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ESphynxhey guys, anybody aware of a bug effectively looking like you're looking at the back buffer?06:11
RAOFESphynx: Got some context? :))06:23
ESphynxRAOF: hi06:34
ESphynxbasically, our toolkit is rendering to a pixmap and then right away doing a XCopyArea() to the Xlib window to update the screen06:34
ESphynxI end up where pressing up highlights a selection down, and pressing down highlights a seleciton up sometimes...06:34
ESphynxIt's on and off and very strange! As much as I would like to think it's a bug in our toolkit and fix it, I've never ran into this before running Saucy on this new laptop... (nVidia drivers)06:37
RAOFHm. How are you rendering to the pixmap?06:43
ESphynxXlib / XRender calls06:43
ESphynxFor some reason I used to do an XFlush right after the XCopyArea(), it's still there...06:44
RAOFYou're not doing something strange with threads?06:45
ESphynxThe toolkit is using threads to handle events...06:45
RAOFAFAIK the X protocol ensures that your rendering should be done before XCopyArea kicks in.06:45
ESphynxI would think so, since both the pixmap and window are server side objects, right?06:46
ESphynxI had even tried an XFlush() before the XCopyArea, I thought that helped, but in the end the problem still happened06:46
ESphynxI have one thread doing a select on the X socket06:47
ESphynxwhich essentially just wakes up the main thread, which will use XCheckIfEvent()06:48
ESphynxI would suspect a display driver issue or something?06:48
RAOFESphynx: Plausibly.06:50
RAOFESphynx: Does it happen under different compositors / no compositor?06:50
ESphynxwell I was in Unity right now06:51
ESphynxhow can I try no compositor06:51
ESphynxGNOME Flashback (No effects) would that be good/06:51
RAOFYeah, I think so.06:51
RAOFYou can also install metacity and run metacity --replace06:52
ESphynxRAOF: In GNOME FB no fx, haven't been able to reproduce it yet! with quite a fair bit of hammering06:54
ESphynx(To the detriment of my brand new lappy's poor keyboard :( )06:55
ESphynxWhat does that say?06:55
RAOFThat it's possibly a damage issue.06:55
RAOF(Or a Unity issue ☺)06:55
ESphynxI've seen it in GNOME as well06:56
ESphynx(though not in GNOME classic it would seem)06:59
ESphynx:S I can't even reproduce it in Unity now!07:14
ESphynxIt might be the new Unity that fixed it? I got a EN showing up now in the title bar07:16
ESphynxdamn all this time I was testing the GL driver :S07:27
ESphynxdefinitely get the issue in Unity!07:28
ESphynxOK I have definitely reproduced it in Gnome Classic as well.08:02
ESphynxand in Gnome flashback (with fx as well)08:06
ESphynxthat is, only with fx08:08
ESphynxStrange thing happens on Gnome Flashback with Effects: clicking on close button in top/left corner turns the title bar gray rather than closing the app ... It's basically very messed up. Does this mean it's the compositor? As soon as effects are on, everything is messed up08:15
ESphynxWithout effects, the close button works just fine!08:19
ESphynxSee http://ecere.com/mantis/view.php?id=987 -- exhausted, gonna go get some rest :| keep sleeping well guys :P08:24
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GuidoPallemansare there any guides on how to use the styles? I want to change the background color of all my pages and the foreground color of all my text12:34
GuidoPallemansput a new app submission on the subreddit, will now post (the same) to g+12:50
AmpelbeinGuidoPallemans: You might be better off asking in #ubuntu-app-devel12:56
GuidoPallemanshmm yes, maybe :D12:56
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