnything with a pcap, for that matter20:10
kabamaroand i also found some brute-force scanners, something called go.sh, it scans servers for port 22 and brute-forces root password20:10
syn-ackdestroy and rebuild. You're screwed20:11
cstewartif its a remote server you might want to install psacct to determine user activity20:11
cstewartyea reload20:11
kabamaroits my fault20:12
cstewartthen look up ubuntu hardened server in google20:12
dswhite85I've got a minor issue with my sound. It randomly crackles from speakers/headphones and the sound crackles/pops noise whenever I adjust the volume up or down with no music playing. Any thoughts?20:12
kabamaromy root password was 123420:12
kabamaroi guess thats how they got in20:12
lhxkabamaro: tsk tsk tsk20:12
rtr-watch your authorized_keys becuause i see ssh-keygen.020:12
syn-ackYou're kidding me, right?20:12
lhxkabamaro: needs to be at least 8-10 characters, case sensitive and with a number and a special character20:12
kabamaroyeah, 1234.20:12
DJoneskabamaro: And this is why ubuntu doesn't recommend setting any root passwords20:12
lhxkabamaro: you deerved to be rooted...20:12
subcoolbekks yeah- it works20:13
syn-ackI was just going to say the samething20:13
rtr-how long did you have this password?20:13
kabamarortr about 2 months20:13
lhxkabamaro: also, you should change your SSH port to something non standard...20:13
RichardHollandbekks, i posted the whole problem on ubuntuforum with thread number 2169928. Maybe if you have time to react on that i would preciate that. Or somebody else for that matter.20:13
kabamarolhx i tried that, i changed it... but even when i change it, port 22 still works20:13
lhxi mean, before you were rooted20:14
dswhite85anyone have any ideas if maybe its a software or hardware issue or something in the terminal i could use to fix it?20:14
lhxyou might as well reinstall from scractch dude20:14
subcoolbekks, i just realized i didnt have the softare installed that supports nfs yet20:14
kabamaroim thinking of changing my internet provider anyway20:14
lhxyou never know what stuff the cracker put on your box... only way to know for sure is to wipe it and start over20:14
lhxkabamaro: isp has nothing to do with it...20:14
x-yurihi, I'm having hard time trying to make rt3090 (wifi) work on ubuntu raring. Does anyone know how to make it work?20:15
kabamarolhx yeah i know, but im changing for a better location20:15
cstewartyea and install ufw and limit who can access the ssh port at minimum20:15
kabamarolhx do you know anything about google compute server hosting?20:15
lhxkabamaro: yup... keeps them from brute forcing you20:15
lhxkabamaro: I like linode20:15
kabamaroi just purchased a server from google, it looks good since its hosted by google20:16
holsteinhosting wont help you with security..20:16
reisiokabamaro: specs?20:16
bekkskabamaro: why do you need a hosted server?20:16
kabamaroi run multiple websites20:17
pvtmerthey ppl20:17
kabamaroi dont usually use 1234 as a password, it was just a one time thing and they brute forced me20:17
bekkskabamaro: Which took just a few seconds, with that password. Just dont set a root password at all.20:18
reisiopvl1: hiyo20:18
kabamaroreisio 8x intel xeon 2.6ghz - 30gb ram20:18
reisiowell, 1234 isn't so much brute force as instant access :)20:18
reisiokabamaro: that thing turbo charged? :p20:19
basichashHow do I change nano tab spaces from to 4?20:19
kabamaroreisio if u want i can give u access to check it out20:19
cstewartserver hardening - www.thefanclub.co.za/how-to/how-secure-ubuntu-1204-lts-server-part-1-basics20:19
kabamarouser access20:19
kabamarosince its new and empty20:19
bekkskabamaro: Do you have any URL about that google hosting?20:19
bekkskabamaro: If you give access away like that - do you really wonder about being brute forced?20:20
reisiokabamaro: sure20:20
kabamarobekks: https://cloud.google.com/products/compute-engine20:20
bekkskabamaro: Never, literally never ever, give anyone access to your server. Never.20:20
kabamarobekks im re-installing it tomorrow20:21
kabamaroits just for testing20:21
bekkskabamaro: Thats a cloud stuff only. :)20:21
basichashHow do I change nano tab spaces from to 4?20:21
kabamarobekks yeah but its amazing for web hosting and stuff20:22
bekkskabamaro: You dont have a "managed server" - you just have "a part of some cloud".20:22
kabamaroyeah i know20:22
bekkskabamaro: You said you have a managed server now.20:22
kabamaroits like a VPS i guess20:22
Extreminadorguys what is the "x-session-manager" for ?20:22
kabamarobekks not the google one, the other one that was brute-forced20:22
Extreminadortwo hours ago i did use it and the entire desktop have disappear leaving only the background and the desktop icons20:23
bekkskabamaro: And they are incredibly expensive. Running it 24h/7days will cost you 142$ a week - at least.20:24
slimjimflimhi, whenever i use sftp and try to upload a file to the remote server i hangs and says -stalled-.  i have a temporary fix of doing: `sudo ifconfig eth0 mtu 1490` but i'd like to find a permanent fix.  can anyone help?20:24
Ampelbeinslimjimflim: http://askubuntu.com/questions/230926/how-do-i-change-the-mtu-value-on-ubuntu20:26
slimjimflimAmpelbein: thanks.  could this be an issue with my isp though?  i've been having problems getting flashplayer working consistently too.20:28
=== SchrodingersScat is now known as Guest17627
Ampelbeinslimjimflim: I can't say. I neither know your ISP nor your method of connecting nor your home network layout.20:30
c31r2gHisaoNakai: hello20:30
slimjimflimAmpelbein: no problem, now that i think of it, changing the mtu fixes flash too.20:31
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=== sinu is now known as dinu
HisaoNakai!ask | c31r2g20:31
ubottuc31r2g: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:31
dinuwhy ‎is it so quiet20:34
cgtdkdinu: because off toptic chatter isn't allowed20:34
=== tomkheop1 is now known as tomcheops
lhxkabamaro: go get the cheapest linode $20 a month, full vps... lots of storage and bandwidth... best customer service20:37
kabamarolhx i will check it out20:38
ubuntuissuesHello, I have been the one having issues trying to restore my file system on my server, I ran an fsck and it said it completed with  issues. However, it says that it has created a a lost+found directory, unfortunately, I still am unable to mount it as the ubuntu live cd I am running states this:20:38
ubuntuissuesError mounting /dev/sda1 at /media/ubuntu/root: Command-line `mount -t "ext4" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid" "/dev/sda1" "/media/ubuntu/root"' exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,20:38
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/20:39
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: Is the harware good? Have you checked the S.M.A.R.T. status of the drive? Do you have backups of the important data?20:39
ubuntuissuesJordan_U, I don't have backups of the drive, it was the / partition. The SMART status is fine, and the hardware is good (it was in RAID 1).20:41
=== anon1 is now known as SchrodingersScat
ubuntuissuesIf I attempt to do dumpe2fs it gives me a buch of information, but none that looks to be usable.20:41
bekksubuntuissues: Why dont you try mounting it like: sudo mkdir /mnt/test; sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/test20:41
ubuntuissuesbekks,  I have tried that, and it reacts the same way... "mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,"20:42
SkeeterBwhat device is usually the CD/DVD drive in linux? I have it set up as the secondary master on my IDE Bus20:42
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: You said that it was in RAID1, is this a hardware RAID controller?20:43
ubuntuissuesJordan_U, it was, but it is logical damage to the disk. Considering I already did an fdisk, it should have already mirrored the data.20:43
ubuntuissuesdmesg states this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6022764/20:43
bekksubuntuissues: Then look at dmesg. And pastebin: sudo blkid please20:43
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: What do you mean by "it was"? Is the device /dev/sda currently representing a hardware RAID1 of two different drives? (Note that true hardware RAID controllers are very expensive, and almost never come with Desktop motherboards).20:45
