LMessi10__Hello everyone, I have a question. I have a not so new netbook, it is 1.6GHz and 2MB of RAM with HD of 140GB... it is currently with Windows XP, but I was thinking on switching to Linux. Do you guys think Xubuntu 13.04 will have a better performance on it? Or should I stick with XP or maybe a different version of Linux? Thanks,01:03
Viva_NeroI've ran it on lower spec systems and it puts xp pro to shame01:05
knomeLMessi10__, just make sure you can run a PAE-enabled kernel if you're about to instlal 13.0401:06
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info01:06
knomehmm, that was less than helpful01:06
LMessi10__nice, I gave a try on Linux running together with Windows, looked kind of nice, so I was thinking of formating and installing just Xubuntu on it. Also, which one is the most lightweight web browser for Linux? anyone you guys would recommend outside of Chrome/Firefox?01:09
Unit193Xombrero. :D01:09
LMessi10__oh, I never heard about it, I'll search for it. Is it really nice?01:11
Unit193Well, slight crashing issue at times, but less so on the other computer.  Very keyboard based.  Another browser was some nice modified webkit one, can't remember the name and not in repos.01:12
LMessi10__Unit193, found the xombrero here... will give it a try.01:15
LMessi10__Unit193, is there another way to install this browser other than command line? I followed these steps and after the command "make" it failed: https://opensource.conformal.com/wiki/xombrero_linux01:16
Unit193LMessi10__: There is no official package in the Ubuntu or Debian repos, you either have to compile it yourself, or use an untrusted repo.01:18
LMessi10__Unit193, oh, that's disappointing. I'll try to understand what went wrong... but since I'm new with this don't know if I'll make it... well.. thanks man!01:21
knomeLMessi10__, if you are building packages, you'll need to install at least build-essential01:22
LMessi10__knome: well, apparently I do have this "build-essential", apparently it came with Xubuntu...01:24
knomehmm, shouldn't be in by default but it's likely something else has pulled it.01:24
Unit193libwebkitgtk-dev, libgtk2.0-dev, libsoup2.4-dev, libgnutls-dev, libbsd-dev, and maybe imagemagick are needed if you're going to compile the gtk2 version.  (I have an untrusted repo, myself.)01:25
LMessi10__what went wrong is, when I typed the command "make" it didn't find a few packages:01:25
LMessi10__No package 'gtk+-3.0' found01:25
LMessi10__Package webkitgtk-3.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.01:25
LMessi10__Perhaps you should add the directory containing `webkitgtk-3.0.pc'01:25
LMessi10__to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable01:25
LMessi10__No package 'webkitgtk-3.0' found01:25
knome!pastebin | LMessi10__01:25
ubottuLMessi10__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:25
LMessi10__Unit193, well, I do have all of them, they came with Xubuntu01:29
knomeLMessi10__, you'll also need lib* if you build.01:29
Unit193...Xubuntu doesn't come with -dev packages.01:30
LMessi10__well, maybe while I was trying a few other stuff here I installed them with some packages... but they are all installed01:31
Unit193And will have to make with GTK_VERSION=gtk201:32
LMessi10__hmmm, what is that and how do I install it?01:33
Unit193export GTK_VERSION=gtk2  then  make01:34
LMessi10__should I type this in the terminal?01:35
Unit193Or just try https://launchpad.net/~unit193/+archive/test/+files/xombrero_1.6.3-1%7Eraring1_i386.deb or https://launchpad.net/~unit193/+archive/test/+files/xombrero_1.6.3-1%7Eraring1_amd64.deb in raring.01:35
LMessi10__Unit193,  hey man, the first link that you sent me worked. Just installed here01:39
LMessi10__knome, Unit193, thanks guys!01:40
Viva_NeroHow do I boot into a shell without X starting?01:44
Unit193In the grub boot prompt, hit 'e' and where it says 'quiet splash' add a 'text' too.01:45
Viva_Neroand on reboot, edit the command again to remove text?01:46
Unit193If you edit it at boot time, it'll only be for that boot.01:47
Viva_Neromkay, brb again then01:47
Viva_Neroquiet splash wasn't listed anywhere, text just threw an error and made the boot hang, and the root shell in recovery mode acted really weird02:07
holsteinthe shell acted?02:08
knomeViva_Nero, what is the real thing you are trying to do?02:08
holsteinViva_Nero: what are you trying to do?02:08
