kgunnrobert_ancell: on the reporting stuff...here http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/component_reports.html00:37
kgunnso lttng obviously needs lttng00:37
kgunnbut for handlers "log"00:37
kgunndoes that just get written out to a file ?00:38
robert_ancellkgunn, I think you need to run it with --glog for the logs to go to glog then you can set --glog-stderrthreshold to have them go to stderr or --glog-log-dir to change where the log files go00:39
robert_ancellI haven't mastered the logging commands yet though00:39
kgunnrobert_ancell: yeah...it says you can define an envrion variable00:40
kgunnto turn it on...which i assume means like "export MIR_SERVER_DISPLAY_REPORT=log"00:40
robert_ancellkgunn, you can set any of the flags to mir by using MIR_SERVER_* environment variables, e.g. MIR_SERVER_GLOG_LOG_DIR=/tmp/logs00:41
robert_ancellyep, that would be the equivalent of --display-report=log00:41
kgunnrobert_ancell: can that be post server launch ?...or will i need to reboot ?00:41
robert_ancellkgunn, env variables need to be defined before server launch00:42
robert_ancellkgunn, you can set them in /etc/environment if you want them universally applied00:42
kgunnlike in a pref file ?00:42
robert_ancellkgunn, or edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/10-unity-system-compositor.conf and set unity-compositor-command as you like if you're testing the whole stack00:43
kgunnrobert_ancell: huh...so i tried to alter envirnonment on the nexus4...but no matter what nano just won't write out the change00:56
kgunnever experienced anything like that on n4 ?00:56
kgunni root shell...00:56
kgunnoops/i/i am00:56
robert_ancellwrite out what change?00:57
robert_ancelloh, editing the file?00:57
robert_ancellwhat does mount say?00:57
kgunnrobert_ancell: correct...trying to add GLOG.... & MIR_....00:57
kgunnrobert_ancell: mount says a bunch...so i guess it depends...00:58
robert_ancelltry 'touch /etc/blah' and see if it throws an error00:58
kgunnalot of "rw"'s00:58
kgunnrobert_ancell: touch worked...chmod worked....01:00
robert_ancellkgunn, nano fail?01:00
robert_ancelltry cat > /etc/...01:00
kgunnweird...so "cat > /etc/environment" just sat there...01:02
kgunnno output01:02
kgunnbut i definitely see the file when i open with nano01:03
robert_ancellkgunn, that overwrites the file01:03
kgunnand i can ctl-O to write out...but then, it prompts what file name to save under...and it simply won't accept "enter"01:03
robert_ancellthen type the contents and press ctrl+d to end01:03
RAOFrobert_ancell: Morning.01:39
robert_ancellRAOF, hey01:39
RAOFHrm. Why doesn't that hit the assert()01:44
kgunnRAOF: hope bkfst was good (something unhealthy like eggs and bacon)01:49
RAOFIt did include bacon, yes :)01:49
RAOFPan-baked eggs with bacon and sausage and onion and such.01:49
robert_ancellRAOF, so what's the plan? Are there some specific bugs you are working on?02:10
RAOFSo, at least one of the bugs is that we're not updating what Intel thinks the front buffer is.02:11
RAOFThat's causing at least *some* of the crashes after resolution change.02:11
robert_ancellRAOF, this is in Mir?02:11
RAOFThis is in XMir.02:11
RAOFMy plan is to work on XMir + Intel until I can do resolution & layout changes and it doesn't crash.02:12
kgunnrobert_ancell: well...i added MIR_SERVER_GLOG_LOG_DIR=/tmp/logs & MIR_SERVER_DISPLAY_REPORT=log....but nothing showing up in /tmp/ ?03:09
robert_ancellkgunn, did you do MIR_SERVER_ENABLE_GLOG=1?03:09
robert_ancellkgunn, rather MIR_SERVER_GLOG=1?03:10
dufluThat sounds quite overcomplicated to me03:17
kgunnhmm  still no joy03:17
kgunnrobert_ancell: actually would it be MIR_SERVER_GLOG_LOG=1 ?03:18
robert_ancellkgunn, mir_demo_server --help shows it is '--glog', so it should be MIR_SERVER_GLOG03:19
robert_ancellkgunn, have you tried setting MIR_SERVER_GLOG_MINLOGLEVEL?03:19
robert_ancellI had the same frustrations using the logging myself03:19
kgunnrobert_ancell: actually...that's a good idea...i should get familiar on pc first before phone03:20
robert_ancellthough --help seems to imply minloglevel is set to a valid default03:20