ubuntuissuesJordan_U,  Sorry, it should have been It is. The Hardware RAID controller is a PERC 5i. bekks, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6022777/20:46
ubuntuissuesI removed some of the UUID's20:46
ubuntuissuesHowever, the one I am trying to mount is labeled root20:46
bekksubuntuissues: BAckup the disk, and run sudo fsck -f20:47
ubuntuissuesbekks, I aready ran sudo fsck by it self on that drive.20:48
bekksubuntuissues: fsck is not the same as fsck -f20:48
ubuntuissuesIs it similar to fsck -y or -a20:48
bekksubuntuissues: No.20:49
ubuntuissuesbekks, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6022785/20:49
=== Companion is now known as companion
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: Did that complete with an exit status of 0?20:53
ubuntuissuesIt ended with the last line in the pastebin, and then dropped me to the ability to run another comand. So yes.20:54
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: (To check, run "echo $?" *immediately* after running the command, or run "sudo fsck -f /dev/sda1; echo $0" if it's too late for that.20:54
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: Sorry, typo. Should have been "$?", not "$0".20:55
ubuntuissuesAfter displaying the last line (root.......) it has an exit status of 0, yes.20:56
webxI'm having a whale of a time trying to figure out which init script is hanging my machine.  ubuntu 13.04, and just after init-bottom finishes, it hangs20:58
webxI can't paste the dmesg output since the machine hangs, so I just took a picture.  the console looks like this: http://bit.ly/18RTxu820:59
SkeeterBi have 12.04 LTS myself20:59
webxI'm wondering how I can figure out the script(s) that are running after init-bottom20:59
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: Try "sudo grub-mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/".21:00
ubuntuissuesIt returned to a new line with no error.21:00
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: "ls /mnt/" and see if you can see your files.21:00
ubuntuissuesAll it is is a lost and found folder now.21:01
ubuntuissuesAnd it is taking a while to display the contents of it.21:01
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: Slowness is expected with grub-mount, it's not really intended for normal use.21:01
ubuntuissueshttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6022819/ So that is expected?21:02
SkeeterBhave you tried booting using a live CD/DVD and mounting?21:03
ubuntuissuesSkeeterB, I am in a livd disc right now.21:03
bekksSkeeterB: he is on a cd ;)21:03
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: It's not terribly surprising that it might take a long time to complete, but the fact that it only shows lost+found is not comforting.21:04
bekksubuntuissues: could you pastebing the entire output of dmesg?21:04
SkeeterBok I am on an installed version though21:04
ubuntuissuesYeah, I know. But, if it even has just the folders I need in lost+found, then I can rebuild the system with the /etc, /var, or /usr folders.21:04
ubuntuissuesJust for my own sanity, can you define 'slowness', should I be waiting hours, or is it just a couple minutes?21:04
ubuntuissuesbekks, hold on21:04
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: After 10 minutes you can probably give up on it ever finishing.21:05
ubuntuissuesbekks, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6022826/21:05
ubuntuissuesSo if that fails, is there any other option I have to mount to even see if the files that are located are in there?21:06
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: And if it does finish after 10 mintues, I would expect it to be because all of your files were placed in the top level of lost+found leading to hundreds of thousands of files to be listed.21:06
ubuntuissuesJordan_U, shouldn't the second 0 indicate how many files there actually are?21:06
ubuntuissuesOr directories21:06
ubuntuissuesSo: dr-xr-xr-x 0 root root 0 Aug 24 15:05 lost+found That number after the owner would indicate if anything was recovered?21:07
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: grub-mount is not intended for regular use, and does not necessarily represent normal POSIX semantics.21:07
bekksubuntuissues: Just look into that folder.21:08
ubuntuissuesbekks, I can't cd or ls into it without it taking some time.21:09
bekksubuntuissues: Then you have wait :)21:09
esei need help with the sound, here is my lspci -v  thank you http://sprunge.us/JEWJ21:14
bekksese: "JEWJ0824 not found"21:15
ubuntuissuesYeah, neither are doing anything right now.21:15
esebekks,  how can i fix that?21:16
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: Try #linuxfs or  #ext4 on irc.oftc.net.21:16
bekksese: By giving us the correct URL.21:16
ubuntuissuesJordan_U, Alright, thanks.21:16
ubuntuissuesYou too bekks thanks21:16
esebekks,  http://sprunge.us/JEWJ21:16
esewith out 0982421:17
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: You're welcome. If you get no answers there (after waiting a while, most IRC channels are *much* less active than #ubuntu), try the linux-ext4 mailing list and if you don't mind, CC me on your email ( Whois me, my email is my first name dot my last name at gmail).21:18
ubuntuissuesJordan_U, alright21:19
ubuntuissuesUh, from the looks of it, #linuxfs isn't a support channel, it is a dev channel.21:19
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: Sorry, you're right. I was going by the comment at https://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Ext4_Howto .21:20
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: I think it's safe to say that you have found a bug, though I'm not certain of that.21:21
ubuntuissuesIs this IRC chat recorded publicly anywhere?21:21
ubuntuissuesCause I don't have logging enabled due to it being on a livecd21:21
sam__I need to repair grub2 . I have mounted my ubuntu partition in live usb.and now I use this command21:21
sam__ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda Path `/mnt/boot/grub' is not readable by GRUB on boot. Installation is impossible. Aborting.21:21
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too.21:21
esebekks,  ese@ese-IdeaPad-Z585:~$ aplay -l21:22
ese**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****  ...but does not show anything21:22
Sector_0hey guys I'm trying to emulate my mouse and keyboard using qjoypad but when I start the game the character and try to turn the character (via mouse emulation) the character spin violently21:22
Jordan_Usam__: Please pastebin the contents of /proc/mounts.21:22
Sector_0the other buttons seems to work though but something seem to be wrong with the mouse aspect of the emulation21:22
Sector_0I've even tried xpadder on top of wine and I get the same problem21:23
Sector_0so does anyone know what might cause this?21:23
sam__Jordan_U__: http://pastebin.com/jnFFSezD21:23
esebekks, my sudo aplay -l: http://sprunge.us/HdAM21:23
Sector_0oh and also the mouse emulation works fine on the desktop, the problem only occurs in the game21:23
ubuntuissuesOerHeks, thank you21:23
Jordan_Usam__: That's not what I asked for.21:25
Sector_0there some vague forum that suggested installing xserver-xorg-input-joystick but that requires xserver-xorg-core, but I'm kind of skeptical about doing so because that seem as though it's likely to brick ubuntu21:25
cuddylierI'm having issues viewing files on FTP, I can view a folder with the perms:  drwxrwx--- but why can't I view a folder with perms: d-wx--x--x21:25
cuddylierAlso, how do I change this folder to drwxrwx---?21:26
Jordan_Usam__: It does however show that your root problem is that you haven't actually successfully mounted anything yet.21:26
Jordan_Usam__: sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt/21:27
sam__Jordan_U__:ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo mount /dev/sda6 mount: /dev/sda6 already mounted or /media/ubuntu/aa9a8b40-8489-4309-992e-5ffe0533bc41 busy mount: according to mtab, /dev/sda6 is already mounted on /media/ubuntu/aa9a8b40-8489-4309-992e-5ffe0533bc4121:27
ubuntuissuesJordan_U, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6022886/ would this be said bug? I can't tell if it is due to ext4 or something else.21:27
bellatrixHello there21:28
sam__Jordan_U__: so how can i mount it?21:28
