NoskcajLogan_, mind if i merge dahdi-tools?02:43
mfischNoskcaj: I'm not sure if this is official policy, but for desktop packages can you please file a bug for your package updates? That way we can track who is working on something already03:15
mfischNoskcaj: it is at least an unofficially recommended policy for desktop according to the guys I've worked with03:16
mfischNoskcaj: we track said work here (http://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/ubuntu-desktop.html) and the bug link is helpful03:18
mfischNoskcaj: and after all this I realized I misread the package name you worked on and it's not in desktop, I fail :(03:19
Noskcajthanks for the link mfisch. I didn't know that existed. I'll file a bug when i get time to work on the package.04:23
Noskcajmfisch, dahdi isn't on that list though04:46
Noskcajbzr won't run merge-upstream for me. It keeps crashing at pritine-tar08:59
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micahgjbicha: are you fixing blender in saucy?23:41
jbichamicahg: uh, it may take a while for me to figure out which commits ported to the new libav23:43
jbichaI did test-build but I forgot that the build failed :(23:43
micahgjbicha: ok, thanks23:45
jbichaif you can figure it out faster, you're welcome to fix it yourself; upstream uses svn which isn't as fun23:46

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