Viva_Nerois there a way i can just shut down everything x related cleanly after booting nomrally?02:08
holsteinViva_Nero: why not just get a server install.. or minimal02:08
Viva_Nerotrying to install graphics drivers, and they keep throwing an error because x is running02:08
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:08
holsteinViva_Nero: you can use tty to install drivers02:09
Viva_Nerothough i don't remember having to do any of this last time02:09
holsteinViva_Nero: if you can remember what version of ubuntu you were running last time you could install it.. maybe you would have an easier time with 12.0402:09
knomeViva_Nero, can't install them with the additional drivers GUI?02:10
Viva_Nerogot them off nvidia's site02:10
knomeViva_Nero, do you have problems with what is shipped in ubuntu?02:10
Viva_NeroI've installed thier drivers once, but they're horribly out of date now02:11
Viva_Neroand what comes with the system never works for me02:11
holsteinViva_Nero: "out of date" wont matter much02:11
holsteinViva_Nero: try the ones in the repo, or you will need to seek support where you get the drivers02:12
knomeViva_Nero, if the proprietary nvidia drivers from the repository work, then use those02:12
holsteinViva_Nero: in what way do the included ones not work?02:12
knomeViva_Nero, otherwise you are trying to fix a non-problem02:12
knomeanyway, i got to hit the sack02:13
knomegood night and good luck02:13
holsteinknome: o/02:13
Viva_Nerothe outdate drivers I have aren't working with wine02:13
Viva_Nero(I just installed wine today)02:13
holsteinViva_Nero: wine likely wont support what you are trying to do, regardless02:13
holsteinViva_Nero: wine wont benefit from newer code for your graphics driver, AFAIK02:14
holsteinViva_Nero: it the card is supported, and working, thats really it.. if you have issues with wine, i would troubleshoot them as such.. issues with wine..02:15
Viva_NeroHmm, will the current package install 319.17?02:16
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto02:16
holsteinViva_Nero: ^ i refer to that02:16
holsteinor, i just update the sources, and use the GUI02:16
Viva_Neroit doesn't say what line to use to shutdown and start x on xubuntu02:22
holsteinViva_Nero: well, xubuntu is a desktop OS, and its planned that one would just boot it, and run it.. you are tyring to do something quite unique, and arguably necssary02:24
holsteinyou should be able to switch to TTY and do what you need to do02:24
holsteinViva_Nero: i would run the driver in the repos.. your wine issues are not grahpics driver related02:25
Viva_Nerohmm, the shell isn't letting me stop x02:29
Unit193sudo service lightdm stop02:29
Viva_NeroI just tried using that one, it switched from the shell to the gui window02:30
Viva_Neroand won't let me swtich back02:31
Viva_Neroand the driver installer is still complaining about x running02:32
holsteinViva_Nero: the driver from the repos?02:33
Viva_NeroI had no clue getting the system to run without x was so tricky o_e02:34
holsteinViva_Nero: just dont install X02:35
holsteinViva_Nero: i typically just use the GUI to install the proprietar driver, or switch to tty02:35
Viva_Nerotried starting x, still can't switch back to a shell02:36
holsteinViva_Nero: i thought you were asking about how to *not* start x?02:37
holsteinViva_Nero: you are trying to switch via tty?02:37
Steve__hello im trying to get xubuntu to boot from a flash drive.02:43
Steve__can anyone help02:43
Steve__I im on windows 7 now02:43
Unit193Does your BIOS support it?  Is that Win7 a UEFI system?02:43
Viva_Nerois it installed on the flash drive and not booting properly, or you want to install it on a flash drive?02:43
Unit193http://www.linuxliveusb.com/ tried this yet?02:43
Steve__yes I canged it to boot from USB02:44
Steve__I do not have it at all02:44
Viva_NeroSo i just installed the nvidia current package02:49
Viva_Nerobut it didn't install new drivers02:49
Viva_Nerostill on 304.8802:50
holsteinViva_Nero: it'll be adding things to the kernel that require rebooting.. and you'll need to purge whatever you have done so far02:50
Unit193IIRC, h2 said that the site drivers have issues installing if you've installed from the repos, but could be wrong.02:51
holsteinViva_Nero: what would i do? i would reinstall since you have a pretty fresh install, and i have literally installed a few operating system while chatting with you... and come here or try the wine channel for the wine issue02:51