silne30Hello all. I am having an issue with partitions. I resized my drive to make more space for Linux and that operation was successful. When I went back into Linux, the entire HDD shows as unallocated space and when I double click the drive it tells me "Unable to Satisfy All Constraints"21:28
Jordan_Usam__: It's already mounted, at /media/ubuntu/aa9a8b40-8489-4309-992e-5ffe0533bc41 so run "sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/media/ubuntu/aa9a8b40-8489-4309-992e-5ffe0533bc41/boot /dev/sda".21:28
Naphatulif i turn on "Record activity" in the privacy settings will anything be sent to canonical/someone ?21:28
Jordan_Usam__: And be sure to run the exact command I gave.21:28
silne30I ran this command and get the same messange. sudo parted /dev/sda unit s print21:29
Jordan_Usilne30: What tool did you use to do the resizing?21:30
sam__Jordan_U__: http://pastebin.com/7XGxtMZm21:30
ubuntuissuesAlso Jordan_U I didn't realize you were in the ext4 channel, but, what is the unmount command for grub-mount21:30
bellatrixi use xubuntu and i install plymouth and sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth21:31
bellatrixand i select number and than i reboot My computer and nothing happen21:31
silne30A windows tool. Easus partition manager.21:31
bellatrixplz help me21:32
O[_]why dont mint boot!!21:32
O[_]I put the stupid ISO on the usb stick21:32
sam__Jordan_U__: so grub is installed now? I can login to ubuntu if I reboot?21:32
O[_]well that says a lot!21:32
FloodBot1O[_]: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.21:32
Naphatulif i turn on "Record activity" in the privacy settings will anything be sent to canonical/someone ?21:32
O[_]so wtf do I do now21:33
silne30I found that using the linux cd is much better than running from USB. IT's always been hit or miss.21:33
Jordan_Usam__: Yes, you should be good to go now.21:33
bellatrixguys help me21:33
O[_]im not putting it on a fucking cd it takes ages21:33
bekksO[_]: Ask the mint support and watch your language.21:33
O[_]ive did that with ubuntu already21:33
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: sudo umount /mnt/21:33
ubuntuissuesAh, okay, I thought it was a different command.21:34
sam__Jordan_U__: thank you verymuch I have been stucked with this problem  for very long time21:34
O[_]where is the mint support group21:34
bekks!mint | O[_]21:34
ubottuO[_]: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:34
Jordan_Uubuntuissues: I'll be gone for about an hour (maybe less).21:35
O[_]lol theres two users in there21:35
NaphatulO[_]: ... on irc.spotchat.org21:35
bekksO[_]: Not our business ;P21:35
O[_]im trying it now21:36
silne30I am telling you O[_]. Using a CD works a lot better. How long have you had this issue?21:36
ubuntuissuesJordan_U, alright, well, thanks for everything so far. Though, I can't unmont /mnt because ls seems to have stalled, even though the process should have been killed.21:36
IdleOnesilne30: feel free to help him in the mint support channel21:36
O[_]and if I dont like mint that will be more time wasted!21:36
O[_]im not using a cd21:36
subcoolwhats the attribute to use chown and make all subdirectories and files change permission too21:36
O[_]I only tried usb boot now21:36
IdleOneO[_]: Go to the mint support channel. mint is NOT supported here.21:37
Naphatulsubcool: -r21:37
O[_]well why are you people asking me stuff then!21:37
Naphatulor -R21:37
O[_]I am trying to go to there21:37
subcooli tried R, but its not working wwell21:37
Naphatulsubcool: man chown21:38
subcoolidk y- but those things never make sense to me21:38
subcooli cant follow the attribute reasons21:38
Naphatulsubcool: -R, --recursive, operate on files and directories recursively21:39
Naphatulwhats so hard about that?21:39
O[_]how am I supposed to go to  #linuxmint-help21:39
O[_]it keeps coming up as irc.rizon.net!21:40
subcoolso which is it? or is it both21:40
IdleOnetype /server irc.spotchat.net , then join the channel21:40
Naphatulsubcool: you can use either21:41
O[_]whats the port and hostname for this21:41
O[_]nm got it21:41
silne30Any ideas on what may be going on with the partition issue?21:42
silne30I am all over google but not able to track down the issue yet.21:42
silne30I tried using fdisk to list my partitions21:42
silne30it says cannot open /dev/sda21:42
subcooldo you put to --recurive after or before the path21:42
Naphatulagain, does anyone know if any of the data with "Record activity" feature turned on is sent to canonical or anyone else?21:43
silne30Does that mean I have no partition table?21:43
Naphatulsubcool: just go read the man page it explains how it works21:43
JamoBoxCould anyone perhaps refer me to a channel that could help me with an issue I've been having dual booting Ubuntu with Windows 7?21:44
LordDragonhey all21:44
silne30Ooh. I think I found something.21:45
silne30JamoBox: what is the issue?21:45
silne30I am dual booted.21:45
silne30Maybe I can help.21:45
LordDragondoes 13.04 have an issue mounting 64gb FAT32 drives? it mounts my 16gb just fine. but my 64bg thumb drive doesnt show up in /media/username21:45
SlartLordDragon: anything in the logs when you connect it? var/log/syslog is a good start21:46
JamoBoxsilne30: When I start my computer it will automatically boot into windows 7, without bringing up GRUB or anything similar. To get onto Ubuntu I have to press ESC during the bios flashscreen and go through menus selecting to run UEFI application, then select Ubuntu > Grub.efi from the harddisk21:46
NaphatulLordDragon: is it listed by "lsblk" ?21:46
silne30Partition 3 does not start on physical sector boundary.21:46
bekksLordDragon: MAximum volume size for FAT32 is 32GB.21:46
JamoBoxI was wondering how to get GRUB to show up when I boot my computer so I can pick right away21:47
LordDragonah thought so bekks21:47
LordDragonlsblk shows it as sdb21:47
LordDragonbut its not mounted21:47
bekksLordDragon: Thats a drive, not a filesystem. :)21:47
LordDragonosx and windows can mount FAT32 volumes over 32GB....21:47
Extreminadorhow can i know my local ip address ?21:48
VassiliAri'd like to compile a program as a non root user can anyone help me please?21:48
SlartLordDragon: bekks: Microsoft lists the limit of 32 GB as a limit in the formatting utility shipped with windows.. they mention 127 GB as a limit for reading from drives21:48
JamoBoxExtreminador: ifconfig21:48
Extreminadorthanks JamoBox21:48
JamoBoxno problem21:48
NaphatulVassiliAr: why do you need root to compile it?21:48
LordDragonSlart: while its true that widnows doesnt officially let you format over 32GB, you CAN do it and windows will read/write just fine to it21:48
LordDragonwow. it just mounted itself21:49
crundarHow do I change which proprietary nvidia driver I'm using from the command line. I'm trying to choose the right one (I'm looking for the overscan correction option)21:49
LordDragonafter like 2 minutes21:49
NaphatulLordDragon: try mount -t vfat /dev/sdb /mnt21:49
Naphatulif sdb is your usb21:49
LordDragonit took like 2 -3 minutes of nothing, then suddenly the GUI popped up with it mounted21:49
LordDragoni wonder why the delay21:49
SlartLordDragon: yes, that's what I was saying... =)21:50
crundarI choose .... poorly, and am now not getting a graphical display21:50
VassiliAri dont need root to compile i dont know how to compile it without getting error about missing libraries21:50
Naphatulso no one knows what "Record activiy" in the Privacy panel does?21:50
LordDragonSlart: you were saying there would be a delay to mount it?21:50
HisaoNakaicrundar: Indian Jones lol21:50
crundarfailsafeX, the backup graphics version, isn't working21:50
linuxuz3rhow to install gnome 3 in 12/0421:50
bekksVassiliAr: then you have to find out where to find the missing libraries.21:51
MosecoI have what i hope is a quick question. I have windows 7 on 1 ssd and ubuntu (installed 2nd) on another ssd. What is the best way to dual boot this set up? I am aware of the repair tool, does this create a grub dual boot for this?21:51
SlartLordDragon: no, that the 32GB limit was just when creating volumes with windows 2000.. but nevermind.. it works for you now?21:51
crundarHisaoNakai: yeah, It's not quite face-bleeding, arc-of-the-covenant, but I'd sure like to have a graphical display again21:51
OerHekslinuxuz3r, 12.04 has gnome3 already21:51
