derami90I have a short Question: Is there going to be a LTS Version once the next Ubuntu LTS comes out?08:49
smartboyhwderami90, 99% of chance I think08:52
darkxstsmartboyhw, we won't officially have an LTS version08:58
smartboyhwdarkxst, why?08:59
smartboyhwYou are qualified to08:59
darkxstwe don't really have the man power to maintain it09:00
darkxstthat said, updates will continue to flow via the normal archives09:00
tommie-liefor anything but the Desktop, that is ;-)09:00
darkxstwell GNOME is moving at such a fast pace, it becomes incredibly difficult to backport fixes09:01
darkxstalthough we will see what RH do now, that gnome-shell (albeit classic) in going into RHEL09:02
smartboyhwdarkxst, I think Lubuntu is simliar as you guys, and they want LTS.09:02
darkxstthey also have more manpower than us!09:03
smartboyhwdarkxst, not developer-wise:P09:05
smartboyhwThat's for sure09:05
smartboyhwAnd, they have a lot more of images to maintain than you guys09:05
tommie-liesmartboyhw: it also depends on how upstream behaves. If they support their old releases or even just don't release as often as Gnome does, a LTS is much easier09:07
darkxstthere is currently no upstream LTS support for GNOME09:14
darkxstsmartboyhw, it also comes down to testers, 90% when I make a SRU, I have to do the testing myself ;(09:14
smartboyhwdarkxst, I thought Ali would handle the testing (he's your QA lead after all)09:15
darkxstsmartboyhw, yeh, although he has been a bit busy with real life stuff this cycle09:16
smartboyhwdarkxst, actually, he's too busy I think:P09:16
darkxstsmartboyhw, probably that too!09:16
smartboyhwHe's jumping from distribution to distribution09:16
smartboyhw(Although I am too:P)09:21
darkxstwhy all the jumping?09:26
smartboyhwdarkxst, good question. But I seem to be able to handle it.09:26
checoimgHi guys13:29
checoimgI just want to mention that the notifications are now shown when pressing the pointer down in the border not in the right down corner13:30
checoimgI was having trouble with this but by accident discovered it13:30
checoimgAny area down will do except the corners13:30
checoimgwhen I say "pressing" I mean trying to down down even when you reach the bottom13:31
jbichadarkxst: we're not going to try to backport the GNOME 3.10 default wallpaper, right?22:45
darkxstjbicha, we might as well, but not sure if we should make it default23:40
jbichadarkxst: well this was the commit: https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-themes-standard/commit/?id=3d73823:56
jbichawhich means it's going to replace the old default23:57
jbichaquilt can't handle binary changes like that so we'd have to overwrite the files manually23:57
darkxstwe could add it as new wallpaper? ie rename the files and update xml file23:58
jbichaand specify the files in debian/source/include-binaries23:58

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