Viva_Nerowould the current updates package instead have any effect?02:52
holsteinViva_Nero: because, they are drastically changing the kernel02:52
aegis8anyone know why the file manager crashed when I unmount my iphone? It worked just fine a minute ago...03:01
aegis8now it cant even open the phone to view the files03:02
Viva_Neronope, no effect03:02
holsteinaegis8: crashed? sometimes, the light ones close when you unmount03:02
holsteinaegis8: unplug and replug the USB03:02
Viva_Neroany way to force it to install current drivers?03:03
holsteinViva_Nero: current? you mean the ones in the repo?03:04
holsteinViva_Nero: there are unsupported PPA's that add updated drivers... but, that is *not* the issue with wine03:04
aegis8viva, if your computer has optimus (the ability to switch between integrated graphics and a graphics card), then installing the drivers is a lost cause.03:05
Viva_Nerothe only graphics on my system is the nvidia chipest03:06
aegis8ok than good luck! I spent about a week with nvidia support only to have them tell me what I told you03:06
Viva_NeroUgh, it wasn't this hard to get graphics to work from scratch03:07
Viva_Nerowhy is a (seemingly simple) update so much worse?03:07
holsteinViva_Nero: you mean, to get wine to work.. you said graphics were fine03:07
holsteinViva_Nero: you updated to packages outside the default repos03:07
holsteinViva_Nero: and, that will not address the wine issue03:08
Viva_Nerodon't know if I ever mentioned, but I'm a laptop with all graphics via an nvidia gpu03:09
holsteinViva_Nero: i am too03:10
holsteinViva_Nero: i have one with optiums.. a desktp with nvidia.. i literally install the package from the repos, if i dont want to use the open one03:10
aegis8the file manager is still trying to mount my phone. There's a spinning icon next to the name of my phone that's been there for ~5 minutes03:10
holsteinaegis8: ? dont wait 5 minutes.. i didnt think iphones mounted as a drive03:11
aegis8it mounted before (if I am using the term correctly). I could open the files, see my DCIM folder and see all the pictures I had taken, etc.03:12
holsteinaegis8: there is no "should".. only what you can get away with using hardware places its not intended to be used03:12
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod03:13
aegis8for some reason, my phone was connected in two instances or something. That website mentioned gigolo which I used to disconnect one instance. it works now! thanks!03:17
holsteinaegis8: i like gigolo actually.. and use it routinely as well :)03:21
Viva_NeroI know a way to crash x, but it's a crapshoot what breaks first- the program crashes, the whole system locks up, or x dies :303:25
holsteinViva_Nero: i experience no crashes03:27
ran_i need help04:03
holsteinran_: just ask.. if a volunteer can help, they will04:03
ran_i'm using xubuntu 13.04 and there is a process called /usr/bin/find  / -ignore_readdir_race theat starts up every day and it takes 300MB - 400MB from memory.04:07
ran_this process is started by user nobody04:08
ran_sometimes this process starts when there is a system update to download.04:09
ran_my memory jumps from 280mb at start, to 800mb after this process starting.04:13
ran_i'm sorry about my english.04:14
Unit193Looks like /etc/cron.daily/locate04:15
ran_this is normal?04:16
Viva_NeroYour English is better than a lot of native speakers I know, you're fine.04:16
jazzdude00021Hello all... anyone willing to help out with a small internet issue for a new install?04:46
holsteinjazzdude00021: just ask, and a volunteer will help if they can04:47
jazzdude00021Great thanks... so my NIC works just fine from the Live USB that I'm installing from, but it does not work at all once installed04:48
jazzdude00021I'm running off the live disk now, waiting for (re)-install to complete...04:48
holsteinjazzdude00021: i might look for and apply upgrades and test... otherwise, the difference could be this.. you download upgrades during the install, and the new kernel doesnt support your networking devices04:49
momodihi, everyone. there always is a title bar on chromium, how can I remove it? I'm using Xubuntu 13.0404:49
SunStaryeah i've been having trouble with USB wifi support in 13.04. running 12.10 as a workaround04:50
jazzdude00021Alright... if all else fails, I'll keep it offline during install and see if that fixes it04:50