LordDragonSlart: yeah.. suddenly it just popped up after like 2-3 minutes of nothing21:51
LordDragonwhats the keyboard command to jump to the end of document in pico?21:51
visualiseLordDragon, do you see it gets taken care of after it pops up?21:52
OerHekslinuxuz3r, open terminal: gnome-about –gnome-version21:52
VassiliAri been reading about compiling and missing libraries for 2 days now and feel like i need help please21:52
LordDragonvisualise: what do you mean by "taken care of" ?21:52
HisaoNakaicrundar: lol, I'd help if I wasn't a luser21:52
NaphatulVassiliAr: perhaps ask in the channel for the language you're learning?21:53
LordDragonok in the syslog i was getting timeouts21:53
LordDragonubuntu udevd: timeout /sbin/blkid -o udev -p /dev/sdb21:54
VassiliArim not learning really i already know how to program a bit i havent done it in a long time and the same goes for compiling in linux21:54
squaregoldfishVassiliAir: What's your question?21:54
LordDragonit kept trying and trying to mount it21:55
LordDragonand eventually succeeded21:55
VassiliAri want to compile qemu as non root and get a missing libraries error21:55
bekksVassiliAr: Pastebin the full, exact error message into a pastebin then.21:55
Atlanteanis anyone here?21:55
bekks!pastebin | VassiliAr21:55
ubottuVassiliAr: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:55
bekksAtlantean: More than 1000 people - why?21:56
Atlanteanbekks: hi21:56
VassiliAryour offering a program i cannot install lol21:56
Atlanteanbekks: my keyboard doesnt work on fresh install of Debian, cannot use console, help make it work etc.21:56
Atlanteantouchpad also21:56
bekksAtlantean: We dont support Debian in here.21:56
katkissonI hear Lubuntu is going to upgrade in Ocotober, and that the old one will only be supported for a couple of months longer. How long is support for the new upgrade for Lubuntu going to last21:57
bekksVassiliAr: You can use copy and paste and a browser.21:57
VassiliAroutput : zlib check failed        Make sure to have the zlib libs and headers installed21:57
AtlanteanI have KUbuntu21:57
MosecoI have what i hope is a quick question. I have windows 7 on 1 ssd and ubuntu (installed 2nd) on another ssd. What is the best way to dual boot this set up? I am aware of the repair tool, does this create a grub dual boot for this?21:57
bekksVassiliAr: The full error message please, in a pastebin :)21:57
bekksAtlantean: You just said you have Debian. Please seek their support then.21:57
El_CaballeroHello people. May I ask a question about aptitude? I know it is an Ubuntu's channel and not aptitude21:57
VassiliAri dont have pastebin i dont even know what it is - but the full message was just posted21:58
wilee-nileeMoseco, You have ubuntu already right, thats what I read?21:58
bekksVassiliAr: ^Pastebin services are websites...21:58
Mosecowilee-nilee, i have it installed on the 2nd HD21:58
Atlanteanbekks: Ubuntu is below Debian, anyway I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed and many oters, no keyboard21:58
bekksVassiliAr: You dont need to install anything for using it.21:58
kostkon!paste | VassiliAr21:58
ubottuVassiliAr: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:58
bekksAtlantean: 10.10 is EOL and unsupported.21:59
visualise"Ubuntu is below Debian"?!21:59
wilee-nileeMoseco, Partitioned or a wubi install?21:59
bekks!eolupgrades | Atlantean21:59
ubottuAtlantean: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:59
Atlanteaneverything is based on Debian man21:59
bekksAtlantean: We dont care. If you have Debian, seek their support.21:59
Atlanteanbekks: I dont have Debian21:59
visualiseI can't understand why people still use redhat, fedora, etc. They must join the debian-blob!21:59
bekksAtlantean: You said you do.21:59
Mosecowille-nille, i used a disk to install ubuntu onto the HD while my windows HD was disconected22:00
wilee-nileeMoseco, You using grub to boot both?22:00
Atlanteanbekks: I said I want to install linux and I cannot any, so I stopped by to look, if when I run Ubuntu now, someone can tell me if there are some drivers for Ubuntu and it is straightforward, cause Linux Mint failed at it totally22:00
LordDragonis there a GUI app in ubunty for monitor the syslog ?22:00
LordDragonerm ubuntu*22:00
Mosecowille-nille, when i have only my ubuntu connected it shows the grub screen but with both HDs connected windows boots22:00
bekksAtlantean: Use a recent Ubuntu version then. 10.10 is not supported anymore.22:01
kostkonLordDeath, the default gnome log viewer?22:01
squaregoldfishVassiliAir: zlib is a library. To compile a program that needs it, you have to install the development package. For zlib, look in synaptic for a package named something like zlib-dev or libzlib-dev.22:01
AtlanteanAtlantean: no be sure I have the newest22:01
kostkonLordDragon, the default gnome log viewer?*22:01
LordDragonah found it22:01
AtlanteanAtlantean: I have the newest one22:01
bekksAtlantean: you said you have 10.10 - which is not the newest.22:01
kostkonLordDragon, :)22:02
AtlanteanI have installed all versions on hdd22:02
wilee-nileeMoseco, both are internal HD right, you can have both plugged in and that is a dualboot, am I missing something here?22:02
bekksAtlantean: However. MAybe someone else will support you - I wont anymore.22:02
Atlanteanok, I see, Ubuntu is shit22:03
Mosecowilee-nilee, they are both internal, but when i installed ubuntu i had my windows HD disconnected22:03
silne30Does anyone have any familiarity with fdisk and issues that can come about?22:03
Atlanteanas someone mentioned on forum "made by laicks for laicks"22:03
Mosecowilee-nille, Would launching from the install disk and using the repair tool make it so grub came up instead of windows?22:03
wilee-nileeMoseco, Right plug them both in in ubuntu run sudo update-grub and you will either with grub if you have that HD read first in the bios.22:04
wilee-nilee you will boot either*&22:04
silne30http://pastebin.com/wCmEFFPc This is what fdisk records to me. sda3 and sda5 seem to overlap or something and it seems to be sda3's fault.22:04
VassiliArhttp://pastebin.com/aFL59x1L - my pastebin error url i suppose22:05
bekksVassiliAr: Pastebin the full output, not just two lines.22:05
crundarAlright, I managed the first step, which is to enable my fs in read/write mode, and I can now edit the /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia-graphics-drivers.conf file22:05
VassiliArthe full output is 2 lines22:05
crundarnot entirely sure what I need to do from there to reenable the right graphics drivers22:05
VassiliAryou mean the commnad im using too?22:05
Mosecowille-nilee, So this will configure the bios to read the ubuntu hard drive first or do i go into bios and change the order to the ubuntu drive?22:06
bekksVassiliAr: No. The output of the command giving you that error is much much longer. Give us the full output.22:06
LordDragonso if ubuntu has issues with FAT32 volumes above 32gb, whats the recommended filesystem for large usb thumb drives on ubuntu that isc ompatible with other computers/devices?22:06
darkelfjuggaloI need Java in ubuntu 13.04; certain websites require it...but unsure which package i need22:06
squaregoldfishVassiliAr: zlib is a library. To compile a program that needs it, you have to install the development package. For zlib, look in synaptic for a package named something like zlib-dev or libzlib-dev.22:06
NaphatulVassiliAr: why are you compiling qemu?22:07
VassiliArno the output is 2 lines only - i could add a 3rd if you like by adding the command that i used which is configure22:07
wilee-nileeMoseco, You can tab complete nicks to get them correct, so we are notified you are talking to us. You have to set the bios.22:07
bekksVassiliAr: We want to see a paste with the command in the first line and the full output of that command.22:07
VassiliAri cannot use package manager as non root - but i read and beeng told that it can be done anyway22:08
bekksVassiliAr: I will not tell it a fourth time.22:08
bekksVassiliAr: You dont need to install anything.22:08
VassiliArman 2 mins ago i didnt know what pastebin was cut me some slack here please22:08
Naphatulbekks: he means thats why he's compiling qemu, because he can't install it22:08
wilee-nileeMoseco, There is also a boot from menu outside the bios for a persession choiced of what to boot from, say if you want to boot a cd, or usb or the other HD without changing the bios22:08