dufluHmm, if Mir is logged to unity-system-compositor.log already, why don't we start logging useful stuff by default?03:20
duflu... I mean at least "Mir has started successfully and is using these monitors with resolutions... Listening on socket /tmp/mir_socket"03:22
RAOFThat would be moderately useful, yes.03:24
kgunnrobert_ancell: duflu RAOF ....i think i'm gonna go to bed early...and get up really early...like 4 or 5 am03:24
robert_ancellkgunn, later03:24
robert_ancellduflu, that would be super useful03:24
kgunnjust not sure when everyone plans to eod...but if it all ends before i get on...can the last man standing write a handoff email....where we're at, what's worthy to test, what the balance of problems is etc.03:25
duflukgunn: OK, later03:25
robert_ancellkgunn, sure03:27
RAOFkgunn: See you later.03:31
dufluWow, qa-testing is better now. Just with ugly frame scheduling/damage glitches03:37
dufluI'm not even sure how it's possible to get the kind of small horizontal line artefacts I see though03:44
dufluActually there seem to be some frame scheduling problems in qa-testing2, just much less often03:54
robert_ancellduflu, have you found anything in the bypass branch that may be causing problems?04:05
duflurobert_ancell: Nothing bypass-specific yet. All the bugs I've seen happen on qa-testing2 (just take longer)04:05
duflurobert_ancell: It's extra hard to test things when a recent MM commit broke fingerpaint :/04:08
dufluMaybe fingerpaint is to blame. Don't know04:09
RAOFBah. The xf86 cursor code would really like HW cursor stuff.05:10
dufluWhy does MM look so flawless for demo_server_client? Where are the bugs that XMir triggers?... :(05:27
robert_ancellok, I'm calling it a night - duflu, RAOF, please remember last one here to send out an email update. Thanks!05:28
dufluRAOF: When you talk about receiving buffer fd's from the server, that's in-protocol, right? Not on the side channel...05:35
RAOFduflu: Correct05:45
=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss_
tvoss_duflu, ping05:52
duflutvoss_, pong05:52
dufluRAOF: Sanity check: qa-testing{,2} are different in that "2" has no bypass, right?05:55
RAOFduflu: qa-testing might be a couple of Xserver revisions behind, too.05:59
RAOFI've only been pushing to qa-testing206:00
dufluExcept this morning, which is why I tested qa-testing06:01
RAOFYeah, accidentally :)06:01
tvoss_RAOF, are you using swap_buffer_sync or swap_buffer nakedly?06:02
RAOFtvoss_: swap_buffer nakedly.06:02
tvoss_interesting, sam reports issues with that06:02
RAOFOh, really? What issues?06:05
dufluRAOF: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/121633706:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1216337 in Mir "Client buffers eventually display one frame behind client swap requests" [Undecided,New]06:06
RAOFAh, that one.06:06
dufluRAOF: Ooooh, doing native GBM you have a hardware buffer being swapped using the software swap_buffers call I guess. I wonder if we handle that correctly06:07
RAOFOh, no. A new appearance of the same symptom.06:07
RAOFsoftware swap_buffers call?06:07
dufluRAOF: Yes mir_surface_swap_buffers* is usually for software only surfaces06:08
RAOFIt's also what EGL uses to implement eglSwapBuffers, though.06:08
RAOFIt's the only way to get a frame to Mir.06:08
dufluRAOF: Yeah should be. Just theorizing06:09
RAOFWe have a successful layout change with gnome-control-centre06:56
dufluRAOF: "We" ? :)06:57
RAOFOk, that's really weird.06:58
RAOFMir has stuck the surface in the wrong place :)06:58
RAOFtvoss_: Huh. Looks like it was indeed just the software cursor code being hateful.07:02
dufluOK, my brain is fried and I'm also out of essentials such as... food. So I'm off to the supermarket for a while.07:10
RAOFduflu: Have fun.07:10
RAOFYou might be able to test something that works when you return.07:10
RAOFAt least on the XMir side.07:10
RAOFAnd for values of "works" equal to "doesn't crash horribly as soon as you touch the layout"07:10
tvoss_RAOF, \o/, uploaded to the ppa, yet?07:13
RAOFxserver MM11 just uploaded.07:14
tvoss_RAOF, does that require an updated intel driver?07:14
RAOFYes, if you want it to work.07:14
tvoss_RAOF, ack, I guess mm11 needs to finish compiling first07:15
