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onebitxajaxhi to all, i want to add "add single files as archive" to my dolphin How can i do it? i already write the nash script09:01
onebitXhi to all, i want to add "add single files as archive" to my dolphin How can i do it? i already write the nash script09:04
hp1i can't login in my administrtor with the right code09:11
hp1while i more .xsession-errors  09:14
hp1it says /usr/sbin/lightdm-session: 45: /etc/X11/Xsession.d/98vboxadd-xclient: /usr/bin/V09:14
hp1BoxClient: not found09:14
hp1/usr/sbin/lightdm-session: 46: /etc/X11/Xsession.d/98vboxadd-xclient: /usr/bin/V09:14
hp1BoxClient: not found09:14
hp1/usr/sbin/lightdm-session: 48: /etc/X11/Xsession.d/98vboxadd-xclient: /usr/bin/V09:14
hp1BoxClient: not found09:14
hp1/usr/sbin/lightdm-session: 50: /etc/X11/Xsession.d/98vboxadd-xclient: /usr/bin/V09:14
hp1BoxClient: not found09:14
FloodBotK1hp1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:14
hp1Backend     : gconf09:14
hp1my problem is here09:18
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kumararasasir, to download firefox web browser, i have just installed kubuntu10:54
kumararasasir, how to download firefox web browser, i have just installed kubuntu10:54
mydogsnameisrudykumararasa:  sudo apt-get install firefox10:59
kumararasathnk u11:01
onebitxajax[09:01:06] < onebitxajax> hi to all, i want to add "add single files as archive" to my dolphin How can i do it? i already write the  nash script11:04
BluesKajHowdy all12:17
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StarfighterPilothello florentin15:08
florentinhello do you speak french?15:08
florentinok and you know any chan with a french community?15:09
StarfighterPilotno, sorry15:11
smartboyhw!fr | florentin 15:11
ubottuflorentin: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.15:11
StarfighterPilotmaybe #ubuntu-fr15:12
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LogicallyDashingI occasionally switch between QWERTY and Dvorak keyboard layouts. In most apps, the keyboard shortcuts change to match the new layout. In Kate (and possibly others) this doesn't happen. I want it to. How do I make it happen?15:59
mamounHi, I'm having an odd problem with an old laptop running kubuntu,...16:09
mamoun...at boot, the laptop is normally speed, but after a while it beomes seriously sluggish16:09
mamoun...apparently the cpu frequency becomes stuck at the lowest possible value (only 600 mhz)16:10
mamounno idea why16:10
LogicallyDashingmamoun, check your power management settings, in the settings manager16:10
mamounThank you for replying, there is no options related to cpu throttle in the power management options16:11
mamounusing kde 4.1016:11
mamounI thought it could be because of overheating, but even using a laptop fan, there is no difference16:14
mamounok, quick unrelated basic question: where does custom grub configuration goes?16:17
mamounI remember messing up with it ages ago but now I really can't remember where it was16:18
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rodionпривет, народ17:16
seronisevery time I click a weblink in a program (not web browser) it opens Muon software center asking me to install firefox INSTEAD of just opening chrome17:39
seronisany suggestions on how to fix this ?17:39
LogicallyDashingseronis, you need to change a thing in Default Applications17:44
LogicallyDashingto the effect that Chrome is your default web browser17:44
LogicallyDashingThis means you don't get a different app depending on the contents of a web link. You may not care17:45
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gizmobayI'm trying to install kdm on 13.04. When I try, it says it must uninstall kde-full, kde-workspace, etc.. Is this correct?20:08
BluesKajgizmobay, lightdm is the default now 20:11
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seronisLogicallyDashing, i set chrome as my default web browser the day i installed kubuntu20:39
seronisit worked normally and randomly started doing this20:40
LogicallyDashingseronis, so did you check the way it's set now? settings could have gotten randomly wiped20:41
seronisyup.  i set it to the kde default web browser and then back to chrome20:41
BluesKajseronis, use chromium20:41
seronisblue, no20:41
seronischromium has nothing to do with my issue20:42
BluesKajthen expalian your issue20:42
seronisevery time I click a weblink in a program (not web browser) it opens Muon software center asking me to install firefox INSTEAD of just opening chrome20:42
BluesKajthen chrome has everything to do with your issue because chromium is the default version for linux 20:43
seronisno..  'rekonq'  is default in kubuntu20:44
BluesKajdefault ggogle internet browser for linux , then20:44
seronisand switching 'default web browser' back to rekonq does not fix issue.  switching to opera or chrome afterwards does not fix issue20:45
