AskUbuntui18n vs qsTr (what is the difference) | http://askubuntu.com/q/33700410:15
mefrioin there any HUD component documentation somewhere?11:45
wellsbmefrio: You can read a bit here: https://plus.google.com/109919666334513536939/posts/AE1yHMFFBwh I'm not sure if the official documentation has made it yet12:03
mefriowellsb, it looks good. Thank you!12:04
clepto1995nik90, ping12:20
hakermaniaAnyone here using more than 1 keyboard layouts? I'm using English and Greek and some shortcuts do not work while on Greek. Ctrl+Alt+L for example. The thing is that this is true for my program as well :/12:21
hakermaniaCan you reproduce?12:22
clepto1995hakermania, yep!12:22
clepto1995hakermania, I have the same problem too12:22
hakermaniaclepto1995, I am developing using the Qt libs. I am using QShortcut to setup my shortcuts, but I guess it is Ubuntu's bug. On the other hand, shortcuts are completely usable in some other applications in both languages, like Firefox or VLC12:24
hakermaniaVLC is written in Qt too, but I don't seem to find the word QShortcut in the source code, so his mechanism must be different.12:25
clepto1995hakermania, I had the same problem on Luna (ubuntu 12.04 based) and now on Ubuntu Gnome12:25
hakermaniaclepto1995, you know I am Alex, right?12:25
clepto1995hakermania, what am I? stupid? :P12:25
hakermaniaclepto1995, quite.12:25
clepto1995hakermania, bad for you, partner :P12:26
clepto1995nik90, if you have time later check those github issues on CNotes, thanks!12:27
mefriois there anybody who know how to solve this warning: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6024880/ ?12:29
mefrioit prevents my HUD to work properly12:29
clepto1995mefrio, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mhall119/+junk/uReadIt/view/head:/uReadIt.qml#L2612:30
clepto1995maybe this will help12:30
mefrioclepto1995, I am using Ubuntu.Unity.Action for my HUD, not HUD module itself12:32
clepto1995mefrio, is it the right way to do it?12:33
clepto1995mefrio, link to code?12:33
mefrioclepto1995, I want to have different entries in my pages....also Friends is using it too12:33
mefrioclepto1995, take a look at Friends http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~super-friends/friends-app/trunk/view/head:/qml/friends-app.qml12:33
clepto1995mefrio, no idea :/12:37
mefrioclepto1995, thank you anyway :)12:38
clepto1995mefrio, maybe you should ask someone from friends app12:39
mefrioclepto1995, kenvandine is not here at the moment :(12:39
mefriomhall119, ping12:40
clepto1995mefrio, you have added convergence into memories right?12:43
mefrioclepto1995, yes12:43
clepto1995mefrio, did you use conditional layout?12:43
mefrioclepto1995, I found a more simple solution. I just  declared a "wideAspect" bool property and when it is true my sidebar is shown12:45
mefrioclepto1995, you can take a look at it here: https://github.com/Mefrio/Memories12:45
clepto1995mefrio, interesting... thanks!12:47
mefrioclepto1995, you are welcome12:47
GuidoPallemansput a new app submission on the subreddit, will now post (the same) to g+12:56
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GuidoPallemansposted on G+13:06
hakermaniaGuidoPallemans, It looks good. I guess judges will again judge based on how cool the app looks and how usable it is from most of the public, not using the initial criteria. That said, your app looks pretty neat :)13:11
joern__is it still true the the nexus 4 does not have a dataconnection over GSM/UMTS?13:15
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wellsbsnwh: I shared a post with you on g+13:58
hakermaniaclepto1995, please join #ubuntuforums14:05
AskUbuntuExample Java code on Ubuntu one Files API | http://askubuntu.com/q/33707214:07
snwhwellsb, i'll check it out14:10
snwhnik90, you could add my irc nick to the showdown page as well14:11
jGleitzHey guys! Does anybody know whether, and if yes how, you can set queries that are more complex than just "=" and "*" ?14:37
jGleitz(Goes especially to Christian Dywan)14:37
jGleitz(I’m talking about queries in U1db.Query, by the way ;) )14:38
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GuidoPallemansquiet on here today17:09