* tvoss_ grabs a quick breakfast07:15
tvoss_RAOF, the xserver build for i386 hangs on xfvb07:32
RAOFSomeone's going to have to work out what's happening there.07:32
RAOFtvoss_: Build retried.07:34
tvoss_RAOF, the 64bit build in the ppa hangs again08:32
tvoss_quick restart08:36
tvoss_RAOF, would it make sense to just disable the xvfb test in the ppa for now?08:49
RAOFYeah, it probably would.08:50
tvoss_RAOF, hitting refresh to check the build is a bit tedious08:50
tvoss_RAOF, does mm12 require a new intel driver?08:52
RAOFIt just fixes the crash on startup in mm11 that I introduced by testing a subtly different change locally.08:53
* RAOF prepares to crash his unity-system-compositor by unplugging his HDMI output08:54
RAOFHuh. Didn't crash (yet)08:55
dufluRAOF: Yeah the Mir server seems to survive hotplugging fine. Even if you don't get to use the new monitors08:56
RAOFmlankhorst: I don't suppose you're seeing the xvfb-run test hang all the goddamned time in the xserver builds you're doing?09:01
tvoss_RAOF, just remove it from the ppa version for now09:03
RAOFYeah, done in mm1309:04
tvoss_RAOF, ack, moving over to the new house, back in a few minutes09:05
dufluRAOF: Does XMir use buffer age?09:07
dufluI wonder if we're messing that up somehow09:08
duflu... in the server09:08
mlankhorstRAOF: only 50% of the time09:10
RAOFmlankhorst: Yeah :/09:11
kgunnhey fellas09:21
mlankhorstRAOF: might fail on virt only though09:21
RAOFkgunn: Good morning. Sleep well?09:21
RAOFmlankhorst: Yeah, maybe. I haven't been tracking that.09:22
duflukgunn: Hi. You could sleep more :)09:22
RAOFWell, until https://launchpad.net/~mir-team/+archive/qa-testing2/+build/4904608 finishes building.09:22
kgunntime enough to make a coffee09:23
dufluI have real food I can cook tonight. Wonder if I will get to...09:24
* RAOF is just eating some real food.09:25
dufluOooh, Sam reports similar lag issues and apparently also relies on buffer age09:25
dufluRAOF: If we get as far is the frame scheduling being the _only_ problem, can you try ignoring buffer age?09:38
duflu*as far as09:38
RAOF(radeon and nouveau already do)09:38
RAOFOr, rather, fail to act on it.09:38
duflu... because the only two clients which use buffer age are the only two clients reporting lag/ordering problems09:39
RAOFqa-testing2 now has all the things!09:40
dufluOooh, gnome-control-centre multi-monitor joy without crashes :)09:47
RAOFI shall now do some much-delayed housework in the form of some washing up.09:48
tvoss_RAOF, duflu back09:50
kgunnhey tvoss_09:51
kgunnRAOF: sweet....i just hdmi hotplugged/connect-disconnect 8 times....survived all....just once it didn't scale right09:51
kgunngetting somewhere :)09:52
tvoss_kgunn, please try layout changes, too09:55
tvoss_via the control center09:55
dufluIt seemed to work, but then bug 121652209:56
ubot5bug 1216522 in XMir "XMir hung in xf86CrtcSetModeTransform()" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/121652209:56
kgunnwoooo-hoooo!!! was just doing that...hdmi extended desktop working & hotplugged09:56
kgunnwooohoo....and dropping the built-in display  off works!09:57
tvoss_duflu, for https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/distinguish-crtc-exceptions/+merge/18194709:58
tvoss_duflu, are we sure that the type is usable as an array index? cannot tell from the mp09:58
duflutvoss_: Yes copied from the header where they are #defined 0 .. 1409:59
tvoss_duflu, ack09:59
tvoss_duflu, which header is that?09:59
tvoss_want to note it down in my review comment09:59
duflutvoss_: It's mentioned in the proposal diff , but /usr/include/xf86drmMode.h10:00
tvoss_duflu, top-approved10:01
kgunntvoss_: RAOF duflu ok...this is really robust...i've not been punted t to the greeter at all....i used hdmi, then i switched to vga, hotplugging all the way, mirror/extended/dropped builtin display....all of works10:04
kgunneven moved the 2nd display virtually10:05
duflukgunn: Yeah it's better but I hung X pretty quickly. Meanwhile USC kept running smoothly10:05
kgunnduflu: :(10:06
RAOFduflu: Stop trying to rotate :)10:06
dufluRAOF: I did no such thing10:07
kgunnRAOF: i tried to rotate actually....didn't work...but x did not crash10:08