bekksNaphatul: We dont even know the command he is running.22:08
Mosecowilee-nilee: Ok, so using sudo update-grub will make the grub have windows and ubuntu in it, and then i go into the bios and set the ubuntu drive first in the list. Just to make sure i have it right.22:09
wilee-nileeMoseco, You have got it. ;)22:09
Mosecowilee-nilee: Thank you very much, time to hopefully not break my computer :P22:09
squaregoldfishVassiliAr: If you can't use a package manager to install things, I'm afraid you can't get much further - you'll  need to install the support packages for compilation, and if you can't do that then you're stuck.22:10
VassiliArhere i updated the pastebin adding commandline (one of many that i tried) : http://pastebin.com/neVQb7GY22:10
bekksVassiliAr: Where is the FULL output of that command?22:11
VassiliArthere is nothing else - i dont see anything else printed in the console22:11
bekksVassiliAr: There is much more, when you press enter after your command.22:11
=== draconus2 is now known as draconus
bekksVassiliAr: It starts to scroll a lot, and you will see your errors too.22:12
bekksVassiliAr: Anyway, someone else will help you.22:12
squaregoldfishbekks: Hate to say it, but you're a bit agressive.22:12
VassiliArno that is after configure finishes o have seen it - you mean after make and make install run - but i dont get to that part because to execution stops earlier22:13
bekkssquaregoldfish: I am just refusing to help voluntarely after telling him the same thing 5 times and hearing different reason for why he is not providing the requested information.22:13
VassiliAri having a problem compiling a program can anyone help me please?22:15
Jordan_UVassiliAr: What is your end goal?22:16
VassiliArto be able to use it22:17
Jordan_UVassiliAr: To be able to use what?22:18
VassiliArqemu - i managed to compile zlib which is required by qemu22:19
VassiliArbut when i tried to compile qemu it says i cannot find zlib libraries22:19
Jordan_UVassiliAr: Why not just use qemu on a computer that you control, or why not ask the Sysadmin to install qemu for you to use?22:20
VassiliAri just dont see it happening that way jordan - but i read and been told that i could compile it and use it22:22
VassiliAri having a problem compiling a program can anyone help me please?22:24
AnonynimityHello all. I'm having an issue with ubuntu raring. anyone help please?22:26
HisaoNakai!ask | Anonynimity22:27
ubottuAnonynimity: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:27
VassiliArim having a problem compiling a program can anyone help me please?22:27
=== hypebadger is now known as poppahorse
AnonynimityFirefox is downloading at a horrid 12 kbps. I figure something is hogging the bandwidth. I can't figure out what. Could someone help me get my download speeds working correctly?22:28
cgtdk!patience | VassiliAr22:28
ubottuVassiliAr: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/22:28
visualiseAnonynimity, did you run a virus scan?22:28
wilee-nileeVassiliAr, If someone feels they can they will answer, it is expected you wait around 10 min to repost this sort of stuff, and not ask for help but post the actual problem in detail.22:29
eseHi, my sound is not working in ubuntu 12.04 Precise 32bits, this is some related hardware pastes: http://sprunge.us/iRYQ  http://sprunge.us/HdAM  and http://sprunge.us/JEWJ  ...thank you.22:29
Anonynimitynope I have not.22:29
=== MasterAsia_ is now known as MasterAsia
VassiliArim having a problem compiling a program can anyone help me please? http://pastebin.com/neVQb7GY22:29
Anonynimityrunning clamtk now.22:30
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Have you done a speed check?22:30
Anonynimityyes I have done a speed check. it comes out to 3 MiB/s22:31
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Not your computer likely try rebooting the router to start with.22:31
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, The source could be slow.22:31
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, thats not slow persay what is the max speed your allowed.22:32
Anonynimitydownloading from solidfiles22:32
scott_evI haven't edited my wiki in a very long time.  Now I can't get an 'edit' page even though I'm logged in - any ideas?22:32
mike12Hi, I just installed Ubuntu 13.04 from dvd. Installation went successful. Upon bootup, the PC is trying to boot from the network.  It doesn't boot into Ubuntu (cd is removed).  Pics: http://imgur.com/a/bwcly22:32
Anonynimitythe max speed I'm allowed is 5 MBps22:33
AnonynimityI'm downloading at 12 kbps22:33
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Make sure you use nicks here.22:33
Anonynimitysorry wilee-nilee22:33
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, no biggie it just makes things easier, I'm not sure of the problem but solid files does not carry much info.22:34
VassiliArim having a problem compiling a program can anyone help me please? http://pastebin.com/neVQb7GY22:35
AnonynimityI'm downloading a file stock_android_ics_4.0.3 for my fusion 2. it's 285 MBs. @ wilee-nilee22:35
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Sure, I have 7MB but am throttled at 700KB on downloads, you are subject to that possibilty and the speed of the servers between you and the download.22:37
Jordan_UVassiliAr: Ubuntu has a package manager for a reason, if you try to install programs without using the package manager at all 1: It will be verry difficult, much more so than just compiling a single program normally would be 2: So far away from how Ubuntu is setup to work that I'd almost say it's offtopic for this channel and 3: So tedious that you can't expect people to want to help you through it, so be happy if they do but don't expe22:37
Anonynimityok... is there a way to check if there's something hogging my bandwidth @ wilee-nilee?22:38
visualiseAnonynimity, did you run a virus scan?22:38
Anonynimityit's running visualise22:38
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Not sure to be honest, I've never had to check that out.22:38
visualiseAnonynimity, what kind? I hope it check for rootkits too22:38
Anonynimityclamtk. @ visualise22:39
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Highly unlikely you have anything resembling a badware, in linux it is basically rootkits and keyloggers and have to have root to do anything, can I assume your have not run in root and and a strong password, and know what your doing?22:40
Anonynimityyes, yes, yes, and yes @ wilee-nilee22:41
VassiliArofftopic for installing something in ubuntu? isnt this an ubuntu? then where should i go for help?22:42
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Cool, just had to ask we never know. ;) Kind of out of my area to do a bottom up analysis of what might be happening.22:42
AnonynimityI understand... just bugging the h377 out of me... ya know?22:43
Guest86931This is by far the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life. How do I change my username from Guest though?22:44
kimirI installed libreoffice-gtk3 package but it is unaffected by it. How can I make libreoffice use gtk3?22:44
ubottuYour nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.22:44
wilee-nileeGuest86931, ^^22:44
Guest86931thanks guys22:44
isashaI feel this is relevant http://i.imgur.com/skeWow2.jpg22:44
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=== Maple__ is now known as [Rainbow_Dash]
VassiliArim having a problem compiling a program can anyone help me please? http://pastebin.com/neVQb7GY22:45
rousseauaso cool22:45
cgtdk!patience | VassiliAr22:45
ubottuVassiliAr: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/22:45
Anonynimitywillee-nillee > http://pastebin.com/sHU3GJ6w22:45
wilee-nileeAnonynimity, Nothing I understand.22:47
wilee-nileeisasha, To what, we just don;t click on links here.22:48
=== RedefinedClank is now known as Clank|Gone
isashabut you still read it22:48
wilee-nileeisasha, Your point is?22:49
isashadude, it's imgur - a pointless, utterly useless procrastination tool22:49
isashathere is no point22:49
wilee-nilee!ot | isasha22:49
ubottuisasha: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:49
VassiliArim having a problem compiling a program can anyone help me please? http://pastebin.com/neVQb7GY22:50