holsteinmomodi: in the menu at the top, as i suggested in the other channel "use system title and borders". does that work for you?04:50
jazzdude00021reboot time... thanks all04:50
SunStarmomodi, press F11?04:50
momodiIt woks,thanks!04:51
ran_i need help please.04:52
SunStarwell i cant help you untill i know what you need help with?04:53
ran_i'm using xubuntu 13.04 and there is a process called /usr/bin/find  / -ignore_readdir_race theat starts up every day and it takes 300MB - 400MB from memory.04:53
ran_this process is started by user nobody.04:53
ran_sometimes this process starts when there is a system update to download.04:53
ran_my memory jumps from 280mb at start, to 800mb after this process starting.04:53
ran_maybe it's memory leak?04:54
momodiran_: maybe you should check it's parent process?04:57
ran_i think it is a parent process, and with it a root process is also runs called  /usr/bin/sort -z -f.05:01
ran_the problem is that after this process ends, the memory is 400mb more, until i reboot.05:04
momodiso, you just what the memory back?05:04
ran_i have 4G ram.05:05
momodiLinux always  uses buffered or cached.05:06
ran_yes i know, but it only started from 13.04.05:07
ran_this was not happening before.05:08
ran_this is why i think that this is memory leak.05:10
ran_and not buffer cache.05:10
momodiA memory leak only happens when the program is running.05:11
momodithe memory should be returned to system when you close the program.05:12
ran_yes its happen when it runs.05:12
ran_this is what im talking about. the memory not back.05:12
momodithen who are taking this memory?05:13
ran_i want to be clear: the system starts this process automatically.05:14
ran_the /usr/bin/find  / -ignore_readdir_race process by user nobody starts automatically by the system05:15
momodiand when the process is done, the memory does not return to the system?05:15
ran_no. that is the problem im talking about.05:16
momodithe process find use lots of "hard disk", maybe the system buffered that memory.05:17
momodiwhen the process has disk IO, the system will buffer the data to memory.05:18
ran_yes i know, but the question is it normal.05:18
momodithen, your memory is back. no memory leak?05:19
momodithe strange thing is who starts the process "find"?05:20
ran_it starts by user nobody, and it starts automatically by the system.05:21
ran_im not start this process manually.05:21
momodimaybe you should check some scripts, like crontab ?05:22
ran_where is that script?05:22
momodiIf it is not started by a parent process, it must be started by some scripts.05:23
momodiyou can type : crontab -e05:23
ran_i want to say also that this process is starting when there is a system update.05:24
momodiMaybe it's a normal process, we can just ignore it?05:25
ran_i do think that is a normal process, but its not normal to take 400mb from the system and not back.05:26
ran_and its interesting the this is happen from 13.04, not before.05:27
momodiwe just talked about it, the system buffers 400mb data because "find" ran05:28
momodibecause "find" reads much disk IO data.05:28
ran_that why i think that there is something wrong here, maybe a bug or memory leak.05:29
momodiI don't think it's a memory leak, your buffered memory will be back when the free memory is low.05:29
momodiLinux system will try to use all your memory to be cached or buffered.05:30
ran_this is never happened.05:30
ran_and the system starts to using the swap because of that.05:31
momodiyou can run that command on other Linux system, the memory should also be buffered.05:31
ran_so you say that this normal? even if this was not happened before 13.04?05:33
momodiI think the memory problem is normal.05:33
momodibut why that "find" command runs, it's weird05:33
ran_it is running when there is a system update notification.05:34
ran_and at least once in a day.05:35
momodiI don't have this issue...I'm using xubuntu 13.0405:36
momodiand I searched this, but find nothing05:36
ran_ok, thanks for help, i will check this cron script, and i hope this problem will not back in 13.1005:38
persianmgCan someone help me07:22
TheSheep!hi | persianmg07:23
ubottupersianmg: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!07:23
persianmgHello! I have a broken copy of 12.04 xubuntu on my vmware so im currently installing the new 13.04 on as a new virtual machine07:24
persianmgCan I get a list of installed packages from the broken install? I only have root command line access, all user accounts/GUI logins are broken07:25
