lilstevie<teeks99> so kernels are specific to manufacturers? <-- they can be specific all the way down to a device level depending on SoC and whether they use device trees00:23
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mijkanyone here run Chrubuntu?22:25
hrwmijk: what is a difference between chrubuntu and *buntu? both use same base system22:57
mijkhrw, are you Marcin?23:03
mijkoh cool23:03
hrwmy chromebook runs fedora now anyway23:04
mijkI'm just trying to get OpenGLES to work to some degree on my Chromebook23:04
mijkmaybe I'm using the wrong term by saying chrubuntu23:04
hrwmijk: I do not have anything else to say that I wrote on my blog23:04
hrwso do not waste time asking me about opengles for chromebook23:05
mijkwow, okay23:05
mijklike I don't know what your problem is, not everyone's as 1337 as you, sorry23:07
hrwhave a nice day23:07
mijkfuck yourself too I guess23:07
hrwmijk: opengles for chromebook has license problems23:07
hrwas we are not quite allowed to redistribute it23:08
mijkthat was easy23:08
hrwso packages cannot be created to be included in distro23:08
hrwand I do not want to keep such stuff in external repos23:08
hrwit has nothing about being leet or not23:09
mijkthere, that's all you had to say rather than make me feel like a piece of shit for asking something that I am not aware of and not technical enough to figure out23:09
hrwI know that my style of writing posts is far from perfect23:09
hrwhttp://marcin.juszkiewicz.com.pl/2013/04/15/hardware-acceleration-on-chromebook/ has info about drive23:11
hrwsince then another version appeared but this time I did not even bothered looking at it23:11
mijkI can't find libmali 35 so I'm screwed either way23:11
hrwmijk: https://github.com/hrw/chromebook-mali-driver may have it23:12
hrwor maybe it has 0.0.45 - I do not remember23:12
hrwnope, 45 only23:13
hrwold recovery images you need ;(23:14
hrwor refreshed kernels23:14
hrwbut that's not me - I finished my ubuntu work.23:15
hrwhave a nice day/night23:15
hrw01:13 here so time to sleep23:15

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