Jordan_UVassiliAr: The solution for installing qemu in Ubuntu is to run "sudo apt-get install qemu". You are doing something very different, because you don't have admin privileges on the machine you're using. You're also not just compiling a single program, so please clarify that in the future.22:51
AnonynimityVassiliAr- please try sudo apt-get install zlib zlib-lib linux-headers-generic22:51
Anonynimityor sudo apt-get install zlib zlib-libs linux-headers-generic22:51
Anonynimityif that doesn't work remove the zlib-libs command VassiliAr22:52
VassiliAranonymity and jordan i cant use package manager cause i dont have root - but i have read that i could be done anyway and even been told so in chat rooms like this one22:52
Jordan_UVassiliAr: And answers like Anonynimity gave are why you need to clarify what you're actually trying to do. You're *not* just compiling qemu.22:52
AnonynimityJordan_U >> line 4 Error:zlib check failed >> Line 5 : make sure to have the zlib libs and headers installed.22:53
Jordan_UVassiliAr: Please try ##linux, and if you ask your question again without clarifying that you are trying to compile qemu and all of its build dependencies and all of its runtime dependencies without access to the package manager, I will have to mute you as you are wasting helper's time.22:54
MosecoI have windows and ubuntu installed on two seperate hard drives and i have the ubuntu HD set in the bios to boot first yet windows boots by default, anyone know how to fix this?22:54
wolfspywho uses ubuntu with gnome 3?22:55
VassiliArok buddy i will clarify22:55
NaphatulMoseco: do you get to GRUB?22:55
VassiliArinstead of threatining me you should offer me - you are wating time i think22:55
VassiliArwhy not offering some ideas for a change?22:55
AnonynimityVassiliAr check p2p msgs22:56
MosecoNaphatul: If go to the bios screen and select the efi shell associated with ubuntu then i get to grub. But if i let it boot on its own it goes to windows22:56
wilee-nileeMoseco, down load this app and run the bootinfo summary only, and post the generated url. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair22:56
rousseauaanyone have favorite applications for the terminal?22:57
wilee-nileeMoseco, Ah efi this a uefi W8 dual boot?22:57
Mosecowilee-nilee: I assume you mean windows 8, i have windows 722:58
Mosecowilee-nilee: Here is the link http://paste/ubuntu.com/6023114/22:58
wilee-nileeMoseco, That script is helpful with some helpers if you have a uefi I can't help. I'm just trying to confirm this is a uefi, generally W8 is involved.22:59
Naphatulwhy not just turn off uefi if you have w7?22:59
actarus488I have countacted WebbyIT.. what is a 'bouncer' please?22:59
Naphatulit doesn't need it22:59
Mosecowilee-nilee: I have updated the bios (intel) to the latest and i have set UEFI not to be the only boot option22:59
Jordan_UVassiliAr: I already asked you before to clarify what you're doing, and said exactly how you should do so.23:00
Mosecowilee-nilee: Here is the link to boot repair summery: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6023114/23:01
wilee-nileeMoseco, Here is a good thread on this subject, and the author is one of the best helpers in this area. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729523:02
wilee-nileeMoseco, I'm not up on uefi stuff, it can be different per manufacturers versions...etc23:02
Mosecowilee-nilee: Ok, thanks23:03
BabsSeedHey, I just installed 13.04 from the live CD environment (MD5 of the CD checks out fine). The graphical interface works when I boot the CD but after a reboot I'm stuck with a black screen with a flashing white underscore cursor. Holding shift or esc doesn't bring up a grub menu. I'm running a Phenom II, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX570. Any suggestions appreciated.23:03
Jordan_UMoseco: Please pastebin the output of "sudo efibootmgr" then the output of "sudo grub-install".23:03
wilee-nileeactarus488, what is WebbyIT?23:04
O[_]in mint how do I rename trasn and computer23:04
Jordan_U!mint | O[_]23:04
ubottuO[_]: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org23:04
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | BabsSeed23:04
ubottuBabsSeed: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:04
O[_]they wont help23:04
O[_]idk why23:05
VassiliArok i got that jordan23:05
O[_]nor will #linux23:05
actarus488hi wilee-nilee! it is a nickname, answered: i am only a bouncer23:05
VassiliArnow i ask you why dont you offer me a solution then?23:05
jordanVassiliAr: no problem :/23:05
wilee-nileeBabsSeed, Ah no grub meanu this a dual boot or multiple HD's?23:05
Jordan_UO[_]: That's unfortunate, but this channel still does not support Mint.23:05
wilee-nileeactarus488, Not on this channel23:05
BabsSeedwilee-nilee: I have 4 HDDs but I chose to install to the specific one, encrypted but didn't manually partition or anything.23:06
MosecoJordan_U: I assume you mean to paste what those two commands return?23:06
actarus488before, he leave i think23:06
BabsSeedwilee-nilee: No other OS's on the machine, other HDDs are empty.23:06
Jordan_UVassiliAr: Because what you're doing is incredibly tedious and I don't have the time or motivation to walk you through it (which I also explained).23:06
actarus488wilee-nilee what is a bouncer, is a irc name?23:07
Jordan_UMoseco: Yes. The "output" of a command is what it prints to the screen (stdout). Technically what it "returns" would be the exit code (a single number).23:07
MosecoJordan_U: Here is the output of sudo efibootmgr: BootCurrent: FFFF Timeout: 2 seconds BootOrder: 0000 Boot0000* Windows Boot Manager23:07
VassiliArat least you could point me some basic help or direction to whcih i could go - especially if thats hard to do...23:08
MosecoJordan_U: Here is the output of sudo grub-install: installtion finished. NO error reported23:08
wilee-nileeBabsSeed, I wonder if the grub bootloader is on one of the HD's have you tried booting from anyone of them? Is there anything other then a mbr set up here or an encrypted standard install, like raid...etc?23:08
BabsSeedVassiliAr:  What are you trying to do?23:08
JofironsesHello, does some one know where I could find the source code for symlink(from, to)23:08
NaphatulVassiliAr: they already did that23:08
BabsSeedwilee-nilee: It's an encrypted standard install. No RAID active yet (I'm planning to do that after I've got a working setup).23:08
NaphatulJofironses: gnu.org/software/coreutils most likely23:09
BabsSeedwilee-nilee: Is it likely thaat it'd install grub on another HDD? :(23:09
VassiliArthen i missed that napha ' twhat did they say?23:09
actarus488wilee-nilee however WebbyIT is in this room now u can see him23:09
wilee-nileeBabsSeed, You might have the grub someplace other than the HD you installed to, this have a boot partition?23:09
Jordan_UMoseco: Please post the output of "sudo efibootmgr" again now that you're run grub-install (use pastebin if it's more than one line).23:09
VassiliArim trying to compile qemu without root23:09
BabsSeedwilee-nilee: I'll try manually partitioning, I'm assuming that will allow me to choose where to install grub.23:10
JofironsesNaphatul: That is exactly where I am looking at right now. I see a declaration of this function in a unistd.h, but unfortunately no real function23:10
VassiliAri read that its possible and even beeng told so in these chats23:10
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wilee-nileeBabsSeed, The manual does yes, encryption can be a real hassle, I would not use it myself.23:10
NaphatulJofironses: what do you mena no function? the source code is on that page23:10
Jordan_UVassiliAr: Is there a reason that you haven't tried asking in ##linux, like I've suggested multiple times?23:11
wilee-nileeBabsSeed, I have an encrypted file, but not the whole OS.23:11
NaphatulVassiliAr: you need the zlib development libraries, since you can't install them through the package manager you need to find another way23:11
MosecoJordan_U: Sorry i am new to this, what is pastebin?23:11
Naphatuladditinally you may need to use fakeroot or something like that23:11
Jordan_U!pastebin | Moseco23:11
ubottuMoseco: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:11
Naphatulthis channel isn't the place to find out how to compile it23:11
Naphatuleither follow the guide or ask in #qemu23:12