TheSheepdpkg -l07:30
persianmgThank you TheSheep! That did it07:35
persianmgAnyway I can mass install from this list? Would a shell script that took each package as an argument and fed it to: sudo apt-get install $packagename work?07:35
Unit193ubottu: lag07:37
ubottuYou have lag, I don't have lag07:37
Unit193To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p'  search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude07:37
Unit193 --schedule-only install < my-pakages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See aelso  !automate07:37
=== xubuntu599 is now known as Two
kedgenWhen downloading an application that contains its own executable and doesn't require an installation, where do people generally put these applications?07:41
well_laid_lawneither in /usr/local/bin or ~/bin07:42
well_laid_lawnI'd generally be sus about an executable like that tho07:42
kedgenWell one example is Processing07:42
well_laid_lawnone example of what ?07:42
kedgenAs far as I know there's not an installation process07:42
Unit193I randomly put scripts and such in ~/junk/, ~/Public/, ~/bin/ and maybe others. :P07:43
kedgenwell_laid_lawn an example of an executable like that that doesn't require an installation07:43
well_laid_lawnwhat is Processing? never heard of it07:43
well_laid_lawnI'd be sus of it07:43
kedgenProcessing is a really cool graphics programming language07:43
kedgencheck it out!07:44
well_laid_lawnc > *07:44
kedgenYeah maybe but Processing is a good and easy to learn and use program for graphics programming07:44
kedgenthey are good at different things07:45
kedgenC is far faster and has many many more possibilities, but it's not better in every single way07:45
well_laid_lawnthere's nothing I can't do with C and a long runup07:45
well_laid_lawnevery new language is supposed to be great, easy and cool. C has been around 50 something years...07:46
kedgenYeah I mean you'll get no argument from me, C is better07:47
kedgenand faster!07:47
kedgenmuch much much much faste07:47
* TheSheep looks toward #xubuntu-offtopic07:47
* TheSheep rises an eyebrow07:47
* kedgen gets the hint07:48
aguitelhow make more faster xubuntu ? or more light11:31
TheSheepwhat do you do on it?11:32
TheSheepyou can make more light by turning your monitor brightness up11:32
aguiteli installed xubuntu 13.04 ,but is heavy ,11:33
TheSheepaguitel: what do you mean by "heavy"?11:40
bekksIt has no weight, since you dont feel the electrons.11:41
aguitelthis is old pc11:41
aguiteli wnat minimal xfce11:42
bekksThen uninstall everything you dont want/need.11:43
aguitelbut ,how install minimal xfce with ubuntu netinstall ?11:43
bekksInstall xubuntu using netinstall, and uninstall everything you dont want/need.11:44
aguitelthis is no way11:44
bekksThat is the only way.11:45
aguitellearn debian11:45
bekksI wont. I am using Ubuntu and I am totally not interested in using Debian.11:45
well_laid_lawnif you manage what starts it is more the apps you use that make it heavy not the distro11:48
MonkeytoeI am installing xubuntu onto a desktop ... i7 3930k, 32 gigs of ram & an ocz vertex 3 max iops 240 gig ssd12:44
Monkeytoewith that much memory should I still be running a swap partition?12:44
bekksMonkeytoe: Do you want to use suspend?12:44
bekksThen you need 32.1GB swap.12:45
Monkeytoewill using swap slow the system down in any way?12:46
bekksIt will slow it down once your system has to swap. But you have 32GB of RAM.12:46
xubuntu078does any1 know how to install usb wifi on xubuntu?12:47
MonkeytoeI assume when you say suspend you mean suspend to disk right? I would still be able to sleep the computer and trickle power to the memory right?12:48
Monkeytoenot enthused about losing so much ssd space to swap12:48
pmjdebruijnxubuntu078: bluntly put, if you plug it in and it works it's fine... otherwise you likely have an incompatible wifi dongle12:49
pmjdebruijnplaying with external wifi drivers isn't much fun at all12:49
xubuntu078nah it doesnt work12:49
pmjdebruijngetting a replacement dongle typically is the best approach since they're cheap12:49
xubuntu078but if i try to install right drivers its showing me some errors12:50
pmjdebruijnsure it does12:50
pmjdebruijnexternal drivers tend to be crap12:50
xubuntu078damn it12:50
pmjdebruijnbasically in a (half a ) year or so, the dongle will likely be supported out of the box12:50