BluesKajanyway , use chromium , chrome isn't supported here20:45
seronisi dont give a shit.   my issue isnt chrome.  its  muon software center20:46
seroniswhich should not be telling me to install 'firefox' when i click a link20:46
seronisnow.  be helpful or be quiet20:46
IdleOne!language 20:46
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.20:46
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines20:46
seronisidleone, if he doesnt want to help he doesnt have to. but i asked about a specific issue20:47
BluesKajseronis , if you insist that muon is your issue , you;re mistaken , that's all.20:47
IdleOneseronis: the two factoids were directed at you. 20:47
seronisidleone,  im aware.  i just disagree20:47
IdleOnenot at BluesKaj All I saw was you cursing and being rude20:48
seronisblueskaj,  stay on topic20:48
BluesKaj!info chrome20:48
ubottuPackage chrome does not exist in raring20:48
IdleOnegoogle chrome is not supported on ubuntu or kubuntu. seek help from google.20:48
seronismy problem is the same with rekonq20:48
seronisnow..  stop being pendantic20:49
seronishelp or not.  im happy with idling until someone can help20:49
IdleOneseronis: drop the attitude20:49
seronisrekonq is supported here.  exact same 'effect' is in play.  20:50
seronismuon software center should be suported here.  its the issue as far as i can tell.  id appreciate information to the contrary20:51
seronisidleone, are you able to help tell me why rekonq does not launch when i click a link ?20:52
IdleOneI'm not interested in helping you.20:53
Fa_1seronis: is the application you click the link something java based, like minecraft?20:54
seronisminecraft, steam, and instant messengers20:54
seronisany link outside a web browser20:54
joepheliuswhat does update-alternatives --display x-www-browser tell you?20:55
seronistesting now20:55
BluesKajthen set a default web browser in system settings.default apps20:56
seronisblueskaj, i told you i've switched back and forth between rekonq, opera, chrome.  i've uninstalled opera and chromium20:56
seroniscurrently its listing chrome as priority 200 and rekonq as priority 4020:56
seronis@ joephelius20:57
joepheliusdoes xdg-open http://google.com from a terminal also open muon?20:57
seronisnope.  that worked fine actually20:58
BluesKajok , then seronis good luck , despite the attitude 20:59
seronisblueskaj, appreciaqte the effort.  its just  'use XXX browser instead' isnt helpful. id rather track down why the problem occurs20:59
joepheliuswhere do you click the links that open muon, by the way?21:01
seronisin the chat window in minecraft.  in instant message windows in steam and other IM clients21:01
seronisjust tested.  clicking a link here in hexchat opens muon too21:03
joepheliuscan you remove muon and try again? what happens then?21:05
seronisoddly enough..   'sudo apt-get remove muon' 21:06
seronisand muon still opened clicking a link21:06
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joepheliussomething's definitely not right :D21:09
joepheliusseronis: remove muon-installer, too21:11
joepheliuswhich should, if installed, remove the kubuntu-firefox-installer, too21:12
Fa_1it should be enough to remove kubuntu-firefox-installer21:12
joepheliuswhich I guess is what keeps popping up21:12
seronisjoephelius, problem resolved.  thank you 21:15
joepheliusglad I could help ;)21:17
BluesKajone shouldn't have to remove the FF installer, there's something still amiss I think21:19
seronisagreed.  but doing so fixed the problem21:19
seronisthe only thing i can think that i installed close to when the problem started was netflix desktop package21:20
seronisbut i used that with xubuntu without any issues21:21
joepheliusseems this installer registered somewhere as default url handler21:22
joepheliusbut not in xdg-open21:22
joepheliusgoogle found one other person having the problem and no solution except re-installing firefox21:22
seronisreinstalling and re-removing firefox didnt fix it21:23
seronisi did try that last week.  probably saw the same goog result you saw21:23
Fa_1or uninstall kubuntu-firefox-installer.. thats my fix. but my only known app is minecraft21:24
seronisis there any way to see a list of packages that contain a specific other package as a dependancy /21:25
seronisie:  all packages that would have installed kubuntu-firefox-installer21:26
joepheliusapt-get rdepends21:26
joepheliusI guess21:26
seronis'invalid operation rdepends'21:27
seronisor not.  thanks anyways21:27
joepheliusdebian always confuses me with this damned packet manager21:28
seronisthanks.  im still mostly new to linux.  have 3 months with xfce and now 2 months with kde21:28
seroniswill do some 'man' research on apt-cache21:29
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joepheliuspackage manager is important :)21:29
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