OvenWerkszequence: (and othes) -settings is ready for upload as soon as -menu and -installer make it to the wild.01:11
OvenWerksgrub-common is quite heavily modified from debian. It would seem upstream could use a makeover/big_patch that allowed more flexability with how the menu was displayed based on one config file instead of ubuntu having to change a pile of things in lots of files.01:44
OvenWerksMany of these changes could be generic rather than ubuntu specific.01:46
zequenceOvenWerks: Just get it uploaded now. We only have until tuesday after all09:52
zequenceOvenWerks: Doesn't matter if the ISO breaks. 09:52
zequenceBugs can be dealed with after FF09:52
zequencemicahg: YOu aren't around by any chance?09:52
zequenceOvenWerks: I've asked to have it uploaded. A MOTU person said it would be nice to have it in a queue - following MOTU documentation about it did not clarify things much for me yet12:27
zequenceSort of like a maze12:28
smartboyhwzequence, it is like you report a bug and subscribe MOTU?12:30
cubHi smartboyhw , I was suprised when running an update today on my 12.04.2 that I didn't get any updates.12:40
smartboyhwcub, because it's already 12.04.312:40
cuband here I was hoping for some new gadget.12:41
smartboyhwcub, what new gadgets?12:41
zequencesmartboyhw: Yes, I think that's the way it works12:42
cubI don't know. When there's an upgrade I just hope tp notice. :P12:42
zequencecub: Did they stop mocking you at work, or they laughed at the cropping on your cup?12:42
zequenceanitklimax sort of thing12:43
cubThey have been quiet actually. 12:43
cubNow I'm trying to get work to pay for my Internetdagarna-ticket so I can get the chance to meet Jono.12:43
cubbut good service from Spreadshirt to send a new one, no hassle.12:44
OvenWerkszequence: good call. Thanks. micah won't be around till later. 13:00
smartboyhwzequence, BTW, please post to social mediae about the 12.04.3 release.13:14
cubIf  I would like to add a keyboard shortcut as deafult in the next release. Where in ubuntustudio-default-settings do I find that?13:39
smartboyhwOvenWerks, ^13:40
smartboyhwcub, you will have to give us a justification of why that shortcut will be convenient to most users though:P13:40
cubI have two suggestions: ctrl + alt + t which is default in any other xfce release, except ubuntu studio13:41
cuband something to start Orca with on the live boot13:41
smartboyhwcub, for the second one: Maybe ask why Xubuntu didn't use it?13:43
* smartboyhw thinks we inherit these from Xubuntu13:43
smartboyhwOops, first one:P13:43
smartboyhwSecond one we can add it13:43
cubyes, they have added it back now.13:43
smartboyhwcub, then why we didn't?13:43
cubI don't know?13:43
smartboyhwAnd maybe check where the shourtcuts are defined in Xubuntu?13:43
cubI have only traced it to "xubuntu-default-settings" but can't find where in there it is13:44
cubI figured someone might know right away instead of searching for it further13:45
OvenWerkscub I am sure we can find it.14:28
OvenWerksteh first thing is to find where it goes in your home directory14:28
OvenWerksperhaps /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml?14:31
OvenWerksproperty name="<Super>t" type="string" value="exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator"/>14:32
OvenWerksopps missed the < on the front of that14:33
OvenWerksTo add that to ubuntustudio look for the same file, but replace the xdg-xubuntu with xdg-ubuntustudio.14:35
OvenWerksubuntustudio-default-settings has had a lot of chnages, so you may wish to do a bzr pull to make sure it is mostly up to date.14:36
OvenWerkscub: just so you know, the first time you log in, that whole directory gets copied to your home directory in ~/.config/xfce4/14:39
cubok, thanks for the info. I will poke around and get familiar before I actually will change anything.14:40
OvenWerksNo problem. It may not make it for 13.10, but 14.04 should be fine.14:41
cubWhy not? Isn't FF the 29th?14:41
OvenWerksIt has been taking a lot of time just getting the packages released14:42
cubOn the other hand, it might already be there if we pull anything from xubuntu14:42
OvenWerksNo we don't, it is not there.14:42
cubaha and another change in the default-settings require a new release?14:42
OvenWerksnot yet.14:43
OvenWerkswe are waiting for someone to help us release it.14:43
smartboyhwWell, if it is just a keyboard shortcut change, I will rather opt for applying for a FFe.14:43
OvenWerksso changes today should be ok.14:43
smartboyhwAfter FF14:43
cubIt would be good to be able to add as UBuntu CTRL + S to start Orca on the live session.14:44
OvenWerksIs that what xubuntu does?14:44
cubno "normal" ubuntu14:44
smartboyhwOvenWerks, does Xubuntu include Orca in the first place?14:45
cubxubuntu doesn't include orca14:45
OvenWerksIf xubuntu's shortcuts are mostly the same, we could import their file as is.14:45
cubStarting Orca on the Live CD14:45
cubdownload and burn the Ubuntu ISO boot from it wait until you hear a sound from your sound card. This may take several minutes on a CD drive. press CTRL+s Within a few minutes, Ubuntu will be loaded with Orca running"14:45
smartboyhwcub, live session ONLY?14:46