VassiliAryes napha what im saying is that many guys leave when a difficulty shows up and some go one - especially if i know that it is possible to do it23:12
BabsSeedwilee-nilee: I need encrypted swap :)23:12
MosecoJordan_U: sudo efibootmgr output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6023160/23:12
JofironsesNaphatul: Seems like I had it wrong. Here is what I have on my unistd.c #include <config.h>23:12
Jofironses#define _GL_UNISTD_INLINE _GL_EXTERN_INLINE23:12
Jofironses#include "unistd.h"23:12
NaphatulVassiliAr: because you're expecting them to do your work for you, also this is the wrong channel to ask23:13
TaZeRsup noobuntus LOL23:13
VassiliAri been to qemu its empty23:13
NaphatulJofironses: still no idea what you're looking at23:13
VassiliAri been to qemu channel its empty23:13
Extreminadoris i possible to know the command in use for some window program ? like the xwininfo that gives some information but not this one23:14
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VassiliArnapha i been trying to do this for 2 days already - dont you think its time i get some help?23:14
Jordan_UMoseco: Please join #grub and ask why grub-install isn't succesfully adding a boot entry for your UEFI firmeware, and post a link to the output of "sudo grub-install" and "sudo efibootmgr".23:14
NaphatulVassiliAr: did you get the zlib development libraries?23:14
MosecoJordan_U: Thanks23:15
Jordan_UVassiliAr: You are not entitled to help, especially not for something like this.23:15
Jordan_UVassiliAr: If you want to be entitled to support, then pay for support services. We are all volunteers.23:15
VassiliArjeez jordan you seem like my judge doing statements like that -  and why do you think other people offer help in situations like mine?23:16
TaZeRkeep noobin it up noobuntus23:16
jordanVassiliAr: if you mean to address Jordan_U you should probably use his name instead of mine23:17
JofironsesNaphatul: I am still trying to find symlink(...). I have my /usr/include/sys/unistd.h: "#include <unistd.h>"23:17
JofironsesNaphatul: Let me get you my unistd.h23:17
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VassiliArsorry jordan lol23:19
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
VassiliAri find amusing that jordan tells me im not entitle for help - especially in linux where everything is for everyone23:19
JofironsesNaphatul: My /usr/include/unistd.h: does in fact have extern int symlink(__const char *__from...)23:19
JofironsesNaphatul: but still no source code23:20
jordanVassiliAr: I find it amusing that you keep pinging me when you mean to address Jordan_U23:20
JofironsesNaphatul: i see only the declaration23:20
VassiliArfunny point of view he has - maybe its beacuse he has some authority in this chat which seems to cloud his judgement23:20
BabsSeedVassiliAr: In Linux if something doesn't exist, you create it yourself, not complain like a spoilt child that no one's doing it for you.23:20
VassiliArsorry again jordan i meant jordan U23:20
BabsSeedThat's my $0.0223:20
AnonynimityI have a more complicated question... would someone be able to tell me how to port ubuntu phone to the huawei fusion 2?23:20
NaphatulJofironses: i don't think they have to ship the source code, only provide it if you ask for it23:21
Naphatulso it's most likely not included23:21
Naphatulwhy aren't you looking at the page i linked? it contains the source code to all the coreutils, find it there23:21
VassiliArim not complaining i been trying to do this for days  and thought i was time to get some human help23:22
JofironsesNaphatul: I have the downloaded project already. Opened it in my netbeans. Still cannot find the source code23:22
BabsSeedVassiliAr: Try asking on qemu mailing lists, this isnt #qemu23:22
VassiliArand again i says i know its possible to do it - i read about it and been told about it in chats23:22
VassiliArim not trying to create anything new - just find out how to do it23:22
JofironsesNaphatul: I am kind of lost and don't know where to look for it23:22
NaphatulVassiliAr: then ask whoever said it was possible, you keep ignoring advice here23:22
Anonynimitywould someone also be able to tell me if this is a safe thing to do in ubuntu raring? http://www.unixmen.com/resolve-slow-connexion-when-using-wifi-in-ubuntu-1104-natty-narwhal/23:23
VassiliArno im not ignoring i just cant speak with everyone at the same time and miss messages23:23
NaphatulJofironses: lingrok.org/xref/coreutils/src/ln.c23:23
VassiliAri tried other channels and many are empty23:23
BabsSeedVassiliAr: It is possible, that doesn't mean someone here wants to spend the next 4 hours explaining how to do it. Brain surgery is also possible but most surgeons wouldn't try to give you a 101.23:23
Jofironseslet me check that23:23
Anonynimitythx Jofironses.23:24
BabsSeedVassiliAr: Try asking on SuperUser or ServerFault.23:24
Anonynimity>> GOOGLE IT!23:25
NaphatulAnonynimity: since you're asking if it's safe then for you it's probably not23:26
JofironsesNaphatul: you could check that page you sent me, line 288 there is only a reference23:26
visualiseBabsSeed, not with that attitude23:26
JofironsesNaphatul: line 322 the same23:26
AnonynimityJust wondering Naphatul, because it says it's for Natty whirl.23:26
Anonynimitybut I'm running raring.23:26
Anonynimityso... conflict?23:26
JofironsesNaphatul: I am not quite sure, but I am starting to guess it is implemented in the kernel. Could that be it?23:27
Naphatuli don't see anything distro specific there, but if you have to ask if it's safe it means you can't fix it if it breaks something23:28
BabsSeedVassiliAr: You have a case of entitlement complex unfortunately. People here are volunteers and do a good job helping but what you're asking for is a borderline case that they would have to research and use their time on.23:28
NaphatulJofironses: yes the actuall symlink is made with a system call, in the future use google/wikipedia more23:28
JofironsesNaphatul: I did use it, but could not find the answer. That is the reason I came here to ask23:29
Naphatulwhat did you search for?23:29
Jofironsessymlink source code23:29
Naphatulbecause i have no idea how it works at all and was able to find the source and how it does it in 10 seconds23:29
Jofironsessymlink source23:30
AnonynimityNot true Naphatul. I followed a guide once... said to remove the dnsmasq-base package. which *stupidly* I had done. but... then... I lost all my internet connection packages. went and downloaded every single .deb package that it was dependent upon, and, about 3 million terminal lines later, it was fixed.23:30
JofironsesNaphatul: Excellent, send me a page with the code then23:30
VassiliArno bab you said they dont want to spend 4 hours helping me - i dont want that i just want 1 Minute just 1 for them to point me in the right direction - thats what you dont seem to notice23:30
BabsSeedVassiliAr: I'm sure if someone knew what to do they would help you. I'd suggest looking into fakeroot23:30
BabsSeedVassiliAr: Or use another computer and cross compile qemu for your platform23:31
Anonynimityor just set a password... and install your generic linux headers, then install the zlib package,23:31
NaphatulJofironses: so you want the kernel code?23:31
Anonynimityand be done with it... after that, disable your pw again... ?23:31
JofironsesNaphatul: I can get it myself, but I'm not sure it will be there23:32
mike12Hi, I just installed Ubuntu 13.04 from dvd. Installation went successful. Upon bootup, the PC is trying to boot from the network.  It doesn't boot into Ubuntu (cd is removed).  Pics: http://imgur.com/a/bwcly23:32
BabsSeedJofironses: The kernel code is at kernel.org23:32
JofironsesBabsSeed: I know, thanks23:32
NaphatulJofironses: how do you mean it won't be there?23:32
Anonynimitygo to your bios settings mike1223:32
JofironsesNaphatul: I mean I don't know if symlink is implemented by the kernel23:32
mike12im in my bios23:33
Anonynimitychange your first boot option to hard drive.23:33
BabsSeedJofironses: Symlinks are implemented by the filesystem23:33
Anonynimitythen save changes and quit23:33
Anonynimitysee if that doesn't help. :)23:33
mike12i have it like that i believe23:33
mike123rd pic23:33
submanHow do I renew a network connection after moving a machine from one place to another?23:33
VassiliAri will try what anonymity said - i will add a password23:33