kgunntrying reboot scenarios now10:09
RAOFYeah, I haven't hooked up any of the shadow alloc stuff that's necessary for rotation.10:09
RAOFIf I understand it correctly that *shouldn't* be hard.10:09
kgunnRAOF: we can survive CFT w/o that...i'm sure some one somewhere relies on it...but hey..this is prebeta baby10:10
RAOF…having just spent a weekend finding that the goddamned software cursor code dies if you don't dance around it perfectly.10:10
kgunnRAOF: yeah...now i see how folks like you become experts in x...lots..& lots of scar tissue10:12
dufluOK, I need to get some proper food sorted. Till tomorrow...10:12
kgunnduflu: later10:12
RAOFduflu: Eat well!10:12
tvoss_duflu, till tomorrow10:12
kgunnRAOF: tvoss_ nice work guys....this is so robust...i'm gonna upgrade on my primary machine...10:20
kgunnit has display port...so technically one more phys connector type10:20
kgunnwas just telling voss....i've only managed  to crash x one time....and i'm being pretty damn mean to it10:21
kgunnprobably would've crashed in standalone x10:22
kgunnrobotfuel: there's no way your on...but if you're gonna do some work on sunday afternoon, qa-testing2 worthy of a run on the anointed 8 or 910:24
RAOFAs long as they're all intel - patches for nouveau & ati are pending :)10:26
kgunnRAOF: i'm all intel....all the time baby10:26
kgunnRAOF: so was duflu on nouveau (when he managed to "crash his x pretty quickly")10:28
kgunn...having a hard time seeing crashing it quickly...10:28
kgunnok...bbiab/rebooting to mm10:29
mlankhorstkgunn: might depend on graphcis card10:40
kgunnmlankhorst: ack that10:46
kgunnRAOF: tvoss_ ...so this is intersting....i'm on displayport/hdmi...extended desktop, i put my console in 2nd display...i run openarena...10:53
kgunnfirst i noticed...its totally unhinged...both high & low res going about 100fps10:54
kgunni'm guessing its cpu or shader limited (obviously not pixels:)10:55
kgunnsecond thing....it takes me out of extended mode....but correctly changes the settings too....i need to test on standalone X10:55
kgunnmaybe this is correct behavior10:55
RAOFYeah, openarena is going to try and set the mode (if you're running it fullscreen)10:56
RAOFNice that it works :)10:56
kgunnwhat was nice...after loading qa-testing2...i had some old display settings (extended & 2nd screen on left hand side instead of right)10:57
kgunnand it just worked!10:58
kgunni can't wait for ancell to load this into the anointed machines in lexington10:58
kgunnRAOF: why does openarena become unhinged from vsync here ?10:59
RAOFkgunn: Because that's unimplemented; it's always been unhinged from vsync11:00
kgunnRAOF: not so my friend....when i disconnect the cable...i drop back down to ~60fps11:01
kgunni just did it11:01
RAOFAnd you're running XMir?11:01
kgunnRAOF: hmmm....could it be in mirror mode...11:01
RAOFAre you sure?11:01
kgunnthat the game has 2 buffers to draw into...so for ~every frame in single screen mode...he's counting 2 ?11:02
kgunnRAOF: damn it...rookie...i know for sure it was xmir on the second machine...i just took it for granted on this one...11:03
kgunnRAOF: even tho its X....that's still weird11:04
kgunnunless my theory of 2 fb being available in one frame render is why...11:04
kgunnRAOF: at least i know how X should behave :)11:05
RAOFHm, don't know :)11:05
tvoss_kgunn, details, perhaps we can file a bug about it11:06
kgunntvoss_: yep..something to chase up with michael11:06
tvoss_kgunn, michael?11:06
kgunnok...rebooting to mm for reals (michael=phoronix)11:07
kgunnRAOF: tvoss_ ...any of you see the return of the lag?... or kind of, its not global... extended desktop irc in one display..terminal in the other11:13
kgunnirc has no lag...but terminal does11:13
kgunnlag=typing letter showing up11:13
RAOFkgunn: Yeah, duflu was also seeing that (as am I) - https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/121633711:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1216337 in Mir "Client buffers eventually display one frame behind client swap requests" [Undecided,New]11:13
tvoss_kgunn, RAOF duflu had the idea that it might be related to buffer age11:35