pmjdebruijnbut until then, you're likely to waste a huge amount of time, surpassing the dongle value many times12:51
pmjdebruijnthat's the blunt truth :)12:51
pmjdebruijngetting the right hardware will save you a lot of aggravation and time12:51
Monkeytoethe other question I have... I have a GTX titan... will it work correctly in nix?12:52
pmjdebruijngenerally speaking Intel Graphics tends to work the best12:52
pmjdebruijnbut most nVidia cards can be made to work with a little effort12:52
Monkeytoeand if I want to use full drive encryption... will not having a swap drive affect that at all?12:55
Monkeytoeerr swap partition12:56
bekksWithout swap, you cant suspend.12:56
Monkeytoeso roughly im looking about 35 gigs used up from the install then?12:58
Monkeytoexubuntu + swap ?12:58
bekksYou will use more than 3GB for xubuntu.12:59
Monkeytoek so ive got /dev/sdb1 partitioned ext2 @ 2 gigs.. if I just make a new partition for swap space it complains about the swap partition being unencrypted when I select the rest of the space for encryption... so I assume I have to make two separate volumes for encryption... one for swap one for / ?13:04
Monkeytoeor is there a way in the xubuntu installer to add lvms in the encrypted partition?13:06
bekksYou dont need 2G for sdb1.13:06
Monkeytoeam wanting space for at least a second kernel .. shrink to 1g?13:07
bekksshrink to 512m13:07
bekksKernels are not that big.13:08
Monkeytoeext2 the best choice for /boot?13:10
bekksFor me, it is. If you have to ask that question, just use ext4. :)13:11
Monkeytoeyou booting from a usb or something?13:14
Monkeytoeok got my /boot created /deb/sdb1 ext4 512 megs13:16
Monkeytoedo I just take the rest of the free space and mark it as "physical volume for encryption" ?13:17
bekksI dont use encryption at all.13:17
bekksFor me, thats just a waste of resources.13:17
b3nwhi, I noticed on http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/ the 12.04 links are not valid15:27
b3nwspecifically the Torrent links for Desktop / Alternate15:27
baizonknome: ?15:28
gugii've installed xubuntu 13.04  but i don't know how to install propietary drivers what can ido17:00
bekksWhich drivers exactly do you want to install?17:01
Viva_NeroHave you installed restrcited extras?17:01
gugii have amd sempron17:01
holsteingugi: you might not need any.. that is a CPU, and you dont need any there17:02
bekksgugi: amd sempron is the CPU. It dont need any drivers.17:02
gugiwell i don't remember what propietary drivers i had but i remember that i had some propietary drivers installed when i had linux mint17:03
bekksgugi: For which hardware?17:03
gugii think nvidia but i don't remember well, linux mint detected my drivers, why xubuntu don't do that?17:04
holsteingugi: i would say, use the machine, and dont assume you need any drivers at all.. if something is not working, say *exacly* what that something is, and a volunteer can hep you17:04
holsteingugi: you dont *need* an nvidia driver, potentially.. though, if you want one, it can be installed17:04
=== l01 is now known as ui_
knomeb3nw, torrent links updated. thanks for the heads up.21:29
xubuntu769Hello.  today there were several updates. Everything seemed fine until it gave me an error, involing software center. Anyone else getting this or is it just me?22:06
SunStarlet me see22:07
SunStargonna take 7 minute to download  >_<22:08
bekksxubuntu769: Without telling us the error - no. :)22:09
xubuntu769This is what Synaptic tells me, "E: /var/cache/apt/archives/software-center_5.2.9_all.deb: symbolic link '/usr/share/gnome/help/software-center/ne/software-center.xml' size has changed from 61 to 3"22:11
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MonkeytoeHello, I just installed xubuntu. Firefox is not working right at all.  All the sites look garbled like this. http://postimg.org/image/g0byug07r/23:00
MonkeytoeI tried uninstalling and reinstalling firefox through ubuntu software center, but that didnt help23:00
MonkeytoeI also installed chrome to test if it would work right, and chrome works just fine.23:01
MonkeytoeBut I would like to get firefox to work so I can use noscript.23:02
GridCube_Monkeytoe, you haven't messed with firefox options at all?23:10
GridCube_you can try to start firefox with a clean new profile, start it like: firefox -ProfileManager23:11

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