JofironsesBabsSeed: I'm sorry I meant, int symlink (__const char *__from, __const char *__to). Not symlinks in general23:34
submanHow to change a static ip address is maybe a better question?\23:34
Anonynimityok well then remove the network from boot order, and see what happens?23:34
VassiliAri have added your suggestion bab too23:34
JofironsesBabsSeed: Still both might be the same. Which is what I don't know23:34
VassiliArwill try them later23:34
james434mike12: Do you have Secure Boot enabled in the BIOS or anything else that might interfere?23:34
BabsSeedJofironses: Yes, symlink returns an int (I believe 0 is success), then accepts two inode references IIRC23:34
mike12cant remove it from the boot order, but you can disable network boot. Once I disable it, it no longer tries to boot from network, just says that OS not found23:34
mike12im looking in the BIOS now and I see Secure Boot enabled23:35
james434mike12: Might try to disable it to see if it helps.23:35
BabsSeedmike12: OS not found suggests the install didn't finish successfully23:35
JofironsesBabsSeed: I'm going to take a peek at kernel.org23:35
mike12secure boot disable didn't help23:35
BabsSeedJofironses: Should be in the ext4 code IIRC, been a while since I looked at that23:36
Extreminadorhow can i create a shotcut into the desktop with the enlightenment 17 ?23:36
mike12when I try to reinstall ubunut it asks me if I want to overwrite existing ubuntu23:36
mike12thats why i assumed it was installed fine23:36
mike12ill try reinstalling23:36
JofironsesBabsSeed: k23:36
Extreminadorit's says that i don have permission23:36
BabsSeedmike12: Most likely your MBR or grub didnt install correctly.23:36
BabsSeedmike12: Do you have any USB disks or other hard drives plugged in?23:36
VassiliAri cannot change it anony23:37
Ari-YangExtreminador, join #e for e17 related stuff like "creating shortcuts" etc.23:37
AnonynimityExtreminador have you tried running it as root?23:37
submanCan you at least see me?\23:37
Extreminadornop Anonynimity  not sure how can i do that, but i will join that channel23:37
Extreminadorthanks Ari-Yang23:37
apb1963_I installed a file from the repos... found out it was old... downloaded and installed current sources, apt-get removed the package... and when I run it, it tries to run the old now removed binary.  How do I rehash it so it finds the new binary?23:37
ExtreminadorAri-Yang, there is no such channel in  this server grrr23:38
Extreminadorsorry it's #e23:38
james434mike12: Did you install the 32-bit version?23:38
Extreminadori did try #e17 not #e only23:38
Extreminadorthere is yes thanks Ari-Yang23:38
FlannelExtreminador: #e exists, I just joined it.23:39
submanOk, someone just say hi23:39
james434mike12: If the reinstall doesn't work, then I would try the suggestions on this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:39
mike12ill give that a shot thx23:40
JofironsesBabsSeed: Just found static int ext4_symlink(struct inode *dir,...) do you think that might be it?23:40
james434subman: If you just restart, doesn't that change anything?23:40
apb1963_answer: hash -r   thanks.23:40
JofironsesBabsSeed: at fs/ext4/namei.c23:40
ExtreminadorFlannel, yup, because at first i try #e17 and not only 3e (like i said before)23:41
wilee-nileemike12, Another link worth looking at. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729523:41
submanjames434, no23:41
wilee-nileesubman, no, lol. ;)23:41
james434subman: Which version of Ubuntu are you using?23:41
submanjames434, 13.0423:42
blkdghello, I am using ubuntu 10.10, and i cannot install mupen64plus from it's repo. I tried installing it from apt-get, but it does not work. the error is dlopen('/usr/local/lib/libmupen64plus.so.2') failed: /lib/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.14' not found (required by /usr/local/lib/libmupen64plus.so.2)23:42
submanjames434, server23:42
Anonynimitythen install glibc-2.14 @ blkdg23:42
wilee-nileeblkdg, 10.10 is end of life you don't have access to the manin repos.23:42
blkdgwilee-nilee, I am comming to understand that.23:43
submanSo reinstall?23:43
james434subman: I've had issues with network where both Windows and Ubuntu are used, because Windows doesn't free up the resource. Is it a dual boot machine by any chance?23:43
submanjames434, no23:43
blkdgAnonynimity, can i get glibc 2.14 from apt-get?23:43
Anonynimityidk. I haven't used 10.10 in a long time23:44
AnonynimityI'm on 13.0423:44
wilee-nileeblkdg, We can help you get to a supported version if you like.23:44
james434subman: Have you tried this? http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-release-and-renew-a-dhcp-ip-address-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid9-10-karmic9-04jaunty.html23:45
james434Should work for 13.04 I think.23:45
Anonynimitybye guys.23:45
blkdgwilee-nilee, backup, download latest iso , make disk and install?23:45
Anonynimitynote: ifconfig has been replaced by iwconfig in 12.04 +23:45
wilee-nileeblkdg, That is the easiest and most reliable, yeah.23:46
blkdgwilee-nilee, thought so. just wanted to try the emulator though...23:46
blkdgthanks again.23:47
nullsignubuntu 12.04 networking question: trying to setup a pair of bonded nics (eth0/1 = bond0) (eth2/3 = bond1), my interfaces file is right, my /etc/modules lists bonding, i reboot and get a IP bound to only bond0, bond1 is missing entirely, when i cat /proc/net/bonding/bond0 i see both parts as "Mii STatus down"... this worked fine before i went to bond the NICs...23:49
nullsignnics are broadcom.23:49
nullsigndefault ubuntu install 12.0423:49
nullsignbond0 can ping itself, but nothing else, not the gateway, etc.23:50
eseHello i create a new thread in Ubuntuforums in hope someone knows how to fix my problem with sound: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2170099 thank you all23:50
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lgcHi. How can I enable the swap partition permanently?23:52
Jofironseslgc: fstab23:52
randomiserWhat do you mean pernanently ?23:52
Jofironseslgc: example entry in your /etc/fstab UUID=c69df4d3-4d56-44bc-a949-93fd8bee058f none                  swap    sw                     0 023:53
lgcrandomiser: To enable it every time the system boots.23:53
randomiserThat looks good to me unless you're talking about hibernation or similar23:53
Jofironsesyou could substitute uuid=... for your path to your swap23:54
james434Jofironses: Is it safe to disable swap, though? I guess you could also change the swappiness value...23:54
randomiserAnyone here know about samba4 problems ?23:54
lgcJofironses: What's the command to obtain the uuid from a partition?23:54
Jofironsesjames434: I guess it depends  on the memory23:54
randomiserTo obtain uuid use blkid23:54
Jofironsesjames434: depends on how much you've got23:54
lgcrandomiser: what looks good to you?23:55
Jofironseslgc: you could check /dev/disk/by-uuid23:55
mike12after trying to reinstall ubuntu, it asks me to restart then this happens: http://i.imgur.com/5a3G1Uw.jpg   - and then nothing happens23:55
randomiserDiabling swap is OK in the whort term, longer term you'll see a slowdown as the block cache is impacted23:55
lgcJofironses: I will, thanks.23:55
randomiserlgc: example entry in your /etc/fstab UUID=c69df4d3-4d56-44bc-a949-93fd8bee058f none                  swap    sw                     0 023:56
lgcrandomiser: OK.23:56
OerHeksrandomiser, samba 4 is not yet available in the repo's.23:56
randomiserRe: Samba4 I can see it and install it -23:56
Jofironseslgc: Though do make sure you get the UUID for your swap and not your partition23:56
james434mike12: Did you check with the LiveCD that the hard drive's health status is OK?23:56
randomiserRe: samba4: this is a clean 1304 server install23:57
mike12james434: actually i just had to hit a key and it rebooted fine...im in ubuntu now yay23:57
lgcJofironses: I don't think I understand. You mean the uuid for the swap partition, don't you?23:57
Jofironseslgc: Correct23:57
OerHeksrandomiser, not here, 3.6.9 sorry.23:58
lgcJofironses: The swap partition is not on the /dev/disk/by-uuid directory.23:59
Jofironseslgc: just use your path then23:59
Jofironsesfrom lsblk23:59
chris310Hello, I was just wondering if someone could help me with finding a Macro Mouse Recorder.23:59

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