TDChiefHey everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble installing LXLE on an old (2007) laptop - it seems to be freezing at 'parsing digital output script table'. I'm a first time Linux user, so any help would be appreciated02:02
holsteinTDChief: try lubuntu02:06
bioterrornice wallpapers that LXLE has04:59
jaredI never understood LXLE - it seems like just fragmentation for fragmentation's sake.06:54
TheSchafhi! so i want to stop lightdm and then launch some application with xinit. if i just make a sh script with "stop lightdm, xinit ..." all i get is a black screen with a blinking caret... however when i stop lightdm first and then go to ctrl+alt+f1 and do the xinit from there it works fine. any ideas how i can make my script work?10:09
bioterrordont start lightdm and use .xinitrc for example10:11
bioterrorand make your system boot directly to the text mode10:11
TheSchafmhh but i'm using lightdm as some kind of launcher :)10:12
TheSchafso i guess i have to create a real launcher, thx10:12
bioterrorI remember when the lightdm was coming10:12
bioterrorand there was some problems with it, so I booted myself into the text mode and then used .xinitrc10:12
bioterrorworked like a charm10:13
TheSchafso how do i boot to text mode? :D10:13
bioterroradd to boot line "text"10:13
TheSchafah, boot option, ok10:14
bioterrorinit=/bin/blaablaa text10:14
TheSchafi'll try, thanks10:18
TheSchaffirst i have to make a loader now :)10:18
voyagerwhich of these apps is lightweight and which do you recommend will work well with Lubuntu? thanks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiling_window_manager#Third_party_tiling_applications_on_Xorg10:23
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voyagercan anyone on here help?10:37
bioterrorwhy not just use tiling wm then?10:39
voyagerlubuntu will no longer support me if i do10:42
bioterrorit's all about decissions10:48
Ashifhow can i become a member in lubuntu10:50
TheSchafhow can i setup lubuntu to not start lightdm but to auto-login and auto run some script (with sudo?) :)14:14
TheSchafnvm, managed it :)14:30
reallydoes anyone on this channel help?17:54
bioterrorwe just idle17:54
bioterrorbut you can tell us your problem17:54
bioterrorwe might help if we know a solution17:55
bioterrorit's always worth to ask17:55
bioterrorlast time I checked, it only costs time :D17:55
reallyis the windows key used for anything in lubuntu?18:03
bioterrorit's called super18:04
bioterroryou can bind it to open terminals and browsers18:04
reallyhow do you bind18:04
bioterrorwith lubuntu-rc.xml file18:04
reallywhat's the command for that thanks18:05
bioterrordo not "sudo leafpad"18:05
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:05
bioterrorUnit193, what was the command to explain why sudo was bad with GUI editor, and escpecially with stuff inside your home folder :D18:06
reallywhat is the command to set a program to autostart18:07
reallywhy is there not a simple gui to add a new autostart program just like Ubuntu or Mint?18:19
bioterrorbecouse you have not coded it yet18:20
reallyLubuntu is over 5 years old, do the developers just get the latest LXDE and Ubuntu package it together and nothing else?18:21
phillwthe lubuntu developers are the lxde developers :)18:22
bioterrorreally, you got it almost right18:22
bioterrorthey just update the packages when they can from flying around the glove in expense of canonical18:22
phillwit was close enough as an easy explanation :)18:22
bioterrorthe globe18:22
reallyhow often is LXDE updated anyways? isn't there just 1 developer developing LXDE?18:23
reallyi can't believe i always promote Lubuntu lol18:23
reallyan OS is suppose to make things easier to do18:23
bioterrorwhat's so difficult?18:23
bioterrorI find it more difficult to touch mouse than type one command with keyboard18:24
reallyyou need to code things to make changes18:24
bioterrorI have to lift my hand and grab the mouse18:24
bioterrorthen move it around18:24
reallyif that was the case people who use computers in the world will just be using terminals18:24
bioterrorthen everybody would be as cool as the matrix movie is18:25
reallyif i am autostarting a python command in the autostart config file do i put @python2.7 /...filelocation/asd.py -d18:27
bioterrorI would make a file into /usr/local/bin/ and execute it18:29
bioterrorlike /usr/local/bin/fooobar18:29
bioterrorit would contain the line to execute that python comand or something like that18:29
bioterrorand then chmod +x /usr/local/bin/fooobar18:29
bioterrorand now you have a command to execute on startup18:30
bioterrorbut that's just me18:30
bioterrorI'm a guy who uses cat and then |less18:30
reallyoh so does " @python2.7 /...filelocation/asd.py -d" work also?18:30
reallyyeah, its about time lubuntu develop a simple GUI  to add new startup programs18:38
reallythey can just easily take it from any popular distro like ubuntu or mint18:38
reallydo developers even listen to user concerns or they will just do what they feel like doing, which isn't much lol18:40
reallyhonestly, does anyone on this channel have close contact with Lubuntu developers?18:40
bioterrordid you just come here to rant about things?18:42
reallybioterror, do you use lubuntu?18:42
bioterrornope, I'm just using Windows 718:42
bioterrorI can just drag and drop to "autostart"18:42
reallyyeah, windows 7 is actually a good OS and i have i set to default on dual boot mainly for gaming, but i have security and privacy concerns about it18:43
bioterrorme too. I just installed flux thingie for the display and mystical shortcuts appeared on my desktop18:44
reallythere are a lot of good third party apps for Windows18:45
reallynot a lot of app developers develop of Linux because new releases tend to "break" the apps18:46
reallylinux desktop is only good for the basics18:47
bioterrorwe could continue this discussion on #lubuntu-offtopic18:48
bioterrorthis channel is mainly for problem solving18:48
reallybtw, if you contact the developers i highly recommend they include a new lightweight app in their new release18:49
reallyan app called QuickTile, which is lightweight since it does not use compiz18:49
bioterroryou can suggest these things about week or two after the release18:49
bioterrorwhen they start brainstorming the next release18:49
reallywell you seem more knolwedgeable about how releases work and such, so i'll leave that to you18:50
bioterrordo not leave it to me18:50
bioterrorI might come and go, you never know :D18:50
bioterrorand I'm not a fan of tiling wm's18:51
reallytrust me you should install QuickTile yourself it makes life easier18:51
bioterrordoes it work like windows has windows key + arrow keys?18:51
reallyyou don't need to use the mouse to resize your windows18:51
reallyyeah similar18:51
bioterrorI decided to grab a saucy iso19:01
bioterrorseems like the installer doesnt like if I do /dev/sda1 into swap and /dev/sda5 into / with brtfs19:34
bioterrorI should have used cfdisk19:34
katkissonI like the idea of clonezilla to back up data. Is there a way to know how many MB my system has on it right now?20:12
bioterrordf -h20:12
katkisson_So, does   /dev/sdal   tell the whole MB amount for the system?20:16
katkisson_I went to df -h20:16
bioterroryes if you have one partition20:16
bioterrorit would be /20:16
bioterrorif you have more partitions, then you have to use your math skills20:16
katkisson_When I downloaded Lubuntu, I had them use it all. Does that mean one partition?20:17
ganjikahow may i establish a high contrast color resolution?20:40

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