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josecoolbhavi: ping14:11
coolbhavihey jose14:11
josecoolbhavi: just got your email on the change from approved to verified. are you working on a blog post for it?14:12
josejust so I know which one to cross-post to the fridge, the email or that one (in the case you're doing it) :)14:12
coolbhaviyes jose same thing will be on the blog14:12
coolbhavill publish it in a while14:13
josecoolbhavi: ok, please ping me once it's up so I can cross-post it asap :)14:13
coolbhavisure :)14:13
coolbhavijose, http://lococouncil.ubuntu.com/2013/08/25/new-local-communities-healthcheck/14:27
josecoolbhavi: thanks! working on it now14:27
smartboyhwcoolbhavi, "healthcheck" made me think of "lungcheck" (i.e. being scolded by boss in Chinese:P)14:27
coolbhavismartboyhw, :D lungcheck means scolding? :)14:28
smartboyhwcoolbhavi, yeah14:29
coolbhavismartboyhw, funny :) didnt know it :)14:29
josecoolbhavi: already posted it to the planet or not?14:38
coolbhavijose, no14:38
josecoolbhavi: ok, the fridge post will go there, we don't like to re-post to the planet :)14:39
josecoolbhavi: just in case, I double-checked and it *is* already on the planet, but loading14:42
coolbhavijose, ok :)14:45
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