kgunnok...so for sure i'm xmir-mm...re-ran openarena....11:39
kgunnif i'm extended desktop...it treats the 2 displays like 1 surface (i see some render no one screen and some of the other)11:39
kgunnand it runs at like 25 fps11:40
kgunnif i go to mirror mode....it runs at like 125 fps11:40
kgunnand if i turn off one monitor....the benchmark tries to run, but complains about the video mode and "ends prematurely"11:41
kgunnRAOF: pastebin.canonical.com/96338/....x crash while turning off second display & going between mirror/extended12:00
kgunnEQ overflow (event queue ?)12:00
kgunnactually this is consistent...have hdmi connected, extended desktop, turn off the second display via settings...x crash12:03
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robotfuelkgunn: are you around? did you want me to start a test run on qa ppa2 now?14:29
=== racarr is now known as racarr|desert
xnoxI am using intel graphics, yet when switching to mir, lightdm crashes and I have to comment out "#type=unity"17:56
xnoxis there any way i can fix that?17:56
robert_ancellthomi, is there a way to know who started a jenkins job?22:56
thomirobert_ancell: in the job run page, it says "started by <username>"22:57
thomirobert_ancell: in the private server anyway, I think that information is stripped on the public instance22:57
robert_ancellthomi, right, so on where would I see that?22:58
* thomi looks22:58
robert_ancellthomi, ah I got it22:58
thomiyeah, it was started by an upstream job22:58
robert_ancellbecause that job was started by the main job I needed to click that22:58
robert_ancellIt was started by Chris22:58
thomiright, was started by chris22:58
robert_ancellThey all failed, I'm just wondering if I should be worried by that or it was some sort of test run to check the config was working22:59
RAOFkgunn: Hm. Your “EQ overflow” crash is because Mir isn't responding to a message (again ☹)23:04
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RAOFHas anyone tested qa-testing2 against nouveau or radeon? I'm just interested to know if my patches work :)23:33
robert_ancellRAOF, what's the focus next? ati/nouveu or the lag issue?23:35
RAOFFixing the client-buffer-tracker MP, then probably lag. I don't have the hardware available to test MM on ati or nouveau.23:37
kgunnRAOF: robert_ancell can run it against the boston 823:40
robert_ancellkgunn, it's running qa-testing2 now23:41
kgunnRAOF:also that EQ overflow only happened once that i caught23:41
kgunnevery other time....the xorg log just ends....are post-config23:41
kgunnbut no error complaint23:41
kgunnrobert_ancell: ack23:41
kgunnfingers crossed23:41
robert_ancellthomi, it looks like a failure, but I'm not deciphering the build log -
RAOFIn my experience the Xorg log just ending tends to be unity-system-compositor dying, and one of the mirclient threads noticing then throwing an exception.23:42
* thomi looks23:42
RAOFOf course, because it's on a thread it gets logged nowhere.23:42
robert_ancell"Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure"23:42
robert_ancell2013-08-25 23:18:32,372 ssh DEBUG: SSH command (/usr/share/utah/client/utah-done.py) failed with return code: 423:43
robert_ancellthis might be it23:43
thomirobert_ancell: right, it looks to me like the actual test failed23:43
* thomi curses utah23:44
robert_ancelloh, is it just polling utah - nasty!23:44
thomirobert_ancell: if you look at how it's configured, it runs:23:45
thomirun_utah_tests.py -d -m physical --name "$machine" -i "$ISO" -p "$PRESEED_FILE" -l $WORKSPACE master.run || RETCODE=123:45
thomiin the log you can see "RETCODE=1"23:45
thomiso run_utah failed23:45
* thomi tries to find out why23:46
thomirobert_ancell: it's odd - it looks like the tests are running, because I can see FPS results from the openarena run, but something else is failing23:52
thomibut utah is frustratingly useless - gah23:52
thomirobert_ancell: the nearest I can make out, the final command in the test script is failing, that is:23:59
thomixrandr | grep -i xmir23:59
thomiwhich I assume is there to make sure we're running xmir23:59
thomiso possibly that's the issue here23:59

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