cubI'm not sure, but when discussed I think knome said they had included it again14:46
cubsmartboyhw, yes live only. Otherwise it might collide with the other standard ctrl+s I suppose14:46
OvenWerksIf that happens before xfce loads it is not a shortcut14:47
smartboyhwcub, what if Ctrl+S is included in live?14:47
cubthat's what I was going to check when asking about the files :)14:47
cubIt's a rather strange choice, I think, but if Ubuntu use it it might be good to try to keep the same.14:48
OvenWerkscub does the control s have to happen while plymouth is still running?14:48
OvenWerks(ubuntu on screen with moving dots?)14:49
cubno it's once the session is loaded and you can click the "Install" icon14:49
cubhowever, a blind person wouldn't be able to tell if plymouth is running still or not14:50
cuband might press ctrl+s too early. Would that mess something up?14:50
OvenWerksBut it sounds like the sound doesn't happen till the session starts14:50
cubI think it refers to the old drum roll14:50
OvenWerksThat is orca gets loaded as part of the session.14:51
cubwhich is not there anymore is it?14:51
OvenWerksI think what you have is a script that gets run from the session startup that looks for a ctl s and then once the user has selected it... the autostart has it added.14:53
cubI think we could also do a wiki for the accessibility installation and instead do "press ALT+F2 and type 'orca --replace'"14:53
cubNo need for keyboard shortcut, but requires the person to type alright without a screen reader14:54
cubsadly though, the last apt-get upgrade made orca not running at all in Saucy.14:54
OvenWerkscub: one other difficulty with orca and studio... is that with some of the (semi)pro audio cards come up silent.14:56
OvenWerksI would think a blind person would have their internal audio connected though... (I don't)14:57
* OvenWerks disables internal audio in bios14:57
cubBefore the initial installtion one could hope that the internal audio is connected15:08
OvenWerksI think a blind person is more likely to leave the internal sound active15:09
OvenWerkscub: -settings is being reviewed now. SO I can't add anything.15:10
OvenWerkscub: I would suggest you put a bug in marked "wishlist" and mark yourself as "assigned to"15:12
cubI'm not sure that the Ubuntu Accessibility page is up to date either. My tests on Ubuntu Saucy the shortcut didn't work and the screen reader kind of worked but read "Menu icon", Menu icon, menu icon for everything which wasn't really helpful when trying to find like firefox. :D15:12
cubOvenWerks, for the ctrl+alt+t?15:13
OvenWerksa work in progress then.15:13
cubah ok15:13
OvenWerkscub: when you do the change log after you have added it, put (lp: #bugnumber) at the end of your line and use debcommit. That will auto add the --fixes to the commit which will clear the bug when that is released.15:16
cubAny particular reason Ubuntu Studio ship gedit instead of mousepad?16:16
holsteini prefer it16:16
holsteinit can be changed..16:16
holsteini think it was to stay more like main ubuntu and the older ubuntustudio16:17
cubnah I use neither. Was just reading on applications that work well with Orca.16:17
holsteinless change all at once at least16:17
OvenWerkscub: that was what was voted at the time.16:17
holsteinyeah.. and i might have been the deciding vote or whatever.. but im with you guys16:17
* smartboyhw likes gedit16:18
OvenWerkswe have no reason to use a minimal editor. We are not trying to save space. We already have the libs anyway. gedit has more "usefulness"16:19
smartboyhwcub, does mousepad give you code syntax support?16:19
OvenWerkscub: I think mouse pad had problems at the time as well.16:28
OvenWerksxubuntu was using leafpad at the time16:30
OvenWerkssome of our branches have been updated to a new bzr version.17:29
OvenWerksbe warned you may have to rebranch to use them... so don't do much work without trying a pull first... and rebranch if  needed.17:30
cubAh no I have no interest in mousepad. I was just reading up on Orca and Xfce and it came up that mousepad apparently worked well with Orca, while other applications didn't. I think from a Orca POV gedit is better since Orca comes from Gnome.17:33
OvenWerkszequence, knome, TheDrums, micahg: We now have two packages in proposed (and one in new), is there action we need to take? or will they get to the wild on their own?17:55
OvenWerksAfter monkeying around google and ubuntu search engines, I am not finding anything usefull17:56
zequenceOvenWerks: I think they are automatically transferred after a little while, not sure actually18:24
zequenceThat's for the packages in -proposed18:25
zequenceI have no idea about new18:26
TheDrumsFor Debian NEW, it just takes a little time, and for Ubuntu proposed, things get lined up and make sure there's no breakage.18:30
OvenWerksholstein: so far as I know, Ardour will start jackd if it is not running. The problem is it starts jackd and not jackdbus21:07
OvenWerkskillall -9 jackd fixes that though.21:07
OvenWerkszequence: Are we still supporting 10.04? There is a (or more bugs) against ubuntustudio-menu in that era. Can I at least mark it as won't fix?21:39
OvenWerksNo I can't ok Invalid then...21:52

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