ChrisMorganThe latest updates have changed the keyboard input stuff significantly; I had Caps Lock mapped to Backspace with the old scheme, but the new UI doesn't seem to expose any way of achieving the same result. How can I do it?09:54
ChrisMorganHang on... when I started a terminal, Caps Lock started acting as Backspace again.10:00
ChrisMorganHow could I figure out why that happens, and how to make it happen earlier?10:02
ChrisMorganIt's clearly not the same as it was, though, as holding down Caps Lock only triggers one backspace.10:08
ChrisMorganAnd ``xmodmap -e 'remove lock = 0x42'`` (because xmodmap is showing "lock        Caps_Lock (0x42)") fixes up that problem, so that it then *does* repeat as backspace... but this isn't a stable solution.10:11
theadminHi. I'm trying to follow the Chromium vs Firefox as 13.10 default discussion but can't quite keep up, what's the current situation?10:48
BluesKajHowdy all12:17
penguin42Hey BK12:32
BluesKajHi penguin4212:34
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scotty^Can someone please do me a favour and have a look at Evince in Saucy.  I have heard the zoom control has been overhauled.  What is the maximum zoom level nowdays?15:22
* penguin42 checks15:27
penguin42scotty^: Somewhere around 400%15:28
penguin42hmm no, it's more complex15:28
penguin42scotty^: The largest on the clicky is 400%, you can type in arbitrary %'s but it won't always obey them15:29
penguin42scotty^: I'd say the max is 434.19% (!)15:30
scotty^I'd heard about being able to type in a custom zoom level, but 434.19% is not much of an improvement on the 400% available in previous versions15:31
penguin42hmm, the 434 is different on different docs - I'm wondering if it's a max diff15:31
scotty^It doesn't always obey what you typed in, you say?15:31
penguin42scotty^: Yeh it limits it to something - I've just not figured out what to15:31
penguin42scotty^: I'm gbetting it's a maximum dimension15:32
penguin42Okular's limit seems to be 1600%15:33
scotty^Can I run that on standard Ubuntu with Unity?15:33
scotty^Cool.  I'll check it out.  Thanks.15:35
dupondjeSaucy is getting more unable every day :(18:33
BluesKajunable ?18:35
BluesKajdupondje, I'm on kubuntu and don't see that at all , almost the opposite , seems more stable everyday18:36
dupondjealmost everyday, complete lock of my graphical interface18:41
dupondjerestarting lightdm fixes it then18:41
IdleOneprobably has to do with graphic drivers18:42
penguin42probably important stuff to watch out for at the moment for any Mir-iness18:43
BluesKajyeah , nice to be on KDE and and a solid Xserver18:45
BluesKajI'm afraid canonical is leading a lot of users down the road to anger and frustration with likes of Mir ...I hope Mir works out for them.18:48
dlynchis there a command or code snippet to determine the automount location that will work on different distros, older and newer?18:51
BluesKajdlynch, mount  ?19:23
dlynchBluesKaj, I need something that tells me where a  plugin device will be mounted, i.e. one of /media , /media/username, or /run/media/username19:25
BluesKajdlynch, afaik normally it's /media/nameofdevice and it should show up in the filemanager places19:28
dlynchBluesKaj, historically yes, but not anymore and it's not consistent between distros :(19:28
BluesKajdlynch, on KDE it's still the same , shows up in dolphin19:29
dlynchredhat changed the udisks2 behavior19:30
dlynchthat's why it's changed19:30
BluesKaji wouldn't know about RH , this is 'buntu 13.10 support19:31
ChogyDandlynch: you can use fstab to set the location, but for me, a few releases ago, it changed from /media/mountpoint, to /media/<user name>/mountpoint19:34
dlynchChogyDan,  actually I'm the developer of a python program that needs to work cross distro and while I can hack some code that will account for the various distros, it would be nice to be able to call a command that simply reports the default location!19:35
ChogyDandlynch: hmm, yeah, I dunno.  Trying to predict that...19:36
dlynchChogyDan,  I'm sure RedHat had their reasons for the change, but I can only assume that there would be a standard way to figure this out from the command line19:38
BluesKajdlynch, ls /media/username seems to work here19:40
BluesKajaltho one external drive uses it;s fstab assigned uuid19:42
penguin42it does kind of make sense20:02
penguin42given that the perms of the device are set by the person logged in on the console, so if you have multiple people logged in then it gets a bit confusing20:02
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ChogyDanso, I upgraded just because the saucy kernel had a fix for my webcam.  I'm running into bugs.  Should I report them?  I feel like I should wait till the beta before I bother22:37
IdleOnereporting bugs as early as possible would be more helpful22:37
k1l_if you report the bugs there is a chance that it gets fixed. if no one knows that something is broken, no one will fix it22:38
IdleOneright now it might just be a little thing, if you wait it could turn into something more complicated22:38
ChogyDanok, if you guys think so, I can.  In the past, many bugs have worked themselves out, but my report wasn't touched...22:38
penguin42ChogyDan: Yeh also possible; can you describe the bugs?22:39
ChogyDanwell, right now, it is a random wpa_supplicant crash22:39
wilee-nileeChogyDan, Having a upgrade has its own problems I would do a check on a live cd or even install it to check.22:39
wilee-nileecan have problems that is22:39
ChogyDanwilee-nilee: yeah, that's true, but am I wrong to want to wait till the beta for that extra work?  Sorry if I'm being... lax and lazy.22:40
wilee-nileeChogyDan, wrong is a personal decision in if it is. IT really depends on the hassle's you want to experience.22:42
wilee-nileeIf it were me I would do a frsh install alongside or in a vm and check it out, but I do this all the time,  I alwyas fresh install.22:43
ChogyDanactually, I forgot, I didn't find installable isos of 13.1022:44
wilee-nileeChogyDan there are daily's22:46
wilee-nileeChogyDan, And you can rsync them if needed.22:47
ChogyDanwilee-nilee: so do you just test them out in a vm first?  I tried a daily last week, and it failed to boot22:49
ChogyDani mean, I guess I obviously should22:49
ubottuUse zsync to update your Ubuntu CD image without needing to download the parts that didn't change. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ZsyncCdImage22:49
wilee-nileeChogyDan, Being lazy is okay, I'm a slacker from way back, but I make sure my slacking is covered with thought through methodology, I want to really slack, ;)22:54
wilee-nileenot saying your lazy just it can be done with some thought. ;)22:55
penguin42ChogyDan: I normally try stuff in vms first; but you do get bugs that affect VMs but not real machines and the other way22:55

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