BobJonkmanDarwinSurvivor: Are you in PDT? Yes, the IRC meeting is likely during working hours on the west coast.08:10
BobJonkmanIf you have trouble attending a meeting then, I'm amenable to changing the time; maybe 5:30pm PDT (8:30EDT, 8:30 ADT, 9:00pm Newfoundland..._08:11
BobJonkmanOops, that would be 9:30 ADT, 10:00pm NDT08:12
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cjpcjphey all, odd problem, my server has literally stopped functioning however I've noticed that on reboot, my prompt is no longer colored and bash aliases don't function,   [Rainy]    as if I'm in a different mode (it's not recovery, checked grub). Any ideas, I'm at a loss16:49
cjpcjpThis is what my prompt after boot used to look like: http://i.imgur.com/QoW44t6.png16:53
cjpcjpThis is what it looks like now, after reboot on installing graylog2 : http://i.imgur.com/j1carBc.png16:53
cjpcjpNow all apache2 services are gone.. I should note that I installed mongodb.. I wondering if that has anything to do with it. I thought one could install more than one DB. MOngo is for Graylog2 only mind you16:54
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Soroush731wirelessarmy.com for linux tips17:29
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cjpcjp_forgive me if this sounds naive, but should the root directory /var/www owner be root or the user?23:13

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