GuidoPallemansanyone from the showdown online?17:09
hakermaniaGuidoPallemans, it is Sunday.17:10
GuidoPallemanshakermania: okay :D17:10
jGleitz@GuidoPallemans: I’m from the showdown (I particioate), why?17:44
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GuidoPallemansjGleitz: I was bored, and wondered how far other contestants stand18:39
jGleitzGuidoPallemans: Okay :D. Well, not to far I fear. We’re constantly stuck on details :(18:40
GuidoPallemanswhat app do you have?18:40
GuidoPallemansI also have that :D18:40
jGleitzGeldliste / MoneyList18:48
jGleitzWhat is yours?18:48
GuidoPallemansI have 2 games18:51
GuidoPallemansreversi and connect 418:51
GuidoPallemansand now I'm making a Github Client18:51
jGleitzCool Thing18:51
GuidoPallemansThat's what I'm trying18:51
jGleitzBy the way: Do you have a good name for our app? We think MoneyList sounds dumb and people complain about Geldliste because it’s German.18:52
jGleitzHow is it going?18:52
labsinI'm making an app for the ubuntu showdown. But I have no phone that can run ubuntu touch. I was wondering if I can test it in desktop Ubuntu? (testing Confinement etc). Or if anyone would want to try it out?18:54
jGleitz@labsin: We don’t have a phone either. But that’s no problem18:56
jGleitzIf you download the Ubuntu SDK, you can run your app via qmlscene. Works perfectly fine.18:56
jGleitzWhat do you want to make?18:57
labsinjGleitz, It's because I wanted to publish a click package18:57
jGleitzOh, I see ;)18:57
labsinI already have a deb package. That's running fine.18:57
labsinjGleitz, I'm storing some data on the home folder but I don't know it it'll work in confinement. I asked the question on the mailing list and they told me which folder I have access to, but I wan't to test it now :)18:59
jGleitzYeah, we’ll have this problem as well. I think I’ll set up a VM to test on the desktop, but Testing on the phone won’t be possible :(19:05
labsinIf anyone whould like to test my app on the phone, here's a click package: http://ubuntuone.com/2lyIlBvjPmSy1Ed576z04k19:12
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clepto1995is anyone willing to help with convergence?20:10
labsinclepto1995, what's the problem?20:17
clepto1995labsin, I can't get it to work20:18
labsinAn app?20:18
clepto1995labsin, when using conditional layout I get an error about actionManager20:18
labsinclepto1995, I've not seen this component used anywhere yet. Everyone is using States or just inline if checks (...>...?<if true>:<if not>)20:21
clepto1995labsin, only the guys with blackjack app is using20:21
clepto1995labsin, states/20:22
clepto1995labsin, I see... I'll try something else and see if it works20:23
labsinAnyway, it should not give an error. Could you post your qml?20:24
clepto1995labsin, yeah, give a sec to push20:24
clepto1995labsin, https://github.com/Clepto/cnotes-ubuntu-touch pull and run20:25
clepto1995the code for conditional layout is in cnotes.qml20:26
clepto1995labsin, I think that one problem is that I can have tabs inside a page (not sure though)20:28
clepto1995but I don't think that the main problem20:29
labsinThere is something strange with that...20:38
clepto1995labsin, ?20:39
labsinI don't know, I get the same issues.20:39
clepto1995labsin, ok, the problem is with NoteView element in line 22620:40
clepto1995I think I know a way to fix it20:41
labsinBtw: here I did a sidescreen in my app: https://github.com/labsin/solitaire-games/blob/master/layout/GamesPage.qml20:42
clepto1995labsin, there is an error in your entry here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AppShowdownList , the link for github is wrong20:43
labsinclepto1995, tanx20:44
clepto1995labsin, ok! no errors now! :)20:46
clepto1995I was right about the tabs...20:46
labsinWhat's the problem? Do you mean the Ubuntu.Components Tabs?20:47
clepto1995labsin, yes, something about the tabs was making errors20:47
labsinclepto1995, You are using a pageStack. You need to choose between using tabs or a pageStack. Both is not allowed.20:48
clepto1995so I moved the Row from NoteView.qml to a different file20:48
clepto1995labsin, probably that20:48
