* skellat is going dark on IRC for now since he has a music festival to help run this weekend and can be best reached at skellat@ubuntu.com in the interim03:17
NoskcajThere's been some talk of Lubuntu software center being an active project again. It can be re-named light software center if we're willing to use it09:00
ochosiNoskcaj: have you tested it yet? last time i tried it really wasn't ready yet09:06
Noskcajochosi, I've not tested it yet. It purely talk at this stage. mh0 said he wanted to take over the project, and there's another guy whose made some fixes before who might help. I'll try and fix up some debian/ things too09:12
Noskcaji think Unit193 knows more than i do on this09:12
Unit193But everyones been ignoring me on the subject...09:13
NoskcajThen speak again, now09:13
Unit193I'll get right on that.09:16
Unit193knome: POKE, http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/ .3 was released.17:50
knomeUnit193, yeah, i'm on it21:27
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