lexflexquestion: is upstart not used/activated/installed with a fresh debian 7 install?12:21
Screwbaanyone around?13:51
ScrewbaHave a question on UpStart boot up pausing13:52
ScrewbaI want to run a script a single time upon boot up which will make some configuration changes to the system.  I have tried creating an UpStart Event but this seems to run and everything else runs with it, it does not pause the boot sequence and wait to finish until the rest of the boot up happens13:53
Screwbais there a way I can accomplish this easily?13:53
ScrewbaI have also tried running through rc.local within a loop watching the script but it still does not complete.  I really want the script to run once I have an IP address13:54
xnoxlexflex: sysvinit is default in fresh debian 7 install, you can install upstart package & reboot and use upstart =)14:56
xnoxScrewba: read cookbook, there is a way to "block" other jobs from executing. You mostly likely want your job to start at network-interface IFACE!=lo and before runlevel job is executed.14:57
xnoxScrewba: alternatively you can use an override, e.g. echo "start on started your-magic-job" > /etc/init/runlevel.override, to prevent runlevel 2 event emitted before your job is executed.14:58
xnoxScrewba: i'd recommend to use initctl2dot to generate a graph of all jobs/events on your machine, for you to clearly see & decide where to plug your job in.14:59
lexflexxnox: but i read in various places "only do this when you know what you're doing" which i dont :)14:59
xnoxScrewba: also maybe look at cloud-init, it's a few upstart jobs that modify system configuration on boot. That's what is used by most cloud providers to modify "stock" image into a "unique" cloud instance.15:00
xnoxlexflex: we are here to help. it does work great, but there can be debian specific bugs/quirks. You will be able to revert back easily by installing sysvinit again.15:01
xnoxlexflex: do think why you want to do this and whether you have time to troubleshoot if something goes wrong.15:01
lexflexxnox: I'm trying to set up uwsgi and django15:14
xnoxlexflex: debian has eloquent uwsgi init scripts which let you configure a "projects" and it will start them all individually. Not sure if upstart will gain you anything, just for that.15:15
Screwbaxnox: THANKS A LOT...I went through the cookbook and nothing really poked out at me but this guidance is JUST what I need.15:42
lexflexxnox: the thing is i couldn't find them15:42
lexflexi didn't use apt-get15:42
xnoxlexflex: apt-cache search uwsgi15:43
xnoxlexflex: apt-cache search django15:43
lexflexxnox: in the uwsgi doc it said the packages are outdated and i should build from source or something15:46
lexflexi _think_ thats what i did15:46
lexflexbut now there are no init.d scripts or anything, just a bin15:46
xnoxlexflex: stable/testing has 1.2.3, unstable has 1.9.13, latest upstream is
xnoxlexflex: if you don't know how to use/compile software from source. It's best for you to use the package from debian, it's properly compiled & easy to use out of the box.15:49
xnoxlexflex: and has proper init.d scripts & simply just works on debian.15:49
xnoxlexflex: does it actually matter to you if you are using 1.2.3 or 1.9.x? are there features you rely on from newer uwsgi? as far as I can tell django would work with either.15:50
lexflexxnox: is unstable obtainable by apt-get?15:50
Screwbaxnox:  cloud-init is not in the cookbook, should it be?  doing a search online for it now15:56
xnoxScrewba: cloud-init is an upstrem project and a package in ubuntu. Google for cloud-init, or ubuntu cloud images. Or blog posts by smoser / hallyn. 15:57
xnoxScrewba: the cookbook is about upstart and  best practises in writting upstart jobs. cloud-init has leveraged upstart jobs, but it does a lot more than just upstart jobs. it can configure your system, install/upgrade packages, resize filesystems, etc....15:59
Screwbaxnox: found it and have read the doc on it...seems pretty cool.  I will see if I am going to use that or use the Blocking method in the cookbook...thanks again, your info is definately valuable.   =)16:02
lexflexxnox: I guess not. I'm a Linux/Python/Django noob, so :)16:17
lexflexxnox: but the uwsgi docs say "Suggestion: when you start learning uWSGI try to build from official sources, using distro-supplied packages could bring you lot of headaches. "16:18
lexflexxnox: and also: "If you think about writing some init.d script for spawning uWSGI, just sit down and realize that we are no more in 1995."16:19
xnoxlexflex: this is not a support channel for uwsgi/django. try #ubuntu for general support.16:22
xnoxlexflex: or uwsgi/django forums.16:22
lexflexxnox: I know, but you asked me why I wanted to use upstart. and the reason is simply that the uwsgi docs suggest it16:27
lexflexand also suggests compiling the source, which results in not having init.d. that's how I went trying using upstart16:28
xnoxlexflex: sure, it also suggests other systems as well. it makes sense to use upstart jobs for self-compiled uwsgi, if you already have system running under upstart =) there are other ways as well.16:29
lexflexxenox: so a upstart related question: what happens when i install upstart and disable the "standard" under debian? will init.d be ignored from that moment on?16:29
xnoxlexflex: i do suggests you $ apt-get install uwsgi, drop a config file for it in /etc/uwsgi.d/ & start developing/running your django apps =)16:30
lexflexbut i want to learn about upstart now that i heard of it :P16:30
xnoxlexflex: upstart does support executing normal init.d scripts, so everything will continue to work.16:30
lexflexoh, okay. so it will execute the existing ones as well as the upstart ones?16:31
lexflexwhy isn't it standard then? why do i "have to know what i do" to replace it?16:31
JanCsysvinit has been the default for ages, upstart and a bunch of other init systems are available for those who want, but aren't the default because people couldn't agree (yet?) which one should be the default16:57
JanCbut that's more a Debian question than an upstart one really...16:58
lexflexJanC: well upstart should be the default obviously!! ;)16:58
lexflexjust kidding16:58
JanCit's the default in Ubuntu & Ubuntu derivatives16:58
lexflexoh, okay16:59
lexflexas a Windows veteran I have to wrap my mind around different "init systems"16:59

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