labsinclepto1995, http://design.ubuntu.com/apps/global-patterns/navigation20:48
GuidoPallemansIs it possible to set up a mail using the friends app api?21:08
clepto1995hakermania, ping21:24
hakermaniaclepto1995, pong21:25
randomcppnik90, ping22:04
clepto1995how can I add an icon to my app?22:14
labsinclepto1995, Where? When you run it from the sdk, you can't. Then it's the qmlscene icon. To change that icon, you can put an icon named qmlscene.<some extention> in ~/.icons22:38
labsinclepto1995, If you distribute it in a deb, you can change the icon in the .desktop file. When installing the deb, you should copy your icon to /usr/share/pixmaps. Then it'll find it if you just put the name without extention in the .desktop file.22:40
clepto1995labsin, thanks!22:41
labsinclepto1995, I was just looking up all these things (packaging etc) this week. Some things are really hard to find.22:43
hakermaniaclepto1995, I know a couple of stuff about packaging, so, anytime22:44
clepto1995labsin, how about click packages? Will the icon be found automatically?22:44
clepto1995hakermania, I know too... vault had to be packaged manually... :@22:45
hakermaniaclepto1995, and your anime app, no?22:45
clepto1995hakermania, quickly magic :D22:45
hakermaniaclepto1995, oh.22:46
labsinclepto1995, I don't know. I think you have to put the icon in the app directory directly and just put the name in the desktop file (cnotes.png -> Icon=cnotes)22:47
clepto1995labsin, thanks22:47
danielholmhi all, I'm trying to get rid of the first and last character of a string in my QML app using any JS function. I've tried slice, replace, substring, but none work. I get: TypeError: Object  has no method 'slice'23:12
danielholmreplace "slice" with any other JS function.23:12
danielholmwhy doesnt it work? shouldn't just JS functions work?23:12
clepto1995danielholm, code?23:15
danielholmclepto1995: http://pastebin.com/4Tb9fPP923:16
danielholmI think I got it. I added a function  in a seperate file23:19
clepto1995danielholm, it doesn't return error to me23:19
danielholmbut I really thought that you could use JavaScript functions directly in a QML file23:19
clepto1995you can23:19
clepto1995https://github.com/Clepto/cnotes-ubuntu-touch/blob/master/CNotes.qml#L82 line 8123:20
danielholmclepto1995: thanks!23:22
clepto1995danielholm, :)23:22
labsinbtw: clepto1995, why aren't you using u1db? It are bonus point for the contest you know.23:22
clepto1995labsin, I know. I had problem using23:22
danielholmYeah, I'm moving to it soon as well23:22
clepto1995labsin, after the convergence I'll focus on u1db23:23
clepto1995its a must23:23
labsinclepto1995, the biggest problem I had with it was that the contents var is a reference. You can't write directly to it. You first have to copy that into a js variable and edit that and then copy that one back.23:24
clepto1995but to tell you the truth... I'm tired... I've been working non stop on CNotes for two weeks...23:24
clepto1995labsin, I'll came back to you when its time :P23:24
labsini'm now at a point where everything takes more time than I have. So I'll just go to bed. By23:25
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clepto1995labsin, goodnight!23:25
danielholmtake care23:26
danielholmtoo late23:26
clepto1995going to bed too... night23:29
danielholmalright, I have another issue someone might give me a hand with23:33
danielholmI'm trying to use this CryptoJS; http://code.google.com/p/crypto-js/#AES23:33
danielholmto be more specific, I'm trying to encrypt/decrypt a string using AES. the thing is that the string isn't the same decrypted as when I was encrypting it23:34
GuidoPallemansdanielholm: have you tried calling decrypt(encrypt("testMessage", "testpass"), "testpass") ?23:56
GuidoPallemansif that doesnt give "testMessage",  the library is bad23:57
danielholmGuidoPallemans: no I havent23:58
danielholmGuidoPallemans: only just like the examples23:58
danielholmGuidoPallemans: but that would be impossible to do anyway23:58
danielholmGuidoPallemans: since I need "testMessage" to begin with23:59
GuidoPallemansbut just try to execute that line23:59
danielholmon it! :D23:59

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